Kerastem CEO Update

A few hours ago Kerastem’s CEO Mr. Brad Conlan sent me an e-mail for the first time ever. The timing of this e-mail is quite appropriate considering that I just mentioned Kerastem in my recent SVF and adipose cells post. Yet another new study found some positive correlation between adipose tissue (fat cells) and hair growth.

I am pasting Mr. Conlan’s e-mail verbatim below in blue font. Please keep discussions in the comments civil and related to this subject matter. Unrelated comments should continue to go in my last (“brief items of interest”) post. From the first link in the below pasted e-mail, I liked the following quote from lead investigator Dr. David Perez-Meza. Although it is worth keeping in mind that the study had a very small sample size of 6 patients.

“We are very pleased with the clinical outcomes of our hair regeneration study, as they represent this procedure is safe and that results are on par or better than those of traditional medical approaches to hair loss”.

Dear Editor,

I wanted to pass along that the Kerastem UK clinical study results were recently published in the Journal of Stem Cells and Cloning.

We were highly encouraged by the results of the UK study and proceeded to a 70 patient, US IDE clinical trial focused on Androgenetic Alopecia. US Clinical Trial details can be found below:

We expect to present the results from the US clinical in the Fall of 2017.

Kind Regards,

Brad Conlan

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  1. Hopefully, this is the home run. I really wish I could be apart of the clinical trials as I’m 21 and continuing to lose hair both on the top and the sides. Thanks for the updates my man.

    1. I am certain its not the home run :-( but even if slightly better than Minoxidil or Finasteride, a great development.

        1. It reads: as good or slightly better – hence NOT a “home-run”…likely just enhanced Min results for ppl with extra money or who don’t want to grease their scalp up daily

      1. yea. i guess i got too excited. My home run would be something that can stop any further hair loss so that I can get a successful transplant. fin side effects got me.

        1. true…anything that permanently stopped progression, even if need to do the regime every few months, would be a home run in my books.

      2. Sure, but couldn’t you achieve better results if you combined it with min… or for people who min doesn’t work for?

        Also… is there an explanation for how this works? Does it only promote growth in AA or could it help for other forms of hair loss not related to DHT?

    2. Shiseido are closer than this with their RCH-01. They expect a product release by late next year and their phase 1 test for safety already passed. This company looks like it is a phase behind. But I suppose to us it does not matter who invents the cure first, just so one of them does.

  2. As a maintenance “plus” treatment that I would presume can be done in a single office visit possibly once every year or 2, and depending on cost, it sounds like there is some promise, at least for those of us just trying to hang in there short to medium term. Any chance you could ask them to post before and after pics of all 6 trial participants, as well as when they would anticipate this being commercially available in the US? Other than for credibility and marketing purposes, I’m not sure why this would need FDA approval. I am aware of orthopedic procedures currently in use where body fat is spun in a centrifuge and then re-injected into joints.

  3. Well, not to disappoint anyone but as I commented in that recent post, I had the Kerastem treatment which is available in certain countries in Europe.
    I paid 4000 EUR for it, It took 4 months to see a halt to my major shedding (which I had before), for 1 month I had no hair loss at all, for 2-3 months in total my hair was thicker. After 8 months the results are now fading away. I had regrowth but I also had a major shedding before, so I would not attribute it to the treatment.
    It’s a very invasive procedure, you need weeks to recover from the bruises, etc.
    For that kind of results & money I don’t think it’s worth it.

    1. Wow! That’s expensive. This sounds similar to a treatment like prp/acell ($2,500) but, at least according to Karastem’s press release, maybe works a more consistently patient to patient, and maybe is a little more robust. Similar to the time line of your experience, prp/acell worked twice for me. I was told I would see nothing for 4 months and I saw nothing. At about 4 months, my hair definitely thickened. And then it started to slowly fade at about 9 months. So unless they have improved since your experience, at best this is maybe a slight incremental improvement.

  4. I bet well down the line they will grow fat outside the body, in a lab, and inject it into your scalp. Thin guys like me would have a difficult time getting this treatment done unless growth models were completed in a lab….on another note I think some people get bad minoxidil side effects due to lack of fat in the scalp. It’s just a super highway to go systemic.

  5. zero result.

    when you sea hollywood stars and political with full head of hair now then you know that are something out that really works.
    until then this kerastem and histogen injection things are and will be snake oil for desperate ppl!

    just wait more mouth to sea if in the meddle of 2018 Fidia say something about Brotzu!

    before 2020 in nothing more.

  6. This has already taken place and didn’t work. Dr Epstein in Miami did a study using same procedure and no results.

    1. Dr. Epstein is participating in the same STYLE trials and the results are not out yet.

      Dr. Epstein is the person they mean by “Foundation For Hair Restoration” in Florida.

