Serioxyl: Stemoxydine plus Resveratrol

L'Oreal Serioxyl Stemoxydine Denser Hair.
Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment with Stemoxydine from L’Oreal.

In this post, I cover two potential hair thickening ingredients in Stemoxydine and Resveratrol. A number of readers have mentioned both of these over the years. We now also have a product that includes both ingredients (see bottom of post), although no miracle results are expected.

When writing my 2017 post on the Kenogen phase of the hair growth cycle, one ingredient that I read about was Stemoxydine. According to a study from 2014, Stemoxydine acts as a kenogen phase shortener, leading to an increase in scalp hair density. Note that men with androgenetic alopecia have longer kenogen stages.


Stemoxydine is a topical hair loss product (not FDA approved) that was patented in 2012 by the cosmetics behemoth L’Oreal. It is classified as a prolyl-4-hydroxylase (P4H) inhibitor and its chemical structure consists of Diethyl pyridine-2,4-dicarboxylate. According to L’Oreal researchers, P4H inhibition leads to the creation of hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions.

This hypoxia environment is favorable for thicker denser hair growth due to a shorter kenogen phase. Stem cells product hair more effectively under the low oxygen conditions. Besides the earlier mentioned 2014 study from L’Oreal, there is no new evidence on the efficacy of Stemoxydine towards hair growth. L’Oreal uses Stemoxydine 5% in a few of its hair products.

Stemoxydine likely has fewer side effects than Minoxidil based on anecdotal reports and customer reviews.

Resveratrol and Hair Growth

Before NAD and NMN supplements along with TA-65 became popular for their potential anti-aging effects, there was Reservatrol (RSV). The latter “red wine molecule” was originally discovered in Japan in the 1930s, but became famous in 2004 courtesy of Dr. David Sinclair. Over the years, a number of people wondered whether Resveratrol would benefit hair, even just by making it thicker.

In 2021, a study from China concluded that Resveratrol prolongs the anagen growth phase of the hair follicle cycle. It delays progression to the catagen transitional phase when hair stops growing. Moreover,  the researchers found hair growth promoting effects of RSV in mice, human hair follicles and dermal papilla cells. They concluded that RSV is expected to become a potential drug for the prevention and treatment of hair loss.

In a recent video, Dr. Arvind Poswal performed a microneedling and Resveratrol combination treatment on a patient’s scalp. Also see his video on resveratrol and hair growth.

Serioxyl Denser Hair Treatment

When I originally wrote my best hair loss shampoos post, one product that got mentioned in various reviews was L’Oréal’s Serioxyl denser hair scalp solution. I did not think too much of it at the time.

However, more recently, L’Oreal came out with a new formula version of Serioxyl that contains both Stemoxydine 5% and Resveratrol. It currently has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The company also published a study on this product in April 2020. They claim that the synergistic effect of using both Resveratrol and Stemoxydine (pyridine-2, 4-dicarboxylic acid diethyl ester) leads to denser hair.

In an interesting 2020 video, hair loss celebrity “MattDominance” discussed making a combination hair loss product. It contains topical finasteride plus topical Stemoxydine (via Serioxyl). Also check out Australia based “The Hair Loss Show” channel’s 2021 coverage of this product.

28 thoughts on “Serioxyl: Stemoxydine plus Resveratrol”

  1. L’Oreal is a reputable multinational French company and they only claim denser hair from Stemoxydine per their scientist team’s findings. No claims of hair regrowth in bald areas. The study on Resveratrol is from China and they are not selling anything.

  2. I tried stemox when it came out in 2012. Bought two boxes of that crap in Europe. Biggest waste of money. I used it for a month and every time I put it on my scalp large healthy hairs fell out. I stopped using it and got on rogaine foam which actually stopped my shedding and thickened up my thinning spots a bit.

    Resveratrol is pretty good. I take pill form 3x a week. Helps with inflammation. Not sure about any regrowth but it’s a good supplement to take.

    1. Nice find…………..maybe an encouraging sign that they are moving quickly. If they actually begin clinical trials this year like they said, I will be impressed..

