Samumed’s John Hood & Sunil Kumar

So Samumed had yet another update two days ago. I was getting a bit annoyed and suspicious at seeing updates from the company every few days these past several weeks. Why can’t they provide all the information in one go if it has all been available for at least the past one month I presume?

It also seems like Samumed has only in the past month become active at providing press releases and sharing presentations on its website. Perhaps this is a sign that they could be sold in the coming year or are going to soon look for investors? All speculation on my part of course as I have negligible experience in the finance and investment arena.

Samumed Hair Loss Patents

In any event, I was 50/50 about covering this latest Samumed update in a whole blog post, but finally decided to go ahead after seeing something interesting. Samumed has 32 patents since 2010 according to Google Patent Search. Note that some of the same patents are listed more than once. Most of these patents involve Wnt/Beta-Catenin signaling related work, a crucial area of research in the hair loss world as well as in the broader medical world.

More specifically, a majority of Samumed’s patents involve work related to the Wnt pathway modulation via the use of Indazoles or something called 1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridine. I will leave it up to the chemistry expert blog readers on here to figure out further details behind these compounds and how they alter Wnt signaling.

John Hood and Sunil Kumar

It seems like a majority of Samumed’s patents involve two people:

  1. Dr. John Hood
  2. Dr. Sunil Kumar KC

Both these guys seem to quite accomplished scientists and have mild hair loss per their Linkedin photos here and here.

We have heard a lot about companies involved in finding a hair loss cure via PGD2 inhibition, PGE2 increase, wounding, hair cloning, hair multiplication, hair regeneration, dermal papilla cell manipulation, fat cell manipulation, newer anti-androgen development and more. Samumed seems to be the most likely company in the world at tackling hair loss via the Wnt/Beta-Catenin signaling pathway and therefore it is worth following the company even if it keeps releasing information in bits and pieces.

As far as the latest press release that I mentioned at the start of the post goes, the key sentence regarding Phase II clinical trials for the company’s SM04554 topical solution is that the product:

“Showed statistically significant increases for both objective outcome measures: non-vellus hair count (a primary outcome measures) and hair density (a secondary outcome measures), using the pre-specified statistical model.”

I am not overly excited about reading the above, as “statistically significant” could just mean yet another Minoxidil or Propecia (or even Bimatoprost — see Results) type treatment. However, with no evidence of significant side effects, SM04554 could be a great product if it enhances the effects of existing treatments. As opposed to different treatments cancelling each other’s benefits out and impacting the same hair positively, even if working via totally different mechanisms.

The most encouraging thing I read was that in in vivo animal models, SM04554 has shown to generate new hair follicles. This is a very rare outcome for any hair loss medication or treatment, as in most cases existing hair is made stronger and recently miniaturized hair is brought back to life. We are long overdue for hair growth success stories in animal models being replicated in homo sapiens.

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  1. Well, it certainly seems like they are behaving as if they have something very good. I’ve noticed that every time one of these press releases comes out, there are a lot of them being shown in the local news all over the country – texas, louisiana, rhode island etc etc.

    The press release also states that the “findings are consistent with pre clinical in vivo animal models.” They also said the phase 2 efficacy and safety so far are “very promising and support moving this program into pivotal studies.”

    …and in regards to some people not excited when they read “statistically significant,” these are doctors and scientists. What do u expect them to say? “Oh, the hair growth was friggin’ amazing!” They haven’t even gathered all the information yet.

  2. I think it’s normal they have been tight lipped in the past given their clinicals have been mostly about safety. Now that they have finished phase ii, they will have a better idea about efficacy. They have stated they will share and discuss their results in a couple of months. Let’s wait and see

  3. Guys, let’s be honest here. No way a topical ever restores our hair, am I right? Besides burns, what ailment has been effectively treated with a topical? I remember being a kid with acne, topical stuff never worked. Needed to break out the pills and hit that stuff internally.

    1. There’s a new topical drug that Is coming out soon i believe that works just as good as accutane apparently! Like 8 years too late for me but still… Accutane was a biitch but was a miracle drug at the same time.

