Update from ISHRS by Dr. Nigam

Dr. Nigam is attending the ISHRS meeting in San Francisco.  He gave an update on Hairsite, and it was quite interesting (some key quotes of his are below — ignore the bad grammar and punctuation).  Am looking forward to his next update after he talks with Dr. Jahoda today.

Well arashi, you will be proved wrong..we will improve on these researchers finding…not just replicate ..
as we have a more holistic approach..a team based approach with feedback and work of different lab researchers from across the globe…with regulatory advantage .  My effort is to get researchers , who are working with different approaches for follicle neogenesis,to share and suggest,utilize each others advantage…

Spoke to washniek at ishrs.  They were culturing the epithelial and dermal components of the follicle separately and injecting them separately.  Neither they were culturing in 3d spheroids nor they were using growth factors specifically to activate dp/ds cells like shh,wnt .etc.

I got this clue about the freshly isolated dp or ds cells..and their trichogenic potential from jahoda… We have gone one step ahead…from jahoda ,
regards experimenting with fresh trichogenic dp/ds cells..by adding certain specific gf/shh, to activate or make ds/dp cells trichogenic…
can’t disclose much about it..but in our first test ..we can see thick terminal neofollicles on human scalp ,in 1sqcm area on the vertex of a patient in six weeks..

Jahoda used hanging drop method to culture in 3d..
we will shortly use polystyrene coated low adherent tubes for 3d aggregation..for mass production of 3d spheroids..so that we can inject the cells without dissociation.

We will use important gf to make the ds/dp cells more trichogenic.
Ans with the help of jahoda, gerd, many others and with our own insights…a good culture protocol will do the trick..to maintain the conductivity of dp/ds cells…

Dear james…i believe the creation of spheroidal dp or ds cell(and injecting as 3d spheroids and not dissociated cells,which we and jahoda are doing now)

with secretion of natural ecm…or a microfollicle created by gerd..is definitely the next thing to focus…. plus the use of freshly isolated trichogenic dp/ds cells with addition of gf or shh…to make dp/ds cells trichogenic and activated to be able to induce neofollicle formation….
plus the right culture protocol to induce these cells to produce hair ..
is not old news..not to be excited about.

Me and mwamba were approached by a lot of surgeons,regarding doubling and HM work..

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