Dr. Rox Anderson, Hair Cloning and More

Hair loss news first:

— A great story on Dr. Rox Anderson who is a pioneer in the development of various laser skin treatment procedures. He is also the scientific co-founder and advisor at Follica. In the article, Mr. Anderson is praised by the famous hair loss researcher Dr. George Cotsarelis as being a modern day Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Several people that I highly respect have recommended me to read Dr. Franklin’s autobiography. But the one time I tried, I fell asleep very soon after commencing since the English was a bit antiquated.

— When I read this article on hair cloning a week ago, I was certain that it was an exaggeration or a translation error. I contacted HairClone CEO Dr. Paul Kemp and he said that the company’s plans remain the same as outlined in his earlier comments on this blog from a few months ago. In any case, if you have any questions about HairClone, you can ask in the comments to this post and Dr. Kemp will come by and respond when he has some free time. And hair cloning is definitely not yet here in spite of flashy article titles.

— Of the numerous companies working on hair growth related products around the world, US based Samumed has been by far and away the best at getting coverage in major print and online publications. This month, they appeared in Business Insider. Dr. Osman Kibar, the CEO of Samumed, is a great poker player. I hope that he is not bluffing the world in real life too. Key quote:

The $12 billion valuation Samumed has right now is based on the $300 million it has raised over the years. The valuation grew based on its lead compound, with the rest of the pipeline thrown in as a “freebie,” Kibar said.

The Business Insider article became a very popular discussion topic on reddit with some interesting comments. Samumed also appeared in Forbes magazine yet again at the beginning of this month.

— Every 6 months or so, the highly unusual case study known as Mr. “Peter Renardo” posts updates in the comments in here. I still insist that you never even consider such an extreme artery ligature procedure, but do make sure to read Peter’s comments.

Topical Dutasteride would be something that I would seriously consider. Yet another new study on an effective delivery method for this topical.

— Most people’s favorite hair loss researcher Dr. Takashi Tsuji recently came out with a new study/paper titled “Functional Hair Follicle Regeneration by the Rearrangement of Stem Cells”. However, it is in mice and perhaps not especially groundbreaking

— As if it were not enough that hair loss is connected to higher rates of heart disease, it seems like grey hair might also be linked to higher rates of heart disease. Quote: “Atherosclerosis and hair greying occur through similar biological pathways”.

Jason McAteer hair transplant.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— I covered the much hyped skin gun and its inventor Dr. Jörg Gerlach on this blog before (see 2011 video here). I was glad to read a new article on this as I thought that RenovaCare might have given up on this technology.

— www.AcneCure2020.com anyone?

— Japan is becoming renowned for medical research, not surprising considering its aging population. A Japanese man recently became the first to receive “reprogrammed” stem cells from another person.

For many years, I have noticed that each time the oldest person in the world died, virtually half the time it was a Japanese person. Of course since birth certificates were nonexistent in most developing countries 100 plus years ago, these statistics are biased towards people from developed countries. Nevertheless, after the oldest person (who I covered on this blog in the past) in the world died yesterday, I went to the the wikipedia list of supercentenarians, and lo an behold, 5 of the oldest 10 people in the world at the moment are Japanese.

Interesting article on extending lifespan.

Update on developing pig organs for human transplants.

— US and Chinese teams collaborate and expand stem cell abilities.

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  1. From the researched and studies ive read in regards to hair loss, grey hair, and atherosclerosis, the key factor is the minersl copper. Their is a correlation between these factors. Copper gives blood vessels the elesticity to prevent stroke and heart disease. Copper is essential in hair color since it helps convert tyrosine and phenylalanine to melanocytes which give hair color. So theirs definitely correlation their, however im not sure about the hair loss connection. Might need more research on that

  2. Im sorry but those products are overpriced garbage. Theirs nothing these scam artist are selling that you couldnt just buy for yourself from your local health store for a tenth of the cost. Bekoo you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting that crap. Look at the ingrediants list on some of their products. Not a single exceptional ingredient that can’t be purchased at GNC or Vitamin Shoppe. They grey hair product has Copper, Paba, Tyrosine, Vit D, Biotin and Catalase for a whooping 200 dollars. Seriously i can by each of these for 5 bucks a bottle and itll last me all year. I freakin hate companies like this. Bunch of ripoff artist playing on peoples hopes.

