Would you ever Wear a Hairpiece or Hair System?

This year, I plan to conduct some polls on this blog. I also plan to cover topics such as hair transplants and hairpieces more frequently. For many people, these options are almost as good as a hair loss cure and I have received a few requests for more posts on such subjects.

As always, if you do not like a post, just comment on other ones instead.  Women should vote too in spite of the below Elton John image.  I think far more women wear fake hair than do men. Insulting comments will be deleted.

Update: I had to delete the poll in 2018 due to some plugin issues. The results of the poll are summarized below.

Update: 2022 — Lately, there have been some great before and after  toupee or hairpiece videos on TikTok, YouTube and Reddit.

Would you ever wear a customized hairpiece or hair system or toupee?

Total responses = 1,526.

Yes = 396 (26.0%).

No = 854 (56.0%).

Maybe = 276 (18.0%).

Hairpiece or Toupee Example
Elton John Hairpiece Toupee

130 thoughts on “Would you ever Wear a Hairpiece or Hair System?”

  1. Me personally no. If my hair does go and there isn’t a full on cure by the time it happens I am shaving it bald

  2. Very interested in these surveys… how much money people are willing to spend, what age they think is appropriate to get an HT, what norwood they would get an HT etc. If you need suggestions for questions let me know, I can think some up.

  3. If it was part of a “hair holiday” yes I would wear one. But, in my normal life, I only want incremental improvement.

  4. We was talking about JAK inh and maybe cure.
    What is this now.
    This make me so depressed.
    F..k toupe.

  5. If it got to the stage where my entire frontal hair line had receeded-absolutely. But I would get a semi permanent (up to 7 weeks) hair system fitted. I usually get my hair cut every two weeks, so a trip to the salon to get my hair system replaced is no big deal. In terms of how would a potential partner react….well it’s all about how you frame it. If you make out that it’s a BIG DEAL you’re wearing a wig or that you’re uncomfortable discussing it, well then it will be just that. Where-as if you let people know, you’re the type of guy that does NOT believe in no win scenarios and does something about his problems- then wearing a wig is not a big deal. Hell-Nobody CARES about what you do…..they’re too busy worrying about themselves.

  6. Just wanted to add something to my comment I made a week ago:

    For the scalp, I recently only added a natural topical DHT/A5R blocker to my longer existing scalp regimen. I use the blocker for 6 weeks now (every day) and I mention my remaining hair is falling now at rapid speed. Areas where I had above 50% density (just enough to look full) are now thinning fast for the last 3 weeks.

    For me it looks like this stuff probably IS blocking DHT/A5R. We all know how this works in the beginning. However, the big question is if and when this shedding ultimately leads to regrowth as always is promised …

    Only when I will have great success with it later, I will post the name here, because only products that work, are worth it to be mentioned. Just like I did with my regimen against Seborrheic Dermatitis. Bio Oil and Apple Cidre Vinegar + water (cheap and no drugs).

  7. I think once mine gets bad enough I will consider a hairpiece. Not my favorite option, but just check out northwest lace or toplace and look how happy the people are and how flawless their systems look. I don’t think id like the maintenance but if I can get away with looking like I have hair for the next couple years until something that can give me my real hair back ill do it.

    1. Thanks for sharing rancid… the results are absolutely amazing for those looking at a hairpiece as a solution.

      I like people worrying about when their partner is pulling their hair in bed and what would happen if it fell off (the hairpiece). My guess is that the hairpiece is much more durable than people think and also depends on the glue. Check the link here for questions about glues and tape:

      One guy mentions that if he wouldn’t have used some type alcohol to remove the glue then it would have ripped the hairpiece. This is more of a rhetorical question but…: what kind of masochistic sex you having that someone is pulling your hair that hard? And maybe you should look into that as one of your reasons you are losing hair.

      My general feeling about hairpieces and transplants follows, just so it is out there: I believe we are close (inside the “5 year” timeline) to a new treatment that could be break through for most of us. If you are on edge everyday there are options out there that can solve your problem temporarily until we reach the day when the treatment is available. You can shave your head and “deal with it” as so many people have said in the past, you can get a hair transplant or you can get a hairpiece. I’m sure there are many other solutions out there but these all seem like viable options to TEMPORARILY hold you over until a treatment comes out. These solutions offer various price ranges, some more accessible than others. Don’t be ashamed, start feeling good about yourself again. Once a treatment comes out you can say “I shaved my head/ got an HT/ had a hairpiece until X Y or Z treatment came out. I had it for a couple of years and was ‘that guy’ but it made me feel great looking in the mirror. But now I feel great, look how far my hair has come.” Take a deep breath, there are options today and while it may seem frustrating initially, you will feel better and it will most likely only be temporary (couple of years).

      1. I agree curious. I don’t want to be “that guy” but i will either be that guy or that bald guy. And there are people that have gone years without people detecting them now, he bases are that good. I think people are still hung up on the old hairpiece flying off or wicked old dude with a jet black NW1 piece. They simply aren’t like that anymore. I used to think that way until last year when I visited Invisions hair loss clinic to see about a laser cap. The whole time the dude had a hairpiece on and I had no clue. Not until the end when he told me it was an option and i said no cuz they are easily noticeable. I was shocked, he evem let me touch it and scrutinize it under a light. Literally I couldnt tell where his real hair began and fake ended until he showed me a pic without it on. Since then ive been much more open minded about it. I don’t wear and dont even want to, but if its that or be bald? Hmm. Tough choice for me.

