PRP Treatment Updates

There have been a number of important developments in the platelet-rich plasma world during the past several months, warranting a new post on the subject.

— In late March, the famous patient advocate Joe Tillman published a very interesting video on his first ever PRP treatment with Dr. Jerry Cooley. Joe told me that he will give us an update on his results in the near future. Below is his first highly instructive video. I like the centrifuge part:

— In the April issue of Dermatologic Surgery, a new favorable study from Spain on PRP treatment for hair loss was published. It seems like no ACell was added into the mix. I did not find the full study via Google Scholar, but the abstract concludes that “PRP showed a positive effect on AGA and could be regarded as an adjuvant therapy for AGA.

I still do not think that PRP will usually grow brand new hair, as has also been verified by some hair transplant surgeons. However, it can often prevent baldness from progressing as rapidly, and it can without a doubt make existing hair thicker. Why do I say this? Because at this point I have seen favorable studies from way too many countries to dismiss this oftentimes still controversial subject. Make sure to see a list of these studies in my post on how PRP works for hair loss, which I update every couple of years.

— Dr. Jeffry Rapaport has a knack for frequently appearing in various respected US TV shows. The below video (now taken away it seems) is from just a few days ago. Unlike many other US physicians who just go on TV for publicity, I feel like Dr. Rapaport comes across as much more sincere. Moreover, he only charges $500 per PRP treatment. Much more ethical than physicians who often charge over $2,000 for a treatment that is far from guaranteed to work.

— Finally, although not related to hair loss, currently injured NBA MVP Stephen Curry got PRP treatment on his right knee in order to try to speed up recovery. Kobe Bryant did the same thing in the past before his achilles tendon rupture. As more superstar athletes get PRP treatment, it can indirectly benefit hair loss sufferers via more research money flowing into this field.

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  1. I had PRP done in dec 2014. Over 2015 i saw more fallout than i ever had before. I cant imagine there wasnt some sort of connection.
    My hair never got thicker, nothing ever regrew and my recession is worse than ever. 2000 dollars wasted.

  2. As I’ve said before, not one person on HLT or BTT have reported positive results from PRP. Not one.

    1. You have to stop lying. I just saw at least 3 positive testimonials in a brief 10 min search on BTT. One says he grew peach fuzz, another says he grew thicker hair and another says he stopped losing hair.

      The 10 or more pro-PRP studies ( that I have now collected are from different countries and often published in reputable journals. Many of those authors are not hair transplant surgeons nor benefiting commercially.

      Its one thing to state that PRP never grows new hair, and probably close to the truth. However, its wrong to state with authority that PRP helps no-one even thicken their hair or reduce their shedding.

      FYI — with a name such as “PRP Sceptic” in all your comments on this blog so far, it seems like you are only obsessed with this subject? Any reason? Did you get bad results and are mad about it? And do you think PRP use in athletes is also one big scam and helps no-one (I have not done research on that, but just curious)?

      1. Huh? You mean this thread, where a guy who was given a free HT promoted PRP by the same doctor? Because that’s the only positive reply. Or this thread, four pages long, with barley any positive responses? The entire PRP section is FULL of HT docs and their “patients” claiming it works, but whenever anyone starts a thread asking for opinions, any independent user says it doesn’t work.

        And don’t call me a liar.

      2. Also, what’s the response rate? If it doesn’t grow hair, which you are admitting, THEN WHAT GOOD IS IT? Because there are several other protocols – fin, dut, keto, monox – that retard hairloss. How do they stack up with PRP? Give the stats if you’re so sure it’s effective. Because it’s being sold for THOUSANDS of dollars a treatment – by HT docs.

        Don’t be silly.

        1. And finally, I guess it’s no coincidence that you’re pushing PRP, and you have a big advert for it on your site.

          Watch – I bet you delete this one.

          1. I almost never delete comments (most likely, I have deleted less than 5 in the past 2 years). As far as PRP promotion, I said it grows no new hair, $2000 per treatment is a scam, and it will not work for all. Can’t get much more honest than that. Some guy named Vic on BTT said he grew peach fuzz…I do not have time to see all his posts so I have no idea if he is the one who got a free HT that you are mentioning. As far as the other two guys, they both said it thickened hair just like a few have said in the comments to this post. I found those three in two separate threads on BTT.

            You need to address why you think all the 15 or so PRP and AGA studies are lies. In any case, you can come back again when I write a PRP post again (probably 2-3 times a year). And you can keep the same username:-)

            Regarding ads, I can’t write this blog if there is no income. I do not promote any advertiser in blog posts just because they are advertising. All 5 items in this post occurred this month and I had to mention them. If any PRP doctor is in a video, I will discuss them whether they have an ad or not. Dr. Rapaport seems to be the cheapest at $500 per treatment, so I have no guilt. I also have Dr. Cooley and Dr. Cole in this post. Neither advertises.

            Dr. Greco is mentioned on this blog at least 10 times. He never advertises. And he is number 1 in the world at PRP experience. I would be happy to get an ad from him.

      3. “FYI — with a name such as “PRP Sceptic” in all your comments on this blog so far, it seems like you are only obsessed with this subject? Any reason? Did you get bad results and are mad about it? And do you think PRP use in athletes is also one big scam and helps no-one (I have not done research on that, but just curious)?”

        I looked into it, and found that there was little to no evidence that it grows hair. If it can’t grow hair, then what’s the point? There are far more effective treatments at retarding AGA than PRP, so why use it at all? Particularly when it’s being sold by HT docs for thousands, and has been long before any of these published studies arrived. Who does that? Sells a protocol with no documented benefit? As for its use on athletes, maybe it works for other maladies, and maybe it doesn’t – I’m not familiar with any of those studies. But I fail to see how its other uses has any baring on AGA.

        1. If I recall your earlier comments, you did not emphasize that you meant growing new hair was your main complaint with PRP. It seemed like you do not believe it can do anything positive even to existing hair. And we disagree in that regard as do the 15 or studies I mentioned.

          In any case, I do not think either of us will change our opinions so its best we end this discussion till next time (most likely around late summer or fall I might have another PRP post unless more studies and videos come out in any earlier month in bulk as happened this time).

          1. Admin, don´t spend time answering this moron. You are doing a great job. He is clearly not seeing the point you are making here.

    2. Not true. I have stated many times that I had it done, and it helped thicken my existing hairs. Now you can stop saying that you’ve never heard ;)

  3. Thanks for posting this admin! I’ve been interested in PRP for quite some time now but as you said, it’s a lot of money for a not sure thing. As more studies come out and I see more before and afters I might be willing to take the plunge; even as a standalone treatment. It could potentially halt more miniaturization/loss thus stabilizing the way toward a successful future FUE transplant (barring no better treatments, of course).

  4. Oh and thanks also for always including updates on regenerative medicine. I’m so excited about the potential of future technologies; having your blog as a one-stop shop for info is great!

