Aclaris Therapeutics Raises $20 Million for Alopecia Research

When it comes to the subject of JAK inhibitors and androgenic alopecia, commentator “nasa_rs” is always ahead of the curve and keeps adding tremendous value to this blog for which I am grateful. My taking time off my regular daytime work and writing this post is due to his comments from earlier today to my last blog post.

Just a few hours ago, it was announced that Aclaris Therpeutics had raised around $20 million from a private stock sale.  Main item of interest:

Net proceeds from this offering are expected to be used to fund research and development, including new JAK inhibitor programs for androgenetic alopecia (also known as male or female pattern baldness) and vitiligo, as well as ongoing business development.

One more article on this development.

If you have not done so already, you should do a search on “JAK inhibitors” in this blog and read all the past posts on the subject.  The two biggest news stories of the year in 2014 both entailed different JAK inhibitors curing alopecia areata (which is a type of patchy scalp hair loss that affects <5 percent of people).

Will JAK Inhibitors work for Androgenetic Alopecia?

Ever since then, we have had some conflicting opinions from experts on whether JAK inhibitors will also cure androgenic alopecia, by far the most common (>95 percent) form of baldness.  The two leading researchers in this field, Dr. Brett King and Dr. Angela Christiano, have both been somewhat optimistic about this potential. Moreover, my recent post from March provides further reason for optimism.  It says a lot about my obsessiveness or whatever you want to call it that I got so much joy in bolding the text “androgenic alopecia” in that March post, and now again in this post.

In any event, I am still 50/50 about the potential for JAK inhibitors to cure androgenic alopecia.  However, raising $20 million in one go is no joke in the hair loss industry, especially since there is no evidence provided by Aclaris as yet that JAK inhibitors can really cure male pattern hair loss. I am even unsure if they can consistently cure/reverse vitiligo.

Several years ago, when Histogen raised $10 million (for a technology that they had already proven with many years of research behind it), it was touted to be a big deal.

This is a much bigger deal.

Further reading: Mr. Neal Walker, CEO of Aclaris Therapeutics.

239 thoughts on “Aclaris Therapeutics Raises $20 Million for Alopecia Research”

  1. One question. If this drugs are already used by thousands of patients. It would be natural that we have positive feedback or not that does grow new hair. The same did not happen with minixidil?

    20millian for the 3 diseases is big money

  2. This is a fact, Tofac and Rux have PROVEN to grow 100% of hair back on AA hair loss sufferers.

    But we need them to test JAK Inhbitors, the Lotion since it appears to be more effective than the oral pill. That has been our hold up in that no one has done Valid Scientific Experiment using AGA participants.

    It Explicitly states that the $20 Million WILL be used on for studies of JAK Inhibitors on AGA.

    We should know very soon.

  3. As someone already said on another coments section, these 20 millions dollars are not going 100% for jak inhibitors tests on AGA, but 20 millions is still a lot of money and it shows that the company is definetly making some huge progress.

    1. Did you notice how they listed the money to be used on AGA first?

      They know where they will make their profits from if it proves to work.

  4. This is the Best News that we could have (outside of knowing of a cure) since they are Finally going to try Tofac on AGA in what appears to be a well funded study, and hopefully it will be in Lotion Form.

    Think of this, we could know of a complete cure by the end of this summer or end of this year.

    We also have something to follow the company doing the experiment where we can learn of the results or possibly participate in the test.

      1. 3-5 Years actually.. Plus these drugs are already approved. If phase ll data is extremely positive and there is a lot of regrow th no doubt that some of these forum members will find away to get their hands on this exact solution

  5. You said it @nasa_rs, we should know soon. At the moment we know absolutely nothing and mpb and AA are two completely different things. Also, it has been mentioned numerous times that AA sufferes who saw results using JAK and who also had mpb only regrew hair in a horse shoe pattern. I freaking hope it works in a specific topical form that only the researchers know about so far, cuz it is indeed wierd that 1000s of patients are using JAK inhibitors and noone have ever reported results bout mpb regrowth.

    1. That horseshoe thing is a myth I have never read anything about it and I search all the time for JAK test results. First time I heard of it was the one very negative poster on this board.

    2. If you have any specific evidence of these claims please link to them so we can dump our unhealthy optimism and move on. Otherwise I’d like to keep being optimistic.

    3. If you have any evidence of these claims please link to them or copy+paste a quote so we can lose our unhealthy optimism. Otherwise I’d like to continue being optimistic.

  6. @nasa, I dig your optimism but slow down plz. There is no chance we will have a product by the end of the summer or in 2016. They cant just slap a new sticker on a drug just because its approved for something else. They are obligated to do trials’s. If it works we will still have to wait years, no doubt about it.

    1. 5 to 10 years before this gets released to market. You know the fda will fk us on this if it truly can grow back all our hair. They love to rig any progress for mpb. I’m still hopeful for follica, histogen, SM and even follicum for treatments in the next 2 to 4 years. Nasa I hope for the best with jak, but I have been disappointed way too many times with potential hyped cures to only see them fail one by one. Maybe this time the universe will do us mpb sufferers a huge favor and cut us a break. :)

      1. mjones you are so wrong. 10 years is not possible.
        Jak inhibitors drugs are already FDA approved. 10 YEARS IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE .

      2. It’s already on the market. Once it is shown that it works we can get it prescribed off label as a topical. That is.. IF it works. We could have dermatologists prescribing it for aga by the end of next year.

    2. He said know* of a cure, ie know if it works…thats what I read his comment as, but ya, seems too quick for them to finish a trial…

  7. Are there any people out there whom you guys know that already made use of that jak drug ?

    Im sure there are, and since there isnt any photo showing results, it seems that it didnt work.

    But its one thing a person casually amd unprofessionaly using a drug, another thin is scientists doing this in a lab.

    I have confidence that they might have added some substances and made some adjustments here and there that could make jak drug capable of regrowimg hair on people with aga. Lets hope so.

    1. Dr. Christiano said that The Lotion form of Tofac seemed to be 3X more potent than the oral form of the drug.

      We will not have to wait long but at least now we have REAL hope that we can finally have a REAL treatment. We may not have an Official form of the lotion, assuming it works, this year. But Christiano said 6 months ago that it would take 2-3 years until the public could buy it at the drugstore, assuming it worked of course.

      1. I am one of the people who absolutely thinks this will work in AGA (perhaps while taking fin as well). But i don’t think she ever said “2-3 years until the public could buy it at the drug store.” The fact is I would love for this to be correct, but she mentioned in her interview with Spencer Kobran that “If trials were started now we could be through phase one in five years”. You are looking at bare minimum eight years if everything goes as it has gone in the past. Hopefully the 21st century cures act can get passed and rapidly speed this up. Again, I hope I am wrong on the timeline but that’s just how it has always gone.

        Now, NOTHING is stopping anyone on this forum from getting this prescribed and made into a topical desgined for scalp absorption by their general practitioner. He/She would just have to be convinced of your argument of why you think it would work for AGA, and you would just have to have the money and the balls to try it out for long enough to give it time to work. Again, I think oral finasteride daily may be needed in conjunction with this.

  8. 1) We don’t know if it works the same for AGA. The discussion and feeling is that it could be effacious for AGA, but there is no trial data and no photos.

    2) It doesn’t matter the order, it’s great they mentioned it but all the money isn’t going into that.

    3) Susana, again very pessimistic. This is a very expensive drug we’re talking about here. Feedback isn’t going to come from people making it at home and slapping it on their heads. These people are taking it in specific forms at different dosages. Something pretty new, we don’t know information on the dosage taken in the pill form that shows regrowth in AA. We do know that these drugs seem to be applicable topically and have only a local effect in the epidermis. There is nothing concrete here on the forums, we can see in its current capacity it can regrow hair. But perhaps with a certain vehicle, certain dosage and regime we can also see better effects.

