10% Increase in Hair Count on Dutasteride 0.5 mg

Dutasteride 0.5 mg per day Significantly Superior to Finasteride 1 mg per day at Regrowing Hair

A new study from India shows that Dutasteride 0.5 mg once a day increased hair count in 45 men from 223 at baseline to 246 at 24 weeks (i.e. in 5.5 months of treatment). Full highly detailed study here. This represents just over a 10 percent increase. It should be noted that without any treatment, most people would continue to lose hair, so the real benefit is greater than 10 percent.

In the same study, 45 men were also treated with Finasteride 1 mg once a day and saw about a 2 percent increase in hair count at 24 weeks. Still a good results when considering that virtually all of these balding men would have seen a decline in hair count at 24 weeks without treatment.

Before and after photo of best case result of Indian patient taking Dutasteride 0.5mg daily for 24 weeks (Source):

Dutasteride Indian Hair Loss Patient

This is yet one more study among numerous others over the past decade that has concluded Dutasteride to be significantly superior to Finasteride in regrowing hair. The majority of such studies seem to come from the western world (with Japan and South Korea also disproportionately represented) so I am glad that this one comes from India. It seems like Dutasteride is effective at growing hair irrespective of one’s ethnicity and genetics.

I liked the below finding (although it should be noted that Dutasteride is still too recent a drug to make any conclusions about long-term side effects; and most other studies show at least slightly higher side effects from Dutasteride compared to Finasteride):

Both the groups showed a similar side effect profile with sexual dysfunction being the most common and reversible side effect.

Dutasteride Regrows Some Miniaturized Hair

One of the more interesting aspects of this particular study is that the authors also measured how many miniaturized/miniaturizing hairs (i.e., “thin hair count”) became thick once again. This is important because it shows that 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors such as Finasteride and Dutasteride can bring back hair from the dead/almost dead/slowly dying. It is unclear how many if any of the thin hair that became thicker were vellus hair (i.e., barely noticeable and almost transparent) that had shrunk many years or even decades earlier. In this particular study, Dutasteride 0.5 mg led to a reduction in the “thin hair count” by 12 percent at 24 weeks, while Finasteride 1 mg led to a reduction in the thin hair count by 1.5 percent at 24 weeks (just a 1 unit reduction in actual thin hair count so not too meaningful a percentage figure interpretation here).

Over the years, I have read many online anecdotal reports (see links at end of this Dutasteride reviews for hair loss post) of older men who were taking Dutasteride to treat enlarged prostates and saw hair growth in areas of the scalp that were totally bald (i.e., covered in vellus hair) for decades. Dutasteride likely helps bring back long-lost hair in many patients, although usually just some of it.

***If you ever do decide to take Dutasteride, I would highly recommend consulting an experienced dermatologist first and being aware of the worst case potential side effects.

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  1. That’s good to hear admin, I guess side effects will be individual. I’ve been on 1.25mg/day fin and 5% min for some years now, with zero sides and absolute stop of hairloss. Though regrowth was fairly minimal, I guess because my loss is only in the “difficult” frontal area. I will consider trying dut, possibly combo with liquid fin from H&W, HT is last resort nowadays. Nevertheless I share your optimism on enhanced treatment in near future, it’s inevitable.

    1. As per my studies propecia/finesteride 1mg
      is approved by FDA for mpb hair loss.
      dutasteride is yet to approved and sides of duta might be on higher side as it completely blocks type 1 and type 2 5AR leaving nothing available for body can lead to sucidal ideation in patients due to brain fogg.
      so follow atleast what is approved

  2. I’d rather have a HT than mess with my hormonal profile. In fact that’s what I did 6 years ago and still have decent coverage.
    It’s a personal decision. For me fin and dust are ruled out.

    1. Thats two views, from you and SB, and then the third is those who have no choice, like low density donor area or thin strands, gets even worse if one of them combined with blonde hair like myself. HT is impossible, if we want it or can afford it is irrelevant, it simply will not give anywhere near acceptable results.

      1. Sogosowhat that’s why we are here, hoping for or rather expecting the upcoming treatment allowing everyone to have a choice.

  3. A friend of mine recommended dut and swears it stopped his hair loss, he has a full head the bastard lol. For me I’d chosen not to take it as I already had significant loss and was worried about side effects. However this study shows promising re growth so I might consider starting it until we have a better solution. I just need to find a way to get it in the U.K. – anyone know any reliable avodart/dut suppliers?