  8. Dr. Neal Walker, President & Chief Executive Officer, will present at three upcoming investor conferences in June.

    Jefferies 2016 Healthcare Conference
    June 8, 2016, 3:00 p.m. EDT
    Grand Hyatt, New York City

    William Blair’s 35th Annual Growth Stock Conference
    June 15, 2016, 9:20 a.m. CDT
    Four Seasons Hotel, Chicago

    JMP Securities Life Sciences Conference
    June 22, 2016, 11:30 a.m. EDT
    The St. Regis, New York City

  9. Why people are mad about this topic huh ? Then if you can make a cure go ahead and make ! Stop people just stop!!!

  10. That’s an extremely immature statement. Attraction is based on more than looks alone. Looks are important for women, when men select them based on their genes. Women choose men based on their ability to be a man, I.e; their ability to protect, provide & nurture. Loosing your hair isn’t the end of your chance of finding a women. It merely means you need to step outside of your head and become the man you always knew you could be.

  11. Just shaving would be better than a hair piece. Maybe you could get a really nice wig and wear that every now and then, but that has got to be too uncomfortable to wear all the time.

  12. As I said in the post, insults (including foolish statements) will be deleted.

    Mjones, please take a break from commenting again. And you have made enough comments about women on this blog. Better you find a high school students’ blog.

    1. Admin – I realize my Post does not fit in this thread. However, it is BIG news in that the CEO might talk about the upcoming JAK Clinical Trials for AGA using JAK Inhibitors. That is very important to some of the members who need hope, and yes we do have lots of hope. Also ACLARIS is a public company (firm doing research on AGA using JAK Inhibitors) and thus they more than likely will provide updates every quarter on the status of the clinical trials for AGA. Yippeee. No more having to guess when news will come out as it will should come out every 3 months.

      Ultimately this website is about a successful treatment for AGA and right now the absolute best near term hope to a complete success of growing all of our hair back is ACLARIS and the research that they are about to start. And I thought members might want to know to allow them to follow the news.

      1. Yes you are absolutely correct nasa_rs. I almost never delete unrelated-to-a-post comments, as those are important and often let me know what to write about next.

        And of course a cure is more important than a toupee!

        I just do not want insults here, and knew that as soon as I wrote about hairpieces, there would be a few people who would have nothing better to do than insult people who wear those:-(

  13. Side note;
    Aclaris CEO compensation increased by almost 700% in 2015 to over $5 million. Why is that important? If he wants his big compensation package to continue he will need to come out with Block Buster products – hello AGA research. He wants to solve it as much as we do.

    Final point, we are not used to Public Companies. Normally it has been researchers at Universities releasing Potential Cures in 5-10 years every year. But now, we have a public company that MUST account to shareholders. In other words, they have to let the shareholders know the status (the success or failures of ongoing research) of its clinical trials every quarter.

    Like I said before, every 3 months we should get an update as to the Clinical Trials and exactly what is going on. In this case it is following the clinical trials on AGA research that they are about to do. In his upcoming presentations in June he might spell out when, where, how much, and what they are doing in the upcoming clinical trials. If not now, then more than likely at the end of the quarter when they have to report to shareholders on what they are doing.

  14. @admin, im sorry about my first comment. I can see why you deleted it. I wont make a comment like that again about hair pieces.

  15. for me i’d never get a ht or wear a piece. i’ve seen the videos in youtube and the guys are happy and think they look great… i think a person can spot a piece a mile away.. forget it

  16. A few mentioned on here how hopeless things are. Well here is Hope for The Hopeless:


    The link shows the Clinical Trial status of Aclaris, the firm about to do Clinical trials on JAK Inhibitors for AGA, thus within a few months we should see on this Bar Chart Clinical status of JAK lotion for AGA. We are getting very close.

    1. @nasa_rs – at that point, do you think they will provide the ingredients and amounts used to make the lotion? Also, where would you get the JAK inhib from?

      Loving your enthusiasm and knowledge.

  17. I think Antonio Conte is wearing one… Don’t think a HT can provide all the coverage and density he has. His hair looks so good. I personally wouldn’t wear one and prefer to shave my head to zero but in Conte’s case, the piece is suiting him perfectly.

  18. I understand hairpieces have come a long way but I hate the idea of having to hide something. I wanna be up front about and own my look in as low maintenance a way as possible…which is also why I’ll probably never dye my gray hair; so many guys who do aren’t consistent with it and they get bad-looking roots. Best to be consistently groomed and low maintenance in my opinion but whatever makes each individual happy they should be able to do.

    1. This is true, Daniel. Part of the reason why I miss my old, thicker hair. It was nice to be able to just get out of the shower and spike it up and it would stay like that. Now, so much is required just to get it to hold correctly for even 30 minutes, ha!

  19. I have heard it mentioned that Follica’s skin wounding method could create 25 terminal hairs and 75 neogenic hairs per cm2. Where are people getting this figure from?

