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Hair Transplant Gone Wrong

A hair transplant gone wrong can cause lifelong pain and misery. Recently, the ISHRS launched a site to report illicit hair transplant clinics. In places such as Turkey and India, make sure to select only the most reputable hair restoration surgeons.

I have discussed hair transplants on this blog many times in the past. Modern day hair restoration procedures usually provide very satisfying results when performed by reputable accredited hair transplant surgeons. Hair transplant costs will often be higher if you do to quality surgeons. Major skin related permanent side effects or severe health problems during and after a hair transplant procedure are becoming infrequent.

However, even the best surgeons out there will have some bad results due to unforeseen circumstances. This includes, in rare cases, the surgeon or assisting technician having a bad day. Nevertheless, this risk is much smaller in developed countries such as the US. In such countries, official accreditation and board certification is indicative of at least a minimum level of competency.

On the other hand, if you get a hair transplant abroad in order to save money, you will need do be very careful in selecting your surgeon. You want to make sure the surgeon is accredited by the non-profit ISHRS; is locally board certified; has decent online reviews; and allows you to meet a few of his or her past patients.

Hair Transplant Gone Wrong Nightmare

Hair Transplant Gone Wrong
Hair Transplant Gone Wrong and Botched.

Earlier today, this issue was brought forward front and center into my mind after Pakistan based actor Sajid Hasan posted a graphic video online about his botched hair transplant gone wrong. It seems like the person who did this procedure several weeks ago might have been a medical doctor or general surgeon, and not even an official hair transplant surgeon.

Besides having persistent health related side effects, Mr. Hasan’s damaged scalp currently looks like something that was worked upon by a butcher.