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Samumed Expects 2021 or early 2022 FDA Approval

I have covered Samumed (US) close to 20 times on this blog. In 2018, the company started Phase 3 clinical trials for its androgenetic alopecia (SM04554) topical product.

Samumed Pipeline 2019
Samumed pipeline. Androgenetic Alopecia is third from bottom.

Can Samumed Release Hair Loss Product in 2022?

Yesterday, Samumed’s CEO Dr. Osman Kibar gave an interesting interview to Fierce Biotech (h/t reader “John Doe”). The most relevant part of this interview for us is:

“Its alopecia treatment is close behind, with approval anticipated in late 2021 or early 2022.”

Not a surprise as far as time frame goes, but Mr. Kibar seems confident that they will get approval. I am assuming he agreed with the above sentence in the interview or was quoted as such.

Not sure if other CEOs “anticipate” approval chances before Phase 3 trials are complete. I am hoping that Samumed has seen good results during the first year of ongoing Phase 3 trials in order to warrant this confidence.

The interview also has some interesting information about the scientific reasoning behind why Samumed’s products are safe despite targeting the critical Wnt pathway.

Wnt10b and Hair Growth

Hair loss news first:

— Two important studies were published in Japan in the past several weeks. One on the unusually named topical penta-peptide Gly-Pro-Ile-Gly-Ser (GPIGS); and another on the somewhat less esoteric Wnt-10b. Update: A 2020 study finds that Wnt10b promotes hair follicle growth and dermal papilla cell proliferation via the Wnt/β-Catenin signaling pathway. Note that the research was done in rabbits.

— Samumed and its Turkish CEO Osman Kibar are featured in a Forbes magazine cover page story and article that everyone was talking about last week. Turkish media also picked up on the story. I did not realize that Mr. Kibar was such a good poker player. I do not agree at all with some hair loss forum members who have said that winning and placing second in his first two tournaments is just luck, especially when considering that the second tournament had 3,000 participants.

More importantly, Samumed is potentially valued at $12 billion, so Mr. Kibar is worth $4 billion with his one-third ownership stake. An unreal number for a company with somewhat unproven products and potential. Further proof that the biotech sector is extremely overvalued. As far as Samumed’s SM04554 hair loss product goes, the article does not divulge anything new that would raise my optimism level above what I gauged in my last post on the subject.

— The UK’s Mirror had an excellent article on the dangers of getting bad hair transplants and the importance of picking an experienced surgeon and adviser. Also see my posts on the dangers of getting hair transplants abroad and on hair transplants gone wrong.

Pfizer and Allergan have scrapped their merger plans after US tax rule changes limited potential benefits. I mention this news because Allergan has two important hair loss treatment drugs in the pipeline in Bimatoprost and Setipiprant.

Does PPR for hair loss work? A new study from Spain suggests that it is an effective treatment for hair growth.

— New study summarizing 11 older LLLT studies concludes overall favorable results when it comes to hair growth.

— French spiderman climbs an office tower to call attention to hair loss. Well done monsieur. The French are supposed to be among the best in the world at realizing the important things in life. For example, hair loss day was celebrated (or mourned) in the country on March 24th 2016 per the last sentence of that article.

— Someone from the HLT forums asked me via e-mail to help in publicizing a group buy of ingredients to make Dr. Brotzu’s lotion. I never participate in group buys, and I do not like posting about them on this blog. I do not want to be responsible in case someone purchases a dangerous ingredient from some unreliable international vendor. Nevertheless, I will make an exception here and encourage blog readers to visit this link and decide for themselves. As always, I am not a doctor or medical professional, and I take zero responsibility in case the group buy ends up being something illegal. I have done no research about the ingredients involved in this venture.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— Salamander’s are known for their limb regenerative abilities. And now, a team from Australia claims that a stem cell therapy that is capable of regenerating any human tissue damaged by injury, disease, or aging could be available within a few years due to the development of new techniques.

Implant lets paralyzed man play guitar. Just imagine if hair loss and paralysis both get cured by the end of 2020.

— Mind transfer to a computer very possible by 2050. Very popular story on Reddit based on number of comments, but I think they have this same kind of mind uploading story every single month.

The convergence of programming and biology.

— Two new breakthroughs in diabetes treatment: one makes sense, but the other is a bit of a surprise. For probably the 4th time on this blog, I repeat that the UK’s much maligned gossip rag “The Daily Mail” seems to be at the forefront of covering important hair loss and medical news stories.

Gene therapy that restores eyesight in some to be tested on humans. Everyone seems to be having an easier time moving from testing on animals to testing on humans in comparison to hair loss researchers.

First 3D printed drug Spritam (Levetiracetam) for epilepsy treatment now FDA approved for sale in the US.