Scarless Wound Healing and Hair Regeneration

Scarless Wound Healing and Hair Regeneration

— From a team led by the most famous hair loss researcher in the world Dr. George Cotsarelis (who has been at it for at least 20 years), comes a new study on how to heal wounds without leaving any residual scars. Key quote from Dr. Cotsarelis:

“Essentially, we can manipulate wound healing so that it leads to skin regeneration rather than scarring. The secret is to regenerate hair follicles first. After that, the fat will regenerate in response to the signals from those follicles”.

I have discussed the link between fat cells (adipocytes) and hair cells many times on this blog, including in the last post on the arrector pili muscle. These latest findings were widely covered by the global media, with headlines such as “The End of Scars“. The Reddit thread on scarless wound healing blew up. However, as with all things Cotsarelis and his headline grabbing findings, one gets the feeling that practical use is at least a decade away.

— Researchers identify how skin cells become hairy or sweaty during the embryonic stage of development. Actual study.

— Replicel’s CEO provided a detailed 2017 forecast, and this was followed up by the release of an important PowerPoint presentation in which the company summarized 6-month results of their RCH-01 product. Key current finding: “mean change in total hair density at 6-months = 6.1% vs 5.0% target”. 70% of responders saw a 14.3% average increase in density at 6-months. While they did not mention 12-month RCH-01 results, they do point out 12-month results from Finasteride (7-14% increase in hair density) and Minoxidil (8-16% increase in hair density) for comparison. Also of note, Replicel partner Shiseido’s Japanese clinical research findings are expected in 2018.

— Aclaris Therapeutics made yet another presentation (pdf downloadable from their press releases page), this time at the 35th Annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. At the end of the report they mention that pre-clincial development is now underway for their topical ATI-50003 selective covalently binding JAK 3 inhibitor to treat androgenetic alopecia. However, nothing in the report mentions when they aim to start phase 1 clinical trials. I hope it will be before the end of 2017.

— Follicum announced patent approvals in Russia and in Japan. The company had earlier also announced that they were scheduled to complete the multiple dose part of their clinical phase I/IIa study in January 2017 at the prestigious Charité University Hospital in Berlin.

— Judging from the latest update from Fidia Farmaceutici (Italy), The Dr. Brotzu lotion will not come out as early as some people expected. A lot of people on the hair loss message boards got mad, but a few took it as a positive sign that Fidia is finally releasing dates even if ambiguous i.e., “development of the potential product candidate being completed by 2018”). Ever since I first wrote about Dr. Brotzu, I have not paid much attention to this product. If you are inclined, go through the last 50 pages of this record breaking HLT thread and check out the Italian hair loss forums for more.

— Also from Italy, some kind of PRP plus insulin type of treatment (hard to tell for sure after translation).

— YouTube celebrity Fouseytube got a toupee to cover his bald head and this led to quite a lot of online discussion, including on reddit. In the past, it has also been rumored that Fouseytube has received a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Babies born without mothers (via embryos made from male skin cells) will come sooner than expected warn scientists. Surreal.

Designer babies: an ethical horror waiting to happen? I am all for it even if it turns out horrific.

Alzheimer’s drug “tideglusib” helps rotten teeth regenerate, reducing the need for fillings.

— Chinese company implants 3D prints blood vessels into monkeys.

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    Estimated Study Completion Date: September 2017
    Estimated Primary Completion Date: September 2017 (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure). By the end of this year it will be available. More and BETTER treatments are coming. Don’t listen Zaka, Foucatllt or Marcelino. They don’t know nothing. I’m not optimistic. I’m very realistic. That’s the truth. Follica will be available next year and Histogen as well. These companies are spending MUCH MONEY on clinical trials. And they deserve to bring to the market their treatment.
    Really the industry must evolve with new treatments.

    Thank you. Awesome Blog. Please continue with the great job admin.


    1. It’s so sad that ppl are talking shit about posters who have proven to be the most realist ones.
      Foucault is probably the smartest poster in hlt. Just look how they treat him, though, just because he presses the dislike button and talks reality.
      I feel so sorry for all those sufferers who are so delusional and desperate for a solution, that they hate on the ones who speak reasonably.
      So sad, indeed!

