Skin Regeneration, Wound Healing and Hair Growth

The most “natural” way of regrowing lost hair is via wounding or intentional injury. Hence the massive popularity of at-home microneedling and dermarolling for hair growth.

However, no-one truly understands the biology of wound healing spurred new hair follicle growth. We have been waiting for 15 years for Follica to come through.

Update: March 2023 — In vivo reprogramming of wound-resident cells generates skin with hair.

Update: February 2022 — Another interesting new study titled “Cellular Memories: More Than Skin Deep.” Co-author is Dr. George Cotsarelis.

June 21, 2021

Hair Follicle Mesenchymal Activity During Wounding Healing

I am updating this post because an important new study on wound healing and hair follicle mesenchymal stem cell activity was published in June 2021. The Israeli researchers behind this paper concluded the following:

“During wound healing, dermal papilla (DP) and dermal sheath (DS) cells move towards the wound, but do not directly participate in follicle neogenesis.”

They further elaborate that follicle neogenesis during wound healing is a genuine de-novo process. The new follicle formation does not rely on any preexisting components from preexisting follicles.

October 24, 2020

Wound Healing and Hair Follicle Growth

Two recent papers published important new findings in regards to wound healing and skin regeneration.

Wound healing via skin regeneration is often accompanied by hair follicle regeneration. Or even by brand new hair follicle neogenesis (e.g., Follica). Note that this hair growth after wounding phenomenon was even being researched in the 1950s and 1960s.

Thousands of hair loss sufferers around the world are trying out at-home microneedling and dermarolling. Many of them have seen significant success, although one has to be careful with this type of scalp self-injury. On our hair loss chat, the most interesting recent discussion is around wounding depth levels.

Human embryonic and neonatal skin has the potential to regenerate after wounding. This includes fully functioning hair follicles. However, adult skin no longer has such regenerative capabilities. Researchers have been trying for years to find ways to coax salamander-like regenerative powers in humans. If not for whole limbs, at least for hair growing skin to cover baldness for our sake.

New Studies on Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing

1) In September 2020, a team that included Dr. Jeff Biernaskie published a study on the regenerative potential of dermal fibroblasts during wound healing. They identified a specific population of progenitor cells that reside within the dermis and which aid in wound healing. I covered Dr. Biernaskie and his University of Calgary team in detail in 2020.

Skin Regeneration Regulators
Skin Regeneration Regulators. Source: Bernaskie Lab GitHub.

This latest research is shared on GitHub. Also see Biernaskie Lab. According to the findings, Runx1, retinoic acid, and Hic1 control mesenchymal regenerative capabilities.

According to this summary, Dr. Biernaskie said that they have shown the following:

“You can alter the wound environment with drugs, or modify the genetics of these progenitor cells directly. Both are sufficient to change their behavior during wound healing. And that can have really quite impressive effects on healing that includes regeneration of new hair follicles, glands and fat within the wounded skin.” 

“It suggests that the adult wound-responsive cells do in fact harbor a latent regenerative capacity, it just simply needs to be unmasked.”

2) Also in September 2020, a new study from the University of Washington identified Wnt transcription factor Lymphoid enhancer-binding factor 1 (LEF1) as the key factor in adult skin regeneration.

LEF1 gene expression in fibroblasts has the potential in adult skin to repair itself like the skin of a newborn baby. This skin can also grow new hair follicles.

Interview with lead author Dr. Ryan Driskell.

“We identified a genetic factor that allows adult skin to repair itself like the skin of a newborn baby.”

The authors of the above study have started a new site called The site’s mission is to provide a platform for scientists to easily query large datasets that focus on skin wounding and scarring repair.

For further information, see the Driskell Laboratory site at Washington State University.

Update: July 8, 2022 — A WSU research team led by Dr. Ryan Driskell is researching how to regenerate skin without scarring. This would be done by reactivating Lef1 expression in adult fibroblasts. In effect, this would turn adult skin into more youthful young skin.

Hair, Skin and Wounds all Interconnected

While researching for this post, I could not believe the number of diverse past posts that I have written on this blog that have focused on skin regeneration, wound healing and hair formation.