      1. Totally overpriced and no extracts. Even quality extracts wouldn’t do anything mentionable for alopecia, let alone regrowth.

  3. Hey admin you wrote the first post on the 29 august 2013, in that post you said a cure will be here by the end of 2020.
    There are 2681 days among the 2 dates 29/8/13 – 31/12/17.
    The 1st may 2017 will be the 1341th day.
    Do you still think we are half of the way?
    If you started the blog today what name would you have give to it (hairlosscure2020 or haorlosscure2025)?

  4. Great Work Admin, nice blog :)

    I created a thread on HTT about Tsuji’s book called “Organ Regeneration Based on Developmental Biology”
    published this April (30 april 2017).

    And his last study called ” Functional Hair Follicle Regeneration by the Rearrangement of Stem Cells “

  5. @admin, you should be grateful that noisette has started posting here frequently. This person is the un-crowned King of hairloss links and news.
    @newerah, I must agree with @hlscc. That post indeed sounded like Paul;-)

  6. DHT levels not related to AGA?

    see: Sex Hormones and Hair Loss in Men From the General Population of Northeastern Germany

    More evidence for JAK to inhibit inflammation?

    This monocentric study reveals that genes encoding mast cell granule enzymes, inflammatory and immunoglobulin-associated immune mediators were significantly over-expressed in AGA.

    from: Study of gene expression alteration in male androgenetic alopecia: evidence of predominant molecular signaling pathways.

    More evidence for Follicas approach?

    In a rare example akin to organogenesis in adult mammals, large wounds in mice lead to de novo morphogenesis of hair follicles. It is still not fully clear what controls this process, known as Wound Induced Hair Neogenesis (WIHN). We find that WIHN levels correlate closely to Wnt7b production in vivo, and that dsRNA potently induces Wnt7b in a manner that requires prostaglandin-endoperoxide synthase 2 (Ptgs2). The Ptgs2 inhibitor celecoxib reduces dsRNA-induced WIHN and Wnt7b, and exogenous PGE2 can rescue WIHN and Wnt7b.

    from: After skin wounding, noncoding dsRNA coordinates prostaglandins and Wnts to promote regeneration.

    1. After being on propecia for 15 years I forgot what it is to have dht…I feel like a different person off propecia and love DHT. We need a treatment that doesn’t alter our hormonal balance. The older you are and if you continue to alter your hormones the more systemic problems you begin to have.

    2. AFAIR this paper, Testosterone is NOT related to hair loss. However, an enzymatic product of 5-AR is. As one of them, Dihydrotestosterone has been shown to miniaturize DHT sensitive hair follicles.

  7. Has anybody successfully reversed their grey hair? I’ve heard supplementing with copper sebacate works for some.

  8. Its strange. In Brazil we already have topical fin since a long time.. The relatively new treatment, since 4 years ago, is topical duta in lipossomes..

    1. I’m still trying to get my hands on topical fin, it’s been really difficult for me.. it’s hard to accept all these years I had no idea it was an option. In the state I’m in. I was waiting for Polichem Hasson etc this ENTIRE time.

  9. @admin. What happens with new treatments? Do you know something new? There’s no time to lose! Release it now!

  10. @newerah, nothing is on the verge of being released. Nothing whatsoeever. Anyone telling you otherwise is either lying or completely gullible. If we are very lucky the Italian Pharma company Fidia might release the treatment also known as The Brotzu lotion, maybe sometime next year if the trials go as planned. Take a look at their site. They made a small update earlier this year.

    1. Depends on your definition of “verge.” We’re quite realistically a couple years out from two or more treatments coming to market. The Brotzu lotion could be one, Follica has patented technology and topicals and is already engaging in product marketing and one of Replicel or Histogen both look like good bets to be here by 2019.