  20. Sorry admin about my post, it’s just my honest opinion about hair pieces and how every woman sees them. I don’t think I said anything immature, it’s truly how women view and other non balding men view guys with hair pieces. A shaved head and jacked up muscle body looks 10x better. I will take a break from this blog as you wish.

    1. Mjones you have given us your thoughts on attracting women in at least 50 comments. You should start a blog on how to get women.

  21. @admin: i come to this site to read about cutting edge breakthrough research.. ok maybe they all dont have realistic timelines and also i dont believe cure will come in this decade…

    but still.. we are not coming to this site to vote if we want hair piece… we are all here because deep down we want to beat this disease…

    thanks for considering my post and please do not make such polls like this

    1. You assume everyone always wants what you want, which is never true. As I said before, there will be more such polls and you should ignore those or just visit the blog less frequently to save yourself some time.

      I have received many emails about hair transplants, so those will be covered almost every month hereon. Just warning you beforehand:-)

      While we await a perfect cure, many people care about other options.

      1. ^what this guy said.

        It goes along with the attitude of “my cure is the only cure” mentality. People have their own ideas for what they want to believe and what works for them. I voted no but honestly… objectively I think hairpieces look amazing. If you don’t that’s fine but I’d bet for a lot of people (possibly myself included), after the initial negative feelings of getting a hairpiece, it would solve most if not all of our anxiety issues that come with losing hair. Fake it til you make it.

  22. Does anyone know what to do for an oily hairline / forehead? i tried shampoos for greasy hair without any results !

  23. Guys, you can post why you dislike hairpieces without insulting those who do. And you can vote “No” too.

    1. Haha , i knew the haters and naysayers would be here in full force for this one. I personally would not consider a hair piece and voted that way but, I think any information that can help people cope with hairloss better is a positive. I’m 40 now but, if i was as bald at 18 ,as i am now ,my answer would be different. You learn to cope with things better with age , and if a hair piece can make a 25 year old live life better , whats to dislike?

      1. Thanks Erich:-) Just a few haters FYI and less than I expected.

        In almost 3 years of writing this blog, there are have only been around 5 idiots among the regular to semi-regular posters. I have banned none or maybe just one early on (I forget), but luckily several left of their own accord.

    1. As I said. Not hair from skin! He plans to develop hair regeneration using two types of cells.
      Let us be honest about it. The cure some day will come. So we will have full head of hair. The good thing is that some of us can have a FUE with big density. Dont care about future donor.

        1. Some guys think that Tsuji will create skin( he said 10 years) and use those hair follicles(grown in skin)

  24. I am impressed with Elton John’s and maybe it’s in my head, but I feel like most hair pieces look obviously fake and do not think that is a good look..

  25. I saw Elton John on the cover of a magazine a few months ago. The photo quality was clear and I could just make out the bonding agent or hem on the edge of the hairline. Other than that the hair itself looked pretty good.

  26. Let me cheer everyone up with fairly good news.

    The firm Aclaris, that is about to start clinical trials for AGA by using topical JAK. They currently have two clinical trials for AA one using Oral (pill) and the other clinical trial using Lotion JAK. Both clinical trials started at the same time. It should be interesting to learn if one is better than the other.

    More importantly is how well will JAK work on AGA. But I wonder if the company will do the same thing for its AGA trials, one using a Pill and the other study using Lotion.

    1. Lastly, I wonder if they are looking for volunteers? I am on the West Coast too far away from their facility. Dang. Not going to fly over with my luck I would get the placebo and not the actual potential hair loss cure drug.

  27. These are very exciting times for hair loss sufferers. They are testing pill and lotion JAK on AA. Both!

    They are about to start testing (pill and lotion?) JAK on AGA.

    This link shows what is in the current pipeline but add AGA trial in another month or two. Wow.


  28. Admin I’m glad you have this poll. I’d like to take this opportunity to inform others of my experience with what they now refer to as ‘Hair Systems’, which is basically not very different to a hair piece or wig. I’ll try give a balanced account. I’ve been losing hair since 18. At 29, after using hair fibres for a couple years to hide the thinning, my crown got so bad I couldn’t hide it anymore. I got desperate and researched all options. A transplant just didn’t seem reliable and most results were poor and risks were high. I went for the hair system from a clinic in London Bridge, you get two for £1500. One wore out in 2 months and was meant to last a year. So I got the back up. I wore it for about 8 months with monthly ‘refreshers’ where they take it off, reshape your head, put it back on after cleaning it, but it was a tough experience. The hair system is real hair apparently hand woven into a special scalp netting (doubt this is true when you see it’s thickness it would take years). You then shave your head at the shape of the system, they use liquid adhesive and really strong tape to stick it on. I will say, it looked pretty awesome, once I got used to it. I had full thick hair that I could style. BUT….please know the truths they won’t tell you. 1) it hurts, a lot, and itches like a mother. 2) it’s a shit load of maintainence. The glue gets everywhere, cleaning it yourself is impossible, when they clean it for you lots of the hair is lost and broken. 3) appointments are expensive at £55 a go and takes 2 hours or more every 2-4 weeks. 4) the tape if used on the hairline will show, I had to force them to only use glue on the front, they kept telling me to wear the hair down, it looked stupid so I refused. 5) the tape has damaged my scalp and hair doesn’t grow properly where the tape was, even after over a year. 6) if I was totally bald it would have worked better, but this is not a good option if you still grow a fair bit of hair. 7) you can NOT swim with it, which they claim you can. It comes right off. 8) you can NOT go to hot countries. It ruined my holiday as the glue melts and gets everywhere and into the hairs. Overall I would never recommend this to anyone. After a year, I gave up and and spent another £3000 of my life savings on scalp micro pigmentation and this was the best choice I ever made. I still miss my hair and hope to have long locks again one day, but I look pretty damn good and am so free from hair troubles now. Ps…love this blog and I’m a loyal follower. Ignore the haters, we appreciate what you do in your spare time for us! Bring on 2020. J

