Follicum and Cassiopeia Updates

I have covered both Follicum and Cassiopeia numerous times on this blog in the past.

Follicum is based in Sweden and has done a stellar job in updating us regularly when it comes to the company’s peptide-based FOL-005 topical hair loss product. Projected release date: My guess is 2022, but one year sooner would not surprise me.

Cassiopeia is based in Italy. Last year I mentioned how several very well known insiders of the hair loss industry have emailed me about their excitement in regards to Cassiopeia’s Breezula topical antiandrogen product. Projected release date: Officially listed on their site as 2022.

Follicum Update

Follicum provided us with two updates this week.

  • The first was an important February 4th press release. In animal model in vivo testing, Follicum’s FOL-005 hair loss product was as successful as Minoxidil 5% in growing new hair. Moreover, while the latter must be used twice per day, FOL-005 need only be applied once per day.

Since results were dose dependent, I am hopeful that the company will test higher doses in future that may give even better new hair growth results. Considering that to-date, only two products (Finasteride and Minoxidil) have ever been officially approved to treat male pattern hair loss, this development is groundbreaking if true.

  • On February 9th, BioStock magazine published an interview with Follicum’s Research & Development director Maria Ekblad. Original Swedish version here. It seems like the latest version of FOL-005 that is being tested is a new formulation.

One interesting point made was that Follicum only managed to test the product for 3-month results in humans in recently completed Phase IIa trials. Ms. Ekblad hopes that longer-term usage will give even better results.

Follicum has historically worked with researchers at Charité Hospital (Berlin, Germany) and Bioskin (Hamburg, Germany). In late 2018, the company announced that they were now also working with the Centre for Skin Sciences at the University of Bradford (UK).

I would be very surprised if this once-a-day home use FOL-005 cream-like product ends up being less effective than Minoxidil. Unfortunately, it will probably not be released till 2021 at the  earliest.

Cassiopeia Summarizes 2018

Yesterday, Cassiopeia (Italy) provided an update of its 2018 results.

Both the company’s hair loss product (Breezula) and acne product (Winlevi) are based on a synthetic antiandrogen called Clascoterone. Six-month interim Phase II results for Breezula® used in solution form in men with androgenic alopecia demonstrated statistically significant improvement in:

  1. Target Area Hair Count (TAHC)
  2. Hair Growth Assessment (HGA)

Nothing too meaningful as yet, but: there is excitement in the hair loss world about this product due to some results that were presented by Cassiopeia at a conference in 2018. I cannot divulge my sources.

I would be surprised if Breezula does not provide significantly superior results to Spironolactone (another antiandrogen) in regrowing hair. Otherwise, it would not be worth pursuing.

Moreover, this product will be in topical form, and most likely result in minimal side effects. Most oral antiandrogens have significant side effects.

33 thoughts on “Follicum and Cassiopeia Updates”

  1. I was just told I’m not a candidate for a HT. I’m NW2.5, with diffuse thinning, and my donor area is low density for HT. Will I still be able to get hair cloning, or any of these new treatments coming out or am I doomed?

        1. Then hope, like me, that these near future treatments work. Finasteride stops working after 10 years. You have already got the full use out of it. You would otherwise have been like me if you had not taken any.

          I think Shiseido are the most promising. They paid millions to complete the Replicel product. They have the cash to buy all the supposed emerging cures but they only bought the Replicel one. Why? What in their extensive due-diligence did they find that made them think scrap the others, but these Replicel people might have something. I’m just following the money.

          1. Could you provide clinical data that supports your claim of Finasteride only working for 10 years please? I’m interested having maintained on it for over 12 years now.

            1. Propecia still working for me. On it 10+ years. I’m getting a HT next month.. deciding between FUE and FUT. I heard FUT has better results? More grafts? And I could hide scar with SMP?


    1. Alexander. Shave your hair very close and get high quality, subtle SMP ink. You can have a couple of FUE sessions to give it a nice 3D look that’ll convince anyone. Never get an FUT strip scar. Think about getting some nice glasses or a beard to soften your look. That’s truly the formula to stay young and tough looking (no weak thin hair). That’s a partial cure in my opinion. Then, when a real cure is available, you can go for that too. Good luck!

  2. How is this exciting if it is only as good as Minox? Once a day versus twice a day will not move the needle for most people, especially since Minox is generic and cheap. It would be exciting if it was 10x better than Minox.

    1. 1) Minox works via a different mechanism. And causes side effects or does not work in some.
      2) Finasteride works via a different mechanism. And causes side effects or does not work in some.
      3) Now you have two new topical most likely safe candidate drugs that both work via yet again different mechanisms. And nothing has been approved to treat hair loss in 20 years or thereabouts. So FDA approval in and of itself would be a huge deal.
      4) Both drugs can still end up being better than Minox as clearly stated in the post. At the moment, the worst case scenario seems to be “as good as Minoxidil”.

