Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia and Hair Loss

Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia

Apparently, there is a small subgroup of people who suffer from hair loss due to a condition called hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (HED). This condition also adversely impacts nails, teeth and sweat glands. While studying HED, the well known Dr. Sarah Millar and her team at the University of Pennsylvania recently found that lower levels of Wnt10A may contribute to male pattern baldness in some people.

They go on to state that:

“Small molecule drugs that activate the beta-catenin pathway downstream of Wnt10A could potentially be used to treat hair thinning and palm and sole skin defects in some patients suffering from male pattern hair loss.”

I have covered Wnt signaling and various associated proteins and genes (especially Wnt10b) a number of time on this blog in the past when relevant to hair growth. But this is the first post that has covered Wnt10a.

— Someone from the Netherlands emailed me yesterday with an interesting new story on a well known Dutch news site about an American guy named Darren Moore who is testing FOXO4-DR to regrow his hair. This self-experimenter’s website with frequent updates is here and he also has his before and after scalp photos on there. For more about the FOXO4 peptide and its killing of senescent cells, see my recent post on that subject. The Netherlands based researcher (Dr. Peter de Keizer) who did that groundbreaking work has warned people about the above experiment and its possible dangers. You can read that in the Dutch newspaper article that I linked to earlier.

Besides the health ramifications, I am obviously very skeptical of one-off anecdotal reports, even though I do mention them if interesting. Note that Mr. Moore’s site has two links from where to purchase FOX-O4 from, but I would not recommend getting the product. It is extremely expensive and potentially highly dangerous as elaborated by Dr. Keizer (and worth repeating again). I would also like to first make sure that Mr. Moore is in no way affiliated with the websites that sell this product before taking him more seriously. Having said all that, I am now probably going to eagerly anticipate his diary updates over the next several months. I like that he posted a photo of himself with Liz Parrish, another self-experimenter that I have covered on this blog several times before.

Samumed continues to garner great publicity. They must surely be the most successful hair loss cure focused company of all time when it comes to getting media attention? Their big coup came last year via a cover page on Forbes magazine with some great photos such as the below inside:

Samumed Hair Growth
Samumed hair growth treatment.

— Wasabi found to benefit hair growth.

Baldness, how close are we to a cure? Not a bad effort, since most such articles are highly inaccurate and badly researched. Nevertheless, the author does not even mention the leading prospects for a cure or treatment such as Follica, Histogen, Replicel/Shiseido, Samumed and Tsuji.

New ADSC and hair growth study from Japan.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— Limitless lab-grown blood tantalizingly close.

— A drug that creates a real sun-tan (and subsequently, protects against skin cancer, rates of which have been rising rapidly).

— 3-person babies for older women having trouble getting pregnant.

— Progress in the cure for multiple sclerosis, a very debilitating auto-immune condition.

Defibrillator carrying drones.

90 thoughts on “Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia and Hair Loss”

  1. Thanks.

    I really don’t understand why Samumend gets so much hype. Their results for MPB were terrible yet they still get funding and media coverage?

    1. They are dead in the water; everything from here on out with them for their MPB product is a hail Mary to maintain investor interest.

      1. That Guy, do you have privileged inside information which is not available to the masses? If so, you’re not simply a hair forum “guru”!

        1. 10% regrowth is not even as good as what people can get on the big 3 and it’s probably temporary.

          The lower dosage also gave the better results, meaning that there’s likely nothing they can do, dosage wise, to increase results — It’s so bad they’re redoing Phase II.

          If it cannot provide superior regrowth to the big 3, it is not worth bringing to market. I’m sorry, I know there’s a lot of cope with topicals like Samumed and JAK, but it’s the truth.

          1. “10% regrowth is not even as good as what people can get on the big 3 and it’s probably temporary”
            When you say this do you mean all, some or a few users of the Big 3? I’ve been at this for over 30 years and use the Big 3, I have a pretty extensive knowledge of it’s limitations, especially over time.
            “If it cannot provide superior regrowth to the big 3, it is not worth bringing to market. I’m sorry, I know there’s a lot of cope with topicals like Samumed and JAK, but it’s the truth.”
            If was the most insightful part of that thought. The truth is you, I or anyone doesn’t know what the outcome of the trials will be…that’s why they’re having trials. People that act like they know to feed one’s ego or like they have a vested interest in one treatment over another always puzzle me. That’s why I tend to lurk rather than post. News and facts are good, opinions are noise in the wind.

