Replicel CEO Lee Buckler Addresses us Directly

I have always assumed that Replicel gets far more questions on social media about its hair loss related work versus its tendon repair and skin generation related work. Nevertheless, I do not think that the company’s CEO Lee Buckler ever addressed us hair loss sufferers directly. Until today.

Replicel RCH-01 Release Date

The main point from the video address by Mr. Buckler: the earliest possible release of the company’s RCH-01 hair loss product is in 2018. And that is predicated upon successful clinical trial results from the company’s much larger Japanese partner Shiseido.

I suspect that Mr. Buckler got tired of getting the same question over and over again about when they will release the hair loss product and finally decided to release this latest video. It seems like Replicel’s disagreement with Shiseido from last year is not hurting the two companies’ long-term collaboration.

Replicel and Mr. Buckler have been extremely busy in recent weeks. Just from the past week, you can read and listen to two new interviews from the CEO:

And there was also a detailed favorable report about the company in Zacks Investment Research two weeks ago, along with a “brokered private placement” of common shares.

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  1. I contato Care. Not will be begin 2019…. If the study ends in january 2018 this can be on the market in only 1 year.
    We need to se the data from 5 year study…
    Muito opinion os itens not be good. This guy say 2 day ago that will not be a cure. So do get to exitend about if you have years with alopecia.
    This new tratments will be perfect yo beginners in first States of alopecia :( but will wait if the result of the trail get to public hands. If not you know why…..

  2. Rep release phase 1 data 5 years later? Sounds like a useless treatment… Shiseido may have a different approach. Replicel is garbage, good luck to shiseido. We will know early 2019. Buckler always omits bad news he really deserves no attention for embarrassing his time frame announcements so many times, no offense nice guy support his cause but he totally ceo who cried wolf no doubt, without gravity his words are like sand to me

    1. Why is that useless information? They’ve said since the beginning of phase 1 that those treated will be followed for 5 years. I’m glad they’ve actually followed through after so long.

    2. You egghead, listen they are releasing the 5 year’s safety and efficacy data this month, so this makes sense as they started phase 1 in 2012. The treatment that Shiseido is trialing is basically the same as that of Replicel ( maybe with a little modification). So it’s foolish to have faith in Shiseido when you are considering Replicel’s method worthless.
      Lee Buckler is trying to be honest with us, that’s not a bad thing.
      and BTW, wtf you meant when you said “he totally ceo……”

      1. It’s been said Shiseido isn’t identical but a variation of the patent. Also if it was identical buckler says he doesn’t know if it will work then why celebrate their 5 year data? That’s pretty unthoughtful.

        1. Baldings ur more sensible than I am I’m surprised your presumption is positive with this. Imagine if you had something that worked after 5 years you would imagine they would have photos and international presence to help lift their hemoraging stock afterall that’s their real net worth.

          I used to think big money meant validity after Thorn medical that’s just false. We all demand the same things… the real big 3. 1. HD photos 2. Release date. 3 cost.

          It’s been 5 years what’s up with photos?

  3. Thanks for the links Admin.

    So much false information in this comments section though. Come on guys. Let me clarify for any passers by:

    1. Replicel released the data from their Phase One Safety trial back in 2012. The results from that 6 month trial were promising, as they surpassed their target.

    2. This month, Replicel is planning to release the 5 year data SINCE their Phase One ended in 2012. This means that they have been following the patients of their Phase One trials for the past 5 years. Those results should give us an idea of what we can expect for side effects, if the results have improved after those initial 6 months, and if the results remained for 5 years.

    3. Keep in mind that their Phase One was a SAFETY trial. It is not indicative of the current testing or dosage, unless stated otherwise.

    4. This is FAR from useless information. If we see that the patients’ hair loss has not progressed over 5 years, then that is a good sign that the treatment could halt hair loss for good, which is HUGE.

    The fact that they are even releasing this five year data is a good sign. It’s an even better sign that they are posting notices about the impending data release on Twitter, Website announcements, Interviews, and videos. Basically they are going out of their way to draw attention to it. If I had to say, i would say that the 5 year data is probably pretty good. Obviously that’s just a feeling. We will have to wait and see.

