Yuva Biosciences and BosleyMD New Mitochondrial Upregulation Foam

I covered Yuva Biosciences (US) very briefly in 2018 in my post on mice and hair growth research. The company founder Dr. Keshav Singh’s team from the University of Alabama managed to reverse skin wrinkles and regrow hair in mice.

They did this via reversing mitochondrial dysfunction. Also see my other 2018 post about mitochondria and hair and my 2017 post on mitochondrial metabolism and hair growth. Dr. Singh is active on Twitter (X) via @mitoscientist. Also check out @YuvaBio.

Yuva Biosciences Releases Hair Loss Product with BosleyMD

On February 20 2024, it was announced that Yuva Biosciences successfully raised $7.5 million in seed funding (led by VentureSouth). More importantly, it recently released its mitochondrial upregulation related hair loss product in partnership with BosleyMD. The separate (but related) Bosley is the most renowned name in the world of hair transplant chains. A newer summary of this development was posted by reader “Fynn” yesterday.

Bosley CEO Dr. Ken Washenik declared that:

“We believe this is one of the biggest innovations in hair loss we’ve seen in twenty-five years.”

Revive+ Densifying Foam

Yuva Biosciences BosleyMD Revive+ Hair Loss
Yuva Biosciences BosleyMD Revive+ Foam for Hair Loss.

The new topical product is called “Revive Plus Densifying Foam” and it incorporates Yuva Bio’s Y100 trademarked technology (YuvaBio® Y100™). It contains the Amla plant and up-regulates key genes that restore mitochondrial function. In the process hair loss is reduced and hair regrowth is possible.

It is now available for sale on Amazon (image on right) at a price of $44 for a 2-month supply. The current 20 reviews with an average rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars praise the product’s ease of application, non-irritation and non-greasiness. Also see the announcement on Linkedin.

Yuva Biosciences developed this topical foam based hair loss product as follows:

“Using AI, the company combed through thousands of molecules to identify those with the greatest potential to boost mitochondria levels in skin and hair cells, leading to the discovery of its lead compound, Y100.”

Among the ingredients in this product include terminalia chebula extract, biotin, asparagus racemosus root powder, and leuconostoc/radish root ferment.

Also of significance, the Y100 mitochondrial function restoration lead compound molecule is just the first to market. Yuva will continue to use AI to develop other molecules that target mitochondrial dysfunction in order to combat hair loss.

Interestingly, Yuva is also partnering with Elevai Labs, one of the leading suppliers of exosomes to the hair growth market.

Note that BosleyMD also sells a popular Follicle Energizer product that contains hair friendly natural ingredients such as caffeine, biotin and soy.

Dr. Keshav Singh

Dr. Keshav Singh is the Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder of Yuva Biosciences. He is a Harvard-trained researcher, the founding Editor-in-Chief of the journal Mitochondrion, and the author of over 100 scientific studies on mitochondria.

For a long time it has been known that mitochondrial dysfunction is a key factor in aging. However, Dr. Singh was the first to discover and prove experimentally that mitochondrial dysfunction is a key cause of hair and skin aging. I discussed his groundbreaking 2018 study in my earlier mentioned post on mice hair growth research.

Company co-founder and CEO Greg Schmergel is an accomplished entrepreneur. Also working with them is Dr. Shekhar Mitra, a past Senior Vice President of Corporate Innovation at Procter & Gamble.

35 thoughts on “Yuva Biosciences and BosleyMD New Mitochondrial Upregulation Foam”

  1. Good news every week now. . .. Anyway I would like to see before after pics. The results they claim should be stunning if true.
    But I guess its a good idea to get a combination with Exosomes so lets see what Elevai brings and when.

  2. What am I missing here? The product on UK Amazon has been around for years. With crude reviews. Or are they stealing reviews from another product?

    1. Are you sure it is BosleyMD Revive+? Bosley is a US company so it would be surprising. The new US product only has 2 reviews so far.

        1. Yeah that is different and not sure why they redirect in that way. No mention of Yuva Biosciences or its Y100 technology anywhere on that page.

          Maybe you can open the link in Incognito mode and access the US page? Or use VPN if you have access.

  3. Its not available in Europe on Amazon and Bosley does only ship to USA. Will this be offered to the rest of the world or will it stay in US? Then we have to wait for Elevai because they sell in the whole world.

  4. Calling a product one of the biggest innovations without providing a simple before-and-after photo doesn’t seem trustworthy..

  5. There’s actually two when you look on Amazon. They look nearly identical (a few differences). Both say Bosley revive. One has 3 reviews one has 3600. Sorry, but this screams scam. The labels look really really similar. I don’t like the vibe.

