Scott is Getting a Hair System

Start reading this post at the bottom under the “Background” heading; then move up to the Update 1 section; then to the Update 2 section.

Update 2: Scott has added his 4 week post hair system video. He also e-mailed me the following:

“So due to my heavy training program and the record-breaking heatwave we have had in the UK since I put this thing on, I did need that re-glue at week 4. I go in tomorrow. The total lifespan of the system is 7/8 weeks, but with my training and heat I might need the re-glue in between each at week 4, or maybe just for the summer months then in winter I go in only every 7/8 weeks. Not sure yet. As before, I included some training footage on the end, because it was how bad it looked on training footage that made we want the system. In this footage I have the hair :-)”

Scott’s 4 Weeks Post Hair System Video

Update 1: The after hair system video has now been added by Scott. What do you guys think? I was expecting his new hair to be combed backwards, but this works! Maybe some of us at HLC2020 will think that we can tell it is a hair system. However, Scott told us about it in advance and showed us his before hair system face and scalp, so we are a bit biased. Even with this past image of Scott ingrained in my brain, I thought that the rear, side and crown views in the after video looked entirely believable as being native hair. The frontal view was a bit suspicious due to the length of the hair.

I think people on the street probably won’t be able to tell, especially since Scott’s face looks like a younger (mid-20s) person’s face. So the lengthy floppy frontal hair does not look out of place.

Scott’s After Hair System Video


For the past 5 months, one of this blog’s readers named “Scott” has regularly posted interesting comments. A majority of these have been useful and intelligent. I mention this fact because it allows me to trust him. Over the years, I have seen many crazy or fake or spamming or agenda-driven commentators whom I would never take seriously, but Scott is legitimate. He has always posted from one IP address and used one name in all his comments. Moreover, he uses his real e-mail address (only visible to me) while commenting, which is rare.

Scott is 36 years old and based in the UK near Manchester. He has had two hair transplants in the past. I am assuming neither were megasessions involving too many grafts, since he still has significant hair loss. Several weeks ago, Scott decided that he was finally going to get a men’s hair system and use it until a cure for hair loss finally arrives. I told him that if he sent me before and after photos, I would add them to a post on this blog. I did not really expect him to take up that offer, but he went one better! He created a before hair system video for this blog’s readers, and will post an after hair system video in several more weeks. I have embedded the before video at the bottom of this post.

In the past, when I conducted a poll on hair systems and hairpieces, 56 percent of voters said that they would never consider such a solution to their hair loss problem. A nevertheless respectable 26 percent said that they would definitely consider it, and 18 percent said that they might be open to the idea. The responses to Scott’s hair system plans from other commentators have followed a similar pattern, with far more on the skeptical side than on the positive side.

I can’t imagine that even a modern day high quality customized hair system will be able to continuously withstand Scott’s crazy outdoor parkour hobby. Especially when adding the weather and elements into the mix. Scott told me that he made the hair salon aware of his hobbies and asked if the hair system would come off during a back flip. They responded with a negative and said that even if he goes swimming, driving a convertible in the wind and so on, the piece will not come off his head.

Even if you hate the idea of hair systems and hairpieces, it is still worth watching the latter part of the below video to see Scott in action (FYI — he has had fibromyalgia for the past 7 years).

Scott’s Before Hair System Video

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  1. Thanks for documenting this Scott! I really want this to work for you mate. Excited to see the results and hear how it has affected your life—hopefully all for the better.

  2. The training footage on the end of the video is not intended to show off (honestly :-)) but to show how bad the hair is when recording footage outside during training because during the start of this video my hair on top actually appears quite good. Outside, it’s like I just have the horse shoe and nothing on top. Maybe some of you can relate to this “phantom hair” phenomenon.

    Anyway, I get the hair system on Saturday but I might wait until I have had chance to film some new outside footage afterwards before uploading anything as this would appear to be the REAL test.

  3. This is great, Scott. Looking forward to seeing how things turn out for you.

    I also wanted to mention an observation I have made since researching solutions to hair loss. Looking at Scott I don’t think he looks bad at all. I can see that his hair is thin but don’t think this makes him look bad in any way. The same goes for guys I see post on forums. I look at their picture and I think they look fine with recessed hair or with a clean shave. But when it comes to myself, I am terrified of balding because I think it looks terrible.