    2. How do you know it will be available end of this year. Paul please stop spreading false hope. It just says phase 3 will be completed. Doesn’t say come pick up a prescription of topical finasteride the end of 2017 at your local CVS pharmacy lol. I remember last year or even late 2015 you said you had a connection in the pharmaceutical industry that said a mpb treatment will be released in 2016. What happened with that ? Lol. I like your optimism my friend but remember there are people here who don’t use available treatments like Propecia or Rogaine listening to you and holding off till something new happens. Each day they wait the worse they will get and more hair they will have to try and grow back. Plus topical finasteride will have sexual sides. It’s going through your scalp and maybe they won’t be as bad as internal Propecia (for those who actually get sides) but they could occur. As most of you know I’m a big supporter of Cots but I’m still 50% confident he will release a treatment in 2018. However I still think he is the closest one to releasing our next new treatment.

      1. Thanks for your opinion…@mjones. But your opinion will not change the course of things. New treatments are coming. And … yes…I’ve always talked about future treatments in 2017 forward and yes, of course … I still think the same thing.
        Good luck. This industry must improve. THAT’S ALL!

    3. You can read the study also… It’s Finasteride and they already checked the serum DHT level, same than the pills. Pretty funny to post that coming from a guy hating this drug.

  2. We might not have a cure as quick as we want but the AI wars have begun. Right now Amazon Alexa is making headlines and people are paying alot more attention to Google, Siri, Cortana, and all the other digital personal assistants. Company’s are definately pouring efforts into making an AGI possible. It isnt really hair related lol i just think its kinda cool. now

      1. It kinda is hair related and everything-related. AI developed to be on the same level as human intelligence (or even beyond) will basically see unlimited collective human intelligence focused on a specific field, as opposed to just the top people of that field choosing to work on a particular area like hair loss for instance, and thinking, calculating and reacting literally billions of times faster per second than the human brain can.

        If man’s technological progression has been, since the dawn of man, a slowly rising arch, moving 1 degree at a time over 100’s of years, then AI means we’re about to move however many degrees remain to form an upwards facing right-angle, with technological trajectory facing to the stars, and rocketing at unfathomable speed.

        Cures for cancers over night, understanding of the machinations of the universe over night, and solving of all our most head-scratching dilemmas like climate change, overpopulation, unlimited renewable clean energy, etc… and of course, permanent, dense, lion mane head of hairs for all men who should so want it.

    1. Aclaris stock has also gone up, means nothing. People need to stop connecting dots that aren’t there. A trial at the start of 2017 means a release of a cure in 2018!!!! Lol unless you work for the company you’re referring to, you don’t know Jack. This blog is amazing and I love reading it, but i’ve been noticing a trend of unreal optimism, followed by disappointment, followed by more unreal optimism, followed by more disappointment and so on…… Until a company releases un-doctored photos or documents proving they can re grow hair, we should relax on trying to pin point a year. I hope I’m wrong but 2018 will come and pass without a real treatment just like every year before. mjones is absolutely correct. I am recently new to mpb. I’m 30 and have a bit of thinning on the crown ( my swirl on the back is getting thinner, luckily still have a solid hairline lol kind of like a white Kevin Durant ). Anyways I came on here about 2 years ago when everyone was hyping these new treatments and I was thinking, yes, maybe a cure in a few years. 2 years later nothing seems to be close, at lease not in the next 3 years. I feel bad for some of the older men and women in here who have been waiting a hell of a lot longer than I, only to be disappointed time and again.

      1. No the only thing that happened was the investor’s presentation. That caused a spike to Replicel’s stock. Albeit a slight one (1.25 to 1.89) but still, that’s a jump. It will probably work it’s way back down to normal and jog up and down a bit until the next testing comes out, but if all is square and it’s still better than fin and minox then the stock should go up. (WAY UP) It’s the closest to market of all treatments.

        1. I can attest to RP.V shooting up in the past month. I’m already up 100% on a stock which I bought purely out of speculation.
          Figured out worst that could happen was to love the small amount I put it.
          On the other end, when such a penny stock has some positive news, it can make you a comfortable amount of money.

  3. Dave are you taking any treatment. If not hop on brand name Propecia 1mg a day. It should hold your hair and regrow a bit in the crown for at least 5 to 10 years, more if you are lucky. Sounds like you don’t have aggressive mpb, which is Def in your favor bro. Hold off on Rogaine though. Wait for Propecia to do its job for at least a year. Hop on Nizoral 2% 3x a week and get a good hair vitamin like maxi hair by country life . As always eat a healthy diet and exercise 3 to 4x a week.

