76th Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology

Society for Investigative Dermatology
Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID).

76th Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology (SID)

The 76th Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology starts today in Portland, Oregon in the US and lasts for four days. The schedule can be found in a detailed 100 page document on their website.

A number of renowned hair loss researchers are presenting their work or leading discussions here, including Dr. Rox Anderson, Dr. Angela Christiano, Dr. George Cotsarelis, Dr. Mayumi Ito, Dr. Anthony Oro, Dr. Maxim Plikus and others.

Some of the papers/abstracts that will be discussed are very interesting, including one based on this wounding related study co-authored by Dr. Luis Garza.

Also interesting for our purposes is one in which Samumed’s Dr. Yusuf Yazici is a co-author. The title of this one is: “A small molecule modulator of the wnt pathway (SM04554) as a potential topical treatment for androgenetic alopecia (AGA)“.

Alcaris Therapeutics and their CEO Neal Walker are also present in a big way, both as sponsors and via leading a symposium on JAK inhibitors with many expert speakers. Hopefully someone asks them about their male pattern hair loss trials too since the symposium focuses on alopecia areate, scarring alopecia, pruritus and vitiligo. Dr. Christiano and Dr. Etienne Wang are also presenting a paper titled “Conditional ablation of JAK-STAT5 signaling induces anagen hair growth“.

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  1. Clarify the results of the annual meeting in terms of /
    ● Root remedies.
    ● Effectiveness.
    ● Determining the date of their presence in the market.
    Please take advantage

  2. Haven’t been on here for a while… feels good to not check this website every other day like i used to (seriously appreciate what admin does though!)
    As shit as i feel about my hair loss theres definitely more to life than hair…. HOWEVER i find it remarkable how slowly things are still going in terms of a new product release. Its honestly ridiculous how no-one has brought something of moderate decency to the market which can even maintain hair.

    I had two sessions of PRP done with Ziering UK for the price of 900 Pounds which i was hoping would maintain my currently stick quite thick hair…. However upon going into my pre-injection consultation with the doctor i realised how little he knew about PRP (despite all the claims from the zering-rep on the phone)

    When i questioned him about the efficacy of different delivery protocols (depth of injections/ concentration of plasmas etc) he literally knew nothing. It was a this point i knew i had messed up paying so much money! As studies show PRP clearly does work with some people when administered correctly, however i think very few clinics do this and hence the mostly bad anecdotes.

    If any body is thinking of PRP make sure you go with a system like ANGEL as it guarantees the best parameters and will probably help you maintain.

    I hope everyone on here remains optimistic about something new soon as its all we can do. Also remember that yeh its shit for a guy to go bald but if you know young balding women like i do think how terrible it must be for them! Feel lucky your not in their situation!

    I wish everyone the best

    Over and out

  3. Any news from this yet? Lot of big players there. Ito and Cots have worked together before as have Garza and Cots.

  4. @HenryR. Good post! It truly is remarkable. I myself is optimistic but im also realistic. I do not think that a cure is anywhere within reach. A new treatment for maintenance is the best we can hope for. Ppl who becomes slick bald might aswell accept it. Just like our fathers and gandfathers have done…

    1. @Spanky if you really believe that then why are you on this site so frequently? I think it’s so funny how people can be so negative. Yes these things move slowly, but we’ve NEVER had so many things in the pipeline as we do today and scientific progress is inevitable. Science and technology are moving at the fastest pace in the history of mankind and you’re still pessimistic. Optimism is healthy and better for your follicles anyway lol

      1. @H ive done exactly that. Ive shaved my head and had SMP done so that I’m not trapped in a cycle of lotions, foams and pills with side effects.

        @Spanky I’m not saying there’s no reason to be pessimistic. It’s been a long hard journey already, I get it. But you’re basing all your feelings on announcements of false deadlines. You need to stop thinking like that. Most major scientific breakthroughs weren’t announced years in advance with a fixed guaranteed deadline.

        My point is simple. As long we are alive, progress will be made. There are plenty of conspiracy theories but I don’t have the energy to argue against those as a paranoid mind is a pointless opponent.

        Every piece of news we have had is slowly unveiling the truth about hair loss. Stem cell and gene therapy are growing as industries exponentially. They are relatively young still.

        E.g. When HIV pessimists went on and on about how we will never cure it, now today we have hundreds of different combination drug options that act as a functional cure. And it is widely accepted that a full cure is pretty much a sure thing in the near future.

