List of Surgeons who Offer Body Hair Transplants

In 2013, I wrote two posts on body hair transplants (BHT) where surgeons move body hair to the scalp in the event of donor hair shortage at the back of the scalp in the permanent zone of severely balding people. This type of procedure has some drawbacks as I discussed before, and body hair is virtually never as good or reliable as scalp donor hair.

Nevertheless, there have by now been thousands of BHT cases performed worldwide with many satisfied patients. In most cases, body hair is added as an adjunct filler to scalp hair during a hair transplant procedure, although I have also seen videos of excellent body hair only megasession hair transplant procedures. The increasing popularity of BHT makes sense when one considers that a large portion of balding men tend to have a lot of body hair.

Below is a list of surgeons who offer body hair transplants around the world. I only included those that have devoted pages of their websites specifically to BHT or have presented interesting BHT case examples on their sites and/or hair loss forums. From my years of reading hair loss forums, I would guess that Dr. Arvind Poswal (India) is probably the most experienced surgeons in the world at performing body hair to head hair transplants. Dr. Ray Woods (Australia) is the pioneer in this procedure, but he performs far fewer procedures than Dr. Poswal.

Virtually all surgeons seem to find beard hair as the best type of body hair to be used for moving to the scalp, although some prefer not touching facial hair due to fear of potential permanent scarring. Most surgeons seem to find chest hair to be the second best candidate to move to the scalp.

Note that for many people hair transplants represent a “cure” for hair loss so posts such as this are important. Moreover, if you browse all the links below, there are some fascinating before and after transformation photos and chest/beard/other body area post extraction healing photos that are worth checking out.












United Kingdom

United States of America

Clinics Present in More than one Country

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    1. Body hair would be awful. It would like a shaved patchy head. Can’t believe dudes would deal with that crap n pay $$ for those crap results. Better off wearing a good rug

  1. Dr. Mulholland does not perform hair transplants. He is a salesman if anything. He has assistants that perform the surgeries they are not very good truthfully.

      1. Hey Admin ,
        Yes I have seen him before and had an FUE performed in 2013 which left me with severe scarring on recipient region I believe they call it cobblestone scarring. I had to do a few fractional laser treatments to bring down the raised skin in the area. Around Toronto it is known that he himself does not perform the surgeries but is more of a salesman

          1. I don’t want to come off as bitter or anything because in the end I went to that place. But I just want to put the word out there so no other ppl fall victim to him either. When I showed them I was scarring they didn’t really seem to care and just sent me on my way. So I am trying to be optimistic of a treatment that will help me regrow hair in the recipient region to cover up the scars.

            1. I trust you:-) Was never certain about adding them to the list anyway since their BHT section was scant and lower down their page.

  2. A reply from Riken !

    “Regarding your inquiry, the joint research project that was announced in July is still in early stages of research. The work with hair follicle regeneration is led by the Laboratory for Organ Regeneration, but this is still work carried out in animal models. The team must now try to make their approach suitable for uses in humans. This requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. Before any method is established as treatment, it must also go through clinical research trials or clinical trials to confirm safety and efficacy of the procedure, and to receive approval from the appropriate regulatory organizations. Research, unfortunately, does not always progress as fast or as easy as one hopes, and thus it is difficult to confidently say when and if this join research will reach the stage that it can be used in humans.

    The process they are proposing to use is taking a few hair follicle samples from a patient, extracting and isolate mesenchymal stem cells and epithelial stem cells from the hair follicles, and using a method that the lab developed to culture these two cell types to generate many follicular primordium, which will be transplanted into the hair loss area, using methods similar to current hair transplantation methods, and the transplanted follicular primordium should generate hair shafts.

    We hope this helps answer your questions.

    Developmental Biology Planning Office (Research Communications)
    RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology

      1. Thanks for the feedback,

        One more question, you said “if the research reaches clinical trials”

        Can you please explain this point ?

        And can you please elaborate more on the procedure of stem cell regeneration, does it provide a full head of hair, working on bald and thinning areas also?

        Best regards,

  3. @hlscc, I know but honestly I dont think its a surprise that 2020 is not gonna happen. But lets wait and see what they are gonna say in the hair Lisa talk interview.

  4. I’ve had strip surgery twice (around 2,200 grafts total) within the last 5 years and I am still impressed with the results. I now have a hairline that is more aesthetically-pleasing than the uneven hairline I sported in my teens. It was a lot of expense though, and I’m not sure if I’d want to throw money down the BHT route right now, especially if it isn’t reliable as strip or at least FUE.