      1. It is quite significant for just 24 weeks treatment. For at least half of balding people, getting back 30 percent more hair would hide their baldness I would guess.

      2. On average, and after 24weeks. We all hope to have results well above average and not stop after 24 weeks. Lets say best responders in india had 20-25% increase after 24w and then we could start dreaming about 30-40% in a year or 2.

      3. you are assuming that you do not continue to see improvement over time. Remember the hair grows in a cycle of growth, rest, shed. So a portion of hairs are in rest mode for a while. which is why like with laser hair removal it takes a minimum of 6 months with monthly sessions. there are some studies which are as long as 3 years which seem to indicate it slowly continues to improve over time. Nobody went bald in 6 months, you’re not going to regrow everything in 6 months either.

  4. I read somewhere on the Internet that since it blocks the 2 types of AR it could be dangerous. As the AR-type 1 is located in some other organs like the liver, meaning it does something there.

    A dr was speculating that it could lead to cirrhosis and/or diabetes…

    Any truth in that???

  5. Dut definitely proven to be more effective than fin but the sides are scary. I would never touch it. It stays in the system for like 4 months after discontinued use. A topical version could be interesting. Propecia gives sides, minimal for most but blocking both AR is serious business and you will most likely get some gyno, ed etc. There is a reason it never got approved here for hair loss. GSK knows they will get destroyed with law suits.

    Sad it’s 2017 and we are still talking about a drug that had hype when I first started balding in 2001/2002. Gotta love the advancements in hair loss lol

  6. I was on fin for over 20 years with no sides with the exception of maybe watery semen. It lost it’s effectiveness about 4 years ago, switched to Dut about a year ago. Hairloss went down within weeks, just starting to notice regrowth/thickening. No sides, still horny as a four peckered billy goat. 54 years old started losing hair at 18. mjones, you really need to change your hype to “gives sides to some” as opposed to presenting your case that all will get them. My belief is that sides affect very few and with some, they’re imagined but I’m not presenting myself as “enlightened” as you. Yoda out-

    1. Well said. Im 45 and have only positive sides on dut, repeated erections are almost like wile e coyote stepping on a rake, with the sound and everything. (Almost)

      Even our beloved bestfrend Paul has provided info that up to 96.6% does not get sexual sides, and placebo tests has shown imaginary sexual sides as you predicted.

      And theres more good things. Testosterone levels are shown to increase almost instantly on dut, but thats not all, they increase even more after 3-4 years usage, so while most guys will have up to 4% decrease in T in 4 years, dut users will increase 22-23% on average in the same timeframe, with all the positive effects that has on the cardiovascular system and more.

      However i discourage the worriers from trying dut since imaginary sides are often worse than real sides, panic attacks will follow.

        1. And why not? I used fin only 6 months but it had a positive effect on sexual ability, and many say increased sexual capacity is one of the common side effects of fin, it usually tapers off though.

          Even mr hormonal-doomsday Paul has posted that up to 96.6% has no (negative) sex sides on fin.

          I can only speak for myself but 5ar inhibitors definitely has positive effect on me, with dut the e’s are full and rock hard even on 3rd or 4th intercourse.

          DHT is useless, it may increase lust but it does not affect ability.

        2. You know, just because you cant get yours up it doesnt mean others cant. Your line of thougt is “im younger so if i cant then surely he cant”? That only tells us about your baseline for comparison.

    2. Hey thanks a lot for detailing your experience. Just what I needed to hear to take the dive. Where did you notice regrowth?

    3. When you say lost its effectiveness, do you mean your hair was headed back towards baseline or was it below baseline? How was your hair when you started? How was your hair right when you stopped finasteride? When would you say fin peaked? Did dut really make that much of a difference?

      Sorry for all the questions. I’m on 2.5 years on fin with success so I’m curious to see what long term use will get me.

      1. Yes, I’m Stu, henceforth to be known as Yoda. More of a lurker than a poster. See knucklehead “Guest 99” comments as the clue to why. Probably a guy with ED that lives in his mommy’s basement. Feel free to copy and paste anything of interest in my comment into that section. Yoda out-

        1. Guest99 is already in this thread too, and yeah youre right he has ED, as you see above he dont even believe guys taking 5ari’s can have good erections at age 54, its a textbook case of judging others peoples ability out from his own inability.