        As an extra point, the worlds most successful people tend to live life by the law of attraction. Look into it. The more you focus on a lack of hair and a lack of cures, that’s exactly what you’ll get more of.

        Enter patronizing insults here [………….]

        1. @Jay my comment was towards Spanky lol I believe somebody is going to come out with a viable cloning method in the coming years. That be said, I have also shaved my head and am not on any drugs not that they don’t work I just would rather get all the hairs that are going to go off and be able to fill in all or most of the follicles I would need in one sitting rather then get multiple transplants as it progresses.

  5. @Jay, im here cuz im interesting in news bout something I can maintain with. If you believe that a cure is within our grasp then your obiviously not here enough, Lol. A while back I also hyped myself on the thought about alot of things being in the pipeline but lets be realistic…whats really on the verge of being released? Which great pipeline treatments is in phase 3? Dont fool yourself with false hope.

  6. A televised 2007 CNN story predicted a cure for baldness in 2009, while Popular Science predicted a conservative 2012. Given my linear HT scars that require fake hair to cover, I was counting on these predictions to be anywhere near true. I rearranged my entire life several times waiting on the cure, trying not to let the scars ruin everything.

    Well, 5 years overdue, and nobody is even close to having a product. It’s asinine. My only thought is that the establishment hair loss industry is quite wealthy and powerful, and they will buy out and stifle all progress to keep people paying for hair transplants and wigs. That’s life. It’s very similar to the way the establishment oil industry funded a cable news channel to put their profit interests in the White House. We could have clean energy by now, but establishment profits are king.

    Anyway, the only thing of value I’ve seen regarding hair in the past ten years are photos of the effects of jak inhibitors on AA patients. Everything else is just speculative garbage. Let’s all hope that they find a topical solution for AGA, and that Aclaris does the right thing and doesn’t sell out to big brother. It’s a long shot, but “rebellions are built on hope”.

    1. Admin, my apologies for the long-winded negativity and conspiracy theories above. Feel free to delete. Some days are better than others. We all appreciate your continued positive new information. Fingers crossed on the jaks!

    1. @Spanky.. thanks man. Just needed to vent, but Admin’s site doesn’t deserve that! Love visiting each week to hear some positive news.

      1. Allergen was the only game in town back in your day. Doubtful Riken Shiseido are going to fail. 2020 looks more up an 2012

        1. Aderans and Intercytex… And until this day, I have yet to see a single set of convincing photos of a baldness reversal (accept for in AA patients). That is simply because no effective cure is in a clinical trial yet. For ten years it’s been 99% smoke and mirrors to raise research funds. Our current best bets are jak inhibitors or efficient follocle multiplication systems (external.. cancer free).

          1. That’s right those were the two companies. Riken tsuji labs has actual videos of mice engineered to be hairless with hair on their scalps human trials start 2018 . Those two companies cannot say the same never could!!

  7. video on HairClone and their study


    again… this is happening right now!! way sooner than shiskaboedo

    “Then, when the patient is ready, they have the actual transplantation. They would let us know and we’d go through the process of replication, and getting those 50 cells will now turn into 1500 cells,” Williams says.

    The trial would cost Ric between $4,000-$10,000 plus air fare to England, where he’d get his cloned hair. England is the only western country that allows this type of treatment.

    Williams says hair cloning is the next biggest frontier in hair science. Hair Clone hopes to start a small trial in England later this year.

    1. seriously, i saw this story too. is this a hoax? why hasn’t this been covered on this blog? this would be revolutionary. something sounds fishy about it.

  8. It is crazy to me to think about when a cure is available the weight that will be lifted off all of our shoulders. I know I think about it every night before I go to bed and it’s the first thing I think about when I get up. I know one day, whether it’s 2 yrs or 10 yrs, a lot of young men will not have to go through such a life changing event. I know what I miss the most about before starting to lose my hair was a stress/worry free mind.

  9. God all I wish is a company to come up with a artificial permanent solution… Why would it be so hard…. Women are getting bigger boobs, better lips… I wish some tech company comes up with a solution.. Atleast once in 5 years kind of maintenance… If we can’t fix it from inside, do it from outside….

  10. The only company that can come up with something like this is sammumed… as they have the money and passion…

    1. @Farhan There have been many companies that have attempted/are attempting synthetic hair implants. There are far too many problems with that route however including a high risk of rejection and infection, to name a few.

      The point is moot anyway imo, maintenance treatments such as RCH-01, HSC are nearing the market within the next 2 years, and actual cure treatments such as Tsuji, TissUse, and Hairclone are all scheduled to begin trials within the next 2 years.

