So JAK Inhibitors Could yet Still Cure AGA?

I had a lengthy new post planned for today, but need to delay it due to a potentially great new development in the world of JAK inhibitors.

JAK Inhibitors and Androgenetic Alopecia

In 2014, the biggest news in the hair loss world involved two separate developments related to JAK inhibitors Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib curing alopecia areata. While those developments were incredibly exciting and groundbreaking, unfortunately the vast majority (>95 percent) of balding men and women suffer from androgenic alopecia (AGA) rather than alopecia areata (AA).

However, in 2014, Dr. Brett King did suggest that there was a possibility that JAK inhibitors could also cure androgenic alopecia during his interview with Spencer Kobren. In my own analysis, I have always stated that for many androgen related hair loss sufferers, perhaps there is also an inflammatory component. Hence the increased itching and dandruff. Such cases could benefit from JAK inhibitors.

Thereafter, there was no news on this potential cure for AGA for a while, until in 2015 the one and only Dr. Angela Christiano posted results (albeit in mice) that suggested that JAK inhibitors could treat androgenic alopecia. Moreover, this could occur via a topical (as opposed to oral) formulation of the two main candidate drugs: Ruxolitinib and Tofacitinib.

Thereafter, silence yet again for a long time. Even worse, Christopher1 on hairsite stated that JAK inhibitors did not cure his androgenic alopecia. He seems like a very reliable forum member over there so I was disappointed. However, the one good thing is that we do not know how accurately people are using JAK inhibitors at the moment. Some are using off-label products, some are going to inexperienced physicians and some are trying topical experiments. So I still had some hope. In any event, please be aware of the risks involved in these experiments and do not try them yourself. Always see a physician before trying any drug to treat hair loss.

Further contributing to the mood swings, on March 5 2016, a commentator named “Rick” posted an interesting comment on this blog that was largely ignored. Although I hate to trust any one such commentator (especially since in this case he is also using Minoxidil as part of his treatment), I will still paste his comment below since it was missed by so many blog readers:

Just want you all to know that I have had very good success. With using tofacitinib 30% mixed with minoxidil. I have been doing this process topically for 3 months and have achieved full follicle growth! I will update you more in 30 days. And yes that is for male pattern baldness.

Perhaps “nasa_rs” has influenced me too much and I am looking for any positive signs?

Aclaris Therapeutics Acquires Vixen Pharmaceuticals

In any event the whole reason for this post is that today came news that Aclaris Therapeutics was buying Vixen Pharmaceuticals (Dr. Angela Christiano and Columbia University affiliated company). At first, when I read a one paragraph news alert summary of this acquisition, I did not think much of this development. This is largely because in my recent trips to Aclaris’ website, I remember reading that they only deal with Alopecia Areata related drugs.

However, I then read a lengthier article about this latest acquisition and some things (see red font below) clearly stood out:

“As a result of this transaction, Aclaris acquired worldwide rights to intellectual property licensed to Vixen by Columbia University covering the use of certain Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor compounds for the treatment of alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia and other dermatological conditions.”

“The acquisition of the Vixen intellectual property and the licensed JAKPharm and Key Organics compounds solidifies Aclaris’ presence in the JAK inhibitor space and allows us to broaden our focus in hair loss to include androgenetic alopecia, often referred to as female or male pattern baldness,” said Neal Walker, President and Chief Executive Officer of Aclaris.

“We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Aclaris for the development of JAK inhibitors for alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and other hair loss disorders,” said Dr. Christiano.”

In conclusion, welcome back “nasa_rs“.

346 thoughts on “So JAK Inhibitors Could yet Still Cure AGA?”

  1. All hopes and success for Aclaris!
    God bless Dr. Angela Cristiano.
    God bless the creator of this blog who brings hopes for all androgenic allopecia suferers .

  2. I am not the “Rick” you speak of, however I am delighted by such news!

    JAK inhibitors had a hugely positive effect on both mice follicles and human DP cells in 3D spheres (cultured). Neither one of those experiments had anything to do with autoimmune disorder. Additionally, Dr. Christiano seemed very positive in her interview with Spencer Kobren and seemed to say it would help androgenic alopecia right up until the end, when she back-peddled and said they would know if it worked soon.

    Anyway, I knew that if a discovery that huge was made, then some company would silence it temporarily until they could solidify the acquisition. I sincerely hope this is the case!

    I don’t want to say anything to jinx it, but… well let’s just continue to think positive thoughts about JAK inhibitors.

    Thank you Admin for bringing such great insight! Great work!!

  3. Admin , thanks for this post and all your time and

    Effort , there is a timeline on the company website for trials ,

    They recently announced financial results Acrs is the ticker

    Info is on yahoo finance

    Loyal follower

  4. I have to be right for ALL of our sakes.

    I just want to see a complete cure for everyone and let us get on with our lives. I believe JAK (or possible drug combination) will be the 100% treatment for all of us.

    There is no guarantee but I am patiently waiting to hear, hopefully this summer, on the results of JAK tests on normal pattern hairloss.

    If so, it would be a very, very short time until we could get the treatment since these type of drugs have already been approved. There would be no Frontal Hair Issues, Hair Shaft Angle, Hair Thickness since it is our normal hair just coming back to life.

    This is a great website, simply great. Now if we can simply get the Great News for all of us.

      1. So you belive that, considering JAK inhibitors are FDA approved, if trials are going on and yield satisfying results, we might get a commercialy available product shortly after (not having to wait years for additional legal formalities and what not) ?

      2. That’s a great news. Exept that I Have just had a look on the Aclaris website. They do not mention JAK for androgenic alopecia just AA. And for that they are just un pre clinical phase ! so I think We still have to wait !

    1. Agree with you, if it works 100% all of those issues wouldn’t disappear. Normal hair, all back again.. it would be a miracle, completely!

  5. The article says ” Aclaris has agreed to make an upfront payment and various development and commercial milestone payments, as well as additional payments on potential sales of products using the acquired intellectual property rights.” which is really good as they might have seen the real potential and that’s why they might have agreed to give such royalties.

  6. K so… Chaney might’ve just given us all a stock opportunity… to say the least

    Here’s to hoping. This sounds like tremendous news.

  7. Acrs. Trading at 14 plus dollars iPo

    Since October traded as high as 33

    Bodes well for speculative investment now that

    Good doctor Christiano is on board

  8. Going off of the comment about rice bran extract, I started thinking about tea tree oil. I used to use Paul Mitchell’s tea tree oil shampoo and nothing else and maintained for a about a year but stopped using it and now use revita shampoo, fin, and minoxidil.

    From reading this article:

    At night before bed I have started applying a few drops of tea tree oil directly to my scalp, rub it in, then I apply minoxidil. I’m optimistic about it. I also just started taking fish oil, b vitamins, and iron supplement.

  9. Good news, but if you’re going to use a quote, you should use it in its entirety otherwise it’s misleading.

    You quoted this: “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Aclaris for the development of JAK inhibitors for alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and other hair loss disorders,”

    But she continued to say:

    “Aclaris has made a strong commitment to research and development for hair disorders, and we look forward to Aclaris bringing JAK inhibitors to the clinic, particularly for alopecia areata.”


    Just don’t want people to all the sudden think the cure is around the corner. JAK will primarily be for AA.

    1. Baldings, my understanding of that ending is that she looks forward for AA treatment more than for AGA treatment (perhaps because she herself suffers from AA). That ending says nothing about the company focusing on AA over AGA.

      In any event, the blog post should have made it clear (including the title with a question mark in there) that AA is still a certainty, but AGA is still NOT a certainty.

      FYI — I also think that both Dr. Christiano and Dr. King think that AA is worse than AGA since AA also leads to facial hair (including eyebrows) loss in many. Much harder to get away with that kind of look compared to AGA by itself. In fact Dr. King himself has AGA and seems to be dealing ok with it.

      1. To be fair, Setipiprant hasn’t been proven either. They are theories based on screenings and understanding of proper pathways. Cotsarelis himself has been quoted to believe that a topical JAK inhibitor would work quite well.

        We will have to see how all of these medications play out. But it is certainly exciting, being that the drug already is FDA approved, and also Seti has undergone 8 clinical trials of its own.

        Things are changing FAST. This is just the beginning.

        Great work, Admin.

        1. Edit: Cots has been quoted as saying that a topical JAK inhibitor should work quite well for AGA. Love the competition.

          THE RACE IS ON!!

  10. Hi Balding (nice name) ….anyways who do you think a pharma company will concentrate 2% of AA or AGA which is far more….and the market for AGA..they will be billionares…its clear that their main focus is on AGA as it is the game changer for the company… and I personally think if a topical works for AA …it will for sure work for AGA, atleast a little bit… I think hair follicles go to rest due to many reasons DHT, PGD2 , ABCD…whatever but JAK wakes them up no matter what the reason is…

    1. It depends on the purchase price this company payed. If it was a modest amount I think it would be fair to assume that they only see an application for AA. But if the purchase price was large we should expect otherwise.

      1. Definitely depends on how much they paid. Sounds like this sale was structured in a way that this technology has to prove itself.

  11. Great news! Thanks for the hard work and information admin! I’m excited to read the other bit you’re working on as well :)

  12. Ahh!!! So good! I truly believe the end is near for us…. This is all about scale up which is a huge deal bringing a product to market. The fact they even mentioned Androgenetic alopecia makes me think they know something we don’t. I’m sure Christiano has an idea by now how this works on miniaturized follicles. Exciting times indeed :)

  13. the crescendo is already happening
    I thought JAK was off the table wow
    hell ya man…. hell ya… ive been having more and more celebratory beers after reading this site recently
    lol… one more for the homies

  14. An obvious question,

    Where do you buy 30% Tofac? How do you make it for your minox? And where is Rick to answer this? Should be the new Nasa mantra

  15. I don’t know if you know it but Neil Walker is Follica’s CEO – that until some time ago, I don’t know now, just after William Ju went out. I don’t know why he was never mentioned in their website as being such… just to remember you.

  16. Admin, honestly I didn’t see this post ~ which is another reason why i’ve turned into a blog fly here because theres so much rich incoming information from you as well as the posters

      1. i like it better when there is silence before the storm anyway .. besides when i take a step back and look at it.. through this blog i learned bill andrews liz parrish potential radical longevity, CRISPR, and just about ever update on hair loss related info..

