Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

Turkey Hair Transplant
Turkey hair transplant patients in a Turkish Airlines flight.

Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey

I do not believe in any kind of lists that rank the top 10 hair transplant surgeons or clinics in a country. However, this has become a major and effective marketing tool for numerous clinics.

This week, I got two Google Alerts about new articles related to “the top 10 hair transplant clinics in Turkey” in 2024. Considering that Turkey’s hair transplant industry was valued at $2 billion in 2022, this is perhaps not so surprising.

However, most foreign patients who go to Turkey (or Türkiye) for a hair restoration procedure tend to come from nearby Europe or the Middle East. Asian customers have also grown in importance in recent years.

But both the two articles I saw this week were published in US newspapers:

  1. Wisconsin State Journal.
  2. Saint Louis Post Dispatch.

Considering the massive hair transplant costs differences between developed and developing countries, it is not surprising that people from rich countries often travel abroad to get their hair restored. However, Turkey is not a developing country. Yet the price of a hair transplant in Turkey is comparable to that in any poor country with much cheaper labor costs. A bit surprising.

In any event, the reason I wrote this post is because the two top 10 lists of Turkish hair transplant clinics got published on the same day (December 14, 2023). And the two URLs I posted above have the same marketing agency name (“brandavestudios”) encompassed.

However, the names of the top 10 clinics vary:

Wisconsin State Journal List (sponsored article, provided content by United Press):

  • Hermest Hair Clinic.
  • Nimclinic.
  • HLC Clinic.
  • Asmed Clinic.
  • AHD Clinic.
  • Pekiner Clinic.
  • Cosmedica Clinic.
  • Medical Hair Clinic.
  • Dr. Serkan Aygin Clinic.
  • Smile Hair Clinic.

Saint Louis Post Dispatch List (sponsored article, provided content by United Press):

  • Medart Hair Clinic.
  • Dr. Serkan Aygin Hair Clinic.
  • Smile Hair Clinic.
  • Sapphire Hair Clinic.
  • Buk Clinic.
  • Cosmedica.
  • HLC Clinic.
  • Dr. Ozlem Bicer.
  • Dr. Resul Yaman.
  • Vera Clinic.

So the surgeons or clinics that appear on both lists are as follows:

  1. HLC  Clinic.
  2. Cosmedica.
  3. Dr. Serkan Aygin Hair Clinic.
  4. Smile Hair Clinic.

A October 2023 sponsored article in the Hindustan Times on the top 10 hair transplant clinics in Turkey had 9 of the 10 names being the same as in the first list above.

Of course a clinic being on all of these lists does not indicate anything other than their being able to afford such sponsorships. The same goes for press releases that any of use can purchase too.

Do your Research

As I have mentioned in several past blog posts, please do thorough research before going to get a hair transplant in a foreign country. See my past gruesome warning about a hair transplant gone wrong.

Some of the surgeons and clinics in Turkey are truly world class. However, large numbers of patients go to unknown unproven back-alley type places in Istanbul or Ankara and get severely damaged.

Just a week ago, “The Irish Times” newspaper had a crazy article titled:

Fighting baldness: ‘We’ve stopped repairing transplants from Turkey. They’re so badly mutilated“.

The below quote is from a well known local Irish hair transplant surgeon:

“The transplants coming back from Turkey are so bad now that I’ve actually stopped repairing them. They’re so badly mutilated.”

Some of the Turkish clinics have massive social media followings. For example, “Hair of Istanbul” has over 4 million followers on Instagram. Cosmedica and Smile Clinic both have over 1 million followers. Vera Clinic has 400,000 followers. Of course many businesses can easily purchase followers and artificially increase their relevance.

In contrast, Bosley Medical (US) only has 19,000 Instagram followers. This in spite of being the most well known hair restoration center in the US since its founding in 1974. They currently have 25 surgery centers across the US.