    1. Common sense says that if you can make hundreds of billions of dollars from solving AGA versus Office Development or even Vertiligo which area do you think they will put the $20 million?

      This is a public company that has a $400 million Market Cap if memory serves me correct. They want to make profits and nothing is going to be more profitable than solving AGA, nothing will even come close.

  9. Let the scientists do their experiments BUT at least we will soon know if it will work for AGA.

    Yes I am very Optimistic. Where before I had zero hope of a real treatment and now we could know of a real treatment by the end of this year although we will have to wait longer until we can buy it.

    1. Just wait brother, dont set yourself for disapointment. As much as this news give us hope, we still cant be 100% sure that it works for AGA. Time will tell, lets be patient, we will know it very soon.0

  10. Strange. They did buy Vixxen not too long ago, but then they do fund raising to carry out more R&D. I don’t think they’ve found a eureka moment, but this drug has potential for AA which is already huge. They feel it can do something for AGA.

    Does anyone have information on the testing they would need to do? 3 clinical trials i guess?

  11. You are dreaming to high. We Know the drog work on AA correct? They is a data to sell this for AA? No. Correct? Ok só you already Dream that this year will Al Know if this can work for AGA? Mmmm prepare yourself….

    This is Good because other companies need to speed up they reserch si is a win win situation. But stop lookink to the mirror and think we are all save of this situation is a big step. Lets hope your hoptimist are correct :)

  12. Looks like this NASA will do harm to himself if this jak did not work :/ in fact everybody is happy like we got the news that jak is working, oh come on !

  13. This is good news because we will know sooner if it works for AGA or not and with all this funding there is hope and dr christiano has something else they wouldn’t receive part of the big money…

  14. realistically if this works like it did on those mice people will opt out of shiseido follica and histogen

    if it does work that is, fingers crossed. it would be funny if all these companies worked out

    1. It would be nice if Shiseido works cause it might be cheapest among the others, but based on the science of how MPB happens it would be difficult to be honest. Hopefully they could come up with a Plan B or something.

  15. Of course they know if it works for AGA. They knew when Alcaris bought the rights, because when a compund has this much potential it plays a huge part in their future plans. Either it didnt work, and they move on or it did and they focus on that. No way they didnt test it somehow before selling it

  16. @Mr M, that is the logical way of thinking yes but this is MPB research and there is nothing logical about it.

  17. So in the end of the year we will have an answer if it works for aga and in 5 years it will be in the market ?

  18. @hlscc, no we wont thats just nasa_rs thinks that. We most likely wont know anything for the next couple of years. Besides the news bout the 20 million we still dont know anything.
    I really think people who posts in the comments section should think twice before posting and dont spread false hope cuz of their own personal hype and interest.

  19. Please remember the recent hype about Samumed. We all thought that this would be the next big thing that would atleast halt HL. Everything pointed in that direction, fast trials, testing on high norwoods, etc etc. The hype ended abruptly with great dissapointment to all of us and SM still havent produced a single piece of evidence.

  20. Everytime there is jak news I get excited! I have no doubt jak inhibitors are the answer. I just hope they won’t be absurdly expensive or just for the rich

  21. Wow…
    What a news!! I think when they last time check these drug (tofac and rux) on mice than it took 10 days to grow hair so on human scalp it will take very less time… So my inner sense says within three months we will have some news…

    Finger crossed that will good news..

    Thnks admin i will really send you Indian sweets for your tremandous work.

  22. not if. WHEN the cure comes out I’m going to be such a pain to people around me I’ll change my hair that much, ill have bonjovi hair, beatles hair, hair to my shoulders, ponytail that bitch and then ill rock a short messy style. Come on JAK! My moneys on you in this race to cure this disease

  23. I’d also like to say I wish people would stop complaining and calling nasa out for being optimistic. by saying “you shouldn’t get peoples hopes up” oh shut up, so he should be like some of the people who comment regularly on here who just complain and bring people down about the failures of medicine. Lets just be positive for once, any sane person knows its not a guarantee but can we at least be positive about it. You’re all quick to call nasa for getting peoples hopes up but the people saying it are the ones who brings their hopes down!

    1. The Jason Statham Stereotype – Thank You.

      After all these years the best solution to AGA hair loss we have is a little peach fuzz, maybe a few extra hairs. But JAK Inhibitors have proven to grow 100% of hair back on some AA hair sufferers.

      And now even, Dr Christiano gives it a Fair chance of working and being able to market in just a few years to the general public. Yet half the people on this board say do not get your hopes up.

      Well I do have my hopes up as this is the ONLY potential 100% treatment that I see and we are only a very, very short time to knowing if it works.

  24. Why is it that you ppl think that you will know anything within a short period of time? Your just guessing and making new readers think that they should be hyped over something that so far are only a product of your own thoughts. You cant base your opinions on JAK upon inner senses and wishful thinking. Its science we’r talking about here. Only hard evidence matters.

  25. Not sure if you all heard but liz Parrish and bill Andrews joined companies and are called bI oviva fiji and opening a clinic in Fiji for the uber rich until they can scale down to finance the pharmacological telomorase elongation method and culture innocuous virus en masse

  26. i love this comment section. it all starts with big optimism.. 5-10 years u have the cure… then u start scrolling down , skepticism get prevail over… u have to go through trials…etc then some b*tching on fda… and then some dude posts link on gene editing or reverse aging :)
    its the same sequence each and every time on this site..

    u know what i think? I wont say anything until i see ONE photo regardless of how many billions they invest or acquire…


      Jak inhibitos are already approved by the FDA. you are not happy ? haha…:)

  27. I sent the company Aclaris an email asking them when do they plan to start clinical trials using JAK Inhbitors for male pattern hair loss.

    It felt nice to actually email someone about a soon to start clinical trial that could prove to be the solution for AGA.

  28. nasa_rs, I sent email Aclaris too but they did not answer me.
    What is your opinion about Aclaris and Jak?

  29. Aclaris is clearly about to do Clinical Trials using JAK inhbitors [probably using different delivery compounds]. Now it is Hurry Up and Wait for us.

  30. But the exciting part is that they Actually are about to start.

    For some reason people cannot see a real 100% treatment but I can just hope JAK is it.

  31. Considering setpiprant is already approved and took 9 months for it to show up at it might be prudent to assume the same time frame out of aclaris .. with hopefully shorter time to show results

  32. @nasa_rs you dont know how soon they will start trials. They might have to conduct further research before any trial can begin. Its super nice that your optimistic but its not fair to make 50 posts insinuating things you have no knowledge about whatsoeever.

  33. I admire nasa optimism and positivity. It’s great we have that on here to help us through this painful disorder called mpb. I just want nasa to take it down a notch until we know for sure this can grow hair for mpb. There are a lot of newbies on here that are not taking any treatments and holding out for a new better treatment. These treatments are still in trials and may take 3 or more years to hit the market. Please hop on Propecia, even on a half dose if you are afraid of sides, but hop on it to keep what you have. Don’t waste hair that may never come back. At least you can save what you have and add SM, Histogen, Follica, Sisheido to fill out the thinning areas. If jak works as well as it does for AA then it truly will be a breakthrough and would make all the above treatments obsolete except for hair cloning and Follica( Follica may be using jak as their topical since they have ties with acleris) . My point here is take a deep breath, look at your current hair loss situation and degree of loss and picture yourself how your hair will look like if you hold off on taking Propecia for three more years. It may be a make or break situation if you don’t hop on current treatments. I’m not here to sell or advertise Propecia just here stating that it saved my hair for 14 years even though I’m losing ground now I had thick hair from 20 to 32 with just fin. My family men all have nw6 to nw7 level baldness btw

    1. Nice advice man.
      But why don’t you speak about minoxidil?
      I ask you this one because I am close to be on 5 month of propecia and don’t know if I must begin minox to optimize my chances to hold on to future solutions, so I seek for signs on web… (my loss is diffuse)

  34. Nasa enthusiasm reminds me of mine with thorn it’s hard not to be that way when your skeptical of the skepticism. Regardless of speculation it is pretty savvy Nasa was able to catch that obscure article so fast just goes to show you this small circle has got a pretty close finger on the pulse of this subject as far as public access. When something happens we all know about it within 24 hours lol

  35. @Spanky – Again, do you have any sources that you can link to re: the hair only grows back in a horseshoe pattern claim? I have never read anything of the sort. Copying and pasting a few quotes would also be helpful. Thanks.