      In my opinion, it is an absolute given that hairloss WILL be cured by 2020 (good prediction Admin). I have zero doubt in my mind. Actually, I believe that hairloss has already been cured with RCH-01 (completely stops hair loss) and Tsuji/TissUse (Hair can be restored to already bald areas). The technology has already been invented.

      The only question that remains is when it will be available, which will be sometime in the 2020s.

      1. Replicel’s communication is vague at best. A “glimmer” of efficacy is by no means a cure. It’ll probably be lucky to be half of rogaine and they aren’t meeting that 2018 deadline i can promise you.

        Hair Clone hasn’t even solved it yet and there’s going to be a decade plus of clinical trials.

        I agree the seed of a cure might be achieved in a lab somewhere before 2021 (although highly unlikely), but it won’t be available to market for a long time.

  11. @Admin: Here the Journal of Investigative Dermatology (1st May 2017) Online version. We can see all abstracts.

    Source: http://www.jidonline.org/pb/assets/raw/Health Advance/journals/jid/JID-137-5S1.pdf

    For Cotsarelis
    Abstracts :
    1. Human hair follicle regeneration with trichogenic human dermal papilla precursor cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells Kim1 , B Kang , Y Zheng , S Jo , K Kim , G Cotsarelis and O Kwon

    ” Dermal papilla precursor cells (DPPCs) in dermal condensates are unipotent cell population which can initiate hair follicle (HF) formation with epidermal placode cells. Intact human dermal papilla cells are known to regenerate de novo HFs with mouse epidermal cells. However, these cells cannot be utilized as human HF regenerative source due to the rapid loss of trichogenic properties upon culture. Here, we differentiated induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into trichogenic DPPCs via neural crest stem cells (NCSCs). Based on human embryonic HF formation process, we focused to mimic DPPCs at the hair placode stage which is the first recognizable status of HF formation. Interestingly, the syndecan-1 (SDC1) expression, normally expressed in human dermal condensates, was increased, whereas the CD133 expression, normally expressed in iPSCs and NCSCs, was dramatically decreased during the differentiation process. Generated SDC1+CD133- cell population showed higher trichogenic properties and HF regeneration efficiency. Human iPSC-derived DPPCs are capable of generating HF structure when combined with hiPSCs-derived epithelial stem cells in skin reconstitution assays. In conclusion, derivation of DPPCs capable of generating de novo human HF can be a novel treatment possibility for permanent alopecia patients”.

    2. Fat cells regenerate from myofibroblasts during wound healing
    C Guerrero-Juarez , M Ito , Y Zheng , G Cotsarelis and M Plikus

    ” Regeneration via the lineage reprogramming of one cell lineage to another is believed to occur only in fish and amphibians, but it is not observed in mammals. We discovered in mouse that during wound healing adipocytes regenerate from myofibroblasts, a cell type thought to be differentiated and non-adipogenic. The transcription factors, Zfp423 and Pparg, normally expressed during adipocyte development, were reactivated and were required for adipogenic reprogramming of myofibroblasts. Myofibroblast reprogramming required the presence of neogenic hair follicles, which triggered Bone Morphogenic Protein (BMP) signaling and subsequent Zfp423 activation. Overexpression of the BMP antagonist, noggin, in hair follicles or deletion of the BMP receptor in myofibroblasts prevented adipocyte formation. Adipocytes formed from human keloid fibroblasts when treated with either BMP protein or placed in the presence of human hair follicles in vitro. We conclude that an adult mammal can utilize lineage reprogramming for regeneration and identify the myofibroblast as a plastic cell type that can may be manipulated potentially to treat scars in humans ” .

  12. Thursday 27 April : Dr. Cotsarelis will present his study ” Human hair follicle regeneration with trichogenic human dermal papilla precursor cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells”.

    And Wednesday 28 April : Dr/ Cotsarelis for ” Fat cells regenerate from myofibroblasts during wound healing.”

    1. Nothing new will get out. Some old news to hype stock…… Hope not. Maybe follica presentation or future strategy i hope

  13. SHISEIDO will do it or nobody will. It is a one horse race. The other players spend more time looking for funds than researching the cure. Their phase 2 trial is underway. If rch01 proves to be the cure we will have a cure by 2020. If not, based on them having no alternative and the others having little cash it could be decades away. Interesting times.

  14. @admin

    Do you have any information on the actual info shared on this meeting? Too bad these arent viewable to the public.

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