Regenix and Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Regrowth

Regenix and Matthew McConaughey

— Over the years, there have been numerous rumors on hair loss forums that actor Matthew McConaughey has had hair transplants. However, the actor in the past credited a product called Regenix for his great hair. Mr. McConaughey recently went on the “Live with Kelly” show in the US and credited Regenix yet again with a great review. I have no idea about the ingredients of Regenix since they are proprietary. The manufacturer claims they are all-natural. More on this story here.

— Aclaris Therapeutics’ latest webcast presentation occurred today at the Leerink Partners 6th Annual Global Healthcare Conference. The company’s CEO further elaborated on why they are so optimistic about “highly selective covalently bound JAK 3 inhibitors” helping patients with male pattern hair loss. More importantly, the CEO emphasized on treating female hair loss and how that is even more distressing than male hair loss. You can listen to the whole presentation after registration, and also see the 42 slides in there. For once, someone asked a specific question about covalently bound JAK 3 inhibitors and male pattern hair loss. The most interesting quotes from the CEO:

“Most importantly, androgenic alopecia. Even though that’s traditionally not thought of as an inflammatory process, what they were able to find is that the JAK inhibitors were targeting the stem cell compartment in the hair follicle bulge and actually prolonging and inducing anagen”.

“Being covalently bound…its got a much better shot of not being as promiscous as the other JAK inhibitors”.

— Renowned Singapore based venture capitalist Finian Tan is a major investor in Samumed. I did not realize that he made the decision to invest in the company so suddenly. In his own words: “Only twice in my life I have bet so big on day one”. Poker champion and Samumed CEO Dr. Osman Kibar clearly has some hypnotic powers.

— More developments in finding the genes behind hair loss and baldness. On this blog I have covered several other recent such developments.

— On Hairsite, there is a great question and answer session with Dr. Paul Kemp of HairClone. Dr. Kemp also responded on here a few months ago.

— In the past year, I have posted news about various doctors offering an adipose (fat) cell plus platelet-rich plasma (PRP) combo treatment for hair loss. It seems like this treatment was part of a US based clinical trial. A new article on this subject pointed me towards the main page for the actual website of the trials. They call it STRAAND , which stands for “Stromal Tissue Cell-enriched treatment of Androgenic Alopecia via Novel Deployment”. So far, six doctors are participating. However, unlike in other trials, it seems like patients are responsible for their own expenses.

— A small sample size new study from Italy on non-activated versus activated PRP and the impact of different PRP collection devices on the final result. Dr. Cole from the US is a co-author.

— Replicel CEO Lee Buckler writes his first article for the Huffington Post: “Will 2017 be the year of Cell Therapies?“.

And now on to medical items of interest:

— US patent office hands win in CRISPR battle to Broad Institute and Dr. Feng Zhang.

Human gene editing receives US science panels support. If you have trouble accessing the site, another take here. One day later, a warning from ethicists.

DARPA: We are on the cusp of merging human and machine.

— From the respected “The Economist” magazine: “Printed human body parts could soon be available for transplant“.

— The long quest to create artificial blood may soon be over.

— The tiny robots revolutionizing eye surgery.

Computer lets fully paralyzed patients speak for the first time.

— A lengthy article on Dr. Anthony Atala, with many photos

— First human-pig chimeras created.

130 thoughts on “Regenix and Matthew McConaughey’s Hair Regrowth”

  1. From the Edinburgh study: ‘The trawl though all of the mens’ genes found 40 linked with baldness on the X chromosome. The rest were scattered across the genome.’

    Unless I am understanding this wrong the other 240 genetic markers would be from your Y chromosome or fathers side. The saying that mothers father is conjecture.

  2. Cant understand it… if its working why isnt it so important for them? Regarding their timeline I think they will show some results in best case in 2019… They didnt even mention it in their current timeline…. Fkcing conspiracy… xD

  3. I don’t know whether I’m going to enjoy receiving the cure more than watching the slow competing companies go bankrupt

  4. Guys… do you think a cure is going to come in the next 5 years? I’m 22 years old diffuse NW5-6 and tears are literally dripping on my keyboard as I am writing this message… I just can’t fcking take it anymore , god this is traumatizing. Please tell me that by the time I’ll turn 30 there will be a cure … what are the chances of that happening considering everything thats going on in the hair loss world ?