    1. Thanks Daniel! Wish I had a science background and was able to do a better job with some of those subjects.

  5. “PRP sceptic” seems awfully similar to the HLT poster “occulus” with his shrill responses and black and white thinking. It’s either a cure or “scam.”
    I’ve had several prp treatments. From my perspective they are worth it but I’d never recommend them outright to anyone. You need to be in a specific financial position with very specific goals. PRP treatments in general are just first generation regenerative medicine. There should always be at least a slight positive response even if doesn’t live up to your expectation. If you have plenty of money and are interested in doing everything possible for your face/hair/scars/knees/elbows etc PRP is a good idea. If you are a looking for a miracle cure or a guaranteed marked improvement, keep waiting.

    1. “If you are a looking for a miracle cure or a guaranteed marked improvement, keep waiting.” Do you know what you call something that doesn’t produce a “marked improvement?” “Ineffective” LOL

      1. Then I’d have to call Fin and Dut ineffective because they never improved my hair at all, but rather simply stopped the shedding. Everything is relative. Plenty of people rage over Fin/Dut because they don’t get regrowth or complain of sides. I’m satisfied with Fin/Dut because it beats the alternative of continuing to shed. I’m satisfied with PRP because it continuously gives me minor steady regrowth.
        Obviously all current treatments are relatively ineffective at this point, but I thought that was common knowledge. Anything short of estrogen therapy isn’t going to give people the consistent overwhelming regrowth they desire.


    Advanced Hair Complex+ was created to address the real issues that cause hair follicles to age, and this advanced formulation work to nourish hair follicles to a more functional and healthy state. Stem cells lining the hair follicles are crucial for the production of hair, and the patented GF (growth factor technology) ingredients in this advanced formula help provide support to these stem cells so hair can thrive.


    Water (Aqua), Human Fibroblast Conditioned Media, Propylene Glycol, Lonicera Caprifolium (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, Lonicera Japonica (Honeysuckle) Flower Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol.

  7. Susana you are form Spain? Spain is a third world country…Now i understand your comments.

  8. Paul, Spain is not a 3rd world country! Your vocabulary and the way you speak on here sounds like you were educated in a 3rd world country.

    Prp has always been an interest but pricey for the little results it claims. 2l for slight thickening…not sure if it’s worth the gamble. Hopefully in a couple years they increase its effectiveness to a more robust treatment. I also heard many stories were Prp accelerated hair loss but also heard it helped people to. Seems to be the trend of hair loss treatments.

    1. I apologize. I did not want to offend anyone .But Spain is a backward country when we talk about developments in the field of medicine (hair loss). 100% SURE.

  9. hi admin one question
    histogen: nothing
    replicel/shiseido: dead?

    the stem cell cure is over???
    only tsuji in 10 years i think…

  10. I hope Tsuji doesn’t say ’15 years’ in 2020! I wouldn’t be able to cope with that.

    Having histogen and replicel delaying things is what we’ve come to expect, but those aren’t serious treatments anyway imo.

    I would cry if the Tsuji time frames (which are already long) were to pushed back further.

    I know hope Dr. Tsuji’s unrivalled optimism flows right through to a breakthrough treatment.

    1. Thanks nosyu! You always post interesting information from Japan that I have never seen before.

      Since its just in mouse for now, I might include it in my next brief items of interest post rather than write a whole post on it.

    2. Any chance you could translate this into the key points. Google translate doesn’t quite get it all right.

  11. A request for everyone:
    The racist undertones and xenophobia is becoming very real here.

    I understand that someone that isn’t from your country or someone that doesn’t have a name that is familiar to you may lead you to believe that their opinion is inferior to yours. Their imperfect english might make you feel that they are less intelligent. In reality, anyone not from a developed country has an equal amount of capacity for intelligence as you do. If someone is speaking in broken english, it isn’t because they are stupid or inferior. In learning a second language they are actually expanding their mental processes and exercising their brains in a way that many people who never learn a second language will.

    Please hold back your opinions on these subjects. We are all here to learn. Bashing someone because of their country or their inability to speak english perfectly or complaining that a treatment is going to be available in a country you aren’t familiar with is not helping add to the learning of the group as a whole. You’re just being a dick.

    Please stop.

  12. Jesus some one please Crack the code… Just want to see some guy instead of a mouse… The month jak news came was so exciting.. Now it’s just too depressing with prp and pgd2 stuff…

    1. Exactly. It shows how desperate and pathetic we can be, even entertaining a discussion on this worthless crap. It’s time for a real treatment.

  13. Let’s see people.
    First of all. I apologize again. But when i said that: I understand Susana’s comments is because Susana said me this in another post:

    MAY 1, 2016 AT 6:44 PM
    @Paul Pheonix

    You need to se a psychologist. Alopecia is not you worse disease….

    People with MPB DON’T WANT TO SEE A PSYCHOLOGIST! They want hair. That’s all. Sorry again with people from Spain.
    Perhaps the words were misinterpreted.

    Great Blog.

  14. I live in Spain (but English), i can confirm it is not a third world country and actually one of the scientists here is partially responsible for the breakthrough of CRISPR. In medicine and treatment, i believe it’s as good as the British healthcare system.

    Infact, i think there is a few studies in hairloss here.


  15. Thanks for the link nosyu.

    Does anyone know what it is saying? It won’t translate from Japanese for me.

  16. and i’d not surprise if cure comes from Bahamas or somewhere from Africa…
    I believe he doesnt want to demean you by calling Spain as a third world country… he rather thinks cure on such a bloody disease like MPB wouldnt be coming out of Spain. cause of many reasons like funding R&D….etc.. he has a point tho… I also wouldnt believe anything coming from Spain, Turkey, India, Greece….etc… It is not I dont want to believe or have prejudices, its because I just dont think they could have enough resource and money to solve MPB.
    lets be honest, if it was easy, it would have been solved 2000 years ago.. lets be really realistic here…

    1. Hey , It’s truth non of the referring countries had the funds to solve a problem as aga, but you need to take in your consideration especially for the example of Greece that had discover many medical treatment for heart , for the cancer and for many others illness , but of course to make a treatment u need to have labs and the latest technology equals with funds . Many ideas started from poor countries and completed in more development countries . Last Greece has many good doctors that have a significant carrier in the major researching countries. Well in every researching team a Greek included . So don’t make assumptions .
      With all my respect.

  17. Aclaris Therapeutics to Present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Healthcare Conference
    MALVERN, Pa., May 02, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACRS), a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company, today announced that Dr. Neal Walker, President & Chief Executive Officer, will present at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2016 Healthcare Conference on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at 1:40 p.m. PDT at the Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas, NV.

    A live audio webcast of the Aclaris presentation can be accessed by visiting the “Investors” section of the company’s website at A replay of the webcast will be archived on the Aclaris Therapeutics website for 30 days following the presentation date.