        I don’t know how well recieved this suggestion will be to anyone reading… but if anyone can reach out to Rick and help me figure how where and how to buy and apply tofac 30% i will definitely give it a run with emu oil, or some other carrier .. (hate minox) but ill do minox and take pics for this blog

        1. I work as an independent contractor and have no wife. Both help a lot:-)

          Automatic spam detection software is a big timesaver. Hair loss forums (HLT, BTT etc…) and blog reader comments all also help reduce my workload when it comes to research.

          And last but not least, I type super fast.

          1. Too funny! As a woman (with hair loss who stalks this blog) the “no wife” comment is hysterical! Yes, most certainly we enjoy our husband’s company and wouldn’t appreciate all the time spent on the computer researching. However, I appreciate all the time you do take to consolidate information for all of us. I’m an avid follower :)

            1. Thanks:-) Would prefer a good wife, but has not happened so I focus on the next most important thing = hair.

  17. no need to curse, and especially in another language.
    Admin can you block this dude. He makes stupid curse of turkish.

  18. I knew by her interview with Spencer that she was holding on to info. She wouldnt give him a straight yes it works or no it doesnt work answer, no matter how many times he asked. Kinda pisses me off, but i believe she was being misleading because she is trying to make a huge buck off the AGA angle. Even though it works for AA, the demand isnt as high as the demand for an AGA treatment.
    And since she doesnt own rights to those two arthritis drugs, she cant bank that way either. It was going to take her holding her cards and some company swooping in the buy up all their research before we find out for sure of this is the real deal or not, even though i fully believe shes known it works for some time now. Now that its out of her hands hopefully fast process to a cure can be expedited

    1. I kind of tend to agree. She knows she’s onto something enormous in my opinion. This JAK/stat inhibition hits so many different pathways that are “misguided” in AGA. Go read her research paper and tell me your not extremely excitied. I hate to be overly positive all the time about this but it is hard not to be. Not only that, spencer kobren pinned that interview with her at the top of the cutting edge forum… Why? He’s interviewed many researchers before, why choose that one unless you may know something.

    2. Cristiano say in the Spencer interview that she hopes JAK Will be cancer free. But she dont know if yes or no….

  19. So this came up this morning in the news. Apparently is a company that claims to have a 100% efficiency rate hair loss cure.

    They even have pictures on their website with considerable good results after only 3 months!

    Just wondering how legitimate do you think this might be?

    1. The before and after pictures are laughable at best. Notice that in just about every comparison the subject holds their head at a different angle to obscure more scalp in the ‘after’ picture to make it look as though the the hairline has moved of its own volition. The shape of the ears and rolls of fat at the nape of the neck unfortunately give the sad charade away.

      They seem pretty happy to imply regrowth has occurred at the lower back and sides of the scalp where hair is thought to be immune to the balding process, especially in the coloured gentlemen’s pictures. Does this magic lotion implant hair follicles or something? It also looks like concealer has been used (powdery, woolly appearance in some subjects’ hair) to give the illusion of density.

      Given the amount of power the internet puts at your fingertips I don’t feel remotely sorry for anyone who falls for this.

  20. Thanks admin for turning this nightmare to something interesting to talk about. I have a question for woah, you said dr cots said JAK inhabiting may work for MPB but can you post the source of that please ?

    1. The whole reason hair cycles in the first place is because hair involves the division of lots of cells.

      In order to reduce the risk of cancerous cells forming, hairs don’t all grow all the time but take in turns to cycle in and out of growth

      If JAK inhibitors work by forcing hair follicles to enter anagen growth when they would otherwise be resting, then it could increase the risk of cancerous cells forming.

      However its possible JAK inhibitors only work partially by that method, but also reduce damage from the immune response in hair follicles. Here’s one study that showed there were more markers of inflammation in parts of the scalp that are balding vs parts that weren’t :

      So there may be an increased risk of scalp infections if it disrupts the immune response too much.

      However its possible there is only a tiny increase in these risks, or that only a tiny dosage is needed to restore hair follicles which does not have a meaningful risk of side effects.

      Overall I think the bigger concern is that it just won’t fundamentally alter the underlying cell processes behind follicle miniaturization, and that at best it will only have a small effect like current treatments.

      1. You sound knowledgable. I hope to see more of these posts! Always need to read about the potential negatives with the awesome positives to keep my thought process balanced.

  21. Do you guys think that JAK-inhibitors could potentially have worse side effects than DHT-inhibitors? What kind of side effects could be expect from these JAK-inhibitors?

    1. Topically would be much well tolerated and perhaps wouldn’t have to be taken indefinitely. Just long enough to restart normal hair cycling for miniaturized folicles. Then when Dht starts to do its work over time and you were unsatisfied in the way in which your hair was starting to look again you would apply it again.

  22. Thank you once again admin for weeding thru the nonsense and leading us straight to the truth. Your work is very much appreciated

  23. Good stuff! The big question is when will this hit the local pharmacy? Hopefully they will fast track this:)

    1. I doubt it man. Bimatoprost has been used for lash growth for years and the progress on that is super slow. These drugs possess a higher potential risk, i imagine they will take their time w making sure its safe

  24. Whoot! Go JAK! Ive been waiting on some good news related to jak inhibitors.

    Not that anyone knows, but do you guys think a treatment COULD be fast tracked seeing as both ruxolitinib and tofacitinib are already fda approved? I feel like even if it isnt though, it could probably be found online at Kane shop or something once the formula is known.

  25. So it has been 2 years they study these meds for hair loss. If there was really a possible cure for the AGA, why do we not know already?

    1. Because it was used orally for Alopecia Areata at first. Just last year it was found out that topical inhibition of jak-stat signaling was acting directly on the follicle and not through only immune attack. That was unexpected. And acting much more powerfully than predicted. Pushed follicles which were supposed to be in resting stage (like many in AGA are trapped in) into growing stage within days by activating known, researched, key pathways and genes and creating progenitor cells from stem cells (which bald scalp lacks) while also showing positive results on dermal papilla inductive abilities as well as a positive result on human follicles pigmentation (melanogenesis) and length. Also STAT-3 is a known interactor with the androgen receptor. This also explains why completely shutting down androgen’s after baldness has began will not reverse what has been done (because cytokines and interleukines are still able to act on the pathway.) The evidence is all right in front of your faces fellas. This has a more than good chance to work very well on AGA. So the step they are on right now is figuring out if this will work on AGA… that’s why it has taken 2 years to get to this point. Perhaps they already do know if this will work, hence why it was bought up. Also, you wouldn’t shout out your results instantly to the world if you knew you had the cure. You stand to make nothing off of it if you do so. You gotta go through the proper loops and “scale up” the production for the anticipated huge demand. And make no mistake the demand will be gigantic right off the bat, and “they” know that. As someone who is almost through an undergrad degree in chemical engineering i can say we have learned that it is usually by far the longest part of the process of taking something from the lab to the “house” is the “scale up” of a technology that will change an industry. Gotta take something from the lab to millions of people…. that takes a lot of work to be ironed out by many parties involved. The fact that this company bought up the Intellectual Property, and mentioned AGA in what they plan on using it for and not just AA… the only “disease” it has proven to work on…. is telling. Not only that but the association with a key member at Follica is also telling. Very exciting times indeed in my mind. Perhaps if Follica ends up merging with this recently buy up soon we will know exactly where this is headed :)

      I’ve always thought since science (Cotsarelis and Garza) figured out that stem cells are still retained and follicles are just stuck in the resting phase and lacking progenitor cells that by far the best solution to curing AGA would not be the creation of new follicles endogenously and transplanting them but the rebooting of our own misguided ones.

  26. I have a good feeling about JAK Inhibitors, we just need to know if it is effective and safe. The science behind the first test indicated it had an effect on the hair cycle, effectively restarting and making the hairs grow back at an insanely fast rate and thicker!

    I think Christiano is being very coy about AGA, but a takeover and purchase is always a positive sign. But with some of my experience in stock trading it isn’t always guaranteed. They perhaps know something, they’ve seen research and they know it will have an effect on AA, but perhaps they believe another formulation would help inhibit AGA too. Who knows! I’m still keeping at the same confidence like Admin, i was 60% positive about it and that’s where i’ll stay until a study or trial comes out.

    Also guys, Samumed and JAK Inhibitors! That’s two awesome things in 3 months to be positive about. Throw in Finasteride topical being as effective as oral and thats 3.

    1. good to see another trader here, i bought EDITAS at $14 doubled, and ETHUSD (etherium) at $3 this year.. does alacris have a ticker?

  27. 3 trials should take about 2 years, so if every thing goes smoothly we should see Jak around the time when Replicel comes out. Even if Jak was already fda approved they don’t have the right formula for aga yet.

  28. So if this “Rick” grew all his hair back, why did not he send any picture ? Talking about a result means nothing without a proof. Guys I grew all my hair back with wounding technique but I don’t have pics ;-)

  29. bw, it’s already approved though – like setipiprant situation already fda aproved, has a safety profile. I think i remmeber kythera represenative saying in that interview that can “go ahead and move into a phase 2 (or phase 3 ???)…

    I wish we had a biotech expert here to break it down for all of us

    1. Shouldn’t this drive the nail into the coffin? There was never some ‘secret’ formula for it..It doesn’t work for AGA. Give it up

        1. You are very delusional. Reputable forum members have tried what the people with AA are using right now with NO results. People tried justifying that originally as, “We don’t know what the exact formula is…” But now that AA people are having success with it, it’s likely that there was no ‘secret formula’.

          That’s all I was saying.

          1. delusional? Get lost troll. You have 2 comments on here trying to nit pick and such, do you get off on that? Get a life.

  30. Being that that man who was on benoxaprofen and fell head first into fire, then grew a bunch of hair back….

    What IF wounding plus a topical JAK inhibitor = hair loss cure?

    This is all speculation since the connection Neal Walker has with both Follica and Aclaris.

    1. I don’t think you should do wounding with this topical. I think someone more knowledgable above explained the potential cancer risks here, i can’t imagine wounding would help the situation.

      Just speculation, but i would be afraid of also getting too much of the product systemically in the blood stream.

  31. This is all great news guys and gals, but please dont turn all this into mindless speculations bout combining all sorts of treatments thats not even released yet…or maybe even close to being released. The “guy who fell head first into a fire story” has already been mentioned, sigh! Lets stay positive but lets not get carried away.

