17th Meeting of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS), June 24-26

The 17th annual meeting of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS) just started in Tbilisi, Georgia today. It runs through June 26, 2016. The final scientific program/schedule is here (link no longer working).

17th Meeting of the European Hair Research Society (EHRS)

When I first saw the thread about this conference on HLT, I was not too excited. These guys are focusing on alopecia areata almost as much as they are on androgenetic alopecia, even though over 95 percent of us balding people suffer from the latter. Moreover, the World Congress for Hair Research annual meetings have far more extensive lists of speakers and presenters compared to this one. Also important are the ISHRS annual conferences.

However, it turns out that there are still some presentations at the EHRS meeting that could potentially be very useful. Especially when it comes to our main interest in a hair loss cure based on hair regeneration, hair multiplication or hair cloning. Even new studies on things such as fat injections, PRP and laser are worth reading. I am in a rush today or else I would try to pick out presentations that I find the most interesting as I have done in the past for such events.

On HLT, a person named “Solomon” who lives in Georgia is planning to attend this conference and post audio and/or video of some of the most interesting presentations. He has created a thread where you can ask him questions. I hope he asks Dr. Angela Christiano or her team of presenters about JAK inhibitors, AGA and Aclaris.

A significant portion of these conferences is always devoted to hair transplants. I used to discuss those a bit more during the first two years of writing this blog, but reduced that significantly in the past year. This will probably change soon.

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      1. I had a ht. Well two. I wasn’t impressed. But my be compared to what it b like with out one at all it may be impressive. What began grinding at me was after the first ones for temple and going back year later for same . The before picture he tuck looked perfect. But clearly wasn’t as I returned. Just felt a bit false. But it was borderline enjoyable the hole procedure probs cust I was think of hair lol p’s am no pain guy I wouldn’t want tattoo.

    1. I’ve had SMP done and it’s the best option. I still really miss having hair am envious of all my friends and their amazing hair styles, so holding out hope, but SMP has given me my life back. Ps it works for all, but does look better on darker skin tones. I recommend SKALP who did mine, they were very good. Good luck.

  1. On HLT I keep hearing great news and even more so in a recent update in regards to the Italian topical treatment. I just hope it works and also is available next year. That would help us wait for the cure without all the anxiety, but as usual I try not to get too excited.

    1. totally agree with you,
      i think it’s better if admin focus more on brotzu, try to interview / email giovanni brotzu or FIDIA which is making the trial for production purposes.
      this blog is #1 in hair loss and it can influance.

  2. E. VOROTELYAK, AL. RIPPA, E. KALABUSHEVA, E. CHERMNYKH, A. TERSKIKH, V. TERSKIKH (RUSSIA) – HAIR FOLLICLE MORPHOGENESIS AND RECONSTRUCTION. this is the best lecture of all i think we sould find out what the russian reasearch cooking

  3. How much we can talk about HT? Really? You cant do in early years because you can Know how much our HL will progress. If you hace thinning hair HT is only solution for 3 or 5 years.
    The only Good person for HT are if you hava all hair in you back of your head without sign of alopecia.
    A conference about HT is a lost of time.

  4. Brotzu’s lotion is sounding more and more good. I just hope the doctor is being straight and honest about the regrowth potential of his lotion for aga.

  5. I feel like we’re too close to something great to settle for a hair transplant at this point. I hope it isn’t too much longer for a jak treatment.

  6. @Swoop

    Just saw your HT photos on the last post… I have a couple of questions:
    1. Were you on Fin before? Are you on it now?

    2. Are you concerned that you are going to progress further. The reason I ask is that it is one of the biggest set backs I see with an HT at an early age. I’m 30, at NW3 (a little more than you had when you got the HT)… it has been a slow continuous process, around 6 years from NW2, but I think (and that is a big think) I may have hit a point where my hair is going to be stable for some time (3 years ago I could pretty much see where I was going to lose my hair – probably the most frustrating part of it all).
    I would consider getting an HT in around 5 years if no treatments are available but really… that wait is brutal at the same time.


  7. I stopped fin because I had persistent sexual sides, chemical depression. Works great but Not a fan

  8. I saw a guy the other day, must have been late 20s early 30s at the mall. He must have just gotten a strip ht surgery. I could see the scar from ear to ear. Horrible! How could this still be our best option to get hair back. It’s so barbaric. I felt so sorry for the guy. He was really thin on top with no coverage. I bet he got shafted into it by sleepy ht doc. He is a good looking dude to, he was better off just shaving it or at least fue. Now he has go live with that scar. My mom and sister were with me and they were like you WILL never do that type of surgery for stupid hair! I agree with them. I wish I could go back in time and stop that guy from doing strip and do fue or smp.

    1. He should wait like the rest of us for Follica, Brotzu’s lotion and eventually Tsuji. Better treatments by 2018 to bridge us to the cure in the mid 2020s.