  7. @Susa: Source? Nothing…No source says that. It is more, available sources mention that: In 2018/2019 we will have new treatments for androgenetic alopecia, is sad for you, but the demand is HUGE. And new treatments are extremely demanded. It is like that and nothing more…

  8. I admire Paul D. Ryan his hair. What does he do to maintain that hair, we all should do the same! haha*602/PAUL+RYAN33.jpg

    This week I saw The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The hairline he has looks great, but it seems that all the talkshow hosts in the US have great hair. Even CNN, Fox and ABC only hire NW1’s and NW2’s.

    In Europe you don’t see such a consistent line in wonderful coiffes on TV. How is that possible? A lot of these US hosts are Euro-Americans, so with ancestry from Europe. Where in the family tree did they drop the AGA? Hmm

  9. It would be super cool if more celebrities came out and said how they are combating baldness. I’m surprised mcchaunaghy (sp?) Has no problem embellishing about his hair and regenix. If I’m him no way am I going to give others the impression that regenix is going to solve their hair woes. He probably justified it in his head by telling himself that he isn’t lying because he used it or currently using it despite damn well know 99% of his results didn’t come from that product. Seriously he is a scam artist and as long as regenix keeps forking over $ to an already wealthy guy then he will unfortunately not tell us the truth. Think about it. If you had a solution to a problem that bothered millions of others, would you tell everyone what your solution is or would you use it to scam others? No way I’m doing that. If I can improve other people’s lives I’m doing it!

  10. Hate to break it to you guys but celebrities will usually have a hair transplant done by a high end surgeon. Thats why youll never catch them with a buzz cut post surgery. Theirs no secret rich guy treatment out there. While i would never opt for a hair transplant, its still the best thing out their for hairloss unfortunately. In the hands of the right surgeon a transplant can have excellent results, and a celebrity can demand the attention and detail to get an amazing result out of their surgery. So don’t think theirs some secret out their, there really isn’t. I bet some guys on this forum know more then most celebrities on possible treatments available

  11. Yea I get it john but people like Matthew McCaughnaghy shouldn’t lead people down the wrong path. I don’t think he realizes that people that barely make ends meet will buy regenix and think it will restore their hair like his was restored. Just isn’t right.

  12. Off topic:

    Hello guys, i am from germany and i started reading about baldness since one year. I think you are doing a great job Admin, by keeping all the news up-to-date.

    I am starting to get bald, both of my parents familys are having balding issues. I just went to the barbor and got a short haircut, even though i was always know for having a bunch of and espacially thick hair. But, it turned out, that my receding hairline got bigger and bigger, that having longer hair looked less good (NW 3 i would say).

    As i started informing myself about balding and everything that comes along, i started to notice what big off a top it is. Thats also something that gives me hope.
    A friend of mine just went to turkey, and he had a Hair Surgery, so, the very first person within my peergroup, who did it. I havent seen the results yet, but he´s quiet satisfied. He payed 1,500 Euros (equivalent to 1,744 US $).

    My question to you guys, who maybe looked deeper into hair surgery and myabe thought about undergoing one, is, dont you think that HS and technical equipment will rise faster and be even more precise, than there will be a real cure to stopping hairloss in general and by medicine? I am thinking, that hair surgery will soon be mastered to a point, where u can transplant a thousands of hairs, incase multiplying hair works or enough donor hair is available, to get a good looking result within less. there are already different kind of HS´s, so, why not master and improve the best there is so far?

    Have a good day, greetings from germany.

  13. I agree that some celebrities are not as gifted hair-wise as we all think.

    A lot of them use fillers or toupees when they make big appearances, but you only see with a hat in public.

    This photo of John Hamm came out a while back and he’s clearly balding.

    They said it was for a film (Baby Driver) and he’s not actually that bald. Well, that movies out and it looks like they must have digitally masked his balding in post because that’s not a ‘look’ for the movie.

    I have a colleague who used to do accounting for movies and some baseball movie with Kevin Costner had a HUGE CGI budget…turns out that budget was so they could digitally fix Costner’s hair in post.

    Hollywood MAGIC!

  14. Anybody else get an email from replicel newsletter talking about rejuvenating and stimulating hair growth (:

  15. Wanted to share something. I have always had itching and flaking problems all my life, and i used nizoral for it, but about few months ago I bought a new shower head. And to my surprise my itching went away. So much so that I haven’t even shampooed my hair for 3 weeks now and i still feel no itching, which would usually come after 3-4 days. california water is merciless to hair. And no i dont think it has halted hairloss, just the itching.

    I also started ‘drinking’ broccoli (juicing/blending) for general health goodness, but i am not sure that it can contribute to that. Although after reading some articles i see that broccoli reduces inflammation by a large amount, especially that anti aging study where they fed NMN to mice and they became younger by all aging metrics. NMN is found in broccoli.