  32. Probably with all these topicals ..we might have hair bars in future…

    Hair Bar guy: Hello sir how can i help you today..
    Bald guy: Can you make a JAK martini and a two shots of samumed… no ice please….

  33. When the day comes, I shall be choosing Replicel over a JAK inhibitor. This sounds very interesting and in my opinion, for a drug company to buy another, there needs to be sufficient evidence and research to show how the drug can be applied to various different conditions/markets (in my mind, I believe they already know how to make this work for AGA). However! I am very cautious and will gladly wait atleast two years after release before I slap this on my scalp.

  34. Re-read some comments:

    If the two tests of JAK inhibitors had a profound effect on the hair follicle, perhaps they only need one element/compound from the JAK inhibitors and don’t require a solution made of Tofa/Ruxto. Is that possible? Since for a lot of people they won’t require the tackling of immune cells

  35. In their website it says ” In September 2015, Aclaris acquired a portfolio of oral and topical Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitor compounds for the treatment of alopecia areata and other dermatological conditions.”
    It means it is way before we got the actual news…if you remember it was in October Dr Angela made a statement…looks like they have been working it on for a while and the reason to take over might be the results they have seen.

  36. Rick: “3 months and have achieved full follicle growth! I will update you more in 30 days. And yes that is for male pattern baldness.”

    baldings : “Reputable forum members have tried what the people with AA are using right now with NO results”


    jesus Nasa crank up the juke box, we need some answers Trials aren’t even underway.. not even listed.. what is the deal does this work or not?!

  37. Admin, in line with androgenic alopecia, here is an article about the brain’s lymphatic system. It could provide a clue on what pathways are connected with the scalp. Hopefully researchers will look into this.

  38. I am not the “chosen one” Rick, so I’ve changed my name to differentiate myself (new name based on my head’s appearance).

    Admin… can you please abuse your administrator privileges and use the e-mail addresses that we all had to type in. I think an e-mail to the other Rick is warranted to question his claim followed by his 30 day disappearance. A before and after photo would be nice, however I wouldn’t put too much stock in one person’s secretive claim.

    In any case, I’m happy to hear any news at all about the potential of JAK inhibitors, so thanks again for this great update!

    1. Hey Slick Rick, most people enter fake e-mail addresses and it seems like the other Rick did the same. In any case, it has not been 30 days since he posted that comment yet.

      You can keep either name (the other Rick has only ever posted 3 times).

      1. Thanks Admin. It was worth a shot.

        Well, regardless of any private experimenters, it’s really great seeing some big activity surrounding JAK where AGA is mentioned. Great work, as always.

  39. With their researches on JAKs, it’s normal at this point that they are hiding any information on any possible cure on AGA since it has an insane profitable value $$ – That’s why they have been so quiet

    And this is also what I felt when listening to Angela Interviewed

    1. Agreed. I don’t get the naysayers on this. If you had the cure and stood to make billions you would have to set everything up behind scenes before any kind of “giveaway” announcement. That’s just how it works when your in a race to satisfy a huge unsatisfied market with a large unmet demand. You want the public to be two steps behind what you currently know/are doing…. And you want your competitors a step behind you as well. That is, perhaps, why all is so “quiet” with JAK-STAT and AGA.

    1. Possibly. Can you imagine… Go to a clinic, get hair scalp lasered, apply fgf9 and tofacitnib… Go home continue applying tofacitnib for a couple of months. Lol a man can dream

  40. This post came as a surprise gift in the middle of the week; I took off from work today to celebrate this good news. I can feel confident again knowing that something will be out soon to save us. God plz make it happen.

  41. Hey guys just curious do you believe that there will be a bonafide cure for AGA or will it me some ampt up version of minoxidil and finesteride because I am having a hard time believing that pharmaceutical companies would allow a cure to be made b/c if a cure is developed there goes billions of snake oils, pills, and hair transplant surgery down the toilet. Would they really allow that. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want there to be a cure. And I really hope they don’t patent it a create something where you have to apply stuff or take pills or injections every month or year.

    What are your thoughts

    1. What do you mean by will they allow it.. Who are they here.. Is there like a snake oil community.. Who ever had a cure will release it.. Cos the other party can’t buy them… Which is Merck.. They won’t pay cos people who have a cure will make more

      1. I mean will pharmaceutical companies allow it. I bet they will offer what ever price to the person who creates the cure. And it will be up to them if they take it or not

    2. It’s funny, someone else has those exact same concerns and misguided impressions.

      What interest does the pharmaceutical industry have in ‘snake oil’ and hair surgeons, apart from the obvious notion of competition?

    1. Regrowz too good to be true?

      I’m not sure if you’re seeing the same comparison pictures as the rest of us but the Regrowz bald guys are still bald as baboon’s ass.

  42. jessica, it works, but were not sure, it most likely doesn’t work it will be here this year but maybe never maybe tomorrow, rick knows!! the other one, but maybe he doesn’t. it failed in forum members, but theres a new secret way to do it, but thats a rumor, but Alacris is working on it but they dont have it on their agenda board only in words… maybe they’ll do it! Welcome to Bipolar JAK.

  43. Thanks a lot egghead for You answer!!i’m from France and my English isn’t very good sorry…but I’m so impatient after this treatment…i suffer alopecia areata since I ‘m 1 year and I have 28 today so it’s give me lot of hope this forum and all that good news! :D

    1. :) mais oui – et ton anglais est mieux que le mien

      your lucky you have areata, im 28 too .. go to
      that forum has multiple AA (Alopecia Areata) with success (using Topical Tofacitinib after 3 months) their all talking to each other about it just recently as in the last few weeks

      I have androgenic so I’ve lost a lot of hope with JAK and I would trade androgenic for Areata any day so cheers to a better future for you ~

  44. Oh i forgot Jessica, Xeljanz (Tofacitinib Citrate) is the JAK inhibitor – it’s really expensive but Pfizer will give it to you for free, if you apply under the “hardship program” I don’t know how to get it topically that seems to be an Australian thing right now but it’s in the pipeline according to Alacris ……

    You can already buy it for internal but topically? I don’t know! But I’m sure the people at know . gluck

  45. Don’t worry!no problem without solutions!if they find from alopecia areata they will find for androgenic alopecia too I think!don’t lose hope!oh oh no,no…if I try tofacitinib I’ll be waiting about a cream because I’ve already try methotrexate and let to me some bad memories!au faitea tu comprends le Francais egghead?

      1. Je te comprends donc tu le parle pas trop mal!tu es d’où si ce n’est pas indiscret?en tout cas merci pour tes réponses rapides!ça fait plaisir de parler a des personnes qui se sentent concernées!

        1. salut jessica ,laisse moi ton adresse e mail je te contacterai si tu veux des informations,je suis français de la région parisienne.

  46. :) merci ~ je suppose que nous sommes tous une famille anonyme. nous devons nous aider mutuellement

    I’ve raided this blog long – good night lol

    1. “Egghead” c’est “Intello” ou “Intellectuel” en français

      Now thats the secret behind the name!

  47. Awwwwww Damm egg head trying to give out the D what what. I love it! Now this it what we should be talking about. In due time we all will have our thick hair back. Someone on here said that pharmaceutical company won’t allow jak to cure baldness cuz of snake oils going out of business. I agree and disagree. I agree in the fact that jak won’t be a one stop cure. Pharmaceutical company want constant repeat business. I have a good feeling this will really work well bit you will have to take it for life. Maybe 3 months on and 3 months off or some shit like that. If jak works this will Def hit the market because billions will be made.

    1. I wasn’t aware that the pharmaceutical industry was in the business of producing ‘snake oils’ for hair loss.

      In which country could we find an example of that idea?

  48. Hey guys… try to be respectful. I know there us a lot of testosterone on this forum but try not to intimidate the women here by sexualizing their conversations or input.

    1. Lol… not in the least. I’m a man that doesn’t speak about women in terms of “giving them the D” nor giggles when I see a man and women conversing because my view of the world is so limited that the only way I can imagine the two genders speaking with one another is by sexualizing them.

  49. Curious I was totally joking please don’t take it so serious lol. Plus European women are way more perverted and sexual than us. What I said about the D is kindergarten talk over there. Sorry if it offended anyone.

    1. Tsk, tsk. Mjones please have some decorum. People like you try to make this blog into what it shouldn’t be. Btw, many European women would probably be offended by your comments. Please take EVERYONE’s advice and see a therapist. All the hair in the world won’t help your soul, bro.

  50. I’m actually stalking this blog for a guy named Rick right now hahahahahhahaha and i have a girlfriend but yes I was flirting in french, thanks a lot for blowin my cover mjones lmao

  51. Back on topic, does anyone think that this guy in charge of the acquisition of the JAK-stat compounding farm and its intellectual property for hair also being with Follica is a coincidence or is this just one more big merger/license waiting to happen to add this to
    Follica? We know Follica is not dead and has also been really tight lipped with everything, which could be very good news.

    1. Hmm that’s a very good possibility matt. Could be that cots is buying out christiano behind the scenes. I am going to set up a appointment with cots late this spring since he is now working with my dermatologist at upenn. I will see what info I will get out of him. But first I will set up an appointment for psychological disorders that I have since cripsan thinks I’m a nut Jon for being sad that I am losing my hair and for using the D word when referring to women lol. Cripsan when it comes down to it I have 10x more value than you when it comes to this site. I actually know people in the game and will soon know cotsarelis. I met with dermatologist like Susan Taylor who was actually on the today show numerous times. She told me 2 years ago that within 5 years we will have a new hair loss treatment that awakens scalp stem cells. Looks like she was referring to either cots or samumed. Either way stop telling me I need to see a shrink. That’s a little over the top bro.

      1. Yes mjones You have 10x time more “value” in the site but 10x less hair than him an posible a 2x less little Johnson…. Go and se a good team of therapist… The alopecia is not the big problem that You have…

  52. Fair enough, Mjones. I apologize for ridiculing you. But my question to you is that if you have all these respected professionals giving you a positive outlook, then why be so cynical. You should be cheerful, mate.

    1. It’s all good cripson:) Well I am just tired of hearing the whole 5 years thing because we all know what that means. I have been hearing the same 5 years till a new treatment since 2001. It gets annoying after a while lol. If we could just see a treatment give amazing regrowth then if they said it will be out in 5 years then it wouldn’t be so bad. We would see that it works and not guess if it’s legit or not. I hope that made some sort of sense lol

      1. I understand exactly what you’re saying. You seem like a good guy though, and it’s unfair for you or anyone else to have to suffer from something so devastating. However, I do have full confidence that it is treatable, and the hope that it is done soon.