  7. I don’t think dutasteride is that much more effective than finasteride, if even at all. I would like to see a longer study that compares dut and fin (the longest we have is 6 months.) Type 1 5AR DHT does not cause hair loss. Type 2 does. I believe that dutasteride works faster because it suppresses more DHT quicker and has a longer half life than finasteride.

    Also, the 5AR deficient males who don’t lose hair at all are only deficient is type 2 DHT and have normal levels of type 1. I don’t think anyone knows what type 1 deficiency can cause long term.

    1. I believe maddy is rigth, both types are present, just because an engine consumes only gas it doesnt mean you can just drain the oil and coolant and drive away, just because we dont always understand its function we cant deem its presence to be unnecessary.
      The part about dut not being better, that requires ignoring everything we know about dut vs fin. How slow do you want it to work anyway? One hair every six months?

      1. 5AR Type 2 DHT is the only form of DHT responsible for MPB and that is a known fact proven by M.D.’s and dermatologists! The genotypes that were studied from the DR had very low levels of 5AR Type 2 DHT and normal 5AR Type 1 DHT levels and did not lose hair. Finasteride is supposed to mimic this.

        Also, Merck came up with a drug called MK-386 which selectively blocks 5AR Type 1 DHT and is more potent than dutasteride in that regard and it had no effect on stopping/slowing hair loss.

        Lastly, I only said dutasteride works faster because if you look at the previous finasteride versus dutasteride study, dutasteride seems to reach its peak way faster than finasteride (probably due to the more fully suppressed 5AR Type 2 DHT.) I don’t have time to dig up the numbers, but it was something like Dutasteride .5 mg: Week 12 +100 hairs ; Week 24 +109 hairs and Finasteride 1mg: Week 12 +40 hairs ; Week 24 + 79 hairs

        1. Alot of people do not lose hair, for example everyone who dont have aga. Both types are present in hair and dut is proven to have vast superiority. Of course it didnt help to block only the I type, all experiences show both must be blocked, or waste time on fin with its single blocking and very limited effect. I used both and the idea of fin being BETTER is so absurd that it feels like insanity to get into such a discussion. No way im going there where i have to disregard all facts to suit one persons theory based on NOT his own experience.

          1. I never said finasteride was better. All I was saying was there is a very small difference in effectiveness, if any at all, between dutasteride and finasteride. Dutasteride might be a little more effective, but for you to say we need to block both types of 5AR DHT is ridiculous. The 10 year finasteride study had 93% of men’s hair at or above baseline from solely blocking type 2 (which is the type that is believed to trigger MPB.) I like the fact that dutasteride is available if finasteride fails, but for most men it is unnecessary because finasteride is effective.

            Out of curiousity, how was your experience with both finasteride and dutasteride? How long were you on both? Why did you switch from one to the other? How is your hair holding up compared to when you started? Personally, I’ve been on finasteride for 2.5 years with good success. Best of luck to you!

            1. Sorry my clumsy writing, should have added i used both at different times. Stopped fin after 6 months due to very little progress, a few 2-3 mm long hairs spread around, not worth it but enough to prove that regrowth was possible. Then had two years or more without any treatment before i started dut, after 6 weeks the result was very superior to 6mnt fin.

              I have to blame the hysterical side effect hype on forums as the reason for not starting dut sooner, should have been on dut from the start, both coz it actually work and i have no negative sides (had visibly dry skin a short while, it disappeared without treatment but would have been a very major concern had it not stopped, potentially VERY bad)

  8. Very good news.

    Other good news from Replicel:

    “In early 2017, RepliCel will announce data from the phase 1 study in pattern baldness which first reported 6-month response rates in 2012. This data will include both 5-year safety data in addition to 12 and 24-month efficacy data measuring the hair growth response around injection sites.”

    “We believe that Japan’s unique regenerative medicine regulatory and industry environment provides a unique opportunity to rapidly advance this product in their country and are excited that RCH-01 (pattern baldness) has the potential to be launched in the Japanese market by Shiseido as soon as 2018.”


    1. Maybe. Fin doesnt work as well for everyone, and some say frontal area is tricky, hard to save on medication alone. It may stop on fin but don’t expect any regrowth in that area.