  29. @admin. Fyi

    Biocompatible implants: |a solution to thinning hair?

    Special to The Nation May 26, 2016 1:00 am
    Like a peacock’s brilliant feathers, the hair on the head is so much more than just protection for the scalp.

    Like a peacock’s brilliant feathers, the hair on the head is so much more than just protection for the scalp. The discovery of thinning hair is thus a stressful experience for both sexes and all ages. There are a few treatment options available when hair loss first starts, and both medication and laser treatment can be quite successful in the early stages. However, many people wait too long before realising or admitting their hair loss is getting worse. And while relocating healthy follicles to barren patches can solve the problem, hair transplant procedures are invasive, expensive and new hair takes time to become visible.

    Continuing research into improved hair restoration techniques has helped considerably in the long-fought battle against hair loss or hair thinning and today the implant of biocompatible fibres is a plausible alternative or complementary treatment for patients.

    Artificial hair implants first began in the 1970s as a quick solution for the coverage of the baldness but slowed as a result of scepticism among physicians due to the lack of clinical trial at that time. That has now changed. A study published in the Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents in 2015 reported the efficacy and safety of hair fibre implants through the three-year follow up of 133 patients. The study concluded that the biocompatible fibre hair implant procedure had been demonstrated to be safe and well tolerated by patients. The procedure involves using a special device to hook the reversible knots at the end of the biofibre hair and insert the strands manually one by one into the scalp, which has been numbed with a local anaesthetic, under aseptic technique until the desired hair density is obtained. The procedure doesn’t require downtime; patients can walk out of the clinic with a much fuller head of hair.

    The procedure is considered safe for patients because it uses a synthetic material that’s completely biocompatible, which means it is highly unlikely to be rejected by the body. This biocompatible material has received CE certification in Europe and is also approved for medical use.

    The biocompatible fibre hair implant is suitable for patients with a healthy scalp but a poor donor area. It is also ideal for patients who need an immediate result. It can be used to increase volume of a patient’s hair following a hair transplant procedure as well. A consultation with a dermatologist will help identify if the procedure suits you or not.

    THANISORN THAMLIKITKUL MD| is a member of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery and |certified in dermatological laser surgery. Send your questions |for her to info@romrawin.com

  30. Hello, Admin. Since you’re putting up polls such as this, have you lost all hope for a cure by 2020?

    1. Practical-dude, why do you keep changing your username?

      Also, if you have read my blog for 3 years, did you not see that I wrote about hair transplants, ARTAS, laser, PRP, celebrities, Nizoral, Rogaine and many other subjects that have absolutely no connection to a cure? Of course you saw that.

      Are you just trying to be a smartass? Your previous comment also asked about this same 2020 issue and you know that this issue has been raised many times by a few others and I have answered in the same way each time.

      You also insulted Farhan’s ethnicity and father in the past and I had to delete several of your comments.

      I am very close to banning you.

      Funnily enough, you asked me to disable comments in the past, and yet you continue to comment on here!!

      We now have a competitor to Mjones…

      1. Wow. Someone got offended rather quickly. I don’t know why I’m writing this, because you’ll probably delete it. I won’t visit- let alone comment on your blog. You have no scientific evidence to support any of your estimated timelines anyways. The only reason you have this blog is so you can advertise and make some extra money. You also have no scientific training. Good luck

        1. Not only do I have no scientific training, I have no scientific education either.

          And yes, one day I will become a millionaire from the ads! Cannot wait and it better happen before 2020.

          Just make sure not to insult me with yet another username… you should not keep changing them. At least for your last comment you finally used a new computer and figured out I know all your past names! FYI — in one of your past comments you said that this blog is a great scientific blog. Want me to edit that comment?

  31. I don’t understand why people are interested in bio hair implants and have such a bad outlook on hairpieces. Both are fake hair, anchored to your head and neither one will ever grow. Only difference is you have a chance at rejecting bio implants and the other you have to spend once a week detaching and reattaching. As I said, I don’t wear one, but I have thoroughly done my research on every avenue at combating my balding dome. Everyone who has ever gone to a clinic to have a hairpiece has hated the result. The online forums have people with flawless looking hair, and explain in detail exactly how they make it so. Thankfully i witnessed first hand the result of todays pieces and it fooled me, a balding guy who scrutinizes EVERY guys hair that walks by. And I can guarantee they pull more women than us balding gents sitting on a balding website wining about not having a cure. They want one just as much, the only difference is they have a full head of hair, albeit fake, while they wait.

