Samumed’s SM04554 is no Miracle Cure

Update: Samumed released their presentation files.  Actual presentation at the conference was by the CEO Yusuf Yazici.

Press Release.


Per page 12 of the above second link, while the treatment lasted for 90 days, the final hair counts were measured at day 135.  So in spite of no treatment for 45 days, hair counts still increased from day 90 to day 135.

Important finding:

“No serious adverse events (SAE) observed in the treatment groups, and the incidence of adverse events (AE) was similar between treatment and control groups.”

Also now covered in the Daily Mail and Business Insider.

I have covered Samumed and its SM04554 product numerous times on this blog in the past several years.  My first post on Samumed was written in 2014 and is worth a reread.  Last month, I wrote about the upcoming 74th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) between March 4 and March 8 — with Samumed taking center stage.  In that post, I stated that: “I am not expecting anything particularly impressive in this latest presentation, but would be more than happy to be wrong.

Unfortunately, I was not wrong (and I am very surprised that so many people expected this to be a miracle and are so depressed on the hair loss forums!).  Although Samumed has yet to release its presentation slides or pdfs from yesterday’s presentation for public viewing on their website’s media page or publications page,  a Forbes magazine article summarized their Phase II clinical trial findings.  The results, while good (a 10 percent increase in hair count after only 3 months of topical application), were nowhere near what one would deem as groundbreaking.  Note that all 302 patients that were treated were high Norwoods (4 to 6) on the Norwood-Hamilton balding classification scale.

Moreover, one strange development was that the lower (0.15 percent) dosage yielded better hair count growth than the higher (0.25 percent) dosage (9.6 percent growth versus 6.9 percent growth).  However, this does make the study more believable in my opinion.  It is also worth noting that SMO4555 is tackling baldness via targeting the Wnt pathway, which is something that is entirely different from what all other hair loss drugs and lotions to date have targeted.  It seems like the typical phenomenon of higher doses being more effective for hair growth may not apply when dealing with the Wnt pathway.  Or this could just be a one time anomaly.

One of the reasons that I was not expecting any miracle is because of Samumed’s 2013 Australian clinical trials not getting much coverage.  It seems like those results were never published?

For the time being, we can only hope that 6 month results will be superior to 3 month results.  If not, we at the very least have yet another weapon in the fight against hair loss.  After having just one topical product (Minoxidil) to tackle our hair loss problems for the past few decades, we could soon have four or five separately acting topicals as I mentioned in this post.  In the words of a great sage named “Farhan”:

“I will put all the topicals in blender..may be add a bit of lavender for flavour…mix it and I will apply it on my head…”

Finally, we should also remember that the science behind SM04554 is sound and their team is led by two scientists who have been involved in hair loss research for years The Forbes magazine article I mentioned earlier states that Samumed is a  “largely unknown biotechnology company.”  However, this unknown and fairly new company seems to have the resources to hire esteemed hair loss research scientists, including others besides the above two that are conducting the trials at centers around the US.

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  1. As always, a great post with the added dose of reality we expect from you admin! I am actually slightly impressed by the results and I suspect they will go back to the drawing board to further understand how the Wnt mechanism works.

    1. 10 percent is not bad. They could still further optimise the results. Then again the idea behind his treatment is to not be used as a stand-alone but rather in conjunction with other treatements. It might be PRP + acell + SAMUMED SM4554 or minox + dut + SAMUMED +LLLT. You get the drift.

      I am also eagerly waiting for topical JAK inhibitors to hit the market. They seem promising enough.

  2. Admin…now…promising treatment dont exist????

    So depressed. Taking fin and experiencing side effect….

    No more hope????

  3. 10% increase is a good result. Especially after just 3 months. We’ve all known all along that “The Solution” to hair loss won’t be one drug that fixes it but a series of discoveries and improvements over years. A new method that increases hair count by 10% is not just an improvement, it’s a milestone.

  4. Thank you admin.
    Certainly result of samumed is not miracle,but science is often gradually progressing.
    So, I hope effect of this medicine to increased as time goes.