Regenerating hair follicle after wounding.
Wound induced single hair follicle neogenesis in a bald old man.

Renowned hair loss researchers such as Dr. George Cotsarelis, Dr. Luis Garza, Dr. Elaine Fuchs and Dr. Mayumi Ito have all also conducted frequent research on skin regeneration. I have discussed their work in past posts if you search for their names.

My gut feeling is that whenever there is a fully effective cure for hair loss, there is a strong likelihood that there will also be a cure for quality skin regeneration.

Skin Gun and Spray-On Skin

It seems like the technology to repair skin has improved significantly during the past decade. There is an especially unmet need when it comes to treating skin that has been burnt badly.

One of the technologies that I used to very curious about is the skin gun that was widely hyped in 2011. I have not heard much about this in recent years. RenovaCare acquired the technology in 2013. The company’s skin gun and spray-on stem cells for wound healing are trademarked under the names SkinGun™ and CellMist™.

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  1. While I’m all for the shotgun approach, it’s starting to look like a safe bet that hairloss “cures” will most likely come in the form of wounding and drug cocktails rather than hair-cloning.

    Which is good because that would be cheaper and easier to get a natural result.

      1. Somewhat counterintuitively, microneedling is also used for scar removal. I don’t know much about the details, but the basic idea is that collagen in healthy skin grows in a haphazard pattern, with fibers going in all directions, whereas scarring is the result of a bunch of collagen fibers growing in a parallel direction to close a large wound. Smaller wounds, such as those created by microneedling, break up the scar tissue and allow collagen to grow back in a more random pattern.

        The kind of very small wounds made by microneedling not only don’t cause scarring, but can actually make scars disappear.

  2. That guy, I disagree hair cloning will still come out but nobody knows when. But if and, and a big IF there is a drug like a ORAL jak inhibitor that regrows a full head of hair for AGA sufferers then I guess I’m all for it I’ll take it because I don’t want to be bald. I look better with hair. I just wish I got on Finasteride sooner reading horror stories online and not going to the doctor to get on Finasteride was a terrible mistake now I’m literally stuck (because I’m on fin) at Norwood 5 can’t get a transplant (because if you on Dr. Robert Bernstein website he explains why he doesn’t do transplants in young patients under 25) I would be afraid to risks it.

      1. Site still there. News page said will be updated or is under maintenance when I checked before. Let’s focus on the subject of this post for now.

        1. Hey admin, regarding Organ it’s over:

          “Organ Technologies (Minato-ku, Tokyo), a hair regrowth venture, suspended its business, and the entire amount of 100 million yen invested was recorded as an extraordinary loss as a loss on valuation of investment securities.”

          I mean, the cat was already out of the bag after Tsuji jumped ship out of the blue (apparently) last April.

          Seems like after they announced the pre clinical trials in 2018 everything went south and they failed to achieve any good results.

          The company stoped delivering any relevant news after 2018, in 2020 Tsuji leaves and now not even the front webpage of their website is working.

          It’s over guys,

            1. This is truly a kick in the teeth, hey. The most promising and legitimate way forward essentially imploding. We live in hope, of course, of Riken and Kyocera moving forward with another commercial partner, and it’s always darkest before the dawn, etc, but best case scenario is a significant delay in progress, worst case is, ugh… What a shame. Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any more crappy. Ah well.

            1. The problem is Tsuji/Riken don’t want to talk about what happened at Organ at all, every time you or other person asked them about that they reply with a very generic (and BS – sorry) response.

              Remember that Organ was using Riken for their research. If their pre clinical trials led to nothing it is ultimately Tsuji/Riken’s fault because they were the ones responsible for the tech.

              So this is a very touchy subject for Riken/Tsuji and I assume we will keep getting those generic don’t answer anything responses from them.

              1. Considering Japanese cultural norms, I do not expect any kind of blame game to come out in the open. But I hope Tsuji continues his work with Riken and maybe Kyocera too.