            1. It doesn’t matter whether all, some or most do; the point is conventional treatments CAN offer superior results. As such, you need to do BETTER to have a competitive product.

              It’s supply and demand and there is already low demand for the big 3, despite the fact that many have maintained their hair for decades on them.

              This isn’t an “opinion”; it’s a fact.

              Phase II is a trial for efficacy; it is an extremely important step and one they are redoing. Poor results here, with no solid plan for how to improve them, is a death knell.

              What information do you have to suggest they have any reliable means of improving efficacy? It’s already most effective at the lowest reasonable dose.

              You don’t have to be an oracle to see this is bad news.

              1. I have no evidence nor have come to any conclusion. I’m not that smart or claim to be. The jury is still out as with many of the treatments in the pipeline. I get a kick out of people that seem to think they already know the outcome one way or the other of treatments/research still in the pipeline. :-) It’s like they have a vested interest in being right. I just want something to work and after all these years am grateful for the hair I’ve kept and that there’s so much research in this area. I could care less about appearing right or wrong on some hairloss forum.

                1. This is not about being “right” on hairloss forums; it’s about being a realist.

                  If Samumed actually manages to turn their ship around, it will be nothing short of a miracle.

                  There is no significant market demand for a topical that can give you back just 10%. There are already two products on the market that can do that and better and most men can’t be bothered to use them.

                  1. @That_guy. Two products in the market with poor results and a lot of side effects? Are you talking seriously? Awesome. Sammumed with SM04554 uses a different pathway for neogenesis. It’s easy. It will be release in a few years. OK?

                    1. Most men don’t take finasteride or minoxidil because they’re either unaware it exists or because they simply don’t care enough to do anything.

                      It has nothing to do with side effects that statistically, most people do not even get.

                      Two products on the market that don’t yield amazing results does not justify the expense of manufacturing and distributing a product that yields even worse results because you will not profit — that’s how “demand” works.

                      It’s easy. It’ll have to do better to be worth it. Ok?

    2. They are a fairly large and decent company, that’s why. This isn’t some little Histogen or Replicel, this is somewhat of a behemoth…worth tens of billions if I recall correctly.

  2. If SM can’t stop hair loss in its tracks, thicken existing hair and continuously regrow 10% regrowth of new follicles, that is not bad results. It’s actually great! I wish it were out now so I could use it.

    1. Agreed mjones, could get people off fin and avoid sides is huge! Halt loss will give us time for more technological advancements.

  3. There is apperantly going to be a interview with sm, if you have any questions go over to hlt and ask away, it will be under new research. Before I call these guys dead in the water I will wait and see what they have to say.

  4. A preliminary study on topical cetirizine in the therapeutic management of androgenetic alopecia. June 2017 ! Correct me if I am wrong, but is the first time a drug was first tested on hair loss forum guys and then a real study on humans! This did not happen with , for example, azelaic acid :

  5. Researchers spend so much time and money focusing on what causes pattern baldness from a male hormonal/genetic perspective. I wonder if we’re looking at things from the wrong angle. It might be a good idea to focus more energy and funding to female pattern baldness. It’s interesting that women also go bald albeit to a lesser extent than males. If we can find what processes lead to the miniaturization of hair in women the research could potentially bleed over into male genetics and provide a cure or something close. Just a thought.

  6. The ceterizine study baffles me. I tried topical ceterizine multiple times and all it did was give me increased sebum, shedding, and a cloudy brain. I don’t get it. There is nothing safe and effective out there to help us, bottom line. I’ve been waiting way too long.

    1. tom >
      Thanks for your comment . You should tried all this , something ( or a combo) should work, all have studiess done on humans with success, Besides the Godsend Minoxidil you have :
      Ketoconazole ( not just shampoo, use it as cream or lotion )
      17- Alpha estradiol
      Valproic Acid
      And I am sure I am forgetting some. You can even try mometasone .

  7. Hi Admin,

    Any thoughts on the Reboost cream which is hot stuff on Follicle Thought’s blog?

    There are before / after photos on there too.

    Thanks !