    The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed that people have a tendency to judge themselves more harshly. As soon as I started losing my hair this is all I can focus on which makes things worse. I have started making an effort to focus on the positive and it makes for a much happier life. I know it is much easier said then done but life is too short to be depressed about hair loss.

    Anyway, best of luck to all of you = )

    1. I think it is because losing hair, for a man, is the first sign of mortality. You will never have that bit of hair again. To start with, you only lose a tiny bit and it comes at an age when you are also gaining in bone density and muscle mass so you see it as a worthwhile trade. But as the years pass the physical gains stop but the hair loss continues.

  4. Good luck, Scott.
    I would love to hear about you actually trying to swim with the hairpiece or even having it on in the shower.
    Let us know what maintenance keeps it looking undetectable too :)

  5. Beat of luck Scott! Did you ever try Propecia or Rogaine when you started thinning or did you just went straight for an HT. I noticed that you have no scars from your hts. They did a good job. Like I always say do what makes you happy..if it a hair system then go for it!

  6. Dear Scott, I admire your transparency. I wish you the best and that you can feel great with yourself. We are warriors in this fight. Greetings, fellow soldier!

  7. Have you tried dermmatch or any hair fibers? You have a descent amount of hair on top might blend nicely with the help of a concealer.

    1. I tried Toppik. It works but for what I do with handstands, back flips and windy rooftops it easily falls off.

  8. Best of luck! I genuinely cannot wait for your results, posted it on your YouTube video, posting it here on the hairlosscure2020 also. Hope it boosts yah confidence.

    1. As soon as it is done I will record some outside footage and do some training on the same day, then upload this “after” video for you and the others.

  9. Wishing you the best Scott. I didn’t have a great experience with a hair system but then I still had a lot of growth with thick black hair which makes a system much more uncomfortable.

    May I request that you also provide an update for everyone a few months after wearing the system?

    The system will look amazing, that’s for sure. Mine looked great and I looked 10 years younger. It was more the maintenance and discomfort that meant I had to abandon mine. Summer time will be a good test for your system too :)

    Good luck!

    1. The system will be changed roughly every 7 weeks so I will do a video soon after having it done, then again when it is close to the first renewal date.

  10. Thanks for letting us follow along with you on this journey! I’m very interested to see how this works out as I myself am considering a hair system ! I’m more interested to hear from you after a few months of you living with the system for awhile to see what your opinion on it will be as far as day to day maintenance, cost, and if any potential embarrassing moments arise ! Best of luck !

  11. First of all GOOD FOR YOU SCOTT. A hair system is 3 times better then a hair transplant.
    1. Hair transplant is permanent. If it comes out bad we’ll YOU ARE SCREWED FOR LIFE. You cannot buzz, shave your head bald otherwise people will see unsettling scars
    With a hair system if you ever get tired of it and some people do but it is usually when they get older they can go to being bald
    2. Yes you swim, go to Disney world etc and yes as long as you take care of your system it will look natural
    3. You will look younger and better and do not worry about a woman pulling on your hair, once you explain the situation women will understand and will be careful.

    Look if you have thick hair, hair transplants are great, but fine or thin hair FORGET IT. By the way Scott were you taking propecia before you had your hair transplant and after as well. It looks like you lost a lot of hair in the back

    Good luck Scott, but you see I am right. It will be tricky but you will get use to it and like it when it done. I have been wearing hair since 32 and am not 55. Nothing wrong. Good luck

  12. Good for you, Scott. I can’t wait to see the results and hear about your experience. Thank you for your transparency and for documenting your experience.

    Would you ever consider a transplant (mostly likely FUE) to redefine your temples and narrow your forehead a little? I feel like a good hair system and some well-placed temple grafts could be a functional “cure” for so many higher norwoods.

    1. I have already had an FUT and FUE. What you saw of me is the best they could do, based on what I originally looked like.

  13. @admin

    How is the system you are going to get different from Cesare Ragazzi hair systems? Are they just from different sources? Or are there other differences?

    1. @someguy I have no idea. I just picked a salon in my home town and they style it for me once it arrives. All I know is they get the systems from some company in Germany. I don’t know who the players are in this field, let alone being able to separate the good from the bad.