                1. Sorry to be so negative Admin but I had enough with Tsuji. BTW I’m the guy who bought a japanese magazine piece about him and shared with you some months ago. I try to be a believer but not anymore with Tsuji,.It’s reasonable to think that if his research had lead to anything meaningful at this point, things wouldn’t have ended like they did at Organ (very badly). My bet is that he will move on with his life just like Ken Washenink did after Aderans shut down. Hopefully with Stemson it will all be different.

                  1. In the link I posted earlier in my comment, he seems to still also be working on teeth and salivary gland regeneration. In one of his interviews, someone stated a goal of making Japan the global hub for regenerative medicine. I hope it was not all just big words.

    1. Marc, Oh that’s interesting I’ve never heard of spray on stem cell until now. I looked it up and found this. “The RenovaCare SkinGun gently sprays a patient’s own stem cells onto severe burns for rapid, scar-free healing. The device achieves a high rate of cell viability (97.3%), which is essential to regenerating skin for burns and chronic wounds”. So what if you micro needle and then spray the RenovaCare skingun on?

      1. It would be worth a try, but I’m looking forward to histogen I hope but most likely it’s not a real cure that’ll grow back hair on a bald scalp it looks like it just makes thinning hair thicker but not on bald spots hopefully I’m wrong but histogen in my opinion is the only real chance of working because Dr tsuji said IN 2016 that he’s hair cloning would be out in 2020 they never even started human trails and Replicel is dead to me and stemson therapeutics will take decades just to do a human trail let alone full commercialization , and same thing with tissuse both of them have yet to clone a single human hair Dr tsuji did it in 2012 so that says a lot I hope admin will let this comment be posted because he doesn’t post 98 % of what I say

  3. Agree D1, that’s so frustrating. I would have thought by now Polarity TE would have come out with something for the hair as well.

  4. Admin, is there any other new research about microneedling depth other than the link you posted about 0.6 mm depth producing better results than 1.5 mm?

    1. Hi PinotQ, have not see anything else. It also seems like most studies test higher depths, so you never know what is possible at shallower depths?


      BTW — if you google “microneedling hair depth reddit” you will see many reddit testimonials and threads that might be of use. Perhaps I may write a post on depth recommendations and ask readers to post their findings at some point.

      Study “PinotQ” mentioned:

      1. Hey Admin. Yes, would appreciate a post by you on depth recommendations and even number of needles, pen or roller, brand, etc if possible?! There is a guy on YouTube called Jose Rios, showing great results after one year using a cheap derma-roller alone, combined with a biotin and collagen shampoo. From memory the roller depth was .25? His second video was sometime later, in which he unreservedly plugged a few products. This is where I switched off. It could be all bs, however, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt?!

  5. I really feel bad for those burn victims. We think we have it bad, seeing someone with their face burnt is so sad. I really hope they can regrow skin svd make it look natural to give someone’s face back as it was.

    I hope all this wounding follica stuff turns out to be the real deal that can really grow thick dense hair. 100cm2 is what we need to call it a functional cure. Hair cloning needs more time and progress.

  6. Mjones yeah if Follica can do that then I’ll forget about hair cloning for along time and probably never come back on these sites again.

    1. Same here woofy. Their last photo they shared didnt represent 100cm2 but more like 20 to 30cm2 tops. Better than nothing though I guess.

    2. Follica can, as per what they’ve said before and simple logic, be repeated and basically has to in its current state to get really good results. That’s what I recall they are doing in phase III as well.

      I’ve been saying it for a few years now regarding Follica, but I personally think it’s gonna be as good as it’s gonna get in our lifetimes. Breezula will replace fin + minox. The combination of Follica + Breezula will likely become the go-to for decades.

      You can combine them with standard transplants if necessary. Given all that, it should amount to (for most I’d imagine) the appearance of a fullhead.

  7. Thanks Admin…………..perhaps it isn’t necessarily the depth (as long as you are within a certain range) if you take into account the variation in how hard you press. Maybe its that you get a good pink flush to the scalp. I am using .8 mm and will continue on this path for now. I also may add some Retin A at the hairline given the study you posted but want to read about it more in depth first. Also, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything but Puretech made a minor change to the Follica pipeline page…………they removed the line at the top regarding possible use for skin rejuvenation. Now the indication is only for androgenic alopecia but it still only says Phase 3 Ready.