  3. Hey guys, what the hell is happening, I’ve been waiting for good news for 30 years, I’m 50 now, am I going to be bald for the rest of time? You know, when you turn 50 and still no cure … it really sucks, minox and finasteride just don’t do much anymore, in the last 2 years I’ve become the guy with the hat … to style my hair has become to difficult and I don’t want to look ridiculous with a ton of toppik on my head. Please somebody, come up with something finally … Don’t you wanna get RICH?

    1. At least you are a dude…you can shave it off and keep on with your life, at 50 you aren’t alone even if it is harsh. Imagine being a woman….

    2. I know the waiting is tough, but if you look at it rationally it’s not so much about not wanting to be rich.
      It’s also more about the technology evolving alongside medical research as well. A lot of those Biotech firms use technology (like bio-3D printers etc.) which have only been around for about a decade. DP cells are also very small & have been very difficult to observe in the past (hence why baldness, in general, is still not fully understood) so the evolution of research equipment like even better microscopes also factors a lot into it.
      The current situation sucks, but there are so many companies currently working on novel treatments & medical advancements in the past that have shown once this “barrier” they all seem to fail at has been overcome by a new discovery or better tech, things often happen very quickly from then on.
      For some, it may come too late, and it’s a shame but the same goes for all the medical advancements of finding cures to diseases in the 20th century which killed thousands in the past, and while it came too late for those we are still happy to have them today.
      It sometimes helps to just change the perspective on things a bit

      1. Obviously baldness has always been a big problem for me, and unfortunately after 30 years of nothing concrete, it’s hard to get a better perspective, but thanks for the nice words …

  4. The doc that did my 4 rounds of PRP/CRP suggested I use Stemoxydine as it had some similarities in method of action. He didn’t sell me it, I tried a few different brands based on cost. Used for over a year, both treatments had the same effect…Nada!

  5. All I said is my faith in stemore and junji Fukuda starting human trials and being successful is like 3% and it was censored everyone else is saying the same thing’s and there comments aren’t censored.

    1. You had 1%, 2%, and 40% stats for various companies. Plus a 12 year forecast for one. I wanted to check with DeepMind and run some Python scripts on your forecasts before approving.

      1. Yeah like I said not much hope in epibiotic or junji Fukuda and in 12 year’s I’ll have 40% faith in stemsons therapeutics , but until now I seriously doubt none of these will be around by 2027 if so there stock’s would be selling like IBM or TESLA or Apple. Almost Everyone would be using this kind of technology any wise investee which there is a ton of would be all over stemsons therapeutic and epibiotic and trichoseeds and dnovo and there not . I’ve been feeling ever since Dr tsuji lied about everything back in 2020 that this is a fool’s game. I honestly believe I’ll be on a Moon colony before hair cloning is a reality, in fact I’m sure of it .

  6. I disagree about stocks. There’s just too much uncertainty in this area right now and nobody knows what will come from all these trials. It’s wait and see. There’s been so many failures nobody wants to dump their money into another one, and unfortunately money is what many of them need. I can’t blame investors for being wary, though. One company, eventually, will hit it…but which one and when, nobody knows. I wouldn’t go by what the stocks are doing at least until after some of these human trials are done. If the trials show great results, people will likely perk up and open their wallets.

    And yes, I’ve ranted enough in the past (don’t worry, not going to repeat it). It’s slow going and it won’t be in time for many of us, sadly.

    1. If I’m 37 right now and I have been waiting for hair cloning since dolly the sheep was cloned back in 1997 that’s25 years of cloning technology your telling me no one has grown a clone hair on a human thigh yet but they’ve done it on two different types of animals already! At this rate ill be 50 years old if this ever comes out …. I wish Alex Jones would cover this conspiracy so it can get some notoriety. I wonder why elon musk has never spoken about this medical issue but he’s talked about curing paralysis, Wow people will be able to walk again. That’s an amazing feat of engineering I never thought that would even be a possibility …. I never thought humans would be on mars in a few years …. A completely new rocket technology which is the most difficult thing to create on earth was invented just 10 years ago and in a few years it’ll put people on another planet something that was an impossibility a few years ago, but cloning one hair on someone’s thigh its not possible even though we know how to do it that is total B.S …. Somebody or some powerful group do not want people to have clone hair because it’ll affect there bottom line everyone is greedy and its stifling research and development into cloning hair not a but cloned hair .

