A new Dr. Nigam video

I hate making yet another post about Dr. Nigam since his results are still to be proven and there have been some negative testimonials about him on hairsite and other forums in recent months. However, the man sure has a knack for drawing me to his various presentations.  I was impressed by the below video in which Dr Nigam makes a lengthy and highly interesting presentation, starting around 4 minutes in.  His oral English abilities are definitely superior to his written English abilities.

One thought on “A new Dr. Nigam video”

  1. This Dr Nigam is a complete fraudster…I have personally known his fly since he was a RMO at Bombay Hospital in the 1990s..
    he has the gift of the gab n cleverly creates an interesting n highly specialist image of self…he is nothing but a used car salesman. .he has weight loss clinic n has skimmed many gullible innocent people like u…his wife is an obese n he isnt thin or healthy either n yet had the balls to tell people how to loose weight n that too for a fat price…thats my 2cents

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