    1. I have serious doubts, but please lets not discuss that product anymore as people are posting too many insults about it on here and I have to keep deleting.

  8. @guille: sorry but I can’t try your suggestions. Minox have me wrinkled bloated face and insomnia even at low dose. The estrogen cream is out of the question as I asked my well respected dermatologist and she no way should a man be using that. And I can’t tolerate keto shampoo or cream either. I used the shampoo for years with no problems but tried finasteride and my system crashed. Ever since that happened I can’t use keto shampoo any more as I’ll feel sick and significant fatigue for a few days thereafter. This sucks

    1. Tom :
      Sorry to hear about that. May be some pharmacyst could compound you a Valproic acid lotion/cream (inhibits glycogen synthase kinase 3β and activates the Wnt/β-catenin) ? check this study ( 2014, it spouse it works via WNT ) :
      “Topical valproic acid increases the hair count in male patients with androgenetic alopecia: a randomized, comparative, clinical feasibility study using phototrichogram analysis”. :

  9. I think we must do a list of thing that are already on the market and who can compound them . For example, a lotion with minoxidil/cetirizin/Valproic acid/ ketoconazole / alpha estradiol . That could real bring results for tons of people at least as good as dutasteride, without the side effects of it.

  10. @guille: that would be great if someone found a combo that could be compounded at the pharmacy. That would help us!!! I don’t think anyone would step up to the plate however.

  11. @yoda: I agree with That guy. if you ve shown basically 10% regrowth, simply forget about that product. no need to bring it to the market. SM also knows it, other big pharma too…

    I am not saying it from my own standpoint, rather on financial point of view. you CANNOT make any money if your trial results shown around 10-15%. it has to be far more superior than what it is in the market. otherwise you wont get any attention.

    Do I have to remind you that min or fin trials also shown 10-15% regrowth.. yet we have known them only for maintenance. isnt it? if you have any doubts, you can always check their results

    1. @donitello. Sorry man… You are wrong. Mino and fin have poor results !! Both have 10% hair regrow in the best case scenario… and a lot of sides…are a shame treatments…LOL. Minoxidil and finasteride don’t work fot me. I need a new treatment like millions of men and women. Sorry.

    2. Doni, appreciate your perspective. My point is it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Until Samumed announces they’re done with all phases the trials (or just gives up) and what they results are, we don’t know what the potential effectiveness is of the product will be. Unless their are people on this forum that have privileged info or can tell the future…all revere The Hair Forum Gurus! :-)

    3. @don….um Min only increases hair thickness – maybe count – for a short period of time, and it still is ugly hair that it regrows if at all. Fin blocks your natural hormonal process…how is that even worthy of calling a treatment when the sides are worse than the potential treatment – my penis is life, it’s like sealing your mouth and going hungry. It’s something that is necessary for life, hence why some guys kill them selves. There are no current treatments worth taking. Min isn’t even economically feasible either. Mide as well save for a HT for the future instead of making your scalp oily everyday.

  12. @donitello. Update your knowledge…Your knowledge is very old from the 80’s and 90’s. Min and Fin have a lot of sides…a poor results. Sorry. SM04554 will be release SOON.
    If you do not know. SM04554 uses the WNT path to generate neogenesis. UPDATE YOU KNOWLEDGE PLEASE.

  13. @donitello: I couldn’t disagree with you more. If samumed releases a product with 10% efficacy then many many consumers will purchase. You forget to think about two things: many people can’t tolerate finasteride or minoxidil as I am one of many. A product that can halt or give a little hair back would make me happy and I would be right in line as long as it didn’t make me fee sick or give me bloating and wrinkles or a weak penis. Second reason is that it very well may have a synergistic effect. So people that are on Minox and are getting 10% regrowth but add samumed then they may get to 15-20% regrowth. Do you have any idea how many people have quit finasteride due to sides and are extremely hopeful that they can preserve or give a little regrowth with a new product? A lot!

  14. Ok so topical ceterizine seems to be heating up again as mentioned here previously and hlt website. If you look at the pics they look very very good. If this study is legit, we need our smartees Herr to see if they can replicate the formula they used for the study. Anyone willing to step up? Sorry I don’t have a clue where to begin. I really don’t think we should look past this. One thing that really confuses me is that from what I understand, ceterizine blocks both pgd2 and pge2. How are these people getting results if pge2 is blocked????