  16. @Paul Pheonix

    sad for me and for you…. :/
    Source? source of what? the are nothing to source about….
    Brotzu is the only thing with “chance” to get data time to go in to the market next year. If really get out!

  17. Susa and Paul…..the only thing coming out that we will access to with ease will be follica rain. Everything else is either in Japan or still in early trials. That’s the truth of it. Realistically who here can fly to Japan 2x or 3x in 3 months to inject your head with cells. Honestly that kind of freaks me out injecting cells into my head. 5 years is short term for safety when it comes to cella multiplying in your head. That’s just me though. Ultimate cure would be growing hair follicles and implanting them with unlimited number.

    1. I agree with everything you said but the last part.

      Yep, a lot of people (especially with the recent Tsuji email) are going straight up bananas with completely unrealistic expectations of the availability and affordability of such a treatment and everybody else working on the same thing is MILES behind Riken.

      “But you can get funding! The FDA will look the other way! The demand will be so big! Blah, Blah!”

      Nope. Most people aren’t going to pay that kinda money when it ACTUALLY comes down to it, it will still have to undergo trials, they will have to expand capital into other markets, most balding guys won’t even bother with it; it will take years after its successful application before hair multiplication is a practical option.

      However, I disagree that unlimited donor follicles is the ultimate cure — the best option is being able to grow tons of new hair without cultivating cells at all, and there is no reason that Follica shouldn’t be able to do just that.

      1. How should be Follica even be able to mutiply cells without harvesting anything at all? I don’t think RAİN device is capable of that. We should be lucky if there will be any possibility of mutiplying cells at all

          1. As you said:
            the best option is being able to grow tons of new hair without cultivating cells at all, and there is no reason that Follica shouldn’t be able to do just that.
            And how? İf not mutiplying how should they reach that goal?

            1. Because wounding neogenesis utilizing the stem cells present within the skin already.

              This has been observed with the soul called “BBQ Man” who fell into that fire and regrew hair, the dhurat study, some users on sites like HLT, etc.

              Theoretically, with mastery of the technique, one should only be limited in how much hair they can grow by how much skin there is.

              The same concept also shows promise for scarless healing.

      2. Unlimited donor supply is all alot of us have to look forward to though that gives us ALL of the hair we need to have full heads again. What will Follica give back? Do you really think they can achieve full density for a Norwood 3,4,5,6,7 I could make myself a werewolf if it worked that well.

      3. You were pretty excited over the Tsuji email too. You seem to be all over the place with regard to which treatments are valid or we should be excited about. I’m starting to feel like you hedge your bets, your enthusiasms seem to shift week to week. It’s confusing.

        1. Regarding Follica: As I’ve said before, based on existing research, I don’t see any reason why going from NW7 to sufficient density NW1 shouldn’t be possible. Who knows if the results would be lasting, though — but that’s the only real drawback I could see.

          and sure, the Tsuji email is good news.

          But you’ll also notice that in that thread I said exactly what I’m saying here: It’s unlikely to be a realistic option.

          1. Can you give us a link to research/studies that show potential for NW7 to NW1 with density? I have been googling but don’t see a good, definitive study.

            1. No offense man, but with your whole “I’m super negative about everything now” stance, I doubt anything you see will help.

              That being said, (can’t post links because they might go to spam) but look at BBQ man, the dhurat study, the studies the dhurat study cites and check out long-documented cases like “Somebody’s story” over on HLT. That guy started dermarolling in 2013 (same year the dhurat study) and has gone from being a badly diffusing NW 4 or so to like an early NW2 at the WORST.

              There is no question that wounding in combination with some sort of growth stimulant is capable of regrowing a lot of hair. That dude from HLT or several people in pictures from the Dhurat study are ostensibly cured.

              and this doesn’t require any cell cultivation or any of that, it simply influences the stem cells already present in the skin; therefore, with mastery of the technique, the amount of hair one should be able to regenerate is theoretically only limited to how much skin is present.

              and this is all using an extremely primitive method with the dhurat study being the FIRST published one for AGA just 4 short years ago. But Follica’s method from the patents apparently uses a laser to cause the wounds, which would allow you to find the optimal depth and diameter of the wounds (which appears to be paramount) and they been researching and trialing it for over 10 years. Now, they’ve been getting dermatologists on board and it is capabilities are enough to warrant it being sent to a pivotal, phase 3 trial.

              There are already people with receding hairlines and incoming horseshoes gone back to being either fullhead or damn near just from surgical needles and minoxidil and somehow we still have people doubting that a superior version of the technique would be able to take a NW7 back to 1.