10 thoughts on “Top 10 Hair Transplant Clinics in Turkey”

  1. I believe it. I just read a blog post last month where this woman had extensive dental work (surgery) she needed done. Her husband was from Turkey originally (they were living in the US though) and so she went Turkey to see what it would cost. She said the care was ten times better (for example, they took multiple X-rays while her dentist back home took none and said it wasn’t necessary) and it was a fraction of the cost. She was happy with the results (and no, she wasn’t selling anything). Could be a one off, but I don’t think so, from what I’ve read over the last few years.

    Like it says above, research is the key (like it is everywhere, even in the US). I believe some of the results though – and the costs. I’d do it myself if I had the donor hair.

    1. I would definitely consider the top hair transplant surgeons in Turkey, India, Thailand etc. And expensive dental work in Mexico.

      But the point of this article was more about the funny marketing in one day in two regional US newspapers. By the same agency, though resulting in different Turkish clinic rankings.

  2. Admin,

    As we wind down 2023, and we try to make sense of all of the information, or disinformation, about all of the various potential treatments out there, I wanted to thank you not only for all of the countless hours (more likely years) of research you have done, but the excellent, objective and unbiased way in which you have presented information here and on discord.

    Even if I comment less these days, I follow your sites consistently. There are too many sites out there where posters display a vocabulary in the neighborhood of 10 words, with one of them being “cope”, as if that gives them a PHD. And there are a dizzying number of comments out there where posters see a piece of information from who knows where and then regurgitate it or exaggerate it, as if it was a known fact.

    As I have exhausted myself trying to decipher fact from fiction, it gave me even greater perspective on what a sound and solid source you have been. You have cultivated a solid following who express more fact than fiction, and although we all may disagree from time to time on our viewpoints, it is always healthy and helpful to gain perspective from the way at which others analyze what they see. Thank You, and Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks so much Pinotq! You have been among the 5 most constructive commenters ever on this blog.

      I have been able to persist due to my own hair loss reversal obsession! And desire for accuracy.

      But unfortunately, I often have to write posts in ways that I dislike…purely for Google SEO ranking and revenue generation related reasons. One day I want to write about these things as it is interesting.

      1. Now I have to ask who are the other 4 top commenters? ;-)

        Best blog by a mile. Thanks for this – I do hope you can monetize it at least a little.

        1. You are in there for sure Ben! I have used your links more than anyone else’s in the last few years.

          I always get enough income to justify 10 hours work a week, but often put in 20 hours (of which only 5 hours is actual content).

          When 4 surgeons advertised with me a few years ago, it was the best! But most surgeons do not want to advertise on a site that predicts and hopes for a non-hair-transplant cure.

          Ultimately, this is a subject that I am passionate about, in addition to regenerative technologies, bioprinting, organ transplants, longevity etc.. And I am my own boss here.

          1. Stay true to yourself Admin, appreciate your hard work, dedication and that you let varying viewpoints post within reason. On that note, while their are some skilled hair surgeons dedicated to their craft, their are also many marketing machines that never met a treatment they didn’t like, if it meant bucks in their pockets and more feet through the door. Some were advertisers or occasionally post on this site. If there’s anything I’ve learned, just because they are a medical doctor, still need to take what they say with a huge grain of salt.

            1. Thanks Yoda, your advice on the various medications and products that you have tried over the years has been Gold!

              Yeah this field is full of surgeons who will oversell like anything. But I also think that most really do believe that there is at least modest efficacy in lasers, PRP, exosomes etc.

              1. Agreed admin, however the degree of the effect with those mentioned on the majority of hair loss sufferers appears to be slim to none. I still use a 25 year old Hairmax laser comb, does no harm and probably little to no good, but it’s paid for. On this note, I did hop on Powers Hair Solution. My hair seems to be recovering back to my previous recent benchmark high bump from oral minox. However, not sure if it’s due to Powers or hair recovering from post CV19 and stressful period in life shock loss. Powers has a lot of goodies but is super expensive, I refrain to recommend for those reasons.

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