      Mjones, how did you get an appointment to see Cots? Does he open his doors to patients in the summer or do a summer university?

      When you see him, could you please ask him if whether the Follica de novo hairs will be white or pigmented? It seems that in his rodent studies at least, the new hair grew white.

      1. Hi James my appointment is in the last week of July with Dr. Cots. I might have to reschedule it because I am going to Greece for vacation. I had it planned for Aug but work switched things up on me so I need to go in July. I am going to reschedule with him when I get back. Either way I highly doubt he will tell me anything secretive about his technology. I’m just hoping he can provide with something that can maintain my hair or make finasteride effective again

  9. How is it possible that the hair centre in London reports so much success stories with photos. What is in their regimen that makes their regrowth results so significant ?

    Are all their patients really using, FIN+MiN+LASER+Supplements with Saw Palmetto+Special Shampoo/conditioners+Frequent consultations, what kind of an expensive life is that.

    Are their stories really that successful or I am missing something ?!

  10. @Netshed. Don’t be so naive…please. All of us know that: Current treatments have poor results and a lot of side effects. Nothing new. You need a new treatment for example: Finasteride without sides P-3074, Breezula and others. A new hair growth stimulant better than Minox like SM04554 (and others). Hair Loss industry needs to improve urgently. That’s the truth and you know it.

    1. What the hair loss industriy needs is a hell of a lot more options. MORE growth stimulants, MORE topicals, MORE antiandrogens and MORE liposomals. So that when Minoxidil doesn’t work for someone due to genetics, he can pick one of the 4 others that will. When someone doesn’t respond to fin due to sides, he can take one of the 5 other topical AAs. State of hair treatments in 2016 is fvcking pathetic and would be a badge of shame on the medical and scientific community as a whole if anyone dared to pretend that male hair loss was anything more than a laughing matter.

    2. I agree with all of that Paul, we all need new treatments.

      Besides MIN and KETO I am using a topical DHT blocker now for more than 2 months. I am losing my remaining hair faster now than before, no regrowth (yet). I am not expecting anything from it, I will go on with it for 6 months.

      10 years of balding, 5 years of fighting it, all the frustration, a lot of money spent … I just wondered whether there is someone on this blog who went to that centre in London. I don’t believe them, because a lot of people tried everything themselves that is on their website, but they had zero results.

  11. Yes Susana you are absolutely right that’s another question: Why we son’t have any update in hair loss transplant field? That’s pathetic…The only things that can help the hair transplant industry are: PILOFOCUS DONOR WITH HAIR REGENERATION …
    And maybe Histogen with HSC in combination with a FUE to gain more density in patients with higher Norwoods.

  12. Susana I think that guy purposely cut his hair like that and that it’s not an ht. If it is an ht then that is bad

  13. How will new created hair follicle by using follicas method, be distributed in the scalp. Thats what im curious about, they claimed that they can reach 25 cm square density in 100 cm square scalp area, but will the new hair follicle be symmetric destributed or in one area you will have hell of new hair, and in other areas its like slick bald, in this case it would be ridiculous. And i dont know how you can you control where the hair follicle will grow with this wounding method

  14. This blog is great, but some comments related to people who did HT are offensive IMO.

    You have to consider that a strip HT could be the only option that many people had years ago. In my case, for example, i had to do a strip ht 15 years ago to fix my temples. And remember that 15 years ago nobody knew about FUE and hair loss sites were not so popular.

    Was it a mistake? Considering the circunstances, i don´t think so.

    Regards, sorry for any english mistakes.

  15. @nk

    “but will the new hair follicle be symmetric destributed”

    Dou you think that they cant repair a damege hair follicle but the can create a New one? Really you believe in that?


    I Know Ronaldo cut the hair like that. I was Just giving mi point that HT will be in the futuro a lot worst that be bald. You will Know not like “the bald person” but insted the guy with * Scalp.

  16. Admin,

    I sincerely hope you do cover more about hair transplants because the abundance of misinformation regarding these procedures is ludicrous.

    Susana you can preach doomsday warnings all day long but that doesn’t mean every single person who gets one is going to end up looking like some butchered half bald alpaca who looks like Mr. Smiley from behind. I could post pictures of car accidents and say never drive or you’re guaranteed to have this happen to you.

    Not everyone is a good candidate to get one and yes some people probably should not have it done. But some people make the decision to have hair now while they’re younger and use medication to hold off their hair loss as long as they can. Some skip medication and will live with the scar later on. Some are perfect candidates with an “ideal” hair loss pattern where they will never progress to a high norwood. They get it done and they have never been happier. And yes mjones its a surgery so it might be “barbaric” to you but some might argue so is the dentist pulling a bone out of someones mouth. Aren’t all surgery’s technically barbaric then?

    Also I consistently see people praising the FUE technique but in reality FUT is sometimes the wiser choice depending on people’s conditions and needs. Sometimes both are used together to maximize the amount of available grafts.