  36. Guys, we all know just popping a Jak pill or rubbing a Jak topical (as it’s formulated today) won’t grow back hair for AGA. If that were the case, Aclaris wouldn’t need to spend $20 million on research. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t work. They just need to refine the dosage and delivery.

  37. Do a little research yourselves guys. The Jak/Stat3/il-6 pathway is looking to be a MAJOR player in the pathogenesis of AGA. They’ve hit the needle in the haystack in my opinion.

  38. @matt you sound like you know about science ( which I dont btw), I hope your right mate:-) @Tyler, I cant remember where I read about horse shoe pattern but several places and im sure someone else on this blog also mentioned it.

    1. That horseshoe pattern rumor is absolute BS. The one poster on here who mentioned it is someone who is EXTREMELY negative person.

    2. It’s just obvious by now. So many free resources on the Internet if anyone wants to do a little reading and research for themselves. Is AGA reversible in taking a NW 7 to a NW 0/1? That is the important question. I think yes, others may disagree. I do think perhaps in the case of AGA JAK inhibitors they would need to be used in conjunction with fin to really decrease androgens while giving time for JAK/Stat inhibitor to do its work. What I don’t doubt is that Stat3 overexpression is playing a huge roll in AGA. In the dermal papilla, the outer root sheath, and the stem cells. Androgen receptor mainly plays a roll in the dermal papilla. Not expressed hardly at all in stem cells bulge, which we already know is having a problem activating hair shaft stem cells, but has no problem marking these stem cells to migrate to the sebaceous gland (enlarged in AGA) and has no problem marking these cells to turn into skin (dandruff in AGA). Ar and stat3 talk to each other and stat3 up-regulates androgen receptor expression genes and makes them more sensitive to androgens… YOU GUYS DO THE MATH. Stat3 is the link between inflammation and Androgen receptor that needs to be silenced. Targeting Ar/DHT alone has, and never will, be enough to reverse AGA.

  39. One thing I have for got to mention that I read that there is anecdotal evidence that the JAK Inhibitors somehow ‘repair’ part of the hair cell.

    1. So for be “negative person” makes me liar? Thats funny…….

      I search again the australian forum of the person is Taken the drug and show you. You can believe any thing you want, even the jak drog make you change the color of you hair. I believe in thing i se no more than that. Especially in this industry….

  40. While staying state side, I want to ask about Follica. How oh how is this meant to create new follicles with wounding and minoxidil (or something similar)? Guys have been wounding their scalps and adding minoxidil since forever. That’s not new.

    What’s so unique about Follica’s method that the hairs are supposidely terminal and long lasting?

    1. Gerald follica treatment is going to be much more substantial and advanced than kitchen sink derma rolling and minox. Please everyone stop saying this nonsense. Follica found an exact way to create new follicles with years of research. His team isn’t some random dude who takes a derma roller and adds Rogaine . Let’s think smarter before posting nonsense

      1. Hi mjones,

        Yes it’s what I hope, but all Follica has said is they will use a wounding method combined with something like minox. They even quoted some dermarolling + minox trial from India.

        The patents for their wounding devices just look like rotating blade things… pretty basic things really.

        If they were to use one of their patented devices with say minoxidil, I still can’t figure out how this would be so spectacularly better than kitchen sink approaches.

        Follica must have some other unique compound or special technique that they won’t divulge. At least I hope they do.

  41. @admin + the rest of everyone.
    I understand that $20M is a lot but this isn’t the first time a company has done it… Wish I would have bookmarked the spot but Histogen just completed a large funding round as well that I think was somewhere near 9 million.

    Not saying that this isn’t a big deal but wanted to give some perspective. It’s 2016… while 20 million in investments isn’t something to brush aside, it isn’t a HUGE number and my guess is more typical of this kind of funding, especially when spread across 3 studies.

    Side note, I just realized that I worked literally down the road from Histogen a couple years back. Small world.

    1. Curious I mentioned Histogen’s $7 million in the post. They probably had several other rounds too, but at least they had a proven technology…so not too surprising.

      1. You did. It’s crazy how much money gets dropped today. 10 million is a drop in the bucket now… I need to start planning on how to make my first million.

  42. You need to underteand that the follicle in AA is intac in AGA the follicle is damege in some way. The drog can Help some follicle but not all like in AA. I am wrong?

  43. @susana, something like 1 out of 50 posters here knows maybe a little bout science. Its all just pure guessing and hopeful thinking from most of us.

  44. Top notch as always admin!

    Kind of exciting and hopefully there’s more news to come of this in the next 12 months. I do wonder though if the Neal Walker/Follica connection will come to bear fruit in the future.

    One thing I noted from an xconomy article was that they were experimenting with topical formulations. A lot of folks seem to think that this next trial will be Minox plus wounding but I’m not so sure. Especially in light of the fgf9 news. Minox could just be one component of it.

    1. Thank you Mike for your smart post. That’s exactly the message I wanted to say. Follica has a secret weapon with their topical.

  45. If these are true clinical studies, we’re looking at another 10 years.

    Unless these JAK inhibitors are already safe and just need off-label approval, no?

    1. Correct, you could get it for Other Medical purposes very, very fast (maybe even now). The problem is we do not know the Dosage or the delivery mixture, with other compounds. Plus we still do not know if it works at all BUT we will very shortly at least we will finally know either way.

  46. seriously i see people here commenting like scientist who won Nobel price…
    where is the joy coming from? any proof if JAK worked on AGA? if u r happy for $20M i can assure you it is not worth mentioning for R&D investment…

    1. take a good look – the optimist and pessimist in the room rival each others presumptuousness.

      I do recall pics of the “bangladesh tranny” person taking topical tofac with a horseshoe pattern he seemed to be 40-50 something though.. but not sure if that’s where the horseshoe thing came from?

      ps i’m not a republican didn’t make the name up<3

      1. That’s probably where the rumor came from. Someone with a horseshoe type hair loss was probably taking Tofac and had no results.

        Note: it does not mean that Tofac does not work as it could be The Dosage, and Delivery Method (getting it into the skin) and if it is old news the person was probably taking a pill and Dr. Christiano has said that the Lotion appears to be much more potent.

      2. @egghead – Is a horseshoe what he grew back or what he had? And do you recall a dose/vehicle or any other useful information? And how long did he use for?

  47. Supposing this works, would you have to take the jak inhibitors forever or could you stop once you’re hair grew back?

  48. Lets wait and see whether it works for aga or not, it makes no sense to go one step further and talk about what will happen after we grow hair with jak. And about this horsshoe pattern dude; he looks kind of a poor man, and jak is horribly expensive, and in countries like bangladesh it could be more expensive, because, salaries from people are low and this medicine are probably not produced in bangladesh so it comes from outside into bangladesh with usdollar of course.
    And for getting results by jak, the time plays very important role. There is no way that this guy can finance jak, or use it for longer time.
    The delivery method, the quality of the medicine, and the most important thing, we dont know shit about whether he has used jak or not,so lets wait and see.
    Some of you says when jak is effective on aga, it would take years before coming to the market, so what? we are waiting either way, but at least we would be sure that we are waiting for a 100% effective treatment or a cure.