    1. mjones, no I’m not on anything. I have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. As for Propecia, I really don’t like what I’ve been reading on the side effects. However, some of the before and after pictures that appear to be genuine are impressive. I would consider it if in a few more years my thinning became more aggressive. (I believe it will, but by then I’m hoping a better treatment without side effects is in sight). I will, however, hop on the Nizoral 2% and the hair vitamins, thanks for that suggestion, I will do some reading on it. I’ve heard a few people mention itching as a symptom of mpb. I can attest to that as the exact spot of my thinning is the only spot on my scalp that gets itchy ( it itches daily)

      1. Nizoral will definitely help with the itching. It’s also a mild anti androgen as well so def hop on Nizoral. I can understand your fear of the side effects of propecia. If you see your hair getting worse I would think more about using because in reality it’s the only thing out there that attacks mpb at its root. Add lysine as well. It’s an awesome amino acid that builds immune system and great for your skin and hair. One capsule 500mg a day what I use.

  4. RHC-01. only 6 % increase in hair density, will shiseido trails show much better results? 6 % thats´s not much for a totally bald head….

    1. That is the MEAN of the numbers, man how do people not get this. Do you guys read the info?

      When you add up all the numbers and divide the total by the number of numbers, you get the mean. They expected to get only 5, but got six instead.

      70% of the resonders saw about a 14% increase in half the time of conventional treatments. That is excellent.

      1. @That Guy

        Finally someone gets it.

        The most important part of those results are that they surpassed their target by over a full percent. That is good news. That is only data for 6 months as well, there is a solid chance that those numbers increase with an increase in time and/or dosage.

        In my opinion, as long as RCH-01 completely halts hair loss and protects MPB susceptible hairs from DHT, this is a major win. I would consider any regrowth on top of that just a bonus. If in the end RCH-01 was able to halt hair loss and offer something like ~20% regrowth, that would be basically a cure for millions of AGA sufferers. That is definitely not something to baulk at.

        I believe I read somewhere that Shiseido will also be releasing some data from their own trials soon. @That Guy, do you know anything about this?

        1. Sure, it would be great! For most of people, but like me I will be completly bald by the time it will be out and then it is not a good option. But maybe shiseido will get superior results because they modify the protocol.

          Concerning histogen, I actually do not think they have started their last clinical trail yet. They always say next year….. their numbers in hair count look great but the pictures are really poor.

          Maybe Follica will be a game changer.

        2. I agree, I’m quite excited to see where this goes.

          Shiseido’s results will be released in 2018 and possibly the treatment as well. RepliCel is releasing more data from phase 1 in the coming months.

  5. Babies born without mothers. I can confirm that possibility from a direct scientific source.
    Also the fact that CRISPR won’t lead to designer babies in the EU.
    They want to rule out hereditary diseases and conditions first, in that way that the next generations never will encounter these DNA flaws again. Healthier people and less healthcare costs.

  6. My first post of 2017. They had better fix this fast. That’s why I am into JAK since already approved drug.

    At least we got the right President. Donald does not want to wait either he will fast track (especially for hairloss) and he does not care what FDA thinks.

    Enough talk, we need something on the market TODAY. If Aclaris shows JAK works F’ the FDA it will quickly become available in foreign countries. Just watch. A week after Aclaris says it works foreign pharmaceutical companies will have it.

  7. Aclaris being a public company, does a great job in providing news. On Dec 7th they started JAK trial for AA using oral pill. They should within a few months have a press release on starting lotion JAK on AA AND for AGA. Then wait a few more months for results.

    After that, it becomes Hello Foreign Pharma although Trump might allow it here fast since he wants it as bad as us.

  8. It just occurred to me. Aclaris is about to try lotion JAK on AA AND AGA on separate tests. Thus they will be better able to compare the results between the two different hair loss conditions. And for example, if it does not work on AGA but also does not work for AA then they know they are using the wrong diffusing agent into the skin. Since we know that JAK works for AA.

    This had better work. Aclaris lets start the tests AND solve AGA.

    1. don’t you fear that AGA was just mentioned by aclaris just to get investors ? they could simply do AA and AGA in parallel and we could have seen the result by now … instead, they postponed AGA a year why? …

      Tsuji is our only hope, and by the time it gets to market we are all f****d up

      1. The postponement is news to me. And I did not see that in their Press Release. It might be Fake news.

        It only makes sense for them to do the experiment in random saves money, and this is a for profit company. The not for profit research organizations can waste time and money but not a public firm.

  9. Mjones there are several different versions of maxi hair. Which one do you recommend? And im curious if you use nizoral 1 percent or prescription keto 2 percent and how often?