  18. Hi everyone.. a little off topic but I really need help, please can somebody who really knows give me some advice. It has been such a painful time for me.
    I was on propecia for many years and it stopped my hair loss and my hair thickened up a lot. was a miracle.
    After many years it just wasn’t working so I changed to dutasteride and got the same results.. stopped my hair loss and improved hair quality.
    Now dutasteride isn’t working anymore and I’ve added ru to my routine. I’m at 1mg / day dut and 8% ru per day.
    I don’t have any itch or tightness in my scalp, just keep loosing hair and the hair I have getting more fine by the day.
    How can these drugs work so great for me for so long and then just stop? what can I do?
    I’ve been thinking about getting my blood-work done and maybe that can tell me something but I’m not sure what to check.
    what blood-work should I get tested?
    Does anyone really know? I’m so desperate for help, I’m balding fast.

    1. Welcome to the club jj. I’m in the same boat. Propecia saved me for years, now it’s not working as well and have been losing ground for 3 years. I added Rogaine which helped but it’s been a year with Rogaine and it’s not working that well anymore. Sucks, I’m just doing all I can and losing ground. There should have been a new treatment by now better than Propecia Rogaine but unfortunately there isn’t and I’m afraid it will be too late when something new comes because it will be for low nwds.

    2. Those drugs aren’t supposed to keep you from balding forever. They just prolong the process. Sorry bro. It is nature.

  19. Whoever said Greece won’t bring out a treatment is probably right but our Greek doctors like cotsarelis will be the first to bring out a better treatment mark my word. 2018!

  20. i read that stopping propecia for few months each year, can help overcomming the body resistance against propecia.

    1. I heard that too Fadi, but not sure how true that is. I think if you stop for a few months you will lose hair pretty quick then starting Propecia again will just hold on to what you have left.

  21. España es un pais con mucho paro y los políticos son corruptos pero España tiene una seguridad social q es la envidia del mundo en EEUU si no tienes seguro médico te puedes morir aquí se atiende gratis a todo el mundo y nuestros médicos y enfermeros son los mejores formados de Europa , tenemos el mejor clima de europa y somos potencia mundial en turismo y los españoles hemos pasado crisis muy fuertes por culpa de nuestros politicos pero nos levantamos una y otra vez y hoy en dia crecemos por encima de alemania y en cuanto a implantes capilares he visto muchos foros americanos y muchos antes y después y puedo decir q el nivel de los cirujanos tops españoles está por encima de los americanos así q phoenix ahora vas y lo cascas.

  22. Yeah , there was a forbes article on him last month . Besides the ceo of sammumed he is some world champion poker player . I guess the guy is a real genius. All the other officers in that company are his college friends and equally as smart as well.

    1. i think what’s interesting is that he said he’s going to submit data to fda.. maybe he’s planning phase III already

  23. @ Paul Pheonix

    Yes. Is shame you dont post whay i said that about you. And in the end your Last comment confirm whay i said that….

    About prp. The treatmeent Will improve your Scalp health… The hair will be born strong and healthy but genetics ends to reverse everything.
    Only recommend for those who have skin disease but no hair disease.
    That my comment about this. I try but didnt wor… For me.

    1. @Susana
      MAY 1, 2016 AT 6:44 PM
      @Paul Pheonix

      You need to se a psychologist. Alopecia is not you worse disease….

      If you understand English. Read all the comments.
      @Susana. Follow prescribe Propecia and pray that you will not sue. Good luck.
      I said Histogen had very good news and people insulted me. The news are awesome. 5 investors. Phase III this year 2016.

      You don’t deserve a new treatment. But I understant your game. In this forum the 80% of people here are Propecia comercials and representatives HT surgeon.
      Don’t worry people with MPB will have a new treatment.



  24. Guys I have a forward looking and optimistic question:

    If one of these good labs were to develop a successful way of growing de novo bioengineered hairs, what would happen to your pre-existing thinner hairs?

    The new bioengineered hairs would grow around your existing hairs, but the old hairs would still be thin since the treatment would only seek to grow new hairs and not to treat the older, damaged follicles.

    Would this mean you would still need to take propecia to treat those pre-existing hairs?

    This obviously wouldn’t apply to a slick bald scalp, but the intermediate balders and diffuse thinners would still have many thin hairs left that would be amongst the new hairs.

    Something small to think about hopefully in the future when new cloning treatments are here :)

      1. Hahaha well said susana. I remember Christiano and Ken washenik saying back in 2002 that cloning hair would be in commercial practice by 2010. It’s 2016 and they are still doing mouse studies lol. It’s a freaking joke. They just can’t do it, who knew that hair can be so freaking hard to grow.

        1. They can pretty much do it now. A couple of the last missing factors have been discovered. The problem lies in the timetable. Your looking at 10-12 years from now before it is realistically available if the 21st century cares act isn’t passed. And even if it is you are still probably looking at 7-8 years away.

        2. That’s because Christiano is completely unreliable.

          TeamTokyo are expected to commence their human clinical trials in 2020.

    1. If you’re not interested in Histogen and believe it to be a scam. Then why ask for information?

      It really is so annoying reading these posts. The facts are there for Histogen, seems to be a finer and more successful version of PRP. If it’s available in 2 years, it could be useful for some of us that are only just thinning and receeding a little.

      Can i ask.. have you read the slides and the articles or any information for that matter? Or do you just come to fill the board with ‘SCAM’ = ‘Histogen’?

      1. By version i mean as an injectable, that doesn’t require surgery or rubbing horse placenta on your scalp.

        1. Just let him do his thing Breezy. If Histogen comes out we can reminisce on all the bullshit he spews and laugh at how he became a ghost.

      2. I hope it works for people who are thinning / receding / balding a lot instead of only for those who just started thinning in 2018 after HSC is released.

        People who start thinning in 2025 or later will never have a clue how it’s been for decades with useless treatments, they just go to the clinic then, maintain their hair and continue with their lives.

  25. Lol, I think im gonna change user name on here to Histogen is not a scam 2018 , just for fun to see how bad i will get attacked .

  26. Repost from Xaser94 on HLT

    The biggest news: they raised near $8M and are continuing until May 13, going for 9.

    Let the “scam-sayers” begin.

    They have raised almost all the money they need. They have raised 7.7 million dollars which is 85 percent of what they need.

    They are presenting on June 9th at what seems to be a really top notch place according to their own website

    Wakehealth apparently interviewed Gail Naughton for their podcast in January but I think they just put it up. Nothing too new, she says Histogen would be available with in 2 years for Mexico and Korea. Listen from 16:30…20Naughton.mp3

    1. And they Will show the same 2 pictures from 2009? What happens to this ppl in this 6 years? 6…….

      1. @Susana,

        Just a quick question. Have you took the time to look into detail what it takes for clinical trials in the US? More importantly do you know the history behind Histogen? I’m not talking about their prestige but their complications over the last 5+ years with lawsuits?

        ^honest questions.

      1. ^^^ this is important. Histogen is being invited to a conference that is presenting companies that the hosts believe are “priced to offer 5x – 10x returns to investors in the event that they are successful.”
        Of course this is speculation but what it says is that someone, besides silly forum members, thinks that Histogen has a lot of potential.