  9. So i have taken dut twice, once in my early 30s and once more recently 6 years later. I stopped taking it because i was worried about the side effects but to be honest i think alot of it was psychological. Mostly it was the cost as avodart is so damn pricey. The first time i took it i literally grew most of my hair back from nw4, completely filled in and even hairline improvement. You definitely experiance some sides at first, my penis was a cooked noodle for a month but you adjust. It stopped my hairloss dead in its tracks, i mean literally nothing fell out once the initial shed was done. I ended up stopping after about 2 years just because you start to read so much online you become your own worst enemy and end up creating so many fears. I really regret it because once i stopped it didnt take my hairloss long to return and quick. So eventually after a few years of regret i restarted. Now this time while i did have some regrowth, it didnt grow nowhere near as much hair as the last time, which proves that their truly is a point of no return with hair, however it stopped my hairloss again dead in its tracks. But again price got too much and couldnt afford it anymore. Since generic dut has hit the market im contemplating restarted a 3rd time. Ive had good results with ru, min, microneedling, licl, protocal that id like to add dut to the mix to see if adding an internal angle will improve the significant amount of new vellus hairs that have newly been sprouting into terminal hairs. in my opinion i wish i never stopped the first time, because either efficacy gets less or hair gets worse, either way it didnt work as well the 2nd time on regrowth. Stopping hairloss its definitely do everytime. My opinion, start early if you just started noticing it and dont look back. The side effects, if any, will fade and you will adjust, just please do yourself a favor and stop attributing everything you might be feeling to the drug, because youll just self sabotage yourself

    1. Very interesting, lots of valuable information and well reflected views.
      I too had worries about a week into taking dut, one thought led to another and another again, started to get imaginary sides immediately and resting heartrate went up into the high 90ies. After a valium, half a betablocker and some sleep it was gone for good.

    2. Thanks, John, for the commentary. How long did it take you to see partial/full results after taking dutasteride?

      1. Daniel the first time i took it id say it took about 3 months for partiel results and 6 for significant results. Around 12 months it peaked and didnt get any more regrowth. Hairloss stopped after the initial shed which was two months into taking dut and never really lost hair after that. In regards to efficacy, its really hard to believe dut ever stops working in regards to stopping hairloss because both times i took it were years apart, and hairloss was immediately halted after initial shed but you definitely dont get as much growth back the further you along you are in your hairloss.

        1. Around 12 months it peaks you say, this could be very important info, i will remember that and if i too encounter it thats the point where i will up the dosage to 0.5mg every 12 or 16 hours.

          You know, it may not be the peak but a plateau, and with genuine avodart for $1 per piece i think i can afford some experimenting. Dut is dose dependent we know, this could be a very hairraising find.

  10. Ill say it again, ive been on duy for 1 year and 4 months and my loss hasnt even been stable. I shed a lot still snd my hair is at its thinnest ever. Also, my hair line is at an awful point and itches/feels bruised. Ive also been on 5mg of dut for a whike now with no regrowth or anything.

    However, that best case scenario dut pic shows a lot of thickening up front which is where most users report loss while on the drug.

  11. the best blog ever
    off topic: news about riken/organ?
    its only 36 months to 2020!!
    2018 will start the trials maybe end 2018 or 2019 we will know if works!!
    we need more information about tsuji and riken…

  12. new letter in replicel site:

    “We believe that Japan’s unique regenerative medicine regulatory and industry environment provides a unique opportunity to rapidly advance this product in their country and are excited that RCH-01 (pattern baldness) has the potential to be launched in the Japanese market by Shiseido as soon as 2018.”

    1. Over a few years period a lot of men not using dut will become impotent. I so agree with John above, its too easy to blame medicines. I do however agree that some sides can be permanent, definitely.

      And of course, forums are not reliable sources, i stop going there, i might become like those guys, testosterone depleted whiners chewing seeds and putting oil in the head and say they had improvement.

      1. Your saying all we have to do is chew seeds and put oil on our heads? Thats wayyy better then what i was doing. Thanks man your a lifesaver.

        1. No but the guys in the forums saying, no-fap and crazy advices are welcome and even applauded.

          I advice you read comments before replying, you most definitely did not read mine.

            1. Theres one now. Not a shred of evidence that it grows back a single strand of hair in aga, but they keep pushing their ideology and then post highly subjective opinions in their spiritual mental state.

              Its already insulting enough for us that non-aga sufferers say stupid things, but to hear it from fellow aga victims, “its your own fault you lost the hair, you didnt take care of your hair, you eat wrong, you jack off too much”, that is incredible insulting.