  4. Thanks for staying on the ball admin.
    It might not be apparent from many of the comments you get, but there are people here who really appreciate your work .

  5. Minox doesn’t really work though, does it? Depends on who you ask and what your hoping for, I guess. Some have gone as far as to say that Minox may actually accelerate your hair loss..

  6. i dont get it how come they are zooming through clinical phases months at a time? there already at phase 2 so phase 3 or market availability will be in 6 months? 10 years? ????

    1. Yeah its quite different to speed through trials but maybe it’s because it really works and it has zero sides. Maybe these other treatments don’t work hence all the delays. Or maybe samumed has an inside hookup with the fda and are linked to the wake forest army hair neogenesus trials and are allowed to zip through quicker. All hypothesis but I don’t care as long as it works better than what we have now and it comes out very soon!

  7. I agree with the Admin. I don’t think statistically significant is a great term. Propecia and Minox cause statistically significant growth. We need visually significant growth.

    1. Yeah totally.
      Cause let’s have you just have a single hair on top (yes lol), then they’re able with this to grow another one, that’s a 50% increase, which is ‘statistically significant growth’… but is that a good result?
      Not at all.

  8. A good – way better than what exists – topical treatment would be awesome, cause these Replicel, Histogen.. kind of therapies are really complicated, and expensive! you got go somewhere to have it done, it takes more than one single session most probably and will require some visits to this place again. A topical you can buy at a pharmacy and do it yourself at home. It’s much more convenient, discreet and so on. I wonder what this wnt signaling combined with PGD2 inhibition could provide.

    1. Agreed! Who in the right mind will want to go to freaking Mexico to get their head injected with histogen. First their medical standards are horrible and second you might get kidnapped on your way to the doctors office in Mexico City. I hope she will offer HSC in Canada instead. I trust it there MUCH more. Japan is way too far and if you need a follow up treatment in 6 weeks then you need to take two trips within 2 months. An at home topical that can grow hair superior to propecia minox would be great! Bring us down 2 Norwoods and stop further loss would be good in my book. But this is all wishful thinking as well.

  9. ‘Statistically significant’ just means that the observed result is greater than what can be attributed to mere chance. It’s an appropriate term for a product undergoing clinical trials. Even after a product is cleared companies have to be careful how they describe it in marketing materials or the FDA may deem the product mid ranked.

  10. One for the Admin and unrelated to the current story, kind of. Follica have appeared and disappeared over the years but I still have a feeling about them. Anyway, they popped up again this year with the patent application but this little snippet of info in an article about puretech may (hopefully) point to further news:

    The snippet in question;

    Three of the company’s current companies will report data from late-stage trials over the next year-and-a-half which could form the basis of applications for approval to the FDA. “Each of these programs is addressing big health problems that have multi-billion dollar potential,” Zohar said in the email.

    Now those companies aren’t named but we do know from HLT’s guy at the Congress that Follica are still in clinical trials. What stage, who knows for sure but it could mean we may get something truly concrete (as in effectiveness, photos, timescale etc) from Follica next year.

    1. What’s also interesting is that follica has completed trial phases 1 and 2 in Europe.

      Let’s hope this is it.

      Between Seti, Bim, SM, Histogen, Replicel, and Follica things are really starting to come around.

      Also, the 21st Century Cures Act couldn’t hurt, either.

        1. Follica completed a phase II clinical trial in Germany in 2010. Google it and you’ll find it. But’s that’s all you’ll find regarding clinical trials on Follica. They keep things very very quiet. Which I find encouraging oddly enough. Frustrating at times tho ;)

  11. Follica is the greatest of all promises. It has always been. If it hit it right it will make a strike out of all the others. Good find Mike!

  12. Guys, I don’t understand. Why do we think there is any relation between Follica and Puretech? I want to believe! Give me something! lol

  13. I always believe Dr cots would be our main man. He is Greek and most greeks pull a Trojan horse type tactic when we are ready to attack our competitors. Sneak in and destroy! In this case cots has been hush hush and when the time is right he will roll on in with something great to take over. No need for bs marketing tactics etc. Follica, samumed and maybe histogen could be great stuff!