  53. I appreciate admin.
    You have ever posted article every 5days.
    It’s a amazing.

    Do you think the cure will be marketed by 2020?

    1. It better be before 2020 or else I am going to go apache and start scalping nw1 men on the street. Put Bosley out of

  54. Unfortunately we still do not know if JAK Inhibitors will work on male pattern hairloss. But my guess is we will know by the end of this year from medical experiments.

    I still strongly believe that JAK Inhbitors, possibly mixed with another drug, will solve male pattern hair loss. And I have been saying it even though famous researchers said it will not work and now they they it may work.

    I’ve been standing on this rock for too long exclaiming my belief and finally I think the medical researchers will try JAK Inhibitors some time this year and we will finally know if it works or not.

    0% or 100% we will soon know.

  55. Can anyone give an educated answer about how long it could take to get this released? Will they have to go through the same lenghty trials even tho JAK is already approved for other diseases / defects?

    1. tomorrow we’ll know… dude, nobody knows, we gotta wait till they let us know, anything we say now is objections, patience and everything come.

    1. Exactly. Can’t believe this has flown under the radar on the other forums as much as it has. They specifically mentioned AGA with AA.
      They clearly do have something

      1. It’s just marketing. Furthermore, if you go through their website, you will see that you should keep your foot on the ground. It is my opinion and of course might be completely wrong.

  56. I want to say once they complete trials for AA, they will skip to phase 2 and start there for mpb. No reason to do phase 1 since it was tested topically for AA. My guess 3 yrs. Just a guess. Should be ASAP if they want billions of dollars lol

  57. I recall reading somewhere that the dosage and formula for AGA and AA would likely be different though. I could be wrong, but if not idk how that would affect the safety profile of the drug.

    In my opinion, I think JAK will work very well for people STARTING to thin from mpb or any other hair loss disorder because it kicks follicles into the anagen phase and extends the time they are there. This could prevent them from every fully going into hibernation for good. For a completely bald scalp thats been lacking hair for years, im not so sure itd work so well. I know some AA patients have had it work on completely bald scalps, and there is the odd case of a mpb sufferer regrowing hair, but I feel like if it kickstarted mpb affected follicles back into a full head of regrowth for most men that they would be working to get this released for mpb first and foremost since AGA is the leading cause of hair loss and it affects millions of people. The profit would be through the roof, far above what they would make off of AA sufferers. And you cant tell me they havent tried this on mpb yet, I just cant believe that. Even if it was only for a few months, they would know if it worked or not by now for mpb. And im sure it does work a little since they did include mpb in their little speech, but it may just be like SM with 10% regrowth vs. AA being completely reversed.

  58. I don’t know how or when this will happen, but I keep thinking about the months after we get an awesome treatment. Can you imagine looking in the mirror everyday to see your hair growing thicker and darker as opposed to thinner? Imagine how that will feel. Here is to hoping.

    1. Aaah man… I even wrote my glory speech like the one in the movies….it goes like this
      “Dear bald brothers and few sisters…. Today is the day we are gonna say hi to barber again…today is the day when we renew our swimming pool membership…today is the day we dont get scared of rain and wind… is the day when we open our convertibles…..
      We had days of fear and embarrassment…but today is not that day….today we JAK shit our hair….(Background voices from baldies like in 300 movie…ooooh oooooh ooooh)…

  59. Let’s hope we actually catch a break this time and that this doesn’t turn out to be something half assed. Tired of the constant disappointments in the mpb business. They need to fix this disorder so we can live a normal freaking life without being embarrassed of losing our hair. I mean the profit potential would be HUGE if jak could bring us back to a thick normal nw 1.5 2 adult look.

  60. They work for AGA! I cannot fathom how people can ignore that it was proven in the 80s with Benoxaprofen, but the drug wasn’t safe. Now these new JAK inhibitors are safe. Our nightmare is over very soon. God bless Dr. Christiano!

  61. I’m failing to see why this is big news, this company Aclaris isn’t particularly huge. If the product was a potential cure wouldn’t the major pharmaceuticals be fighting for the sale?

    I ask in earnest.

    1. I think every company has its own targets and interests, so many little companies in the past made investements in something that has been seen as worthless by the big companies but it turns out to be very valuable investement. And many big companies brought products with big hopes in thr market but they failed and loosed tons of money. You can never know, whatch end see.
      Little company means nothing, results of the trials is whats important.

  62. One giveaway that would indicate this definitely works for AGA would be to see if any of the men whose hair grows back from the treatment of AA grows back only in a horseshoe pattern. To my mind, chances are that half of the men with AA would also possess the genes for AGA (i.e. same as the general population). If all men with AA treated with JAK inhibitors grow back full heads of hair, then it would be clear that the same protocol will be successful on men with AGA. Dr. Christiano probably already has some preliminary hunch on this already.
    Otherwise, it’s still possible it works for AGA but under a different protocol (concentration/frequency/etc.)

    1. Good point. But photos show that one person have AA and the the treatment work well. But he got the hair with horse shoe pattern :'( lets hope can help the rest of the hair without aga gene is not affected

    2. I think it is clear that if it does work, delivery will be key. High concentrations of JAK stat inhibition with the ability to not only hit the epidermis and the dermis, but “linger” their for a while so they can have an effect.

  63. yeah this isn’t going to work susana’s picture would be a full head of hair …but then again that person looks pretty old so maybe it did a hell of a lot more than minox and fin would do for that person

  64. Hey I’d just like to give a huge thank you for these posts. I’m 22 years old and feel like 32 due to a receding hairline but thanks to this website I feel a lot more hopeful about finding a cure for hairloss. Thanks again and keep up this great work much appreciated!!!

  65. That pic susana posted doesnt even say anywhere that the person in the photo was on a Jak inhibitor. Not to mention for someone that old if he WAS on Jak, thats pretty good regrowth for someone that age. Thats what a hairline on a very old person without aga would look like anyway.

    1. If this old person`s hair regrew from NW7 to this picture, I think JAK is effective.
      Combinations between JAK and HT will probably be good solution for us.

    2. No. The genes associated with AGA get turned on in different stages of life in different individuals. Some start to experience it very early (like teenages) some continue to have thick hair with minimal thinning on top. It’s all about genetically programmed activation of the genes associated with AGA.

      So we cant say this person did regrow his hair lost to AGA . We can never know that.

    3. The person in the photo had alopecia univ , there was a before and after photo on a aa website. She is on a jak

      1. Is it a she or he? I suspect it’s he, thus horse shoe pattern hair loss. This is the natural course of the hair thinning process due to androgens, but it was hidden because of alopecia areata/universalis. So now that AA has been cured, we can clearly see the common baldness pattern. This finding implies the JAK inhibitors cannot completely reverse the AGA-related miniaturization process. (Or it can, Maybe jak inhibitors need more time to reverse it. I don’t know how long the patient used the drug.)

        People say JAK cures alopecia areata AND regrow a certain percent of AGA hair. I say we can’t be sure. It’s impossible to know it just by looking at an old man having relatively thick hair but still horseshoe pattern. Because there are old men who never lost their hair in any pattern.

        I hope you get my point.

  66. Susana that pic you posted is complete bs. Was that a real jak trial or was the guy with purple eye shadow just taking a pic of himself before going to a tranny underground sex party in Bangkok haha. Come on now. Lol

    1. LMAO.. If that pic is legit a before/after pic of JAK where before he/she was completely bald, it should be abundantly obvious by now that JAK won’t work on AGA. Obviously that is just a picture without context. Susana should post the source of that pic….

      1. If that pic was legit.. what was bad about that regrowth? Looked like plenty to grow out and work with. Looked great when compared to slick bald.

        I still doubt that the photo is legit.

  67. I don’t like a board chair from follica being affiliated with this at all. How much money has follica have invested in their treatment? I may be being paranoid but I pray they didn’t do this to silence jak stuff while they print money with some lame product that produces average at best results. My biggest fear is the money making drugs trying to shut this down.

  68. Hi there. I’m not someone who posts much on this forum, but I have been following it for a few months. Just a heads up: I know literally nothing about how the process goes with JAK etc, so this might be a dumb question. Still here goes:

    Some people were talking about a person taking pills with JAK inhibiters (I believe Susana posted a link) that grew hair back, but in a horseshoe pattern. On that same forum some other guy posted some pictures of him after taking the pills himself. He said he was almost completely bald beforehand, but his hair didn’t grow back in that pattern for him.

    Link to the forum page (Post by alladin almost at the bottom):

    Link to pictures:*CZnOLYnxj733cUBnkpYIbpZQZ78NstvXJAI8Rx-XBFA4v7xJt1w009sgVCW4K/mail.jpg

    He was talking about ”taking prp”, it might be something completely different, if then my apologies, I have very little knowledge on this front. My question is, is this guy taking the same as the other one and doesn’t this mean it isn’t growing back in that pattern for everybody?


  69. Ok number one, why are people saying it didnt work if the person in the photo went from full bald to that? Thats probably an NW3 and we dont even know how long the subject has been or was on Jak IF they were at all. What product do we have today that can get you from nw7to nw3 in a matter of months? Not to mention we have no idea how old the person w as, but they clearly were not young at all. When you are older you arent going to have a full nw1 head of hair anyway and so they wouldnt have the same regrowth as say a 22 yr old would.

    Another point would be, we are still in trials for this and not even for mpb yet. How do we know they even have the proper dosage yet? To go by one pic that has no description on what was used, how long, what type of hairloss the subject suffered from etc isnt reliable.

    1. Because the reason their heads are slick bald is not androgenetic alopecia but alopecia areata. So what makes you think that a drug that cures AA should also cure AGA?

      A NW-7 guy is NW7 because of AGA(androgens) not AA(immune system).

  70. Is 2016 and people with MPB don’t have a treatment with 50% regeneration. THAT’S PATHETIC!!! REALLY PATHETIC.

    1. Paul you are 100% right. We should have that by now, but we have crap which is mind boggling in such a huge money making industry.

  71. Just chiming in to add that all of the above logic is completely wrong.

    Oral jak inhibitors will not work for AGA and absolutely no one has ever claimed that they would. To the contrary, Angela Christiano has already said that there are no anecdotal reports of any people with AGA regrowing their hair while on oral jak inhibitors.