        Attached with this link, that I posted before:
        Histogen is going to use that money (raised from this round) to set up an IPO in about 12-18months. And, Histogen’s BOA have authorized up to 6 million shares of Series D Preferred stock (someone with a better financial background, can you explain to us what exactly that is?), priced at $3/share.
        Now this shouldn’t be considered sound financial/ investing advice but … if you have a couple thousand laying around when they offer it might be worth taking the risk. The company’s stock price would sky rocket if they come to the market with a cure and you would have your treatment, plane tickets and a small vacation paid for if it does.
        Speak to an actual financial adviser if you want to take that risk.

  27. Guys to clear things up, propecia does not stop working but you genetic side takes over.
    Propecia will slow down the balding process but at the end you will notice the thinning.
    Looks like cots will release a better treatment and not a cure but that’s better than nothing

  28. Histogen News (May 5th 2016)

    They have raised almost all the money they need. They have raised 7.7 million dollars which is 85 percent of what they need.

    They are presenting on June 9th at what seems to be a really top notch place according to their own website

    Wakehealth apparently interviewed Gail Naughton for their podcast in January but I think they just put it up. Nothing too new, she says Histogen would be available with in 2 years for Mexico and Korea. Listen from 16:30…20Naughton.mp3

    What Gail says about a tomato spewing growth factors LOL

  29. I think companies should target on better treatment or cosmetic option… I dont think cure is a correct word…. I still believe that MPB has something to do with aging… there should be permanent cosmetic options that are almost undetectable …. or easier transplants without down time…. look at elon musks hair transplant … how good is that..

    1. Farhan they are doing that with new topicals like Brontzu lotion in the works and also scarless transplant methods.

      Personally I think all efforts should be going full steam ahead towards perfecting cloning techniques in humans, especially if the first human trials in Japan that will be conducted in the next few years prove successful.

      Cloning basically represents a cure, whether it’s through multiplied germ cells being injected to grow new hair, or cloned hairs created in the a lab that can then be implanted by a surgeon.

      I don’t think either of these techniques will give results matching nature 100%, I mean how could it. But I think it would be amazing for improving hairy density in the mid scalp, then traditional due on the hairline.

      I don’t think things like jaks or other lotions and potions will ever solve aga. It’s a dead end street. Once the follicle is dead, it is dead (in my non-medical opinion).

      Potions have been used for thousands of years with no results. I bet balding guys were rubbing original kelopesia (infant foreskins) on their heads two thousand years ago!

      Let’s look to cutting edge science and cloning! Cloned hairs for insane density + possible small fue for hairline equals cure, thank you!

      1. I disagree. Look at the forum post on kenogen. The problem with hair loss is that the reasons for its occurrence are not completely/clearly understood. We are stuck treating symptoms and this approach would u once never quite lead to a cure . There have also been instances of mpb being completely reversed. It is just that we have not discovered how. Mpb is something of a puzzle.

  30. i just want to say something to the people that are like Thorn Medical is a scam because the CEO is balding.

    Angela Christiano is wearing a wig right? Aclaris JAK inhibitors aren’t a scam?

    Follica is not a scam but Dr. Cots is clearly balding on the top… Dr. Cots king of hair loss of follica is noticeably balding..

    an invalid argument like I said no logic on the other side

    1. Dr. Angela Christiano might be rocking the wig until her hair grows long and thick. AA hasn’t been cured for very long.

      And I don’t know Dr. Cots situation, but, yes, Follica is bullsh*t – at least in terms of a cure.

      Dr. Bernstein, BTW, says his bald head doesn’t bother him and I believe him. But it’s still not a great vote of confidence in your product / service to be bald.

  31. @ Paul. People don’t like propecia or too scared to try?

    What Khourii said is true, as it happened to me. That’s why I went on Dut after Fin failed (hair loss continued) and that finally stopped the loss and no sides.

    I’m struggling to find a poster with Dut sides…I really think that Dut has less sides because testosterone is still high while killing the DHT.

    1. NO. People don’t like to take a drug every day. This drug have sexual and neurological side effects. Dut: The same x1000.

      1. No one is denying no one likes taking them… People don’t like taking it, but you bite the bullet if the risk outweighs the reward for you. No doubt it is effective for a while though

  32. Yes Dr. Cotts is in fact balding. I found it funny in one interview he says something like “Luckily I myself am not balding.” Bless him.

    Now get to work on a cure! 26 years in the field. Tsk!

        1. Not insulting just saying you can’t revere follica anymore or less than the next alleged company

  33. hey hlscc thorin erich i saw the last article i missed your comments

    yes I’m the only one in here or on any forums in Thorn Medical clinical trial … again – i’m not rooting emotionally on the thorn med foot ball team, I still have questions about Bashir etc. I’m just as much on the edge of my seat. but truly am skeptical that it is a scam considering the money invested. and i get even more skeptical they are a scam reading all the tenuous arguments against them.

    Dr. Khan has put me in their database scheduling the medical coordinator to contact me from outside the U.S. (London/Nassau) for medical questionaire and to schedule a screening for the SCNT clinical. I have NOT heard back since my birthday april 9th- the excitement naturally subsided -however after seeing all the work they have been up to in the background thanks to yoda ..and considering September is going to be full of Thorn med news I’m more understanding and patient.

  34. I emailed Thorn Medical, here’s their reply…

    Thank you for your message. You can see further information and follow progress by checking the ‘Media Centre’ page on Thorn Medical’s website: and the website for the Okyanos stem cell facility where the treatments will be delivered:

    We are anticipating being able to make treatments available in the Autumn, taking bookings in the Summer, and I have added you to the list of potential patients and will contact you again then to let you know when we’re getting ready.

    Kind regards,


  36. Hi guys just want to know if there is something to be released soon on the market that can help with this…

  37. Shit, I want to hear more about that jak inhibitors. Really hope we’ll have some news pretty soon about it.

    Id be pretty happy if any of these companies release in the next 2-3 years a product that can at least reverse the thinning process of our existing hair and give them life, making our hair thick again for many years as long as we keep the treatment, and hopefully it isnt much expensive. I think that would be an awesome step forward.

    Im new here, but I already know some members here, and like Paul says, the hair loss industry is pathetic indeed. We are in 2016 and so far there has never been any good (pill or topical) product that has a signicant better effect than the existing ones. Thats very sad.

    But on the other hand, I believe that we might be living the “golden era” of hair loss fight. It seems to me that there has never been so many companies and good scientists groups that are fully dedicated to study of hairloss issue, there has never been so many new discoveries and researchs, so the last thing I want to hear from any member here is that old talk like “in 199… they said they have found the cure we are in 2016 in they have found nothing yet”.

    Come on, its pretty clear that the knowledge about hair loss now is far more advanced now than it used to be in the 90’s and even 2000’s, more and more companies are making some heavy investmente on that area, there are some potentially good new treatments that might hit the market in the next few years.