    FUE can heavily damage the donor area and it also can and does leave scarring. The back of your head can be covered with very noticeable white dots that resemble a buck shot wound. As with FUT some peoples scar will be noticeable others not so noticeable. FUE also has the potential to cause more fragile grafts as well as the potential to significantly decrease the amount of grafts that are usable. Sometimes this results in thousands of lost grafts. That is HUGE! The techniques for FUE have improved dramatically and the dangers of FUE are becoming less and less but don’t immediately write off the FUT procedure because you might have no choice but to take that route.

    For the record I don’t know if I would ever get one done but its not always doom and gloom. For those that do just find a good surgeon, be smart and be realistic.

    1. Kevin,
      Clearly you’ve not had the FUT procedure you’re wanting to portray in an optimistic light, so please allow me to explain the issue that devastates so many…

      Some people cannot imagine what it’s like to have obvious linear hair transplant scars on a part of the body that society does not allow you to hide in most professions. Here is how the story goes for far too many people that are then too humiliated to talk about it…

      1. You get hair transplant surgery because your hair is falling out (and your grown-out, thin hair looks weak and unattractive).
      2. The HT did not add enough thickness to retore hair to an appealing look (if it did, we wouldn’t be on this blog looking for the real cure). Hair continues to fall out in the years following…
      3. Since the hair still looks thin, weak, and unattractive, most men would like to look masculine again and take control of their baldness by shaving their hair short. For most thinning men, this is the absolute best option to still look somewhat attractive and youthful.
      4. If you have strip scars, you cannot trim or shave your head, or you will forever be a joke to your friends and everyone in your professional career. The alternative — living with a sad looking, grown-out, failed HT result — is equally as humiliating.

      And this is how strip scars ruin the lives of so many.

      Keep in mind that the above may represent a best case scenario for failed FUT procedures. If you have scars that cannot be hidden by growing out hair or if your HT looks artificial and fake on top, then you are in even worse shape, since you have no good option of looking presentable other than wearing a wig.

      The best way to avoid having baldness own your life is to never ever get that linear scar. There is no going back from that. If you get FUE, you generally always have the option of buzzing hair short or basically elimating the doctor’s work to look natural again. You always want that option to just trim your hair short and look natural. Trust me on that one.

      It should seem obvious by now… avoid large, disfiguring scars at all costs… especially scars that are in a location that you cannot hide and that are clearly the humiliating result of a hair transplant. Trust me, the scars are permanent.

  17. Susana, according to your point of view, every man who had ht will progress to the bw7 scale. And you ignore the fact that many ht patients use finasteride and minoxidil to help control mpb.

    You also do not consider the fact that there are ways to repair bad hts and strip scars. There are many guys who decided to make FUE into their strip scars and shace their hairs. And nobody refers to them as the * scalp guys.

    1. There is no way to repair bad ht and strip scars. If you know of a way to remove long scars and revert them to matching skin with uniform hair growth, please let me know.

      1. I’ve seen some videos done by Dr. Umar and he usually uses beard grafts to cover the scars. Well, that is if you have a thick beard of course.

        1. Not sure I’d allow FUE scarring on my face.. talk about the potential for bad to worse!! Yikes.

          Even so, using ANY procedure, it’s highly unlikely the strip scar will ever again match the surrounding area in a clipped or shaven condition. Strip scars are permanent. I’ve had a 5 hour FUE procedure with Dr. Cooley to fill in one strip scar, and it didn’t help much. Now, my donor areas are too thin on the sides and my scar still isn’t clippable to a short length.

  18. @Swoop

    Which clinic/doctor did you see in Turkey for your HT?

    Seriously considering the HT route and value your experience and opinion.


  19. Great comment, Kevin.

    I just didn”t understand when you say
    “As with FUT some peoples scar will be noticeable others not so noticeable.”

    I suppose you are talking about FUT patients who decide to shave their heads?


    1. Hi Rafael,

      Yes I was referring to those who shave their heads or decide to wear their hair shorter in the back. A lot of people don’t seem to realize that not everyone ends up with some giant eye catching linear scar around the back of their head. The severity of the scar comes down to a number of factors such as technique, genetics, etc. Again I would like to mention the importance of finding a good surgeon. Yes there’s going to be scar tissue but some people just heal very nicely.

      Lastly Rafael I would like to briefly expand on your comment about people using Fue to fill in their scars. I have seen many people that have used Scalp Micro Pigmentation to fill in their scars as well. Both seem to yield good results.

      1. I tried FUE to fill in may scars.. it failed.

        Micropigmentation might work if it doesn’t turn purple and migrate, but then how do you get the optimum shade for buzzing your hair short? What length buzz should the ink tone accommodate? Never could get that quite right.

