Advancing Innovation in Dermatology

Recently, I came across a new US-based organization that seems to be a non-profit and whose leadership team includes several world renowned hair loss research related experts.  This company is called Advancing Innovation in Dermatology.  The most famous person on this company’s staff is Ken Washenik of Aderans and Bosley fame.  He is perhaps the second most famous hair loss research personality in the world behind George Cotsarelis.  In the 2004 article I linked with his name above, Washenik predicted hair cloning to be a reality in 3-4 years:-(

However, the person that interests me the most is William Ju, the president of Advancing Innovation in Dermatology, and until mid-2013, president of Follica.  While Aderans lost its funding in 2013 and seems to hold limited potential for a rebirth, Follica is still operating successfully.  In fact, just prior to leaving Follica, Dr. Ju was quoted in an article and seemed to be full of optimism regarding Follica’s potential.  So it is surprising that so soon after expressing this optimism, Dr. Ju left Follica and moved to what seems to be a non-profit organization.

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  1. William Ju got out and not a word. Neil Walker got in and not a word and he’s not even included in follica’s webpage yet. They’re always evasive and vague, progressing progressing progressing but never shows evidence. Predictions were 3/4 years as well, in 2008. 2014 and not a word about it. WTF with this company and their secrecy? I think they must have something really good or they have nothing all this time and are making all of us of fool!!!

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