    FInasteride could not increase 10% of hair in 3 months,so this result is slightly evolution.

    sorry,my bad English.

  5. I think this sounds promising, it supposedly GREW hair on mostly completely bald men. It obviously needs more work, we need to know now if the results will continue long term. Imagine if they could refine it so you got an increase in hair count, 10% per quarter? Now that would be impressive (I doubt it’s quite up to that, at this stage). Ah well, 2018. Samumed, Histogen and then Replicel (eventually). I’m happy with this.

  6. Wounding + this topical would work better just like rogaine and wounding( microneedling) works so much better than rogaine alone

  7. “If not, we at the very least have yet another weapon in the fight against hair loss. ”

    You are assuming that Samumed will go forward with further development and commercialization of the drug, despite the lackluster results. I think that is rather optimistic. And even if they do, a new formulation will require another Phase II trial, pushing any release back two years or more. All in all, it is a very disappointing result.

  8. Breezy the results are good…Think please… Only 3 months and patients with MPB (higher norwoods). Regrows 10% of hair: NOT BAD.

  9. My question would be how this affects people with minimal frontal loss. They tested on higher norwoods and we all know it is far easier to regrow/maintain hair on top and back of the head than it is on the front. So their was increased hair count on higher norwoods meaning it regrew in the middle and back of the head – not necessarily the front. Id be curious if this worked in the temple area at all.

    I admit, I had high hopes for SM. They just seemed to be moving so fast without running into any hiccups that I thought they must have something good. If this came out tomorrow, I would be happy and quickly throw my money at them for it. But going back to the drawing board, and having to wait for phase 3 trials etc – this won’t help me or many others after a few more years. By then I will be a high norwood and regrowing 10% of hair at a NW5 won’t matter because you will clearly still be bald. Just a little less bald, and I don’t see a point in that.

  10. i think 10% regrows in only 3 months is a good result. now the question is if the regrow will stay at the same level 10% after the first 3 months or it will decrease ?

    can anybody have a pictures of their result ?

  11. Finally something new for hairloss, and hope new things come in the near future. Lauster needs 10 more years to creat a functional hair follicle. Cots is aware about hairloss market around the world and he said we may see treatment in 3-5 years but the cure may take 10 years.

    1. Cots mentioned that time frame back in 2012 or 2013. 3 to 4 years ago. I think he will pop out of nowhere and it will shock us all.

  12. Dude cots is like kardashian of the hair world.. He just wanna get on news… Every now and then he comes up with new stuff..

  13. Hey guys I was just thinking lying on the bed… If science doesn’t cure baldness maybe there is a god for hair loss.. We need to know who that dude is and offer our prayers..

  14. I wonder why there are no photos of the results on the men tested. The only photo is the one with mice. Im tired of seeing results on mice- it seems like you anything kickstarts hair growth in mice. I want to see the quality of the regrowth, and the density it provided on a human scalp.

  15. I’ve been a little disconnected of the subject in the past weeks, what happened with the italian (old) guy of whom Admin had an optimistic view?

  16. I cant image how people took 10% in 3 months comments so seriously. I would like to remind the sale pitch of fin.. it was around 40% in 3 months or something like that.
    if they say 10%, it is probably around 1% in reality so not cosmetically visible.
    so good luck with that. lets all forget this conversation never happened and move on with our lifes.

    1. danitello…stop joking man…that’s a serious blog….Fin: 40% regrow hair in 3 month…what a joke…

  17. ya admin fin at it’s peak is 13% in 12 months
    i think its a little premature but i was never excited about sam for some reason

  18. Its better than nothing. I just wanna see them take this into phase 3 so we have another option other than a drug which comes with the risk of being impotent.

  19. I didnt expect any groundbreaking news from samumed but i thought it would give a lot more growth than this and can save us until something very effective comes out, hopefully results from 2b trials will be better.
    Right now, i feel very empty, i dont know for what i should looking for, the future seems hopeless when it comes to a cure for baldness. What you think, can we expect any news soon or this year from christiano angela?
    She seems to be only one who can bring something groundbreaking sooner than anyone else.