  49. Hi,

    What futur treatment will be effective for a medicinal diffuse alopecia?
    I lost my hair because I took Prozac, Risperidone and Concerta during many years at very high doses.
    I stopped everything the drug since two years but the fall has never ceased.
    My hair are almost all fallen and those remains are too thin to be grafted . Anyway, the little that remains will fall equally.
    It’s a nightmare.
    Nothing in my family has a genetic alopecia. I’m a good genetic.
    What futur treatment(s) will be more appropriate for me?


    I have access to tofacitinib thanks to a contact and would like to test the topical form.
    However, I would have crushed the pills and I make the mixture myself.
    Could someone tell me what dosage to use and what are the ingredients for the cream?

    Thank you.

  50. @William, sorry to hear about your condition. Unfortunately noone knows how to make a mixture with JAK. Hopefully this new ‘investment’ will give us a clue with the next few months or maybe even years.

  51. i eat two eggs every day since i start losing my hair. now ive got a full and thick hair. im waiting for my 20 millions any day now

  52. I sure hope follica method doesnt involve minoxidil. That would be a major blow for me and many others that cant tolerate it.

  53. Whoo! Alright nasa, I just saw this. Good find man, good find. I think this is the gamechanger right here. Still may be a 50/50 shot at working, but I can almost guarantee christiano and her team knows something we don’t about this. $20million is no joke to throw at something you don’t believe has a good shot at working.

    Susana – are you able to find that post of the man who still had the horseshoe after regrowing hair with Jak for his AA? Id like to see that, because from what I remember we already went through this a while ago and it was proven that it wasn’t even a male, and that is was a female.

    1. Thanks Rancidmango. I was blown away when I saw that article stating that Aclaris had just raised $20 million and was spending it on research using JAK Inhbitors on AGA. I was just completely blown away. Finally we will know it should be by the end of the year and not yearssss.

      And YES the UNDERTONE to me was they must know that there is a chance for it to work that they must have done some small research project in steps and that it showed it has a good chance to work for AGA. $20 million is a lot of money. ESPECIALLY, since they are not inventing a drug but merely purchasing an existing FDA Approved drug to use in their exeriment. Huge, HUGE NEWS.

  54. Guys, what are your expectations of when the following could be released:


    Jak inhibitors (if it is found effective for aga)

    I think realistically those are the only two. I don’t have much hope in Replicel/Shiseido. I think Brotzu’s lotion could come out next year if Fidia thinks it’s marketable. Dr. Brotzu says it will help regrowth for aga but I’m really doubtful of that.

    God, this situation is depressing.

    1. Brotzu: 2017
      Follica: 2018
      JAK/STAT inhibitor: You are looking at a minimum of eight years away (2024) if trials started right now. Unless the 21st century cares act gets passed and speeds this process up. This would eliminate the need for phase 3 and allow some drugs to come to market right after phase 2.

      NOTE: Tofacitinib and Ruxolitinib are ALREADY APPROVED DRUGS. This means you can get them NOW. You would just have to convince your general practitioner to prescribe them to you for AGA/formulate a topical dose appropriately. Cost would not be cheap, and you would have to give a pretty darn good argument to your personal doctor to have this prescribed.

      —— This same thing happened with finasteride/propecia for AGA. Before it became approved for the use of fighting AGA it was already an approved drug for fighting BPH. Some men got this from their general practitioner before it was approved for AGA to use on fighting AGA. The only difference here is that JAK/STAT drugs cost a lot more than do finasteride/propecia. Not only this, the additional step of having this formulated into a topical that can carry the drug into the dermis and epidermis in high enough concentration is necessary. Also like fin you are likely looking at quite a few months to see regrowth. And in my opinion I would still use oral fin at the same time as topical tofacitinib/ruxolitinib to give this time to work.

        1. Think it will be a very effective treatment. Not so sure if this can do some of the things that it looks like a JAK/STAT inhibitor can do but should be great in tandem with finasteride. Helps on the anti androgen level, and helps fight inflammation by promoting PGE2 thus hurting the ability of IL-6 and PGD2 to interact with each other

      1. Dr. Christiano said 6 months ago that if JAK inhbitors work on upcoming tests that it would probably take 4-5 years from now, the time of her interview. But I would actually say a lot less since billions of dollars flowing in will make things happen fast espeically since it is already FDA approved.

        Also on the cost, if these drugs get massed produced the costs drop like a rocket – that is a fact. Tops it would be a few thousand a year and drop every year just like Minoxidol did over time. I remember spending $120 for Minoxidol 20 years ago and now it is $10.

  55. guys seriously answer me the following questions
    1- does anyone have any photo that JAK works for AGA?
    2- how you know $20M will be used on AGA treatment?
    3- who said $20M is huge investment? in comparison to other R&D researches, it is not a drop in ocean..
    4- why do you trust christiano? or ask this question to yourselves? did u trust nigam before? he also said he could do hair cloning?
    5- why do u think she is up to something? u werent in her lab or anything…
    6-i see u r persistent… if u think she is holding something, then Samumed would probably have the cure.. Do you know how much samumed in value?

  56. @Tyler Nasa

    He wasn’t actually from bangledesh it was an older man someone posted on this blog that was using topical tofac his hair did grow back but it grew back into an underwhelming 50 year old man hairline… it did grow back, and it did look natural for his age… but yeah – he definitely did have the money because he was from the AA forums.

    After it grew back from having AA into an AGA appearing hairline everyone here had higher doubts. I’ll see if I can find it.

    I hope your right Nasa, It makes sense that there would be different deliveries and so on.

    1. I worked in advanced bio research for years. Everything they do is in baby steps. No guarantees that it will work but they would not spend more than a few tens of thousands of dollars for something unless they had a high probability of success.

      They said the $20 million on three things: Vertiligo (the market is miniscule compared to AGA), AGA clinical studies, and Business Development (in other words to support AGA ramp up). Most of the funds will be spent on AGA treatment.

      I did send Aclaris an email, it will be interesting if they respond.

  57. no i can’t find it —- that picture is somewhere buried here on this blog
    I would say though in JAK’s defense that his hair grew back to an age appropriate level if he would have had any more hair it would have looked awkward.. I know a lot about this story and I can say that I’m more 60/40. Especially like mjones said with disruption+jak like camp fire guy etc. But we just won’t know until 2018 last I checked Aclaris didn’t even have a scheduled AGA on their website they have said it in words multiple times though. Let’s pay attention to their actions.

    1. It is definitely years away for official use on AGA (If it even works to reverse the condition). But these are already approved drugs and that is HUGE in the hopes of getting it sooner.

    2. 6 months ago in an intereview Dr. Christiano said it is 4-5 years away (from now) before the general public can buy it. Assuming it worked. But I say it would happen much faster as in Other Medical Uses.

      Remember some people are trying Tofac RIGHT NOW. They just do not know the Delivery Method (mixture of compounds) and Dosage. So NO to 5 plus years!

  58. How is there no reader here with a science background that can intelligibly indicate whether JAK can be used for AGA instead of the 100 posts of conjecture

    1. I’ve given ample evidence in previous posts. I’m over halfway through studying to be Chemical Engineer with a focus in Biochemical Engineering… I’m far from an expert in this but well read on the topic. We don’t yet have photographic proof obviously. If you do a little research you will see just how important it is.

      I think we should also look at the case reports of benoxaprofen regrowing AGA hair in some who took it before it got pulled off the market. In what way was this mechanism working? How does this fit into the phenotype of AGA? How does this relate to JAK/STAT signaling?

      Benoxaprofen was a lipoxygenase inhibitor. Taking this for long enough regrew hair in a guy who had been losing hair for 30+ years. It regrew hair in areas completely devoid of visible hair and the thickness was the same as in the areas not subject to AGA.

      Turns out that it looks like Phosphorylation activated Stat-3 plays a roll in the regulation of this.

      1. These fda assholes knew it worked for aga and they took it out of the market. 30 years ago they saw it cured baldness and they just swept it under the rug. Now you guys tell me there is no conspiracy theory. If they worked on this jak back in the 80s this could have been released in the early 90s after trials. Bit they waited till 2015 to say it may have a chance to work for aga. Give them another 7 to 10 years before anything comes from it.