    1. Can anyone confirm: I believe they are releasing 5 year safety data but only 12 and 21 month efficacy data, at least according to Zacks.

    2. Good to see someone interpreting data on here instead of just using every announcement as an opportunity to repeat their own baseless negativity/optimism.

      There seems to be two kinds of such a poster, one who constantly complains that research is not happening fast enough and that everything being worked on is bullshit, and the other who is utterly convinced that its a perfect cure right around the corner.

    3. No, look. It shouldn’t take 5 years to run a phase I trial. That’s a joke. They can hide behind any argument they want, “we chose 5 years to demonstrate or diligence and abundance of caution to our future customers” but the truth is they’re stalling and the only reason they would stall is if the product wasn’t really working. Otherwise, they would be pushing it through trials to become multi-millionaires and trade in their old wives for new wives. I’m calling BS. Waiting for RIKEN.

      1. @christopher100. That’s pure especulation. Replicel/shisheido works and will be released in 2018. The results of 5 years are crucial. But it works good for all norwoods.

      2. @Christopher100

        You didn’t bother to read.

        Phase 1 results came out in 2012. This is a 5 year follow up on the participants of the phase 1 study, to see if there were long term side effects that weren’t apparent in phase 1 trials.

  4. I am not sure that If it dose work , it will be available as soon as the next year.
    Just think that for RCH-01 we are talking about treatments with injections in your scalp in some labs maybe one day somewhere in the US, not just a pill that you could buy on Internet !

  5. Numre 1 rule when waiting for hl treatments: Expect a delay! No photos or any sort of data whatsoeever? Not worth spending time on. If this gets released by 2018 how many years before the average working class bald man can get his hands on it? Throwing out 2018 simply aint good enough. Give us pics, data, price and some info on how they plan to distribute the product.

  6. The winner takes it all, so I think they will speed up things! Main question is what are the results far, if bad then we will see nothing new this first quarter 2017!

  7. The 5 usar trial is 5 year in tratment or 5 usar trial looking to the result of the trial in 2012?
    They say that this resulta will be show to the public?

    You give some PRP treatment to some of your user right? They have done it? What are the result?

  8. Wouldnt there be almost an unlimited donor area if you planned to keep your hair bald on the sides and long on top Its a pretty popular look now( see Julian Edelman and David Beckham at one point) If you’re completely bald it seems like a decent alternative. Has anyone heard of someone trying this.?

    1. 1. It would be incredibly expensive. You’re talking about moving tens of thousands of follicles at least a dollar a pop.

      2. Hair transplantation leaves a scar where donor hair is removed. Usually its not noticeable since they leave enough hair to grow over and hide the scar. Not sure how such a high level of scarring would look.

      3. Hair transplantation always loses a % of follicles in the transplant. The more follicles you move the more you will lose, so its not just moving 50,000 follicles from the back and sides to the top, but losing 50,000 follicles on the back and sides and only gaining say 40,000 on top.

      Hair transplantation only provides good results when its “reinforcing” mild male pattern baldness. If you try to completely reverse total baldness with it it looks terrible, you have to stretch too few follicles over too large an area.

  9. Well it has been sometime but before I comment on Replicel I must say to Admin thanks for keeping this an incredible source of info for us hair warriors. Sorry in advance to change speeds for one second but I view as a harmless question that I want to ask. Where the hell did Robert Herjavec from SHARK TANK GET HIS HT IT LOOKS F#@% AMAZING!!!!!!!! ??? Any guesses?

    1. I assume he has gotten several as his hair has gotten progressively better with time. Truly some of the best HT work i”ve seen.

  10. As far as Replicel is concerned from my understanding they are extracting cells from DHT resistant areas and multiplying them and then implanting into non- resistant areas. How is that not a semi cure??? Obviously it does nothing for the hairs that are on their way out but still that is pretty impressive.. Some clarification would be nice. Please Admin help

  11. Yes agreed bald by 2020!!! Damn just wish I knew where the last one was done seemed to really do the trick. They packed just right to give him amazing density but yet still a very realistic hairline.