  20. @nk: Look at the diapositive number 15: They say: Further studies ARE BEING CONDUCTED to evaluate safety, efficacy, and appropriate dosing regimen.

    Let’s wait and see. Be patient.

  21. Histogen should have been out in 2015 lol. Sorry had to say that. Latisse is another player in the game. They are redosing and trying a better vehicle. Italian guy has a treatment that should come out 2017. Everything else is 2 to 4 years away.

  22. I cant believe im writing this but im actually considering getting a FUE done summer 2017. I still have most of my hair so some frontal repair would do alot for me. Im European and there is some very good clinics in this part of the world.

    1. I think that’s probably not a bad idea, and one I’m considering myself. Like you, I have a lot of my hair left, and a thousand or so grafts would probably go a long way. The ARTAS system is really interesting, and its capabilities are only getting better. I just don’t see a new protocol being released in the next ten years or so, and an HT will probably let me get on with my life.

    2. Just wait until this summer. Dr Carlos Wesley is supposed to be finishing up another clinical trial on Pilofocus scarless hair transplant that he developed. Hopefully he can offer the procedure early next year that would be amazing to say the least. If I could get Pilofocus and Sam for maintenance id be more than willing to apply a topical 2 times a day, only of course if it has little to no sides. Sam sounds like a life saver for me NW 0.5 so I don’t have much to worry about yet, however I truely hope that something can happen sooner than later for my high NW brothers all across the world.

  23. Dude spanky if you have just little bit of hair loss at frontal…dont even think about it…get FUE …it really gives amazing results…but get it done from someone who is really godd at it.

  24. If Sam can deliver 10% more hair I’d buy it in a heartbeat. And in the meantime they can continue testing to find the most effective dosage and release new formulation like Minox does.

  25. 10% in 3 months is fantastic in my book. Anything which not only halts hair loss, but grows more hair, is a big leap forward. I can’t tolerate finasteride, so any alternative is welcome for me. I At this point, if a treatment which can stop hair loss comes out, I can get a HT and be back to a relatively full head of hair – I’m a NW 2-3 but the crown is starting to thin out a bit now too. Hurry up guys!

  26. Does anyone know how long this potentially could take? If it could maintain this result beyond 90 days that could be really impressive. 20% in 6 months, 40% in 12 months that could be so good for alot of people who’re just now thinning and receeding. As someone else has said, if they can then adjust the formula to boost the results. If Phase 3 proves non-effacious then forget about it, but if they say from the baseline it’s improved 20% then we have something worth being really excited about.

  27. I dont know what son of you guys are talking about? Heck if they say you will have a 10 percent boost in haircut im happy!!

  28. I would do an fue in front right temple where it’s just thinning and looks weird. Crown us starting to thin as well. When is piloscopy coming out? I would do ht but going to work with bloody scar and shaved look is out of the question. I would need to take a month off work. If this Samumed or histogen came out now it would be my life saver. 2 yrs from now will still be good but it will just take me back to where I am now nw 2.5 diffuse. Someone mentioned Lauster on here recently. I just want to put my 2 cents out on his team. I have been following them since 2001 lol. That’s 15 yrs and they yet still cam create a hair follicle. They must really suck haha. What are they doing over there this whole time. It gets you thinking. Anywho I hope piloscopy comes out and I would totally do that to fill in the thinning frontal areas in particular my right side.

    1. Dude get a fue….stop thinking too much…you will need like two weeks thats all to heal and I personally think no other treatment will be as good as a HT…unless its something like JAK….dont waste time on stupid histogen or replicel…

      1. 2 weeks and the bloody scab and hair that was shaved off from the donor area will grow back? Hmmm. I will have to think about it.

        So this new anti thinning shampoo and serum treatment from Paul Mitchel just came out. He claims it will replace minixidil. Google Paul Mitchell Regeniplex shampoo and you will see or search in facebook. It has some pretty good ingredients, castor oil, pygeuum bark, tea tree, and some other stuff that supposedly prolongs the anagen phase, enlarges the follicles and unminiaturizes thinning hair.