    1. Ok I see which one it is now but they don’t do themselves any favors by making early identical packaging to a previous blend. It’s bizarre.

      Also…all I see is Bosley on it. No mention of any other company. And honestly, they’re good at marketing (except for this) but Bosley doesn’t really infuse trust in most balding men, imo. Not ones that have done their research anyway. Maybe this is good but execution was poor. Looks like just another random foam among a million others. They did nothing to make this stand out at all. No build up, no excitement. Teaming up with Bosley might have been a bad business decision.

      1. Product Description

        Get thicker, fuller-looking hair in as little as 45 days with this breakthrough hair growth technology co-created by Bosley Doctors and Yuva Biosciences using Artificial Intelligence. AI processed thousands of compounds to identify the exact molecule needed to improve mitochondrial function to extend the hair growth cycle and prevent future thinning.

        1. I mean, yeah….sounds good. Worth trying. I’m just not a fan of Bosley. Never have been. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work. I’ll give it a try. I think they’re relying too much on “IA” wording blowing people away but that alone doesn’t mean anything. Buzz words. Hype. But like with everything else, time will tell.

          1. I just posted that comment because you said no mention of any other company.

            Without their past study, I would not even consider this product!

  6. I am wondering how they validated this product? Any trials at all? I don’t see any data on hair growth, only “AI”, which doesn’t mean much without real world follow up.

  7. Looks like a scam. Photo on male and female packaging is identical. Is it from a man or a woman? Cosmerna turned out to be a scam with no results and went out like a fart in the wind. I’ll just wait and see. If after 6 months no one will be talking about it or show any results that means we have another EPIC fail.

    1. I’m actually insulted by these companies. Even the reviews seem fake. “Really works.” It just came out, come on. No way someone knows if it works yet. Either some fake reviews or….not very intelligent people. Or a combination of the two.

      They expect us to just buy anything. No trials but they think we’re so dumb because it says best thing in 25 years we’re all going to knock each other down to buy it all up. Really sick of the con game.

      1. If you look at many of those positive reviews, they are reviewing because they were gfited the product by Bosley.

  8. Probably just another Stemoxydine or Adenosine, some effect for early stage females or young hair loss sufferers but little to none for the vast majority. Like PRP they pull a Rumpelstiltskin and spin straw into gold. If anyone buys this please report back to the community on your results or lack thereof.

  9. LOL, it wasn’t even tested in men. Per the box:

    *Results are taken from a perception study of 35 women using this treatment for 90 days.
    Results were documented at both the 45- and 90-day mark. Mitochondria play a crucial role in influencing hair growth, and this effect is consistent across all genders, meaning that similar outcomes can be observed in both men and women.“

  10. I wonder if this revive + will be made available outside the US? Interestingly, the Pelage compound targets mitochondrial function…

  11. This smells like every other “cosmeceutical” that’s come before it, all show and no go. Admin heading off at pass :-), topical minox was an FDA approved drug before it was OTC, I know, I was there. Required a doctors prescription and dispensed by a pharmacy. I don’t consider it a “cosmeceutical” . All this other non-drug stuff has proven to be hocus pocus so far.

  12. Admin
    I contacted a specialist in hair loss and baldness regarding this product, and he assured me that these are commercial products that have no effect on hair loss, and attention must be paid to products that have undergone three clinical trials, and not only that, but they must also obtain approval from the European Union or the FDA, but must wait until the trials are completed. Because the experience of taking the first and second experiments is not enough, as in the failure of the KX-828 product, even the COSMERNA cosmetic treatment for hair loss is of no benefit.

    My post is not to diminish the size of the forum, but rather to note the commercial aspect, not the therapeutic aspect.

    Thanks Admin for all the topics raise.

  13. Looks absolutely poor by way of reviews, nearly all of which are about 3 years old, some 4!

    More of the same “cosmetic” junk I’m afraid…Look, if real drugs can’t do much then it’s naive to believe a cosmetic will do anything tbh

    1. The oldest review for the BosleyMD Men’s Revive + Densifying Treatment Foam is from February 22, 2024. This product was only released in 2024.

      Pete from the UK earlier confused two different products because of a local Amazon redirection.

  14. I will not talk about the effectiveness of the drug because I do not use it.
    But it is not clear to me when someone issues a drug or cosmetic product and then publishes it, in this case Bosley, which does not deliver to some American states. They have a “high” sales policy.
    As if it is about Bangladesh and not the US.
    As for Amazon, my opinion is that they should be avoided because it is an ordinary store
    and they can post something and not be sure what they are selling.

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