              Grow your hair back then GBH, good luck. Man you really know how to woman, depletion complete.

          1. I dont understand my hairs completely grown back from that advice you gave me I just grabbed vegetable oil off the shelf had a handful of almonds and I’m like Fabio now.

  13. I took 1/4 of 5mg of Finasteride for 1 year and 2 months. No results …. I have not AGA.

    99.999% of my hair loss because i took bad drugs (prozac, risperidone, concerta) during 14 years at very high doses.

    If Finasteride has not been effective for me, can Dutasteride be? My dermatologist did not want to prescribe it. How can I get Duta? I’m from Quebec (Canada). By internet? What the good dosage… 2,5mg?

    I try Minox 5% foam since 2 december 2016 but my fall is too serious. It takes me a combination of good treatments. Do you believe that such severe hair loss due to bad medications can be irreversible. All my head is affected with extreme miniaturization.

    Thank you.

    1. If you are sure you dont have aga dut will not help, dut does nothing for the hair in general, it only reduces dht. Without aga your follicles are not dht sensitive.

        1. Sorry no idea, im more occupied with the present, but most commenters here are looking more to the future so i believe someone can answer you.

        2. Why do you take fin and min if you dont have AGA? That makes no sense at all. Perhaps you need to talk to a professional to determine a definite reason for hairloss. You can get dut from GB, but pay extra for prescription.

  14. Steve – I was in the exact same situation. Noticed thinning at 27 and I started on 0.25 mg of propecia every-other-day on May 1, 2016 and my hair has gotten noticeably thicker and I’ve regained some as well at the hair line. I don’t think I’ve had sexual side effects. The first couple weeks I had pretty bad brain fog but that could have been placebo. I feel fine now.

    1. Lol an investor presentation….

      Up to 20? The average was 6.1% after 6 months, ie less than dut. Also note that they have included subjects who experience reduction, typical “alternative treatments”, covers all exits, this is standard approach for cures with no real effect. History is repeating itself, we will hear about good results, then some will jump on it and post in forums “its working, i will definitely get more treatments, cant stop now”, and then after many years people slowly start admitting it to have no effect. This is PRP business model with a twist, fake for sure.

      1. Hold on guys, let’s look at the replicel doc properly. Average at 6 months was 14.3%. It’s important to note that this says Phase 1 safety trial. So the fact that they’ve got 14.3% average increase in a safety trial is very promising. The next stages of trial would be in efficacy and dosage so hopefully they will have much higher regrowth results right? I’m no expert but this is what it looks like to me on the document…

          1. Look at that, we can agree about something. Replicell is an elaborate snakeoil scam, they added a hidden process that take weeks, added a new delivery method and all. Like cells injected into the scalp on random will magically affect and reverse an inherited genetic hairloss condition… if these cells can find their way to the hair why not just swallow them, or put them in a hat with a rabbit?

      2. @Sogosowhat:
        Eighteen out of 28 patients (64.3%) with potency at baseline had awareness of the occurrence of ED in the DUT treatment.

        @Ty: Awesome news! The next year is very soon. I think they are more advanced than this press release say.
        advantages: Daily treatment will not be necessary. HUGE IMPROVEMENT. 20% is much more than Dutasteride and Finasteride together.

        1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26964647
          “According to one meta-analysis of 2411 patients treated with DUT and accumulated from three randomized control trials, side effects due to DUT were reported in 164 patients (6.8%)”

          “approximately 70% of all subjects already had severe ED (SHIM <8) at the beginning of the DUT treatment"

          "the relatively high rate of deteriorated EF statuses after the DUT treatment in our study population may have been the “nocebo effect”"

          "The mean ± SD age of the 98 patients was 71.5 "

          Moreover, there was no placebo group.

          Dut studies for androgenic alopecia:


          BTW i agree that we need better treatments for aga rather than BPH drugs

          1. Paul dont care, he is like a kiddie ride in a mall, put in a quarter and it will enter a repetitive, predictable and non-interacting mode of operation for a given period. In Pauls case theres a problem, he seem to not require quarters to operate or he is the distant cousin of the duracell rabbit.

      3. This is just the safety trial; their goal isn’t even to get regrowth; they just want to make sure it’s safe. They’ll increase the dosage for the next trial and then we will see how effective it really is.

