Samumed’s Compound Structure

I have covered Samumed and its SM04554 compound to treat hair loss dozens of times in the past. The company’s Phase 3 Trials end in 2020.

Samumed is aiming to treat numerous medical and cosmetic conditions via activating and/or modulating the Wnt signaling pathway. Of all those targeted conditions, androgenic alopecia is the furthest ahead and the only one that is currently in Phase 3 Trials:

Samumed Pipeline 2019
Samumed Pipeline:

Samumed Compound Structure

A few days ago, a reader named “Thomas” emailed me about a new Samumed patent (Publication date = November 22, 2018; Filing date = December 27, 2017).

Thomas pointed out something very interesting. For the first time ever, Samumed has published the chemical structure of its main Wnt/ß-catenin signaling compound. Right under the section titled “Abstract” in the above linked new patent.

Samumed Compound Molecule
Samumed’s Compound Chemical Structure.

Samumed has a decade-long online trail of numerous filed patents, with the vast majority of them including the names of their key scientists John Hood and Sunil Kumar. I have not tried to go through all of these online patent documents, especially those not focused on androgenetic alopecia (male pattern hair loss).

So I am not certain if the above chemical compound structure image is the first time that it has ever been released. It is also not clear if all of  Samumed’s products will be very close in structure to the above compound image. The company has published compound images in the past that look very different from the above (e.g., the one in here for cancer treatments; another in here for Indazole-3-carboxamides and their use as Wnt/β-catenin inhibitors and more).

It would be useful if readers (especially the Chemistry experts on here) provide relevant feedback to this post. For example:

  • What does this compound’s molecular structure mean and how is it unique from other compounds (Samumed ones and non-Samumed ones) that modulate Wnt/ß -catenin signaling?
  • How does this latest compound image differ from other related compound images that Samumed has published in the past?
  • If this really is the first time that this particular image has been released by Samumed, why so late in the process?

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  1. Thanks again admin. Love this page. Out of interest, if you were in my position (age 36) where your hair loss is becoming noticeable , and you had been on minoxidil for years, but wanted to do something more about it, would you a) wait a couple of years for something potentially more effective to come out, or b) use something like fue even though it’s expensive, and results can vary?

    1. If you are willing to risk the side effects, worth considering Dutasteride. However, the drug is only approved to treat hair loss in a few countries, and no-one knows long-term side effects of this relatively recent drug after say 15 years of use. So best you discuss with a doctor before trying. I am not a medical professional:-( Some people may get permanent side effects with these drugs.

    2. Jimmy.. FUE and even SMP (ink) are probably great for someone like you with slow balding (mine started at 19). I don’t think you’ll ever regret relatively scar-less FUE. And light SMP shading to supplement FUE also shouldn’t limit your options to clip hair short if you needed to. I recommend never ever getting an FUT strip scar, because that’s a self-imposed disfigurement on your very visible head that means you can’t ever clip your hair short. You can never remove those scars by any method. I can’t put into words how much I regret getting strip scars. Just stick to FUE and SMP by reputable clinics, and it won’t limit your future in any way. Good luck!

        1. thanks Reflectingfield.. You can make scars less visible by maybe 70% at best with SMP, but they are still visible.That’s unacceptable to me. In all of my speaking with SMP artists, I’ve never seen or heard proof of removal of scar lines to make them unnoticeable. My scars are on the side and back of the head. They’re permanent.

      1. Don’t do hair transplants. Any type. There’s a cure or they’ll be able to clone a thousand hairs soon. Don’t scar your head!!!

        1. David,
          FUE by a reputable surgeon is basically scarless. That said, I’m obviously strongly against the FUT strip scars. I wouldn’t tell people to wait on a cure, because time is very precious in life. I’ve been waiting on a cure (my only remaining hope) since 2007. Basically, move forward with FUE if it’ll help you today.

  2. The structure is perhaps altering protein structures by attacking the acids (Oxygen is electronegative and will steal hydrogen cations altering the PH levels (altering the protein structure)… I think or the opposite binding to a protein structure receptor altering physiological functions that may promote fibroblast production… don’t take my word 100%… I just finished undergrad general biochemistry.

    PS. The structure would be Base, and it seems stable due to electron resonance.