        Then there are products to help like Couvre and Topic, but they’re certainly far from a real fix. Better not go in the rain or go swimming or get really sweaty ever again.

        How much money should all of these procedures and cover ups cost?

        Or perhaps FUT should just never be an option if you don’t want to risk ruining years of your life.

  20. Brotzu 2020! Seriously though, good read. Likely will be a far surperior topical compared to minoxidil.

      1. He/they have no idea when it’s coming out. Even if it comes out in 2020 it will only be able to reverse your hair loss by 5 years according to Brotzu himself. Given you are in your 20’s.

        That means if you are 30+ Brotzu lotion might not reverse you back 5 years – so you will have the hair you have today at best by the time it is released… if it released… sorry to bum everyone out but that’s what I got from it all.

  21. @Kevin, good comment but I have never seen a good strip scar surgery. Ive seen tons of guys who has to live the rest of their lives with a big ugly deformed scar at the back of their heads. Its too brutal and invasive to cut a big piece out of a persons scalp. FUE just seems like the most logical method to minimize scarring.

  22. @kevin

    If you read my 1 coment you can se that have the same opinion. HT is for person with zero alopecia in the back of you head…

    But almost all cases of HT are made without the warning about the scars. You can Know there you are 20 30 40 how you will look in you 50 or 60.
    Is impossible to predict.
    You can talk all Day long about positi thing about HT but cant talk about you alopecia situation in your head when you get old. Or you can?

  23. @Rafael

    I do not mean to 10 years or 20 years after your operation. I mean that no one is sure how the disease will attack. I will not discuss whether people live after old with the situation of the scar. What I want to mention is that most of the people who make this operation has no ideal how will progress to disease.
    Yes not all wil end in NW 7. But you dont Know if you will end or not.

  24. after a month of waiting I’m going to go ahead and call BS on yoda’s claims of getting special access to Thorn Medical’s before and after photos and description of how it works. Not one of any of the people I’ve contacted me has responded there is no activity from anyone – highly unlikely yoda was telling the truth.
    Why would someone do such a thing?

  25. i agree with furious comments towards HT. we wanna reach nirvana with our limited supplies. unless there is hair multiplication or cloning , no point of talking it here.

    i said it before, Admin knows it very well too. Hair loss is a big market and everyone knows about it. No one is withholding any cure or info. and they are all desperate to find the cure.
    but like i said, sometimes technology is not yet advanced to reach that moment. im 31 now and i would consider myself lucky if i see the cure by 70..

  26. And regarding brotzu’ 5 years theory, in an official email to fidia they denied it and said we don’t know why the dr is saying that

    1. Yes, Brotzu said emerging alopecia will be more effectively treated . To continue in the same way , a guy has advanced this theory on Hairlosstalk :

      “There will never be a drug that will recover the lost hair after the follicle has been inactive for several years . If the follicle is dead for some hair cycles, it is dead for good , all researchers seem to show (even Brotzu puts a limit of five years from its seemingly miraculous potion …) ”

      This is not the first time I hear that kind of comment . There are even those who think the skin eventually heal some point.

      If this is true , for someone who has a big thick crown, he still has as solution the graft and p -ê cloning, but for a guy like me who has nothing , it’s scary !

      What do you think?

      I persist and sign : it is a very important and very relevant question.

        1. Thank you admin!

          But if the hair grew back had fallen because of the DTH or other problem not related to the depletion of hair cycles , this theory still stands … no? Yes? …

          I will read this now but I not very good in English for all understand. Do you ask “yes or no” if you think that is possible ?

          In one week, I start try Tofa 50 mg in DMSO, but i’m not a aereta alopecia. I’ve a loss all my hair because I took Prozac and other bad medicament during many years at very high dose. In your post, you say that Jak Inhibitors are effective in long-lost-hair just when is a aereta alopecia. But is not my alopecia.

          1. William why don’t you try the topical jak inh cream from “chemistry rx” they seem reliable and only give it on a dr’s prescription is the us, check their fb, they say they have concentration from 1 to 5% …

        2. @admin: I want know your “another interesting thing to add in the above post” same you “not 100 percent sure yet” please.

          1. William I may write a post on that soon so do not want to reveal. It’s not a big deal…just a small addition to the list.

  27. Because I have already Bought my tofa 50 mg for two months . Cepandant , I already write to Chimistry Rx by Facebook and they said :

    “Dear William, We are unable to tell you for certain whether JAK inhibitors would be right for you. You would need to see a dermatology specialist in alopecia and they would determine if there is a good plan of action for you. There are many different ways of treating alopecia depending on what type you have and what you have tried so far, but we cannot recommend what treatment for you to use because we are not medical doctors.”

  28. No. F*ck dermatologists. The last I saw in April would not.

    hlscc, admin or other, can you answer my first question please?

  29. william i personaly don’t know… i don’t have a scientific background…
    If you can reach Dr king, he is the only one who prescribes jaks for alopecia and could help u with ur case ….