      1. @Scott

        No problem. Hope you have very good results. Some of us will be motivated with your experience. All the best.

  14. Scott when you had your hair transplant were you on any DHT blockers like Propecia. Your going love your hair system. Trust me I been wearing a hair system for a long time. No regrets. Good luck

    1. Yes on Propecia and still am. But now I have had the system I think I will flush them down the toilet. You were right; I do like the system.

  15. He is not really happy with the situation but as he said “ what can we do” which means there is no choice but to wear hair system. Anyways looks good Scott

    1. I am happy with the job they have done, but yes I would swap it for genetic immunity to hair loss because that would save me time and money; best of both worlds.
      But let’s just say I won’t be experimenting with the latest oral/topical combinations of risky substances that may, in months, give me a result I can see under microscope. The cure will come, but nothing less than a complete cure will bring me back to the table now.

  16. @admin thanks for the mid-20s face remark :-) I actually used to look like an old man as a younger man until I completely gave up all forms of dairy and alcohol, which made me lose a lot of weight as well.

  17. HI Scott….looks good buddy. Only advice is to do something with the front. In my opinion a shorter Caesar cut or side swipe would look really good and less moppy. The back fades in well and top looks great! Sides need to blend in a bit better but maybe it’s just the way it shows on camera. Overall I rate it a 8 out of 10. If I were to walk down the street I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a system.

    1. Just looking at Aclairis’ stock they seem to have lost investor confidence. Makes me worried that all recent updates from them is smoke to raise investment value. Hope I’m wrong.

  18. Looking good Scott. Happy for you!
    Does it feel hot or uncomfortable at all?
    Is the “hair” made from real hair, like from a donor? It looks flawless.

    1. @Champpy it is not uncomfortable or hot at all, but I have not been training in it yet so that will be the real test. The hair is made from real hair but they charged a bit extra to colour it to more closely match my natural hair colour on the sides.

      1. Thanks for the reply and for keeping us informed. Never thought a hair system could look so good :)

  19. The finishing in this video is amazing… But i have seen many guys with hair systems and most of them are really bad… One guy in my gym he really looks like wearing a crows nest on his head…. But looks good scotty…just do a bit styling at front

    1. @Farhan it turns into a crows nest if you don’t maintain it properly or keep it too long or start with a cheap product in the first place. Gyms are too hot and stuffy, it aggravates my fibro condition let alone the hair so I train outside.

  20. Though I can agree with the comments about “do something with the front” it definitely looks good, and far superior to a transplant.

  21. Hi Scott,

    You look amazing! At least a decade younger! It’s so cool to see someone take a leap and share their experience.

    How long are you supposed to be able to keep this hair system on before you need a new one?

    And how does it work with maintenance of your own hair on the sides/back, do you need to go back to the place that did the system to have it cut or can you just go to a regular barber?

    Do keep us posted in the following weeks about your thoughts.

    Admin you should totally do another poll now that people have seen his results.

    1. On average the systems last 7 weeks depending upon how much you sweat and how well you follow their instructions to maintain it and I do a lot of physical training. I may discover in a few weeks that it is unsuitable to maintain it full time and may be just a one-off thing I do every so often. I am just preparing myself for the worst case.
      The same people that install and style the next system when the time comes also cut the back and sides. No regular barber.

    2. Unfortunately the poll plugin had some issues so I stopped:-( May look for an alternative in the future.

  22. it took some balls to be this transparent Scott. 100% support you on your decision. way to go.. Plus u dont have to take that venom everyday into your body. Clearly it aint do anything…

    would really like to post a link saying little too early decision for the system buddy because cure is around the corner…. but the reality is we are far off… Is it me or it just feels like we have never been this far treating the baldness… 2220 is the target for the cure. mark my words:)

    1. I see my system as a medium term solution and still believe that one of the key players will release a cure in the next few years, hence my continued presence on this forum.

      But even if Shiseido (who my money is on) released the cure today and was guaranteed to restore full density, it would take months to work anyway. So with my spare money I just got a bit greedy and impatient :-)

      1. I just saw a guy at the mall with a really bad ht. Fue to be exact. His donor area was severely diffused and barely any grafts up top. Very bad job and waste of grafts. Scott you did the best thing. Worst case scenario for you is to get another system but in your case you have a good system. This guy at the mall got butchered. Felt so bad for him…never seen fue done so bad.