          1. DO NOT get a hairtransplant. Will be the worst mistake of your life and you will regret it. Absolutely no chance of ever going back. Shave it short and get on with your life.

      1. Transplants are only waste of money, its expensive too and wont even last for a good time. Look lebron james, hes almost back to where he was.

    1. Don’t worry,
      Histogen may turn out to be a cure for diffused alopeica.
      release date – 2018/2019 but before 2020 for sure.

      Replicel/Shiseido – this will also do a lot in rejuvenating those diffused hair.
      release date – 2018/19 for sure tho depends on the data from Japan which will be released in 2018 Q4

      then atlast Tsuji – it’s basically a transplant with unlimited donor supply. What they proposed is they will take a small portion from the healthy zone of you scalp, extract the cells and culture them, to form follicle germs and these are then transplanted back into the scalp.

      they did this method in mice and it worked, there is one problem tho, if solved then they will move into human trials and from there it will be just a matter of time.

      Release date : 2020

        1. and the problem is this-
          they extract two kind of cells from the biopsy,
          1. Epithelium stem cells.
          2. Mesenchymal stem cells.

          acc. to Tsuji, the interaction between Epithelium cells and Mesen. cells produces hair follicle germ ,only under skin-like environment, which then eventually forms hair follicle.

          so in theory, they take two kind of cells and mass culture it.
          but the thing is Epithelium stem cell loses their genetic properties while mass culturing.

    2. I’ll tell that your life isn’t going to end when you turn 30 boy thats what I tell you.. In fact 30 is a kid you will know it !!!

    3. I think that a lot of company will finish thier tests for 2019/2020. So you could have a lot of good treatments that combined gonna help you to have your hairs back. I am 26 and i know how can you feel. My hope is that histogen+follica+jak helps us a lot. But if all these company will fail …..

    4. @Paco Tsuji will be out by the time you are 30, I am quite confident about that. Probably a few years before that even.

      The treatment is far and away the most promosing one stop cure for baldness, and is still on track to be released in Japan in 2020. Depending on how far you are willing to go, I’d say there’s a good chance you could have hair back by the time you’re 30.

      Try and stay strong my friend. There are better days ahead.

        1. I’m with you too bud. I know u just want to wake up one morning and unlock your phone to the news that the cure has been found…
          Just need to do all u can till that day comes.

    5. I was at hair science institute and had a hair transplant . I don’t think that’s the solution for u .. I was a nw2-3 by 28. if you are an nw5 at 22 i would give u this advice.. wait for a hair transplant until you are 26-27. by the time you will see what if there are good news about replicel.
      Try finasteride and dutasteride . You should have started as soon as u started balding ..try the combo minoxidil /dutasteride .. I know.. but it’s the only thing is gonna help you now .
      Concentrate on your life and on your future.. I’m 35 now , lots of my friends are bald and those who concentrated on their career are really happy with beautiful girls and though bald ! You gotta show ur balls now dude .

          1. Paco,

            I was a diffuse Norwood 5v at your age, and quite fond of hats.

            I started using caboki concealer at 25, and it works wonders. Gave me my confidence back to really get out and enjoy life without worry for a bit.

            Then I had an FUT with Dr. Haddon at 27. 5500 grafts megasession. I kept my head shaved for half a year while I waited for the grafts to return. Oddly enough, women loved my head shaved (damnit!).

            I love it, though you can still find thin patches in certain light or if its wet. But I am presently better than many guys, and don’t regret it one bit. Perhaps o should have gone to India to save loads of money, though.

            Now Im just waiting to see how these treatments pan out, and perhaps will be done with this. Get the meds, get the concealer, and enjoy your youth!

  5. “the CEO emphasized treating female hair loss and how that is even more distressing than male hair loss. ”

    Meh…women can always get extensions and weaves. Guys can’t do that. They have to get toupees and aren’t considered ‘real men.’

    This sounds like female hairloss is just easier to cure than mens. Hence the focus.

  6. I think, once they prove which JAK compound works and what they use to diffuse the product into lower skin levels. Then we will have to go to our Doctor and have it special made. Since no one is ever going to come out with a finished product within 20 years.