  30. Admin,
    Do you have any knowledge as to whether GSK will expand Zagallo into markets other than Japan? Or, is it that Japan is the only country who has given it the green light as a MPB treatment?

    1. For now only Japan, but I think US will be soon. In any case, you can buy it easily in the US with a prescription so why worry?

  31. Thanks for the answer, Kevin!

    Do you guys believe that Dr. Brotzu lotion will benefit men over 40 years old that still have hairs (NW3 – NW4), but these hairs have thinned because of DHT action for many years?
    I know it will not grow hair on shine bald areas, but will it thicken and save thinned hairs (damaged for years) from death?
    That´s my case: i am 42 years old, still have many hairs (using fin and minoxidil for 20 years), but i am not sure if any new treatment will be able to reverse damage that dht already did on these hairs.

    I´d appreciate any thoughts about it. Thanks a lot.

  32. I don’t have a ton of faith in dr. brotzu and his lotion. We have seen many interviews over the years just like his, and we are still bald.

    JAK is the only thing with any real medical literature behind it. Dr. Brotzu’s lotion is interesting, and there is reason to believe it would work, but that is all. I wouldn’t get my hopes up until he releases photos and actually releases the cream.

  33. I wouldn’t worry about the 5 year comment. That comment doesn’t mean anything and of course FIDA will deny it. That’s commendable for them to deny it and see how their in house trials go before making claims

  34. Guys what is your general feeling about Follica? I don’t detect much excitement for them, even though they have set a best case scenario date for release of 2018 with data read-out coming next year. If they are to be believed then they are the closest to unveiling a completely groundbreaking method of hair regrowth.

    1. @James. Companies are working very very hard for a new treatment for MPB. @Pavi Yes “the 5 years “… That’s irrelevant. What you need it is urgently a safer and effective alternative to finasteride expired drug….

  35. The hair loss industry is one giant money making, scam producing lying industry out to steal your money with false promises, half ass treatments with butcher ht and greedy pharmaceutical companies. Everything we hear is false promises and everything we say is pure speculation. None of us know jack sht what will happen with future treatments. Sorry for the rant but I’m just exhausted of reading all the back and forth bs comments on here. All we can do is sit and wait year after year praying Propecia and Rogaine WI give us another year of maintenance.

  36. @mjones. Propecia and Rogaine don’t work for all….i’m just exhausted of reading always histories about fails with Propecia and Minoxidil….always poor and poor results and a lot side effects. I’m so sorry mjones but you need URGENTLY a better alternative…THAT’S THE REAL TRUTH.

  37. On the subject of HT, 7 years ago Dr Rahal gave me an undetectable hairline using strip surgery. While I can’t cut my hair at the back very short the scar is very fine and easily hidden by 1cm long hair.
    I will likely top up with FUE to combat further loss in the future.
    My red line is drugs with bad sides. I wouldn’t touch drugs like finasteride. Have not would not.
    But it’s an individual’s choice.
    Trashing HT doesn’t respect this choice or the genuine expertise of leading surgeons. Most botched jobs come from cheap HT / unskilled docs.
    Get a grip and stop criticising. Add something constructive to the conversation for a change.

  38. Get our of finateride. The best choice for you and your organism. You need a safer and better alternative ASAP.

  39. Is CB-03-01 the safer alternative? Some people are using it at HLH forum. After 20 years on finasteride, i never had sexual sides, but i believe the drug has some impact on my emotional condition and energy.
    Maybe i should try CB as an AA.

  40. I agree with Paul phoenix I need a new treatment URGENTLY but it ain’t gonna happen in time my man. That’s the sad truth of the hair loss industry. Too slowwwwwww!

    1. Rafael how long did propecia work for you before it started losing effectiveness. What Norwood were you when you started propecia and what Norwood are you now. Propecia worked for about 12 years then I started losing ground. Started at nw1 now I’m a diffuse nw2 pushing 2.5 very soon.

  41. Look, i take this drug under the supervision of dermatologists and urologists. I always do blood and hormonal tests. I never had one sinvle ephisode of e.d and ny libido is ok. Like i pointed before, i believe the drug has some influence on my emotional condition. But never caused me sexual sides.

    And there are many people who take this drug and don’t report sexual sides.

    If you had problems, i am sorry. But don’t say that everybkdy will have sides based on internet forums only.

  42. mjones,
    I guess it started to lose effectiveness around 10 years mark. Them i had to do a HT to fix my temples.

    I guess i was a NW2 when i started, The drug never worked very well on my temples, but helps to hold the rest of my hairs. I also tried topical spiro and topical flutamide some years ago.

    I am at the NW 3 scale now, but nobody says that i am balding because the ht helps to cover the thinned areas.

    Have you considered CB 03-01?