  12. lets all be honest. if it is not cure, its better to keep it under ur pants. why no one else sees that?
    we already have treatments proven to be effective over 20 years fin and minox.. yes with sides but still… who knows the side effects of replicel? no one yet…

    think of it this way: if it is not cure, it MOST PROBABLY aint gonna work for everybody.. then there will be dozens of you here lashing out on replicel cause it is not working or showing results less than fin..

    I know how this is gonna pan out. so better cut it short.. replicel is no cure therefore not even worth talking or mentioning

  13. If all Replicel did was to maintain and prevent further loss and degradation of existing hair, I think that would be a substantial development for a huge subset of those fighting the battle. I do note however that I don’t think we will be finding that out in the upcoming 5 year release because, according to the video, they are releasing 5 year safety data but only 12 and 24 month efficacy data.

    1. Any thoughts on how they intend to market the product? They’ve listed multiple European countries in the patent, perhaps to work with already established Hair Restoration Clinics? Would hardly be feasible to set-up clinics in all locations. I’d imagine there’s an element of skill and training involved to inject correctly, not to mention actually harvesting cells.

  14. That company isn’t even sure how they are even going to culture the cells, they’re not even trialing it in that picture, yet they want to start treating people this year?

    Yeah, sure…I’m overwhelmed with hype.

    I do hope they succeed, but I would almost bet cash they don’t even begin trials in the next year

  15. @tom, we should just forget about Histrogen. I was also once unbelievably interested in their product, then they released the combover photos, along with the same old pics they have released numerous and had another delay and another etc.

  16. Do you guys know when samumed might release phase 2b results?

    I have zero faith in replicel. Just my gut feeling. Actually that company pisses me off the most out of all other hair loss companies. I have more faith in histogen. At least they showed pictures. Plus 800 bucks for his treatment? That right there is a red flag. Cheaper than prp avd prp doesn’t really do much at all. Too many negatives with replicel. Follica may be taking as long but at least they are starting phase 3, got funding avd well known scientific members and researchers from upenn running the show. Plus we won’t have to fly to Japan 5x to get it done or have issues with cells being injected in our heads. I don’t know about you guys but I would want 5 phase trials for this before injecting cells.

    1. @mjones Well sir, you may be fine with waiting 30 years for those “5 phases” to finish, but I assure you that the rest of the world is not.

      Pictures are not what is important; data is and their data is favourable. 9/10 hairloss sufferers scream “fake” at photographs regardless, so it does little good anyway.

      It is also just about a guarantee that this treatment will cost no less than 1,000 CAD if it works well. However, even at the $889 price point, RepliCel would be filthy rich.

      1. @ That Guy: Not to mention, in the case of naysayers, one of the big criticisms is that it only reliably shows 6% regrowth….

        That’s still a potential 6000+ hairs (the human head having on average 100k hairs)

        That’s around the equivalent of 1-2 decent HT procedures.

  17. @that guy- you should care a lot about pictures from a company because that is how the results will look at best case scenario. Data is great and all but the visual look of the treatment is what is important. That goes for all treatments including follica. 100cm2 hair sounds awesome but I’m not getting super excited till they show a picture of what this will look like on our heads. Plus you should also care about cells being injected into your head. The side effects 10 to 15 years down the road could be lethal compared to limp dick of Propecia and facial bloating of Rogaine . Just my opinion

  18. Mjones I had a gut feeling Follica had crap results judging by no pics etc, till u came out of the blue with Greek bro naturals picture forum with wounding.. that guy and you are making me much more positive about it all. Hope it’s great

  19. @ms, well, I hope they are in phase 3 but none or us know right? Some ppl here is spreading info made up in their own heads, and I think its too bad that new readers come here and get false information.

  20. And when we got no info I honestly think its better to assume that they are not in phase 3. So many dissapointments, delays and whatnot waiting for a new treatment…no need for us to make up another.

  21. Sure, but then let´s just say we do not know, but for me it sounded like he knows for sure that they are not in phase 3 yet.