    1. C’mon mjones you are surprising me. You sound very confidant with follica when they have yet to show us any pics. You can justify your happiness with the prospect of histogen and sm but c’mon follica isnt saying much at all and you are assuming that means great things.

      1. I know Tim you are right. I need to have really really low expectations from these companies. Just got too excited for no reason again.

      2. Why all this thing with pictures??

        If it is to show pics like that of Histogen, it’s better not!

        They don’t have to say nothing. If they are working it’s what matters. And I’m more confident in those who work in silence, anyway.

  14. I am a little hopeful for SM. After all, all the trials have been done on norwood 4+. If there is statiatically greater growth on NW4 and above, I would say that’s pretty good, only because minoxidil really is ineffective once you have lost a noticeable amount, and the same kind of rings true for propecia as well. Taking the pill as a NW 4-5 wouldn’t really have accomplished much.

  15. Statistical growth just means that they measured, and whatever tool they used to measure with demonstrated more hair. That could mean 2 or 3 more hairs.. Doesn’t mean it was much. It makes sense that it was done on people that were more bald because it can be seen easier with whatever they were using to measure hair count. The fact that they were using higher norwood test subjects does not necessarily have a relationship to the products efficacy.

  16. Hi guys i’ve a question. Nowadays we can transplant heart, kidney, liver and so many things from one person to another then why can’t we transplant hair follicle from one person to another ? Is it tried any researcher or doctor before ?

  17. Just one thing, why Companys or users can’t find a method to revert the thinning hair and the reactivation of miniaturized hair if they know what’s the problem of MPB and it’s work? Why they cant find a pill/topic/inyection to fix the problem? and why we have to wait 4/5/6 month to see results?
    So dificult is to find something and see results from the first day you apply the pill/topic lotion or inyection?
    we’re jjust living of hope, okey we’re closer, but i wanna see the day that a company says that the have a good solution (not even the cure, something better than we have actually) and we only have to wait some months to see the product available..

    1. Cris, let’s go.. 1) because it is VERY F**KING DIFFICULT to do that (REALLY DIFFICULT OR ELSE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SOLVED ALREADY). The AGA is not yet completely understood as you meant, there’re still some (if not many) missing pieces to this puzzle. 2) Why can’t I find out the next lottery numbers, Cris? They are trying, Cris, if you didn’t notice, but, unfortunately, it is not that easy. 3) Yeah, it is a complicated thing, trials are not as simple to conduct, they’re costly, there are many obstacles, bureaucracy you know. And they have a protocol which must be observed too. So, it takes time, a lot of time.

      and 4) hold on, you will see this day, but have patience.

  18. Don’t worry guys we are almost there. Just 5 to 10 more years hahaha. Seriously though I think we will have a new treatment within 2 years that will work much better than what we have

  19. Dr cots has many patents for potentially hair loss treatment and he would certainly make money with every single sold drug. I doubt that this is the reason why he is not given us enough information about his wounding process, maybe he wants that samumed is first on the market.

  20. Why would he want samumed out first?

    I didn’t know he completed phase 2 in Germany back in 2010. I wonder if he finished phase 3? A lot secrecy with follica. 2016 better be a good year. We are much overdue for a new treatment and it better not be latisse lol

    1. Because he has patent for samumeds treatment and he is also co founder of samumed. He can profit from samumeds sales.
      Maybe therefore he wants samumed out first, to make more money. But this is not an accusation against dr cotsarelis, just a thought that came to my mind and wanted to share with you.
      I dont know how difficult it is to solve mpb, but its unbelievable that we have nothing more than fin and min for a long time.

    1. Why can’t this shit work for mpb! It’s like everything works out for all other cosmetic problems but mpb. It’s freaking really annoying! Christiano better pop up in the next 3 months saying she regrew a mpb man all his hsir back with this jak inhibitor. Sorry for the rant guys just getting really really really annoyed with these areata breakthroughs and nothing but mouse hair for us.