              1. Thanks, I’m googling some of the keywords you suggest here. One link I’ve come across gives me pause though, this is you at HLT this January: “But whether Follica can create a lot of new, cosmetically significant hair remains to be seen.” Now, in no way do I intend this as a gotcha, maybe what you’ve seen in the last 7 months has made you way more confident. It’s alarming to go from worrying over whether cosmetically significant hair can be created to confidently asserting that a NW7 could go to NW1 with acceptable density. Like I say, I’m not saying GOTCHA. But from observing your posts it does seem like your enthusiams ebb and flow. I get it, cause as you pointed out I go on negativity binges or periods where I’m pretty pessimistic. But you have presented yourself as pretty rational and knowledgeable about the upcoming treatment landscape. That’s why I’m concerned when I see a shift in your appraisal of given treatments. Thank you for the info, I’m going to look at it in more depth. Follica being successful would be incredible, as it is relatively non invasive and more accessible than other looming treatments.

                1. I initially was really skeptical of it, but as I’ve learned more about the company and research around the concept, I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out

  18. Histogen brotzu and follica are the only thing claiming to come out 2018 and who knows if they will post pone

    1. Histogen plans to release their product in 2019…
      WHere did you get the information with 2018?

      AS far as I remember as HLT member published a document that was only for investors but he didn’t care and published it @HLT. There you can see that they want to release it in 2019 but I will check it later..

      1. Histogen said it planned early release in mexico within the next 6 month’s 5o hellouser last year though.


  19. I’ll say it again..FOLLICUM.

    Last statement was that they were going into the next phase of trials and at the same time are researching the suitable vehicle for the compound. They know they have something – I expect they will be quietly working away and then launch suddenly, before any of the other big names have a chance to bring to market. I’m thinking of investing in them.

    1. guarantee its dude – if it aint in the news it’s b.s. you follow this subject for 12 years you come across about 100+ of these zero proof – testimonial – bs websites.

  20. Follicum looks promising but they are years away from release at least here in the usa. I would 5 years away. Plus they are focusing on hair inhibition more so than regrowth based on their last trial. At least that is what I remember.

    1. @mjones their last trial only shows results for stimulation of hair growth so I doubt the are focusing more on inhibition. They did say that FOL-005 is being tested for both, so if they are even still looking at inhibition it would be at least at the same level of focus.

      1. They are looking at Osteopontin protein which controls the growth of hair. Given what we’ve found out recently about hair growth controlled by a signalling system (wnt pathway), and them having evidence of decent hair growth, I am really confident that they are onto something. Nor do I think it will last long for it to reach the USA, even if it did, flying to Europe is hardly a big deal these days. About time had a tratment before you!

  21. @admin: what happens with brotzu lotion? Fidia release any news? I’m very interested in new treatments…minox and fin don’t work…

  22. Follicum only got an 8% increase in hair growth and 14% in thickness of hair shaft. It just grows new hairs faster than Rogaine and more terminal hair from what I read. It’s definitely something I would buy, I’ll take any amount of new growth but 8% is hardly a breakthrough treatment. Hopefully they can bump that number to 30 to 40% increase in hair count in their phase 2 trials. Fingers crossed.

    1. “Despite that the recently completed study is limited by the fact that FOL-005 has been injected into the front of the thighs, the results of the study on Follicum’s substance are in line with previously published in phase III-studies on existing marketed drugs. It is important to note that the study was not primarily designed to study the effect of the substance”- This should give you hope. The study was executed on thighs, where hair is more scarce than one on the head.

    2. Hey man. Follicum results were actually designed for efficacy test to see if it works at all they are in the phase iib trying to see the beat dosage at its maximum potential

  23. Essegen 6 with topical fin + min is based in europe and i believe can be ordered to us.. Anyone have any info on it..?

  24. Update concerning Replicels trial results (Credit to. Swoop at HLT)

    The mystery about the decrease in hair density for two patients seems to be solved.

    The chief scientific officer of replicel life sciences hold a presentation about their technology and there he said that the reason for the decrease in hair density for those patients was a delay in the shipping for their cells.

    By the way I have always thought that replicel Phase 1 study was in Georgia USA… But it was in Georgia Europe…

