Dr. Nigam and Dr. Mwamba to Collaborate

The phenomenon from the east that is Dr. Nigam just keeps growing. Just a few days after my first post on Dr. Nigam, Spencer Kobren (the famous host of The Bald Truth radio show) conducted an interview with Dr. Patrick Mwamba that all of this blog’s readers have to listen to. In my more than a decade of following hair loss news, the only other thing that has caused so much excitement on hair loss forums was the release of Avodart (Dutasteride) after FDA approval in 2002.

Virtually every other interesting development during this period of time was an obvious scam, or was a development whose success and fruition would not be seen “for at least 5 years”, or was a development (e.g., body hair to head transplants) that offered some hope at an improved appearance, but nothing resembling a cure.

Unfortunately, Avodart was not as significant an improvement over Propecia (Finasteride) as hoped. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Dr. Nigam’s exuberance and unique collaborative approach in this field finally lead to a groundbreaking development in this industry in the coming years.

Cheers to Mr.’s in vitro, in vivo and the previously neglected de novo. And to Dr. Nigam for improving my understanding of both Latin and Biology.

Dermarolling and Minoxidil

As if one unprecedented phenomenon (see my prior post) was not enough, 2013 also witnessed the emergence of a second more scientifically grounded phenomenon in dermarolling in combination with the application of Minoxidil (Rogaine).

Creative and intelligent hair loss forum members are also experimenting with the addition of PGD2 (prostaglandin D2) inhibitors and PGE2 (prostaglandin E2) to this mix.

The logic behind these experiments is related to the wounding and resulting hair regrowth that a company called Follica is attempting.

Dermarolling Enhances Effectiveness of Minoxidil

Moreover, a recent study concluded an enhanced positive effect of Minoxidil in combination with dermarolling/microneedling with a dermaroller. This implies a strong proven scientific basis for the excitement surrounding this issue.

I myself have seen decent results from applying Minoxidil to my scalp for a number of years, and will perhaps try dermarolling in the future.

I will elaborate on this subject in more detail in future posts, but for now I encourage readers to go through the following massive threads on some of the main hair loss forums out there in order to gauge the excitement around this issue:

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