      1. No problem Admin. And I purchased the article cited above and found it quite interesting, although much of what is said is technically over my head. It does point out that there is a much greater depth of understanding now about wound induced hair regeneration, and that there is differentiation of what occurs between the center of the wound and the perimeter of the wound, and between the upper dermis of the wound and the lower dermis of the wound. But most interestingly were these quotes: 1) “hair neogenesis
        prominently increased in wounds topically
        treated with exogenous retinoic acid.”; and 2) “Even
        in large hair-forming wounds, hair neogenesis
        occurs only within a narrow time
        window spanning approximately 1 week.”

  8. What is taking Follica so long? Havent they been phase 3 ready for several months? I stil dont see any info online regarding trial locations. I figured they would have started advertising by now.

        1. Youngjet’s reply:

          “It looks like Organ Technologies has gone out of business. However, I believe that research at RIKEN is continuing, so I’m sure they will find a new investor again.”

          1. Thank you admin for gaining clarity.

            It would be very interesting to know if Dr. Tsuji did say to young jet that they are starting human trials this year. I don’t understand why youngjet would lie about this. However, I suppose organ technologies wouldn’t have gone bankrupt if they were on the cusp of a cure for baldness.

            From your years of experience, do you think we will get an official statement from Dr. Tsuji regarding where his treatment stands now, or do these companies try to leave without saying a word.


            1. Hard to tell, but they had other investors including Kyocera and one more whose name I forget. Fingers crossed either the investors or Riken will announce something about the future of this work.

          2. Dear Admin, I am disappointed of you.

            You shouldn’t quote and ask that crazy and repulsive blogger – that is not your standard. I mean, how the hell would he or anybody at all know about the pricing of a procedure that is not yet fully developed, that’s ludicrous. That video alone dicredits the guy fully.

            You are just stirring confusion. I only believe in official statements of the company.

            The only thing I am seeing is that the news-section of their websit is not working. That’s it.

            But of course there is always a chance that they will fail, that is a reality. Thank god we have Stemson in the backhand (and others too).

            1. Hi Ben, if you mean “Youngjet”, he met Tsuji in person (see photo in his first video) and also attended Tsuji’s recent Zoom session (where he mentioned Adenosine). “Youngjet” showed me enough evidence of both to at least somewhat trust him. Most of his videos seem childish or clickbait, but unfortunately he is the only one we know from Japan who met Tsuji. “Fuji Maru” (far more reliable than “Youngjet”) could not make the physical or Zoom events. If I recall, blogger “Tonegawa” also confirmed what “Youngjet” was saying in his original video.

              And Tsuji has in the past said that the price would be quite high in the beginning. I can never get Tsuji to reply to anything beyond a generic sentence or two every couple of years. So this is the best we got. If you prefer only a quote from Dr. Tsuji, you might have to wait a very long time.

              The link “badnews” posted earlier clearly mentioned that Organ Technologies went out of business. Hope not true, but looks likely.

              FYI — Every American hair loss cure related company that has made promising statements about trials, cures, research breakthroughs, funding etc.. has ended up with nothing so far. Most went out of business or exited the hair loss world. e.g.., Aderans, Interytex, Aclaris, Kythera and more. Even worse, some such as Replicel and Histogen might be leading us on repeated wild goose chases. Hopefully not Follica.

              “Youngjet” is just as likely to be a scammer as all these past supposedly reputable companies. And he has less reason to lie to boost his “stock price” or attract new investment!

        1. Admin come on, Youngjet is a liar, stemson will fail too, remember my words, but You delete all the negative comments, why? You prefer beautifull lies? it is all about making money on reasearches not deliver real cures

          1. I only delete nonsense comments, never negative ones. I think in the past couple of months, yours are the only comments I have deleted.

            If you believe everything will always fail, why bother visiting hair loss sites 24/7? Very stupid choice in my opinion.