  23. Hi Scott,

    Firstl of all, congrats! Looks nice!
    My question is — how much does it cost to have a hair system? For example, your monthly and/or annual expenses on this including barber, hair system cost, etc.

    1. If you don’t sweat heavy too often and therefore get the system to last 8 weeks instead of the average of 7, it will cost me £700 GBP every 2 months. £400 for the system, approx. £300 for the stylist to shave, install it, cut the rest of your hair as well and style. The system is always the same price but then the stylists that use them; their costs vary. Just glad I don’t live in London!

      But I have a very high level of physical training so I most likely will need a “re-glue” in between for an extra £75 every 4 weeks half way through each system’s life. It is early days; I may discover in the end it is too much maintenance and discontinue but at least my videos show the visual difference if you deem yourself suitable and with enough spare cash.

      1. @ Scott thanks for sharing your Story and experience with us! I wonder why is this so expensive? Check out Hairdreams Microlines. You can weave or braid (dont know whats the correct english word for it) in existing hair and also glue it to the scalp if you have no hairs. The hair piece Costs about 1000 Euro and then you Need to see the hair dresser every 6 weeks or so which is again 40-80 Euro.

  24. Scott I have to say it like it is. I have seen hair systems before some good some bad. Yours look fake. Too much hair in the front. Has to be more natural like Curtis hair and he uses Toplace. Hair that looks real.

  25. Scott smart choice on hair systems. However you need a more realistic looking one. Guys Scott can get a good system. No QUESTION. However the system looks like the ones Grandpa wore. If it makes you feel good that is what counts.

    1. Fyi Jojo used the name Kerry Kord in an earlier comment in this thread…for the sake of continuity.

  26. About doubled my 3k investment in polaritYTE this month thanks to this blog. Thank you admin for all the work you do

    1. Congrats – at what price did you get in?

      I think the stock price of PolarityTE is a very good sign that they are on the right track with their treatments.

      1. a little early at 17.52 1:2 because long limit order from a month prior. Yeah it seems like a promising company.

  27. admin:
    you need to focus on 5 companies:
    alexey terskikh (stemson)

    hair cloning soon, forget and creams and other companies like replicel, shiseido, follica… simply they will never work…

    1. Brilliant, as the five companies you noted are slam dunks and will be on the market for sure by 2020. Really? Don’t cover other topicals or oral treatments in the pipeline because you say they won’t work? Are you from the future like That Guy? :-) Although he’s a Follica fanboy so maybe not.

  28. Ok the name is Jojo whatever. Look forums are about honesty. I did not say that the hair systems were horrible looking and all fake. However Scott system has issues. At this point on camera it does not look real. I feel bad because of bad HT Scott cannot shave or buzz cut his hair. He made the right move by going hair system. I just think they can do a better job on his hairpiece. Why didn’t Scott order from Toplace or Coolpiece. Look right now his piece does not look authentic. I am telling you what I see. That is it

    1. No-one even criticized you about your opinion so why so defensive? Just said you used two different names in this same post.

    2. Methinks somebody is promoting products hehe…much better options out there then what “jojo or whatever I got caught” promotes. Scott you look good in the toupe but why not just shave head? You have good head shape and features for that imho

      1. I will stick with the system for now, willing to pay for it for at least a year, that is if it withstands all the physical training. But if after this time a cure is still not available I will consider your suggestion.

    3. Actually I CAN shave my hair. I was fortunate enough that the FUT and FUE left no scars visible with the naked eye. Just lucky I guess.

      As for the hair system, it DOES look like my original hair, problem being my original hair was also that awkward mouse-brown colour that happens to some former blonde kids like me. The system itself started as a better colour but was then coloured again to resemble the real hair.

      These better systems you mention, are they shown with real videos? Or still images suspiciously at just the right angle and lighting just like the after photos of PRP, Acell, lasercap. brotzu; yes I know how the game is played and how the machine is oiled :-)

      Real situations expose fake people.

  29. As far as activity you will see the system will hold up very well with your activities. Sky diving have not done that yet with my system. It will be a good watch.

