Dr. Jeffrey Epstein: Body Hair Transplant Expert

I have read a lot about three different people named Jeffrey Epstein in recent years. In a crazy coincidence, all three namesakes were based in Florida prior to the most famous one passing away in 2019. The second most notorious of the three is a doctor who misbehaved at an airport in 2018.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and his Body Hair Transplants

However, the only one that we care about is hair transplant surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and his Foundation for Hair Restoration Clinic. He is based in Miami, Florida and also has a separate personal site.

Dr. Epstein is likely among the 5 most experienced body hair to head hair transplant surgeons in the US. These procedures are commonly referred to as just Body Hair Transplants (BHT). Moreover, he is possibly the world’s most experienced eyebrow transplant surgeon.

This year, I will write a few posts on body hair hair transplants after a lengthy gap. For balding men who have limited permanent donor hair, BHT can be a godsend. Note that men with androgenetic alopecia are also more likely to have profuse body hair.

On a related note, did you know that hair follicles across the body communicate with each other?

And did you know that Jeff Bezos’ grandfather had his butt hair transplanted to his hand? It was unintentional due to the need for a skin graft transplant after a burn injury. What is very encouraging is that the ass hair kept growing on Bezos senior’s hand for the rest of his life.

Two Types of Body Hair Transplants

Going back to the subject at hand, Dr. Jeffrey Epstein performs two types of body hair transplants:

  1. The first is the one that we men with male pattern hair loss all care about. It entails using hairs from the chest, beard, and or back to transplant to the scalp. In most cases, such a BHT procedure will only add density to existing hair. Most surgeons that offer BHT tend to use scalp permanent donor hair as the primary source, and body hair as a supplement.
  2. The second involves transplanting scalp hairs (!?) into areas of the body such as the chest, pubic region, and or armpits. Some men really hate a lack of body hair. Others such as myself would be happy to have significantly less body hair. Grass is always greener? I have my doubts and do not think that I would ever trade scalp hair for body hair. Even if I had superb scalp hair and zero body hair.

The Naked Ape is still not Realized

The below patient of Dr. Epstein obtained a great result after a back hair only 3,000 graft transplant to the scalp. However, do note that his “donor” body hair is beyond spectacular. Make sure to see 1:15 min into the below video. The Naked Ape was a misnomer after all.

Dr. Epstein’s YouTube Channel is worth favoriting.

33 thoughts on “Dr. Jeffrey Epstein: Body Hair Transplant Expert”

  1. It kinda makes me mad when I see these transplant doctors partner with hairclone (hopefully just the freezing of follicles and not the bs injection treatment they’re working) when they should really be partnering with tsuji or stemsontx or at least showing support.

    1. Woofy97, there are many transplant doctors on stemsons board of directors and many more renowned names in biotech

  2. Admin any word from ukhairclone, and there DP cell injections that are supposed to be offered this year in Britain and if stemson therapeutics is close to doing there pig trials for cloning hair any time soon. Thank you for your work.

  3. This isn’t meant as a criticism, but I’m curious as to why someone image-conscious enough to pay for a hair transplant wouldn’t spend the time to remove their back hair? I suppose he had to grow it out for use in the procedure. But hey, maybe more people like back hair than I assume.

    1. If you mean permanent back hair removal, he may want to keep it for more BHT grafts in the future. Beard, back and chest hair are the only body hair types that are used in BHT procedures it seems.

      If you mean temporary back hair removal, it is a pain to keep doing it every few weeks. And at his age, maybe he does not care for the effort required each time?

      1. Yeah, I meant just temporary. I have back hair (not nearly that much tho) and I use clippers to remove it…but I agree on it being a pain. I usually only bother when I’m going to be shirtless, at the beach/pool, etc. I guess it doesn’t bother some people that much.

        1. I have OCD about some things and never enjoyed shaving my abs/stomach/chest area the several times I tried. I hated seeing the 10 percent leftover, and the fast reappearing black dots! Just made me waste time.

          For my lower back, I tried electrolysis permanent hair removal, but it was way too slow. Worked on my eyebrow mid section amazingly well, although was also very slow. And left a scar for a year when one guy used too much thermolysis energy in one session. Stuck to only blend thereafter.

          1. Yeah, there aren’t many great options for hair removal either. I’ve experienced many of the same struggles you describe. We need better technology for it as well as hair color and hairloss.

    2. It’s possible that he’s actually a werewolf with MPB.
      That video is really impressive.

      I’m curious, however, if body hair will actually grow out as head hair since body hair terminates at a certain length. If the harvested hair is dense enough, would one ever need to go to the barber again?

      Hopefully more funding will go into researching hair cloning.

  4. @Tom hahahaha you beat me to it. I was going to say. Maybe we can go to Epstein island with his back hair transplant lol..

    Hopefully samumed will reveal their results. Looking forward to it.

  5. Holy cow that’s some serious back hair density…surgeon also made a natural looking hairline.
    Hopefully positive SM news coming.

  6. I am 36 years old i am using finasteride 1mg since 10 years, during these 10 years i went from horny to average but now i lost my interest in sex and lost my morning woods, i used to stop for few weeks during the 10 years, after the stop i went to horny and energetic, now i am lowering the dose to one pill every 3 to 4 days, i am getting back my morning woods and some of my sex interest i am in my second week of lowering the dose, i know i am off topic but i wish if someone help me i do not to loose my hair but i want to stay horny at what dose and rate can i deal with this? Should i do a hormonal blood test?