            1. Admin because i am interesting in hair cloning, unfortunatelly i was right……maybe we will have hair before our death?

              1. This dude jan is talking crap on all the forums, I wonder what his friends think when they google him and see all those posts lol

                1. this dude jan is not lying and Tsuji is finished he retired let’s face it we were left with nothing until our days are over, these are the facts

  9. Jan you’re not disappointed if you were legit disappointed then I would See your past posts being positive and hopefully they’re are all negative.

  10. Jan when will you learn that Ken W guy you like to talk about had a different approach to hair cloning then Tsuji? I’ve told you like a million times you can’t compare the Ken guy to Tsuji it’s just stupid

  11. minoxidil-enhancing product from Applied Biology, SULT1A1
    using the product.
    The directions for the SULT1A1 product are as follows: Apply daily to the base of the hair. Wait at least 10 minutes prior to washout. SULT1A1 requires at least 10 minutes to activate and accelerate the sulfotransferase enzymes in your hair. Do not apply at the same time with Minoxidil, wait until the product has dried to apply Minoxidil.

    1. I posted this comment below that FT article:

      “In the study, only 3 of 9 men had an enzyme increase:
      0.938 – 0.954 (+16)
      0.484 – 0.657 (+173)
      0.110 – 0.159 (+49)

      The rest of the men had significant decreases:
      0.727 – 0.291 (-436)
      0.678 – 0.162 (-516)
      0.623 – 0.127 (-496)
      0.510 – 0.347 (-163)
      0.254 – 0.186 (-68)
      0.179 – 0.090 (-89)

      And that’s after only 2 weeks of use! For a minoxidil non-responder, this topical is hammering the final nail in the coffin.”

      1. Wait does this mean you could take the boosting product and get worse from the enzyme count going DOWN? Or am I misunderstanding?

    1. Well the Organ failure (pun intended) is a shocker, I did not see that coming. They had everything: funding, tech, science, time.

      I really thought they can pull it off. There might be some seppukus happening soon…

      The last card in the deck is Stemson, and it’s a strong one. They have everything: funding, tech, science, time. Oh wait…

      Next step for us fellow sufferers: the announcement of the clinical trial of Stemson. Was planned for 2021, so that’s not too far away. I am still optimistic, although with a little more caution than before. It just seems that haircloning is an incredibly difficult task, but it is possible, because it was done already in vivo (Intercytex) 10 years ago. There is a chance that Crispr is coming before cloning…

      @admin: apologies for my outrage earlier on.

  12. FYI Puretech has now officially delayed its timeline for their Phase 3 study to begin sometime in 2021: “Follica completed a safety and efficacy optimization study and a Phase 3 registration program in male androgenetic alopecia is expected to begin in 2021.”

  13. Everyone is purporting that Tsuji failed at hair cloning because Organ Technologies’ website is gone or whatever. I am going to play devil’s advocate say just because OT’s website is down does not mean Tsuji failed. Furthermore, there has no been official communiqué or press release issued by the company.

    1. The issue is that Japanese websites of their investors show that 100 million dollars have been written off as a loss (meaning they’ve no reason to believe they’ll ever see a return on it) and Tsuji bailed as research head in April last year.

      Tsuji I’d imagine would continue his research into organ regeneration, but one thing is for sure: OrganTech isn’t going to be releasing it.

      Who knows when or if it will be developed again…

      1. I see an analogy to aderans and ken washenik, he also wanted to continue research, but if Tsuji did not get anything for 8 years, why would anyone give money for his research?

  14. I’m just saying I know this news is PureTechs decision but I want to say, This is such BS Follica has been doing this for years and it’s taken them years to get to phase 3 for there safe wound device basically micro needling I find it incredibly ridiculous that the FDA has slowed walked this device for years! You guys we don’t have time for the BS anymore! Release the f%ing device! And I find it kind of rude that Follica after all these years has only released one… one! Picture!!! What a joke!

    1. Woofy maybe start the research by yourself, raise funds and after a year we will have hair cloning at hand for 50k $??

      1. Jan you know that’s unrealistic, maybe if these scientists could get it together we would could have something right now!

      1. FYI — PureTech is classifying companies as either “wholly owned” or “founded entities”. Not sure if that was the case before.

        The pipeline page is only for “wholly owned” so Follica is not listed there.