  15. @ Tom Actually I have started taking both oral D3 and oral Cetirizin (I dont know where I can get topical) few weeks ago. I have Psoriasis Arthritis and also taking Celecoxib since a year against it.
    By the way I think you missunderstand the way Cetirizin works. Its a Pgd2 Inhibitor and Pge2 Stimulant. I guess if somebody has a clue how to cook Drugs (medicin) would be worth to try both topical D3 and topical Cetirizin. But topical D3 will be available soon as its in the Trials already.

  16. @That_guy. Read more Pubmed, sciendirect.com and others. You need it. Minoxidil and Finasteride are prehistoric drugs with poor results: sheeding, neurological and sexual sides…no more to say…it’s always the same.But don’t worry new treatment is coming for you and for the people who suffers MPB. Good luck.

  17. @That_guy:

    Neuroactive steroid levels and psychiatric and andrological features in post-finasteride patients.
    J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2017 Jul;171:229-235. doi: 10.1016/j.jsbmb.2017.04.003. Epub 2017 Apr 10.

    Read this and anothers. You will be surprised. And if you were right it is not. Why are so many companies looking for a new treatment? Breezula, SM04554, RAIN, Setipiprant, Tsuji, HairClone,Replicel, Histogen, Fidia with Brotzu Lotion….Because the side effects and poor results ARE REAL! Now you understand? The demand is HUGE TOO.


    1. You didn’t use the reply field.

      Yeah, finasteride CAN have side effects. So what’s your point, Paul?

      The demand for something that can’t provide substantial regrowth is NOT huge; the disappointing sales of minoxidil and fin has little to do with side effects. It is because most men don’t care enough to use something that will only maintain or provide meager regrowth.

      Also, Tsuji, Follica, HairClone etc. are not what I am talking about. These companies are after complete regrowth or results that are other wise incredibly aesthetically significant.

      There is absolutely a market for that — the market that 10% regrowth doesn’t appeal to.

      1. That Guy, you seem like a fairly bright young man but your logic taxes my little brain. You state that Samumed is done, kaput, curtains before all trials have been completed. The scientific minds and resources behind the company will never see results better than 10% growth that they have published thus far and thus have a marketable product. It’s just a ploy to raise more cash from investors (even though they have other higher volume products with more market potential in the pipeline) . On the other hand, you have a boner for Tsuji, Follica, HairClone, some with limited published results or not even having human trials yet. I’m perplexed, but I am 54 so maybe it’s time for the ice flow or to set the Viking ship ablaze with my rotting body in it! :-)

        1. The reason I have “a boner” for Tsuji and what not is that these technologies are not only rooted in solid science, but if successful, they give the market demand exactly what it is demanding: A full head of hair.

          Samumed is redoing their second phase because they NEED better results. If they can’t get them, it’s not going to be profitable. Again, maintenance and 10% regrowth products have existed for decades and those kinds of results are simply not appealing to consumers. I shared some links about this, but the admin seems to have removed it.

          Aderans was capable of providing side-effect-free, cessation of hairloss and it was scrapped after 2 phases.

          1. That Guy, I’ve figured it out. It’s the only logical explanation…are you from the future? :-) I like that you are using the conditional “if’ now. Son, I’ve been fighting this shit longer than you’ve probably been alive. I don’t know what horse will win the race as long as one or many do I’ll be a happy dude. Even if a Samumed comes to market with a decent results profile to improve upon on the diminishing returns I’m getting from the big three, it’ll be a win. Especially “if” the other so called “boner” cures take a dump or are delayed considerably. It’s been known to happen. I am optimistic something will pop soon, even for an old guy like me!

            1. “That Guy, I’ve figured it out. It’s the only logical explanation…are you from the future?”

              Ya caught me

          2. I have not removed any of your comments. Sometimes comments with links end up in the spam folder and then get deleted if I do not see them in a day.

          3. It’s not 10%, it’s 10% with neogenesis for the very first time. Follica did the same claim without any study to back up…. like all of their claims. By the way, the hair product of samumed is not priced very high but super low in the value company. Maybe it would help you to check their pipeline. So please, just wait for their new phase 2 before jumping on conclusion.

            Ps: some investors are starting to short follica which does not mention their hair research in their main presentation… does not look really optimistic.