  30. I am saving my other thoughts about companies for another post/topic..not on this thread. However, I have zero experience with hair pieces. I am a NW 2.5 ish. No one has ever come up to me and said my hair is thinning…..besides a Dr. and when I show before pictures( the tech age…..cell phones…social media etc ). If I point it out to a friend, they can see….but I have to point it out. My hair using nothing has not had anymore loss, atleast notable in the last 2 years. However, my hairloss was do to medication……but in the same boat as MPB. So my hair is stable…….for now. I always considered Meds like topical fin( stated it in other posts ) etc…..and I don’t know if it will help. I am an anti-minox person, never used it, but it does not target the problem. However, who knows…

    To the topic of the thread. As a person, who has zero experience, looking at hair pieces, thinking of them, etc….To me, his hair, besides excessive long bangs that go frontward…AKA not styling…..did look like real hair. I had a friend who kept his hair like this guy with the hair piece, and it was a sloppy look….but we all got use to it because that is what we always seen of him. My buddy, it was his real hair. He just didn’t care to really style his hair much.
    So yes, it’s easy to criticize, but just saying something looks not real, I would explain it to him on why….not just bash. I just explained why to me, it does. However, again, I gave my perspective on possibly why I think I do.

    Far as me, idk if topical fin or etc would help, as my hair hasn’t changed of any significance in two years…..and I use nothing. My hairloss happened fast when it did, do to medication. Again a NW 2.5 ish. Same boat though as you guys. I have a Dr. who will prescribe Topical fin and I have proscar sitting on my counter right now. Anyone can buy minox. Just I haven’t used anything…..Anyway…….Scott, I can’t see it looks fake, it looks like my friend’s hair…some deviation from his. Then again, I didn’t hit pause and replay on the vid to observe it. I just watched it one time.

    1. Can you tell a little bit more about that topical FIN a doctor can prescribe to you?! Are you using it already?

  31. Any news on JAK trials is it working?

    We may find out any time now. It’s been over 1 month can’t hide the hair if it works.

    1. There’s supposed to be data coming out on the eyebrow topical in the next few weeks. Not scalp hair obviously but the more info the better.

  32. Nasa_rs rhetorical question of JAK trials makes me think over my life all over again..

    honestly never believed in jak. The number you have dialed cannot accept this call

    I just wish one thing. I dont care if I have ever had a full head of hair. I really dont…. I just want to see this soul-killer disease to be treated before close my eyes for good…

  33. Looks good Scott.. Going to go off topic for a second but the American Hair Research Summit is going on now.
    We have two different researchers from the University of Pennsylvania talking about WNT for hair loss, one will be talking about samumeds sm04554.. They already announced phase 3 for this year, so still have some hope for this tight lipped company . Also Cots and Christiano are their

  34. No word about JAK trials, anyone?

    By now there should be new hairs entering this world. Slap on more JAK and make those photos look good.

    1. Today is an investor presentation and in a few weeks there will be a live webcast with an updated presentation. We will know during the next 3 weeks how well jaks work on AGA. That it works is not the question anymore. The real question is how well?

      What about the guy who informed us about the facility where people could sign up for the jak aga trials. They only needed patients who are Nw4 or even higher. That was actually very interesting because if they were interested to fool us they would have chosen Nw2-3 and. Show their magical increase or 2 hairs.

  35. That looks good, Scott. Passing you in the street, I wouldn’t think it was anything but natural. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your bravery. Will your friends/family tease you, even good-naturedly? I’m not sure I’m secure enough to handle that.

  36. Looks good. I know you said it is 80% density. I think if you dropped it to 70% density it would look even more real. I don’t know if it is the contrast of density from the piece to your side hair but the fade doesn’t look quite right. This may be due to a poor haircut. I also think it looks a little too dense for your age but definitely good enough. Cool thing is, you can experiment and refine the look each time you replace it :)

  37. Holy s those guys who left comments on your video are total dicks. Probably are incredibly insecure themselves and shit on others to feel better. In my opinion (as a NW2.5 18 year old) I think it doesn’t look half bad. Just (like other people said) style it differently in the front and I think you could look very very good, Scott.

    1. I am certain at least two of those guys are the same person. I deleted at least 3-4 rude comments from him on here too.

