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A new Dr. Nigam video

I hate making yet another post about Dr. Nigam since his results are still to be proven and there have been some negative testimonials about him on hairsite and other forums in recent months. However, the man sure has a knack for drawing me to his various presentations.  I was impressed by the below video in which Dr Nigam makes a lengthy and highly interesting presentation, starting around 4 minutes in.  His oral English abilities are definitely superior to his written English abilities.

Yet Another Dr. Nigam Response

Several weeks after I conducted the interview with Dr. Nigam, he sent me a more detailed reply related to a question I had about why he respects Colin Jahoda’s work so much. Below is Dr. Nigam’s unmodified response:

Regards to my opinion about  Jahoda’s approach and research,I am impressed with him primarily because I think his work has potential application possibility in the “now” and just not in the future. Plus I find his approach street smart, yes I am impressed when he injected his Deramalcupsheeth cells into his wife’s forearms. My approach is similar where in I test various hypothesis on my own scalp and or on consenting individuals, once there are studies confirming the safety of any new protocol. This way like a street smart researcher I can focus on those protocols which shows potential for cure rather than wasting huge money following one protocol for 10 years with the full fledged clinical trial. Any research to MPB cure requires amendments, modifications, additions and subtractions in the protocol as new facts are discovered. Of course the regulations related to Stem Cell research and therapy in India does give an advantage.

If you look back into three major companies who are into research for MPB cure, like Intercystix/aderans, they spent all their money and time into single tunnel view approach i.e isolating Hair Follice Stem cells and culturing them. And in last 10 years so many new facts have come to the fore which they are unavailable to add to their clinical trial, any time they would want to add a new protocol they would need to restart the trial. Same happen Replicell and Histogen and Follica. They all started the clinical trial with Deramalcupsheeth cells, growth factors in hypoxic conditions and FGF9/wounding respectively. But none of the company where no where close to find the cure. As of now my focus is on 3D Spheroidal Trichogenic dp cultures, Trichogenic hair Epithelial stem cells culture, Progenitor bulge stem cells cultures, WNT, SHH, Nogin, FGF 2/5/9, Insulin growth factors, VEGF,EGF,KGF,Follistation etc, Trichogenic freshly isolated dermal papila cells. All the above is in my present protocol. In  the coming months co culturing of epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells and will inc-operate and test other new facts which may improve my protocol as they come into the published domain. 

Nearly everything, even those things that appear original are derivative. Einstein said “The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.” but i don’t want to hide any sources but want to give due credit to every research whose experimental facts get Incorporated to my protocol. My job is to apply my wisdom like a visionary with street smart commonsense to test what works now on human scalp with an open mind and pour in my efforts, money and time into those line of applied research rather than having a fixed tunnel view research approach. I firmly believe that places like India where Stem cell regulations will be laxed for a year or two. should be the place where leading 8-10 researches should be testing their theories on consented human scalps rather than wasting time and money on lengthy clinical trials. Once the many clinical trials as the process show promise, then the respective companies can go back to their respective places and start their official trials. This what exactly I am doing. And humbly without boasting I have shown results with Hair Multiplications in last 1 year which has not shown by any company on the human scalp through out the globe. I am always open to share my work and collaborate with any like minded researcher or a barter company. Another thing which is common in this industry is people patent everything without testing on single human scalp, once they patent others don’t show interest in that field of patented research as they will not be able to utilize it commercially. And of course the traditional Hair transplant industry gets scared with any success anywhere even partially with HM.