    They must have very good evidence that JAK works it has just been too long since they first found out it worked for AA type hairloss.

  7. Always believed in jaks.. fingers crossed! My hair loss progressed quite a lot and of course i have to embrace my new look but it would be fascinating if i could get my hair back at one stage in the next 5 years. I think jaks or otherwise hair cloning are the only 2 potential solutions. Thanks for this blog admin. I feel we are the hair loss army in here. And one day we will definitely celebrate victory :)

  8. Ive read alot about that calorie resriction/longevity stuff lately also with the 12 hour eating lifestyle, eat within 12 hours during your day and fast the other 12 is showing some benefits. When it come to hair at this point I think im kinda just rooting for the guys that are slowly receding as it sounds to me they will have alot of choices in the coming years to halt the hairloss and keep there hair healthy. I will most likely be an nw7 by the time most of these come out since my hair is fading fast and if im completely honest with myself I assume i am probably not going to have a full head of hair again. It seems most of these companies are geared towards saving what you got and maintenance but if you haven’t anything to maintain really there’s nothing to work with.

  9. A Q&A session and an updated forum…. Hair industry filling us with hope as usual.

    Was planning on FUE but forget flying to Turkey for it, and elsewhere in Europe is just too expensive / awful results. Shaving head looks imminent. Imagine we were the first forum where all members just shaved it as a mark of disappointment with current progress…

  10. And another point…. HairClone is probably the greatest innovation we’ve seen in the hair loss industry. Innovative in the sense of we’ve been ripped off and lied to to the extent that everyone can identify a snake oil…so the new innovation is to charge you for a treatment which dones’t yet exist to skim money out of a market which has otherwise dried up. I don’t trust Paul Kemp in the slightest, read his Q&A….no substance but a lot of financial talk… I’ve often found that to be the way of the snake oil salesman….

  11. At times I do feel shaving my head what bad can happen if u didn’t like it , it will grow again .gbh – first shaved head group

  12. Jak won’t see the day of light for mpb. This WI only be released for areata. Pretty much agree with nasa. If you want jak we have to find a doctor who knows how to mix it right for us. It’s frustrating when you hear aclaris stating it works for mpb yet they don’t put it on their time line lol. I won’t start my conspiracy banter on here like how I used to but I’m very tempted haha. The only two things I’m looking forward to are Samumed and Follica. I believe the two combined could work wonders for early to mid level balding.

  13. “Renowned Singapore based venture capitalist Finian Tan is a major investor in Samumed. I did not realize that he made the decision to invest in the company so suddenly.”

    You didn’t realize it because you didn’t even know about it until you took it from the HLT forum. Why don’t you credit the places you get your info from instead of pretending like you’re the one digging up the info? After all, you’re making money from other people’s legwork, so the least you could do is give them credit for it.

    I’m not the only one who has been noticing this practice of yours, and I predict you’re going to find it more difficult to do in the near futur. I’ll be sure to let those forums you keep doing this to know when you do it.

    Credit your sources.

    1. Actually, that Bloomberg article link is the first one in yesterday’s Google Alerts e-mail for keyword “Samumed”. I have around 100 Google Alerts for hair loss related terms, and especially for all the main companies.

      The admin on HLT removed your thread “Occulus” after contacting me and finding the truth. And you conveniently forgot to tell everyone that you are “PRP Sceptic” who I let post comments on here for two years (even though most of your comments insulted my blog posts) until I finally had enough. Very very few people ever get banned from here and I always give credit where its due (100s of times since this blog started).

      It seems like your obsession with my few PRP posts has taken on a truly hateful and vindictive nature “Occulus”/PRP Sceptic, and even in your latest thread on HLT you mentioned my supporting PRP in two of your comments even though the thread was related to the Bloomberg article on Samumed.

      Next time you accuse me of using your research, at least try to find something other than a major newspaper article that is in all the Google Alerts.

      And I am curious why so much hate all because of 5 or so PRP posts…in none of which I even state that PRP is remotely a cure.

      There are 100s of scams out there, but you have developed a truly strange hatred for this blog and for PRP.