      If you click on youtube usernames, you can often see what the person liked, uploaded, commented etc… in the past as well as when he/she joined. Couple of those guys have the same types of liked videos.

  38. As a 30 old male, nw 4 on fin for the past 12 years with a lot of experience in this space, I couldn’t tell that you were using a system unless you have pointed it out. I give it a 8/10.

  39. When the hair is down it looks very natural (I wouldn’t know the difference).
    When you raise the hair it’s hard to tell if looks natural because of the not so high resolution of the video – Scott if you read this comment it would be great to see a video with the front hair raised and a close-up with a higher resolution if possible..
    How often should it be replaced? Cost?
    Overall looks great!

    1. Don’t get too excited. They are still only using mice. But yes if it turns out to be a complete cure I will be going; hence my continued presence here.
      But nothing less than a complete cure will bring me back to the table, given the success I have had. No dodgy experimenting with finasteride dosing or brotzu, etc.

    1. Actually Aclaris stock does not look that good. The last increase was quite random and share Prices are far away from its high (About 50 percent higher than now). … What is more interesting is that PolarityTE (COOL) has reached a 5 year high.

  40. Thank you, Scott for giving us so much information about this. I don’t think a hairpiece is for me personally but I am very happy that it is working well for you!

  41. Sometime I wonder… and I know I’m not the only one out there… a friend who works for a big swiss health insurance company told me… all we do is extend people’s life so that they can keep on paying for their very expensive cures… it’s way more convenient for the company to keep them alive but sick than trying to find a definitive cure…

    so why the hell should they cure baldness and put a stop to a bilion dollar business?????? health, beauty, “life” is the biggest business out there…

    1. @lorence, if the cure to baldness was discovered by one man, that one man will be richer than Bill Gates. The conspiracy argument is flawed.

      1. @Scott, who spoke of one man? … think of the big pharmaceutical lobbies, who invest a large part of their money in political parties.

        1. I agree with Scott that, at present, the conspiracy theory is flawed. Pharmaceutical companies aren’t burying research or shutting down funding. There is more new research and there are more ventures with new angles from which to approach hair loss sprouting up than ever before. The landscape of potential ventures is relatively populated compared to even 5 years ago, so the potential options are growing not disappearing. If a pharmaceutical were going to play hard ball, they would likely try to shut down a treatment with heavy lobbying at the FDA regulatory level or higher. But, at present, no venture in the last 20 years has even made it out of Phase 2 so what would they really be lobbying against. I don’t disagree that the lobbying machine can be ruthless but I’m not exactly sure what revenue a pharmaceutical would be trying to protect at this point. According to Puretech, the US non-transplant market is only around 250 mil (no word on the global estimate). On the other side of the coin the money to be made is astronomical with an estimated 98% of the hairloss market going untreated. With an estimated 940 mil US market currently, including transplants, times 98% of the untapped market, times the global market, the potential is staggering. I think it is much more likely that a pharmaceutical would try to find a way to tap into the upside of this huge market rather than spend their time trying to protect 2-3 weak revenue producers that have already gone generic.

          1. It is always thought that the first one who finds the cure will become the richest on the planet … it might not be so… maybe they have already found different cures or remedies that work much better than what we already have, but these treatments do not pay then back what they have wished… either because the active ingredient has already been approved by the FDA or because the simplicity of the cure does not require all these efforts in money… so we are just waiting for them to discover something they can screw us with … but I remain cautiously optimistic … today thanks to internet, information has a different way of traveling…

  42. I agree with Laurence that a full blown cure will never be released however, I do believe a treatment that can regrow full head of hair will be released at some point but it will be a treatment that will require you to use daily or monthly. It won’t be a one stop cure. These companies want you using it for life. Money is in repeat purchases. I am happy applying a lotion or taking pill every day if it gave me thick nw1 hair again.

  43. Hey admin,

    Did you catch the news story about Secukinumab?
    Interesting as it is the first detailed explanation of how androgenic alopecia can be described as an immune system problem.

