Barbershops, Hair Systems and Microblading

Some interesting and innovative barbershops have been in the news a lot during the past year. The main reason for this is due to their offering hair loss treatments and products that supplement basic haircuts. These include hair systems, microblading and even robotic hair transplants.

Motley Crew Barber and Hair Systems

In Worcester, Massachusetts, Motley Crew Barber has been in the news this month. The owner Zack offers what seems to be good quality hair systems made by Hairskeen. The cost is very reasonable at  $750 for the initial hair system. It will last 4-6 months, and requires touch-ups every 2-3 weeks at a price of $180 per Motley Crew Barber’s website.

In my past poll on whether people would get a hair system or hairpiece, 44 percent answered “Yes” or “Maybe”. Quite a high number, perhaps influenced by reader Scott’s positive testimonial!

Zack was in the news this week. His clients’ hair system application videos on TikTok have garnered quite a following.

Also see his Instagram for more photos and videos. Numerous examples of his hair system customers with before, during and after adhesion photos.

Barber Surgeons Guild

Barber Surgeons Guild® (BSG) operates from two locations: West Hollywood, Los Angeles; and Soho, New York City. They have been featured in the news on a regular basis for the past couple of years.

BSG’s Yelp reviews and Google reviews are both excellent.

Besides professional haircuts, Barber Surgeons Guild offers: Microblading (“Scalp Camo”); PRP; low-level laser therapy (LLLT); and even FUE robotic hair transplants via the ARTAS robot. The last mentioned is supervised by Dr. Justin Rome.


I have covered both Scalp Micropigmentation and Tricopigmentation in detail in the past. However, I have not covered microblading. According to Bosley’s Dr. Ken Washenik:

“Micropigmentation looks like a shaved or closely cut shaft of hair. With microblading, the technician uses a single blade or stylus to cut a fine line of ink into the skin. Microblading gives you a stroke of pigment, like a strand of hair with gel on it.”

Apparently, Korean women are increasingly microblading their hairlines.

The Try Guy’s Zach Kornfeld documented in detail his microblading procedure at BSG in 2019.

Microblading Hair
Zach’s Microblading Hair Procedure via Instagram.

48 thoughts on “Barbershops, Hair Systems and Microblading”

  1. Certainly something for others to consider given that Shiseido and Aclaris have drawn a blank.

    A lace system is good for warmer climates as its more breathable but is more prone to damage and not glued down as hard so my sport where I am often upside down or at height with high wind won’t do.

    I have a poly system that is fully glued on so no risk of it coming off with my activities but I don’t wear one in summer due to the heat and itching. If you live somewhere like Florida this one is not an option for you. The adhesive is water-proof but sweat is acidic and the more you sweat the more it will itch and the less weeks it will last.

  2. I think I’ve said this before but I find it very suspicious that after all these years of follica in clinical trials it’s taken this long for a basically a a safe micro needling device. The FDA is part of the problem! Deregulation!

    1. Woofy, I agree. Follica needs to be on the market already. Hopefully we hear some good news soon. 2020 needs to end on a good note.

    2. The U.S. isn’t the only country on earth. The U.S. also isn’t the only country which contributes to medical advances. New hair treatments are hard to discover; that’s why they’re taking so long to be released. FDA regulation is not issue delaying progress. Your statement comes across as what a trump supporting deplorable would say (not saying you are one).

      1. Joe “new hair treatments are hard to discover that’s why they are taking so long to release” I’m talking about the clinical process by then the treatment has already been found. And this is a hairloss site not a political site.

        1. Fair enough then. I didn’t mean to come across as political, but was saying that people who shout “deregulation” only, often have no idea what they’re talking about.

  3. If you are single and wear a rug, good luck in the dating market. I remember my neighbor was regaling a few of us with a date story where she was making out with a dude and she could feel the edges of the rug. She said she was embarrassed for the guy and never called him again. Do what you want, just know that people notice and they’re laughing internally.

    1. Not all guys who wear hair systems do it for dating. Sometimes they do it because looking younger can get you a better job promotion and make a better impression. With transplants you have to wait a year till the hair grows out and it can and cannot work, it is surgery so no guarantees. They make different hair systems Lace, poly, monophillip etc. Not all of them have that easy edge feeling. Being bald for me sucked until I wore one. Started balding at 23 and spent two decades miserable being bald until I wore a hair system. Now at 45 I am happy. That is me so not all of us are unhappy with a hair system just so you know.

    1. Weird how you call him a globalist like it’s a bad thing but you would be the first person running to Japan if Tsuji’s method actually work.

  4. Apparently there is no way out … we are the losers.
    Sorry guys, at this point I lost every drop of hope. We were born bald we will die bald.
    Just another BAD day..

  5. Better off shaving your head that putting on a rug. People will appreciate a shaved head over a rug. It’s just how it is unfortunately. Especially in the dating world. Yes I agree do what makes you happy so its your choice but having to deal with glue, itchiness, fear of it coming off during a workout, swimming or worst on a date is just something I couldn’t do personally. Plus that dude in the video above getting a wig glued on should get an fue. He had excellent donor hair. Do a 5 to 7,000 grafts all on top and he will look 10000% better than that rug.

    I remember someone say a few years ago that cots was super exhausted dealing with getting follica approved by the fda. He told someone the process was extremely lengthy and difficult with the fda.