      1. Admin, you probably could’ve ended that last sentence at the word hatred. This guy is a prime example of why I don’t typically post. I’ve been fighting this crap for 35 years and have tried most of the treatments you cover e.g. PRP with Greco, 15%-30% compounded minox from various sources, finasteride, Avodart, stemoxydine, etc. I’m sure I have something to add but seriously, who needs the aggrivation from clowns like this. Keep up the good work!

          1. Sorry, but a guy who sells ads to PRP docs and then makes glowing posts about PRP treatments has zero credibility. There’s absolutely no reason to believe a word you’ve written. We’ll see if you do a better job of crediting your sources in the future, but it’s satisfying to know that you’re on notice for this behavior.

            1. — PRP Sceptic/ aka “Occulus” please give me any example of “glowing” PRP posts. I am always very ambivalent about PRP and have said 10 times that it does not grow new hair. I had one PRP ad for 6 months in the past 3.5 years of this blog.

              — And as far as ads go, I would even accept an ad from someone who claims that their vitamin water cures hair loss. Have said so in the past too. So yes I have no credibility when it comes to ads and hope my readers figure out which ones are BS…I rarely get advertisers because hair transplant surgeons are not keen on there being a cure by 2020 in the title of a blog. So most banners are Google and Amazon ads with fluctuating content.

              Anyway, we are done. You developed some serious kind of hatred all due to ambivalent PRP posts on a blog, which is really mind blowing. And one of your past comments is about there never being a cure by 2030 and yet you are obsessed with hair loss blogs and forums in 2017.

            2. SS, have you had PRP? I have and can attest to it’s effectiveness or lack thereof. Like all treatments not one size fits all. Have you read any of this clinical evidence or do you just go by what random people post on hair loss sites? I would neither recommend or dissuade someone from getting this treatment, it’s an individual choice. I’d share my experience, with rocket scientists like you that have all the answers for everyone there’s no need. Thank you for your service to humanity!

          2. Actually, Yoda is grateful for the hair he has, maybe a NW3. If not for various treatments I’d be horseshoe bald as my dad was at age 26. Too bad Dr. Lee took a dump 5 years ago or I’d be a solid NW2. New stuff to dump on my noggin can’t come soon enough!

    2. The admin gave credit to forums many times on his blog, especially when they do a provide an added value (e.g. interviews, discussion, etc.).
      As for Finian Tan investment news, the source is Bloomberg, and even if he read about it on HLT, it does not make sense to refer to that forum, esp. that in a brief item of interest, not a dedicated original post.
      And the admin deserves the money he earns. Think of the whole time he invest just in writing updates, reading and reflecting on research articles, collecting interesting items of interests. Reading forums is waste more time as the useful information is scattered amid a lot of poor and less reliable content.
      I personally trust the admin’s position, and have learned a lot from his blog more than any other place. He does not fall into hypes, stays, rational and focus on key useful messages. He goes the extra mile for us, connects many dots, and reads between the lines.
      We get all this for free, does not he deserve our appreciation instead of accusations?
      Of course forums are still great place to exchange experience and layman thoughts.

      1. Thanks:-)

        As far as the money goes, its a lot less than if I put this time in my real contract work. But this is much more enjoyable, barring a few misanthropes and their hatred.

        1. Yes I have no doubt someone with your IQ and wisdom his higher hourly rate than ads income.
          History pages will remember genuine people who left useful / positive trace and helped thousands like you did. There will always be jealous and failing people, they are not worth your nerves or time.

        2. Hands up for the admin!!

          Admin this is my first post. I do share hopeful’s words as I completely agree with him. I am just too lazy to write them!!hahah

          The admin gave credit to forums many times on his blog, especially when they do a provide an added value (e.g. interviews, discussion, etc.).
          As for Finian Tan investment news, the source is Bloomberg, and even if he read about it on HLT, it does not make sense to refer to that forum, esp. that in a brief item of interest, not a dedicated original post.
          And the admin deserves the money he earns. Think of the whole time he invest just in writing updates, reading and reflecting on research articles, collecting interesting items of interests. Reading forums is waste more time as the useful information is scattered amid a lot of poor and less reliable content.
          I personally trust the admin’s position, and have learned a lot from his blog more than any other place. He does not fall into hypes, stays, rational and focus on key useful messages. He goes the extra mile for us, connects many dots, and reads between the lines.
          We get all this for free, does not he deserve our appreciation instead of accusations?
          Of course forums are still great place to exchange experience and layman thoughts.