    Again – it isnt a treatment, it just covers the problem. And while I dont feel like spending an hour a week maintaining it right now, once I am nearly bald i can guarantee I may have a different outlook. Who knows maybe I will even get a front partial for just the hairline? Oh you don’t know what that is? Do your damn research. Especially before insulting people who happen to like the results they get.

    Oh and one more thing – why the hell are people telling admin how to run his blog? Its the go to place for hairloss news right now, and quite frankly ANY development, be it a cover up, treatment, cure etc is more than welcome in my book. If you don’t like it, why the hell are you here? If all you want to hear about is a cure, just wait for it on the news.

  32. Well prince William and prince Harry,

    While being beloved public figures you both might take your royal position to a higher level and speak up for yourselves and the other AGA sufferers in the world.

    Older generations (your father for instance) are most of the times convinced that you should accept your destiny dictated by your genes, but the younger generations ask for solutions and might put pressure on smart people developing solutions. Make the world great again, stop AGA.


    1. For those who have missed it, prince Harry his hair is going rapidly down the drain as well.

      As soon as both gentlemen are rocking a full head again, you know an ultimate solution like JAK for instance has done the job.

  33. Check out this commercial I just saw on tv. I love how it’s 2016 and we still get ridiculed for being bald. The media still sees it as a humorous thing. So upsetting.


    Admin. I wouldn’t recommend posting a topic on bio fibers. They are extremely dangerous and cause severe scarring and infections to one’s scalp. My cousin is a surgeon and he has seen cases of men and women in England, USA and middle east who implanted bio hair implants. If not done correctly it can really mess you up. Plus it leaves tiny scars on the recipient site of your scalp. They last a year then fall out. Leaving you with tiny dots on your head. They have improved the bio hairs over the years but it still comes with high risk. This is coming for a surgeon in the medical field not my own words.

    I come on this site not to cause problems but help those younger guys on here who are new to hair loss. I will say it again, hop on Propecia and see how it goes. It saved me for 14 years .Don’t take drastic measures like hair transplant at a young age. Or wearing a hair piece. I see many young men who shave their heads and have hot girl friends. Ht have great results for sure but it’s hard tell your future of hair loss if you are just 22. Plus every derm, including my dermatologist at University of PA, who works directly under Cotsarelis advised me not to get an HT until 40 years old or later. The ht hairs eventually thin out over time if you dont take propecia.This is coming from the best dermatologist in the hair loss business. In 2 to 3 years we will have better treatments so hang in there and hope for follica:) I have my appointment with Cots in July btw. Hopefully I will get some insight from my Greek hair loss king!

    1. Hi mjones,

      I am sure guys on here will appreciate this advice.

      I am getting more interested about Follica since PureTech released their market pipeline, which included a possible 2018 release date for Follica.

      Do you know where the figures of 25 terminal and 75 neogenic hair per cm2 said to be from Follica come from?

      On the face of it, Follica say their method is basically the same as that used by the Indian dermarolling study. They even show pics of that study on the Follica prospectus and said something about it being covered by Follica’s intellectual rights.

      I have not read the Indian study but I think what it demonstrated is that results can be achieved using only existing compounds in combination with precise wounding. Whether these hairs were permanent and thick is unclear.

      I only hope that Dr. Cot’s treatment is much more complex than this and they are just not letting on.

      If it really is just wounding the skin, be it with a rotating blade or fancy lasee, then adding an existing compound or cocktail of existing compounds, all to produce super minox-style fuzzy hairs, I’d be very, very disappointed.

      Almost 10 years research is a long time and Cots must have more to his method than that. Otherwise it would be a joke if his technique was essentially the same as the one done by the Indian team, who did it in a fraction of the time.

      1. Hey Pandapop, the 25cm2 and 100cm2 was mentioned in follica presentation document. It was in a graph along with their procedure. If follica can replicate the Indian study results then I would say that is good regrowth. No other person in these forums that I know of has been able to replicate the Indian study. People have dermarolled with limited regrowth. I still believe follica has a more potent treatment than the Indian study. As of now we just don’t know since they are secretive. I will know more when I see him for my appointment in July. Hopefully he will give me some additional info

        1. Hi mjones,

          Do you know where I could find this document?

          I really hope that if these claims are true that the new hairs are permanent, meaning that after the treatment at the clinic and perhaps a few months of follow up maintenance done by yourself at home, the hairs would maintain for a decade plus and function no differently to any other normal hair.

          If a new neo-genic follicle really is being formed, it should behave like an original hair, right? Minoxidil hairs are not neo-genic. I don’t expect to have to bathe my head in liquids forever to keep Follica hairs in.

          Basically I think we need a clear distinction between these Follica hairs and minoxidil hairs. If Follica hairs are just souped up minoxidil hairs that fall out if not maintained at home, then calling them neo-genic or de novo hairs is misleading.

          Sorry I’m just fed up with the ambiguity we’re getting from follica. We need to know what they are capable of achieving with their method.

          1. Mjones is good at citing data without links/ proof. He gives round about ways of saying where you can find them but doesn’t provide you the direct path. Take what he says with a grain of salt. While he may be right at times, other times it seems like he cherry picks data that doesn’t exist to support his current mood.