      1. I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy but Elon Musk literally said he could solve eternal life “but chooses not to”.
        For a guy with all the answers he seems surprisingly uninterested in getting rid of his toupe. Anyone know anyone at Tesla? Would just love someone to ask him if he thinks it’ll happen and why he doesn’t do it. (Not a musk fan personally)

  7. Quick update on topical dutasteride. I was on oral fin then dut for about 25 years. About a year ago decided to taper off oral dut and use only topical dut. Currently oral dut once a week, .75 topical everyday, once a day, topical spironolactone once a day. Does this work, yes. Does it help maintain, yes. Is it as good as oral, no, as I’ve lost some ground. For me, oral dut is still the gold standard, along with oral minox. I am not a “sides” guy so will be ramping back up to oral dut everyday. I believe in the “kitchen sink” approach, will still use topicals in some form, maybe not the stuff I’m curently using from a pharmacy that is expensive and inconvenient. I remember when Dr. Lee introduced Xandrox which worked well for me, he said I could get off oral fin, long story short I needed both.I think topical fin/dut have their place if sides are a big issue for you or other reasons but oral dut, fin, minox are the most effective for stemming hair loss and potential regrowth, for me anyways. Hope this helps.

  8. They don’t want people to have cloned hair ,the same way they didn’t want people to have electric cars and they killed the electric car in the 90s … Why because it would have affected the oil industry’s bottom line . if hair cloning where to come out the pharmaceutical industry would be affected they would loose millions and people will start asking questions why do I have to a take a pill when I can just have an organ cloned and not have to take a pill …. And don’t tell me cloning and 3D printing is new technology 3D printing was invented back in the 1980s and cloning was invented in the 90s and 4D printing was invented 10 years ago this is B.S we know how to do it and and we have the capabilities to do it. But were not. Stemsons therapeutics should have started human trials by now or next year they said it themselves that pig trials were a success and that was a year ago. That’s my two cent’s sorry admin for ranting. But I am not going to wear a hair system/ toupee for the rest of my life

    1. I don’t think that’s true. That would be like saying they cured cancer but won’t let the treatment out so as to go on selling chemotherapy….that’s a bit complotist….if it was true then a few chosen one would benefit in secret from those advanced technologies like cloned hair or whatever…
      Cloning a hair is prolly as complicated as a vein or an organ unfortunately

      1. @hopefulnot No I disagree. What your saying doesn’t comply with what I’m saying. I believe there is a direct influence not to have cloning technology out they can walk around bald all they want as long as they ( pharmaceutical industry) keep on raking in trillions of dollars every year it’s all about the money and creating generational wealth @hopefulnot

  9. Oh, money (and greed) make the world go round. No doubt it’s more difficult than it sounds but nobody is going to create something they can’t make money off of (they’ve already crunched the numbers and determined profitability, long and short term, before trials get underway). And I have no problem with anyone making profit (hell, I encourage it) – so long as we get a product that works.

    Right now some are still making money off of crap products because people keep buying them but I’m willing to bet those numbers/sales are down as consumers have gotten pretty savvy (and fed up). I think they’re working harder on a cure now because of that (there’s no longer as much money on snake oil hair cures and the industry realizes this, though I wish they would have done so sooner). They also realize most individuals are now willing to fork over quite a bit monthly for a real cure (more so than they were ten years ago).

    For me personally, there’s not a single thing I’ll spend money on regarding hair loss until there’s a REAL cure. These oils and vitamins? Junk. Jokers. No way am I wasting another penny (and I doubt I’m alone). It’s a real cure or nothing for me.

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