        1. They could have cured hair loss back then but several things probably kept it from happening.

          There was only a small news story today we have the NET and now Everyone knows of things that are happening. Also drug companies now know, after Mino and that other drug, that they can make billions from a cure.

          Now it is a different story. YES as the Chemical Engineer stated I do believe that Tofac will effectively treat AGA.

          1. * not chemical engineer yet. Still got 5 semesters to go! I’m just well read on AGA just like anyone else on here could be. There are literally thousands of free resources online.

        2. To the FDA’s credit it was killing a lot of people (mainly elderly and already immunocompromised). They had no choice but to take it off. It was approved in the UK earlier than the USA so it makes sense why they had the case studies of this working. It was on the market in both countries for a VERY short ammount of time.

      2. Well, I don’t know science at all, but you should go on the HLT forum. There is a member there named Swoop who knows a lot and doesn’t think JAK will work for AGA. May be worth signing up and starting a discussion with him there.

        1. swoop is a bro scientist forum celebrity
          hellouser was laughed at by replicel’s chief scientist when he mentioned swiss temples sunburn experiment in his youtube interview.

          just anonymous dudes with inflated credibility
          i’m not hateful – just sayin… it’s obviously true

          1. Coming from the person who was all over Thorn medical without an ounce of skepticism at first. Okay. Swoop and Hellouser do much more for the hair loss community than you have ever done.

          2. i was waiting for your Thorn Medical jab,
            Thorn spent $20 million too recently…on acquiring Okyanos which has MD on facility and deemed ‘totally legit’. You think all those doctors are all setting up shop to scam people? in collusion with the bahamian government? lol ok — They have me up for a medical screening for their clinical this fall. Just saying, I don’t feel stupid for being on the list.

        2. Too late. Aclaris is about to do clinical trials with JAK Inhibitors for AGA. Just stay tune for the REAL News.

        3. Swoop is not the gospel in my opinion. Well read but does not open his mind to anything current and hounds on the Ar (Androgen receptor) angle so hard. Go read swisstemples blog about him. He pushes the androgen level as hard as he possibly can, despite the overwhelming evidence of other major players in tandem with Ar in AGA. Yes it is vitally important we know that. Especially in European ancestry people. Reversible? No one knows yet. But it’s quite obvious that it is much more than just Ar this point.

          I cannot remember where I read this, and I don’t remember the EXACT numbers. But a study was done amongst those of European ancestry in which it looked at some genes and resulting phenotype for AGA. What they found was like 99% of those who were bald(ing) had an “AGA risk version” of the androgen receptor. Those in the control group who weren’t losing hair had 60% of the same “AGA at risk” Ar gene SNP(s). So if you are bald or balding and are of European ancestry you are almost certain to have a bad Ar. But having an at risk Ar doesn’t necessarily doom you to be bald, as 60% who weren’t had an at risk version. This tells me something obvious: Ar is interacting with some other factor that is VERY important in causing the AGA phenotype. We already know that the Androgen receptor IS NOT AN AT RISK GENE SPOT FOR ASIAN AGA. ONLY IN EUROPEANS. I posted that article in one of these threads not too long ago.

          1. Swoop is not a scientist or a doctor. That is a fact. Think about it – you got an anonymous bro handle Swoop telling a community what he thinks scientist and doctors are up to. You can have opinions and conclusions about things sure but when people start referring each other to “well read” bros like Swoop to start threads with about science it’s no different from speculating at a bar down the street. Ridiculous.

  59. why you all having those strange argues all the time? some are more optimistic, some more pasimistic. its ok. but the most important thing is that you will all stop saying and askin irrelevant things.

    thx nasa for giving us and updating us with the information about JAK. and thank you admin too…

    but no one knows yet if it will work, and no one knows when we will know if it works or not, if it will, you dont know when it will be available for us. its ok. i am happy too, every update about that makes my day (until you know…….). but stop speaking about things you dont know, its just not fair.

    im sure that nasa and admin will update us just as new information will be available.

    and after all that, if someone do know how this JAK supose to fix and restore lost hair (i must say its sounds a little weird for me. the only thing that make me skeptical about that…) ill be more than happy to read some logical explenation.

  60. @egghead, its useless trying to argue about that. If nasa_rs desperately wants to believe that they all of a sudden can jump trials cuz its already approved for other treatments then let him. Lets just wait for official news then all arguments about availability within months will stop for good.

    1. ?.. i’m not arguing i wish the best for all of us.
      i think it’s a useful development but we’ll have to wait and see i guess

      1. “…useful development”???

        We are literally ONE step away from a complete cure (if it works) and common sense would say they must have some evidence that it would work otherwise why spend millions of dollars.

        A complete cure for AGA could be known in 2016!!!

  61. sure is sad to come here. everyday i open this page and look for hope or something but it’s the same. sure things will come but i can’t hang on anymore, shedding shedding shedding… 1mg dut per day and 8% RU and i still can’t hold on to my hair anymore. hurts so much because I used to take propecia before bed and that was all I needed to think about and my hair was ok.
    what a helpless feeling.

  62. Guys, once again, it doesn’t matter if the product is FDA approved. Once we found out it works, we can get it prescribed off-label. People have been using Avodart for years, and it is not approved for hair loss. JAKs will be no different. It doesn’t mean a thing. As long as it is approved for something, and we can make the topical, it’s game on baby.

  63. One more thing! They know it works. As the admin said, it is impressive, even unusual in this enterprise to raise 20 million dollars for “research.” It has been done because those investors have been shown something unusual by the team receiving the funding.. I just wish I knew what they were shown.

    1. Like I said you sound like an intelligent man.

      That was the real source of my underlying enthusiasm something that other people did not understand. That before raising that much money that is going to be used for JAK Inhibitors on AGA that they must have had OTHER type of experiments that lead them to believe that it should work.

  64. If William has access to tofacitinib, surely someone knows how we can make it into a safe topical formulation for him to trial?

    Also, I remember a user called Phil Collins was using Rice Bran CO2 extract, do we know how thats going?

    1. Must dissolve tofac in 99.98% medical grade dmso. Then add to the medium mix. Not sure what this medium mix should made up of yet. In my opinion you need at least 4-5% topical tofacitnib to hope to be effective. And I also would not try this topically unless I was also trying to hit Ar at the same time with oral finasteride.

  65. I saw dj / producer Armin van Buuren lately on Dutch television and it looked like he had a HT for the frontal part.

    He had it pretty short en combed to his right side, while he had it long for years and he was thinning considerably during the last 3 / 5 years. He has been showing more skin than hair in recent years ( just Google him if you don’t know him.)

    So guys, he has been a few times the number 1 dj of the world, is still within the top 10 year after year, earns millions yearly just like the other Dutch deejaying guys and men, probably has the greatest job in the world, has a great wife and kids, AND still wants his hair (back)!

    I can’t blame him, we all want it.
    Hair is priceless. No matter your profession, your paycheck, your power, your achievements, your personal life …

    1. Armand Van Buuren has sick music! Martin Garrix and Calvin Harris are really good too. But yeah I can’t blame Arman for doing something about his hair loss. I still can’t believe it’s 2016 and nothing new fda drug has been approved for baldness. It’s just unbelievable

    2. @netshed, I do not know what it is, but some Dutch celebs do have nice hair now compared to before…..Arie b( tv ). Gerard van E( radio dj), Ronald de B( old soccer player)….. I realy asking myself is it a partial hairpiece or HT or HT with meds etc…. If it is only due a HT than it is very very very good.

      1. Hi Simon,

        I agree they look good. They all had frontal baldness / midscalp baldness treated with HT. It could be that they use fibers as they all work in the spotlights. They will never tell if they use FIN for instance, seems to be a taboo to talk about these kind of things.