  10. did I read wrong? RCH 01 shows around 14% increase whereas baseline: Finasteride (7-14% increase in hair density) and Minoxidil (8-16% increase in hair density)… it means that it is not significantly better than either of these treatments which are already in the market over a two decades…

  11. Nasa Aclaris isn’t starting AGA this year.

    Replicel got 14% that’s not a cure but a decent treatment. Also 70% of responders or 70% of the only patients that responded? Does that mean 90 out of 100 people failed and only 7 out of 10 people that did responded have 14% or what?

    These aren’t strong cures

    1. I am going to get to the bottom of this. I think it is fake news from somewhere or possibility ceo misspoke.

      I sent aclaris an email asking for clarification.

      1. I just have to believe aga WILL happen in 2017 otherwise it is another dead road for us. As it means that they are planning further internal tests and that usually means a No Go.

        1. come on man, just think a little bit out of the box, which will profit Aclaris more, an AA cure or an AGA one? how can u think for a second that this company has a possible cure for AGA and they are postponing trials?

          1. I think the postponement of Ava trials is not true.

            If it is postponed for 1 year then that means it more than likely does not work.

    2. People’s inability to read blows my mind.

      70% of the patients treated saw this results in less than a year. From a low-dose safety injection.

      There is more data from this trial coming. With time and more cells injected, it stands to reason that one would see even better results.

      This has potential to be a cure for millions

      1. Wierd according to Google trichoscie nice IS replicel , Rep bought trichoscie in 2011 and .gov study says it was recently completed in Germany.. replicel said they were undergoing trials in Germany and then failed on delivering ….. and Shiseido tried to sue replicel for not trialing with them …. Strange strange story here

        1. TrichoScience has been talked about on Hair Loss forums for many years. TrichoScience became a subsidiary of Newcastle Resources Ltd. and renamed to RepliCel Life Sciences. They use to mention the name change in their Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) reports. These are all still posted on their site under Investors/Financials. The trial in Germany is their original Phase I/IIA trial. Previously on their Facebook page they mentioned extending the trial to continue monitoring the safety. In their current MD&A reports they mention it being a five year study of long term safety. Nothing strange going on here. They are a very transparent company.

  12. I found this text somewhere it is one reason why I think JAK will work:

    “Under healthy conditions, STAT proteins would help protect hair follicles. But in people with Androgenic Alopecia, Alopecia Areata and related conditions, these proteins seem to trigger the immune system’s cytotoxic C lymphocyte cells to attack hair follicles “….

  13. @tom- I use County Life Maxi Hair (maximized gluten free) . I think their is a men’s version that is new but I use the original one. I use Nizoral 2% 3x a week.

    @Nasa – please stop being in denial. Nobody knows if it works or not but we all know that it’s being postponed till next year. Not a good sign since AGA would bring them tons of cash if it worked. AA is their main focus and that is was Christiano sold them on. If it works for AGA then extra bonus for them. Either way they will make ton of money for AA.

    1. I am not in denial. And do not forget that Christiano thinks it will work.

      If there is no link to where it states aga trials have been postponed 1 year then I will believe it until that happens I will continue to believe they will try it very soon.

      Note if aga trial were delayed one year then I would assume that it does not work.

      Nasa_rs believe’s JAK will work and we will know by summer time.

      1. It’s not listed in their timeline for 2017 or 2018. Check the recent presentation slides. And the AA topical and the AGA topical are different from each other. It’s still in the formulation stage so perhaps when they get that figured out it could be added to the timeline. That’s about as optimistic as one can be at this point.

        1. AA topical and AGA topical are the same thing. Just different hairloss type patients.

          And, Even IF they started trials late for AGA. If we knew topical worked for AGA assuming topical came out for AA first then all of us would see our doctor about our AA hairloss and get the topical. Surely the company knows this.

          Unless topical does NOT work I cannot see a timeline for AGA any different than AA, unless it absolutely does not work.

          I expect AGA trials to start within months.

          1. AGA version has a covalent bond AA does not. Don’t get me wrong. I think it will work. And could see it being added to the timeline once the kinks are worked out.

  14. Hi,

    Have you ever looked into Keratene Alphactive Retard? A DHT inhibitor (it is claimed). I can’t find it on any previous postings.


    1. Hi Paddy, from the little I read online, it lowers DHT levels much less than Finasteride. I did not check if it contains natural ingredients, but if so, Saw Palmetto would probably be a much cheaper alternative.

  15. @mjones where do you purchase the nizoral 2percent? Around here I only see nizoral 1 percent. Also do you use a regular shampoo or conditioner after washing with nizoral? I imagine it would dry out your scalp. Curious what color the Liquid is and the color of the bottle?