  15. 14% regrowth isn’t bad but it’s not great. The sad thing is people will get super excited and they will claim replicel as the cure. One major fact was presented in that press release. It says that people spend over 3.5 billion dollars in hair loss products that don’t work. This is where and why I slightly believe in big pharm blocking a true cure. People are already making these crap treatment from these companies billions. Why release a single cure to end that cash flow? They wouldn’t, they will just keep releasing half ass treatments with 10 to 15 % regrowth so you have to keep using a multitude of other products to hold on to your hair. It’s all business when it comes to mpb. It’s cruel but I believe it’s what’s going on. The industry will keep releasing somewhat effective treatments but not a full cure of nw7 to nw1. The only person who has a chance is Tsuji. I am not writing this post to cause arguments but just a general opinion based on the facts. Please share what you think.

    1. Depends if it continues re-growing and if it’s permanent.

      I don’t mean to be a pessimist but even when a treatment is found, there will be everyone queueing to have this treatment. They would be lining outside Tsuji’s door if needed, but i want a treatment accessible to me as quickly as possible without needing to travel.

    2. 14% regrowth was the acerage for the 7 best responders, the average was 6.1% for all participants. Didnt anyone actually read the pdf?

  16. @mjones. They can not do anything. The demand is VERY HUGE.
    Think about the field of hair loss as a prey with animals. Hyenas would be the current treatments, while the lion would be (replicel, histogen, follica) among many others. I think so if you understand how it works. 2018 is very soon. I know at first hand it will be changes in hair loss field.

    1. Agree, new treatments are not only speculation and theories as they used to be in the past, now huge companies are investing millions of dollars in tested treatments. What i’m post sceptic, is about the time they will be released, although i try to be optimistic.

      1. @This. About Hair transplant doctors…They will never be without work. They just have to ADAPT the new technologies (tsuji/riken), HSC, Follica…and others to your medical consultation. Easy.

  17. “It says that people spend over 3.5 billion dollars in hair loss products that don’t work”. Yes @mjones. Hair Loss field at this moments is a really joke. That’s very serious.

    1. The king of hairloss research is going to bring an effective treatment to us guys, well it will be cure for some of us! Thanks for the update mike

  18. Admin do you know how the Sanford-Burnham research with stem cells goes?

    It’s been 2 years since the announcement that they got hair in rats. Now with the new legislation a new treatment may be on the market in the coming years.

      1. I really hope no global recession occurs before 2020-2021…the current collapse of bio care stocks over the past year or so likely effected Replicel’s ability to get any sort of serious funding.

  19. But why do Americans still search, everyone on Asia know theres almost no more bald men in USA, thry been cured by Asami. This is from their philippine campaign:


    Hypoalergenic, does not contain any synthetic chemicals or preservatives
    The newest invention of American scientists – a powerful BIOCOMPLEX of URTICA DIOICA EXTRACT in combination with other rare, regenerative herbs, fortified with vitamins and minerals.
    Apply the solution onto the affected area 2-3 times a week – without rinsing after application.
    The serum ASAMI stimulates hair follicles and thus increases thickness and speed of growth of the hair.
    At first this invention had been kept secret but now the incredibly effective serum is available to a wide range of consumers!

    So you see, every time they want you to believe Japan has found a cure, Asia is told that USA has found a cure. This is well known for magic supplements, anti wrinkle creams and other snake oils as well as hairloss, im surprised that so many hairlossers are umaware of this practice. How can replicell possibly be more obvious fake, how can you believe that crap? Then believe in Asami also, just ask an asian, usa has cured baldness, for sure.

    1. So because some guy whipped up some herbal BS in his bathtub in Japan then ergo Replicel is fake? I’m not saying it’s a cure but you’re just swinging wildly and hoping something connects.

  20. Replicel annoys me as much as dut and fin these topics should not be discussed in a blog called hlcure because they are not cures they are infective treatments

    If Shiseidos protocol is identical to replicel might as well write them both off no cure here.

  21. Weather Replicel is effective or not is possible to know only after Japanese trials are done, do not jump the gun. Though Replicel’s unwillingness to start their own trials starts to sound like a generic scam, but I won’t write off RCH-01 just yet.

  22. I have more faith in histocrap than replicel. At least histogen showed some regrowth and thickening of hair. Both shady treatments but histogen sounds a bit more promising. In the end follica is going to be the only treatment that will be easily accessed to us here in the US. SM as well. The rest we will need to travel to Japan or Mexico which will be a pain.