    That said I would go most likely go FUE next time, when and if that time comes, and if BHT has evolved to reflect a more consistent level of patient satisfaction by then, why not give it a go?

    As far as surgery being a cure, I would say it is at least the #1 treatment we have available, and the costs are decreasing all the time. But the fact that I have had two surgeries and would definitely undertake further as required would hint that I’m not quite cured yet!

  5. Could body hair transplant be used for filling in diffuse temples? I have a lot of leg hair I wouldn’t mind getting rid of. Or would the texture and shape of body hair not match frontal hairline ?

    As for tsuji, that email looks fake to be honest. I would only go by what has been stated in press releases. Anyone can draft up a fake email and post it online. Either way that’s 2020 stuff. Let’s focus on current and upcoming treatments like follica, sisheido and histogen. These can possibly create a cure in conjuction with hair transplant or body hair transplant

    1. I agree Mjones. Not calling anybody a liar here, but that Email looks very unprofessional and odd sounding. I don’t put much stock into that.

      We will see though.

  6. Hi admin,

    First off, thanks for your hardwork.

    I would just like to reiterate Drifta’s comment. Dr Mulholland is a horrible doctor that offers atrocious aftercare service. He is not involved in the surgery whatsoever.

    I am glad you have removed him from your list.

  7. I’m sure the Riken email is legitimate but the person who wrote it sounded like they were eating potato chips while writing that generic sounding email.

    All that matters is what Dr. Tsuji says this week in the interview.

  8. Hi all. Ive asked this before and will continue to ask until we get somewhere becauae i like to think im a doer, not a talker if that makes sense. Okay, so setipiprant is now recruiting for its trial. Can we please have some people from the site register for the clinical trial? Ive asked this before and will continue to ask until we get somewhere because i like to think im a doer, not a talker of that makes sense. Okay so setipiprant is now recruiting for its trial. Can we please have some guys volunteer to participate and report back please? That way if it truly works we can get involved in a group buy. I am going to try to enroll however fin is one of the meds that they may use and I had bad sides on it so i fear that could happen again. Anyone????

    That way if it truly works we can get involved in a group buy. I am going to try to enroll however fin is one of the meds that they may use and I had bad sides on it so i fear that could happen again. Anyone????

    m sorry admin for deviating from the original topic however I feel this is imperative.

  9. @tom, I’d sign up in a jiffy if I were living in the US. Plz report back if your lucky enough to participate. @admin, sorry bout not staying on topic. I wont post under this topic again.

  10. The second I hear Pennsylvania is recruiting I will sign up. I live only a few hours from there. And I would much rather take a pill than slap a topical on my head.

  11. @rancidmango, where do you live? The pa site is Hershey. Through it on google maps to see how close you are. Anyone else about to try to participate?

    1. Get some setiprant then run over to Hershey Park to go on the rides and feel the wind blows through your newly grown thick hair or eat a whole bunch of chocolate haha.

      Is this phase 1 or 2 for setiprant trial? How long is the trial?

  12. @rancidmango: you mention applying something to your scalp. You should phone one of the setipiprant active recruiting locations and ask them if you would qualify for when it comes to your desired location. You may be ineligible due to applying a topical. But if you call now and then they tell you that you cant be on any treatment within six months of the trial then you may be able to stop yout current treatment now so that you are eligible in six months. Understand? Call them to find out! Lol you would be helping us out!!!

  13. Hey admin!
    I’m sorry what I’m gonna ask is not related to the topic.

    I’m from Brazil and I recently talked to a Brazilian geneticist here (he’s friends with one of my dad’s friend lol) and he claims he may be able to promote hair growth through stem cells taken from the back part of the ear (close to hairline). His 35 years old son was suffering from baldness and got almost all his hair back though this method. He said it also worked with his wife.
    According to him, though, he’s tried it in other people and it didn’t work for everyone. From what he said he’s still developing it and I don’t even think he’s allowed to do it here. He said nothing is official but he could try it on me. He said he can clone my stem cells for R$5000 (around $2k) but I’d have to find a dermatologist I trust to apply it on my scalp or pay another R$5000 to one he knows to do that (which I found too expensive).
    He didn’t sound like he wanted to sell me the treatment.. He actually sounded very honest. Pretty much no one really knows about it here.