    A topical formulation is believed to be necessary to see the telogen –> anagen conversion described in Chriatiano’s second paper on the topic. So until people start using topical formulations, and until we know that those topical formulations have been effective at reaching the hair follicle in sufficient quantity and for a sufficient period of time, we are still completely clueless as to whether this will work.

    HLC2020 put it best at 5/10. We simply do not know.

    Hopefully they can hurry things up and these answers can come sooner rather than later.

  72. I agree with Warby. We just have to wait and see. I just like how they have to put testing aga last and make it take forever to say if it works or not. We all know they tested it on aga akready. There is no way they haven’t. It’s like they love to torment us mpb sufferers. Anywho let’s just hope this is the real deal. Plus let’s not forget Samumed, sisheido and that Italian topical that’s suppose to come out next year.
    Someone also mentioned that they didn’t like how follica director is involved with jak purchase. We all know I’m the conspiracy theorist on here haha but I think this is just a simple business move to buy the competition and market it. I don’t think they will block jak to the market. This may be the missing piece to the wounding protocol cotsarelis needs. Fingers crossed guys

  73. The Answer is coming this year on whether JAK Lotion will work for normal pattern hairloss.

    Then to the best of my knowledge doctors can prescribe it for Other Medical Reasons, male pattern hairloss. That means we theoretically could have it by the end of this year. And I guarantee overseas pharmacies will have it and will be flooded with orders. Wishful thinking but very possible. Just one big hurdle, it has to be proven to work first.

    They may be doing tests on lotion tofac on male pattern hairloss right now or very soon.

    1. I agree, nasa.

      Last week, my source of pessimism regarding jak inhibitors was that I felt researchers would know by now if it had any positive effect on AGA and there should be at least some business activity surrounding it. Well, this week there’s now some business interest! I only hope the reason for secrecy surrounding the effectiveness is that they are trying to secure proper rights to baldness treatments and delivery techniques prior to unveiling the results.

      Now.. sources of optimism are..
      1. jak inhibitors have a very positive effect on cultured dp cells (nothing to do with autoimmune)
      2. jak inhibitors regrew hair in mice (nothing to do with autoimmune)
      3. Dr. Christiano seemed to say it would likely help AGA in her Spencer Kobren interview, and she only said we’d know soon when pressed for an official stance on effectiveness at the very end
      4. If it didn’t work for AGA, what reason would they have for keeping that negative result a secret? (Unless maybe to improve stock price based on speculation)

      Anyway.. I don’t understand why doctors can prescribe this for AA and not AGA (maybe AA is more serious so oral side effects considered worth it). Still, you’d think that at least one patient needing jak inhibitors would’ve had MPB by now.

      Finally, I know a study reported that topical jak inhibitors had the same expected effect as oral pills in a patient with AA. That means that, should jak inhibitors work for AGA, the safer topical solution will be ready to deploy! (Which is why Dr. Christiano was so interested in developing clever mechanisms to distribute the topicals over the scalp that’d be easy to use for the masses).

      Anyway.. lots of speculation.. I simply hope we hear the result soon, one way or another.

      I’m very happy for the AA patients who can be helped, and I’m just hoping some of that magic will help millions upon millions more!

  74. There is alot of scaremongering going on in this thread.

    Nobody knows anything about the difference between oral and topical and what effects they have one AA or AGA. Be patient, wait for the results.

  75. christopher1 was already on oral JAK before he started his topical trial. It’s going to be figuring out the right dosage, delivery system, and time frame that is going to give us our hair back. I’ve lurked since the alt.baldspot days and had my heart broken so many times, but this is the real deal. We can see the finish line.

    1. Alt.baldspot haha brother I remember that site. I was 19 years old when I visited that site. Man so many years later and still nothing. I’m with you, this jak stuff better be the answer we have been waiting for.

    2. I completely agree. All people need to do is some research on the pathways this hits and it is impossible to think it will do nothing in androgenic alopecia if applied topically. I’ll be shocked if this has no effect at all. At bare minimum maybe this would need to be taken with propecia to have an effect. I agree with you, in my mind, this is what we’ve been waiting for. The question is how quickly can they repurpose this through the FDA topically and with the right delivery medium and concentration. Because that’s what it is going to take. That’s why orally it has done nothing for those with AGA. And if this is indeed “the cure” they risk everything financially by letting too much information out of the bag too fast. Everyone would just go to their general practitioner and have a topical JAK inhibitor prescribed. And they’d make nothing off of this. That’s why I think the mere mention of AGA in the agreement is a huge sign of something big. And how long will it take them to “scale up” the product to meet a large demand?

  76. JAK Inhbitors thus far seem to be the most natural way to get back one’s original hair. It is not from the back of the head. It is your normal hair with the correct diameter, curl, texture, direction, and anything else that I missed.

    I have been saying it for years that JAK Inhibitors will be the treatment and restoration of 100% of a person’s hair back.

    I just hope it actually works. I have my hopes high on this one. Some would say that is not a good thing but you have to believe. Like Arnold saying he was going to come to America and become a bodybuilder and a big star and his dad would yell at him to get a job. You have to believe even if it is blind belief.

  77. If JAK Lotion works and there is a very strong possibility that it will. It already has worked for a few AA hair loss suffers giving them back 100% hair. It worked on the skin of rats where it should not have worked.

    It seems to turn back on the hair cycle and may help to repair a few of the different type of hair components. I thought it may need to be combined with skin perturbation (damaging the skin) but now I think that damaged skin just concentrated Beno into one area and that would explain why two men grew hair who had damaged skin and not other people who had no skin damage.

    Thus there is strong hope that JAK will work. And this is the one I have been waiting for. It could all be over this year. Forget all those other pie-in-the-sky smoke and mirror type cures. JAK has been PROVEN to work and grow 100% hair for a few AA hair loss sufferers. Now it is time to work for normal pattern hair loss.

    I believe the 100% cure is here.

    1. nasa please keep posting as you do. I believe in you attract what you put out. With all this negativity on jak inhibitors, its so depressing and annoying, if you don’t think it’ll work just don’t comment. I really admire you nasa, you’re the only optimistic guy here!

  78. Just to chime in on this too. Overall, I’d say this is very promising but not in the way that some people are suggesting.

    I think admin and most folks here would agree that some sort of team up with Follica and Aclaris/Vixen may prove to be the silver bullet we’ll all been hoping for. But given the language that Neal Walker used in the press release coupled with the fact that a reporter mentioned this move into the hairloss market as “aggressive”, I don’t see a team up on the horizon.

    I think it’s no doubt interesting that there is a Neal Walker/Follica connection, and I could be wrong, but I think the intention of Aclaris is be the winner in this race. And it’s absolutely a race at this point. With CRISPR in the mix as well and the recent news from Japan/Tsuji and Garza’s wounding study, I wouldn’t be shocked if there are others in the mix as well.

    Positives from Aclaris pov (and for us) is that these drugs are already approved and so in theory, they should be able to jump into trials fairly quickly ala Follica. Remember how they basically jumped into a phase II trial? They obviously encountered problems along the way or else we would have seen something by now. Big issue is safety but if all goes well, an accelerated timeline from clinic to market could be a real possibility.

    Still firmly believe we’ll see Follica news this year too and for me that will be the real measure for how realistically we can expect something from them. People get down on their silence but they’ve got some seriously heavy hitters in their team, you can’t rule them out just yet.

    Excited that Aclaris are in the mix though. Fingers and toes crossed for positive news in the coming months and years from them.

  79. Hi! I was really excited to read this at first but now reality is sinking in and I’m in the thinking phase. My question is alopecia aerata is the imune system attacking the hair follicles if I’m correct. So aparently one of the side effects of taking these drugs at least orally is your imune system reduces its potency. So why would it be effective at AGA since it’s not an imune system problem, or does the drug do something else? Isn’t it a bit like saying finasteride could grow hair for AA sufferers?

    1. Hey great gatsby. Supposedly topically these jak inhibitor restimulates dp cells and stimulates the anagen phase of the follicle so it works for non AA types of hair loss problems. It also effects anti immune hair loss like AA but aga has a immune issue as well. Many mpb sufferers have scalp pain, itch and burning. This is caused by the immune system attacking our follicles to die off. Jak could potentially cure this for us in that angle as well.

  80. Tofacitinib comes in a 5 mg tablet, so it would just have to be pulverized in a mortar and pestle and mixed into a topical vehicle. Any compounding pharmacy could make it, but the prescription would have to indicate the percent of tofacitinib the final product would have. And 30 tablets would cost ~ $2,000

  81. Thanks Ashley.

    Why people keep talking about these other half baked treatments is beyond me.

    The solution is staring at them on various webpages that show the near 100% return of all hair on a few AA hair loss sufferers versus a few Whiffs of hair from other potential treatments.

    They have stated before there is no way JAK Inhibitors will work for male pattern hair loss and low and behold it appears to work very aggressively on skin of rats, and human hairs implanted on rats when it was not suppose to work.

    Now the scientists say it may work directly on the hair cells and possibly even repair them. Well who knew, me. If it worked for Beno (two male pattern hairloss sufferers who regrew their hair while on Beno an early JAK type drug) then why not again. Why not. It should work. This could very well work, and work 100%.

    Let it be, hairlosscure2016 JAK does it!!!

  82. Hello all, I have followed this blog for about a year and I thoroughly enjoy it. Admin – you do a terrific job both in your research and in (attempting) to keep everyone on task and away from petty comments and arguments. Just some quick barkround—I am about 2 or 3 years away from a toupee or hair transplant surgery so I am about as eager as anyone for a cure. Obviously by the 2015 results of the JAK inhibitors, I am laying most of my hope in them, although some of the other possibilities are also worth following. Now I am writing today for the first time because I think we should be “following the money” in an attempt to figure out what is exactly going on.