  16. @ tom…I buy Nizoral at my pharmacy since 2% is prescription only. You can get it anywhere in the USA. CVS, Costco Walgreens etc. The 2% is a red color the 1% is blue. I use a clarifying shampoo from Paul Mitchell first to clear out all the oil and residue then apply quarter size amount of Nizoral 2% to lather my scalp, let it sit for a min or two then rinse avd towel dry.

  17. mjones, what’s the difference between 1% and 2%. Would it make a difference?. Getting a script for a shampoo seems like a lot of work. I’m Canadian and haven’t seen Nizoral anything anywhere. Guess I’ll look harder or make a trip across the border. But I guess that means I can only get 1% if I go to the USA?

    1. They say 2% is equivalent to 2% minoxidil in terms of regrowth. I’m sure 1% is just as good if you aren’t experiencing sebhorea dermatitis or scaling dandruf.

  18. In the video from the world stem cell summit from December 2016, they say histogen is currently in phase 3, I hope it is true.

    1. good news. at 15:40

      The photos we saw of histogen were only 16 injections with only 85% response rate. which now they saw 100% patients treated responded with 50 injections – 3 times over 3 months (150 injections total) Gail also says if Follica can produce even vellous hairs HSC can stimulate them into terminal hairs and have proven that clinically already.

      So in other words the Histogen we all know and laugh at is only 48 injections the one they will use is 150. And if Follica works the way they say it will with 100 hairs per square centimeter like mjones said (need citation please) then Follica + Histogen = N7 to N0 total cure.

  19. I swear any upcoming treatments please dont inform us anymore…. Just bloody release it… It’s like showing a kid candy

  20. Just thought about a little something also.
    If Replicel can indeed immunize the pre-existant hairs from miniaturization like has been previously hypothized, then follica or HT + RCH-01 = never worry about hair loss ever again.
    For example you get some hair neogenesis with follica, then get some RCH-01 injected to immunize those new hairs and there it is!
    Of course this is all just theory but it gives us some hope for a bright future!

    1. Someone presented the same idea to Histogen in a Q/A and they seemed open to the idea.

      Create even poor vellus hair through another means, they said they should be able to nuture it and plump it up into strong real terminal hair.

  21. @admin

    “in which the company summarized final 5-year safety and efficacy data for their RCH-01 product.”

    Where did they summarize the 5-year safety and efficacy data? Looks like we only got the same 6 month data..They just said that they’ll be getting that data in Q1

    1. Replicel has yet to release the results from their 5 year data. They will release it sometime in Q1 (the coming months).

      1. I know. My comment is to admin since he phrased it in a way which implied the 5-year data is in the presentation. Not a big deal at all but just thought I’d mention it since I saw a thread on the forums linking to it with the same quote.

  22. Follicum is very close to let the market know about their study in Berlin.
    I must say that fol-005 could be the number one-treatment for our hairproblems!!

    1. @PK that’s wrong information I’m afraid. Fol-005 is for hair growth INHIBITION not for hair regrowth, it will be amazing for unwanted body hair. Follicums hair stimulation treatment (not fol-005) is still in preclinical trial phase on mice and so far is showing better results in mice than minoxidil.

      1. What are you talking about? Lol get all the information first… it’s the same drug they specifically said that the trial is made to calculate both growth and inhibition lol

  23. @mjones: does the clarifying shampoo you mention remove sebum from the scalp and calm inflammation?
    How often do you take hair vitamin?
    Wirried about high dose vitamin A?
    Do you ever use the nizoral 1% anymore?
    What shampoo do you use the night after a romp? After a romp my scalp gets all inflamed and itchy. It is what it is.

  24. @ Tom…If romp you mean getting laid then just live with it haha. A little itch and inflammation is worth a little booty haha. Seriously though take zinc after you engage in sexual activity. It helps lower prolactin which leads to inflammation. I don’t use niz1% anymore. I had bad scalp flaking and scaling that niz1% couldnt relieve. Niz 2% did the job..the clarifying shampoo cleans the scalp completely. Use that 3x a week when you use Nizoral so that niz can soak into the scalp that is clean. The non niz days use a gentle shampoo like Paul Mitchell Lemon Sage Thickening or Tea Tree shampoo.
    Just take 1 vitamin a day of maxi hair not the recommended dose of 2 vitamins a day. No point to take two since you eat healthy.

  25. @mjones: so to be clear I should take zinc gluconate immediately after orgasm or wait til morning?. I know if I take the zimc before orgasm it seems to be worse..and its more then a little inflamation after sex.