    Because they created a new website maybe it is a good sign that they really go forward. For those with higher norwood I think only Follica and Fidia are relevant (both could be hit the market in 2018 as best case scenario) until Tsuji but I cannot wait another 5 years…. Replicel is just good for hairloss starters, I am sure.

  22. No, there is absolutely no announcement and nothing in the databases showing any treatment of Follica’s. There isn’t even an anticipated start month and beginning phase 3 this year was only stated as a possibility.

    Stop spreading misinformation.

    If Follica doesnt begin before the end of next quarter or announce when they will start the trial this year, then you can pretty much kiss any hope of that being out in 2018 goodbye.

  23. It is not misinformation because I did not say they ARE in phase 3. Follica itself mentioned that they would start phase 3 maybe in first half of 2017, it is just a possibility but I do not really believe them they will delay again and this makes me think their method does not really produce good results even though they mentioned in the beginning that they could create like 100 hears per cm2.

    Maybe they just do not anounce what they are doing or planing.

  24. @Paul, that overview on HLT forums does not mean anything. Its made by guys and gals like us posting here, and means absolutely NOTHING! You should do a little better research @Paul. @That Guy is right; too much misinformation. I like this site but the comments section is filled with ppl posting info about how they would like things to be, not how it actually is.

  25. @spanky: I agree.
    @Richieron: I would like to know the compound as well. Please please no minoxidil. Its a heart medication. Not healthy to say the least.

  26. 25 years of fighting the fight. Finally shaved last week. Completely liberated. …Time to get on with life. Wish I had done it years ago. I’ll still check the site but not like I used to. Admin thanks for informing me for all this time and for all your hard work.

    1. Great move, Angelo. I had shitty plugs in my crown and a strip scar when I was 22, else I had done the same as you a long time ago. 45 now, stuck hoping and praying. Congrats on your new life.

      1. Micropigmentation for you and you will happy . If the cure happens you will get you hair . If not this is the solution for mens.

  27. @Paul Phoenix
    that doesn’t ends the discussion there. It has just started.
    Take a closer look in the HLT pipeline.
    it says Replicel and histogen are in phase 3 too but which is not the case.

    Histogen emailed one of the HLT members that they will start phase 3 in Mexico in May/June this year.

    Replicel had completed their Phase 1 trial in 2012. After that they only proposed to do phase 2 trial in Germany but that never happened. Meanwhile they started their partnership with Shiseido who began their very own first trial in Japan. Since it is replicel’s product they are calling it phase 2.

    but the question is why the f that forum placed Shiseido in phase 3 when they have only started their first trial. My Best guess: shiseido can market it after this trial provided it shows positive results and that’s why HLT did that to match up with it’s layout of the table but here some guys are taking it damn seriously.

    so we can very well say that your argument which supports Follica to be in phase 3 backed up by that forum’s pipeline is pure shit and meaningless.

    there’s no info that Follica is in phase 3.

      1. don’t get mixed up with the numbers, you are right about one thing replicel is neither in phase 3 nor in
        phase 2. All they had done is phase 1.

        But you and that forum’s pipeline says shiseido is in phase 3. How the is that possible? If so, then show me the phase 1 and phase 2 data of Shiseido. I bet u can’t.

        Now let me explain it-

        Acc. to new regulations of Japan, you need two clinical trials before marketing regenerative medicines. So, basically shiseido has to pass 2 trials.
        But here’s the twist in the plot, Replicel has already done phase 1 (which is mainly based on safety) and thus shiseido can skip that part based on Replicel’s data and hop onto phase 2 in the very first place which they started as you said @ikkaku July last year in Japan.

        so why they are calling it phase 3 man, it bugged me a lot but now i know the answer. It’s pretty simple, in that pipeline page they are showing the status MARKET only after PHASE THREE heading.
        But that is not the case with shiseido, they can market the product just after phase 2. And that’s what that forum did placed shiseido just before MARKETING to impress upon the fact they will be in the market after the current trial disregarding the value of phase number.

        And that’s a smart move but creates a hell of a confusion.

        i hope this clears everything.

