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Lulu and Nana and Scott

Please note that the original version of this post on CRISPR babies Lulu and Nana was written in 2018. It can be read below this update. Also see the wiki on the “He Jiankui Affair“. Our interest in CRISPR gene editing is focused on its potential use to cure hair loss.

Update: February 5, 2023 — Scientist who edited babies’ genes says he acted too quickly. And his ghost is still haunting geneticists at conferences.

Update: February 1, 2023

Dr. He Jiankui is out of Prison

Dr. He Jiankui joined Twitter a few months ago after coming out of prison. He just gave an encouraging update on Lulu and Nana that I have embedded below. I hope this is not a fake account! So far, it sounds legitimate. Mr. Jiankui wants to resume experimenting in the lab. Also, whatever happened to Scott (see bottom half of this post)?

Happy New Year from his family.

November 26, 2018

Lulu and Nana

Huge news from China, where scientists claim to have used CRISPR/Cas9 to genetically modify human babies for the first time in history. The two female babies are named Lulu and Nana. Not sure what to think about the ethics of all this as yet, but I like what Dr. Jiankui He has to say about genes not defining you:

“Our DNA does not predetermine our purpose or what we could achieve. We flourish from our own hard work, nutrition, and support from society and our loved ones. Whatever our genes may be, we are equal in dignity and potential.”

In this particular case, the volunteer fathers all have HIV and they want to make sure that their progeny do not suffer from the terrible disease of AIDS. One article on this tory is titled: Chinese scientists are creating CRISPR babies. The scientists plan is to eliminate a gene called CCR5, so as to ensure that the human offspring are then resistant to HIV (as well as smallpox and cholera).

Note that some media reports are placing doubt on the accuracy of these claims and the methodology used.

Update: Dr. George Church seems to think that this is for real:

“I have been in contact with the Shenzhen team and have seen the data. The sequencing assays used are generally unambiguous, especially when done in multiple cell types at different developmental stages and in two children. Is the genie really out of the bottle? Yes.”

First Gene Edited Babies Claimed in China

The below video (and associated story) from the He Lab’s YouTube channel has caused much global controversy.

November 24, 2018

Scott Tries a New Hair System

I was thinking of adding Scott’s latest video about his new hair system to my original lengthy post on his hair system. However, there are already three other videos on there, including a before one. So I am adding it below. I like this hair system better than the first one.

Barbershops, Hair Systems and Microblading

Some interesting and innovative barbershops have been in the news a lot during the past year. The main reason for this is due to their offering hair loss treatments and products that supplement basic haircuts. These include hair systems, microblading and even robotic hair transplants.

Motley Crew Barber and Hair Systems

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Motley Crew Barber has been in the news this month. The owner Zack offers what seems to be good quality hair systems made by Hairskeen. The cost is very reasonable at  $750 for the initial hair system. It will last 4-6 months, and requires touch-ups every 2-3 weeks at a price of $180 per Motley Crew Barber’s website.

In my past poll on whether people would get a hair system or hairpiece, 44 percent answered “Yes” or “Maybe”. Quite a high number, perhaps influenced by reader Scott’s positive testimonial!

Zack was in the news this week. His clients’ hair system application videos on TikTok have garnered quite a following.

Also see his Instagram for more photos and videos. Numerous examples of his hair system customers with before, during and after adhesion photos.

Barber Surgeons Guild

Barber Surgeons Guild® (BSG) operates from two locations: West Hollywood, Los Angeles; and Soho, New York City. They have been featured in the news on a regular basis for the past couple of years.

BSG’s Yelp reviews and Google reviews are both excellent.

Besides professional haircuts, Barber Surgeons Guild offers: Microblading (“Scalp Camo”); PRP; low-level laser therapy (LLLT); and even FUE robotic hair transplants via the ARTAS robot. The last mentioned is supervised by Dr. Justin Rome.


I have covered both Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation in detail in the past. However, I have not covered microblading. According to Bosley’s Dr. Ken Washenik:

“Micropigmentation looks like a shaved or closely cut shaft of hair. With microblading, the technician uses a single blade or stylus to cut a fine line of ink into the skin. Microblading gives you a stroke of pigment, like a strand of hair with gel on it.”

Apparently, Korean women are increasingly microblading their hairlines.

The Try Guy’s Zach Kornfeld documented in detail his microblading procedure at BSG in 2019.

Microblading Hair
Zach’s Microblading Hair Procedure via Instagram.