        1. donor area will heal in few days wont even notice it….the recipient area will take two weeks..until all the scabs come out…its all about the after need to follow a routine until the scabs come out….it really feels good when you see the hairline… the only bad thing is if you are thinning overall in a fast pace then not worth it…

  29. the thing that upsets me is they really care for AA and they are trying harder to fix it and they did…. but not that harder for AGA… both are same conditions in my opinion…both loose hair..both are upsetting…atleast AA gets emotional support form people ..not AGA…

    1. He’s given an e-mail on the Contact page, if you looked. He does state that he only wants to contact that way if it’s absolutely necessary though.

  30. Time to throw in the towel. Sorry, but there’s no way there will be a cure by 2020. This industry is embarresing

  31. @Rockin. Yes the hair loss industry is deplorable and embarrassing….Maybe you are right…No cure for MPB and no treatments in the horizon.

    1. i dont know what else could do

      Im so tired trying shampoos microneedling PRP taking DHT / 5ar2 inhibitors even 6 Month NoFap streak (Hard mode) year im desesperated

      And sick to hear “bald men are sexy look at Bruce Willys ” or “just shave and grow a beard”

      I really hate how i look at mirror

      They are destroying My Savings But worst i go to buy groceries at midnight wearing cap i Walk My dog at 2 am no social Life since 2015 time i noticed receding hairline / thinning

      Will all of us be another generation die expecting the cure ?

      Other (promising) fields are

      Pgd2 inhibition


      1. “But worst i go to buy groceries at midnight wearing cap i Walk My dog at 2 am no social Life since 2015”

        It’s my life. I do the same.

        I understand you and I sympathize with you.

  32. F that! I am still impressed with samumed. 10 % growth in 3 months! Stopping further loss even months after treatment was stopped. We have nothing like that available. I hope they pursue phase 3 soon and get this to market in 2017. This will be great addition for low norwoods. I agree it won’t do much for high norwoods. Susheido is your option. Still hope guys, even follica is an option

  33. they already decided to pursue phase 3 .. it’s nice knowing admin is a tough audience but i think this is good news

    1. Cool! I didn’t know that egg head. Well there you have it, our next mpb treatment could be on its way. Most phase 3 trials make it to store shelves. Did they say when they will be starting phase 3?

    2. Where did you hear they’re going to Phase 3 trials? They said they were going to do ANOTHER Phase 2 trial with a new formulation.

  34. All a lie. Only way to really grow your hair is to have a hair transplant. The rest is just a big scam. 10% is at its best.

  35. Good find paul. I hope Gail is providing nore info about histogen release date instead of just using it as a tool to try to get investors. If the second is the case I guess you gotta do what u gotta do to get the money to be on it to market. But anyway keys hope she has son new good news. I hope this doesnt turn into a histogen is a scam thread. Clearly it isn’t if hellouser backs it.

  36. Lol with histogen you guys…. I cant believe you guys talk about histogen…big bogus…. every summit and every hair event she just comes up with some photos and a power point presentation…like a student with assignment completing just before due date… same pics …same shit…
    How many years of trials guys…they started like in 2009 or something…what are they doing trials with cryptonite…
    She just want to finish her mortgage with the funds… dr Gail Naughty

  37. I have been trying to follow a “bald” cure for the better part of a year and have never posted on a forum or a blog about it. This is my two cents. I don’t want to be the guy that says “Man Up” and my shit don’t stink… but I want to be real here ; there will not be a full cure in our lifetime. While I do predict a cure is around the corner in the next 20 years, the MPB nut has not been cracked. For those that feel JAK inhibitors provide hope, there is none. It may help one disorder, but MPB is a totally different animal and I feel in my heart it will be of no help. I am a 35 year old male that has had diffuse thinning since like 19… and I still have some hair… crazy. I started shaving my head a few months ago, and I can’t stress enough how good I feel. I got sick of hiding behind a hat in hopes a cure would come. Do not get HT or Tattoos as they look like shit and you are trying to hide something, just shave your head because a cure is not coming in your lifetime that matters. Please keep in mind I have done tons of research on the subject, do not give me the good hair transplant surgeon pitch.