      1. I with you mate. Can’t they just give the same treatment to someone with AGA already! They would have no shortage of volunteers… and tell us yes or no, it works or it doesn’t! Sick and tired of waiting.

        1. Totally Peter. It’s ridiculous. Just fking try the shit with someone with AGA. This is where my conspiracy theory comes in. It’s been 2 years since they found out about jak inhibitors with hair loss and they haven’t tested it on AGA?? a little odd and unbelievable in my opinion. I know they tried on aga and they are just hush hush about it.

          1. You are right. MILLIONS of people (men/women) with MPB WANT a new treatment better than Minox and Propecia. Pathetic hair loss industry we need to do something…Stop HT and Stop buy Minox and Fin. We are VERY TIRED of this situation since 90’s.

    2. Christoper1 read:

      Christpher1 is the only MPB’er that I have heard who is trying the JAK Type lotion. No one should try this but I believe he is under a doctor’s care. If he says he grows hair it would be unbelievable.

      I have said it for 1 Year Now and I believe the ONLY possible solution to total hair growth is JAK Type drugs, preferably in lotion form. It is up to the scientists to prove this.

      If JAK Type drugs do not grow hair on MBP then forget about anything for 30 years in my opinion. But it is not over yet, we are waiting for the results to find out if JAK type drugs work for MPB from Christopher1.

      I still believe… If it does not work I will never bother with subject of hair loss ever again.

      1. Dude i think AA & AGA are two different types of disease. AA caused by immune system that can be cured by JAK type drug, but AGA is not by immune system attack. So i don’t think JAK will work for AGA but can be useful moderately for someone.

        1. May be it can help. There is concept about wounding and using some compound for hair loss, so when you create wound immune system comes to account I guess. It helps healing the wounds created and with the wound it also repairs the hair. Not exact as the AA but immune system is used here.

          The story of old guy who fell and burnt scalp also had regrowth, may be there was also immune system playing role? not sure just thoughts…

        2. I am for trying EVERYTHING. And if JAK type drugs grow hair with people with AA then I say it needs to be tried on AGA (Male pattern hiar loss). Preferably NOW.

          1. Nasa,

            I think they are already doing it. I wouldn’t worry about Christopher1’s experiment. It sounds like what they are doing at Columbia with it is something unique. I doubt it is the same thing. The drug is same, but it sounds like it is a novel approach; hence, the patent.

    3. Sounds like the cream didn’t work as well as the pill for the scalp hair but was great for eye brows. MPB aside, you could theoretically talk the pills until the scalp hair fully regrows then use the cream for maintenance.

      My guess is this does not work on MPB but advances are advances and this could open other doors of opportunity. Stay optimistic all.

  21. Follica , will come from the clouds ! Patience !
    We will all be as sexy as f$&k again !
    And we will have endured the shit !
    Tougher and prettier ! Win win !
    Hang in there all , live life and improve what you can !

  22. what about CB-03-01? Has anyone used it? Cheaper/Expensive, Safety, once or twice a day… ?

    how good could be combining it with Dut/Fin?

  23. Hey Guys, some drugs make hair loss as a side effect of using it, others may make hair regrowth, the key of knowing the hair loss story is to study how such drugs could affect the hair

  24. Watch samumed phase 3 be like 4 fking years lol. They rush through 2 phases then take sweet ass time with phase 3. Man that would be a kick in the nut sack. Wouldn’t it be nice if follica randomly released their hsir loss treatment in Jan 2016. Wishful thinking as always.

  25. Yea follica will save us! I mean really, just like when ken Washenik and that company became super quiet and then boom! The product hit the shelves in masses….oh wait thats right they folded…..crickets…

  26. Christopher1 is testing JAK all we need to do is wait for lol jus kidding .. had to fill in nasa’s JAK commercial since he’s been gone

    1. Christopher1’s experiment is still going on [I think]. He has not updated it for the past several weeks but I eagerly await. He is The Man that could change the world for male pattern hair loss sufferers.

