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Scott is Getting a Hair System

Start reading this post at the bottom under the “Background” heading; then move up to the Update 1 section; then to the Update 2 section.

Update 2: Scott has added his 4 week post hair system video. He also e-mailed me the following:

“So due to my heavy training program and the record-breaking heatwave we have had in the UK since I put this thing on, I did need that re-glue at week 4. I go in tomorrow. The total lifespan of the system is 7/8 weeks, but with my training and heat I might need the re-glue in between each at week 4, or maybe just for the summer months then in winter I go in only every 7/8 weeks. Not sure yet. As before, I included some training footage on the end, because it was how bad it looked on training footage that made we want the system. In this footage I have the hair :-)”

Scott’s 4 Weeks Post Hair System Video

Update 1: The after hair system video has now been added by Scott. What do you guys think? I was expecting his new hair to be combed backwards, but this works! Maybe some of us at HLC2020 will think that we can tell it is a hair system. However, Scott told us about it in advance and showed us his before hair system face and scalp, so we are a bit biased. Even with this past image of Scott ingrained in my brain, I thought that the rear, side and crown views in the after video looked entirely believable as being native hair. The frontal view was a bit suspicious due to the length of the hair.

I think people on the street probably won’t be able to tell, especially since Scott’s face looks like a younger (mid-20s) person’s face. So the lengthy floppy frontal hair does not look out of place.

Scott’s After Hair System Video


For the past 5 months, one of this blog’s readers named “Scott” has regularly posted interesting comments. A majority of these have been useful and intelligent. I mention this fact because it allows me to trust him. Over the years, I have seen many crazy or fake or spamming or agenda-driven commentators whom I would never take seriously, but Scott is legitimate. He has always posted from one IP address and used one name in all his comments. Moreover, he uses his real e-mail address (only visible to me) while commenting, which is rare.

Scott is 36 years old and based in the UK near Manchester. He has had two hair transplants in the past. I am assuming neither were megasessions involving too many grafts, since he still has significant hair loss. Several weeks ago, Scott decided that he was finally going to get a men’s hair system and use it until a cure for hair loss finally arrives. I told him that if he sent me before and after photos, I would add them to a post on this blog. I did not really expect him to take up that offer, but he went one better! He created a before hair system video for this blog’s readers, and will post an after hair system video in several more weeks. I have embedded the before video at the bottom of this post.

In the past, when I conducted a poll on hair systems and hairpieces, 56 percent of voters said that they would never consider such a solution to their hair loss problem. A nevertheless respectable 26 percent said that they would definitely consider it, and 18 percent said that they might be open to the idea. The responses to Scott’s hair system plans from other commentators have followed a similar pattern, with far more on the skeptical side than on the positive side.

I can’t imagine that even a modern day high quality customized hair system will be able to continuously withstand Scott’s crazy outdoor parkour hobby. Especially when adding the weather and elements into the mix. Scott told me that he made the hair salon aware of his hobbies and asked if the hair system would come off during a back flip. They responded with a negative and said that even if he goes swimming, driving a convertible in the wind and so on, the piece will not come off his head.

Even if you hate the idea of hair systems and hairpieces, it is still worth watching the latter part of the below video to see Scott in action (FYI — he has had fibromyalgia for the past 7 years).

Scott’s Before Hair System Video

Poll — Would you ever wear a customized hairpiece or hair system or toupee?

This year, I plan to conduct some polls on this blog. I also plan to cover topics such as hair transplants and hairpieces more frequently. For many people, these options are almost as good as a hair loss cure and I have received a few requests for more posts on such subjects.

As always, if you do not like a post, just comment on other ones instead.  Women should vote too in spite of the below Elton John image.  I think far more women wear fake hair than do men. Insulting comments will be deleted.

Update: I had to delete the poll in 2018 due to some plugin issues. The results of the poll are summarized below.

Would you ever wear a customized hairpiece or hair system or toupee?

Total responses = 1,526.

Yes = 396 (26.0%).

No = 854 (56.0%).

Maybe = 276 (18.0%).

Hairpiece or Toupee Example
Elton John Hairpiece Toupee