    1. I’m by no means starting a pointless internet war with you but I think it’s incorrect to make a blanket statement such as a cure will not come in our lifetime. Even though this may be true we have to remain open minded, the fact of the matter is JAK hasn’t been tested on MPB. It has two potential outcomes you can’t just write it off just because you feel that way in your heart. Let the scientists test and research then you can make your conclusion. If follica, histogen, replicel and even Samumed and the rest of them mess up then we can say maybe not in our lifetime but still the beauty of it is that new discoveries can be made in the coming years and their research can be built upon.

    2. “Do not get HT or Tattoos as they look like shit and you are trying to hide something,”

      Shaved, balding heads look shit and that’s the reason why I’ll take a HT over a shaved head any day.

      Don’t worry about a pitch of any kind – you just keep enjoying your shaved head and I’ll keep enjoying my hair.

  38. Do we know if all men responded to this treatment? Propecia and minoxidil do not work in all.Has samumed touched 100% response. If yes, may be that is another point to be happy about

    1. Good point.

      If it is guaranteed to work for everyone rather than a lucky few then it’s a winner. Who wouldn’t want a guaranteed 10% increase in hair count at the end of 3 months? If it halts the hair loss process then that’s a massive bonus too.

      Too early to start getting excited with the information that we have though.

  39. I think she was aware of that AA and AGA are two different disease, when she’d made this claim. Even when it was for getting more funds, i dont think she’d throw just words over the air, she’s very good reputated researcher for this. It would take a lot of years until they’d completed the clinc trials and got fda approval, even for aa they are only in second phase clinic trials.
    But we will check it out soon whether it will work for aga or not and this is far enough for me, i could wait another couple of years when i’d knew that a cure will reach the market by then.

  40. Okay 2 things:
    1. Why only test for 3 months? Am I wrong to think that you need at least 6 months to actually observe a products effect, especially for hair loss? Maybe I’ve become too used to the typical 3 phase system that I expect to see data after a year. With that said, it is nice to know that it keeps growing hair after it has stopped used… that’s a great sign.

    2. I see a lot of people bad mouthing Histogen. The fact is that Histogen has been one of the few companies that have provided both numbers and photos. I’m not 100% behind them thinking that they are completely legit (I won’t believe it until I see it) BUT they have been one of the few companies that have continuously given us data and numbers. When they release numbers people complain that there aren’t enough photos, when they release photos there aren’t enough numbers.
    Take a seat and enjoy the ride. I’m not placing any huge bets on Histogen but they have been positioning themselves to be one of the first, next gen treatments whether you believe it or not. Your theories of what Histogen has or hasn’t accomplished are meaningless and the fact that they are ready to update again is great. I suggest you humbly thank them for presenting their data/ photos, whether they meet your standards or not – otherwise go back to praising companies like Follica that leave us in the dark and quit the shit talking.

    1. I agree. Never understood the bad-mouthing about Histogen. Whilst the photo from the hair congress looks a tad suspect (different camera angles between shots, hair possibly combed forward, and all conducted by someone who has been caught out for manipulating hairloss images before) the clinical trial data speaks for itself.

      Histogen showed a 73.61% increase in terminal hair in one year compared to a 15.61% loss in the placebo group. Histogen increased hair thickness, works on areas that have proven resistant to previous treatment (i.e. the temples – a woman regained the hair she’d lost there) and works well on older men (who may have lot substantial hair already) as well as women.

      1. he was LEANING forward with the hair ALSO combed forward!! Absolute garbage photo and insulting. There’s a reason why they can’t get big investors. They need a few million for a hair loss cure and they can’t get it?? I trust money.

    2. you want numbers I will give you numbers…all you need is a PC with Microsoft office and photoshop and there you go have results..dude histogen claims they have 71% of growth…dude that is literally a cure…they wont even wait if they really had that kind of results…we might be loosing hair ..not our brains….

  41. JAK inhibitors showed results in AA within 10 days – a week! It would be VERY easy for her to try this on someone with AGA. Jak does jack shit for AGA. Sorry but def do not have my hopes up about this. Of course every other alopeica will be cured before AGA. Great job scientists!