    1. LOL thanks, but I do not need any praise. Just no insults towards me or towards other commentators please and I am happy.

      1. U are welcome, I usually don’t praise admins of blogs :) I surfed the internet looking about hair loss info since 2001 when I felt loosing a bit of hair with 19.then I had the 1000 graft transplant done at the hair science Institut, wich didn’t meet full my expectations but it was good enough.. I’m doing better now still nw2.5 but bit more thin overall. sometime ago I started following this blog and noticed that it saved me a lot of time than doing the search by myself and you were delivering good information I didn’t know yet. Thank u .
        Ps: I really hope for tsuji … I would love to have real full head of hair when I’m 40, I’ll definetly would wear it like the Big Lebowsky

        1. Very few things in life will make me happier than Tsuji giving us all thick heads of hair in 2020 and my closing the blog:-)

          1. Please let it be, man.

            Even if I’ll be 34, I’m vegan so even though I’m 31, I’m often told I look 25-26. even with a full NW6 baldness, so a full head of hair will leave me looking even younger, so at 34, I’ll have a full head of hair and look 25!

            LET IT BE! PRAISE TSUJI!

    1. yes, he does. He even said in his interviews that at first, scientist should start regeneration of small organs ( hair is considered the mini-organ) and if successful, then only they can move onto complex organs.

      His current research concerns hair, teeth and skin.

      And he is not like other companies who gives numerous interviews, presentation to attract the attention of investors.
      He has Kyocera and Riken at his disposal, so his team will have no financial problem once they find a way for human application.

      He works for his research only and thanks to God, that he is doing hair loss research.

      I even emailed him a few days ago enquiring about his research status. He was honest and said that the research for human application is still going on and if there were any progress, he would deliver the news through media worldwide and not by email. (hahahaha)

      So, he is a man of his words and he said himself that he would start human clinical trials by 2020. ( that means it can also happen in 2018/2019)

      Hence, the commercialization in 2020 is possible.

      1. starting trials in 2020 then commercialization in 2020… what? it’ll take at least 10 years space between trailing and selling

          1. i don’t know what’s happening, every time when i am replying with a big content, it’s not displaying here.
            is there a word limit ? admin

            anyway @paco
            read this

            here’s what the CEO of Organ tech said

            Question 14: Previous estimates targeted the availability of the technology to be in “practical use” by 2020. Does practical use mean commercial availability to the general public? If so, does this mean that human trials would need to begin a year or two before 2020?

            Mr. Sugimura: Yes, as you pointed out, although with an assumption that there is no specific problems, when we say “putting the technologies into use”, we mean “starting to offer it to the general public as a treatment not covered by health insurance”.
            Relating to Question #15, we first plan to put the technologies into use in Japan, therefore we need to go through a certain set of procedures as the preliminary steps, in accordance with the “New Act on Regenerative Medicine”, and obtain a regulatory notification on our technology as a Class 2 Regenerative Medicine. The clinical study starts only after we receive that notification. Therefore we are thinking to start a small-scale clinical study to evaluate its safety and effectiveness in 2018.

            1. Hi Px sometimes if you have more than one link it goes to spam queue and then gets automatically deleted if I do not check (I only check spam once or twice a day usually). If you use curse words, it often goes to spam or moderation queue.

              Sometimes even one link will send your comment to spam if the software thinks its a dodgy link.

  14. I also have high hopes for Tsuji, but I honestly believe that we’ r all in for yet another HUGE dissapointment. The 2020 commercial release is still a big maybe. But lets imagine Tsuji somehow manages to stick to the 2020 “deadline” long before this will be available world wide, and offered from enough clinics, so there wont be a several years long waiting list? Imo its pretty gullible to believe, that 2020 will be the year where anyone (except maybe filthy rich people) will get their hair back. If Tsuji get this ready by 2020 it will probably take years before any of us can buy it.

    1. even if it does take some years, I will still be happy.