  25. Hey admin thanks for doing what you do! You truly help us hair suffers and have done extensive research to help update all of us bald brothers together. I just wanted to say though that I was reading article after article from 2012 until now and every article is the same verbal direhhia that the cure is on its way next year or in five years etc. Science is progressing we found the cure for Hep C and I heard HIV is next but hairloss is not going to be cured. This is my reason and my reason only and this is why I’m sharing this…. Profits. Plain and simple, hair surgeons will be out of commission if a cure is found but if a treatment is found they can still make money. I’ve been balding since I was 14 did I deserve to be picked on for being bald in high school, absolutely not. But pharmaceutical companies are to blame for the lack of success since they are tied hand in hand with the doctors. I’m not saying in 10-20 years a cure will be available but people who are waiting for a cure right around the corner are delusional. I’ve suffered from hair loss for over 15 years and I’m bald, bald. No hair on my head, no eyebrows, and I grow patches when I grow my beard. You would think that maybe we could figure out why this is happening but reality is that it’s cosmetic and labeled as such and people like me and you are told to deal with it. I’ve grown strong for not having hair on my dome or face because I learned that I can’t change the inevitable. I think we all need to ask ourselves why we spend money on propecia, hair surgery, and rogaine when in reality we are fueling the very fire that is handicapping us. We need doctors who will work on our behalf. I’m intrigued about the hair cloning as that can very well be a cure but the question is why has no one heard anything from this. Other then an article to get viewers to look at their page for advertisers to endorse them. We have a serious problem and we need to be more vocal about this. I lost my hair as a child and I’ve been waiting since I was 14 for a “cure”; I’m 29 now. See the problem is we’re being sold false promise and we keep hoping. Maybe I’m wrong and I hope I am because then we can all rejoice and spend money on hair products but this is very concerning that we are completely oblivious to society. I for one am tired of being told to just “deal with it” and “accept it”.

    1. “Truth Setter”, your points are taken, but please try to stick to the same username.

      Previously, you posted under the name “B” and said that you had been reading this site for 6 years and were sick of it. This site is not even 4 years old as of today.

      In my opinion, there have been more positive developments in the hair loss world from 2013-2017 than at any previous time in history. Alopecia Areata seems to be essentially cured for many sufferers if they can tolerate side effects from JAKs; Tsuji, Shiseido, Follica, Samumed, Histogen, Hairclone and more are clearly progressing rapidly; and the understanding of hair biology and genetics has grown by leaps and bounds just since I started this blog in 2013.

      You are welcome to post that “the cure will never come” and similar pessimistic statements, but only every so often or else it gets repetitive and it is a surefire waste of your time.

  26. @truthsetter: keep your head up bro. Are you shaving it now? Just remember we are all in this together. I try and remind myself that I’m not alone and try to better other areas of my life. Just don’t let it consume you. Work on getting a good job and growing in other ways that will make you happier in both present and especially the future.

  27. Anecdotal Update on Fidias Treatment:

    (These reports come from a regular and respected poster over on the Italian hairloss forum BelliCapelli known as Spiga92. Take the info with a grain of salt as these reports are not official and are considered anecdotal, but they do come from a poster who was once very skeptical about the lotion and Fidia as a company, so it wouldn’t really make sense for him to flip sides and support the lotion out if nowhere. Again, take it with a grain of salt.

    Original translation of the follow info was done by user The7thSense from Italian to English, and cleaned up a bit by me for further clarity.)

    Spiga92 writes:

    ” I went through the pictures of three of the doctor’s patients, including the girl with Areata. In doing so, my opinion now is that the professor’s confidence in the lotion is more than grounded. The young girl with AA has recovered every single lost hair, and I’m not exaggerating. The other two with Androgenetic Alopecia now seem to have never suffered from the disease, even starting from a 3-4 grade on the Norwood scale. Obviously everyone continues their treatment by going to Cagliari for administration. Personally I no longer have any doubt about the effectiveness of this lotion after seeing these impressive results.

    Indeed, I was initially incredibly pessimistic about the lotion, but now I have to say that I have never seen anything like it.

    I was able to look at the photos. Obviously, these photos have not yet been made public, but just knowing the names of these patients will let you see some results.

    Their condition was certainly Androgenetic Alopecia. I know this both because it was confirmed to me, and because the hairloss pattern was the typical one. As to the sudden change of my opinion regarding the lotion, I can tell you that it is not possible to criticize the results that I saw. Also, my doubts were always targeted more to FIDIA’s operation, and never professor Brotzu’s. I just do not understand why so many people seem to be trying to undermine the professor’s statements about the effectiveness of the lotion.

    If I had to rely on the results of these three patients, then I would have to say that it is almost definitely a cure. But clearly saying this would substantially raise expectations, which is not a good idea so long before commercialization.”

    Take from this what you will…

    1. 2 things are happening here –
      1) It sounds way too good to be true, and I kind of worry that this is going to be the same as Kelopecia crap from Yeditepe Uni. Post great results, claim its the cure, release it to market…aaand snake oil.

      The reason I’m saying that is because of the constant delays in getting it to market or showing any kind of pulic photos. With this product, it is all purely cosmetic materials, there is no need any more for safety trials etc. If it was working, they would have launched it.
      2) They know this works, have had extremely good results and are now faced with the challenge that in order to capitalise on it, they need to take the market by absolute storm and have enough produced to satisfy the 12Bn euro demand which exists. They need a supply chain that extends accross the world, production facilities etc etc.

      They are behind the scenes throwing it all together ready for a massive launch.