    Lets keep th le faith! If scientists can restore a whole organ, why then they cand do the same with hair ? I know hairloss is a pretty complex issue, but still…

  38. Histogen will be coming to market in 2 years in Mexico and Korea. They’re starting phase III this July!

    1. Exciting times I’m like a barfly on this site used to get twice a month now it’s like 5 times a day lol sad but true exciting times

  39. Lol stay on prp subject guys
    thorn is a “scam” and if it’s not remain sarcastic to fit in

  40. i just find you guys so funny… you dont have to be balding to find a cure.. or the other way around. it is all about money and recognition. just because Cots is balding or she is wearing a wig doesnt make things faster to the market… this is just very low level thinking , assumption…
    One of the world’s best striker, Batistuta a.k.a. Batigol actually hated playing football. But I have never seen such a goal machine before… :)


    1. If they really got a quadrapalegic to stand which is another claim of kaye hairloss is so much smaller of a problem. Think about that that’s only regarded as supernatural fiction.

    2. Isnt the Thorn company the one from UK wich the leader of their reseach is a guy from India or something like that ?

      If their treatment is about stem cells manipulation, then this sounds like an ambitious project, its not like some of those supposed miraculous natural treatment we are tired of seeing out there, like snake oil and stuff lol.

      I personally think that they wouldnt go to bahamas just for vacation. Transfering the whole team, machines, tools and whatever the shit they have in hands is not something cheap. They might have something there… But I prefer to not create much hype. Lets just wait and see.

      Sorry for my english.


  43. Does Nasa have any news on the JAK inhibitors, I suppose he is the one that follows that possible solution the most … ¿

    IF it works for AGA: I hope that getting our hair back outweighs the risks of suppressing our immune system, because that is what JAK topicals will do even when we would use them topically.

  44. I am cool with that. So what? Am I going to get colds more often? Just keep exercising and eating healthy. Bring on the hair.

  45. I’m a motte confused on how someone said histogen has been using the same pictured for 6 years? Wasn’t the picture of the dude tilting forward released in Nov 2015 for the first time? I don’t think it’s 6 years old. Plus they will have more pics after or during their phase 3 in July. I think too many people make up stuff on this forum to trash histogen. Not saying I’m a firm believer this will cure us but that pic with the dude Def had major thickening and darkening of his existing hair that was brittle and thinning. He got regrowth for sure upfront head but that was probably just a few injections.

  46. Histogen has been in patent wars with SkinMedica / Allergan from beginning 2009 until beginning 2014.

    If they started with HSC in 2007 and we are now almost in 2017, they are developing the product during a timespan of 10 years. However they were under attack for 5 years … anybody can do the math.

    Thank SkinMedica / Allergan for delaying the HSC release people. It could have been on the market in 2013 ( 2018 -/- 5 years). Due to the lawsuits they encountered major delays.

    1. Companies don’t just stop everything because they have a court case. That is literally absurd. It’s just another poor excuse from a poor CEO (gail) with a questionable solution.

      It seems like histogen will be akin to PRP— only good for gals

      1. Yeah exactly, you can’t imagine any other company in possession a great product postponing due to a itty bitty court case in California…. and besides, that was a few years ago and she’s still years from delivering the juice she made in 2007! That stuff has gone stale as hell its becoming an ancient artifact.

        Something of a clue in the last interview with Gail: they asked her what she thinks situation in regenerative medicine will be in 25 years and she replies something like “I think they’ll not only be treatments with short term and long term benefits but actual cures”.

        This suggests that she doesn’t think her current hsc is anything more than a treatment and nowhere near a cure. Like another member said, it will probably be similar to prp in efficacy. In other words ziltch.

        Luckily we don’t just have Gaily but researchers working on the cloning of hairs. The Japanese don’t seem remotely interested in BS beauty salon-esque treatments, ‘here dr. Ziering will shoot up some of this hsc into your scalp’, or Cotts ‘here lemme derma role your scalp’ and finally Christiano: ‘Aga? What’s that? Don’t you mean AA?’

        No, there are a couple of Japanese labs with the intention of finding a cure for balding. The race has already started between both Riken and Yokohama labs.

      2. Glad Chris knows what Gail is thinking. We can end the debate about Histogen once and for all ;)

        Fman- You ever been sued? You ever had to deal with legal proceedings? You ever try to continue building a product that is involved in a patent lawsuit, not knowing if it is going to fall in your favor? Ever try to get funding from investors for said product and its trials during that lawsuit?
        What’s that? No? I didn’t think so.

        Learn what the lawsuit was about before making uninformed comments. You would never continue to build on a product if it was involved in a patent lawsuit. It would be taking a huge risk – one where you could lose all your rights to your product and all the money spent on research would be for nothing.
        An investor would never throw money at a company for a product that they didn’t know if that company owns the rights to that product.

        I swear some of you all need to get your brain checked. Take your conspiracy theories and shove it. Add something to the conversation by reading something. We are getting tired of giving you Seasame Street lessons on basic logic.

  47. 120 comments about JAK inhibitors, Histogen, Thorn, Tsui, what world Spain is, etc., and about three “positive” reviews of PRP that state it doesn’t grow hair, it might retard AGA, and it’s only worth it if you’ve got the money to throw away on it.

    LOL – yeah, it’s not a scam.

    1. I saw the video Admin posted: they don’t even show the guys crown and how they inject everything.

      How are we able to compare his hair before and after, and compare this PRP surgeon / technique with other PRP surgeons / techniques … ¿

      I liked the machine though … nice gadget to seperate the diesel from the gasoline …

  48. They should just continue with plug grafts and strip ht surgery for the next 30 years. Lol. We should just go to Bosley get butchered and look like a moron forever. 20 yrs and we are no further treatments since 1997. Just sad. All bs promises and half ass prp procedures that at best can slow down hair loss if you are luck or make you bald faster if you are unlucky. I seriously think it’s on purpose. There is no way, with all the money involved in curing hair loss that they would not focus on tackling this mpb at a much higher and aggressive level. Something is up. I can understand not releasing a cure but not having a better treatment than Propecia and Rogaine is unacceptable. I mean there is 4 anti erectile dysfunction meds, wrinkle botox, fake tits, etc I just read in the paper they can clone lamb and beef in a lab, and the fda is going to pass it for approval. But they can’t grow a follicle lol. If they cure aids and not baldness then you know a conspiracy theory is in place

  49. I really hope Thorne has a legit cure. I’m glad they are going against all the stupid blocking regulations of England and USA and moving steam ahead in a country with laxed laws that will allow stem cell therapies. Curing baldness, paralysis, diabetes etc is what stem cell therapy is for. If Thorne is legit then they should win a Nobel prize for being humane and caring to cure illness and life destructive disorders.

    1. Thorn having a cure is extremetly unlikely.

      Dont expect for a cure in the next five years.

      But I do think we should have hopes for a very decent and effective treatment in the next three years.