    1. Hi Rafael, I’m glad to hear you are holding well and no one can tell you are losing your hair. I agree with you. Propecia never gave me sides either and Paul phoenix needs to stop horrifying young hair loss sufferers from using the drug. Propecia was my cure and still is. Without it I would be slick bald like my father and his father. All nw7s. I never tried CB. Not sure how to mix that stuff and apply it . I won’t use anything fda approved that’s a chemical like that. However I hear some people having success on it. If I were to try if I would use a bit on my crown and temples

    2. Why would you tell him to stop taking Propecia now. He’s been on it for 20 years. If he stops now he will go slick bald and any future treatment won’t ever give him the hair he has now. If you think a treatment will come out in 5 years that will make you a nw2 from a nw7, then you must be smoking crack. Stay on Propecia Rafael and let’s hope that follica, histogen,or samumed can get us back to our nw1 level again

  43. @Rafael

    Hi I just started propecia 3 months ago. Hair is not looking much better but not losing much.

    Does propecia thicken your existing hair and were you happy with your hair for 10 years? I am not satisfied with my hair even though its stable.

    I hope Follica grows new hairs and reorganise existing follicles. Dr. Cots we trust you! Come on!

    1. It will thicken your hair, maintain your hair or dramatically reduce the progression. I noticed a decrease in hair loss at the 2 week mark. It was like all shedding in the shower stopped. It was great. My hair thickened up and got some regrowth around the year mark. Everyone is different though. Plus I seriously think Propecia worked better when it was made in NJ. It’s probably just a coincidence but once they are started manufacturing it in England and in Italy that’s when I noticed my hair getting worse. They changed the Propecia bottle label as well. I would be really mad if they weakened the drug to save costs against generics

  44. TomTom,

    yes, it will help to stop or reduce the DHT damage. Without finasteride i guess i would be a NW5 now. It didn´t help to stop the temple recession, but it works well on the other parts of the scalp.

    Maybe you should use minoxidil to help regrowth some hairs. I still use it and i think it helps to keep some follicles alive. I also use Nizoral shampoo and LLLT.

    mjones, i agree 100% with you. Thanks for the comment.

    1. I was thinking of using LLT but not sure if it’s worth the 800 dollar price tag. Never heard anyone getting regrowth from it. Plus are lasers safe on the follicles. My cousin did laser hair removal on her legs and she got a bad nerve damage reaction that hurt her for 6 months till it went away on its own. Wonder what kind of damage it can do to follicles on the head

      Admin. Do you remember that study a couple years ago about using laser hair removal lasers for mpb hair growth? It was all over the forums talking about how they tweaked the laser to stimulate tons of hair to grow. That went quiet really quick? What happened to that? It looked like it had real promise with actual human results not on mice. I bet fda got in there and shut it down

  45. I asked about FIN years and years before I eventuelly started using anything against my hair loss. MD’s and GP’s in the Netherlands did not want to prescribe it because they said they had very significant reasons for it. Therefore I waited a few years however nothing else came to the market, until I saw over-the-counter Saw Palmetto.

    When I encountered severe side effects later from using that Saw Palmetto and I reported it, the MD’s almost hit me on the head (calling me an idiot, that says enough when a MD does that, that really doesn’t happen a lot) in the hospital because they truely hate SP as much as FIN here. I bet in a large part of Europe MD’s share that same opinion, at least about FIN.

    Due to my own SP experience and the fact that FIN can only be bought on the internet, this is not an option for me anymore. Unfortunately, because it could could have saved my crown. And I wouldn’t have been here on this blog if I still had my crown.

    I am happy for those who benefit from it, for the timebeing until some new significant and save treatment comes out. Even if it only prevents the itch/inflammation for some of you, it’s a win. That would be a relieve, no scalp pain. It just feels like everlasting tooth pain, if you get what I mean.

      1. Peripilar inflammation:

        The brown peripilar sign indicating inflammation at follicle sites in AAndrogenetica


        The article I posted above stated that trichodynia is especially present in AAreata. While the instagram post shows also people with AGA might show signs of peripilar inflammation and thus trichodynia.

        I think that for those who have AGA + trichodynia (= scalp pain/itch) the solutions like JAK for AA will be sufficient to solve the AGA problem as well. If you have AGA without pain, I am not so sure, maybe the treatment is not that sufficient.

  46. Could Brotzu’s lotion replace fin? I don’t like the idea of taking a tablet everyday for life and sexual sides of fin. Dr. Brotzu said that after a few months/years, you could apply the lotion to your scalp two or three times a week for maintenance.

  47. Brontzu needs to stop screwing around and post some before after pics ASAP before he ends up in the scam like the rest of them. It’s 2016 shoe your results and stop d teasing us

  48. My opinion of near term hopes (before 2019).

    Our first hope is Brotzu. We should know from Fidia by the autumn whether their trials were successful and if they will release the lotion. So far we have only had Dr. Brotzu’s word to go on, so having a reputable pharma company like Fidia giving credence to it will be a major step. I hope it can replace fin and give good regrowth too.