  44. Hi Scott -I have been following your evaluation of your hair system and it’s performance under your exercise regime with great interest. While I am a couple of decades older than you, I too love exercise and it has always been a big part of my life. While I was much more active in years past, I still run 2 miles a day, lift weights and surf in the ocean when wave conditions are acceptable. As such, I have two questions for you: One, at the end of your four-week experience with your hair system, as it tolerated your exercise regime, did you have any lift or separation of the hair system from your scalp and how itchy did your scalp become? Two, do you think your hair system would remain sufficiently attached if one was to surf, or swim in the ocean? While I know you probably have not entered the water with your hair system, I was wondering what you might suspect would happen. In other words, do you think it would remain attached, or begin to separate from your scalp. I want to personally thank you for sharing your experience as I am sure it is providing real information to many people that otherwise would never be available to them. Hence, they will be in a much better position to decide if the hair system is an option for them, as it may be for me. So far, it’s looking like a pretty good option until a real solution becomes available.

    1. @gp I got a small lift at the front as early as day 2. If you style your hair backwards you will be getting the maintenance kit out every 3 days or so to put it back down again, but mine styles forward so I just leave it; you can’t see the lift. Slightly itchy when hot, but no more than when you had an original full head of hair.

      The first 4 weeks of my system were very hot. On the day I was to get it refitted, it came off that morning during washing it but I pressed it back down and it re-stuck and it would have lasted 3 more days no problem. On my refit, I told them about this and so they have used a stronger adhesive called Ultrahold.

      I think with some care you will be fine. Have an ice pack ready at the end of your workout. It will stop the sweating, which is acidic and upsets the glue bond. Normal water, being in the rain, is fine. Swimming pool water has chlorine that really upsets but I am not sure about sea water. You will need to check if it will upset the hair or/and will it upset the glue holding it on.

      Maybe do what I am considering now, to save money and aggravation, is to leave yourself bald in summer then have a hair system for the rest of the year?

      Also remember that everyone sweats different amounts and some people have more acidic sweat than others, which reduces the bond life.

      If I was an investor, I would not put money on any “cure” and instead look at these hair systems and put money on a company that can make a better scalp adhesive. You can go from norwood 7 to norwood 1 in 2 hours, don’t even need to wait for the hair to grow and there it is, plus any hair colour you want. The biggest weakness is the adhesive hold time. Better adhesives in future will make a hair loss “cure” irrelevant.

  45. Many thanks Scott, your reply is invaluable as is all the information you’re providing. With regard to the itching, am I correct in thinking that when applying the ice pack and/or showering, will those processes eliminate most of the itching? As I would be wearing my hair system back from my forehead, am I correct in assuming that one can make the glue repair without making it visibly noticeable?

    1. @gp just 3 cups of water thrown over your head stops any itching. That works for me. And clear water does not aggravate it; the glue is waterproof, but only sweat-resistant.

      Glue a lift back down and it is not visible. The glue itself becomes transparent in less than 2 minutes.

      One more thing. After the initial gluing, either the installation of the hair system, or the refit at week 4 if you are an active person that needs this (you and I), you are not to do any sweaty activity for 24 hours.

  46. @gp also, you cannot go directly under a shower unless it is cold. Not the water, but sweat and steam affect the bond.

    They also show you a trick on how to wash your hair. You keep one hand in the middle of your hair pressed down and wash it with the other rather than scrubbing hard with 2 hands. It’s very durable but this advise is worth following anyway.

  47. Thank you Scott. Has the Ultrahold glue maintained better adhesion where no lift has occurred so far? And has the new bonding agent introduced any discomfort or stiffness in comparison to the original glue?

  48. Hi Scott,
    Not sure if you are still picking up comments (?) Just wondered how you are getting on. I have been giving serious consideration to hair systems recently. I have lots of concerns (who wouldn’t), but apart from detectability (and yours looks convincing, though not so sure for me as have very high forehead and am in mid 50s), and potential problems with allergic reactions, one of my main concerns is cost. I estimate from what you say above that this is costing you around £4.5K per annum, and there is nothing to stop the company putting up prices in the future. I live in London so likely to be even more costly. Would be interested to hear from anyone who lives in London and has a hair system about real annual cost. I note from the web sites that so many of these companies seem to have young clients and I just wonder how they handle the expense and whether they get themselves into debt. In my 20s I had a hair weave I could not really afford. As costs mounted I finally abandoned it. A good decision then as I still had a lot of hair. Sadly no longer the case. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

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