      1. 2019? Histogen planning 2017 winter Mexico. Shiseido rep plans end of 2018. Rain Follica late 2018… Fidia unknown. Kelopesia 2017 … that’s it

  11. Admin not to digress and I think it’s a harmless wnpugh question as not to send this thread into a tailspin lol… Do you have any knowledge on how long the newly formed follicles last from Follica?

  12. Keith – Well, it depends. Its less effective than oral fin, but its a good help for the treatment.. The problem is that it usually has some systemic absortion, and might cause the same sides as fin, what I can confirm by experience. The best solution is if you ask for a pharmacy to make a compound with fin and trasdermal gel, so the sides are much less commons.
    Anyway, considering my experience, the best treatment is still fin, and the rest are only auxiliars, but barely will help with agressive hairloss. Duta might be better but I ve never had the guts to try

  13. Hey Keith so did you lose a s ton of hair after stopping fin after the 15 years? How is it going for you?
    Im trying to prepare myself cause I think it’s almost over for me. I have well over 15 years, fin-dut- now dut + ru. These drugs work but only for a limited time.

    1. Yes I lost quite a bit when I came off but I could not function on a daily basis when I was on fin. My body tolerated the disrupted hormones for a long time but could not at the end.

      And this is what sucks, maybe those who have serious sides could micro dose or skip days or come up with some system for aa’s if we knew that we only had a year or so till something better was coming out but inevitably if you lived by this theory you could be waiting a long time.

  14. I think T cells have something to do with fighting imflamtion or causing it… so maybe this mechanism is similar to follica or JAK but different trigger:

    Commensal microbes induce hair follicles to release a chemokine that recruits regulatory T cells into neonatal skin.
    Microbes stimulate hair follicles.

    A big study:

    Genome-wide differential expression profiling of long non-coding RNAs in androgenetic alopecia in a Chinese male population.

    Study on new genes to target in future gene therapies:
    The major miR-31 target genes STK40 and LATS2 and their implications in the regulation of keratinocyte growth and hair differentiation.

    New Higgins article:

    Methods for the isolation and 3D culture of dermal papilla cells from human hair follicles.
    As such, to grow human dermal papilla cells in vitro, the papilla has to first be isolated via a micro-dissection approach from the follicle. In this paper, we describe the micro-dissection and culture methods which we use within our laboratory, for the study of human dermal papilla cells.

    fricken laser beams:

    A new path in defining light parameters for hair growth: Discovery and modulation of photoreceptors in human hair follicle.

    1. Thanks, very interesting stuff.

      FYI — normally, I dislike people posting too many links and oftentimes their message automatically goes to the spam folder. Your links were good.

    2. Nice. Wasnt dermal papulla culturing a big limitation till now? This seems like big news if thats the case.

    1. Check out the study on lactobacillus rhamnosus. Its proven to help acne and increase conversion of soy isoflavones to equol which is brotzus magic ingredient.

      1. Interesting. I went on a binge of eating tons of soy and taking soy isoflavones for about 4 months. My hair looked good, no new regrowth but existing hair looked great. Then at the 4 month mark I shut down and was completely screwed up. My hormones were destroyed, I went to a endocrinologist and he was appalled at my levels, tried to change everything and then I went through the worst shed ever. Long weird period of my life, messing with hormones was dangerous for me.

      2. Hairplz, already looked at buying lacto rham on Amazon then I noticed my super supplement Maximum Vibrance which is super expensive high end vegan supplement has it already and it doesn’t stop hair loss because I’ve been taking it for 3 years. It has 2.5 billion of Lac Rham, so whatever that info is worth.

        1. Nobody said it stops hairloss. If anything it would need to be combined with isoflavones and thats still pushing it.

  15. Hey guys still waiting for someone to help me understand how long the newly formed follices from follica are supposed to survive? Anyone willing to take a stab at this.