      1 is the more likely, sadly.

        1. @Pinotq

          Not yet. The Seventh Sense said that Spiga92 shared how he came in contact with the results with other members on BelliCapelli via private message. He also added that if Spiga92 is telling the truth about how he saw the photos, then the results would be very reliable.

      1. @gbh

        Very unlikely it is snake oil. If It were, Fidia would not be putting the product through such rigorous testing and certification. Also, Brotzu did his own testing with the lotion on a number of patient groups, as well as a trial on effectiveness (the results of which are very positive and efficacious with zero sides) before Fidia even bought the patent for the lotion from Brotzu. Keep in mind that Brotzu is a very reputable and well known doctor in the medical field. At such a late stage in his life, I seriously doubt he has suddenly turned to making false claims and producing snake oil, when his entire career and legacy was built on the exact opposite kind of behaviour.

        Besides, why would Fidia buy a snake oil patent in the first place when they could just develop their own snake oil for free if that was their aim? Why bother buying a patent for the sole intention to produce snake oil, when such a patent requires a pretty expensive ingredient like S Equol. Also, why go through all the work to implement a new liposomal delivery mechanism for the lotion if it were just meant to be snake oil? Doesn’t seem very cost effective to me. It seems like they are putting a lot of time, effort, and money into this venture, which is why it is taking longer to release.

        You said that Fidia has gone through multiple delays with the lotion. That simply isn’t true. Fidia has not had one single delay with this lotion. They have never said anything about a possible release date, or launch. That is all hearsay and rumours passed along by member of hairloss forums.

        It was revealed by Brotzu himself that one reason for the long wait for the lotion was because the company was still working out logistics in relation to production and storage. They basically had to find a better preservative that would make the lotion last longer at room temperature. Brotzu recently confirmed that the company has overcame these hurdles, and that the lotion should be released “fairly soon”.

        Now, it may not work as rumoured, but i seriously doubt that it is snake oil. I have read just about every single peice of literature, hearsay, news, forum banter, patents, press releases, and interviews, about this lotion and its ingredients. I am basically certain that this lotion works at least to some degree. The only question I have is how effective it is.

  28. Anecdotal reports about how effective some developing product is with nothing to substantiate them are worthless and aren’t even worth discussing.

  29. I agree with That Guy. This will probably be no more effective than neogenics sad to say. However fidia hasn’t showed any pics are mentioned anything about this. Haven’t even heard about them in any hair loss congress or dermatological events. All the big players are there…follica, riken, samumed, histogen, replicel…why no fidia if they claim to have something big. My gut tells me it will be no more effective than stemoxydine or Rogaine.

  30. Guys, I’m sure I asked this before but no replies..

    Why does everyone ignore Rivertown Therapeutics?? Nobody mentions it, its always Tsuji, Replicel, Samumed, Folica etc

    Yes ok they’re great and promising but so is Rivertown, AND prob the closest to release given its ingredients

    Any thoughts?

    1. Where did you get the information that they will be out soon? İn which phase are they? Did they even start phase 2? Even on their own website there is no news since 2016?

      1. Based on an interview from 9/2016:

        We are currently raising funds to pay for a Phase 1B/2A study, and NIH document submission. We have established in a small number of people that RT1640 works: 100% of the people that have used it have had satisfactory growth and a significant percentage have had complete hair regeneration. As soon as we have the required funds, we will push forward. To that end, we are seeking interested strategic and venture partners.

        They aren’t even close to phase 3 and lack money. This is not going to come out anytime soon…

    2. Mutruk it’s basically amped up Minoxidil, that’s why no one cares, the results do look good but Minoxidil is a failed drug in our industry – it works but it’s effectiveness dies. and you would be crazy to call it a “cure” minoxidil is not and will never be a “cure” which is why rivertown is sort of a whimpering fart for us all

      1. Interesting, but I don’t agree its a jacked up minox…They mention significant regeneration for many patients and also a significant percentage of total regeneration.

        They also very recently re-formulated the product for beard hair as it reverses grey/white hair – All evidence of ongoing activity

        Whilst this may not be a case of NW7 back to fresh faced 18 yr old, I do believe this is a very significant product development, if its released.

        What I don’t understand is why they are still on phase 1? Two of the 3 components are already FDA approved/used and the 3rd has use in hundreds of patients.

        Surely they should b straight to Phase 3

    3. I can’t speak for other people, but whenever there’s is a new product or drug introduced I wait for media’s reaction. And you know whoever cures hair loss is guaranteed to make billions and make news worldwide. Also not to mention there is a legion of hopeful bald brothers and sisters out there surfing the web and forums and researching on this.
      So, by the same logic, if something gets no attention, well.. you know..