        Follica is still mentioned in a few places in their October 2020 updated Corporate Deck:

        2021 Phase 3 still planned for Follica, although we were expecting them to start in late 2020.

      1. Thanks Meko. FYI — if you want to join our Discord chat, just email me after posting a request under the chat blog post from a few weeks ago.

  15. Can someone please tell me what organ technology going bankrupt means for Dr tsuji hair cloning, does that mean his hair cloning technology is over?

    1. Marc I was talking to a friend about tsuji and Organ tech bankruptcy and he told me which I forgot to think of he said Tsuji doesn’t need organ technology. He has all the information he’s gathered throughout the years, if organ technology has gone bankrupt tsuji can sell the intellectual property. We have nothing to worry about

      1. ok he can sell, but you have to see why organ tech has bankrupt? maybe because hair cloning just didn’t work…..i am 100% sure we wont see anything in 10 years

        1. I’m positively certain that hair cloning isn’t going to happen until after 2030 guarantee it. If anyone disagrees with this I would like to hear it prove me wrong.

  16. ADMIN – Maybe it’s time to switch the name to since that’s what it will take if we are lucky. I’m not trying to be funny but realistic.

    Sadly JAK did not work out. I really had my hopes up on that one. Now I think it’s going to take New Cells, such as discussed in this article. It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN it just will take much more time I guess.

    1. Agreed it needs to be called I honestly don’t see anything worth wild except maybe for histogen ! Replicel was a huge disappointment stemson theraputics will take years just to do the first animal trails let alone human trails let alone market availability and the same with tissuse, there’s no other company that is capable of restoring several Norwood’s in my opinion!

  17. All these companies follow the same repetitive pattern of failing, shutting down, delays, bought out and shelved. Yet propecia and rogaine never had a hiccup for their trials and releases. Makes you wonder who is behind the scenes with these two companies and how they are able to stop their competition. I find it hard to believe all these companies from 2001 till now all fail or get postponed…

  18. I’m not into conspiracies, but it does look kinda dodgy! On the nightly news here in OZ, there is often a ‘puff-piece’ on some ‘miracle’ drug or another for some disease, ailment, etc then, towards the end of the story, it’s usually followed by the word ‘however’. As in…’however, the drug will not be available for some time as research and clinical trials are ongoing….’. Then you never hear boo about it ever again. Same old sh*t, different toilet!

  19. Yeah mjones I agree 100% and I’ve told you this before but I’ve only mentioned it once I find it strange that when Finasteride was approved in 1992 for enlarge prostate it only took 5 years for Finasteride to get approval for AGA in 1997. Yet it’s taken Follica and I know I use Follica a lot, but they are perfect example it has taken Follica to get to phase 3 more then 5 years.

  20. It would be very nice if follica updated everyone with a REASON for the delay!.. is it covid? Did the find a potential safer or better topical to go alongside the device (instead of vasodilating wrinkle inducing, bp lowering etc.) Minoxidil?
    What’s the reason?? I think that is fair to ask. And if it’s due to covid, I think that’s silly. Doctors are still seeing patients, people are still paying at the register etc. Mask on and no crowds….samumed is the only company that is serious about this thing.

  21. Imagine all the money that could have been spent for research into various diseases to help humanity rather than spent on these endless Covid lockdowns to save a few lives. Not very good thinking from our leaders in my opinion. Trillions spent here in the USA. Think 10 billion toward a baldness cure could be helpful? 50 billion for Diabetes? Etc, etc…Extremely pitiful use of funds, in my opinion

    1. Frankly, anyone who is still going along with this COVID scamdemic is a hopeless bell-end. Low and behold, much of the population is because it is wilfully depriving themselves of air by wearing muzzles/masks!

      1. OK mouth breather, take that Trump crap out of hear, don’t care about your Flathead beliefs, head over to 4chan or reddit, this is a hair loss

        1. Chris don’t be a anti American red coat, you’re fighting against the modern day continental army. Lockdowns do not help our economy. Wake up

          1. sorry not anti American, but i will say it again, wake up read the title hair loss 2020, not politics 101 take it over to hairlosstalk, besides your age is in your early 20’s makes your parents in there early 50’s grand parents 70’s , careful what you wish for Mr economist.