  26. I buy it at vitamin shoppe or whole foods. I don’t buy it online but I’m sure vitamin shoppe or countrylife website has it for you to order. Take zinc after like immediately if you can to counteract the prolactin.

    1. @mjones…interesting that you are looking at this too. My hypothesis has been that sex, ejaculation and mpb are intertwined and self experimentation has supported it. Didbt know zinc inhibits prolactin but will gice this a try

  27. @egghead: one thing about Histogen, they always put the best photo for a show case. Plus when u look at the graphs at the very last slide of the video, you can actually see there is 10-15% increase in hair count and density reported as findings.

    never ever never ever forget that fin or minox also reported the same % of growth. Plus they also have great show cases…

    just food for thought for you

    1. Yeah i think my folly is gullibility when 50 million dollar investments have been made. But your absolutely right.

      The alexey interview is gonna be epic

    2. You have to remember that fin and minox are continuous, daily treatments. If you could get the same results from Histogen that you get from fin and minox but with only one set of injections that lasts years and possibly without any worry of sides… you wouldn’t do it? Plus if you’re really worried, you could potentially add this to fin and minox.
      My major problem with fin and minox is that I’m too low maintenance to want to have to take a pill or place something on my scalp daily. I know that might sound ridiculous but really if I could go to a clinic 2 times and know that I have 3 to 5 years of not having to worry about anything, no pills, no lotions, no continuous payments, just a one off shot… I would do that in a heart beat for 15% growth.
      You can’t compare the 2 (or 3) solely based on efficacy. Different strokes for different folks.

  28. I suppose the terkishk group hasn´t even started a clinical trial for their hair regeneration approach? It would be great to hear that they made some progress.

  29. @egghead: I want it to work as much as you do.. but please have a look at the figures for god’sake before mocking at me.

    one hand 50million may sound like a big shot but big pharmas make more than 50B revenue annual.

    I just believe if histogen is really the cure, then it would have been already in the news and people were talking all over it.

    fin reports 10-14% increase in hair as well. pls do keep that in mind

    1. donitello not mocking you dude… no ill spirits here…
      2017 has no releases…. just kelopesia…. peachfuzz cream.
      2018 histogen, follica, brotzu

      histogen doesnt have sexual sides or heart sides. 10-14% is good!
      follica claims 100 hairs per square cm
      just saying …. for people like me that cant use fin -2018 looks a lot brighter. im expecting delays and let downs but cant do anything but skeptically hope anymore

  30. Not sure if anyone posted this from 2 months ago:

    This is a MUST read.

    The interesting part it does prove that AA who have AGA will still have AGA. However, that is from the Oral form of the drug and it clearly states that Dr. King was trying an topical Oil that could solve hair loss for AGA. Also, Dr. Christiano is believer that it will work but that it has to permeate a thicker skin in humans than in rats.

    Its possible that Dr. King knows if it works since the article was dated Nov 20 2016 and it states he had already experimented on a topical lotion (on humans?).

    1. @nasa_rs, since you seem to understand a lot about the biological context in JAK’s: if a topical solution would lead to the problem of thicker human skin compared to mice, is there any clear reason why laboratories wouldnt think about some testing of injections instead of a lotion? maybe a stupid question but just wondering since skin thickness is often mentioned by representatives in JAK field

  31. The article also correctly states that, surprisingly very little money is spent on hair loss cures since the FDA would have real issues for any side affects for a cosmetic result. Consequently very little is actually being done to treat this – no surprise here.

      1. mjones did u ever jump on that greek guys natural regimine or are you still holding out against the kitchen sink waiting for the big follica release??

        1. Egg..No I never did the greek guy method. He was using a ton of stuff and honestly I don’t have that much time each day to do what he did lol. If I quit my job then maybe. I’m just going to hold out for follica since it will be professionally done and trialed.

  32. I am wondering. Is Replicel basically a hair transplant, but unlimited? Or does it inject something and then make the hair grow? Because transplants generally look artificial and unreal. What are your thoughts about this? Thanks!

    1. @SweetSeventeen replicel’s method is based on injections.To gain those injections they multiply cells from only a few of your non by hair loss affected follicles like at the back of your head. They dont create biologically engineered follicles which they transplant like a hair surgeon!
      That sort of method where laboratories create substanial follicles being able to be transplanted by surgeons as in todays hair transplant business is hopefully soon achieved by tsuji/riken/kyocera partnership!

      i admit my formulation given here is very simplified but i hope you got the point

    2. *about your concerns on hair transplants looking artificial: my personal opinion is they look artificial because surgeons have limited follicles to work with. if you look at like 40 year old norwood 3a patients they results look much more natural because the donor given amount of follicles is far enogh in their cases! so my personal favorite by far is the tsuji league. they even might give you more hair in amount than you had as a child if it works out.replicel should only reactivate your “sick” but still existent follicles.