    I have attached the following link that shows that ACRS, the company that purchased VIXEN (and the intellectual property rights), went public in October of 2015. That date is extremely important I believe as the research completed by Dr. Christiano was conducted in 2014-15 (I am assuming this since we saw the results in mid-October of 2015). In this article it shows that ACRS also made an 8 million dollar deal with Rigel Pharma in September of 2015, just one month prior to the mice results being made public.
    Now I would be normally think nothing of ACRS buying Vixen months after it already bough Rigel. This makes sense. What is perplexing, however, is why did ACRS go public in October of 2015, at a time when IPO’s were doing horrible, especially in the biotech industry? Was this sheer coincidence and just the natural progression of this company or was there something going that they knew about well beforehand that prompted ACRS to go public as soon as possible no matter what the economic climate?
    Overall, I think this could be very good news. I don’t see why ACRS would go public unless they knew the success of Vixen and what Dr. Christiano has discovered. The stock price of ACRS has taken off this past week (and for those of us who follow this blog you still had plenty of time to buy ACRS in the 15 dollar range on the 29th and 30th — admin’s initial post was the 28th—and the stock didn’t fly into the 19-20 range until the 31th and 1st—meaning everyone had two full days—the 29th and 30th–to load up). The company went public even though there earning were nothing spectacular. Since this is a publicly traded company there will be more news available the press released have been excellent. There is more going here, I believe, however, as at the end of the day this isn’t about hair—it’s about money.

    (Disclaimer: Per rules and regulations, the above statements are of my opinion only as I have no inside knowledge or inside information nor am I urging anyone to purchase any stock.)

    Again, great job Admin. Your work is amazing and please keep it up.


    1. The stock price could have gone because they acquired the cure for AA. It’s hard to derive an implication on JAKs effectiveness on AGA based on that alone.

      Hoping we find out by the end of the year whether JAK can work on AGA.

    2. I wouldn’t trade this stock!! It’s VERY thinly traded, so if you actually trade on your own like me stocks like this are useless and extremely volatile, unless you’re in for the long haul and really beleive in them. ALSO it’s a microcap with I believe no revenue to speak of. Buy concordia healthcare, it is NOT valeant like the short sellers would want you to beleive…they are highly leveraged BUT it is sustainable I beleive. You’ll be up 100% as long as valeant doesn’t go into proper default, which will further spook concordia shareholders…anywho…

    3. JJ, you mentioned that you might get a hair transplant surgery. I cannot stress enough the importance of NOT getting a strip scar surgery (FUT).

      Please get FUE only!!

      Strip scars severely limit your options in the future, and covering hair transplant scars has seriously affected the last 10 years of my life.

      Anyway.. FUE only. Best of luck.

      Here’s to hoping jak inhibitors might change the game!

  83. Hi, I have an off topic question about something mjones said :

    ” Many mpb sufferers have scalp pain, itch and burning. This is caused by the immune system attacking our follicles to die off”

    – Could finasteride or minoxidil help with that?

  84. Tsuji says 10 years? Is that too far away? No I’m happy with that.

    What Tsuji is doing is nothing short of cloning organs, so everyone’s life span reading this will be drastically increased. New skin, new heart, new hair, new eyes, new everything.. Embryologist cite the outer ecto-layer develops your brain which was made from your skin. Trippy but true.

    In Tsuji’s own words it’s only intelligent to start with cloning hair follicles because it’s the best area to begin organ cloning. So if Tusji – Bill Andrews/Liz Parrish and Degrey all work out ~ i’m absolutely not worried they can take as long as they need

  85. You actually might be able to judge the effectiveness and diligence of the research by watching the stock price.

    I would not advise anyone to buy the stock based on a few scant pieces of information and hopeful cure for hair loss but if it suddenly rockets up 300% then we know they are on to something in at least one product of theirs. If it plummets then look for another solution. And as an example Replicel stock seems to be low.

    Thus every once in a while I will check the stock price to see what investors (and insiders) think of the overall returns of the company are in terms of current profits, and future profit possibilities. In other words, watch the stock chart for news.

    Just my opinion folks. Again, this is not investment advice just looking at a stock chart for news on the possible success of human trials, if they do any.

  86. I would be really happy if this jak thing works and put an end to this stupid time stalling companies like histogen who are an absolute scam and playing with our emotions…

  87. Is Dr Dho hair stemcell procedure correct does anyone know weather he is telling the truth or not. Please admin can you publish a post regarding this matter. Thank you

  88. It’s JAK or it is Nothing – Litterally.

    I have my hopes up, and yes if my hopes get crushed they get crushed. But I expect the JAK Lotion to work and the solution will then come out in a very short time. Not wishful thinking but could be a fact.

  89. I am very confident JAKs will work, but even if it doesnt bring us back to a thick NW 1,5, it will be a new treatment nontheless. Something we need. I would even be happy if it just stopped the hair loss, then we could combine it with FUE transplants

  90. Out yesterday. did you know about this drug :

    This penta-peptide promotes proliferation of human hair keratinocytes and hair shaft elongation of human hair follicles, in vitro. This peptide increases thick hair ratio in vivo, and this compound is useful for the improvement of AGA.

    1. Just the thought about creating unlimited amounts of hair follicles for transplant is mind blowing. I never had really thick luscious hair. However I think its going to be super hard to do this with human scalp skin as it doesnt create new follicles during wound healing. Who knows…

  91. raphael chetrit – GOOD find! I’ve put it in my collection.

    they have pics from korea too

    interesting the second time I’ve seen copper peptides ..first being Dr. Proctors growth serum, (which I thought was a rip off deal…)

    After admin posted about demodex i realized I had it and a bad problem, i couldn’t wait for Cliradex foam so I went out and bought Tea Tree Oil, first time worked like a charm, then it came back so I kept using, then I got Lavender last night.. I should have been doing this along time ago… I’m not saying it’s a CURE FOR BALDNESS. thank you admin my hair feels a LOOOOOT healthier and it doesn’t itch, hurt, or feel inflammed AT ALL.

    Thought I would share-Here’s a list over the last 10 years of things I’ve found that are touted by research papers to help (NOT CURE) androgenic alopecia.. (with GPIGS being the newst addition) through this and outside this blog, I hope and plan on one day snapshoting weekly results when I get on all of them

    Endosterol/Proscure, Saw Palmetto, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Soy Isoflavones,Theaflavin, Mega Green Tea/Zinc/L-Taurine, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed, Astaxanthin, Circumin(5AR), Apple Polyphenols, Reveratrol, Grapeseed Extract MSM, Viviscal, LIPOPROTEINS ,VITAMIN D3, Adenosine, oral iron
    Herbals: Ginko, Gotu, Tocotrienols, Ashwaganda, Rhodela500

    FGF5 Cellmid Evolis
    PGD2: Topical+Internal Luteolin (Artichoke) Asprin
    PGE2 : -Giovanni Brotzu’s Formula, Emu Oil, Castor(deltracin), CoQ10, Grapefruit Ext
    PGF2A: Bimatoprost
    PROGENITOR CELLS: Kérastase Densifique,-Kelopesia, JAK
    WNT : Deltracin, SAM
    SENESCENCE: TA-65 Telomerase Activation

    Artichoke/saw pal*/ginkgo*/gotu*/GrapeFruit Oil* mixture
    GPIGS Peptide
    Wounding: DermaRoller
    Scalp Exercise 30mins per day: (Microcapillary Perfusion Mechanotherapy) Rei Ogawa
    Parasitic: BLEPHADEX CLIRADEX(demodex)

    If anyone knows anything else let me know – i frequent forums to grow this list and my understanding

    my logic is this, if a product as shitty as minox coupled with wounding yield way better results than minox alone according to pictures below .. then what would KELOPESIA and Wounding yield? What would ALL the above + Wounding yield?

    minox + wounding

    minox alone

  92. Is it really possible that Angela Christiano didnt try topical JAK inhibitors on AGA patients yet?

    They *cured* AA patients with JAK topicals.

    I really wonder if the same procedure been tried on AGA patients, too by Christiano and her team.

    Is it a stupid thing to try it on AGA patients as well and see if it works?

    Please enlighten me.

    1. Yeah the silence is unnerving. Thing is though Aclaris already had two pipeline drugs for AA. So either those treatments weren’t going to be as good as JAK or they see more application in JAK

    1. I think that is what “Rick”–mentioned by admin in the text of the article, says he has done–apparently with great success. We shall see.


    Didn’t see this posted, but I think it provides the strongest counter argument to JAK signaling affecting AGA. Per Cotsarelis, the paper doesn’t show any specific stem cell stimulating effects of JAK inhibitors. This means that JAK inhibition could still be causing hair growth in mice through pathways (such as immune inhibition) not heavily implicated in AGA. This, combined with the fact that topical Tofab is available to AA patients but has apparently not been used to treat or has not been effective at treating AGA patients is the strongest evidence against JAK inhibitors being universal hair loss promoters.

    One important theory I heard on another forum that deserves to be spread is this:

    In AA, JAK (1) fixes the immune attack on follicles and (2) restarts anagen. Potentially, we might need a combo therapy that (1) fixes whatever attacks AGA follicles (DHT? PGD2?) and (2) restarts anagen.

  94. Final thing I’ll add before I let the scientists at Aclaris do their jobs is this:

    It’s not clear to me that the immune system plays any significant or primary role in AGA the way it does in AA. But the immune system definitely plays a large role in hair follicle neogenesis. As stated in the link below (many years ago in re: FGF9), “It draws a very clear link between tissue regeneration and the skin immune system,” Olle says. “It opens the way to therapeutically intervene in humans with the approach.”

    So maybe — as some others have theorized — JAK signalling can assist Follica / Cotsarelis in improving their (as yet) insufficient protocol.

  95. We can speculate and guess all day till this post has over 500 messages on it lol. We don’t know what the result will be. I say around the summer time they will test this stuff for AGA. In the mean time I hope the samumed phase 2b results are good and continue to show more growth. I think this is the best thing we have that can be released next year. Follicum will start phase 2 soon which could also be released next year. Seems like they are fast tracking trials as well. I remember a few years ago it would take 24 to 36 months for phase 2. Now they are doing it in 3 to 6 months. Looks like the race is really on. I also hope that Turkish and Italian lotion is legit and cab give us some good regrowth till a more solid treatment like SM or sisheido come out

  96. Quick question, I just started derma rolling and adding Rogaine foam after on the thinner weak side of my scalp where I’m losing more. Trying to get Rogaine to work better after a year of use. After 2 weeks of rolling I noticed that side is much thinner. Is it possible I’m going through another shed since minox is reaching deeper? Sorry for the off topic but I would really appreciate anyone who has done rolling to chime in. :)


      Start adding organic tea tree oil. It might burn slightly but thereafter has a cooling effect similar to menthol. I’ve been using tea tree oil plus minoxidil at night and I’m seeing results, however I don’t dilute the tea tree oil.