  50. If Thorn is legit they should not win a Noble prize for being so secretive and revealing nothing about their method. Nearly all similar ventures give at least some details about their method but Thorn hasn’t even given us that so we’re left to wonder whether it could be prp, adipose fat based or follicular cloning. Only the last of those would be interesting.

    Heck we don’t even know anything about their team and who ‘Dr Bashir’ is.

  51. I seriously doubt thorn is a scam but if it is and all of you are right I’m going to seriously enjoy watching them go down hard

  52. I just wish they would come out with a Real Cure. This Vampire treatment is sucking out your blood and your money.

    The Auto Immune hair loss suffers have a Real Cure. It is time that male pattern hair loss suffers have a Real Cure. I am still waiting for JAK Inhibitor tests to become public. It has been over a year, they must have something in the pipeline that should be announced soon.

    Let’s not be Savages in our “disease” and talk about ridiculous treatments.

    Let’s be intelligent and talk about Real Cures/Treatments, and one of which is definitely JAK Inhibitors. I say this Summer JAK Inhibitors prove themselves to correct hair loss.

    1. Susana. Tranquila por favor. Nadie dijo que Histogen va a curar el problema. Es un tratamiento. Es muy posible que los efectos no duran 6 años… Pero lo bueno es que hay evidencia que dura un año, sin los problemas que hay con propecia y es un tratamiento que solo necesitas recibir 1 o 2 veces al año… eso es mucho mejor que existe ahora. Estoy casi seguro que no va a salir una cura en estos años pero… debe ser algunos tratamientos, como Histogen, que nos van a ayudar un monton.

  53. Honestly doctors giving prp treatment.. They know it’s not that effective.. Say almost useless… Still they are doing it.. Only for money… It’s all about money… One of my doctors told me that prp for hair loss is bshit… I’m waiting on jak… I have faith in that.. Or maybe tsuji… He looks pretty smart guy… Rest or just working for commercial matters…

  54. Well I’ve been applying the rice bran supercritical CO2 extract for two weeks now, have noticed more thickening on the scalp. But I work in the health care field and unfortunately have been under a lot of stress lately, which may have hindered progress. I will say that on my scalp there is now two big thickening patches of hair growth and If I look up closely at the area it looks red at the hair root but the hair roots are actually there and they’re strong. And have had some red bumps on my scalp as well, and I’m not sure it’s tinea capititis because I’m also still applying the undiluted tea tree oil, and I use revita shampoo which contains Ketoconazole. I also wanted to mention that I am not diluting the rice bran extract into an absorption vehicle, but am simply applying it to the scalp.

  55. I meant to say “delivery vehicle, but am simply applying it as is directly to the scalp.”

  56. Great post. Good things are coming, have patience. We will have new treatments soon. Hair loss industry should be ashamed. New treatments not far away, I promise.


    1. You’re done? OK.
      I said: Histogen have great news: The great news appear. Good Luck. You need it.

  57. Although I rather have injections / a topical solution / stem cells (it probably takes too long before they release anything), I still want to ask this:

    Anybody here who has great knowledge about / experience with FUE HT?

    What about 3000 FUE grafts for €12.500 for the crown? Diameter of almost bald circular crown is 9 centimeters. Density now is like 10%, but those last weak hairs will be lost anyway.

    I might do this in 2017. After 12 months the final results will show and in 2018 we might have extra options to fill in possible gaps.

    Any idea about the total €12.500 being reasonable? No additional costs by the way, no travel and no hotel needed.

    1. That seems very expensive compared to procedures in Toronto, Canada. And just to let you know, our dollar is like .77 USD since oil crushed the value of our exports, which is wayyyy overdone. It was .68 in February which was nuts.

      1. Okay thanks!

        I think those figures are for regular FUE with dot scars and no regrowth, right?

        That might explain the difference in price … but those claims ( no scars, regrowth ) are still to be questioned.

    2. I think you could do it for less. US and UK are very expensive I think, there’s loads of cheaper ones in EU/worldwide . But I don’t think it is feasible to have 3000 implants in your crown with the current state of treatments. Eventually all the hair around it will disappear and you will have one circular patch of hair on your crown? No way that will look natural. I would wait out the new treatments (histogen, replicel, samumed, w/e) and see what those do.

      Maybe they will halt your loss, maybe they will give regrowth and you won’t need as much hair transplant, maybe none of them will reach the market within the next 5 years. We just don’t know. Getting a transplant that depends on better treatments to look good in the long term is a risky bet.

  58. Phil Collins did you buy the extract from Aromantic? Also would you expect shedding when using the extract as you would with Minox?

    1. Yes, from aromantics. I can’t give you a definitive answer on that. The clinical trial that used rice bran supercritical co2 extract mixed it into a delivery vehicle, whereas I am applying the stuff undiluted. It may be getting into my systemic circulation, but I have yet to see any alarming side effects. I will be getting some blood work performed within the next couple of months anyways.

      In theory there might be some rice bran-induced shedding since it may have anti-androgenic properties. With all this being said, I am now going to start mixing this stuff into coconut oil and tea tree oil. And I think it’s also worth mentioning that I just started using ds laboratories spectral dnc-s which contains adenosine.

  59. Actually bringing the discussion back to the topic of PRP…

    I have two thoughts on it –
    1) It is a complete rip off, for what it is. As far as I know, the procedure doesn’t take long at all, involves taking blood, which a machine then spins and separates , applying anaesthetic then making a few injections into the scalp – How that justifies the 2K prices I’m seeing where I am (Western Europe) is a f****g joke.
    2) I think it might have moderate benefits, but I think there are much more effective similar treatments. Does anyone know anything about carboxytherapy? Should restore energy metabolism to follicles, which I think would be much more effective for AGA. If I wasn’t a student and could afford it, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

    Does anyone have any insight into clinics providing PRP or carboxytherapy in Europe?

  60. Too bad the only effective treatments out have major side effects for this guy. I guess ill bald. It is what it is.

  61. Sorry admin for hijacking this thread but does anyone know the status of samumed? Havent heard a thing since they reported approximately 10 percent growth. Anyone??

  62. hey phil collins – thanks for the update i felt it was a little early to ask you about your rice bran experience… I’m going to be looking out for you in early july

    1. Hey Phil be sure to take photos today and then some in July or august to show us your progress with the rice bran topical. Fingers crossed you get good regrowth and thickening. Does the rice bran topical apply easily? Does it a absorb quick on the scalp?

      1. That video didn’t mention hair loss trials at all on the slide of drugs in current trials. Did they stop moving ahead with SM? I swear we just can’t catch a break. …

  63. Admin you are the boss of the best hair loss website in the world… If baldness is cured you will be a normal guy.. Did you ever think about that.. Lol… Anyways admin can you please get in touch with aclaris or angela to know what’s going on.. I strongly believe jak is the answer to our prayers..

