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PolarityTE is an interesting new skin (and potentially hair) regeneration company that I have covered on this blog several times during the past year. My main reason for taking the company seriously has been due to its highly experienced staff (including doctors, surgeons and research scientists).

Moreover, a few months ago, they even showed an image of a balding scalp regrowing some hair on their website. This has since been removed, but I discussed it in the bottom half of this post.

PolarityTE’s main product is known as SkinTE, which supposedly grows new hair-bearing skin. According to the company:

“SkinTE has resulted in regenerative full-thickness healing of skin with all its layers (epidermis, dermis and hypodermis) and its appendages (hair follicles, glands, etc.).”

PolarityTE Responds to Citron Research

On September 18th, PolarityTE’s stock market ticker symbol was changed from “COOL” to “PTE” (Update: No longer valid).

Earlier this week, Citron Research published a highly critical article about PTE on its home page. This article remains there as of today, and is described as being “what might (be) our shortest but most damaging report to date”.

Several of the conclusions are pretty wild, with the below being being the most striking:

“And we believe the stock is a ZERO.”

Although the title of the Citron article is:

“PolarityTE: This Game Is Over! Price Target — $2”

So maybe not ZERO?

Several days ago, PolarityTE decided to respond to all these allegations on their website. They accuse Citron Research of being a tool used by “notorious short sellers”. They also criticize the founder of Citron.

Citron’s founder, Andrew Left, supposedly focuses his coverage on companies that he believes are overvalued or are engaging in fraud. There has also been some unusual trading activity around PTE in recent weeks.

I know that many of this blog’s readers purchase stocks in hair loss related companies. I would be very cautious about all companies involved in this sector. Especially when it comes to newer start-ups that largely rely on one or two products and their future potential.

In related news:

  • Restoration Robotics (HAIR) stock is down 75 percent in the past year. The company makes the renowned ARTAS robotic hair transplantation system. Maybe this lawsuit is partly to blame?
  • Aclaris Therapeutics (ACRS) stock is down over 50 percent during the past year.

34 thoughts on “PolarityTE Fights Back”

  1. There was one Reader of this blog, who was not selected in aclaris aga trials because he was not high norwood..

    Does he knows anybody who participated in trials? Or any news about aclaris trial?

    In india I. I. T. kharagpur was developing a contraceptive injection.. Which side effect was hair regrowth..

    Do you know any thing about it? Please make an article on that if possible.

    Great blog and great efforts by admin.

  2. Given that the Aclaris test for mpb drew a blank (sorry nasa) then they deserve to be 50% less valued.

    Any more news on Shiseido ahead of the November conference?

  3. Being to early on a trade is just as bad as being too late. The day HLC2020 post the cure. Would be a sensible time to buy to hold.

    Polarity needs to go straight to AGA and quit messing with the skin market which is hilariously smaller than AGA they have competion and supposedly are under performing that competition. However In AGA I’m not aware of ANY company that has printed autologous hair baring skin… With polarity its a little tiring wondering what the deal is With their logic.

    They could ruin citron and short selling friends in one announcement…

  4. well i have been feeling bald for 13 years, so 2 more years will get me 15 years of practice on how to ignor it, so make sure that cure in suppository form for you to shove it nicely.

  5. I don’t get what the delay is, if this product is approved, ready and being used to implant to humans for skin regeneration.

    You literally don’t need to do anything, just have the strip grown EXACTLY like used for skin patients, and then remove the hairs when complete for a FUE – Ok you need a scaffold to grow the skin on instead of implanting

  6. Why is the hair loss industry always failing and giving bad news? Lol. Companies hype up then ghost or fail or delay to the end of time. Our industry is such a freaking joke. They can now figure out how to grow a freaking human brain and yet sprouting a freaking hair follicle is the worlds greatest challenge. Just saw a new trial for wounding with Co2 laser and retinal which is starting this year and lasting until 2025. Really? They need 7 years to see if it works…lol. I’m telling you guys it’s a conspiracy lol.

  7. Same with Gray hair it seems MJones. I could buzz it down and look good, if not for the increasing gray *sigh*

  8. Hari
    That was me. I applied at the austin tx location and was turned down.
    Unfortunately i have no further and do not know anyone who was accepted.

  9. @admin sorry to go off topic. It seems that CB from Casseopia provides side free maintenance. The vehicle used is not listed on the patent (at least this is what I have read). Would be it easy to have CB made up now, prior to release? Is this something you have considered yourself? Has anyone else on this blog considered it?

  10. Modern science can cure many forms of cancer, use lasers to give you 2020 vision, turn you from a man into a woman or vice versa – but grow hair?

  11. This is great news for acne but the article didn’t mention mpb for cassiopia upcoming treatments. It mentioned spot baldness for kids and topical antibiotic for acne. Maybe I’m missing something.