      I am tired of listening that there is no cure and that you will have to accept it.

      It will be a nice feeling when we will know the cure has been invented. From there, it will be just a matter of time. Everything will be in your hands. Just work hard and earn a lot of money.

  15. @px, your right but still, would be nice if we could have something besides Fin or Minox. A treatment with just a little better results. Tsuji sounds like the ultimate cure, but its so far away and living on a hope that it might be available in 2020 is…yer well.only a hope, with alot of maybe’ s and if’s.

  16. Why is nobody talking about the important stuff like the puretech presentation yesterday? @ admin did you follow the webcast? We weren’t able to watch it. Someone asked here for clarification but I think we had to register some days ago for it.

    Who watched the presentation and what did they say about Follica? new information?

    1. I forgot to reply to that earlier comment, but I could not register either. I hope our resident Follica expert and tracker “Mike” e-mails me with more info.

  17. Seems that nobody listened to it. Instead of talking about important stuff some idiots talk trash about giving someone credit to something. f that and grow up. We are in the same f boat and nobody cares about who saw news at first. Nobody cares about that shit. Focus on important stuff

  18. A new tweet from Replicel today:

    “So far so good for Q1. This financing is nearly done (likely oversubscribed), the device program is in high gear, + data is imminent! $RP.V”

    That’s some good news. Sounds like that 5 year safety data will be released next week, followed by the 2 year efficacy data in March.

  19. @mjones I enjoy your optimism about follica and samumed. However neither has shown descent pics and havent heard any news about samumed in forever.

    1. First thing the CEO of samumed said on his video was if you heard of us then we weren’t doing our jobs. These guys are very silent for a good reason. When they are ready they will come and we will be throwing our money at them. Hopefully

  20. For those who asked:

    Follica sent me the following about Puretech’s latest presentation:

    “Hi! There wasn’t any news about Follica presented. The moderator was focused mostly on CNS.”

  21. Thanks admin for the news about follica… Another waiting round… but hey… thats follica..

    @Red, who told you that die 2 year efficacy data will be released in March? Doesn’t maje sense. They only said that data from two of their products will be released at the end of Feburary and the other data in early March. They have different products, so this means that alopecia data will be completely (including 12 months and 24 months efficacy data) released next week I guess…

    1. @Royaume It was my understanding that they would only be releasing the 5 year data in February, and then the 12 and 24 month data in March. I could be mistaken.

      If they release both sets of data this month then that would be excellent.

  22. I wonder when Follica will finally make a big announcement? Photos from clinical trials? More info on their mock-ups posted on their site? They have just enough info released to keep me interested.

  23. same thing… Do you think that they will ever publish results from their studies? Are they obligated to do so or can they just release the product in 2018. Logically they have to show something this year if their best case scenario is 2018??

  24. They said best case scenario 2018 before they announced their delay. In the beginning they were supposed to start second half of 2016, now maybe first half of 2017. But we can not now for sure because they do not give any information maybe they are behind schedule again.

      1. Just saying I was a relieved 22 year old once because I knew by the time I was 25 I’d be fine I’m about to shave 30 now

  25. Egghead as frustrating as this might be for this to be 8 years later and still no product from Cotsarelis like was suggested in the video, the timeline is actually consistent with the average time to get a medical something on the market (average 10-12 years).

    This is precisely why the 21st century cure was overwhelmingly accepted.

      1. Who would that be? Tsuji sounds like he is the only one that can potentially turn a nw7 back into a thick mane. I understand there are alot coming to compete for halting hair loss but not really many for a complete reversal?

        1. TissUse aims to begin clinical trials around the same time as Tsuji. Their method is nearly the same, only they aim to have theirs simple enough to be performed by a “one-man team” instead of all the automation Kyocera is planning.

          There’s also HairClone, I guess, but I don’t have a lot of faith in them, personally.

  26. I read this article about that trumps trying to reduce the fda process by around 80 percent, so maybe we wont need to wait a long time if jaks useful. And another thing, could it be possible to get a prescription for medicine during the reseach? Maybe we could sign some paper works in special clinics theyve had cooporated with aclaris and be a part as an individual test subject.