    Do you have any idea if this could work? Are there any researches regarding this type of treatment?
    I’m willing to try it and come tell you guys if it worked.

    Thank you :)

    1. Hi sorry I can’t guess what this doctor is doing, but be careful of scammers. Off topic comments are welcome if they involve something new…but sometimes I get tired of the same off topic issues disturbing a posts’s comments too many times (e.g., JAKs, Tsuji timeline, “cure is 20 years away” etc…).

      1. if you click the video surf button and type Hcell there is a more recent video.. i think the previous one was from last year
        it’s from january of this year.. good pics of results in both videos.. but then again i don’t speak korean

  14. Oh I’m not on any treatments right now. I have been on anything for about a year now. I got off of fin and minox last summer due to some bad sides. I meant that I would rather try this than some kind of topical, and hope it works.
    I am definitely throwing my name in the bucket when hershey says they are recruiting, as I am only 3 1/2 hrs out. And my sister lives about an hr from hershey, so if it came to where id need to be there multiple days in a row, id just stay w. Her.

  15. Hcell looks pretty good! I hope to hear more about them. South Korea is the plastic and cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Brazil and Japan being right up theree. Is this coming out to market in Korea this year?

  16. BTT is getting worse and worse… old guns have left the group. there is a clown named Artista, massaging young sufferers…

  17. tell me one thing he is doing right?? we as hairloss sufferers aint need parenting. he keeps on saying pilofocus.. there is almost 50K comments there still not even a single decent photo…

    Admins over there are very tough too. They block almost all my comments.. There is no democracy there… I have decided not to come BTT.. Hellouser left, Desmond not coming.

    1. Actually link appears broken but go on to Follica’s linkedin or google “Follica” and “linkedin” and you’ll see it.

  18. @rancidmango: we should connect as I have afew things to share with you about seti. Can you think of a way? I honestly do not want to post my email here as who knows who I will hear from lol

    1. If you’re referring to the interview with Dr. Tsuji, it has yet to be posted and no-one knows what day it was or will be conducted, only that it’s this week.

  19. Weird how as soon as you see something tangible, a treatment becomes so much more real. I’ve literally always disliked follica, I’ve always thought it was a lot of crap and really not rated Cots highly. Soon as I saw that though, definitely smiled a little and felt a bit of excitement. We’re nearly there…without Fin or hair transplants…If my regime can hold on another few years then it’s all good.

    1. I can’t (and wouldn’t if I were you) get too worked up about this. Sure, I’ll bet we’ll see this image and more when Follica revamp their website and announce their new hires to drive the company into commercialization but we still don’t know what they can do.

      There’s a lot of encouraging signs for Follica for sure (history and evidence of wounding + neogenesis, their crazy secrecy, their team etc) but I just saw folks go wild over the Tsuji news and we don’t know how that works on humans yet! Granted they may be further ahead than they let on but recent emails to forum members are far more conservative about that 2020 estimate.

      I have a lot of hope for Follica but we haven’t seen any pics yet. Forget about stats, forget about what the bro-sciencers say, the picture is gonna sell this thing. And likely, we are a ways off from seeing something like that. Maybe in 2017.

      Hopefully that trial this year goes as planned. Would love to be on it.

      1. Looking forward to it!
        Took myself by surprise when I compared those pics – nice surprise though. Have actually gone out the last few days without a hat or any concealers and felt alright about it!! Currently exploring ways to make these gains permanent / gain more density. Aside from questionable surgery, not finding much though…

          1. How do I apply salt to my head in the shower?

            I go to the kitchen, generally lift the salt with my left hand (this is vital) pour exactly 43mg into a plastic cup (purple in colour) and proceed to the bathroom, being careful not to stand on any of the floorboard cracks. Please note, I cannot speak for the efficacy of this method if you have carpet, tiles, or are homeless. Upon reaching the bathroom, I chant Maori incantations from the window in the direction of a squirrel (that’s red, not grey), brush my teeth in an anti-clockwise motion, then use my smartphone to join ISIS. Having completed this ritual, I basically step in the shower, get my hair wet, put salt on it, rub it for a about a minute, not hard enough to scratch scalp badly though, then wash it out and shampoo (thought I would have said this part of the process was self explanatory). I’m unsure whether others will be able to repeat this process and obtain the same results I have though, as when I’m in the shower I tend to levitate/hover instead of stand, which seems to be the key to phenomenal regrowth.