            1. Chris you’re a anti American globalists /socialist don’t give me that BS “I’m not anti American” crap. And You’re the one that brought up politics.

              1. ADMIN please tell joe and Chris that this is a hair loss site not a political site. They have attacked people on here for there beliefs and it’s not right.

                1. What are you on about about dude? I’ve only posted political stuff on a SINGLE thread, when replying to a dumb*ss conspiracy theorist. You and others on the other hand – have posted dozens of political comments and want to act all innocent now, hilarious!

                  1. You’ve brought up trump more then once joe without us even mentioning anything about politics so don’t give me that crap. I have the evidence.

                    1. Woofy: I hAvE EviDeNcE!
                      Also woofy: Posts no evidence

                      Man your insecurity is reeking in these posts.

                  2. And what the hell political comments are you accusing me of typing? Hmm? Because last time I checked all my comments are about attacking big Pharma and the AGA scientists and you apparently don’t like that? Well joe, I don’t give a s. Sorry admin but this guy is clown.

                  3. Joe if I didn’t have evidence why would I include your name…. On August 22 2020 on admin post titled “Barber shops, hair Systems and microblading” you brought up politics because I attacked the FDA. “The U.S. isn’t the only country on earth. The U.S. also isn’t the only country which contributes to medical advances. New hair treatments are hard to discover; that’s why they’re taking so long to be released. FDA regulation is not issue delaying progress. Your statement comes across as what a trump supporting deplorable would say (not saying you are one).” That’s what you said because I attacked the FDA about hair loss.

                    1. That’s what I said . I posted a political comment only once , and it’s the post you mentioned. You accused me of “bringing up trump more than once”. But you didn’t find another comment; because there isn’t one. Anyway, Admin told us to end it here so let’s call it a day here.

    1. was wondering the exact same i’m seeing a lot of clinics in the us offering those products ptd-db/ methyl vanillate – ghk cu / zinc thymuline and tb 500 . if its legit and safe maybe it could be a good alternative for those that can’t tolerate minox sides.

      lucky you that are in the us

  22. Samumed has strong investors behind it including politicians. I highly believe this samumed will be the next hair loss treatment to get approved followed by follica and histogen.

  23. D1 dont get too excited about histogen. They have never shown to stay on track. I was really bummed when they had set back after setback. Samumed and even delay king follica are ahead of histogen time wise.

    1. TomJones who cares about the setbacks just look at the results they are very good. That’s not hype that’s fact

  24. Dear admin,

    Thanks for your site and very informative articles. I’ve been a reader for years. I appreciate your talent at finding pertinent information and your calm, rational way of presenting the news.

    Hair-loss forums sometimes have useful news and information, sometimes good analysis, but the good stuff is scattered amongst an enormous amount of blather. When I realized the long-term time-frame needed to deal with hair-loss, I stopped reading the forums. Better for my sanity as well as my time. On the other hand, I very much respect your research, your critical thinking, and logical analysis. I consider you the top research journalist covering the industry.

    As we approach the end of 2020, I’d like to suggest an overview article about the current hair-loss world and your views. You’ve been doing an incredible job of closely covering hair loss for (at least!) eight years. As the person who made a website with the name Cure-2020, you’re the person I’d most want to hear from about this.

    Maybe a summary of the present situation? For example, what is available that you *currently* view as helpful based on the latest evidence? Dutasteride, finasteride, minoxidil, ketoconazole? Micro wounding, PRP? What do you see currently as legit other treatments currently available…?

    I’d really love to know your views on near-term future prospects. Is Tsuji still the best, albeit very expensive, hope, or do the delays to his trials signal deeper problems than just Covid-related obstacles? Other solutions: what is the current status, and your true opinion, about other treatments?

    And I’d really love to hear what you’ve learned over the eight (or more!) years you’ve been closely following the hair-loss world. How do you feel now that it’s the end of 2020, with no cure available? What do you think of the progress/lack of progress? For individuals with hair loss, what hope do you see? For the hair loss industry overall, what suggestions would you have?