  6. Joe, it’s a micro needling device for crying out loud it’s not a drug or stem cell treatment. You moron. The FDA is the problem! And Follica is located in the United States not another country. The FDA has been slow walking this! Wake up or get off this site you globalist

  7. I once knew a guy who had a toup. It was really obvious. Out of politeness, none of us ever said a thing about it, but if anyone ever waved their hand anywhere near his head by accident-he’d freak out-almost seizing the person by the wrist! After a few years he must’ve had enough, and one day casually appeared with a shaved head beneath a cap. Not a perfect solution, but it looked way better. He seemed a lot more confident. Maybe it was coincidence, but he scored himself a hot girlfriend around then too.

  8. I cut all sugar, nuts, and processed wheat/meat from my diet past 4 weeks (by cut I mean total zero). I rub one onion a day and work it in with nubrush. Barely any hairloss from week 3.

  9. Not to mention some 80 years old dudes
    who still walk around with the rug from 50 years ago … these guys have balls … LOL

  10. Guys tsuji’s part 1 presention was yesterday and part 2 is later today. Let’s see if we get any other news

      1. I don’t think well get any new info this time considering we got a update earlier this month.Best case scenario: Tsuji reveals the trial start date, worst case:No update.

  11. Virtual ISHRS October 17-25

    Angela M. Christiano Lecture: Hair Follicle Bioengineering Producing Human Hair Follicles In Vitro Using 3D Printing Technology

    Alexey Terskikh Lecture: Hair Regeneration: Using induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) derived from dermal papilla cells with a 3D biodegradable scaffold

  12. Toccata wow i thought those two disappeared. It will be all talk from Christiano she will start human trials in 2042 lol. Alexey and stemson will probably start trials next year I remember the ceo of stemson say human trials would begin end of this year but due to Covid I don’t see that happening until next year

  13. Off topic, but would hair cloning work on individuals with slightly thinning or fine hair on the back and sides? Or will they be able to just clone the cells and generate strong hair themselves in the lab?

    1. In my opinion cloning thinning hair will most likely lead to implant hair that will thin aswell. I read somewhere ( I think it was a interview to stemson theraupeutic ) that the main goal is to create hair farms of cloned hair, so that they’d only have to implant hair of the same colour, thickness,ecc as yours, without them having to be extracted and cloned from your scalp. That would lead to a insane cost reduction and mass accessibility, but I think the main problem is still the possibility of rejection from your body

  14. Alexander they could just clone the hair and then add like WAY-316606 or some other drug to the follicles and then when they are strong transplant them

  15. And Jan, Toccata posted this in the Tsuji Comment section. “Here is the breakdown of the Summary Video:

    2020: After approval by the Commission for Specified Accredited Regenerative Medicine, we will begin clinical trials in humans.

    Year 1: Safety confirmation is expected to be completed in the human clinical trial.

    Year 2: Approval of self-funded medical treatment and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act are expected to be completed.

    **Year 3: We will have normal access to Hair Follicle Regenerative Medicine.**

    — 2020-21 Trials. ’22 Approval. ’23 Release.”

        1. Not your timeline Jan, the Hair loss Youtuber Video timeline I just want to make that clear. I agree with him

  16. I know there’s most likely not enough information but…I wonder if there is any downside besides messiness to putting Winlevi cream on your head? Even just a little on the crown or hairline until the topical solution comes out. If this is side effect free it seems encouraging for people (like myself) who can’t use Fin. If anyone’s interested I reversed my fin sides and I can share what I did (no I’m not selling anything I’ll leave brand names out of the regiment).

  17. Are we fooling ourselves when we say that we are on the verge of a breakthrough in the hair loss field?
    Vinlevi started phase 3 in 2018, it’s almost q4 2020 and it just got fda approval, while breezula still hasn’t started its phase 3, do the maths. Basically we have to wait 3 years, in the best case scenario, to get a topical, most likely expensive, treatment that in phase 2 showed a return to baseline after 6 months of usage, meaning it is a mainteneance treatment at best. If it takes so long for this, imagine how long it’s gonna take for something revolutionary like follicles cloning, considering we still don’t have the technology. And also, genuine question, do you guys believe that all these companies getting closer to phase 3 with not-so-promising treatments, or at least far from being a cure, would still run the trials if they knew something big is around the corner? I don’t have an answer for this. Please hit me.back with some positivity cause it’s getting dark in my mind. Take care everyone

  18. Cowlick – OK, how did you reverse your fin sides…

    As for the clascoterone cream approval, it is good news. Now the company can confidently get moving on a Phase III hairloss trial. Before the end of the year, clascoterone cream (at the lower dose) will be available in pharmacies.

    1. Alright thanks for your patience Meko so I can only speak for myself and what I did which was a hodgepodge of recommendations from forums of what people claimed worked for them. Disclaimer: Speak to your doctor about any of this to decide if it’s right for you. I’m in no way a health professional. If you’re going to take any of this also speak with your doctor about combinations of herbs, weight lifting etc. pretty much all of it. I don’t need a lawsuit but I’ll share because I know PFS feels awful. After ~1 month I felt like the old me and everything returned back to how it was pre-fin. I’m leaving brands off because this is in no way prescriptive and I’m not selling anything. Do your own research.

      My routine:
      Supplements: L-Argenine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Ginko Biloba, A multivitamin containing Zinc, some people said DHEA I took VERY little of this. I rotated these and took them every day. Always with a meal.

      Diet: Lots of Sorghum – I ate Sorghum every for like 2 weeks (usually lunch). I hated it but whatever it was temporary.

      Stay hydrated with water
      Get 8 hours of sleep
      Lift weights
      Skip playing tug of war with the one eyed ogre as long as you can

      Thats pretty much it. Everything’s back to normal. DHEA can increase testosterone and so can lifting weights just heads up.

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