  31. @ Mutruk you are probably right and I also think that Rivertown will come out soon in over the Counter sale. (maybe 2018, only my guess). But the Thing is again how effective it will be. As mentioned before this probably will be only one drug to take together with other drugs due to Alopecia is only to cure with several drugs targeting multiple parts in Skin and follicle.

  32. Thanks once more Admin. Great stuff.

    There is definitely something to this treatment. A while back Admin you posted a theory on how men with hairy backs are more prone to baldness? This is something I to have observed. Indeed, I have a Greek friend who would make an excellent living room Rug, but fear that any lady I invite over would notice a large headlike protrusion emanating from the rug and get more suspicious when it utters “help, he’s taken me prisoner”.

    The same thing can be observed in jolly fat men, but the other way round, they seem to have hair? It is know that high amounts of testosterone burns fat. It is therefore logical that proportionality speaking those who enjoy finishing off there plate have some form of defence to DHT?

    According to an earlier poster the procedure leaves you black & blue, as well as leaving a large hole in ones pocket. For results comparable to fin, it’s not worth it.

    Oh well, I will attempt my own remedy by going on a fitness regime of eating 20 donuts a day and let you all know how I get on.

    Thanks again Admin

  33. The patch assay reconstitutes mature hair follicles by culture-expanded human cells.

    Using culture-expanded human fetal cells, the patch assay can efficiently reconstitute mature hair follicles and the efficiency of hair formation in the patch assay correlates with cell trichogenicity.

    The patch assay has the potential for testing the trichogenicity of human cells.

  34. Change in PSA concentration in men with PSA < 2.5 ng/mL taking low-dose finasteride or dutasteride for male androgenetic alopecia

    Dutasteride and finasteride reduced PSA levels to similar degrees. This effect was observed soon after commencing treatment. In patients with low baseline PSA levels, PSA levels can remain stable or even increase. These findings are limited to men with baseline PSA < 2.5 ng/mL.

  35. Just saw on Follica’s website that they added team members at the bottom of the page, which are the following:

    – Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali (which posted the RAIN packaging on twitter earlier this year)
    – Dr. Rachita Dhurat (Microneedling indian study)
    and 3 other people that I don’t know much about.
    I’m telling you guys, stuff is happening behind the scenes at Follica.

    1. I agree that this is moving forward which is exciting although we still have no idea how much more effective and consistent this might be over exiting treatments. What I find very interesting is that, with the addition of Dr. Rachita Dhurat to the collaboration team, it would appear that Follica is officially legitimizing the Indian Micro-needling study. There was a ore recent second smaller study by Dhurat you may not have seen:;year=2015;volume=60;issue=3;spage=260;epage=263;aulast=Dhurat. 100% of all trial participants in both studies had positive results. I realize that the nearly universal assessment of the forum users who experimented with micro-needling was not positive. However, after carefully reviewing all of the data I could find on micro-needling, there is a very major distinction between what the majority of the forum users did and the Indian studies. In the Indian studies, they gently rolled until there was mild erythema or superficial reddening……..there was no blood. Forum users by and large bloodied their scalps. My initial thought was that a 1.5 mm needle is a 1.5 mm needle and can go no deeper so how could there be a difference. However, if you press the roller and therefore compact the scalp the needle will penetrate far deeper than 1.5 mm. For example, 4 mm of scalp might compact to 2 mm resulting in 3.5 mm of penetration. When this occurs, instead of getting a growth response, there is a scarring response: Micro-needling therefore likely requires a much more exacting procedure.

  36. @Saleen: do we have clear before/after photos without altering light or angle? without that all I can say is pure nothing. I am sorry if i burst ur bubble

  37. Follica rocks! I just hope it comes out asap! I’m running out of time. My hairline is getting destroyed on Rogaine….

  38. I say bollocks to Follica…I’m not getting caught up in the hype of it just to be disappointed. Do I think it will be a good treatment with decent results? Yes. Do I think it will be attainable or affordable for 95% of the guys posting on here? Not a chance. No way. What do we know about skin disruption/microneedling? One has to do it regularly to get results. Follica requires you to have it done by Medical Pro….that’s going to cost a lot for each sitting. Then you have whatever their topical is too buy on top of that…. I’d say realistically, you’re looking at several hundered $s a month, minimum for this. I doubt the results will be worth it.

  39. Don’t trash it till it comes out bro. If it’s better than what we have now and claims to be a hair transplant competitor than we are looking at similar results as an fue with out getting sliced up. Will this be a cure….most likely not, but if this can bring us 100cm2 hair all over then that’s groundbreaking! Especially for low Norwoods 1-4, and diffuse hair loss sufferers. Of course it will be expensive when it comes dude. They ain’t going to give it out for free. It will probably cost double of yearly Propecia. Doctor initial wounding probably cost a couple hundred bucks then your monthly topical a device. If this stuff works and fills my hairline back in and regrows lots of hair with real cosmetic results the I’ll pay it. Now if it’s prp results or what we see with kerastem so far then follica will flop RALLY BAD! time will tell…..

