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Would you ever Wear a Hairpiece or Hair System?

This year, I plan to conduct some polls on this blog. I also plan to cover topics such as hair transplants and hairpieces more frequently. For many people, these options are almost as good as a hair loss cure and I have received a few requests for more posts on such subjects.

As always, if you do not like a post, just comment on other ones instead.  Women should vote too in spite of the below Elton John image.  I think far more women wear fake hair than do men. Insulting comments will be deleted.

Update: I had to delete the poll in 2018 due to some plugin issues. The results of the poll are summarized below.

Update: 2022 — Lately, there have been some great before and after  toupee or hairpiece videos on TikTok, YouTube and Reddit.

Would you ever wear a customized hairpiece or hair system or toupee?

Total responses = 1,526.

Yes = 396 (26.0%).

No = 854 (56.0%).

Maybe = 276 (18.0%).

Hairpiece or Toupee Example
Elton John Hairpiece Toupee

John Travolta gets a new Face and a new Toupee

I was not planning to write a new post today, but several interesting developments have made me change my mind. There will probably be two posts in the next 24 hours. I have some free time on my hands, and a Rockstar energy drink in stock.

To the three people who I recently discouraged from making too many unrelated comments every day, you are all welcome to post comments to this post if you are still reading this blog. This is your time to shine. I want my rare celebrity hair loss posts to also be popular or else this blog will get boring and repetitive. Such posts are also perfect for you to vent with shallow points, bickering and three word sentences. I dislike it when that happens in my more relevant and hopefully intelligent posts.

John Travolta’s Hair and Face

I really like John Travolta. I have enjoyed some of his movies a lot; he is a great dancer; he seems to be a great family man; and I always have compassion for celebrities who wear weaves or toupees or hairpieces. Celebrities with fake hair such as Mr. Travolta also indirectly help hair loss sufferers. In 2013, I discussed Mr. Travolta’s luxurious weave. In 2015, in my brief items of interest post, I discussed his at the time shocking first time ever appearance without any attachment on top.

Now comes the biggest surprise yet. Mr. Travolta, who turned 62 last week, has a new face. The new visage is a bit too similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face, and a somewhat creepy development since Mr. Travolta was in the 1997 face swapping movie called Face/Off. Mr. Travolta also has a less luxurious hairpiece these days, and it looks excellent in my opinion. Perhaps John Travolta is just aging and only had minor modifications done to his face. However, people who watched his new TV show “The People vs OJ Simpson” are very taken aback and discussing this development all over social media. His eyebrows definitely gained more hair!

Photos below are in most recent to least recent order for the three developments that I just discussed.

Image of his new face in here (2016).

John Travolta balding photo (2015).

And with a hairpiece (2015).