  7. why does the mode of cell division change so drastically during aging? To answer this question, the researchers focused on hemidesmosomes, a class of protein that connect the cells to the extracellular matrix (ECM; proteins surrounding cells). Cell-ECM have long been known to confer polarity to cells, i.e., that the cells can sense their localization within a given space through the action of specific proteins. The researchers found that during aging both hemidesmosomal and cell polarity proteins become destabilized, resulting in the generation of aberrantly differentiating cells during division of HFSCs. As a result, HFSCs become exhausted and lost (leading to hair thinning and hair loss) over time.

  8. Fadi- I have been using propecia for almost 18 years now. I would say I have the same up and down sex drive. When I am around girls it’s no prob, drive is normal etc. When I am not I dont have that constant high sex drive. Some mornings I get morning wood but only when I think about women or been dating. Before I took propecia at age 20 my sex drive was full blown. It was bad lol. In a way propecia balanced me out and cured my acne too. Now lowering your dose to every 3 to 4 days may cause an issue. Are you stabilized the past 10yrs? Lost any ground? My first 10 yrs propecia worked great. Stable nw1.5 and no issues. Year 13 things got worse, lost ground and started using rogaine which helped slow the loss down. My advice is to keep using propecia daily and not cause a roller coaster effect to your hair loss. If you are in a relationship and you have issues performing in the bedroom then I guess lower the dose or use it less but you may lose ground. I see people lower the dose and maintain and I have seen people use propecia 2x a week and maintain but see many people lose ground and never recover when going back to daily use.

    1. Thank you a lot, i am stable to some extent at the crown area but at the front thinning is increasing but is still look good, i used to stop it for few weeks and few days, this is why it is not stable 100%, during the 10 years i used to have morning woods and can perform 2 times respectively, but after i am not interested in sex anymore, i do not feel that i need to make sex for about 10 days to 14 daysand i lost my morning woods, as i lowered my dose my morning woods are again, and i am waiting my sex interest to come back again, i read that one pill every 2 days is effective 80% of everyday dose, but i can not shift from one day dose to every other day dose unless my side effects are gone, i am afraid about them, what do you mean that they dis not recover after going back to the daily dose, they didnot maintain after they went bald?

  9. Yes. If you lose hair while lowering your dose there is a good chance it wont grow back when you start taking your dose everyday. It’s a risk you take. Or worse, you start taking dose 3x a week and you start losing ground and when you go back to daily dose propecia stops working the same and you dont maintain like you did. I’ve heard of these scenarios. The good thing sides arent permanent. Another thing is your sex drive could be getting lower due to your age. How old were you when you started propecia?

    1. I was about 26, during the stop period my libido elevated and made me energetic, few months ago i was more horny and my desire is more, now i am forgetting it, i read that every other day dose is effective as 80% of the every day dose this mean 4 pill a week i am now at 3 pill a week, when my sides are gone i will increase my dose rate.

  10. Admin idk if you have done a post about hair systems but there’s this guy located in Montreal Canada that makes really realistic hair systems if you go on his Instagram it’s “hairsay514” he wears one he made, it looks legit he was all over the news a couple years ago about it. But I’d be to paranoid to wear one because of it accidentally coming off in the wind or it not looking realistic on me.

  11. Hey admin, so I know Stemson is making alot of progress with trials, partnerships with Cellino. Could you email the ceo and and ask if we could do a q&a. there were a-lot of unknowns in the last interview with Dr. tershkik in august. I think Fortunis said the plan was not commercialize it themselves but to sell it to Allergan after fda approval and have them mass produce it. If they finish successful pig trials in 2021 I could see a mass rollout in 4 years.

  12. Hi, I m commenting for the first time, I m not as concerned about myself, but for my young children who seem to have thin hair, how confident are we that there will be a solid solution in 20 years?

    Thank you for everyones time

    1. Next generation. How old are your kids? Are we talking about teenagers 16 or older? Or they actually children in elementary school? If they are in elementary school or junior high and have thin hair they are not losing hair due to Male pattern baldness. They may have low vitamin, thyroid or a telogen effluvium issue that can be resolved with thyroid or vitamin etc. If they are balding in high school it could still be thyroid vitamin related but also it could be rare early start of Male pattern baldness. I have seen 16 yr 17 yr olds start to lose hair but that is very rare. Now to answer your question I believe we will have new solutions in the next 5 years that are a bit better than what we have. Follica and Samuned. Cure like treatments could be available in 20 years. I think by mid 2030’s we should have a working mass produced hair cloning treatment for everyone. Many people disagree on my timelines but I am usually right with it. Just being 100% realistic and leaving out emotional hope lol. I’ve been waiting for 20 years for cloning. 2020. Back then they said hair cloning would be out by 2010 and we had a few company within that time working in trials aderans, intercytex, curis etc.

  13. confident. I’d be more confident now then if i was balding in the early 2000s or 90s, 80s they obviously didn’t have the technology like i don’t understand how people thought the cure would come, back then its pretty dumb no offence you didn’t have tsuji or stemson and this advanced tech. we can’t predict the future it could happen anytime. 20 years is long enough to finish clinical trials

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