      1. I don’t think Christopher1 has a shot. Nothing against JAK. I just don’t think he is using the appropriate method of application based on what I am reading from the University of Columbia.


    still can’t cure baldness lmao

  28. GUYS need help i am taking finasteride for about 3 to 4 years, i am now 30 i am looking for decreasing the daily dosage 1 mg to every other day dosage 1 mg, what do you suggest? 1 mg every other day or 0.5 mg daily,
    wish you can help answering me?

      1. it is helping in decreasing my hair loss rate, but as we know at 30 testosterone level peaks and start to decline, i am now 30 i can decrease my finasteride dosage regarding my testosterone levels and avoiding side effects.

        1. Keep taking the recommendation dose of 1mg propecia. Don’t break something that is already working fine for you. Lowering your dose could start a shed then kick start your baldness again. I have been on propecia since I was 20, now I’m 34. Lost effectiveness around 32 where my dht and Testosterone should have dropped like you said. Well it didn’t and actually my dht ovet powered by propecia 1mg . So I did 2mg a day which brought it back down but I’m still losing ground on 2mg. Sucks. Point I’m trying to make is don’t lower your dose man. Just take 1mg if it’s working for yoy. If you get sides then you can lower it but if you have no sides then stay the 1mg course

          1. thanks mjones i am using now nizoral 2% shampoo 1 day a week, and i am continuing on finasteride daily 1 mg, and i am going to use minoxidil 5% and laser comb.

  29. Just read hellhouser interview with samumed. They said they won’t release a treatment for a few years. So that’s a 2019 treatment right there

  30. Do you guys think they want baldness to exist just like other diseases? Strange that a condition like mpb still exists after all these years and that if they cured it they would make billions yet only a handful of companies are working for a treatment

  31. It would be more profitable to cure it. With the percentages of people who go bald, it’s not like there wouldn’t be plenty of customers until the end of time. Not to mention that rich people would all have access to a great treatment if it were possible. Shoot, even many prominent researchers like Cots are losing their hair… I don’t buy it.

    1. Not only will there always be a new supply of customers, but as more people fix their problem, it will become even less socially acceptable to be bald – putting even more pressure on the newly balding to do something about it.

    2. More money in continuous use of a treatment not cure. The treatment can be a cure like prudent where it will grow all your hair back but you have to use it for life. More money for companies that way than a one time solution and that’s it your done balding.

  32. Not so bad. I am 28 myself. Hopefully they can get this ish under control in a few years and we can live out our mid-thirties without worry. In a way, I wish that I could just alter my perspective and stop caring about vanity. It would be such a great way to live.

  33. I know sone of u dont want to hear this but balding does get more acceptabke as u age. I used to hear guys bust this guys balls about his hairline when he was younger but now that we are in our late thirties its cut down significantly as more people have hairloss and more people mature intellectually. Still sucks though.

  34. @ mjones- I didnt see hellhousers interview with sammumed. They said it wont be out until around 2019? How can that be if phase 2 trials are already done? This is such BS. Finasteride has been out almost as long as ive been alive and yet its still the best treatment option we have to date-IF you can deal with the sides. By the time a treatment comes out to help maintain or go up a couple norwoods, everyone on this board will be slick bald and only a treatment that can regrow all hair will be of use. And by the time THAT comes out it won’t matter because ill be past my prime anyway. I give up on this crap. Im no longer optimistic about any of it.

  35. Whats the point in having hair at 40 if you went through your early 20’s balding and self conscious about your looks? What is supposed to be the prime of your life is shot. Cant believe it. SM was the one thing I looked forward to coming out soon.

  36. I’ve already kind of accepted it. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. I look at the fact that there are plenty of guys in the movies who were cool and balding… Look at Bill Murray, Chevy Chase, and Jack Nicholson, for example. These guys have been losing hair for years and are cool as sh*t. The other cool thing is that they have been balding for 40 years, and haven’t lost ALL of their hair. Clint Eastwood is another, I think.