  34. Does anyone know of sites with high quality full lace wigs for men? Good wigs where you can play sports in them is preferred. Maybe the admin might know.

    Also, is there any consequences of getting a micropigmentation (basically a hair tattoo where you shave your head and it shows that you have hair to grow). Will the micropigmentation have any effect on future treatment where you can regrow thinned out hair?

  35. I’m not advertising, as ive never used them, and I do not know if I am allowed to post links to a site that sells something, so I wont. But as I said, ive done my research on hairpieces and from reviews and forums most people use two sites the most and the reviews are always good.

    Northwestlace. com
    Toplace. com
    if I ever decide to go that route, I was planning on using northwest lace. They have a forum you can even post questions to ask people the right type for you.

  36. What kind of posts could we expect from toupees? It’s not like there is any advancement in that since it’s not really a science, right? Advancements are what should be reported in this blog, and I don’t even know what there is to ‘advance’ with toupees..

    1. You did not see his post that was deleted, nor his past few warnings in the last year. He has around 800 comments on this blog. Bit strange.

  37. I Just read Jay comment. I think that put a end in this idiotic idea of a toupee . Thks for you opinion Jay.

  38. This is really good post!

    You also need to know what not to do in future, what treatments should be avoided. From that point of view there should be discussions and poll on each and everything that is on market or coming to market.

    People take wrong decisions in depression and this blog should help them from going to wrong direction. Big Thanks to admin and commentators with informative comments.

  39. Depends. A hair system that is undetectable, needs little or no maintenance, and can be worn in the shower or pool? Sure. Today’s systems, which meets none of those criteria? Absolutely not. Then again, I’m a NW 2, so I can afford to be picky; if I were a NW 3 or worse, I might feel differently.

  40. Woman here…I wear a light weight clip in any time I am in public. Took the plunge about 3 years ago. I still have enough hair to look okay in private at home, but I am not comfortable out in bright light. I do have a very supportive husband. He even helps me pick colors, lengths and styles. I think he actually enjoys the “different” women he gets to be married to now. (; He also suffers from hair loss, and does a combo of his natural look and cool hats. Ladies and men, don’t hesitate to do whatever makes you feel better. Dr. Seuss says it best. Those that matter don’t mind and those that mind don’t matter.

    1. Thats és the prove of HT is not effective. You will lost you hair in 1 2 or 5 years. And you end that a big scar in the head. You cant shave it because you have the White dots on your back.

  41. I cant believe there are people on these website who are trolling and saying things to admin…..seriously guys get a life….do you guys know how much time and patience one should have to write these posts…instead of admiring it you say things to him….admin doesnt own to anyone…nor does he has to justify about 2020 cure thing….guys its a thought that we might get a cure by 2020…if not maybe later…also the post with toupee whats wrong with it….he cant give you cutting edge news if there is none out there….what do you want him to do….jesus people calm down….if something comes up it will…or it wont….

    1. Lol… I like how Farhan is now against trolling. The irony of it is amazing. Maybe this is suppose to be super sarcastic and I’m missing it? #onceAtrollAlwaysAtroll

      1. dude curious I never trolled any person over here… the only thing I hate is Histogen for being a big time scammer….

        1. Yup as far as I could tell, one guy was trolling him with various usernames and ethnic insults, and several times Farhan replied back to him. I deleted several of the worst of those ethnic insults too.

    2. Farhan, the admin is awesome, but this post took less amount of time for him to write than any post ever, I am pretty sure. Not to belittle him at all, but what you are stating is not the case here. lol

  42. one question for nasa and admin:
    why so excited about JAK? will work in AA a different disorder.
    The follicles are not dead, but en AGA yes…
    thank you for a explication!! I will hope it work too!!

    1. @sets….in MPB the follicles NOT DIE….Do you understand this? Mother of god… Is awesome…

      1. Does not die but is affected. A very different condition. For me is damege in some way. because AA have in some cases a cure. With AGA you never can go back. Is more easy i think to attack the imune System that your genes. In some cases you change you IS only changig you food and you mind health.

        1. MPB is not only DHT….multifactorial pathology. We will see in a few years more good results without the focus in DHT.

  43. Lol I asked Admin what kind of posts we could even expect from this, and he didn’t even answer. No offense, but there isn’t much to report on toupees. Include them in your monthly, list of updates if there is something you deem worthy of reporting but please don’t turn this into something it is not.

    1. I agree with baldings 100%. This blog is usually futuristic this seems like antiquated filler.

    2. You will find out when the post comes. Just visit every hour so you see it as soon as it’s posted:-)

  44. Admin , Thank you.
    We should show more respect for admin.

    And, I think HT is one of better solution for MPB.
    Hair of HT is not thinning.
    Elon Musk` HT is brilliant.

  45. i am excited too with jak LOL.
    But why nasa is very confident about the results? I think he is more illustrated than me

  46. Thanks admin. This site is a form of stress relief. People are upset with you because the industry sucks. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s the way people are these days.

  47. Hair Stocks: Thought I would bring up a variant of the existing topic.

    Replicel Stock, REPCF, is in the toilet. It is about 10 cents a share after having fallen all year. That tells me all I need to know about Replicel hair growth product’s future.

