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David DiMuzio and Tiger King

Update: December 9, 2020 — Tiger King was the most searched TV show globally in 2020 per Google.

April 1, 2020

A few months ago, I wrote a very popular post on exosomes and hair growth. One of the pioneers in this new technology is hair transplant surgeon Dr. Daniel McGrath of Texas-based McGrath Medical.

This doctor has become increasingly famous online due to his very informative video talks and interviews with a certain David DiMuzio. I posted one of those videos in my exosomes post.

David DiMuzio Gets his Hair Back

David DiMuzio Before Hair Transplant
David DiMuzio, before his hair transplants. Age = 24.

During this surreal period of social isolation and curfews in large parts of the world, I would highly recommend checking out Mr. DiMuzio’s youtube channel. And subscribing to the channel for regular updates.

While Mr. DiMuzio’s main interest seems to lie in Filipino music, he has also uploaded many videos related to hair loss. This is in large part due to his own experiences in losing and then regaining his hair.

David DiMuzio After Hair Transplant
David DiMuzio in 2020, after his three hair transplants. Age = 33.

Mr. DiMuzio has had three strip FUT hair transplants to date per my conversation with him. Most people prefer FUE vs FUT hair transplants, although FUT can still be a better option in some instances. Mr. DiMuzio’s third and last hair transplant was done by Dr. McGrath.

I would say that David DiMuzio’s hair transplant results have turned out superbly. On the right is his current hairline in 2020 at age 33. The earlier photo was him balding at age 24. Note that he also takes topical Finasteride to treat his hair loss and has had a SMP procedure.

Mr. DiMuzio has covered exosomes in a few recent videos. He will likely continue to do so on an infrequent basis throughout 2020. In some of his videos, he talks with the very helpful McGrath Medical patient adviser Steve Cook. A hair loss world veteran, Mr. Cook has also had hair transplants.

Dr. McGrath has excellent Google and Yelp reviews. Note that he is not paying me in any way for promotion or advertising activities.

Dr. Dan McGrath Hair Transplant Reviews

Boredom and Isolation

Living near Seattle, we have been under extreme social isolation guidelines for over two weeks. The US Coronavirus pandemic initially started just four miles from where I reside. New York has since taken over the title of worst hit city from Seattle. I have had to find lots of things to watch on TV during this home-bound time period.

When it comes to screen time, only one thing clearly beat watching David DiMuzio’s videos this past boring week.

Tiger King

Tiger King Reinke
Tiger King’s John Reinke and his favorite lion Bonedigger. Source: The Oklahoman.

A new Netflix documentary series called “Tiger King” is the greatest thing that I have seen on TV in years. And it is hard for me to admit to this, since I am very pro animal rights. I am uncomfortable with tigers and other animals ever being caged. In any event, my morality took a backseat a few days ago. I watched all 7 episodes in one sitting.

Joe Exotic (aka “Tiger King” aka “Joseph Maldonado-Passage”) is the craziest real life nonfiction character that I have ever witnessed. He even beats John McAffee in wackiness. Numerous celebrities and podcast hosts have reached similar conclusions this week. While Joe Exotic makes for must-watch TV, he has a very evil and nasty side.

This show will end up being the most watched Netflix documentary of all time in my opinion.

Spoiler Alert

Interestingly, all the men that Joe Exotic is attracted to and marries have full heads of hair. Joe also makes fun of Jeff Lowe for being insecure about his Norwood 6 hair loss. Lowe always wears a cap. No-one including myself liked Jeff Lowe’s character, so perhaps this insult is appropriate for once.

If you do not have Netflix, you can still see many older zoo clips via Joe Exotic Zoo’s youtube channel. I have a feeling that Joe will be released from prison well before his term is supposed to be completed. However, I doubt that he will ever run for US president again.

The only relatively normal lead characters in this crazy true life show seem to be: both-legs-missing John Reinke; and one-arm-missing transsexual Saff. Says it all.

How does Dr. Brett Bolton do it?

Recently, I went to youtube and did some searching for the most popular videos on hair transplants. To cover all bases, I ran searches on the following relatively synonymous phrases:

  1. “hair transplant”
  2. “hair transplants”
  3. “hair transplantation”
  4. “hair restoration”

For each of the above, I then sorted the results in order of view count. Lo and behold I got a major surprise.

The top 2 videos for all of the above phrases were both from a doctor named Brett Bolton, who practices out of Florida. Both videos were first uploaded in July 2013:

13 million views as of August 12, 2018:

9.2 million views as of August 12, 2018:

  • The third most popular video on hair transplants on youtube has 5.7 million views, and concerns reality/social media superstar Jeffree Starr’s hair transplant procedure.
  • Thereafter, around 15 “hair transplant” search related videos on youtube have between 1-5 million views.

Note that there are many hair transplant related videos with 1-5 million views that are on youtube, but do not show up for the specific keyword searches that I mentioned earlier.

Dr. Bolton’s Youtube Success

In fact, even Dr. Bolton has several other videos on hair transplants that do not show up despite having several million views. On Dr. Bolton’s blog and on his youtube channel, you can see 100s of his past videos. None are anywhere near as successful as the two that I embedded above.

How did Dr. Bolton get such phenomenal youtube success? On Yelp he only has three visible reviews. Even those three are from people without profile photos or any strong reviewing history. Essentially meaningless. Someone as popular as Dr. Bolton would surely have at least 50-100 Yelp reviews?

He has over several dozen other reviews on there that are hidden by Yelp. All those hidden reviewers also have no profile photos or any significant reviewing history.

Very strange, considering that on his own site, Dr. Bolton refers to the interesting “hair transplant society” site — where you can read 465 total recommendations from his past patients.

I know that many people purchase 1000s of fake youtube views and likes via websites such as Fiverr. However, Google and Youtube have both become fairly decent at detecting such fraud and penalizing websites accordingly. Millions of fake views, likes and subscriptions can surely not go undetected since 2013? I highly doubt Dr. Bolton would succeed via this method.

I have seen Dr. Bolton’s ads all over the internet in the past, but the links in those ads never took you to his youtube videos. So he could not inflate his youtube video view count in that way. Many other hair transplant surgeons also advertise daily via banners on the internet. Yet, none of them is getting anywhere near this kind of success on youtube.

I am curious about this whole phenomenon because:

  1. Anybody who is interested in getting a hair transplant will surely stumble upon Dr. Bolton’s super popular youtube videos early in the research process. I hope Dr. Bolton does good work, or else this is a very concerning prospect.
  2. If I could replicate this kind of 10 million plus video view success without getting penalized by Google/Youtube, I would become super successful in many different career fields.