    I read your articles, follow the news outside your site as well. But what I’d love to know is an overview of the world, to hear your own thoughts now about the past, the present, and the future.

    So all that is why I’d really love to suggest an article like this.

    1. Hi Kowalski, thanks for your comment.

      Unfortunately, hard to make concrete guesses until Covid is completely over. For anything that will be coming out beyond 2023 as a best case scenario, I do not think it is worth covering in a summary post right now.

      The main things I want to look out for in early 2021 are Samumed’s Phase 3 results/progress and Winlevi’s success when released and inevitably used off-label on the scalp.

      Follicum also seems to be progressing as fast as could be expected, a rarity in the hair loss world. Follica is yet again moving slower than expected, but I have grown to strongly believe in the potential of wounding and hair growth. I hope to hear from both Follicum and Folicum in Q1 2021.

      Would also like to hear more positive stores about exosomes and fat/adipose stem cell treatments, as the original excitement for both seems to have been a bit overblown. I still do get once in while positive feedback from surgeons who offer exosome treatments. However, there are some FDA issues in relation to the future of exosomes being used for hair loss.

      And of course I hope Tsuji/Riken can find a new partner. And Shiseido/Replicel can resolve their partnership issues.

      Polichem (Almirall) topical Finasteride is like a ghost that I might finally stop chasing.

      1. Dear admin,

        Thank you for your kind response. I didn’t expect such a thorough response just to my message. I appreciate your kindness.

        Your thoughts on current treatments are very informative. I saved your message and will use the items you highlight as a guide to what topics for especial focus in my research more and better understanding.

        I see that you limited your response to current treatments and the current state of hair loss research. That’s fair, and a lot more than expected immediately, especially for a comment buried down here in the comments on an unrelated article. And I agree that it’s not worth speculating about treatments that are not promised until after 2023.

        However, in addition to your direct assessment of current and near-future treatments, I would still be interested in your more subjective thoughts on the hair loss world overall. It’s now the end of 2020. Eight or so years ago, you started a website about a cure by 2020. In those years (and presumably for some time before that as well), you’ve followed the industry and research very closely in an impressively balanced, rational way. So of anyone, you are the person I’d most want to hear from now about the state of the hair loss world as 2020 ends.

        I don’t want to be presumptuous, it’s just I really do think that your subjective thoughts and opinions in a reflective piece would be very interesting. I’d really love to hear what you’ve learned over these years. What do you think of the industry? How do you see the progress/lack of progress? How do you assess issues that are always mentioned including, as examples, the unexpected difficulty to understand hair loss, the lack of significant funding particularly for basic research, the lack of prestige of hair loss research limiting the number of talented scientists, difficulties with approval from the FDA and/or other global regulators, the reason behind the high number of never-fulfilled promises over so many years…? How do you feel now that it’s the end of 2020, with no cure available? For individuals with hair loss, what hope do you see? For the hair loss industry overall, what suggestions would you have?

        Best regards to you,


  25. I know this about hair, but seeing wounding with a drug that makes these changes to specific DP progenitor cell types could be a major cure to MPB issues. It would also be nice to see it applicable to skin issues which currently dont have a whole lot of good options either. Creams and potions cant fix some skin issues. Wounding might be future of skin repair and MPB.

  26. Kintor Pharmaceutical Announced U.S. FDA Has Greenlighted Phase II Clinical Trial for Pyrilutamide to Treat Androgenetic Alopecia

  27. Matthew Poitras, The abstract to the study, to me, seems analogous to what is happening generally in most every area of hair loss research. Researchers are gaining, bit by bit, a better understanding of how hair regenerates. And each time they “unravel” a component or function, they eliminate another variable and are one step closer to understanding the full picture. This is obviously a very good thing so this article is a positive. However, despite all of the progress, no one knows how many more variables need to be unraveled to get a commercial treatment to market. The pace of discovery seems to have greatly accelerated in recent years (admin might have a better perspective on the pace today vs when he started this blog) but we have no way of knowing whether we are still 90% away from the knowledge needed generate a treatment or 10% away. I personally, think we are closer rather than farther so I am hopeful but no less frustrated than most of us.

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