    1. Bill Murray uses Minoxidil since the 80s and probably Finasteride since the 90s. In early 00s he had almost the same hairlines as in Ghostbusters and he already had quite a receding hairline when he was in his late 20s in the Saturday Night show so he did something about his hair loss. I guess Jack does too.

      One thing that strikes me about Murray is he has LOTS of wrinkles. Maybe because of Minox?

      Most famous people with receding hairlines take Finasteride and the ones that don’t it’s because of the sides or maybe they’re scared about trying it (like me).

  37. I’m really starting to accept it. I’m 26yo, turning 27 december 19. Been losing my hair since I was 21, keeping it a little with finasteride (some side effects but tring to live with them), but nowdays can’t live without toppik. Getting at the point where people are like seeing that there’s something in my temples. Gosh it sucks! 2015 and no cure yet? I really want them to find something great like this Jak thing (AA) for MPB. We already know that our miniaturized follicles can “turn back” to normal again, since we implanted it in mouses and it “came back to life (normal size)”. So our follicles are not dead, we just need to find the “thing” that will make them come back, and stop being hurted by our body (dht, pgd etc)… I’m going to keep on wishing, that’s the only thing we can do by now. :(

  38. In the Hellouser’s interview they said that normally developping process takes a few years, there isn’t any information about timeline so I don’t know why you are talking about 2019? We don’t know and even Samumed doesn’t know. Some time ago everybody was saying that Histogen was dead and know voila; I think that histogen will be the first one in that race in the late 2017. And really I think that it along with replicel and with ht (if necessary) will be something like a cure. I am interested in Samumed of course, but I don’t think that taking any meds for the lifetime is a good idea. Their phases are too short to examine possible long-term side effects. Really, cell therapies are the future!

    1. You are right Barthes. And cell therapies + Hair Transplant will be a cure for high norwoods. That’s a TRUE.


      1. Geez, I hope not. I guess I look at hair transplants less favorably than some, but no treatment seems worth doing if you also need a transplant..

  39. I am all aboard for cell therapies. I think we will see a massive change relatively soon away from traditional medicine. Let’s hope…

    1. I must have read the hellhouser samumed article wrong barthes. My bad, I saw few years in there and thought that is what he meant for it to be released.

      Totally agree cell based treatment is the way to go but 2 years more of losing ground SUCKS till histogen or repkicel comes out. I hope we get a surprise treatment release from follica in 2016 and samumed.

  40. If a truly effective treatment is ever released, it will likely be a cure, right? I mean, if they effectively diagnose how to generate hair, it should regrow the entire scalp. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. The truth remains that they really don’t know how to do this, but once they do, if they ever do, I wouldn’t think you would need to get a HT. I wish I had more Follica hope, but what Cots said about needing 20 million dollars more for a cure really turns me off. You either know how to do this or you don’t. You released your “groundbreaking” work back in 2010, and have nothing to show for it. Your own Follica website basically has no updates on it. Some of the links don’t even work. I doubt you really need 20 million dollars to fund more studies… You just need 20 million to fund yourself and your board members for a long time until that runs out and you ask for more money… Drive me crazy because rebooting the entire scalp would be bad a$$. We could have thicker hair than ever before…

  41. The problem is you have to love yourself before other people love you. That is hard to do when you are unhappy with your appearance. How old are you, Tom?

  42. I wish every male in the world goes bald so this wouldn’t be an issue in meeting women. All guys would be bald and hence it will be accepted by women.

  43. One of my friends just recently married a really hot ass girl. Talking 10 out of 10. He has been bald since 24. Nw7. Girl is a smoke show. I always thought he was gay since he dressed super metro sexual and hung out with similar gay looking dudes. Point here is that even feminine looking gay acting bald guys can get the hot girl. He has a fit muscular body, no jacked but we’ll worked out and a good job 100k plus salary. So stay in shape, make good money and dress metro sexual and you will find true love.

  44. I just don’t understand how we have made such incredible leaps and bounds in the medical field over the years and yet they can’t restore a friggen hairline? Or even figure out the exact cause of it?