      If you are lucky and all 4 of the above listed treatments work for you… well some people will still find a reason to whine I am sure :-(

      1. Admin, I only have 1 source, but a good one, and, by chance, I was also told recently that there was a lot of excitement in the industry about Breezula. To your point about why this is exciting, I would add that we do not currently have a treatment that will permanently stop hair loss. We have treatments that will do so for a period of time (Fin and Dut), but if we had a new treatment that could either permanently stop hairloss or at least do so for another 5-10 years, because it worked by a different mechanism, that would be huge for many people. Not to mention that a treatment working thru a different mechanism, would likely bring at least some measure of new growth. It may not be the game changer, but a solid bridge would be sorely welcome.

        1. Thanks PinotQ, glad to hear that you also have a reputable source saying the same thing!

          Oral Dutasteride has worked quite well for me at just 0.5mg once every two days, but I am probably getting some side effects :-(

          Would love to try out topical Breezula and topical Follicum when they come out.

    2. I have minor crown area hair loss and lots of hair shedding. Propecia gives me side effects. All I want is a new treatment that will stop shedding. This would be great, but wish it was sooner than 2022.

  3. A wee bit too far away but …. It feels like 2016 was not that long ago. 3 years or so ain’t that long in the grand scheme of things. I gotta admit id be a bit disappointed if it was just the same as rogaine or fin …. technology is suppose to get better after 20 years not remain the same. I get that no sides would be nice but its been 20 years. This product will fail if it gives the same results as the 2 other treatments but is more expensive…. Although more options is never a bad thing.

    1. Another issue is whether it’s just another drug that works primarily on the crown area. I’ve got a receding hairline that has been begging for a few sprouts since 1986. My crown is good to go – I don’t need too much there.

  4. breezula could be the hair loss savior but as always many men really dont understand even in 2022 when this releases its still an AA. You wont go from NW 3 back to NW 1 it will mostly keep hair but once your bald that is it. This wont change that.
    This will be the savior for safe prevention and that is a huge thing, but 2022 is so so far away. That is a very long time.

  5. Anyone browse the trinov threads? Still very early but saw some pictures showing a little regrowth and all the comments seemed positive. Maybe it could be added to current regimens if it turns out to be legit.

  6. Now that this thread is almost over I’ll just toss in my Hope that they have ANYTHING that can grow hair in 2019. I’ll stay positive and leave my message at that.

  7. At the moment all we can do is our best. Although its starting to empty my wallet more and more as i need to keep adding things.
    Keeping your scalp in optimal condition is very important. Use sls and paraben free shampoo. Use a sls and paraben free shampoo with ketoconazole twice a week. Take finasteride. (not all generic brands of finasteride have been the same for me.. And the best one i ever used was discontinued.) take collagen with a little vitamin c (not only does it contain the right amino acid proteins for your hair but it helps with the facial aging/skin that some people complain about with minox) take a daily multi vitamin. Zinc at 50-100mg a day will also block dht and help skin. But dont take zinc for more than a few months without having a zinc free period for a few months and then start again. Use decent minoxidil. I have mine compounded by a pharmacist. If you want it to penetrate more get them to add tretinoin, or buy it online and add it yourself. Take something for your hair loss related stress. Ashwaghanda, ginseng and rhodiola is a good mix. They are adaptogenic herbs. Biotin could help. If you do all of these things then you should atleast be able to stop the shedding. Dont forget to get your thyroid and blood work tested. Dht levels and vitamin levels. If fin gives you sides, try saw palmetto or even dutasteride (it actually has less side effects than fin for some people believe it or not.) applying minox on a damp scalp will also help it absorb better. Eat healthy and get your blood flowing.

  8. On HT someone emailed Organ Technology recently and they said him “The method of recruiting clients and clinical trials or subjects are undecided now”. This sounds to me like they will not start human trails for another two years or so. Forget about march. It is a disaster.

    1. You got all that from what that guy posted? It wasn’t even translated very good lol I’d just let March get here first then conjecture.

  9. I am 46 years old, I have fought against baldness for 25 years … I hope I can have a full head of hair when I’m 50, just to see how it feels, the great fun is over …

  10. lorence .. I feel yah. I started balding at 19, and I got pluggy transplants with linear strip scars at age 20 thru 23. I’ve been forced to hide the unattractive failure with a wig for the past 15 years. Hair loss cures were promised 10 years ago, but have likely been squelched by the establishment wig industry (Hair club etc..). My youth is all but gone. What can you do?

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