    Aclaris Stock, ACRS, is up about 5% since acquiring the rights from Dr. Christiano. They currently have two trails underway for AA type hair loss using JAK. One Oral and One Lotion and it will be interesting to see what the difference is if they show photos.

    They will start soon with JAK for AGA in research and then clinical trial. Should not take too long. I would think the stock would increase if JAK lotion works for AA and especially by some miracle it works for AGA. Even I wonder.

    All is my opinion when it comes to stocks. I do not own those stocks.

    1. That is not a News…. If you view the graphic you can see is in down Hill since midle 2012….. You are making to much noise or believe in the stocks….

    1. I think there is something in JAK inhibitors that directly influences the hair follicles. The hair in mouse grows in 10 days, don’t think that can happen if it only suppresses the immune system. Patients with AA recovered full head, which is surely a topic of excitement.

      People with no genetic issue, who looses their hair due to some medication also not recovering it, for example, cancer patients. This might help them, which is huge!

      1. I think it was here on this blog the story about an old man who suffered from AGA and had to use some of these imflamation drugs he had his head full of hair again. But it seems the druggs couldnt be comercialized as it had many side effects including cancer.

        I think its not unlikely that jak inhibitors may work on AGA, after all, if it didnt they wouldnt invest on it, but we shouldnt celebrate before Alcaris gives us an update about their trial results.

    1. Study Start Date: October 2015
      Estimated Study Completion Date: January 2019

      And then more 2 or 3 year for phase 3

  48. Has anyone seen the new product from Ziering? It’s called Stemloss..i just got an email about it for a ‘great value introductory offer of 495 pounds (my macbook doesn’t have a pound sign).

    It may work for some but yet another unproven product (though they claim some outstanding results similar to trx2) trying to capitalise on the vulnerability of hair loss sufferers.

  49. Maybe we do not need a cure? Only a hood treatments. It is not a problem to put sth on my scalp to my death. I count on Brotzu’ lotion. And then follica.

  50. I’m a few days late to this post, but may as well share my experience to those who are interested.

    I started going bald at around 17 years old, a lot younger than most people. By the age of 19, my hairline had receded really far back, my crown was painfully thin, and any hair that was left on top was weak and didn’t have much substance to it. It drove me insane. I stopped going out and socializing, and would spend far too long in front of the mirror every day obsessing over it. It absolutely destroyed all of my confidence.

    I first found out about hair systems from a friend of mine who admitted to me that he had one, and gave me the details of the clinic he went to, to let me know that it was an option. Until that time, I had no idea at all that his hair wasn’t his own, real hair. Being a 19 year old student at the time, I had to save up any spare money I made for quite some time, until I could eventually afford the procedure about a year later. I will be honest, the price is ridiculous. I have no idea why they charge you so much for that, but I guess it is somewhat of a monopoly.

    I’m 22 now, and have been using hair systems for 2 years. I will be honest, it’s really not an ideal solution. There are a ton of downfalls, most notably that it itches like crazy (and you can’t scratch it, or the hair falls out, leaving bald spots which of course do not grow back), washing your hair takes forever, the monthly maintenance is expensive and becomes quite an inconvenience, and while the bonding agents do usually hold extremely well, there have been a few occasions where spots have come loose, and I’ve had to lay low until my next monthly appointment in case anyone sees it slipping up. It’s also pretty uncomfortable to sleep with, but I got used to that after a while. You also have to order a new system once every 10-12 months (may vary depending on the specifics of the system and their suppliers), which just adds to the already ridiculously high expense.

    Despite all the hassles mentioned above, I’ve found that overall, my experience with hair systems has been worth it. It’s not a cure, but for me, it’s better than being bald. While those with a keen eye can spot that something isn’t quite normal, most people really don’t pay that much attention and don’t notice anything strange at all. Those who do notice are usually men who are also balding, who are on the lookout for others of their kind. However, it still causes me a lot of unnecessary worrying, wondering if people will notice and what people are thinking or saying about me because of it. But that’s something I’ve had to force myself to overlook, because those people are generally in the minority.

    If anyone does ask me about it, I tell them the truth. It’s only as big of a deal as you make it, and my argument is that it’s no different to someone wearing makeup, or getting plastic surgery, or other kinds of cosmetics which change someone’s appearance. With that being said, it still plagues me every single day of my life, and the moment a cure becomes available, I’ll be among the first to seize the opportunity.

    In summary, hair systems work for me because I find them better than the alternatives. It just comes down to me being happy with how I look when I see myself in the mirror. And honestly, no, I’m not completely happy. But I’m happier than I was or would be without it, and all the inconveniences and monetary sacrifices have been worth it to me.

  51. Hello guys, just wanted to add my 2 Cents here:

    I’ve been researching hair-Systems for a while now as it might be my only solution (for now, if a “cure” really comes).

    There are so many things to talk about when we want to talk about hair-replacement in general – ist complex, so i try to give a short summary of my thoughts.