    And yeah I work out like crazy, im a huge athlete. But it doesn’t matter because ive always had this persona of being a long haired (old bieber style), jacked af, wicked outgoing guy. Thats slowly changing the more my hairloss progresses. How the hell can I “love myself” when im NOT myself anymore. I look in the mirror and see a 40 year old bald guy, not the long haired, fun loving, athletic guy anymore. How can I love that when im 24? Cant take this anymore.

  45. I feel ya rancid. I guess we have to pretend to be happy and forget we are balding. Maybe over time it will get better. Hopefully something good comes out asap

  46. Ddog im pushing forty. I was a good looking guy had decent hair and met the love of my life. My hairloss picked up so I tried propecia laser comb and minoxidil and I was turning into an 80 year old man. I had no energy and my personality changed. We got into a slump and I was acting like a selfish ahole because I was aleays tired. I really changed from taking those pills. We got into a big fight and she started seeing this wealthy guy that lools like a model. He treats her well. I had my chance with try love. I think about it daily. I cant go the shave look because I have big ears n big nose. Nice hair used to offset this. I also do not have much of body to work with muscle wise. It is what it is. Im that guy that is a 8.5 with hair. A 2 without because of nose and ears. Im seriously getting depressed as I keep getting turned downed for dates. I feel like shit. Meanwhile knowing how happy the ex is with her model boyfriend makes me sick.

  47. Hey Tom, sorry to hear about your ex wife. She is the type to cheat so she will do it to the rich model douche bag as well. Karma is a bitch. Hate saying this but be happy she is out of your life. She doesn’t love herself and hence fills her heart with only money. Don’t do online dating if that is your approach now. That shit is dumb and fake. Go out to hotel lounges, older crowd sophisticated events, wear a nice suit and mingle. Women in their 40s are more open to hsir loss than a 25 yr old. Hit the gym bro! You can get muscle mass. Eat 140 grams of protein each day and lift heavy weight 3 to 4x a week. Make it your new lifestyle and wish the worst for your ex. Revenge feels great! That wealthy guy will cheat on her or her on him. A normal moral person would not mess with another man’s wife or vise versa. Best of luck man.

  48. Tom,
    I agree with mjones! She is not worth it if she is going to run off on you when the going gets tough. If I were you I would hit the gym hard to gain some weight. Watch the protein shakes though, as WPI protein can accelerate hairloss if you are already prone to balding. It sure speeds up my loss if I take it. I highly doubt hairloss gets easier as u get older, however as mjones said- it is way more acceptable and women in your age category are not nearly as superficial as girls my age. Hang in there- we just have to keep our eyes open for new discoveries and treatment options. Shoutout to Admin for constantly providing us with updated information!

  49. Rancid whey protein isolate is what fked me up two years ago. I was a solid Norwood 1.5 and now a 2.5. I took that crap for 8 months and man did kick my baldness into overdrive. I was holding strong on propecia fir 12 years and then that protein through my hormones out of wack and now I can stop my hair from getting worse:( everyday I regret taking that stuff. I wonder if my hsir would have gotten worse if I didn’t take isolate. Ugggh

  50. I feel ya mjones! About two years ago my gf of 5 years and I had broken up and I decided I wasnt going to be one o those guys that sits home wallowing in self pity and started hitting the gym HARD. Lots of WPI shakes, pre workouts, BCAAs. And like I said around 2 years ago I was fine. All of a sudden BAM. Now an NW3v. I wonder the same thing too though. Now I take WPC protein instead and I noticed a decrease in shedding. Baldness is a massive curse. If you work out and supp to gain muscle- hairloss increase. Take propecia to counter-sexual sides/brain fog. Do nothing-hair loss increase. Damn genetics.

  51. Samumed has mentioned that thew will present their results from second clinical trials in upcomming medical conferences.
    Which conferences do we have in the near time/ in which of them could samumed presesent its clinical trials?

  52. Has anyone used or knows anything about capixyl? In the pdf bellow they include some papers which claim to have many very interesting results. They are already in the market in different products, however I don’t see people talking about it.

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