  33. I am just angry.

    Simply very very angry.

    We can do heart transplants, and brain surgeries and genome sequencing and send a rover to mars and yet we cant figure out hair loss. Its just so frustrating. My quality of life has gone from 8 to 3. Sure i am happy that i am alive, but am i enjoying being alive. Heck no. Even hair transplant doesn’t do much.

    I mean seriously. It is disappointing and it is saddening.

  34. what about Histogen? the had an event about HSC the last 2 days right? today is the last one.
    has anyone know something about it?


  35. The Replicel and Tsuji hype is blown completely out of poportions. Im not saying that they wont work, but no ordinary working class bald guy or woman will be able to afford any of these treatments for years after they get released.

    1. Tsuji, probably not.

      RepliCel they would, though. CEO feels it will be 900 as a minimum price point.

      The difference between Tsuji and RepliCel, cost wise, is that Tsuji requires a lot of capital, man and machine power behind the scenes. RepliCel could be done by a single physician

    2. In general,
      I think people are quick to jump on the “it will cost too much” theory.

      I’m not saying that it is going to be cheap but you need to take into account that if they spend millions on creating a product, they will need to create a price point that people can afford just so they can see return.

      This is not a treatment that will be covered by insurance and in turn won’t warrant a huge price tag. If they create a treatment that only a select few can afford they will shoot themselves in the foot. As always the treatment will be more expensive at first (as with every product) until they have either exhausted their current market or more likely competition is offering something at a cheaper cost and in turn represents a better value.

      Let’s say Tsuji decides that they are going to charge an imaginary cost of $100,000 for their treatment. Undoubtedly there would be people willing to pay that. BUT… for half that price you could already afford some of the top hair transplants which might be more realistic for some (not everyone goes to NW6+) and save them loads of cash. More importantly, if something like Replicel comes out and you only need to get say 10 injections and a minor hair transplant and you would achieve the same effect as Tsuji… it would make Tsuji obsolete.

      Even for the rich that can afford the imaginary $100,000 for the treatment… most of them are good with money and understand ROI (return on investment). If you can get a similar result for a quarter of the price, those rich people will be choosing the latter along with the rest of us who aren’t financially privileged.

        1. Okay, with travel and accommodation.
          Based on Shiseido (Tokyo would be the most expensive so we will go with that but my guess is that there will be facilities outside of Tokyo as well): Travel and accommodation will be a push in comparison to Tsuji because they are located in Tokyo as well.
          So you can expect to pay for a plane ticket (round trip) LAX to Tokyo: $750 is the lowest I found, 3 months in advance.
          Hotel is completely based on your preference but Hostels are as low as $16USD/ night to a budget hotel for around $100 USD/ night.
          Taxis – I’m not sure of costs but let’s say $50/ ride, hopefully you will do research on where the clinic is servicing you and it will be less. My guess is that you would need at most 6 taxi rides: Airport and trips to clinic: $300
          Assuming a stay of 14 days, 13 nights – assuming they need time to make the concoction they will be injecting, your total cost of 1 round trip would be $1,274 staying at a hostel or $2,450 for a hotel. Plus $900 for the treatment.

          Subsequent treatments/ follow up at 3 months, you will probably cut down on the necessary days you need to stay in Japan, let’s say 5 days and you would only need to go to the clinic once.
          Hostel stay, with flight and everything: $1,030
          Hotel: $1,450
          Plus $900 for the treatment.

          Total cost for 2 trips and treatments, possibly all you need if it is permanent: $4,104 – $5,700

          Let’s assume this is in Mexico City as it is the largest, most tech saavy, most expensive and furthest city away from the states.
          Round trip ticket from Chicago: $300
          Hostel/ Night: $7
          Hotel/ Night: $100 cheaper if you don’t mind not going to chains

          4 days, 3 nights (in case you need a little longer, but you really only need a day because they only need to inject you).

          Hostel, with Flight: $321
          Hotel, with Flight: $600

          Taxis are dirt cheap, as well is uber. Expect to pay no more than $10 using uber (this would be EXTREMELY expensive and would assume the clinic is on the outside/ edge of the city, I live her for reference) for a one way ride.