    Our second hope is Follica. It is the best hope in terms of raw production of new hairs and possible repair of existing follicles. It must deliver 100 new hairs per cm2 like PureTech stated.

    Guys listen. We NEED Follica to work to bridge us from now to hair cloning. Follica is the only thing which promises raw regrowth and has a chance of coming out in the next 2-4 years.

    I don’t consider histogen or replicel as serious contenders. They are in fact jokes. Follica has a top doc behind it who actually is an expert on hair. Replicel and histogen teams meanwhile are not in the same league. Dare I say it charlatans.

    If Brotzu blows and Follica is delayed further or proves to be a dud then we are right royally screwed.

  49. I’m the same as mjones, finasteride worked super well for me.. i was taking .25 mg per day at night and just forgot about hair loss. it really sucks that it stops working.
    anyone with hair loss i recommend you start slow and try it.
    don’t listen to the horror stories, many many people have been helped from it.

    1. I don’t get those of you who said fin worked really well and you forgot hair loss.
      I thought you only noticed hair loss after you have lost a lot of density?
      Unless you guys took fin as a precautionary measure.
      Hair loss seemed to creep up on me… I just randomly noticed one day that I was losing and actually I had already lost a lot of density but I only really noticed when it was late.
      I have been on fin 4 months and tho i haven’t lost anymore I’m still unhappy because of what I lost before taking fin.

      1. “I thought you only noticed hair loss after you have lost a lot of density?”
        Some people can think obviously…

  50. If hair follicles are organs shouldn’t we look more into organ regeneration or at least as much as these upcoming treatments?

  51. Thank you, admin.

    By the way, Toho University, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and Shiseido announced starting clinical trial in news of today.

    More concretely, Professor of this two university will conduct clinical trial, and Shiseido will make and increase hair bulb root sheath cells.

    I think this theory of cure is same as replicel.

    1. Hello nosyu,

      Thank you for this new information.

      Are Tokyo University and Shiseido the same teams or are both working on different treatments? Which one is starting clinical trials?

      I hope Shiseido can augment replicel’s technology.

    2. yesss!! Finally they started! And before 2017. Hopefully if all goes well they can still hit there 2018/2019 goal.

  52. But isn’t replicel dud technology dreamed up by rolf Hoffman the charlatan?! Maybe shiseiso isn’t aware of this yet.

  53. Forgot hair loss as in my hair stopped falling out and thickened up to the point no one can tell I am losing hair. Hair maintained for 12 years. Now each month I’m thinner and thinner which makes me worry about hair loss again

      1. I shed sometimes when stressed from work but not everyday since I added Rogaine 16 months ago. Once Propecia started losing effectiveness I was losing roughly 20 to 30 hairs in the shower when before I wasn’t losing any at all maybe like 10 tops. I added Rogaine Nov 2014 and it stopped my shedding after a month but I still lost ground. I personally don’t believe in shedding. I shed only like 5 to 10 hairs in the shower now which is nothing but still thinning all over.

  54. Didn’t they say that this treatment will cost around 1k. That’s very cheap. Cheaper than kerastem. I have a feeling this won’t be as good as we think it will be. Maybe it will stop further hair loss which is still a plus. The cheap price worries me about its effectiveness. Seems to cheap for a new stem cell procedure that claims to grow back all your hair. What do you guys think?

    1. Mjones, you have to think logically. If they found a functional cure to hair loss, why in the world would they alienate half their market by setting prices through the roof? People will always bald, so they would have continuous business…. And there are literally hundreds of millions of people balding; they want to reach that whole market. Setting the prices really high would make them miss out on so much business

      1. I see what Mjones is saying, Pavi. With the logic you presented, the same could be said about Kerastem. Kerastem appears to be more expensive than most hair transplants. Kerastem knows that they offer hope, and desperate people will pay just about anything for their hair. They set the price very high, and people seem to pay it. I think part of it is because they know that it doesn’t work very well, so when they get you in, they need to make a killing off of you. Hopefully, Replicel works, and they know they have to make it affordable for numerous injections over time.

  55. Anybody hear of Advangen? They seem to have released new treatments last year in Australia. Perhaps this is already well known, but I have only been around for less than a year. Anybody care to take a look and comment on this?

  56. These universities and shiseido cooperate for same treatment and this treatment is different from Tsuji lab’s.

    This figure of pink and blue shows relationship of this cooperation.

    I don’t know expected result, even don’t know when they start a clinical trial.

    Interestingly, researcher thinks effectiveness of only a single treatment is permanent.

    Sorry my bad English

  57. Admin could we have a post on replicel and these developments sometime? :) I have lost a bit of track on what’s going on. Also are we suggesting there’s a link now with Tsuji and replicel?

    1. Great idea was thinking just the same.

      Admin this would be perfect for all those continiously checking up.