        If I only did bald in front, I would go for a HT in 2017 and wait 1 year to dive into Follica, Histogen and / or Replicel. However my crown is way worse than my front, and it probably can’t be fixed, even by multiple HT’s.

        Former lead singer of a Dutch rock band Tim A. did a HT for his crown area in 2010 something. The problem is you can’t really see the results of crown transplants because the camera crew will never film some celebrity from the back.

  66. hello to everyone
    Admin great site thanks that keeping as inform.
    guys you need to see the all picture , everybody makes assumptions about how, when , if. One more company invest in a potential medicine which has some succeed in areata , with the famous Dr Angela which said some time ago that which test the medicine for AGA, the thing is that they trying to find the solution , personal i am in bad mood because of my hair but i will be optimistic and i will try to continue my life with hair and without hair , i hope some day to have a treatment or a cure .

  67. Ddog that’s the problem pretty sure offlabel tofac will differ from Aclaris Christiano’s brand of dosage/delivery .. otherwise the forums would already have validated AGA JAK themselves via grey market pruchases and home done trials etc.

    we all can’t do anything but speculate at the moment – it’s unfortunate but it’s good to know that AGA is in their cards.. I’m sure they are aware of Shiseido/Follica/their competition. I honestly think that Histogen and Shiseido announcing 2018 release forced Follica and the others into announcing 2018 as well. If Aclaris hopes to capture the AGA lion share they probably are aiming for a similar time frame.. -again all baseless speculation on my part

  68. Why does Dr. Brotzu say his lotion will be able to recover 5 years of hairloss? Unless it is true (how would he know what 5 years of hair loss amounted to?) it would incredibly cruel to give us that unrealistic hope. Some people might have lost most of their hair in 5 years while others only a bit.

  69. all of you who says that the 20 million investment is a sign, that it means that they know something or showed something increadble to someone you are probably wrong. its simply not how those things works. if they had an amazing cure they wouldnt need 20 million.

    maybe its exactly the opposite case. maybe they were interviewing everywhere, saying it is posible AGA cure was just for getting investors because they know people will prefer to invest in a drug that its financial potential is much larger.

    im not saying thats the case, but you know, nothing garantis nothing. for now everyrhing is rumors.

    sory for my misspellings…

    1. Oral jak/stat doesn’t work in AGA. Maybe it would at astronomically high doses but you don’t want that with a drug like this. Needs to be topical. Perhaps with DMSO to dissolve the drug well and get past the stratum (topmost skin layer) and liposomes to suspend it in the epidermis/dermis.

  70. If Aclaris do end up marketing the JAK inhibitors for male pattern hair loss, might such a treatment restore colour to grey hair?

  71. Guys / girls,

    What are the current timelines mentioned by the companies themselves?
    Is it possible for us to develop an easy overview of all these future treatments, because there are a lot at this moment to monitor, aren’t there!
    (I know release years might be uncertain)

    Samumed 2016 (the end?)
    Brotzu 2017
    Follica 2018
    Histogen 2018
    Replicel / Shiseido 2018

    Aclaris …
    Thorne …
    Riken / Tsuji …
    Follicum …
    Theracell …
    Polichem …
    Yeditepe …
    Kythera (the end?)
    Etcetera …

    1. I thought about making a one page website about this question i feel admin would be better suit to make a bar chart time line
      but for your info

      Thorn said this fall

      Yeditepe Kelopesia Sahin hasn’t answered me back ..treatment looks super innefective (Sahin’s actor nephew guy)

      Kythera/Allergan Setiprant are doing trials on now with setipiprant, swiss temples hasn’t updated in 7 months or so (he’s on seti) so not lookin good there

      Brotzu said one year now it’s more than one year according to his pharma company

      Histogen say’s mexico late 2017 early 2018…we’ll see
      Follica 2018
      Shiseido/Replicel 2018

      Sam Unknown
      Follicum Unknown
      Aclaris Unknown
      Theracell Unknown
      Polichem Unknown
      Tsuji 10 years
      Ngago Unknown
      All others basically unknown

  72. I thought perhaps those who are interested in AGA research may find this interesting

    This is a free website by michael rendl and his lab associates which is a library of gene expression in the different hair follicle compartments.

    If you go to this sight and then click on p5 postnatal scalp skin, you can see what gene expression looks like in adult mice hair follicles. I typed in Stat3, and it is the most expressed in the hair follicle stem cells. In absolute and relative amounts. Not only this, it is the most expressed STAT ligand of all the STATs. More so than stat1,2,4,5a,5b etc. It also is expressed quite heavily in the dermal papilla, in an even greater amount than the androgen receptor (Ar). Interestingly, Il-6 is the most expressed in “Neg” which is a mixture of unlabled cells. This hints at a lot of Il-6 coming from macrophages perhaps, or others cells in the IFE. It is also quite expressed in the outer root sheath, and stem cell bulge. And let us not forget the link between prostate cancer, BPH, and AGA in which Ar resistant cancer still requires active stat3 to work.

    So if we can accept that as in almost all other tissues Il-6 —-> Stat3 is a pro-inflammatory response… It is clear that overactivation of stat3 could be the culprit in choking off the keratinocytes from differentiating into hair and instead influencing them to differentiate into skin and sebaceous gland. We have no shot short of hair cloning of bringing completely dormant hairs back to life robustly without targeting the Stat3 pathway in my opinion. It is overactivated in AGA and is a master transcription factor directly behind the cascade of everything else. Blocking Ar with fin will help in the dermal papilla but does absolutely nothing to attenuate the problem in the bulge. And as we already know stem cells are intact in bald scalp, they just need the right signals.

    1. Well, we know the Genius is on the board.

      Suffice it to say and it sounded as if you were saying that in Theory, based upon scientific data, Tofac should work?

      That will not solve hair loss ultimately it will take transcendental observation from a real world experiment i.e. the clinical study that Aclaris is doing should have Before and After photos then we can if it really works.

  73. Appreciate the compliment but far from genius haha. I just have an obsession with getting this crap fixed once and for all. I’m sick of fighting this with ineffective treatments based off of ancient science. I’m freaking over it. I’m in my late 20’s and I will be damned if I have lose my quality of life in my 30’s over this too. And if no one else once to take the time to read up and link together factors then I will. And it is great because we can actually do something about this right now. These drugs are already approved. It will at least answer the question once and for all. To answer your question nasa-rs I think it has a really darn good chance of working. But like I’ve said i definitely think it needs to be a topical in high enough concentration with excellent delivery, and I wouldn’t use it alone. I would take finasteride to help silence the androgen angle while taking topical tofac. I think reversibility is the big question…. can AGA be not just halted like castration does, but reversed? I have pretty much close to no doubt at this point that over expressed stat3 is a major player in AGA… the reversibility is the key question.

    As far as being reversible, I also think yes on this. Stat3 is a master transcription factor and if you look up many of its functions, it doesn’t even need to be phosphorylated through JAK to still have an effect in other parts of the cell (mitochondria, etc). By using finasteride, all one is doing is cutting down on the DHT that hits the already over-expressed by stat3 androgen receptors. So because it has been overexpressed and oversensitized to androgens already the DHT still available and testosterone still has ample targets to hit. This is why I think that fin has limited results. You are helping the microenviroment directly near the damaged follicle, which is why you see regrowth in those areas but almost never completely on an empty barren area that has already undergone extensive miniaturization. You have got to target the stat3/inflammatory pathway to see anything in these areas in my opinion. Still some questions though… Like what about scar tissue buildup…. Can that be reversed? I dunno on that. What about the losing contact with the erector pili muscle? I do think that one would be reversed with TOFAC because another team has already shown that overexpressed stat3/il6 causes retarded muscle repair in those who have aged and lowering this fixes the problem (google it).