  40. One more thing…the fact that cots was on major news stations and nightly news about his wounding protocol back in 2009 gives more hope than some random brontzu lotion or kerastem that has gotten zero publicity.

  41. Follica is our only hope in the near future. Forget kerastem unless you have big bucks and brotzu lol. Don’t get caught up in the brotzu hype. Learn from my mistakes when I was younger. Follica is a legit company that are putting their people through actual clinical trials. They have company workers that know A LOT about hairloss, way more then you or anyone on this forum. Am I concerned about them using minox? He’ll yea!! I will be devastated if the protocol definitely requires the use of minoxidil as I get bad sides from it even at low dose.

  42. Tom…I’m hoping it isn’t minox either. I’m sure it’s a new solution or maybe a new time of minox mixed with more potent hair growth stimullators. Or maybe no minox at all. I think he studied the Indian experiment due to the wounding success. Then developing his own potent formula to use with that protocol. Now it won’t be dermarolling most likely laser dermabrasion which is more precise. The one thing I like about follica is that they will administer their protocol at ht clinics and derm offices so everyone makes money and no blocking competition from ht front. Plus it will be easier accessed quicker than let’s say sisheido.

    1. “The one thing I like about follica is that they will administer their protocol at ht clinics and derm offices so everyone makes money and no blocking competition from ht front” Awesome post @mjones. Well said. I hope Follica will be in derm offices soon. The end of 2017 will be great! :)

  43. @mjones I agree with your points however something tells me he has minox as one of the main components. It won’t be the only component of the topical, but I think it will be involved. I just hope follica will sell a topical treatment that does SOMETHING positive without minox, meaning one can decide if they want it to include minox for better results or not. If they were to say, “listen if you use the added minoxidil version you will only have to get lasered once every two years but if you go without the minox regemin then it’s an annual laser treatment” then I would be fine with that. It’s not about minox being inconvenient cause I’ll run around the block naked once per day to keep hair, It’s about being able to handle the side effects:(.

  44. I’ll believe 100cm2 when I see it but I’m not so confident. Better results than low NW minox and Fin users but at a cost which makes you question how worthwhile it is. From the above paper:-
    “The response in the form of new hair growth started after 8-10 sessions”

    So average PRP session is currently what, 500$? it’s slightly more here in Europe. This is probably less time intensive than PRP (Though, PRP literally is spin blood in centerfuge and reinject).
    Say in office treatments are half of that…250 *8/10 – 2000/2500 yearly
    Topical on top of that. Think that’s going to be cheaper than Rogaine? I’ll say minimum 50$ pm. – 600 a year

    So therefore, I say bollocks to it. Even if it can offer “near HT like results” …. the HT is still the cheaper option over the course of 2-4 years, and I’ll bet Follica is a maintained treatment.

    Cots etc have too much skin in the game, adding big names to attract investment to get it over the line, a year after launch they will have made their money and we’ll still be here…just some of us will be 3k down and mad as hell about it.

  45. Gbh…pray that’s not the case because this is all we have coming for the next 5+ years. Everything else seems to be snake oil or on holding pattern aka SM, Histogen, Jak ( jak holds promise but you dont hear much for aga…plus messing with your immune system is serious sht!) I like sisheido but injecting cells scares me….how safe is it..5 years isn’t enough for serious side effects) Tsuji is the best but who knows when this will actually come and how long the wait for it and training doctors to do the procedure etc…we are so close yet so far. All I can say is that it’s 2017 and Rogaine and Propecia area old school and archaic. Time for new real hair growing treatments not peach fuzz and short term maintenance.

    1. I’d love nothing more than to be proved wrong, but just realistically looking at it, I just envisage this to be a lot of hype and a big let down. There is more research and more in the pipeline than ever before so still feel optimistic in general. tbh, I think a “cure” per say will come down to lifestyle more than chemicals, and once its started it’s not gonna be fully reversed…some treatments will offer decent results and be financially viable (SM, Follicum, Brotzu potentially). But the real breakthrough will be in hair cloning and transplantation, or bio-syngergistic synthetics.

      The sad part is the billions desperate people will spend globally to be taken for a ride by a researcher cucked by his investors.

      1. @gbh: A lot of companies working in hair cloning currently…Hair transplant business is very interested in this objective.

    1. It is more tied up with general health, diet, and habits. When more is known, in the early stages of balding, lifestyle changes will halt the process before it progresses. No idea what etc, but a lot of what I’ve read has pointed towards it at least.

  46. I think he is saying that a certain healthy lifestyle will slow down the balding process. For example fried food is linked to inflammation which we know is bad for our follickles.

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