            Keep asking the important questions brah. Simplicity is just deception. In the hair loss game, nothing is as it seems….

  20. Bad news for women and men from the Netherlands!

    The Dutch NVWA (equivalent of the US FDA) has banned minoxidil on the free market. Only farmacist may produce minoxidil if you have a prescription from your GP.
    So webshops have been warned and will be fined if they keep selling it. Also importing stuff might be banned as well.

    Very bad development because, GP’s are not coöperative when it comes to hair loss and solutions like MIN or FIN, and if you are still able to get a prescription, the phamacist asks double the price of Rogaine and delivers MIN in worse quality. They are not consistently producing MIN like companies in a factory.

    MIN sometimes is the last hope for AGA people.

  21. Sorry if this is off-topic, but I’ve been to 5 medical professionals, and nobody will prescribe me finasteride as I am only 20 years old. I’m a NW2/3 diffuse thinner.

    I’m about to start minoxidil, but will that be enough? I am only looking to delay the progression by a year or two. Is there a topical fin/minox combination that might be a better alternative?

    This has taken over my life the last year, and I really need some advice. Thanks in advance.

    1. Check my above post, get on Minox asap. Why touch fin? Seriously? You are not that advanced, there is obvious progress in hair loss research and you are only 20 years old…don’t screw with your hormones like that. Have been balding myself since 21, got a lot back from minox . If you are set on fin, maybe topical will have less sides, you can find it online at for example. At your stage, look at my regimen above and see what that can do for you over 6 months, you are in no hurry…

      1. Really appreciate the advice GBH. I’ll definitely be using your regimen, and hopefully I can maintain what I have for a few years. From what I’ve read, topical fin doesn’t seem as effective as tablets anyway, so I think I’ll just stick to minox. Cheers man.

        1. Btw, just another quick thought whilst I checked this…If you are a diffuse thinner, there might be something else underlying which triggered hair loss. With me it was being hypothyroid, so I would get that checked out, but it can also be responses to environmental factors. For example, I think for a lot of guys it could be elevated prolactin or low Testosterone / progresterone from poor diet, little intensive exercise, too much w****g and too little sex etc. Before you jump on fin, be sure its not something else causing it!!!

  22. admin have ht come a long way..say from like 2005? im a nw3 bout to hop on fin…ive been on min for 6 solid consistent mos and it did thicken up mu frontal area but very little for temples..have hts been mastered yet? is it worth it?..i just need like 2k grafts

  23. @JayTalmes , as someone who is a similar age to you and also a NW 2 diffuse thinner, I feel as if my opinion differs from GBH’s. Assuming you actually do have MPB and not just some thyroid/diet condition (highly unlikely), I believe that as someone in our situation, if you are only going to take 1 of “the big 3” , it should be finasteride. It attacks the problem more directly than minox, and is better long term IMO. Keep in mind once you start using either minox/fin, you have to continue to do so for the rest of your life if you want to keep the gains. The sexual side effects are over exaggerated (but you will most likely feel a slight loss in libido; mileage may vary).

    If you are only looking to delay your hairloss for a year or two because of the supposed new products coming soon to market, I think you are going about it wrong. You need to be prepared for the very real possibility that you will be using whichever product for 5+ years before something substantial with good efficacy hits the market (and even then, it might not be good enough standalone to stop whatever you are on). If you are willing to apply minox twice a day for as long as you want to keep your hair, good on you – I just knew I wouldn’t be able to do that for the rest of my life. Popping a pill everyday is also much easier. You said yourself it had been controlling your life for the last year, so just make sure you do your research before making a decision.

    1. “The sexual side effects are over exaggerated (but you will most likely feel a slight loss in libido; mileage may vary).” This should be enough for any guy your age to be put off taking Fin. Have you been on propecia help forum? You don’t rush into taking that drug. You exhaust other options first before deciding to go ahead with it after careful consideration. Also, i’m not sure it does attack the problem more directly…There is conflicting research about whether DHT really is hte has just been the party line for the last however many decades. MPB is much more complex than that. How many of the treatments in development look at playing with DHT? Something else is in play, it just so happens that Fin caused hair growth in guys with prostate complaints so they launched it as a hair loss cure. It is a type of chemical feminization, and I just don’t think young guys should be taking it lightly.