  42. “So in spite of no treatment for 45 days, hair counts still increased from day 90 to day 135”

    This sounds different from other treatment, because shedding starts after a month of stopping any treatment.

    1. what’s that about man?

      btw, Samumed stop the trial? i mean, they’re gonna kepp aplying the topical to the pacient, to see if they still respond to the treatment? or they stop and star again in a new trial?


  43. #baldings, where did you read that jak grows hair within 10 days? Maybe on mice?
    I’ve read the papers about this two people with alopecia areata and universalis and none of them were mentioned when they start to grow hair. One had grown full head of hair within 4-5 months the other in 8 months and thats it.

  44. The more i hear about Samumed, the more i want it to come to market to try it. The results yes aren’t mind blowing, but the hair stays after 30 days thats pretty awesome.

    Also, that one shot of the Histogen treatment, it doesn’t matter how the picture is angled. Anybody who is actually a little bit intelligent can see his frontal area was completely gone.

    Sure a couple of hairs are combed forward, but the before photo you can see all the hairs are thicker and there seems to have been a few grow back. Also, the temple photo of the female was so impressive.

  45. Sorry guys, im not very pumped on histogen either. Yeah the results seemed to be ok, but the guy was still clearly bald. It wont be a cure, and idk I just dont see the point in getin excited for anything anymore that just makes you a little less bald. I dont want to be bald or balding. So something that helps but people can still clearly see im balding Im not going to be pumped for and pay tons of money. Something thst had some regrowth and maintained like a topical or pill I will be excited for because it is simple. You know damn well that something like histogen or replicel will be in the thousands, probably even more than a HT. And you also know damn well insurance wont cover it because its considered cosmetic. It wont be available fpr a couple years, and even that wont be in the US, so now we have to travel. And we dont even know how often we have to get this treatment redone. If histogen was a cure that literally regrew 100% and stopped the cause of mpb then id fork over the dough. But the cost/effort of getting this seems to me like the results wouldn’t be worth it. Im not trying to trash it, I just dont think this is going to be a very good option for most people.

    1. I agree with rancid. Histogen needs to provide more regrowth than this. It works and if it was offered in the USA I would pay 2k for some injections to fill in my right temple and crown. Question is how long will it last and do I have to do this every year? Seems it will also grow patches of hair unevenly. Not even all over. The dude in the pic was still just as thin in the middle of his head in the after picture. Plus the growth looked patchy and weird but the good news is the hair was definitely darker and thicker.

  46. Its not that I’m not excited about new treatments and ideas coming out, its just upsetting how expensive treatments are. I mean look at PRP and it barely does a thing. I wouldn’t buy a new car at full price if it could only get me halfway to my destination, so why would I pay thousands for something that darkens my hair? Or regrows a little, but not enough to stop me from looking bald/balding? A $50 month prescription for a pill or topical treatment that regrows some or most and can maintain id do in a heartbeat. But head injections in a foreign country for thousands of dollars? Cmon..

    1. Yeah especially getting injections in Mexico from some back alley doctor lol its like Doctor Nick from the Simpsons haha ” hi everybody let’s shoot some histogen in your head” hahaha
      All jokes aside I am still excited about Samumed, and 50/50 about histogen.

      1. Lol… You want me to walk to the hospital down the street from me and take photos so you can see the quality of doctors and hospitals there are here in Mexico? Your racist misconceptions are hilarious to me. Standard of care here in Mexico City is either par or better with standard of care in the states. Try traveling and educating yourself instead of making assumptions… It might keep your mind off your hair loss for awhile.

    2. That’s always been my point… and it applies to hair transplants as well.. a great sacrifice and investment needs to provide a great result!! or else it isn’t worth the work, cost, trouble… you know.. it’s sad.