  27. I remember telling someone great news we will have hair cure by end of the year – that was in 2011.

    I feel very strongly that JAK will give us 100% of our hair back. Just look at Before and After pics and that should be us.

    BUT they have to get the price down $100k is too much. Maybe Trump can negotiate price down like he did for Airforce One.

    I’ll take any treatment just get the Freak going on one. F’ drug companies.. .

  28. What do you think about Follica? If they really release their product in 2018 … Can we also just use the growing compounds?

    I know, this doesn’t make sense but maybe there are some users who cant go to USA for the skin disruption.. I know that they will work with other dermatologists around ther world but I am just wondering if these compounds can be used without skin disruption because on their website they clearly say: You can use the compounds on the entire scalp, not just the thinning area.

    xD What do you think about this? Especially interesting for diffuse thinners.

  29. That’s like asking if we can grow tomatoes without water even though I know the website says it needs water.

    Skin disruption is a key part of their process. That said, they may be able to advise on how to perform some sort of home based disruption, perhaps like a dermaroller or something.

  30. Regarding Replicel, see their tweets and everything… now they are backpedaling and saying it will be only for maintenance. their model pictures were saying otherwise a year ago…
    honestly the end product will be something on par with fin or dut. I dont know who would buy this product? and of course it wont work for everyone and of course it will have SIDE EFFECTS just like any other medicine

    1. If it is a one time injection, this would blow fin and dut out of the water, even if it was solely maintenance.

      Stop your hair from recession with 2 trips to the clinic? Where do I sign up?

    2. @Donitello

      I personally don’t see the tweets as being back pedaling. All that was confirmed in the tweets was 1) The treatment is not a cure for Alopecia (ie. It will not restore a slick bald NW7 to a NW1.) 2) The treatment does not grow new hair out of nowhere (ie. It does not create new follicles), 3) the treatment does regrow hair from dormant (miniature/vellus) follicles. Did Replicel ever claim that the treatment would grow brand new follicles? I honestly can’t remember if they did or not. If they did, then that would really be the only instance of back pedaling imo.

      In theory, one could see tremendous results depending on how much vellus hair follicles one has. Permanent Maintenance + Vellus Regrowth would be a major functional cure for millions. So, those are the people that would benefit from the treatment. I would 100% get this treatment if that’s what was possible.

      Even if you are correct, that the end product will be on part with Fin/Dut results, millions of people would love to ditch the daily pills and sexually sides for a one stop treatment.

  31. The worse is the damp humid weather with drizzle. That makes my hair look limp, curly and just plain horrible.

    @Tom. It’s just a gut feeling I have about follica and samumed. I feel they are the more professional and advanced companies for hair loss that has a chance to arrive before 2020. All the other companies like replicel and histogen are just looking to grab investors. I have even heard other dermatologist say this to me. I hope they all work and become options for all of us. We all know that one treatment may work for some and not for others. Having like 4 to 6 different solutions would be best.

  32. @admin. What happens with new treatments for MPB? Finasteride and minox don’t work for me! I don’t wanna take dut…What can i do? Wait? Thanks.

  33. @baldings: I agree that follica treatment will include minox.
    @mjones: I believe histogen is having troubke because it is basically prp on steroids which would require ongoing expensive injections. I believe it will be effctive, but again, ongoing and expensive. I think samumed is many years away from putting together a final product. It would be nice if the four companiesn that we here about so often, kept us updated on their product so we can plan appropriately. I wonder when we will get our next release of info on Histoscam, Replitale, and follidelay?

  34. @newerah, Im not entirely sure but I dont think they are in phase 3 but 2b or something. As far as I know the only treatment in phase 3 is Polichems topical finasteride.

  35. @Spanky. Thanks man. LOL…Hair loss industry especially with MPB is pathetic and sad. What happens with new treatments? Companies are fool and crazy…the demand is huge!!! Release a new treatment now!!!

  36. Hold on guys – where are these tweets suggesting replicel won’t grow new hairs? Any links please? Their video on their process suggests some of the injected dermal papilla stem cells would cluster to form brand new hair follicles so it would be disappointing if this is no longer the case and if it’s only for maintenance (which would be good for some but really we need something more cure related now).