  18. @john: have you noticed anything with your hair and scalp good or bad since starting your oral vitamin d and oral ceterizine?

  19. @Tom well its to short period to tell. Did take it now for 3-4 weeks once a day 10mg but quite unregularely due to Cetirizin makes me very tired which is the only side affect I notice. And then D3 once a week 20.000 i.e. After reading the News and Trials about it now I will take Cetirizin regularly twice a day. …. Lets see how it will work.

  20. this time next year I will feel much closer to the hope of Follica, Shiseido, and Riken. All three plan on making huge announcements by the end of next year. For now… it’s apple cider kitchen sink wasabi B.S. to stop itching ugh

    1. On top of that Follica and shiseido will both be out in 2018! And hopefully Brotzu as well! Next year may be the breathe of fresh air we have all been waiting for!

  21. @john: can you keep us posted about your ceterizine twice daily experiment?…and fyi setipiprant trial recruiting is still occuring. I’m surprised no one on here is interested.

  22. Totally pulling this out of my ass, but my gut is telling me follica will be out much sooner than we all think. I wouldn’t be surprised that they are going under the and completing final trials and submittal to fda. They will come out surprising us all. I would say early 2018. Pivotal trial will probably last 3 months or so. Wishful thinking I know lol

  23. I dont understand some people that attack others. And what is worst, for what ? 10 % regrowth ? lol, current drugs give a % much, much bigger. Where are the amazing photos ? First we will see the “amazing “· results photos, and after that, it will past at least 2 years till it became available. If not, it simple tell that you have not being here for enought time, did not read the Dr. Gho post on the 2000s, etc. There are not actual results. How much is a 10 % more hair in a person that is a norwood 7 ?! Did it regrowth enought hair where there are not a single hair active ? IF you put 2 hair where you should have 10, you will still be bald.

  24. @Tom Why not try it as a topical ? it is soluble in water. Check for the vehicle to use, should not be a hard one.

  25. @GUILLE I have tried in the past. I immediately shed. I don’t have enough hair to go thru another she’d unless I know it will definitely work. Feel free to follow the study and try it yourself.

    1. @Tom : I am sorry to tell you that if it did not work as topical, I mean, if it cause it that shed as topical, I extremly doubt that if it work it will be different as oral. Oral, if the drug pass with no problem the first layer of the skin, just mean more side effects.

  26. Can anyone help me with this question. I have always used generic versions of proscar.
    I was using apo-finasteride and was shedding and thought it was due to my minoxidil. When i switched to finasta i stopped shedding. I just started apo-finasteride again and am noticing shedding again. How can this be possible as they both have the same active ingredient of 5mg finasteride?

    1. @Quentin: Now yoy understand when Paul Pheonix say: yes min and fin are prehistoric drugs…we need a new treatment ASAP lol….maybe he’s right!

    2. Any chance you can get your DHT levels checked by a bloodwork ? In fact, we all should check our DHT levels.

  27. I’m skeptical of the FOXO4-DR pictures. According to his blog (which has not been updated for three weeks; maybe it really is dangerous!), those pictures were taken 18 days apart. Even if it caused new hairs to start growing immediately, that’s not enough time to see meaningful results. It’s amazing how much difference different styling can make, but I think that’s all we’re seeing here.

  28. Does anyone know if Follica will go for 501(k) approval or a drug approval?

    If 501(k), anyone knows how long a device approval phase 3 is supposed to take?

    1. Quoting from HLT on the elaboration of their hair loss pipeline: “Follica technically isn’t even a third phase trial but it’s 510k approval so we put it under phase 3 since it is close to commercialization if all goes well”.
      I don’t know how long it is supposed to take though… Hopefully we will hear about it soon!

  29. all I am saying is

    – 10% regrowth is very subjective: it means some people see maybe more or much less. In general there is no guarantee that it will work for everyone, just like minox and fin.

    – it has to make nw5 to nw3 or nw2 at least to call it an effective medicine. anything mediocre wont be useful to everyone

    – when fin first got launched, they said it was cure with promised regrowth. we dont have much resources from 90s but I remember like yesterday.

    and DO NOT FORGET, fin still works for most and still effective and even provide regrowth for few.
    if you watch Spencer, he is still promoting it. I know it sounds DESPERATE but it is the truth.

    and please and please do not blame me for supporting fin cause I am not.. I am just laying out the facts.