  47. If to the end of this years we dont have good News the page Will need to change the name tu hairlosscure 2020 plus or 2025. Sorry but is the reality xD

      1. Don’t worry admin a new and better treatment will come out by 2020. Most likely from follica or someone else. Now cure may be a stretch, might need to change it to hairloss treatment 2020, or cure for low Norwoods. :)

        1. What is Follica, i only found they’re doing wounding but are they applying a compound topically aswell?

          Also, the admin only states there will be a cure invented by 2020, not that it will be available. :D

  48. The comparison between Finasteride and SM makes no sense because they act in different ways. However, growth in SM offered high Norwoods in 3 months of 10% (even more) within 3 months Finasteride does nothing (only shedding). SM0554 GREAT RESULTS.

    If a treatment does not come out…we should consider a boycott Finasteride / Hair transplants. Because that industry is embarrasing and deplorable.
    Finally, we have a new treatment at the end of 2017/2018 and Histogen (HSC) of course…


  49. Hello people .I am new around here and to the whole balding thing .I have a quick question id like to get answered.
    Do we have an explanation to why donor hair area isnt affected by aa

  50. Hey comon guys today is the future technology and science is rapidly improving. I am usually the negative guy who says that there will never be a cure but i am certain we will have a solid treatment by 2018-2019 and i definetly think a cure wont be far off.

    There has never been this much hype in the hairloss industry you have trials going on from everywhere Folica, histogen, replicel, summond and many more.

    1. Agreed. I think we are well on our way to ending AGA. It may be 5-10 years still (could be less) but it’s coming. I think we will at least have a better treatment in 2-3 years. And maybe a cure not far off after that. I don’t think this is as “incurable” as some would make it out to be. I just think science was looking in the wrong places for a long time. You need androgens to start the process but completely stopping them won’t do anything to repair the damage that has been done. Which we know is somewhat reversible already, with minoxidil, a non anti androgen. It’s like prostate cancer (major association with baldness)…. You need androgens to start it but it will continue without them after initiated. It’s some other cascade caused by those with a certain variant of androgen receptor that’s the problem. Perhaps JAK-STAT signaling is it. STAT 3 is responsive to the androgen receptor, and many other cytokines and interleukins. The fact that this already has restored people who have no hair a full head of hair (in AA) is HUGE. Even if it is a different pathology. Perhaps their is an overlap. We are going to find out soon either way.

        1. Hey Paul didn’t you day that your doctor mentioned to that a new treatment was coming out this year.. or were you just making shut up haha to boost are spirits? Lol

        2. Just sucks we gotta wait so long but it is understandable. Think about if you had the cure…. If you let the cat out of the bag too fast you stand to make nothing off of it profit wise. I want a full head as much as the next person, but it really is understandable. Everyone who found out about it will just go to their local general practitioner and pharmacy and have it made. Not only this but serious adverse effects could cause huge lawsuits if not given enough time to play out. That’s why a lot of times things seem so”hush” for a long time. Different teams are not just going to go throwing all of their intellectual property around all over the place. Not only that, any news we do get is old knowledge to those teams and they are generally already past that and working on the next step.

  51. wait till 2021, and if you are, at least travel the world and do some crazy shiit first with no regrets, cuz hey, your dead anyways lol. Seriously though don’t talk like this here. Talk to a social worker and get exercise and get active so you feel better. Hairless is absolutely no reason to kill yourself, there are so many people who are ugly, if you think you are ugly because your bald than just accept it. Your part of a large group of fellow not that great looking people. If your D doesn’t work because of Propecia, than ya, that’s a legit reason to be depressed.

  52. So I just read a post on GQ magazine online and it focuses on samumed phase 2 results at the Ada confernce. Said that samumed is going to start phase 3 with a larger group study. The author said it will be the next treatment. Obviously this was just advertising but it’s good to see they are advertising the shot out of it. Never seen any publication or news source mentioned histogen. It’s been latisse, follica, Christiano and now samumed making the news steams. I think this is good news.

  53. @mjones, thats groundbreaking news right? Am I wrong or is Samumed the first hairloss treatment in to go into phase 3 in more than 2 decades?

  54. Here is the link guys

    Pretty much says that they are planning to push this through fda clearance and they are going to move to next phase with larger group.