    I also don’t think that AA and AGA are as dissimilar as some like to believe. They are both pattern hair loss with miniaturization. One is rapid and one is slow. One we know the pattern, and the other we have a good idea but don’t know the endpoint. Both have inflammation, although it is worse in AGA the follicle loses contact with the erector pili. And we know in AA that these drugs have to be taken continuously to work. Perhaps in AGA if it proves successful TOFAC will only need to be taken long enough to restart the hair cycles and then taken as needed after that (when things start thinning out again).

    1. @Matt

      You say STAT3 is overexpressed in AGA. Do you have a source for this, and in what parts of the follicle is it overexpressed (i.e. dermal papilla, ORS, bulge, etc.)?

    1. Read my post below. The two men who were on Beno (arthritis drug from the 1980’s) reportedly regrew their hair. One old guy who fell head first into a campfire regrew his hair but since he was old he may have been on Arthritis drugs although at the time no reason to believe it was the reason why he regrew his hair.

      Summarizing, yes you can be bald from AGA and regrow your hair.

  74. Matt – the hair follicle genius.

    Transcendental experience can answer the first part of your detailed analysis. As you know, Beno (according to news report on the Net) regrew hair on two men one of whom had been balding for 30 years (probably did not have any hair on top). He had new hair regrow on top as thick as on the sides. Another story of an elderly bald man who fell into a campfire head first at the temple area.

    He had a massive burn then regrew his hair. My guess is since he was Old that he may have been on an Arthritis drug not something that they would have correlated to regrow hair at that time. My guess the Arthritis drug became concentrated as result of a huge scab and helped to regrow his hair (my personal theory). There were before and after pictures on this guy.

    Thus 3 men who had male pattern baldness two of whom in their 70’s and they regrew their hair when they had been bald for decades. Consequently is it possible to regrow hair after being bald for decades – HECK YES!!!

    And I was saying that Tofac would work when even Dr. Christiano first believed that it would not. Only the Admin on this website and a few other people came to believe my Theory when I mentioned to them.

    I had sent a personal email to the Admin of this website and he had agreed with me (that was about a year ago) and did my best to spread my theory across the web as I did not want the cure to become hidden like Beno. Fortunately I am sure that follow up research happened that surprised the scientists that Tofac should work.

    Therefore, I think that this proves that we CAN regrow our hair. Summarizing, we all agree that it should work and WHEN it does we are all OUT OF HERE. Yes I still say very soon if not end of this year then next year.

  75. You’re talking about getting this drug , getting an accurate doseage, and matching a delivery vehicle , if it even works . If Alclaris can make this drug work for aga its going to trial , thats a fact . To get it before that happens will be a tall order in my opinion, due to the fact it wont be easy to replicate all those things I mentioned above . I know people are on it or, trying it now but we dont hear any success. That tells me something with it will need to be modified, How do you replicate something you cant get cause its in trial? I got to believe that will be a very guarded secret.

  76. Official reply from fidia regarding brotzu

    “Frankly speaking I do not know who is saying that Fidia will market the product in 6 months.
    As previously underlined in my mail, Fidia just began a clinical trial, with a defined protocol, focusing on a specific formulation suitable for industrial scaling-up.
    Regretfully, we are not able to figure out in advance the formulation’s effectiveness and tolerability, that shall be demonstrated during the trial, with statistical significance and clinical relevance.

    Therefore we haven’t got yet defined a time frame for release of the product.

    Please consider any other information from our as unreliable.”

  77. Given the quick test-and-result setup of these FDA approved drugs, I believe that the people working at or with Aclaris (auch as Angela Christiano) already know if it can cure mpb. And now, the fact that they mentioned androgenic alopecia first as their focus for a 20 million dollar investment is tremendously good news, as they wouldn’t be doing this had their preliminary indications been discouraging.

    I honestly think Dr. Christiano already knew it worked in her interview with Spencer, however she backed off her optimism at the very end of the interview to avoid giving anything away until the future owner could supply official data and statement releases at a time which most benefited the company.

    Jak inhibitors have been effective in improving harvested dp cells and in mice hair simulations, and neither of these successes were related to alopecia areata.

    The logical indicators seem pretty positive here, so fingers crossed everyone!

    1. Another person who gets my extreme optimism. Yes I am elated at the current news especially since there is no other news.. I will be happy about a potential 100% treatment that is very close any day of the week.

  78. Hope for the best with jak ^¬^ Im pretty sure that if its proven and made to affect aga its going to sweep any competition in regrowth terms

  79. I did a little research about Brotzu’s patent. And you know what? If he managed do deliver an appropriate dosage of S-Equol to our scalps, we will have a new maintance drug. With NO sides! And that lotion also consist DGLA which is claimed to increase anagen phase=some regrothw.

    1. That’s a big if, but I guess it’s logical he did. People are actually starting group buys on the forums already trying to do it

      1. I’d love to see where they are doing that (group buys) to see the results people post and if they are any good. Any suggestions DNP? Are they going to be sharing results?

    1. I would also like to know what’s your guys thoughts on this. I’m feeling a bit down right now I hope I didn’t f myself up.

  80. @admin – this is a huge side thought but I’d love to know your stats for this site. It seems that it has exploded but I also realize that about 1/4 to 1/3rd of the comments comes from 1 or 2 people, while another 1/3rd are a few handful.

    Are you getting more unique hits in general?
    If so, when did it increase?
    Do you feel like there is a correlation with anything that is happening and traffic to this site?


    Do we have a lot of serial posters who are inflating the number of the comments? I assume that there are more people visiting the site but I could be wrong.

    Just me being curious…

  81. DNP please provide a link about these group buys. Who is in charge and what products do they want?
    Dut and RU don’t work anymore so time to move on to the next step.

  82. We all talkin bout jaks like its somethin fruity

    Dr Angela representin colombia university

    But the only one with a plan is takashi tsuji

    In a Japanese lab he’s cloning hairs like dolly

    Bout to start clinic trials (well, in 2020)

  83. Hi,
    I’m very ready to testing inhibitor of Jak for me and for you. I will develop my own study with photo support each period of time . I’ll keep you posted. I have money to buy Tofacitinib and I want to do my personal study as soon as possible.

    However, I ‘d like to know the proper dosage and the recipe to whip cream for the drug penetrates the best in the skin.

    Thank you to Matt and oko for their discussion about me. Here is the exchange between the two protagonists ”

    May 29, 2016 at 10:33 am

    If William HAS access to tofacitinib , Surely someone knows how we can make it into a safe topical formulation for _him_ to trial ?

    Also , I remember a user called Expired Phil Collins Was using Rice Bran extract CO2 , do we know how that’s going?
    May 29, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Must dissolve in tofac 99.98 % medical grade dmso . Then add to the mix medium . Not sure what this medium shoulds mix made ​​up of yet.
    In my opinion you need at least 4-5 % topical tofacitnib to hope to be effective .
    And I aussi Would not try this topically UNLESS I Was aussi try trying to hit Ar at the time with Sami oral finasteride . ”

    I ‘m not sure I understand everything the explanation of Matt. Does its response is complete ? If not, can someone fill Matt ‘s response to the best of its knowledge so that I go all the necessary tools and information to promote the success of my personal study?

    I remind you that my hair loss is a medicinal diffuse alopecia . I lost all my hair because I took Prozac, Risperidone and Concerta during many years at very high doses. My alopecia is not AGA.

    Thank you!

    1. Sure. Thank you. But I need informations dosage/ingrédients) to start my experience. That is the purpose of my message. Thank you in advance to Good Samaritan for this informations.

  84. William are you going to try dermabrasion + Jak? I really think this could be effective. Christopher1 already tried the topica application of Jak and it did not give results, are you going to act differently from him?

    1. I don’t know. If I have the good protocol, good dosage and good ingredients for the topical form, maybe.

      Dermabrasion? What’s this?

    2. Using a JAK inhibitor directly after wounding would actually give you worse results. As garza stated in his paper the JAK/stat and il6 pathways are used to create NEW hair follicles after wounding. If JAK/stat inhibition is effective it is going to be in waking up the already damaged existing follicles.

