Hair Transplant Surgeons who also had Hair Transplants!

Some years ago, I started bookmarking hair transplant surgeons’ website pages if the page mentioned that the surgeon had also undergone a hair transplant.   I find it quite interesting that there are so many hair transplant surgeons who have also had hair transplants.  Many of them have before and after photos on their sites, some only briefly point out the fact in their webpage text, and some used to but no longer mention anything about their hair transplant.

Like  with hair transplant patients in general, I am sure there are quite a few hair transplant surgeons who have had hair transplants, but do not like mentioning the fact or posting before and after photos.

It seems like a lot of hair transplant surgeons got passionate about the subject in the first place due to their own hair loss and hair transplant.  Below are my current bookmarks, and if you know of the any others that I have probably missed (I did not feel like going through hair transplant association surgeon directories today), please post them in the comments section.

Dr. Ken Williams — Info now gone from his site, but per my notes it seems like he had a  NeoGraft FUE per his older website.

Dr. Michael Beehner — Some great pictures in the right column as you scroll down.

Dr. Christopher Pawlinga — According to the text on that page, it seems like his partner Dr. Beehner did his transplant in 1994.

Dr. Bradley Wolf — This well known surgeon was operated upon by another well known surgeon (Dr. Ron Shapiro).  Unfortunately, his website no longer has the before and after photos that it used to have.

Dr. John Satino — He mentioned this to me over the phone.  He had a number of scalp reductions and hair transplants decades ago from the famous Dr. Chambers.  Today in his late 70s, Dr. Satino still has great hair per the photo of him on his website.

Dr. Robert Jones — One of the case studies on his homepage is his own.  He also had some blog posts related to his own procedures in the past.

Dr. Gary Hitzig — His old site used to have that information.

Dr. Matt Leavitt — Founder of MHR.  His old site used to have his before and after photos.

Dr. John Gillespie — Mentions it.

Dr. Richard Rogers — Mentions it.

Dr. Alan Feller — I think his old site used to have that info based on my bookmark.

Dr. Robert Haber — I think his old site used to have that info based on my bookmark.

Dr. Robert Dorin — His partner Dr. Robert True performed his hair transplant.

Dr. William Rassman — His blog post describes his hair transplant.

Dr. Jerry Cooley — I think his old site used to have that info based on my bookmark.

Dr. Brian Goertz — I met him in person once to get a Proscar prescription and he showed me his before and after photos.

Dr. Dan McGrath — Great before and after photo.

Dr.William Yates — His own hair transplant made a big difference in his confidence and life per his old site. A rare testimonial from an African American who hated his hair loss. Dr. Bauman seems to have done his hair transplant, and he also got some beard hair to head transplants from Dr. Cole.

Dr. William Reed — Mentions it.

Dr. Marc Dauer — I think his old site used to have that info based on my bookmark.

Dr. Raghu Reddy — An excellent write-up with photos of his own experience with hair loss, a bad first hair transplant (including shock loss) and a good second FUE hair transplant by his own technician.

Dr. Ken Washenik — Mentioned in this article

Dr. Bessam Farjo — Scroll down the page for his thoughts on his unsuccessful hair transplants with old technology.

Dr. Alan Bauman’s Father — Dr. Bauman obviously might never need a hair transplant, but he did operate on his father with great results, so this is a different but still relevant to the subject link in this post.

Dr. Paul Spano — Mentions it.

Dr. Bernard Arocha — Thank you to Dan the commentator below this post for telling me.

Dr. Robert Leonard — In August 2014, after I wrote this post, Dr. Leonard posted photos on Twitter of his partner Dr. Matthew Lopresti performing an FUE hair transplant on him using the ARTAS robot.

Dr. Michael Vories — Mentions that he was a hair transplant patient prior to becoming a surgeon.

Dr. Paul Cotterill — I read about him having had a hair transplant on a forum.  Not disclosed anywhere on his site.

Dr. James Harris — A 2016 article on him mentions that he has had a hair transplant.

Dr. Resul Yaman — On his site it says “he had his hair transplantation surgery in 2007”.

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      1. ^This was communicated by the clinic to me and other forum posters. I don’t know if Dr Lorenzo has written this on any websites however.

        Also, I believe Dr Umar has also had an HT done.

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