    1. It’s in the same article that says Follica is just plain repackaged minoxidil. It’s all just trolls naysaying everything.

      1. Ok good because I follow them on twitter and haven’t seen any of these supposed tweets and I don’t think this is true. Death to all trolls! Lol.

  37. Folliclethought mentions that within two weeks a cream called ReBoost will be available in Turkey. Is there any evidence this Kelopesia stuff will work?

    1. All I have seen from this Kelopesia are weird pictures, with all the single hair strands in the exact same direction in the before and after photo, and a digitally coloured skin.

  38. If this cream will work for Erdogan then it will work for everybody, so we have to wait for year and see his hair growing and multiplying:)

  39. quote:

    “More developments in finding the genes behind baldness.” –>

    “the findings could provide possible targets for drug development to treat baldness, according to the researchers.

    Before the new study, by researchers at Edinburgh University and published in the journal PLOS Genetics, only a handful of genes related to baldness had been identified.

    The Edinburgh scientists examined genomic and health data from more than 52,000 male participants of the UK Biobank, performing a genome-wide association study of baldness.

    They pinpointed 287 genetic regions linked to the condition.

    Dr David Hill, who co-led the research, said: ‘In this study, data were collected on hair loss pattern but not age of onset; we would expect to see an even stronger genetic signal if we were able to identify those with early-onset hair loss.'”

    Presumably, by asking on this blog and other forums like it, a large number of volunteers with early-onset hair loss could be found, who would be willing to provide genetic samples to these researchers, if that would help research into effective treatments.

    Can somebody suggest this to them? How about it, Admin?

    1. Haha great find. I did that interview months ago. First part on top says it is not my real name. Wished she had picked something more interesting though:-)

  40. crisper is the cure, but that would take a decade especially for androgenic alopecia which is consider a comistic, but since it’s in China I don’the think it would take long , they are already running a human trial on a lung cancer patient.

    1. A decade? Hair loss afffects millions of men and women lifestyle and hairloss have a lot of physcological repercusions…

    1. LOL funny how things get lost in translation.

      I plan to take Finasteride or Dutasteride for the long term (hopefully no longer than 2020), not Rogaine.

      I told her I am self-employed and have even done part-time Uber in the past (highly recommended if you like meeting new people).

      Otherwise, accurate. I wish she had picked a more interesting name for me though.

      I do have a Math undergrad degree Guest99.

  41. Hello guys,

    Regarding the latest news about Kelopesia, I was wondering wether this lotion might help someone experiencing diffuse thinning? My loss is fairly recent (2-3years tops) btw

    1. Nice find! Though the androgen sensitivity might prevent the follicles and the progenitor cells in the balding zones from benefiting from such drugs, I hope this is wrong.

  42. Hi Admin,

    Well done on the interview! Can I ask you why you plan to take Rogaine permanenly but not Finasteride? And how did you like driving for Uber? I am just starting out and a bit nervous!

    1. Hi BobbyD thanks. I am not too keen on interviews mostly because I prefer some privacy…but this reporter seemed very nice and I obliged. Actual interview occurred months ago.

      I think there was an error in our communication as in fact I plan to take Dutasteride or Finasteride for the long term, but not Minoxidil (aka Rogaine). I have asked the reporter to correct that info if easy to do so. If Dutasteride causes no side effects, I will take it for the long term and add nothing else. At present I think it has caused me minor libido loss and minor weight gain, but hard to tell for sure.

      Regarding Uber, I did it for 5-10 hrs a week for 3 months and it was a real blast excluding the few times I worked during rush hour. It is definitely not for everyone as some customers are very rude, and the more you drive, the higher the probability of an accident at some point. My favorite thing about that experience was that instead of drinking 3 evenings a week in bars, I cut back to 2 evenings a week and spent the 3rd driving Uber instead.

      Driving Uber 40 hrs a week would be suicidal for me. I admire those who can do it.

  43. Finally, I decided to post after being a lurker on some hair loss websites. I have seen some posters post on other forums too.

    I’m cautiously optimistic and realistic with all of these treatments in the pipeline but was let down by Aderans and Intercytex.

    I’m just keeping an eye on Follica. Could someone answer me if the treatment could revive shrunken follices and grow new hair?

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