      I just ordered some rice bran supercritical CO2 extract so I’ll start using that as well when it arrives.

      1. phil, mjones you should take pics curious to see how it goes
        mjones I would add something too not minox alone maybe might help?

      2. Do you put the tea tree oil on top of Rogaine or make another row part in your hair near Rogaine application? I make one row crown to hair line on the right and one on the left side and apply Rogaine foam. It’s been 15 months applying rogaine. Starting to lose ground in right side. I will try tea tree. I put castor oil and black see oil on right temple for about a week now. I also add little drops of coconut oil on middle of scalp. I just really need to thicken up right side.

        1. I use NOW tea tree oil, and put anywhere from 5-10 drops directly on my scalp, rub it in, then wait a few minutes then apply minoxidil, and I only do this before bed. I also use vitacost organic extra virgin coconut oil every week or so.

          The rice bran supercritical CO2 extract is rice bran oil extracted via supercritical CO2. I purchased some here…

          Still waiting for it to arrive, might be another month till I start using it

          1. Cool! Thanks Phil I bought organic tea tee oil yesterday and did a test drop around my temple after applying rogsine. No bad reaction. I will put it on before starting tonight on the areas I apply rogsine. What kind of results are you seeing? How long have you been on Rogaine and when did you start adding tea tree oil?

    1. Have you scrutinized the first before and after picture in the link you posted? Every single hair strand is located / directed / combed the same in the before and after picture. That is impossible!
      They just photoshopped a brown color on the guys head / crown.

      1. calm your senses son.. that pic does not come from kelopesia people.. its just an illustration pic from a different site for media purposes.. if you do a reverse search its for scalp browning product

  97. Very happy, there is potential in JAK Inhibitors (Rux and Tofa) for male pattern hair loss. I also belives that it will out as cure by the end of this year.

  98. Do you think that the JAK inhibitors will be effective for the medicinal diffuse alopecias (Prozac/Risperidone/Concerta) ?

  99. Watch jak be the cure to mpb, but they end up shelving it or make a treatment where it only works a bit better than Rogaine. That would be so dick if they did that lol

  100. the crappy thing about this is that i’m right on the edge right now, been fighting this a long time and the pills and creams don’t work anymore so I need this like yesterday. if this drags out months and months or worse, years.. i’m done.

    1. Hi jj I’m in the same boat as you man. It blows. I held on to my hair with Propecia for 12 yrs, added Rogaine and still losing ground. We need something this year or else it’s game over which blows

    2. JJ.. I dropped you a note of advice above.. If you have a hair surgery, please do NOT let them talk you into getting the “easier” strip scar method.

      Baldness sucks.. but the effort needed to keep those humiliating linear scars hidden can truly wreck your life..

  101. i’m not getting any kind of hair transplant.. no way
    my only hope is something like jak becomes available soon. i responded well to propecia and minox and later dut so maybe jak would work also. come on you guys, get this out there available for us. please

    1. I’m with you jj. I won’t do a bloody and a scarring fue. I work in sales and there is no way I could show up to work with a healing pink scalp and head all shaven up to work. Plus I can’t take a month off to recover. I have seen many YouTube and pics online of post op surgery of ht and it takes like 2 to 3 months to look normal again. F that! We should have stem cell transplants by now. And jak as the new Rogaine.

    2. jj.. good to hear! Yes, it’d be best to not get any surgery.

      I’m hoping we hear good news about jak soon. Think positive thoughts!

  102. JAK is our best chance at a complete and total solution to get back our hair in the exact same way that we had it before. All JAK does is to turn our hair cell back on to grow, and it might repair hair cells to some extent.

    JAK could be hear by the end of summer, not in the stores but by doctor prescription, IF it actually works to grow our hair back we could see the end of hair loss THIS YEAR.

    We will not know until they conduct experiments and my guess is it will be by the end of this summer we will know if we will have 0% hair growth from it or 100%.

  103. “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Aclaris for the development of JAK inhibitors for alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and other hair loss disorders,” said Dr. Christiano.”

    This is Ground Breaking, in that Vixen sold world wide rights to the development of JAK inhibitors [for male pattern hair loss]. Wow. If there was Zero chance of JAK Inhbitors working then why would the rights be sold? There must be some fundamental research that suggests that it should work otherwise there would not be anything worth of value to sell.

    This is the best thing we have. We should be talking about 24/7, and waiting for the final proof the results from male pattern hair loss test subjects.

    We are ALMOST there and we could have the solution by the end of the year it is possible.

  104. I do not believe in coincidences. And a few years ago when I read about the few cases of male pattern hair loss individuals who actually got their hair back it just sat in the back of my mind and I just kept thinking about how that could happen.

    Then when Dr. Christiano came out with the guy with AA type hairloss and grew it back. Also considering the old cases of an elderly man who fell head first into a fire in the 1980’s and grew his hair back. The two guys on a JAK type drug called Beno (although we did not know it was a JAK type drug) who got sunburned and grew their hair back.

    It occurred to me that it was JAK type drug causing the hair to grow back. It is possible you may need skin perturbation or simply the fact that an injured scalp needs more blood and maybe the drug condensed in that area to become more concentrated. Thus I think skin perturbation may not be needed just a strong drug dose.

    That the Beno guys were on a JAK type drug, and the elderly man who fell into the fire probably was on an arthritis type drug (JAK type drug) thus it explains his hair loss too. Add to it, that they now think JAK could work on normal hair loss due to the experiments on the skin of rats who grew their hair back from JAK lotion.

  105. I am not spending longer than this summer on this topic. They better hurry up and do the experiment and let us know if it works or not so that either or go to my doctor and get a prescription and Get ALL my hair back or I forget about ever having a chance for hair again.

    This summer, just months away, we learn whether it works or not.

    Talk about a life changing event.

  106. I am already deciding how to wear my up coming new and all natural hair.
    I am going to wear it a few inches past my ear. Also color it a dark brown. Have it feathered with lighter color in it. Maybe wear a couple string small feathers. Something different after being denied for too long.

    I”m coming back.

    1. I’m with you nasa!

      Not only did they cure hair of AA patients, but jak inhibitors improved cultured dp cells as well as regrew the mice hair. Those last two achievements had nothing to do with autoimmune, so I have great hope for some effectiveness beyond AA.

      There may be some tweaks needed for a topical formula to get it to work for mpb, but I have faith that they’ll figure it out. One idea would be to do what the other Rick claimed and combine it with a dht blocker.

      In any case, my mpb at age 19, combined with 5 unsuccessful hair transplant surgeries and their strip scarring, has all but ruined my life. I’m now 35 and unmarried with no kids. The time and energy it takes for me to look presentable for my career as a structural engineer each day has simply eliminated my private life. I’ve been wearing a “system” to cover these scars for 12 years, and there really is no way out. I would be too embarrassed for anyone to witness my required hair maintenance, and I simply wouldn’t want to put that daily burden of waiting for me on anyone. Combine that with my limitations for outdoor action, and it’s just a continual drag. The result is that it’s best to just live a good life on my own rather then put anyone else through those depressing limitations over an issue that most would laugh at.

      Anyway, I’m willing to bet that, with the exception of people with real health problems, I have the worst hair loss story out there. And I say this both to vent and show how excited I am that a cure may be near.

      People should not have to be robbed of their humanity, spirit, self esteem, and ideas of romance. People should especially not have to be victimized by the hair loss industry where permanent humiliating scarring requires thousands of dollars and thousands of hours to conceal on a daily basis (in rare cases like mine, but I’m proof that disfigurement happens).

      And so… I think we’re about ready for some good news. Simply knowing of a true breakthrough… that’s all I need

      1. Thats a terrible story slick rick, my situation is not nearly as bad as yours ,but, i can relate. I started balding at 17 , and was a norwood 6 by 21 . I am 38 now but , man i really felt like my youth was stolen from me , and that i was held back in some weird way. Im not a guy who can pull of the shaved head look ,so, ive been a prisoner under a hat for about 20 years , I dread formal events or when i have to dress up cause i cant wear a baseball hat. Im not on any treatments as minox didnt work for me and i feel the risk out way the reward for me to use fin at my baldness state. But like you, i refuse to give in and let this turn me into a negative minded person .

        I will forever belive that we are close to a cure, until there are no more studies,or potential cures on the horizon . Every time i look around i am constantly reminded that this is just a hair problem , and there are alot of people in this world that have much bigger problems then that health wise .

        1. Erich.. while I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, I appreciate hearing your story and knowing someone else understands. Thanks for your response.

          I too am a slave to the hats. After getting my head ready for work each day, I’m exhausted and refuse to do it for anything social on the weekend. So, I’m always wearing a hat. I recommend a hat called the Adidas “weekend warrior”. Despite having a cheesy (yet appropriate) store name, I find it’s the perfect balance of being stylish, age appropriate, and not distracting while also not being too plain. (Enrique Iglesias understands this concept when choosing headwear for his concerts to cover his problem.. poor guy). The black and khaki hat versions are nice.

          I too know what it’s like to be a guy who looks completely different when bald (nice looking to unattractive), which is why my parents flipped out when I shaved my head at age 20, and they tried to help by getting me hair surgeries. After all, the doctor used the word “miraculous” to describe expected results (to me, a kid who clearly couldn’t be helped). The guy was pure evil.. did a pluggy looking job in 2001.. how I spent 3 consecutive Spring Breaks

          Anyway, my sob story is much longer and hugely life altering, but I try to stay focused on the positive and hopeful that it’s just a matter of time until a breakthrough is made. Also, like you said, good health is clearly the most important thing for all of us.

          I’m sorry to hear that your issue happened even younger. That must’ve been tough in high school. I was fortunate enough to hold off the baldness just long enough to have a relationship with a beautiful girl in college. But when I couldn’t hide it anymore, the girl was gone, along with my “youth”.

          It’s amazing how fickle and fragile life is, where a bad decision leading to an abnormality on a part of the body that society expects you will leave exposed can have such a major disruptive effect on everything. If only hats were allowed at work and for formal settings.. life would be much easier!