  28. Follica will not even tell us when they are start phase 3. We didn’t know the first two phases started till they were completed. Let’s all just chill and stop speculating so much. Man I mention one thing about him being in phase 3 and this thread blows up lol. If I told you guys I dermarolled my ass and grew 200cm2 hair everyone would start trying it and blowing up this thread haha

    1. Well follica is definitely up to something in near future. I think with all recent activity they are pretty close to commercial release, the question is what is the damn product. They kept all available/comprehensible info to minimum. I am optimistic, but I expect nothing from them. With all the noise they have to start Phase 3 one way or the other to secure investors. I have a higher hope for Histogen and Japanese research.

  29. Hello,. I was wondering if anyone has ever had periods of increased shedding while using minoxidil. I have been using it since last June when I also got pro and it got better about 4 months after the prp and I have continued minoxidil since. It’s been in the last month that I have noticed a significant increase in the amount I’m losing.

    1. Hard to tell what you are experiencing but if PRP was effective for you, you would start to see the positive effects about 4 months after prp. These effects may last for up to a year (typically far less if not combined with acell) but then wane and what you may be seeing is the protective effect of PRP fading. Hard to known for sure as responses vary greatly depending upon the individual.

  30. Wonder if part of why it varies so much between people is follistatin concentrations in blood. If so raising follistatin on purpose before PRP could positively alter your results.

    1. Not sure about follistatin but I am told that those who respond well to prp/acell tend to be those who respond well to minoxidil.

    1. The good doctor doesn’t expect to be able to actually use this technology until 2027 (maybe) and is actually saying that banking your follicles if you’re young probably isn’t worth it.

      This company is dead in the water, in my opinion. They have no idea what they’re doing and even a partner of theirs seems to feel it will be a decade before they figure it out.

      Meanwhile, Tsuji is on target for 2020 still…

        1. No I don’t need permission to reply and nobody cares what you think, you f tool. You were already banned once from here.

          1. exactly, you said it in your words, “nobody cares what you think”.
            Now apply this in your own case, you are some random dude who copies links and updates from one site to another site with a few kind words and thinks he is the Mr. Know-it-all.
            just pathetic.


            correction: hairlosscure blog is not HLT forum, so Foucault was banned from there not “here” as you stated.

            1. Foucaltll was banned from here before too so “That Guy” is correct about it.

              Not sure how this new Foucaltll signed up and I will probably ban him soon too.

              1. Thanks. Also extremely obvious that “This Guy” is a sockpuppet of Foucault praising himself. Serious mental health issues with that man.

    1. Again the dominance of the X chromosome which men inherit from their mother. No surprise.

      In my case it is completely true, my fathers side has zero hair loss. I have seen enough guys which are balding badly while their fathers have zero loss.

      Anyone here that thinks he/she has his/her hair loss from fathers side? Admin might drop a new poll :p

      1. Soooo stupid. This is already proven a myth. I have 2 brothers, we all have different hair and hairlines, and the se mother and father. We look the same though.

        1. You accuse someone of being stupid, yet give one anecdotal example from your family that does not even read grammatically correctly as an argument.

          Genes for baldness are continuing to be discovered (do a search on this blog for related posts from the past two years) and I would not be surprised if it ends up that far more people inherit the baldness gene from mothers than from fathers.

  31. Listening to the Aclaris conference right now. They mentioned that JAK inhibitors do indeed have an effect on MPB! Apologies for not being able to explain it here, but they are apparently studying how JAK inhibitors will interact with MPB (I believe). Could somebody reaffirm this?

  32. I also listened to it. I judt heard something that something went extremely well???

    On the other side they didn’t even add topical JAK for AGA on their pipeline (last slides).

    A native sneaker should tell us what exactly he was talking about. I didn’t fully understand what he said…

  33. Follica is the only one I am hopeful for; the concept makes sense to me. Jak inhibitors used to be what i thought would save us but I think there are far too many unknowns with Jak in mpb to be optimistic. There are many unknowns with Follica too of course, but their treatment is novel and localized to the scalp. The combination of wounding and medication will be exciting to see. I hope they show some proof/trial results soon!

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