  12. Lol We all could have gotten our PhDs put our money together and probably cured hairloss ourselves by now for the amount of time weve been waiting.

  13. Dear RepliCel Subscriber,

    With the recent closing of our strategic transaction, we are now turning the page on a new chapter for RepliCel Life Sciences – one which I have been planning for some time and am excited about.

    My focus as RepliCel CEO for the past 21 months has been on completing projects already underway when I took over – three phase 1 trials and moving the dermal injector to early functional prototypes. My vision was to take the results from those milestones and define a renewed strategy for RepliCel – one which involved transitioning the company into a commercial enterprise and creating value for RepliCel shareholders through revenue and additional partnerships. With the YOFOTO deal closed, we can now begin executing on this strategy in earnest.

    To both represent and drive a renewed vision for RepliCel, going forward we will be doing a number of things differently. Soon you will receive the information circular for our upcoming Annual General Meeting to be held December 14 in Vancouver. In it, you will see some of those changes reflected. We will keep you updated on other changes by way of this newsletter. Some are big, some are small but we are making all of them because we believe they matter.

    I am working with the Board, our management team, external partners, and some of you to execute a strategy which thinks and works differently to enhance our results.

    Next week I start hitting the road again to speak to investors about our story in the United States and Canada. In December I’ll be speaking with investors in China alongside YOFOTO. The message is clear. We now have a well-capitalized, very motivated partner developing and commercializing products with us in greater China, we anticipate hearing sometime soon about the clinical results from the Shiseido-sponsored hair loss study in Japan, and we are now months away from having commercial-grade units of the dermal injector in our hands. These are things which matter, create value, and will take RepliCel Life Sciences to the next level.

    Watch for more news announcements shortly and I hope to see you soon either on the road or at our upcoming AGM.



    *Boom, we are on the edge of glory!

  14. They are taking their sweet time with breezula. I remember cb since like 2012. SM has flown through trials and starting phase 3 now or before year end, with 2019 2020 fda approval.

  15. @Mjones You are right. I really think Players like Samumed, Follicum or Aclaris are on the fast track now and dont mess around. But all the companies which are developing drugs for alopecia since years now have gone through several new groundbreaking discoveries like new delivery Methods or new ways drugs Action on targets and follicles work. But as you say we are entering now the time the Industry is doing Phase 3 Trials . In 2019 we will see several companies in Phase 3 or anouncing Phase 3 studys and thats just amazing.

  16. @yup totally agree John Doe. Hopefully one of these players get fda approved in 2019 or 2020. If they all fail then I don’t know what to say. I’m hoping for SM late next year. If that can grow 10 to 20% new follicles and thicken existing with maintenance then I’ll be happy. Heck, even 10% new follicles and maintenance would be great.

  17. They’ll cute areata before mpb because it’s considered a disease or disorder. Mpb is considered a joke and not taken seriously since it’s more wide spread in our population and seen as a normal part of ageing. . It’s consisted like obesity and wrinkles. So we are on the sht list. Jaks were shown to regrow hair back for areata back in 2015. They already have two drugs in phase 3. We have been waiting since 1997 to have a new treatment and drug to be in phase 3. My point is our issue doesn’t seem to be a big problem compared to other disease and disorder like areata. To be honest, areata is worse. There is a guy here in Philadelphia and he has areata. WorKS at Starbucks. Cool guy but he has no hair..no lashes, brows, hair etc. At least we have brows and lashes.

  18. @MJones they are working harder to cure wrinkles and obesity because the former is a huge concern for women, and the latter is a health crisis. It’s more like AA will be cured first simply because the subject actually still has hair follicles; they’ve just stopped producing hair. In AGA, follicles physically shrink.

    RepliCel’s tech for reversing wrinkles is their most successful thing at the moment, and will no doubt be their flagship product.

  19. @ThatGuy – there is already a cure to obesity. People that blame that on their genetics should be made to look at photographs of their grandparents. Still not convinced, go to China, Uganda, India, Ghana, Thailand, Burma, Zimbabwe. Low fat diets, skinny as children compared to their genetically identical counterparts in the west. The biggest guy in my gym would have been the fattest man on Earth 100 years ago.

    Hair loss however, a generic lottery; you either get the cookie or the crumbs.

  20. Thank you for your interest in RT1640, at this time we are not recruiting for any clinical trials. We are anticipating a release date to the public, in 2022.

  21. News about Tsuji team???
    He started pre clinical trials in July 2018 and maybe will start human trials in March 2019!!!

    only 4 months…

  22. Said it many a time Bekoo, Rivertown is a huge disappointment due to timescale…Product is actually not bad I respect it, but another 4 yrs to release is awful

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