  64. Brindey, although its in Japanese I get excited when I hear tsuji’s name. And let me tell you something, we’ve heard about the skin with follicles he made in few weeks ago its not a news for us but its for people who got burns and any skin disease. The media linked the news with baldness cure to attract people not more than that. Dr tsuji is trying to find baldness cure by creating hair follicles so why making it harder and creating skin with follicles instead ?!? That why I say the cure will be available in less than 10 years.

    1. Ant idea when they are going to release supplemental phase 2b results of samumed? I wonder if they are looking to skip phase 3 if Congress passes the bill for fast track clinical trials

  65. Admin your Blog is gonna shut down in 2018 because i believe there will be a cure in 2018.Then what will you do with your full head of hairs?

    1. I will pay 50k for a full head of hear for life. Not having to go through all the hair loss bs I have been going through the past 15 yrs is worth 50k. Just want to live normal again

      1. @Mjones – Couple of things:
        1.take a look in the mirror tomorrow and know that we have about 2 years left before a decent treatment out. Maybe you don’t like your hair today and maybe in 2 years it might get worse but know, we really only have 2 more years of struggle left more or less. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

        2. If you honestly are willing to spend 50k on your hair, I would suggest you consider a hair transplant. I know it is going to be hell going through that process but 50k will get you a decent hair transplant.

        1. Curious I hope you are right about a new treatment in two years. I would do a mini fue but the problem is I am losing hair diffuse pattern so it will be hard to do a ht. Don’t want to be a victim of a ht disaster and live with that my whole life. Better off being bald and not scarred up and island patch of hair.

      2. Dude, just shave it. It pains me to hear you living like that. Your life would be so much better. If you are a decent guy, and mildly attractive, you will be fine. You will certainly feel better, I have no doubt.

        1. Hey Ddog, I am a good looking guy and that is one of the reasons this bothers me so much my friend. I would totally buz it down but I can’t grow facial hair. I have a half as chin strap and goatee but my cheeks have no hair just random strands. If I could pull off a 5 o’clock shadow I would totally buzz my hair really short . As of now I would look Ike a seal lol

  66. Nothing is impossible , and if you truly believe that it will be at least 10 years , then why do you keep coming on here for updates everyday?

  67. Slightly unrelated but how many Hollywood actors do you guys think take propecia? Reason I ask is because there seem to be very few actors with typical mbp patterns and this includes many seasoned actors who started their careers in their early twenties and are now in their forties and fifties. Guys like Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, Ben Stiller etc. all have good hair when you would expect at least 1/4 of them to be quite extensively balding by now if in line with general population trends.

    1. Just an example: check the CNN Anchors & Reporters page.
      Only 7 out of 85 photo’s with men show a bald front scalp.

      Another example: Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer both had their “hair” fixed prior to any Two and a Half Men scene / chapter.
      Charlie wore a piece, Jon was totally painted and sprinkled on top.

      Only idiots tell us that hair loss does not ruin things like a career. In contrary, it does, and not only in the celebrity industry.

    2. There are a lot of bald actors as well. But a lot of them having perfect hair is probably part of why they’re famous actors. Average hollywood films will cast a nice looking guy for the lead, and they will likely choose someone with nice hair. They don’t have good hair because they’re famous, they’re famous (partly) because they have good hair. Some of them might be on propecia but there’s plenty of guys out there who are just lucky to not go bald.

  68. @Admin – I don’t know why I haven’t thought about it until now but do you have Hellouser’s contact info? I’m not looking for it personally except for the fact that there might be a tiny chance that he has some kind of contact with Histogen and might know where they are going to do their study here in Mexico. If it is anywhere near me (really I’d go anywhere) I’d be happy to enroll and report back here, including taking my own photos. But I have no clue where to look for the trial. Just a thought… if you don’t no worries, if you can shoot him a message to see if he has contact that would be amazing. I’d contact him on HLT but I don’t have an account.
    I understand that most trials probably make you sign an NDA and if that is the case, I’d be happy to give as much info as I can without breaking it. I’d definitely let everyone know if the results are good or not.
    It’s a long shot but if we can find the trial… it might be an extra source of information on the trials.

    1. He does have a personal contact with Gail Naughton , he has met personally for interviews with her at least twice . You can get ahold of him at the hairlosstalk forum

          1. I will forward your message to him however , he seems a little touchy on the histogen topic lately and has been getting aggravated by the histogen bashers to the point where he wouldnt even break the news about them going to phase three trials. So i guess what im saying is, don’t be surprised if i get no response.

          2. Yeah, I noticed that – people need to stop talking so much shit… It is exhausting for everyone. But it’s worth a shot but I know it’s a long one at best. Thanks for sending him a message.


    1. I’ll translate this third world english for everyone, see if I understand through incorrect grammatical capslock

      “Thorn Medical made fake claims. They sent me two photos of people they will present before and after pictures assuming these people have not been treated. Thorn Medical treatment looks like PRP not a cure. Stop wasting your time just shave your head unless your suicidal from a bad hair transplant “like me” There is no hope.”

      1. What photos did thorn send you? How do we know it’s Thorn? Who are you and how did you get that information?
      2. If the people in the photo’s have not been treated yet why the hell are you holding down shift screaming on this blog about how you are 100% sure of the results in the ‘after’ shot
      3. How do you know ‘IT LOOKS LIKE A PRP’ how do you know what the treatment even looks like/ how it is done??

      God man really? some mildly retarded obvious questions here no logic emotional tantrum before I believe anything on both sides of this argument..


  71. Yoda, relax bud. I know you’re upset right now but a lot of those companies that you mentioned are putting in real work. A cure isn’t going to come soon but a better treatment is just around the corner. I know you think that a lot of things are scams but just take a breath, they aren’t as bad as you think they are.

    A couple more years man… at most. We have 3 potential companies with 3 potential treatments in that time. It’s looking good. If any of them go into phase 3 trials it will be looking very good.

    1. And my fault… I forgot about Follica, they said they would have something out in the next couple of years too.

  72. admin u should start advertising bipolar treatments .. theres enough traffic here for you to retire early

  73. Hey guys is follica going to be using Rogaine as their topical addition to their wounding protocol? I’m a little worried by that for users who have used Rogaine like myself and the treatment lost effectiveness. If Rogaine lost effectiveness for you then wouldn’t that make follica treatment worthless for those?

    1. Stop saying loose effectiveness please. If you are the best candidate for minox you will still loose your hair. Minox does not loose effectiveness but your genitic wins the battle.
      About follica I think they will use it with some other chemical solution

      1. Khourli that means it loses its effectiveness if stops holding on to your hair. The whole point of taking Propecia and Rogaine is stop or slow hair loss to a minimum. If it worked the first year or first 6 years to give you growth and stops loss then it’s effective. If you start losing ground then it means those drugs are losing its effectiveness. Whether it be strong genes or more dht, the drugs can’t keep up so it loses effectiveness. Not sure why you say it doesn’t.

  74. Question: Will we have to take propecia after Tsuji cloning to maintain the hairs we had already? Bwcause I don’t think Tsuji’s cloning treatment intends to remedy existing miniaturized hairs. So we would have new cloned follicles surrounded by weak, thin hair.