    1. I’m interested to see how the Brotzu saga is concluded, but not so excited that it actually works as expected nor confident that Fidia will release it any time soon.

      I would like to be wrong though.

  23. Admin and people happy new year! NEWS in my Inbox mail from Dr. Reyk Horland about SHT (smart hair transplants):

    “Thank you very much for reaching out to us and for your interest in our SHT technology. SHT allows the generation of new hair growth inducing Neopapillae from very few hair biopsies. Currently it is envisioned to generate 10.000 new hair follicles out of 30 original hair follicles. We hope to start the first limited clinical trials in 2017/2018. It will take approx.. 1 1/2 years to complete these first trials.
    We will also issue a press release at the start and the end of the clinical trials which you will find our website.”
    IMAGINE: only with 390 original hair follicles : about 130k hairs = FULL HEAD OF HAIR

    1. Thanks for the news Sets. This is definitely interesting, and I will have to keep an eye on this for sure.

      Hopefully this is legit because this could rid a huge number of hairloss sufferers of this awful condition.

  24. Genetic receptors found that seem to impact the way finasteride works on different people

    January 5 2017, 11:44 am PT | Posted in: Hair Loss Causes

    “Long-term adverse symptoms of men who used oral finasteride against androgenic alopecia have been recently described as post-finasteride syndrome (PFS).” These men report that the sexual side effect after taking finasteride seem to hold for them for long periods of time. The frequency of this finding shows that it is not common as most men who develop the negative sexual side effects of finasteride, return to normal after stopping the medication. The following article recently appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and is worth reading. What it suggests is that there may be differences in the genetic make-up of patients who experience PFS as compared to most others.


    1. How much did HT doctors pay you to post this ? Let me know so if it’s a lot then I will start posting finasteride side effects too !!

  25. Now we have 3 biggest companies for hair cloning, SHT by lauster, hairclone by bessam and Claire and finally tsuji who is the closest to this

  26. Is taking 1/2 of a finasteride pill as good as taking one pill every other day?

    January 5 2017, 10:59 am PT | Posted in: Hair Loss Causes

    Skipping a dose of finasteride (e.g. one pill every other day) is as effective as taking 1/2 of a pill every day because even though the blood half life is under 6 hours, the tissue fixation life is about 1 week. That means that it sticks to the hair follicle growth center for 1 week after taking the medication.

  27. yes
    TISSUSE 1 follicle x 300
    RIKEN/TSUJI/KYOCERA 1 follicle x 1000
    they are the companies
    unlimited hair to transplant is the goal…
    the best for me is RIKEN…
    but they are very close to the solution…
    patience the next 3 years are crucial

  28. It’s pretty much over for me I will be slick bald by 24 months. I’ll have fuzz top by the end of this year all these companies come out 48 months except Follica in 20+

    1. I’m willing to give topical finesteride a go but it’s not available in usa right? Anyone have any info on this?

  29. Study in Egypt, linked below, and I followed the Wiley full text link and bought the study and looked at the pictures and data. If the admin emails me, I will send him a word doc. They did scalp injections at a very low 2-4mm into the epidermis, at 1cm increments over 18 weeks with solution containing Dut (and biotin, pyridoxine, D-panthenol vitamins). Says mixture called Mesopecia, by company Mesodermal Co., in Mesa, AZ. Study had close up microscope images of hair for diameter measurements and cutical assessment. Pictures of growth were impressive because these ladies had A LOT of hair loss. They were injected every week, weeks 1-8, then again at 2 week intervals weeks 10 & 12, then one more time 4 weeks later at 16 weeks, and then the eval was 2 weeks after the last injection. Not everybody improved, those with longer gone AGA didn’t have as good results. 60% improved in density, thickness of hairs, cuticle, etc. And this is essentially quasi-topical.

    1. You can get almost any full text study at this website: sci-hub.ac

      Journals (like the one you paid money to) pay them executing scientists literally nothing.

  30. so I googled that company listed in Mesa Az and could not find. But there is a company called mesotherapy worldwide which carries the meso needles and the dut containing liquid/therapy. They are in Australia.

  31. Hey brothers: Replicel & Histogen & Samumed & Follica & another treatment (forgot its name) increases in a certain percentage the hair density what will the results be if they are combined to finasteride or dutasteride & jak inhibitors?

  32. I am a female 47. Dr. Prescribed Dut .5 started taking it yestrday. Very hopeful to stop shedding. Any females in this chat?

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