          Aw well.. despite years of false promises and disappointment regarding a fix for baldness.. I’m feeling like these jak inhibitors could be “the one”. I pray that these things will work for all of our sake.

          nasa knows what’s up. Don’t stop believin :-)

          Good luck Erich. Stay strong. “Stay thirsty my friend”

          1. Thanks Slick Rick,
            You are definitely not alone in your struggles my friend . I know one day soon we will have at least one treatment that can reverse are baldness without bad side effects, even if its only a couple norwoods . Also thanks for the hat recomendations, i will pick one up as i live close to an addidas outlet. Oakley also makes some plain yet stylish hats that have a nice fitted look in many different colors and materials , you should definitely check em out. I also found some exciting news on follica you guys should check out on hairloss talk fourums . It seems like they are going to be in trials soon for some product that is used with scalp disruption . I glad to see there is alot of news lately on aga , and that people are starting to realize how much of a negative impact on peoples life this has .
            Hang in there, we are close . I know it

  107. JAK has a strong chance of being the solution to hairloss. It is already FDA approved. It stops any need of medical operations or dangerous Internal drugs. Litterally if they prove it works we will be able to go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. Then in 6 months we are 100% back.

    This summer we find out.

  108. I think it will be the solution too, nasa_rs, but it might be very expensive. The oral medication is outrageous. Insurance won’t cover it, I’m sure. Don’t get me wrong – I’ll beg, steal, and borrow to afford it, but it may be out of reach for a lot of people.

    1. Do not worry about that. The oral drug is around $80K a year. But a lotion for the scalp will be under $5K a year. Why? Economics, they will make a lot, lot more selling millions of tubes of the lotion at the cheaper price than to sell a few thousand tubes if it were say $50K for a year supply. Also there may be more than just one JAK drug that will work then they have to compete.

      I really, really am planning on using this lotion on my scalp by the end of this year. I want my hair back ASAP in a Real, and hopefully Safe manner but I can’t wait anymore.

      But the JAK drugs should be it.

  109. The Admin of this website needs to change the name to

    This needs to be it. We have waited long enough. The very good thing is the JAK drugs are ALREADY FDA Approved thus no waiting 15 years for trials and everything else. All we need is to know they work and then let’s go it and put the lotion on our head. I realize it might take a company 2-3 years before they come out with it on the market but a doctor should be able prescribe it once we know.

    I really want it by the end of this year not waiting anymore. I know JAK should be the treatment. Then we simply need to get the lotion on our heads before the end of THIS YEAR.

  110. Trust me , here in the U.S. There is going to have to be a study first . If they make any change to the drug from its current form ,and im sure they will have too, there will be a fda trial.

  111. My wife works for abbvie , a drug company that recently split from abbott , and just to change the imprint on a pill that has an abbott logo to the new abbvie logo is a 3 year project for her because of the fda

    1. If they find out JAK does completely treat hair loss believe me there is no stopping me. There are too many desparate people and they will not be stopped by anything once a known treatment is found.

      I think this is it. I think JAK is going to be proven to work THIS YEAR.

  112. Yeah i hope so too but, it needs to be safe as well . Whats the point if it makes you regrow all your hair but you can’t get an erection anymore. Then this website will be named bonercure 2020 !!! I do appreciate your enthusiasm though ,Nasa . I still think we will have to use a cocktail of all these drugs to get us back to the 70% to 100% range.

  113. There was no cocktail of drugs for the two guys who had AA type hair loss and got ALL their hair back.

    It does not have to be complicated. We have been enduring shotting research for years. In fact only until 3 years ago they did not even know that we actually have all of our hair it is just that it is miniaturized, that all parts are there. Unbelievable that it took decades to figure that out when one look in an electron microscope would have shown it.

    If JAK Inhibitors worked for them then why not us. Just a tube of JAK Inhibitors taken at the right dose might be all we need.

    1. We would all like to volunteer.

      Probably the best way is to find Dr. Christiano’s email address and let here know you would like to volunteer.

      We simply need to get the solution NOW not 5 years or later. Everyone keeps waiting for these marginal treatments to become available. When only JAK Inhibitors have the chance to be either 0% OR 100% solution.

  114. You guys are too hyped… while I understand your euphoria and hopes, there is no proof yet that Tofacitinib reverses androgenic alopecia…
    Isn’t it better to keep your expectations very low, in order to not to be too disappointed…?
    Still I can tell you that there will be an alternative to 5-ARIs within the next 10 years, if that cheers you up.

    1. Hype or Fact? JAK Inhibitors have been PROVEN to grow 100% of hair back on men who were bald for decades albeit AA type hairloss.

      Yes no idea if it works for male pattern hair loss but given the potential for an Already FDA approved drug being able to grow 100% of our hair back there is reason to get our expectations up. And we would guarantee to have it very fast.

      It sure beats a few future treatments that offer the potential a few Whiffs of hair, if you want to call it that.

        1. Highly unscientific. But I also posted once something from a while back (do not recall exactly I think 15 years?) and the scientific paper stated that although substantial hair was grown on subjects with Male Pattern Hairloss that it took a high dose. It did not go into detail just stated that some subjects with a certain type of hair loss did very well and that there was significant improvement with those with male pattern hairloss at a high dose. Not sure what drug they were referring too.

          I wonder if I can find my old post with the link.

  115. I just looked at the side effects of Tofacitinib. The list is huge and involves cancer and so on. I’m not sure that I would use it even in a topical cream since the substance will finish in the blook. That said, a guy in France asked online question to doctors about early arthritis. He is 26 years old and he doesn’t understand why he has alopecia and arthritis at the very same time. He asks if Xeljanz (a remedy for arthitis with Tofacitinib) would fix his hair loss as well as his arthritis. I wonder why he made instinctively a link between arthritis and alopecia: (google translate is your friend)

    1. @ ThatFrench

      In arthritis there is a strong immune system component, in Alopecia Areata there is as well. There is an increasing believe among Alopecia Androgenetica / Male Pattern Baldness / Female Pattern Baldness sufferers ( me included ) that the immune system plays a role in it. In psoriasis again the immune system plays an important role, the same goes for Crohn’s disease. A lot of patients worldwide are treated with different JAK inhibitors to treat these diseases. However both named Alopecia’s are not treated yet with it. And we don’t know whether it will ever happen.
      If you google you will find ruxolitinib, tofacitinib and many other JAK inhibitors ending with -ib that are used to suppress the immune system.

  116. The disease I wanted treated is hair loss.

    We do not have longer to find out. I think this Summer we will know either way from human studies if it will work. Again, I did find one paragraph from an article or study that said male pattern hairloss was effectively treated but that it took a higher dose and that is was substantial but by the tone of the article that the cure was NOT 100% effective.

    I wish I could find that old like that specifically stated this information all I remember is it was from 15 years ago and it had something to do with either a Cancer or Arthritis drug.

  117. The JAK Inhibitors are strong drugs. Some believe that not only do they block specific enzymes but that they also repair parts of the hair cell.

    Regardless, if Arnold Schwarzenegger can load up on Steroids in order to be the best that he can be at his sport of bodybuilding. Then I can apply a Topical Lotion, once it becomes available, to the top of my head. It probably is a high dose initially then maintenance would be a lot less.

    They tested the Topical Lotion on Rats, along with human hair planted on rats. I would assume they would do human experiments this year of the ALREADY FDA Approved drugs. Then we will very shortly know if this works for male pattern hair loss. I believe Christiano said it could be available in a few years, maybe faster on the Black Market (not advocating anyone to try it).

    I am still holding onto my timeline of the end of this year for me but it is my personal guess for myself.

  118. Dr. Angela Cristiano she vonlontaires search for clinical trials ? Can do we contact her ? Do you have the email address of Dr. Cristiano? I have a drug alopecia (Prozac… and other shit). Do you believe that these inhibitors may be effective for me?

    1. You should’ve done your homework on this. Prozac is a medicine that depletes minerals and vitamins. Your hairloss could be caused by deficiencies so have your blood checked first.

      1. I did some blood test, everything is correct. Prozac and other antidepressants produce hair faster and shorten the hair life cycles. We all have an average of 25 to 30 cycles of hair (anagen / catagen / telogen ) . Mine are almost exhausted all causes of medication I took . So I indeed a drug alopecia.

  119. So , do you think that these inhibitors may be effective for me ( diffuse alopecia médicinal ) . Second, how can we contact Dr. Christiano and hope to participate in clinical studies ?

  120. I am sure Dr. Christiano will do more research probably on male pattern hairloss this summer, just my guess.

    But there is way too much money in it and now that hower company I think was bought out. I am sure the new company let here know how money can be made thus she is going to give it her best shot in my opinion to finally solve this life altering disease [so to speak].

  121. Sorry for all the typos some type of computer problem thus here it is again but the English version:

    I am sure Dr. Christiano will do more research on male pattern hair loss this summer, just my guess.

    But there is way too much money in it for her to neglect the male pattern hair loss segment of hair loss. She was focusing on her type of hair loss Auto Immune most of last year.

    But now, I believer her company Vixen had its research purchased. I am sure the new company let here know how much money can be made from male pattern hair loss thus she is probably going to focus on it much more. Thus she is probably giving it her best try to finally solve this life altering disease [so to speak].

    We should know this year if JAK Inhibitors can regrow hair on male pattern hair loss sufferers. Remember these drugs are ALREADY FDA Approved thus it would only take a few years for them to become available and that is guaranteed – ASSUMING they actually WORK. If they work then it is finally over.

    1. Nasa I love your optimism.. I believe JAK inhibitors will work too.. Christiano said that it reboots the hair cycle so in theory why wouldn’t it work for AGA I personally believe we we would need a higher concentration the AA. Maybe this plus Romans 3a-HSD idea would make the cure.. 3a to remove the dht and JAK to wake up the hairs

      1. As you stated, JAK Inhibitors ALREADY have been proven to work at least in Auto Immune hair loss. Now it is our turn. Not sure if it will take a combination of elements that is up to Dr. Christiano to figure out.

        Proven to work on some types of hair loss AND already FDA APPROVED. It would be quick to market IF it works.

        At least we will know very soon, should be this summer.

        1. Random thought, as far as the guy that it didn’t work on (Chris) he trialed this for only a month, and used an ethanol based solution it looks like, and only used it at a concentration of .5 to 1 percent. Should definitely have used DMSO if you want to guarentee absorption, and I would at the bare minimum try a 4% topical solution, applied twice daily. Along with this he took 5 mg orally daily. I don’t think this was nearly enough time or enough of the drug in the system to see an effect. It can take months before the beginnings of regrowth are noticed.

  122. Does anyone know about Belgravia Hairloss center in London… they recommended that I take Finasteride 1mg tablets plus Minoxidil 12.5% + Azelaic Acid 5% cream.

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