    1. Who knows…but maybe we can hype those follicles up Replicels regime which supposedly makes them last for a year or whatever

  16. @richerion I think the biggest question is not how long these follicles will last, but rather if it’s possible to regenerate hair in the donor DHT resistant region. That would pretty much be a cure as it would provide an unlimited supply of permanent hairs

  17. I know others have mentioned/talked of the possibility of gray hair cures before but I came across this product that seems pretty legit and non-toxic. It’s called hairprint. Although the application is a bit tedious, it produces some of the most amazing hair “dye” transformations ive ever seen; very natural looking. It supposedly works with your natural melanin. Only problem is, it only works with eumelanin not pheomelanin (sp?). So if you’re a redhead who has gone gray it probably won’t work:

    1. I tried Hairprint and it was horrible. The dye stuck to my scalp for over a week before it started to fade. I had to use two applications for it to cover 1/4 as well as the regular dyes. It’s expensive and extremely messy to apply…and does not last long. Just wanted to share my experience. ;)

  18. WOW

    “Ortega is considering a hair cloning clinical trial with Kenneth Williams, Jr. D.O, a hair restoration surgeon with Orange County Hair Restoration in Irvine, California. Dr. Williams is working with Hair Clone, a British company that believes it will perfect the science of cloning hair.

    The trial would cost Ortega between $4,000 and $10,000 plus air fare to England, where he’d get his cloned hair. England is the only western country that allows this type of treatment.”


      1. Looks like the entire male part of the Management Team of Hairclone (maybe except for Ronfard) fits into the hair loss populations mentioned in the wearegreenbay.com article, which might be a good personal incentive btw:

        “… By the age of 35 67% of American men will experience some degree of hair loss … by the age of 50 approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair …”

        These are hugh percentages (most of us already know that of course), and there is no other disease that hits so many people (by absolute numbers) so early in life as AGA. For many with pale skin AGA leads to physical health issues (actinic kerastosis and skin cancer) and for the vast majority it leads to a lifetime psychological issue in case of social/business activities.

        There will never be another treatment / cure released during my life that will bring so much relieve and joy to the entire global population than an AGA treatment / cure. This is exactly what scientists live for: discovering, developing, trialing and releasing cures that have a tremendous impact on mankind.

        It’s 85% of male mankind suffering, scientists! Let alone the percentages of children and women suffering from this! Maybe only 100 ~150 scientists worldwide are seriously working on this Nobel Prize in the making.

          1. Actually, once in 6 months a get new (small) basal cell carcinomas on my face, which they treat with cryosurgery. If they keep coming in future I will be forced to use Aldara or Efudex to stop the skin cancer. Google images “Aldara face” and “Efudex face”.

            The reason why I get them is because I have very pale skin and seborrheic dermatitis which makes the skin very thin and vulnerable. The same story goes for my scalp. So hair loss might lead to bigger problems Paco!

            1. Hairclone article:

              … Ric Ortega has dealt with hair loss for a while. For him, it’s a health concern.
              “I’m outside a lot because I work in the construction industry, and I worry about skin cancer on the top of my head,” explained Ortega …

          2. Lol Paco is right. Although mob is linked to heart disease prostate cancer etc or dht is at least mob is totally aesthetic

    1. i think if you read this article, underlying msg is clear. there are many types of AAreata which we havent discovered yet. and JAK may or not cure this specific type of AA which is ONLY 1% of the hairloss population..

      I think this is just sad so sad…

    2. Apoquel (Oclacitinib) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of nonspecific allergic dermatitis and atopic dermatitis in DOGS. This ‘-INIB’ was mentioned in the Brett King article.

      Erlocip (Erlotinib) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor of the epidermal growth factor receptor, which can lead to hair alterations in case of the EYEBROWS and EYELASHES:

      Erbitux (Cetuximab) is a monoclonal antibody and an epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibitor used as anti-cancer drug. This article shows that a patient treated with Cetuximab got abnormal hair growth on his CHEST:

      Vectibix (Panitumumab) is also a monoclonal antibody specific to the epidermal growth factor receptor used against cancer. This article shows a patient who got EYELASH trichomegaly:

      A lot of ‘-MAB’s’ are cancer treatments. Just like the ‘-INIB’s’.