    What you guys think?

    1. The point of hair cloning is essentially to solve the limited amount of grafts for Hair Transplantation. So my answer is yes, you will need to use finasteride to maintain. Except if you decide to do an extreme procedure like you decide to cover the whole NW7 area anyway no matter what condition your remaining hair is. It would be extremely expensive though.

      1. If you were say a NW2 but had general thinning and loss of density throughout the top and you chose to do the cloning treatment to cover the entire NW7 area, what do you think might happen then? Would yout existing thin hairs drop out and be replaced by the stronger cloned hairs? Or would the existing hairs become thicker and healthier? Or maybe nothing would happen?

  75. Also if follica treatment only amounts to dermarolling and minox then it wouldn’t say much about Cott’s 26 yrs spent researching hair lol

    1. Yeah mash. I’m hoping that’s not the case because if it’s just derma rolling and adding Rogaine then that is just sad. 26 yrs and that’s it. It can’t be thst. Has to be something much more advanced and robust.

  76. mjones any good news about releasing a new treatment during the following couple of months, Kelopesia, the Brotzu lotion, Deltracin.

    1. Kelopesia is expected in first of june, it has been said that many turkish celebs came to the uni for trying it….

      Dr brotzu’s lotion need at least 1 year to be delivered by fidia

  77. Guys, the real cure in near future (10 years) will come only from Tsuji lab. When I say cure I mean make totally bald guy to full head. The hair multiplication method is only way to go. If you can read corectlly you can notice that in skin development Tsuji used wnt10b molecule which provides a higher amount of hair follicles! Do you even know that he cloned HUMAN hair in 2012? This is already possible. They are able to control hair colour and hair density! They treatment look like this: they inject you your cloned cells in your scalp. Not transplant. The density is 120 grafts per cm^2! The problem is cells culturing. However if they manage to multiply these cells in skin so IMO they also used it to hair regeneration. Maybe they make a press release in near future . If yes, in 2022 the baldness will be only a past.
    And one more thing. This method is a couple of levels above the rest ‘cures’. The big, real science! We are lucky that that team from Riken started ORGAN REGENERATION with hair. They say that hair is only transitional goal.
    But the greatest cure will be gene therapy. Unfortunately not for us :/ At least 20 years… And of course only for full heads. You notice hair loss. Go to clinic and checkmate.

    Replicel- if you are bald it is not for you. It should work for thinning hair. Maybe this will replace gene therapy in effects. Just wait…
    Histogen- I don’t know. But at the end it is only some regrowth. Maybe with Fue it will give nice resluts. Just pray ;)

    In 3-4 yeras there will be Fin equivalent. Obiously CB. There will not be a need to worry about sexual problems. Hold on :)

    And what about Brotzu lotion? There also is a science. In best case scenario it is going to be minox plus fin combo :D There is a real hope!!

    To sum up, Tsuji should succeed. And sold the patent to every country all over the world :D You see decreasing hair line? You fulfill the gap. And now the crown? Again. Tsuji makes me again beautiful :D

    1. I have great faith in Tsuji labs but I want to know if it will work in diffuse thinners who still have NW2. Will it help existing thin hairs?

      Also I don’t know if it could work well for the hairline if the hairs are clones of back of head hairs (thick) and the angle direction is not natural. And will they be able to control the density of cloned hairs per 1cm2?

      1. Some technical questions… At this moment just keep fingers to make it work. Your hair from your back are just the same as the rest. But DHT resistant :D They have tools to make it natural. Right direction and great density. NO it will not work for existing hair. The have to fall out. Theoretically Replicel technology sholud work for thining hair.

        1. Damn if that is the case then Tsuji won’t be able to help guys who are maintaining most of their hair with finasteride or have generalised thinning hair. It will only help those that are slick bald.

          1. I think lewa is right on this. I think what he is saying is that there should be empty spots to transplant these hairs ( same as HT as the doctor can’t transplant hair in the existing hair) so you can treat the spots between the existing hair. Yes makes sense :)

  78. This is all exciting stuff! Fingers crossed for Turkish lotion, Italian lotion for near treatments and histogen and follica, sm for 2 yr treatment. Tsuji looks great but far off. Let’s focus on that in 2020 once they start trials

  79. hmm well as far as I can tell Thorn medical hasn’t emailed me back yet and Yoda doesn’t seem like he has any proof of what he’s talking about so I don’t see any news.

    There is no mention of PRP with thorn there is not even mention of adipose tissue but there is comments alluding to cloning with hair follicles surviving. We’ll see in a few months..

  80. How can Tsuji be a (future) cure if it doesn’t rejuvinate the miniturized follicles?!?! What do you think would happen if they injected in a diffused zone, would hairs still grow in the emptier spaces?

    I would really like to know what Dr. Tsuji thinks about this. Most of us here have got thin hairs and not completely slick bald NW7.

    1. As I said. MAYBE Replicel will rejuvinate thinning hair. Tsuji’s method will be rather a hair transplant but less invasive and with big density. It will be a normal looking hair. And I hope cheaper.

  81. So maybe it will be easier to use dht gel on your scalp and accelerate the miniaturization. The sick hair follicles will disapear faster and you would need only one Tsuji’s session XD Just joking but it makes a sense :D

    1. It’s a shame replicel is probably a sham.

      I still hope the Tsuji treatment will do something for diffuse balders, like fill in the gaps or something or push the weaker hair out and it regrows dht resistant hair. Who knows. Someone should contact Tsuji so that he can investigate this angle when their trials start.

  82. yo all cut the BS now. here my 100 grand… I am nw5 and dont want to use any drugs for the rest of my life. give me the cure make me nw0 again.. there u go, u take my 100grand.. i wouldnt even blink my eye..

    whats the story folks? hair is an uncountable noun just as money.. its priceless…

  83. Danitello is 100 percent right. These companies need to stop fking around. I would drop 50 to 100k for full head of hair. I would never regret that purchase. It would be the best 100k ever spent to make me happy. The quickest way for full coverage is jak if they can make it work for mpb. Tsuji, Thorne , replicek require surgery but sound like permanent treatments. This stuff should have been out in 2010 to 2012 time frame. Latest 2014. This is just getting ridiculous.

    Hey admin, did follicum start their phase 2 yet?

  84. We should have some updates this Friday from christisno, cots and whoever is attending that conference.

  85. I hope shiseido trials start soon and their quietness is not a sign that they think replicel’s thing is sh*t…

  86. i personally take silence as a good thing. its better than going out public and say ive the cure. at this point they should all stfu and focus… all in honesty, i think there is much less garbage news as comparison to 2010s…

  87. Just chiming in. I did PLENTY of research before I took the chance and laid down 900 bucks at a dermatology office in Kansas City for a PRP hair treatment. I am talking about seeing a board certified dermatologist who also specializes in hair loss. My result was worse than non growth, but I actually have lost more hair since the treatment 3 months ago. Just thought I would add my experience to this thread. Thanks

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