  85. Here is the Christiano research study-

    Explaining the drugs used-
    Tofacitinib was purchased from AbMole BioScience (catalog no. 477600-75-2). Hedgehog agonist (SAG) was purchased from EMD Millipore (catalog no. 566660). JAK-STAT inhibitors were dissolved in DMSO and used at 2 to 3% for in vivo experiments, as indicated, and 400 nM for in vitro experiments. SAG was used at 120 μM, as described by Paladini et al. (2).

    Here is the Paladini research article explaining the need for hair follicle morphogenesis, which Christiano mention in their report.

  86. I can’t believe people are actually going to use topical jak on to a dermarolled scalp. This drug is very potent if it gets into the blood stream. It can weaken immune system and all sorts of other serious side effects. You have to be a moron to mess with this stuff like that. Let the scientist at aclaris figure out the correct dosage and vehicle. I see a lot of people getting really sick in the next couple months who dermaroll and use jak.

    What happened to SM? They were moving quickly through phase 1 and 2 and 2b. They went quiet now? I was hoping for this for 2017

  87. Yeah I wouldn’t be messing with Jak right now until we know the specifics. They are attempting to make it so the drug can penetrate deep enough to be effective but without going systemic for a reason. Dermarolling will guarentee this gets into your bloodstream. Besides its going to be another half assed attempt at best, the results will not be what this person is hoping for, and again we will hear that Jak is useless for mpb and that now TWO people have tried topical jak with no effects. In my opinion we should just wait for further trials or at the very least wait until we hear that it definitely helps mpb and they give out the exact formula. There are too many variables to have a random baldee make a mixture and slap it on his noggin.

    1. While I don’t necessarily disagree with you, I think it’s important to point out that the reason to explore topical JAK inhibitors is that Dr. Christiano said topical was more effective in rats than oral- not that going systemic was too dangerous. The Alopecia Universalis boy from Dr. King was ingesting JAKs, not using a topical.

  88. in resume:

    tsuji team: 10 years
    replicel/shiseido: dead? no news
    histogen: eternal delay: dead
    clinic cfs spain unlimited donor: we will see in september
    JAK: 2 or 3 forum members tried witouth results… maybe with worng vehicle???
    mmm maybe 3d printers in near future?
    the technology grow fast every day, this is the real hope, every day, every year.
    more and more fast. remember the changes with cell phones, hiv therapies, tv led, hd, 4k, 8k, in 2 or 3 years we will take lens for perfect vision.(ocumenics))
    fingers crossed and hope, the only real thing…

    1. Wow sets… Way to cast a dark light over the research happening…
      I’d say it is more like:
      tsuji: 10 years
      histogen: received 9 million, starting trials in Mexico for phase 3 (or final phase) right now, plan to release in 2018
      replicel: licensed to shiseido for research with planned release in 2018
      Follica: Planned release in 2018
      Aclaris: Just received 20 million to fund 3 trials, primary trial being JAK

      I understand the feeling of desperation but do you need to be updated every single day to think that a company is moving forward?


  89. Concerning Tsuji’s work – I wonder how Tsuji will make hairs grow in the correct direction. If I remember correctly, he guided the growth of the mouse hairs using a nylon string. Obviously that won’t be possible on thousands of growing hairs on a human scalp.

  90. Nasa, why do you keep saying that we will know *very soon* if JAK inhibitors work for AGA? I think you’re just being optimistic here… I mean have the trial start date and end date been announced?

    1. They raised $20 million and specifically stated it would be used for research for AGA using JAK Inhbitors, and Veritigo, and Product Development (product development could be to help ramp up AGA). I assume the are going to use the funds like they said they would and this is a for profit company, they mean business.

  91. I must thank admin for producing the most insightful and reliable resource on hair loss on the internet.

    I have a mildly scientific background, and I’m reading up on androgen receptors, JAK/STAT pathway etc. I just wondered if there was an official forum for people to post their theories and share ideas?

    Matt clearly seems very clued up with the research, and I’m sure there are many other educated people with similar scientific knowledge. Surely it makes sense to make a place for everyone to share their theories. Any ideas?

    1. Thank oko. There are numerous hair loss forums out there where you could post your theories.

      The most active one is probably, but it seems to be down the past two days due to an upgrade.

      1. Thanks for the reply admin. I am aware of such forums but there isn’t really a specific section for people to share their ideas.

        I remember reading FGF11s post and thinking it made a lot of sense, but people ended up calling him a liar/arrogant and it scared him away from posting again. Obviously I’m being optimistic, but if we have more open thinkers like him we might just be able to solve it ourselves

    1. Anyone know if PureTech has been funding Cotsarelis/Follica since Follica’s inception in 2006? And would this suggest confidence on PureTech’s part or are they just stuck with Follica anyway?

  92. I’m not leaving this topic for a while. By the end of this year we will know if JAK is the solution. Then all we have to do is to find out the solution and we are done – by year end of this year.

    210 Days (hopefully sooner) and Counting before we know…

    1. I should say 210 days before I have the treatment.

      They should release the dosage and the Effectiveness based upon the dosage.

  93. @nasa_rs, what makes you think that we’ll know by the end of the year? I hope your right but I’d like to have a proper educated answer to my question??

    1. They are about to start the research at Aclaris on AGA using JAK. Its a public company and must report to shareholders the status of its research every quarter.

      Is that educated enough?

      1. @nasa
        How do you know they are about to start. They just got fundind right? Could also be in one year?

        1. I do think we both agree on JAK/STAT inhibition being an extremely important piece of the puzzle. We do have a minor disagreement on timeline, but, I will point out in your favor that these drugs already being approved and in trials for another type of hair loss lends itself to the chance that these could be out much sooner than I think. Take for instance Cotsarelis and his work in Follica. The reason it has taken that team so long (10-12 years) is because they had to invent a method and device to implement their wound induced follicle growth. With something like Tofacitinib or Ruxolitinib I believe the downtime could be much quicker.

  94. @nasa_rs How will you get the JAK inhibitor? I know I am jumping the gun, but I have been asking my doctor/dermatologist/random internet pharmacies and it looks like it is going to be difficult to get someone to write me a prescription for it.

    Also, do you think you can use it just until you grow your hair back, or will you have to use it forever to maintain the hair? Thanks.

  95. Thanks admin. Keep up the good work! Love the positivity from some people in the comments section. Just helps deal with this situation(MPB) I’m in easier. Despite all the negative comments I feel hope. If this works I will grow my hair annoyingly long. LOL.

  96. I think after its approved that jak will work for mpb, it will be much easier to get a description, or buy from somewhere. There will raise a lot of people or pharmacies etc they are willing to cell these drugs for public use.

    1. Yep.

      This shows the Clinical Status of Clinical Trials for Aclaris. Note: A-201 is JAK for AA using a Pill; and A-301 is JAK for AA using Lotion.

      We will shortly see JAK for AGA (normal pattern hair loss) very soon.!pipeline/sqz09

      Like others have said, I plan to find out IF it works and what is best dosage. After that I talk to my Doctor. Just my opinion folks.

      Lastly, Dr. Christiano thought it would take about 4 years until a commercial product would be available at the drug store specifically for normal pattern hair loss (assuming it works in clinical trials).

      1. Remember, some people are trying JAK right now but they do not know the dosage or correct mixture and we still do not even know if JAK can solve AGA hair loss. No one should ever try anything without a doctor’s approval.

          1. I am following the Trials that Aclaris has right now for AA using Dr. Christiano’s formula and they are about to start AGA Trials. Being a public company they have a Pipeline Chart to where you can see where they are in terms of research PLUS any big news should be announced on their quarterly telecom (conference call for investors).

            Lastly, I noticed that Replicel’s stock is at 10 cents and did not trade any shares today. Consequently, I think that is it for them.

  97. nasa_rs. why do you say they are about to start aga trials? from where did you got this information? based on what?

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