          Plus treatment costs (I don’t remember what Histogen was quoted saying, but let’s say $1,500 per treatment, which I think would be high – if you know the correct amount you can do the math to find the correct final total).

          2 trips to get Histogen, treatment and all.
          $3,642 for Hostel stay, $4,200 for a Hotel stay.

          If you don’t want to stay in a Hostel but you don’t want to pay the $100/ night… there are ways around that, read: airbnb

          So there you go.
          Shiseido roughly $4-6k
          Histogen (based on an expensive treatment estimate) roughly $3.5 – 4.5k

          I’m only going to do that once as anyone with a dial up modem can find all of the information I just pulled.

          Cheers to whoever took the time to read that.

          1. I’m afraid your calculations are American centric. By your calculations, for me, shiseido is roughly 12k. One flight to Japan is at least 3,000. Etc.

            Second, I was talking about Tsuji, primarily. They could easily justify charging double the convential transplant price and still have too many customers.

            If I were to then go by your American prices, I’d easily be looking at 50k or more to go from Nw2 to 1.

            1. Yeah. They are definitely American centric, which makes it seem cheaper especially right now because the dollar is so strong.
              I’m not sure where you are but 3000 usd seems high from anywhere in the world for a round trip. Look at trips 3 months in advance at least, you aren’t going to get this procedure done on a whim.

              But you also fall into the category of someone that probably doesn’t need tsuji if you are a Norwood 2. I know you are worried about future hair loss but really if you stay at a NW 2, you essentially have no hair loss. I’m 30, at a NW 3 and would be happy to get back to a 2.5 and ecstatic to have a nw2. I personally wouldn’t want to go back to a nw1 because as you age I think it would look unbecoming, as if the rest of you aged but somehow you kept your hairline from elementary school.

              I’m getting off point though… what I am saying is that IF shisedo can immunize hair follicles from mpb you would only need a very minor HT to get from a NW 2 to nw1. Most likely under $5k. Even with a 3k flight you are looking at around $15k for that… which is essentially going to be $50k cheaper than tsuji give or take $1k. Which sounds like an easier pill to swallow if you ask me.

              These are all assumptions that the treatments will work but I really do think that you have a huge opportunity in the near future if you’re willing to look at what’s available, are a NW 4 or under and are willing to spend $20k to put your worries behind you.

  36. I have a question and hopefully someone knowledgeable can answer. If Follica are on schedule for their pivotal study to go ahead this year and at multiple sites (presumably not just in America, Europe I’m guessing to), how does a person go about getting enrolled?

    I know of a clinical trial register in Europe but is it possible Follica might try to keep their trial under wraps like they did with their previous trials? Possibly under a different name. We know that RAIN is something Follica also goes by.

  37. Hey Mike

    Are you the same Mike diggin out Follica news for @admin? As for your question; I have no idea how one would sign up for a Follica trial. Since they are unbelievably tight lipped its probably very hard to get any info:-0 Do they even answer mails when deaperate baldies like us write them? ;-)

    1. Yep, same one. I was just wondering how this process works but given how tight lipped they are, wouldn’t surprise me if they had trialists sign NDAs or something like that.

      I don’t know what Follica’s protocol for dealing with someone who is Joe Public but admin might have a bit of clout if he asked. Plus I do remember seeing on one of those pdfs last year that Follica does intend to reach out to influencers and what not.

  38. I don’t think Tsuji will cost more than $40k.. $100k would be ridiculously expensive and from his interviews I have the feeling he wants to make it available to the general public, so I don’t think they would make a treatment that only 1% (or even less) of balding people can pay for.

      1. 10000 until the list gets larger or something along those lines I believe they said I have a feeling as the treatment release approaches and they start making appts they will realize how many there are and adjust.

      2. once there is a real treatment the markets will find there way to spread it globally if they recognize the cash cow and huge demand. At least if there wont be no stupid sort of protectionism or outwarn laws from medical perspective

        1. If TissUse works out, it will be a multi-billion dollar industry overnight. Their method could be done by a one man team.

          If you charged even just 1000 dollars per patient, you’d essentially have a license to print money

    1. He’s most definitely lying. There’s not a chance his hair looks as good as it does today without a HT if he already had a bald spot almost 30 years ago.

      Obviously most don’t want people knowing they’ve had a hair transplant. If I was him I would lie about it too. Celebrities are already in the spotlight 24/7, there’s no sense having to read or hear about tabloid garbage about your past hair troubles if you don’t need to.

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