    2. PK great idea of course. I have been asked about it several times before too, but its a bit of work and I need to update it regularly (companies keep changing postponing dates for trials) so I have delayed it. Am currently sending 20 hrs a week on this blog (only 10 of which is researching and writing posts), but I think I will have to do what you are saying sooner or later:-)

  58. Everyone was pretty hyped for the JAK angle in relation to AA on the conference. However overall the confidence for the angle being beneficial to AGA was very low among the researchers.

    He also asked the following question;

    “Based on histopathological and ultrastructural studies we have come to learn that perifollicular inflammation is often present in AGA. Furthermore in some AGA cases fibrosis can be seen which leads to partly or complete destruction of the hair follicle. Do you think that AGA at a certain timepoint reflects a irreversible state, in the sense that only the creation of a new hair follicle will do through for instance organ regeneration? Please elaborate.”

    Answer was somewhat as I expected, which isn’t exactly a positive thing either. Solomun (the guy who went to the conference) will post details later though.

    Good to see some news from Shisheido. It’s interesting that they think that only a single treatment will be needed. This would lead one to think that they are banking for immunization of DPC through delivering the DSC. This came sharply forward in the interview between hellouser and Replicel too on the hair congress last year.

      1. DPC = dermal papilla cells, DSC = dermal sheath cup cells. It would mean that IF they succeed, your hair follicles on your top of your head would behave the same as on the back of your head. More resistance to androgens basically. Obviously, it’s a hypothesis. We’ll need to wait on the data :).

      1. That inflammation has to do with it too in some subjects.

        I simply presented the question if they deemed AGA to be irreversible at a certain time point. Their answer was yes.. I have already presented this question at two other elite researchers and they both seemed to align to the same side too.

        Look at it from this way. The hair follicle is a complex organ. To much degenerative processes over time will just harm the organ in such a way that the best possible line of action is not to revive the hair follicle, but to simply make a new one. If an engine is damaged too much, it’s better to replace the whole engine.

        That’s why to me it’s highly unrealistic to think of a full cure in terms of reversal for the near future. That is until someone like Dr. Tsuji comes with organ regeneration, simply through making brand new hair follicles.

        I didn’t see your other comment though? Was it about that inflammation?

  59. I should have gotten a job in the hair loss industry. Seems to be the only field where you can sell complete worthless products and make millions.

      1. Hey swoop,

        Do me a favor — when you comment, there is a box for website address/URL. Please leave it blank. Otherwise your name is coming in green on the right side of the blog in the comments section if you scroll down. Unfortunately I could not remove that website address/URL requirement box..but its not required to be filled.

  60. @mjones im with you. The only news we get while waiting is news telling us that we have to wait some more.

    @Swoop, what clinic did you use for your HT. Would really like to know:-O

    1. Doganay. I wouldn’t go with him though currently if I were you. He has been having problems with “quantity over quality”..

  61. @Hakan right? I’ve been looking into Ergodan Koray several times. Dunno, its freaking hard to judge from their websites. Thats why its nice to know where you went. I dont know anyone who had a HT so its nice with some input from someone who had the procedure.

    1. Yes sir :). Koray Erdogan seems good too. Some other good ones in Europe in my opinion; Bisanga, Feriduni, Maras, Lorenzo etc….

      Yeah it’s good to talk to other people. Honestly like I said you need to do some proper research… And yes it’s hard to judge… Look for independent patient results.

  62. Guys I’ve got a hypothetical question regarding the future.

    Will we EVER be free of anti-androgen medication? I’m thinking if hair cloning were to become a reality.

    Ok so say in 10, 15 years, it is announced that scientists have discovered a way to repopulate the scalp with cloned hairs. Very possibly this will be Dr. Tsuji of Riken.

    At the time of this announcement, you are taking fin to maintain a nw2 diffuse. You want to come off fin and be drug free and have been patiently waiting for cloning.

    Would the best thing to do be:

    1) Stop taking fin and wait 1-2 years for your hair to stabilize. You would possibly lose a lot of hair and go up several norwoods. After this tough time, you go for the cloning procedure.


    Keep taking fin, have the cloning procedure done and then stop taking fin?

    Maybe something to replace fin and make hairs resistant will come beforehand, like for example shiseido.

  63. ^ But personally I don’t see how a one time injection could immunize all remaining hairs. It just doesn’t seem logical to me for front hairs to adopt the traits of resistant hairs just through injecting cells. Hope I’m wrong.

  64. Pre disposedBaldness – preamature baldness – exessive testosterone

    Predisposed body hair –
    Excessive testosterone

    Makes have 100 x test of woman

    We bald after puberty , we produce test then ,
    Some of us have less test , some have more ,
    It affects us differently ,
    Geneticts can be a bitch .

    Love this blog , fingers. Crossed for follica ,
    Keep the faith .

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