    This will be the first drug to make it to phase 3 since propecia. Now they better hurry the fk up and do it so I can buy it late 2016 early 2017. Running out of time ….

    1. Press is always not to be trusted but this article clearly suggests they’ve got a kind of a cure, or at least are aimed at it..

  55. One more thing, this Samumed treatment continued to grow hair and stop loss even after 45 days of discontuiation. That’s remarkable! I just read that . All of our treatment now makes us balder the first 60 to 90 days. I bet if you keep using samumef for a whole year everyday you will get up to 30 to 40 growth and that’s on a bald scalp. We should really not trash this treatment just yet.

    1. That’s my curiosity… what if you use it continually? like rogaine.. Other thing, it seems that they’ve not found the right dosage yet…

    1. The news is the same it b has always been since I have been coming to forums in 2001. New treatments on the horizons, people on forums over hyping the shot out of them, then once the product fails to produce a fill head of hair or substantial hair growth everyone gets depressed. That’s how it has been. So nothing new buddy just same old process . Only thing new now is that Samumed has a good chance coming to market.

  56. It seems most have hoped aboard the Sam train. Some are still not getting it. Hair still grew after stopping the treatment that’s a win win. Can’t wait till April for the next results If I can get 10percent growth on the top of my head in three months That would be like a mini hair transplant. Anything after that is bonus. Also follicum is starting there trials soon. They have all there ducks lined up. Investor money. Two manufactures partners This from follicle thought. Also admin thanks for all you do.

    1. Admin… “Per page 12 of the above second link, while the treatment lasted for 90 days, the final hair counts were measured at day 135. So in spite of no treatment for 45 days, hair counts still increased from day 90 to day 135.”

      I wonder if the treatment doesn’t stop.. say, for 6 months?? or, resumed from time to time?

  57. New stem cells have been identified. Stem cells restore sight to the blind. Any day we will wake up with hair loss cure. Stay positive!

  58. maybe using samumed for a year gives you better results if can grow hair for real it can regenerate all .not regain nor fin can regrow any hair .i believe louis Garza with dsrna or a real stem cell therapy will come the following 3 years they know almost everything about hair and regeneration it’s time to come a cure stay positive guys we can win and i ll make a big worldwide party for everyone to shake our new hair

  59. Listen guys (and gals), if Samumed truly goes into phrase 3 then its really BIG news! Their product might “only” provide 10% regrowth but it halts hair loss and so far their studies showed no sides. Think about it ppl..its f***ing HUGE!!!

  60. The way I see it is that anything that aids the preservation of terminal hairs is a win. The more terminal hairs we can keep on our heads the better chance we have of recovering more when the next best treatment comes out. So even if Samumed doesn’t present itself as a cure it still helps our cause. Another great thing is the fact that as of yet there have been no side effects.

    I long for the day when hairloss becomes a voluntary scenario. C’mon Replicel, histogen, JAK, follica/Cots it’s your time. #makehairlossvoluntary

  61. The comparison between Finasteride and SM makes no sense because they act in different ways. Ok. Now we have another option. Great Reults of SM04554 to treat MPB.

  62. The 10% they are talking about for me are the almost “dead” hair You have. So if any treatment Will be in that 10%. No more than that. Until can wake up “dead” hair will be always in any treatment that 10% of recover…..

  63. I think the expectations were too high for some. At the end of the day a new topical that targets a different factor to dht or whatever minox does is most welcome and to have it show no side effects as of yet whilst being relatively effect during just 3 months is a cause for optimism. Yes more work needs to be done but this should hopefully provide us with a long overdue alternative.

  64. What happened to Nasa_rs? He always kept me laughing in troubling times. Bad news but let’s hope something better comes. Anything that beats finasteride is great in my opinion. I love the site admin, thank you.

  65. Baldness was created by The universe to keep Men in check. There will always be baldness and beer guts and jowls and the universe will always be just . Yours truly, all women everywhere

    1. For the same reason that women start looking like crap once they turn 30 and their market value only lasts for about half the time a man’s does? Seems like men still got the better end of the stick comparatively.

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