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Celebrity Hair Transplants and Hairpieces

Hair Transplant Popularity

— A great detailed two page GQ article from Joel Stein about his efforts to reverse his baldness. He ultimately gets a hair transplant at Bosley, and includes his before and after photo. His hair transplant surgeon was Dr. Edwin Suddleson. His 1,600 grafts cost $11,000. Fairly high compared to what a hair transplant costs in most developing countries. Note that Mr. Stein suprisingly got a strip procedure. Nowadays, FUE hair transplants are far more popular than FUT (strip) ones.

33 year old Calum Best’s third hair transplant. He paid £6,000 for his procedure, which is the same amount that he paid for first two surgeries.

— John Travolta decided to show up at the gym at 3am, without his hairpiece. Make sure to read my other post on Mr. Travolta and his hair. Other celebrities with hairpieces include Sir Elton John and Nicolas Cage.

— Make sure to read my updated post on the best shampoos for thinning hair and hair loss. While none of these products will bring back hair to totally bald regions of the scalp, they can thicken up existing hair.

— Replicel will be presenting at the Biotech Showcase 2015 conference. I have covered this company many times, along with its Japanese partner Shiseido.