Hair Loss News Updates from Companies

A number of hair loss company news updates came in all at once this week. Thanks to the readers who posted several of the below links.

Stemson Targets UK

Hair Loss News Updates.
Hair loss news updates from companies.

In September, I updated my last post on Stemson Therapeutics after they garnered new investment of $7.5 million from UK-based Fortunis Capital.

Yesterday, Stemson announced that they were looking into expanding research and development activities in the UK. According to Stemson CEO Geoff Hamilton:

“The announcement of the $7.5million seed funding last month has triggered significant interest from UK government agencies as well as generated thousands of inquiries from people who wish to take part in the first tests.”

Histogen on Track

Considering Histogen’s past ups and downs, I cannot say that they are “on track” while keeping a straight face. In any case, this second time around, they do seem to have a better leadership team.

Yesterday, Histogen announced that in October they completed their hair loss product HST-001 dosing for week 12. This is the last of three dosing timepoints in the product’s Phase 1b/2a clinical trials. They remain on track to announce top-line results in the fourth quarter of 2020. More here.

Replicel Sorcery

Replicel (Canada) always seems to manage to get just enough funding to stay alive every year. Yesterday, they garnered CAD $2.7 million from MainPointe Pharmaceuticals (US). The two companies also entered into a strategic partnership. Subsequently, Replicel’s always volatile stock price went up by 50 percent in one day. And another 12 percent so far today.

More relevant is this Tweet from the company earlier today regarding their aim to resolve partnership issues with Shiseido. As far as I know, Replicel has not released any products since it was incepted in 2010. However, their dermal injector device is close to release per the pipeline.

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      1. Admin, Just formatting comment.. The Stemson paragraph starts with 15 lines that are only 3 characters wide on left due to the graphic. Minor stuff aside, I always appreciate your updates and content. Thank you!

        1. Thanks a lot! Really appreciate corrections. Will recheck when back home and adjust.

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  1. I was thinking about buying Replicel’s stock when it tanked, but didnt…..

    Bitcoing all over again…

    I really need to start trusting my instincts. Lol

  2. hey im back, i saw this and thought of admin might like

    this scientist was working on thymus T cells and accidentally reversed aging last year. time stamp link

    also someone here asked me ages ago about an outlandish claim i made quoting Sinclair saying he used to believe we were only going to extend life and thats it, he is now in the reversal camp in all tissue/full body reverse. timestamped

    for anyones patient/curious enough for a full rundown
    companies from top down
    Sierra Science/Libella
    Insilico Medicine

    1. Hey egghead, glad to see you back. If you use Discord, you should join our chat. Lots of very interesting comments in there so far during the past two months.

    1. I have a relationship with the execs at Kyocera, I email them once and a while. but it takes a lot to get emails like these.

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