  19. This is an answer from the manufacturer of the cream when asked what is the difference between Baricitnib and Decernotinib and Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib /
    1) baricitinib – “Despite widespread expectations that the FDA would approve baricitinib for RA, in April 2017, the FDA issued a rejection, citing concerns about dosing and safety.”

    2) decernotinib – not approved in FDA(The application was not left), and i not saw any research about that, everything is in the initial stage, but I hope that this will be useful


    Different of which JAK subtypes they inhibit:
    TOFA JAK1 and JAK3
    RUXO JAK1 and JAK2

  20. PACO this is especially for you > your own comments:
    “save lives”, “tears dripping on my keyboard”, “traumatizing”, “react like a grown up man”, “its hard”, “not a very good joke”

    You actually fit in the category “psychological issues in case of social activities”

    JANUARY 3, 2017 AT 9:41 AM
    wait wait what? 2018 …? really? source please, cause I thought they planned on initiating. follicle banking, not already save lives in 2018…

    FEBRUARY 16, 2017 AT 4:24 AM
    Guys… do you think a cure is going to come in the next 5 years? I’m 22 years old diffuse NW5-6 and tears are literally dripping on my keyboard as I am writing this message… I just can’t fcking take it anymore , god this is traumatizing. Please tell me that by the time I’ll turn 30 there will be a cure … what are the chances of that happening considering everything thats going on in the hair loss world ?

    FEBRUARY 17, 2017 AT 2:46 AM
    thanks man, I try every day to react like a grown up man regarding baldness but man its hard not to think about it

    FEBRUARY 25, 2017 AT 7:47 AM
    Objectively, how many years (counting possible delays and such) before a full total cure (NW7 to NW1) ? I believe it will be Riken but their 2020 timeline is not a very good joke…
    I’m 22 years old now… do you think that by 30 years old (2024) I will be able to get my hair back?

  21. I remember when I was 22 just turned 30. Surprised I have as much hair as barely do without any treatment this long. .. i would say 5 to 7 years is easily foreseeable I remember when I was 18 mpbresearch. Org aka b.s. site, said 5 to 7 years selling naturals that did not work yes I tried. That was 2009.

    However there wasn’t even a rumor of Riken hair clone, tissuse, Jak, Shiseido, no money no Web sites just cry babies including myself now I see kids 22, 18 17 .. u kids are fine seriously… you got way more than 2009 kids had trust me lol

    1. @egghead. I hear you on that bro! The 18yr Olds today starting to lose their hair are in a good era. For sure in 5 to 10 years there will be something new and 5x better than the stone age drugs like fin and min. I remember back in 2001 when I started losing my hair Chrisriano and Cots, plus Unger were just starting talking about hair cloning when Dolly the sheep was cloned. 16 years later cots is wrapping up final stage of mpb trials. Chrisriano is starting hair cloning trials repunzel soon and there is a host of potential treatments that could be out by 2020.

  22. @hairplz. I was always interested in that melaronin trial. Sounds very effective. I wonder why it was never pursued. Big pharm can’t make money off melaronin that we can all buy at vitamin store. I wonder if we just buy melaronin gel capsules and just apply it to our temples to see if it grows hair?

  23. You guys I heard the same thing many years ago before even finasteride came out. “In 5 years we’ll have a cure” dont be so sure and confident. I recommend to anyone starting out in this torture to get fin and cut each pill in 4 and take 1/4 per day and get on with life. The more you think about this and let it play in your brain the more it takes over. Take your 1/4 pill and forget it.

  24. Mjones they actually sell topical melatonin in most places including walmart online. I may give it a go.

    1. FYI — I had planned a post on melatonin in the past, but never went through with it. Let me know if you get any decent results and I might reconsider.

  25. Also Admin quick question… Is there any noise lately on updates in regards to P3074(Polichem)? Just curious.

    1. @Richieron.

      Polichem is in Phase 3: They will finish phase 3 in September 2017.


      On the other hand I think HairClone or hair cloning is very interesting for the field of medical capillary surgeons since there are more patients for them that is the REAL truth.

      New treatment is coming very soon. As always GREAT BLOG.

      Paul Pheonix.

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