    The most criticism hair-Systems get are by men directed at other men: it’s fake, it’s not your OWN hair, it’s feminine and vain, it’s ridiculous and unmanly, no confidence and so on…
    Yet women are a lot more tolerant when it Comes to These things, since it’s what they do all their lives (hours of Styling per day, hair-Troubles, make-up and high-heels,…) Women know that their “world of Beauty” is full of faking, hiding and so on – and men accept it, or even urge them to do it. We live in a time, where gays and transexuals gain more and more tolerance, men are “metro-sexual” and do a lot of Styling themselves. So my take on hairsystems is: any Young or old man who learns to do it and live with it happily now is part of a bigger movement – the breaking of old gender roles. Society is so diffuse and complex now that many arguments against hairsystems are simply “outdated”.

    There is another “effect” Happening when People try to discuss this stuff: since words like “Toupet” and other forms to verbally describe hair replacement come with a negative “historical” connotation, there is something happening in the head of each of us who use or think about them (especially if you are biased against it in the first place):
    In our head, “personifications” pop up during the thought process, which represent not Reality but the negative connotations themselves. Toupet, Wig, Rug, Hairpiece: a funny, ridiculous, wimp-like man (probably even with an ugly face and skinne/fat physique) who wears a obvious, dead-cat looking Thing on his head. This is a crucial thought to anyone reading my comment: Before you go all negative just because of some “box-thinking”, think again – would you still think so badly about someone wearing a wig, if it looked real – and more importantly, if he/the Person looked good as a whole, had a nice Body, good clothing style, is intelligent, good Job, or anything else that makes a “good man/Person”?
    Seriously, whats the deal about an Addition on top when your rest is a good “package” anyway? If a guy is super fit/well-trained and also smart and good Company, why should i think less of him if he “wears” hair? Guys, stop thinking in those hypothetical cliché-boxes. I know it’s hard not to, but it’s not always helpful to get a REAL Picture of the world.
    If your concern is only your hair, why not work on everything else as good as you can while “wearing” hair to at least be “more in peace” with it?

    For myself, I’m pretty sure i will go down the hairsystem-route if nothing else is there for me. But i have to add another important aspect here: I am NOT trying to hide my hairloss completely by then. I am fine with a receded hairline or thinning Overall hair. my only concern is my crown – i want it covered. So my plan is to get a “smaller” sized crown-Piece which will simply be attached at the back/crown part of my head. no hairline Problems, as i dont care about the front. my front will be my own (thinning / receding / maybe disappearing). Why? because to me, having crown-coverage is more important than the whole “face-framing” Thing everyone is talking about. I see lots of men with highly receded hairlines, almost completely bald fronts… but to me they simply seem mature. Nothing to do with “uglyness”.

    The reason i mention this: Almost everyone thinks about a massive and thick-haired rug/wig for the whole top or the head as a whole, when he thinks about hairsystems. That simply is not the case – in reality you decide your template, colour, hair density and so on. Lower densities look very good too. It’s just that some desperate guys go for the fullest head of NW1 because of their need to compensate.
    If you are willing and ready to be happy with a “less is more” strategy (as in my case) you can go for smaller pieces, light densities, pretty short hair and so on. This way you can even lower the maintainance, costs, and most importantly for me: the psychological factors. The less i add on my head, the less stress, anxiety and “shame” i have about it being fake, altering my appearance completely, and so on.
    The front Hairline is the trickiest part on a hairsystem, as it has to be perfect because ist right in/above your face for every one to see (if you want to style your hair upwards/backwards). If you go for receded style-templates, you might not have to deal with a hairline at all.

    And the costs: Yes, it’s very expensive if you get the System and everything else around it (including Service, cut ins,…) in a Salon/Club or something like that.
    But as soon as you learn to order the systems and glues/tapes yourself, maintain it yourself and find a Stylist who can cut it in, you can save money and dont have to pay These high prices.

    So, everyone who thinks about getting a System but are repelled by the clichés, seemingly high costs and stupid comments online – think about a “lighter” approach. A man doesn’t Need a full NW1 to be a good looking mofo.

    1. oh and another Addition to my Little Essay, i just thought of:
      another thing about starting with a hairsystem is the “no-turning-back” problem. Meaning, once you start having hair added, you can’t swich back to being bald/shaved without People noticing the actual bald spots. so one can argue that starting with hairsystems gets you “caught in it forever”. This is not entirely true. Although it Comes with a Need to plan ahead, you can Combine a SMP (i’m sure many of you know what this is: Scalp Micro Pigmentation) with your hairpieces. What does it mean? – It means, you can Switch from hairpiece to a shaved head / stubble look (although the SMP part is no real or just partly real stubble). Only Thing that Needs some planning now is switching back to hairpiece after your weeks, months, years with a shaven head (getting some time or nice caps to grow some hair out again). But even an undercut style works with Systems, so as Long as you dont have super-long hair within some days, there is nothing suspicious about it.
      Some People are already doing this combination and what they say sounds pretty cool: they spend time (e.g. hot summers, Holidays, traveling, or just stylewise) with shaven heads and their SMP covering all necessary Areas on the scalp with “stubble” and as soon as they decide they wanna “grow out” their hair again, they do some planning and get a nice transisition back to the hairsystem.

      I hope this helps with some of the Major initial concerns most People have when thinking about getting themselves into using hairsystems.

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