John Travolta gets a new Face and a new Toupee

I was not planning to write a new post today, but several interesting developments have made me change my mind.  There will probably be two posts in the next 24 hours. I have some free time on my hands, and a Rockstar energy drink in stock. To the 3 people who I recently discouraged from making too many unrelated comments every day, you are all welcome to post at least 10 comments to this post if you are still reading this blog. This is your time to shine. I want my rare celebrity hair loss posts to also be popular or else this blog will get boring and repetitive. Such posts are also perfect for you to vent with shallow points, bickering and three word sentences.  I dislike it when that happens in my more relevant and hopefully intelligent posts.

I really like John Travolta. I have enjoyed some of his movies a lot; he is a great dancer; he seems to be a great family man; and I always have compassion for celebrities who wear weaves or toupees or hairpieces. Celebrities with fake hair such as Mr. Travolta also indirectly help hair loss sufferers. In 2013, I discussed Mr. Travolta’s luxurious weave. In 2015, in my brief items of interest post, I discussed his at the time shocking first time ever appearance without any attachment on top.

Now comes the biggest surprise yet. Mr. Travolta, who turned 62 last week, has a new face. The new visage is a bit too similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face, and a somewhat creepy development since Mr. Travolta was in the 1997 face swapping movie called Face/Off. Mr. Travolta also has a less luxurious hairpiece these days, and it looks excellent in my opinion. Perhaps John Travolta is just aging and only had minor modifications done to his face. However, people who watched his new TV show “The People vs OJ Simpson” are very taken aback and discussing this development all over social media. His eyebrows definitely gained more hair!

Photos below are in most recent to least recent order for the three developments that I just discussed.

Image of his new face in here (2016).

John Travolta balding photo (2015).

And with a hairpiece (2015).

36 thoughts on “John Travolta gets a new Face and a new Toupee”

  1. That means hair loss industry is developing for many new treatments which may beneficial to hair loss sufferers.
    Hope that we can also get these treatments at lower price..

    Thanks Admin to keep me up-to-date in new finding about hair loss news… Great blog..

  2. Appreciate your work, but I don’t understand these kinds of posts… so you’re saying celebrities get male pattern baldness also? shocker.

    1. The shocker is that 60 plus year old multimillionaire celebrities also care about hair loss.

      And the useful part is that we can learn what’s possible after analyzing what they do to their scalps with all their money.

      Otherwise, I agree…not much use.

      1. Yeah, not much use because there’s no solution.. the best solution to a multimillionaire is the same as to anyone… a wig.. lol… off course he can buy a much better wig, but it is still a wig. It is still not his hair, won’t grow, it’s ridiculous and make you feel shame, feel stupid, as someone has put it: you’re lying to yourself.

        THIS HAS TO END !!

      1. I believe that a Chinese scientist has indentified at least two of them, yet I’m not sure that will be enough for our so desired solution, perhaps more study is required for a full blown cure. Now, the question is: even if we edited all those genes, would that work only as a prevention or would our bodies eventually “adapt” to those changes ? (repair those damaged cells, resume growth and reverse mpb) wouldn’t that be almost “divine”?

        1. That’s the question, Link !! would it gene editing be capable to revert this condition or would it simply prevent future baldness… that’s the ONE MILLION ( maybe much more ) dollar question !!!

      2. Why don’t they screen the genes of a really strong bald genes possessor and then one of these rare very old men with no sign of hair loss (100% hormone resistant) … then they would know exactly what genes are responsible, exactly where they are, and maybe, be able to neutralize them.. I can’t see no better cure than that.

      3. They know a fair few… upwards of twenty. Arguably the most important is the AR gene sequence on the X chromosome, probably followed by those on chromosomes 9 and 20.

  3. See if I knew that there would be a cure within the next 5 years or so, id just go out and get a decent looking partial hairpiece to cover the baldness until it came out. Then when its out ditch the piece and regrow. Then id never be without hair. I couldn’t sport one of those for the rest of my life though. Too much work, and too misleading.

  4. Travolta shows to us, and contrary to many young sufferers, who think that when they get old they won’t mind being bald or balding anymore… Travolta proves that they’re wrong… No matter how old you are, you’ll care about your hair… Hair is important, this is undeniable !!!

    1. And there are bald men in Firefly, set after 2517. But it’s possible that they just opted not to do anything about their hair loss… fingers crossed.

  5. I’m wondering whether there are young (<40) people on this blog who think that other conditions ( they have) are some kind of related to /connected/interlinked with their hairloss.

    I often hear some of you say they also experience/experienced acné for instance and/or dermatitis/eczema…

    Are there any other conditions or diseases that happened to you at the same time? Just curious …

    1. I am below 40 and my hair loss and scalp dermatitis and scalp itching started around the same time I think. Luckily, the dermatitis and dandruff are mild, and when they do seem worse, Nizoral shampoo controls them with ease. Lately, I have been getting lower nose and upper nose area seborrheic dermatitis. My father has absolutely none of these issues, and had a very full head of hair into his early 60s.

    2. I will start first, although I am not sure whether there is a true connection between them:

      Hairloss developed at the same young age as I got Eye Floaters > possible indirect connection > collagen (fibers).

      The inner eye consists among others of microscopic collagen fibers and intersections keeping them apart. From the moment the intersections ‘collapse’, the collagen fibers stick together and you will develop Eye Floaters.

      Overall, my body might face Collagen related abnormalities.

      1. Really interesting… Had eye floaters too which coincided with hair loss starting at age 21. Maybe you’re on to something with collagen?

    3. I am bro… i have hair loss and acne once in a while.. I have problematic skin and hair loss…I am 31…thanks to whoever passed me these crappy genes…

    4. NW5-6, 30 yrs old, Itchy Scalp, never had any skin problems of my entire life — so I don’t think it’s related or has any connections

  6. I wish they atleast do something about hair transplants, which are non invasive …just like a hair downtime..really good results…I know fue is closer…but even easier than fue….like just gather all the hair you can ..and put in on top of the head without pain…if I was a billionare, I would have started my own company helping my bald brothers and sisters achieve their look…maybe one day….
    Guys I think if a cure comes will come out of no where…all of a sudden…all these people doing research and histogen just fake…

  7. Whoever cures MPB..I will name my kid after them and also I will celebrate that day every year my second birthday….and also I will declare him as a prophet and offer my prayers…amen

  8. No matter how old you are, it feels good to run your fingers on your head and feel your hair good. You can be a mummy but you’ll still like this sensation. I think..

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