    1. Thanks! Wonder why they keep putting new images of the structure in various patents, and is this particular chemical structure the same that will be used for all their treatments? i.e., is this the main and final one?

      Most likely, no-one outside the company can know for sure.

    2. Ph.D. organic chemist here… the above compound is not at all basic. Usually ketones don’t make it into drugs so this is a bit surprising. Will look into this more later today and post again.

      1. Hey whats the difference between an organic chemist and biochemist cell biologist and such are the differences drastic?

      1. Yes but we still do not know if they will keep to the timetable. Since we are already within the second half of 2019, they could have already started their pivotal trial. I think they will postpone the start again. So we really have nothing to appear on the market for another at least two years.

          1. Sorry. My mistake. That is what I wanted to write. So as we are in the first half follica could be already done with their optimization trial.

            1. I hope so buddy. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they stall again. I would just like a picture from follica of what they can achieve in terms of growth. I know they won’t release it. Hopefully they will start pivotal trials by summer.

  3. Although there has not been much excitement around Samumed’s WNT activating treatment, I am hopeful it may provide better efficacy than what everyone currently thinks. Phase 2 results showed only 10% increase in visible hair but keep in mind that this was over just a very short 3 month treatment period. Phase 3 pivotal studies have started and will go for much longer so we shall see. The rate of increase in visible hair regeneration may not be linear – The first few months of treatment may in fact be predominately spurring the differentiation of hair follicle stem cells beneath the surface, into progenitors and then further specialised toward the HF lineage, in preparation for more robust and visible hair shafts exiting the surface of the scalp at >3 months. Research on WNT pathway regulation of hair follicle biology is huge and it’s frequently shown that this pathway has a very major control on HF cycling and stem cell activation. Further to this, some studies have shown that androgen receptor activation directly impedes the WNT pathway in the HF setting. If SM04554 cannot regrow significant hair on its own, I think there is a high chance this treatment, in combination with a strong topical anti-androgen which castrates the scalp (CB-0301?), may be a very strong combination. The anti-androgen may take the brakes off the continual WNT antagonistic effects of DHT, allowing SM04554 to really work its magic on HF neogenesis. This stuff caused HF neogenesis in mice quicker than any compound I am aware of, it’s just that very few of the mice models used by companies to test hair growth drugs attempt to mimic the AGA disease state. I’d also like to see how SM04554 would work in conjunction with Follica’s scalp disruption / wounding technique.

  4. I think for those with hair loss…all of us…we need to put things in perspective. You could have a colostomy bag, high grade cancer stage 3, or many other things. I say this bc I know ppl close to me or in my family who have had those things happen this past year. If the very worst thing is a thinning hair line and you made it to 45….you are actually genetically winning not losing.
    For instance, this past year my first semester in clinical… patient died right before my rotation.

    It’s not to make you guys sad, but put things in perspective. Take proscar for example guys take it for bph. Since their prostate are enlarged ….there is urine retention which then sits in the urinary bladder ….grows bacteria and they keep getting utis. Most are taking 1/4 that for hair……let that sink in.

    I was let down by 2k18 as most all of you are for hair loss. Tbh….I started to get my first grey hair, then hairs.( weird bc most in my family didn’t start to grey until 40s )…yeah medical school sucks and is stressful. So now I stress about grey hair and it feels like a hamster in a hamster wheel chasing vanity.

    But you got to live your life. One day we will all be chasing more than vanity….it will be time. Time lost on doting over hair. Hair is great…trust me, I’d be lying if I looked at that man in the mirror and not like what is seen back. Just 4 years ago I was body building and that with looks…don’t need to write on how the women department was. When my hair got hit do to medication error….i scrambled looking online. I wish I would have stumbled on this site and asked for advice….my DHT was measured and it was high. All I needed to do was lower it for a few months….and my mane would be what it was at 16. I have a low …well had a low laying hairline. Thick as shet. My hair stylist would have to grab thinning shears to blend my bangs. Think Nick lachey hair….it was like that except low hair line and thicker.

    That being said….i jumped back in the gym. It felt great. I don’t like what I see comparison to a former self..
    So tbh, I don’t see our hair growing back. I just don’t . However, if this is your only problem…you are winning. That being said, I think you have to decide ….take chemicals that have sides or hope but be willing to let go.

    Hopefully there will be a better treatment, but put everything into perspective.

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