      I’d suggest you both read Hair Like a Fox by Danny Roddy, its a free download. A lot of what he says about regrowing hair through diet is a bit far fetched, but where he is flawless is in his literature review and summary of research on MPB. He shows that the DHT angle is just one part of the jigsaw which is likely not as important as Merck want you to think

      1. Thanks for the sarcastic reply MBH. It was a genuine question. Nonetheless I will try adding salt during the shower. BTW it looks like minox is growing back a lot of hair for you. Are you sure you have mpb? If you do, I would keep close eye on your hair at the 2 year mark on minox. I had some regrowth with minox in the first 3 months then stabilization on top with continued thinning on temples. Now approaching the 2 year mark I’m losing all gains on top. I was on Propecia for 12 years with amazing success and it stopped my hair loss for all those years till year 13 where loss started again. Monitor your hair because Rogaine doesn’t work that long alone for those with mpb

        1. Haha sorry, couldn’t resist.
          Yeah that’s my worry that the gains won’t be permanent, in fact, I’m fairly sure they won’t be (though my research is showing a lot of dispute in terms of whether minox really does lose effectiveness….a lot of anecdotal reports both ways). I wasn’t sure that my hair loss was MPB at first and was to do with thyroid, however am now certain that it is following a lot of doc testing and taking thyroid hormone etc. I can see why it would be the case with propecia though, as eventually your endocrine system will stop reacting to it. I’ve read somewhere about cycling Fin, stopping it for 3 months then restarting to prolong its effects every couple of years. Im doing that with minox to prolong it, plus will probably up the dosage when I get the feeling I am shedding more again.

          In terms of the salt, genuinely just whack in on the head and rub it in gently and slowly. Sometimes I mix it with olive oil too if I feel my hair looks dry. Can’t guarantee it will work, but will cost you next to nothing.

  24. GBH, I don’t take Fin lightly, and I did loads of research before deciding on what to do. It’s also why I recommended Jay Talmes to do his research before making a decision, as he seemed to jump at the first piece of advice he got here. I thought it would be best if he heard arguments from both sides before perhaps making a lifelong decision.

    I can see you are adamant on your opinion of Fin/Miox, which is fine, and you recommend exhausting all other options first – the thing is, the only FDA approved options out there are those two. I concluded Fin would be best. You say any sexual side effects at all should put guys off our age from taking it – but if your hairloss starts to take control of your life, a small loss of libido could be considered a worthy trade-off to some. And he could always discontinue taking it if he deemed his side-effects too great.

    In regards to DHT being a small piece if the jigsaw puzzle, I agree, and I have no doubt that there are many other variables at play that we still haven’t figured out yet.

  25. The pieces of puzzle
    DHT down
    PGD2 down
    Inflammation not a COX down
    PGE1 up
    PGE2 up
    CD’s progenitor cells up

    I’m taking 5 products to sort this out.

  26. Sure.
    Current routine and what it will be replaced with. Pathway listed 1st.

    1. DHT dn => DUT => CB
    2. PGD2 dn => Salphasalazine => Seti
    3. PGE1 up => Minox => Follica
    4. PGE2 up => Castor => PGE2
    5. CD up => Stemox => Sam

  27. What about body hair transplant in Mexico. I thought some facilities in Tijuana do it but I cant find them?

    thanks in advance

  28. I had a very poor BHT result with Dr Mysore Venkat. None of the 661 transplanted body hairs grafts grew. He plucked out hairs from chest. Although he wanted to pluck from beard, I insisted chest.

  29. Hello Admin,

    You Don’t know about Dr Anil Garg. He is Experienced, and Expert Hair Transplant Surgeon. He also do Body, FUT, FUE hair transplant last 10 years.

    He is Certified Hair Transplant Surgeon-
    Life Member: WSRM, ISRM, APSI
    Member: FISHRS, AAHRS, AHRS.

    Clinic Name – Rejuvenate Hair Transplant

  30. Hi,

    I really appreciate this list.

    I had hair transplants done in my 20s but they left me with 3 long scars at the back of my head, plus the top, right side of my scalp looks like a toothbrush and the other hair transplants are falling out leaving a pitted scalp. It looks awful.

    I recently had a consultation by a clinic in Vancouver but they told me that I am not a suitable donor. I am a Norwood 7 so that leaves me to find a clinic that can use chest and beard hair to at least fix the previous damage done in my 20s.

    Your list of Doctors in Canada was really helpful.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    Robert B.

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