    1. Your facts are valid, but the problem I have with what you’re saying is that it promotes the idea that finasteride is a modern day long term solution to AGA. Imo, it is not, blocking an essential hormone and disrupting your body’s hormonal balance isn’t a good long term solution to what is essentially a cosmetic issue.

      To those like myself that are unwilling to endure ED, penile fibrosis and a host of other issues to keep my hair, and are non-longterm responders to minoxidil (like the majority of people), there really isn’t anything available that is proved to treat AGA.

      I’d gladly take a treatment that boasts a 10% average, and hopefully with FDA reforms, companies will have further incentive to gain FDA approval for something that may very well be overshadowed by a better treatment in the future.

      1. You speak as though those side effects are guaranteed. The truth is, most people who take it don’t get those issues.

        Again, WE would all take 10% regrowth on a side-effect free topical.

        But we of the internet do not represent the majority of the balding population, unfortunately.

        1. I got a different theory. I don’t believe that blocking DHT is good for your health, even if short term testing has proved otherwise. If it was companies like Merk would have marketed finasteride to every male on this planet over the age 18, balding or not. It could be sold as a vaccine for all the DHT driven ailments; a pill a day keeps hairloss away, like taking multivitamins. If finasteride were so safe why do we still have so many newly balding people?

          The reality is only people that are so distraught over their hairloss are the ones willing to overlook any risks, and overlook any actually occurring side effects, to rationalize taking this drug.

          Your right. It does affect everyone, but there are a lot more than you think have AGA, but are not willing to go to extremes to treat it.

          1. * doesn’t affect everyone.

            One more analogy, taking finasteride is like taking chemo drugs for life to prevent cancer. It’s too extreme. There needs to be a healthier treatment option.

            1. I am sorry, but comparing finasteride to chemotherapy is absolutely madness; hyperbole itself on a grand scale.

              Most guys aren’t treating their hairloss because they either don’t care, don’t know treatment options exist and those treatment options don’t offer much regrowth anyway.

              That is what market research carried out by companies like PureTech has shown. As another poster on forums put it, “It has to move the needles in such a way that guys, who otherwise wouldn’t do anything — would.”

          2. Finsteride for me at least is poison! I took it for 4 years. Couldn’t deal with all side effects… Now here I am losing my hair and with post finasteride syndrom (almost 0 libido, my morning woods are back, but ED is really bad, keeping an erection is really hard… :((( But I really have faith that I’ll be 100% healthy again…

  30. @admin: Desmond_84 post this:
    Hi guys, I don’t know if you have realised yet, so here it goes:

    1) In 2 weeks, the first batch of Shiseido trial patients would have reached the first milestone. i.e. 12 month efficacy read-out…..fingers crossed.

    2) On November 2nd, Dr Jiro Kishimoto of Shiseido Hair Reasearch arm will be presenting a talk on their treatment at the World Hair Congress. They would have had 3 months to evaluate the results, so hopefully they have something exciting to share.

    Keep your head up guys…Time to be excited :)

    Well said Desmond_84! Good times are coming!!

    Paul Pheonix

  31. Admin, just wondering why the regenepure dr shampoo is not in the top 10 best hair loss shampoos section?

    1. Why would it be?

      Actually, theres a lot of OTC things which aren’t really given any attention on HL forums. Won’t regrow hair but can make a difference to how it looks. I’ve started using Nioxin for example and think it’s pretty good

      1. Because regenepure dr has so many ingredients that are known to help scalp and hair. It also contains keto and is not much more expensive than nizoral and does not have all the harsh chemicals that nizoral has

  32. I have tried topical ceterizine in the past studied extenslively and found better with water (I used distilled) which it is soluble in . the guys in German website were mixing with alcohol but that didn’t seem to work.. I feel i slightly mainted on the cet with just water. But not enough to stay on it.. Was I missing an element?

  33. Bald scalp in men with androgenetic alopecia retains hair follicle stem cells but lacks CD200-rich and CD34-positive hair follicle progenitor cells. This is exciting because this means that the critical elements for creating the mature hair follicle is in the scalp and once the progenitor cell defect is solved, we should produce gobs of good hair bringing back what was lost.


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