The Theradome Laser Helmet for Hair Growth

Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Helmet
Theradome PRO LH80 Laser Helmet for Hair Growth.

You can purchase the wireless Theradome PRO LH80 laser helmet for hair growth from Amazon after reading the customer reviews.

Also available is the cheaper Theradome EVO LH40. Both devices have a 4.1 out of 5 star rating, though the PRO LH80 is far more popular than the EVO LH40.

A 2020 study of a helmet-like low-level light therapy (LLLT) device used in balding South Koreans, there was a significant increase in both hair density and hair thickness after 16 weeks of use. The 30  participants who got treated with the laser helmet saw an average increase in hair density of 41.90  hairs/cm2 and an average inrease in hair thickness of 7.50 μm.

Theradome Laser Helmet

Among the various laser hair growth devices and systems, the Theradome helmet stands out for its unique appearance. Other well known laser helmets include the iRestore and iGrow. On this blog, I interviewed this product’s inventor Dr. Tamim Hamid in 2015.

Since the HairMax Lasercomb first became popular a decade ago, a number of new laser products and contraptions have entered the market. Among these include the Revian Red cap for hair growth.

The Theradome (released in 2013) was the first one that received as much publicity. As of 2020, they now have two models that are discussed further below. More product details and historical information can be seen on the FAQ page on the company website. Also see their Instagram page and their Facebook page for regular updates.

Theradome Laser Helmet
Theradome Laser Helmet for Hair Growth. Sponsored link.

Low-Level Laser Hair Growth Popularity

What really strikes me about low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is that so many people are willing to splurge for these devices. The proven benefits of LLLT when it comes to hair growth are limited. Even today, there are disputes about the appropriate wavelength of low-level laser devices.

Theradome raised close to half a million dollars via crowdfunding on Indiegogo in 2013. Quite surprising, considering that it was a new device with few ratings and reviews at the time. On the campaign home page, you can see a tab for number of founders, and the total is 1,266. The vast majority of those names are “anonymous” with no country of origin displayed.

All the people who bid $395 in the campaign were given the laser helmet in return. The campaign’s initial funding goal was $50,000, which I thought as somewhat optimistic. Perhaps my opinion is clouded by seeing the weak results of numerous other kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns.

Theradome EVO LH40 vs. PRO LH80

As of 2024, there are two models of the Theradome available for purchase:

  1. Theradome PRO LH80 with 80 diodes. Priced at around $900. Use for 20 minutes per day, twice a week.
  2. Theradome EVO LH40 with 40 diodes. Price usually around $600. Use for 20 minutes per day, four times a week.

Reviews and Ratings

The Theradome PRO LH80 currently has 350 reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.1 out of 5 stars. The Theradome EVO LH40 has 96 reviews, also averaging 4.1 out of 5 stars. Clinical trials for the PRO LH80 were completed in December 2016. On Trustpilot, the average rating is an excellent 4.8/5 stars. You can also purchase these laser helmets from Costco.

Theradome FDA Clearance

The Theradome laser is advertised as being the “First and Only FDA OTC Cleared Clinical Strength Laser Hair Therapy for Home Use”. It has been given FDA 510(k) clearance and is not likely to result in any serious side effects with correct use. The device comes with a 1-year warranty, and you can order replacement parts and batteries from the manufacturer.

For more information, see the manufacturer’s YouTube channel and Twitter.

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    Use our production code “action” at checkout for a great discount.

      1. Admin, this post is 5 months old. You really should give Exosomes more Attention. And please stop writing articles about Laser, PRP, Minox, Transplants or Celebs losing hair. Thats just ridiculous. Start living in the future, not in the past!

  2. Theradome is nothing new and I regretted getting this when it first came out years ago. Didn’t work for my MPB.
    I don’t remember his name but there was a fellow who posted a year-long review of this helmet with 0 regrowth. Also, someone named Stevo or something on a hairloss forum was attacking anyone who questioned the efficacy of this device and later turned out he was getting paid by Theradome to promote it on the web.
    Bad experience…

  3. Most likely a virus or something else will wipe us out before we can find a cure for baldness … I guess it’s all connected

  4. Admin, just some hopefully constructive criticism: I think at least a substantial portion of readers find laser devices, as a whole, to be useless. Maybe a poll to see who’s actually interested in reading more posts on the device?

  5. Hooo yeah, something as disappointing as depressing. Those who checked this out on the net will see that the only thing you can hope for is a few hairs or a little down. in 2012 we all were hopeful isn’t it Admin? When doctor Costarelis had found this reaction with prostaglandin PGD2, And that a few years later Angela Cristiano had made a link with jak inhibitors by saying that it worked on mice and that we just had to find the right dosage for men! Today we finally arrived in 2020 and all these beautiful discoveries have fallen into the water. Aclaris why are you abandoning us? ADMIN shouldn’t we redo a site called hairloss2030? Sorry guys for my sarcasm but I’m too disappointed ….

  6. Cosy we here you loud and clear. Disappointing. Who can state which companies have publicly stated a delay due to corona virus?

  7. Hah I have this thing on my head right now.

    I use it more than twice a week but it’s more a feel-good ritual, plus a panisonic scalp massager, I use other stuff in conjunction (dutasturide and minox) so it’s hard to say if it works at all on its own.

    $900 is a steep price to pay for minimal gains if any at all but here i am with the little speaker telling me i have 15 minutes left soo…..

    tbh I wouldn’t recommend it to anymore.

  8. The most useless thing I ever purchased for my hair loss was a laser cap. It’s not inspiration but desperation.

  9. All this goes beyond disappointment … we are practically nowhere … and who knows how many more years …

    1. If Tsuji fails, I would estimate 2030.
      Based on 2 years until some previously un-discovered scientific breakthrough; something else new that works on rats or mice. Then 4 years to test this in a phase 1 study for safety allowing for delays. Then another 4 for phase 2 allowing delays.
      And if you are lucky, it will work this time. If not, the cycle repeats and it is 2040.

  10. Has anyone tried other red light therapy devices in general? Panels like the joovv are meant for skin, joint, and connective tissue health and contain a mix of red LED and near infrared light. Was thinking of getting one for general health and also shining it on my scalp as part of my routine too.

  11. I have been using the theradome for 3 years. Almost no difference. I’m on treatment 310. Would not recommend it.

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