PRP Treatment Updates

There have been a number of important developments in the platelet-rich plasma world during the past several months, warranting a new post on the subject.

— In late March, the famous patient advocate Joe Tillman published a very interesting video on his first ever PRP treatment with Dr. Jerry Cooley. Joe told me that he will give us an update on his results in the near future. Below is his first highly instructive video. I love the centrifuge part:

— In the April issue of Dermatologic Surgery, a new favorable study from Spain on PRP treatment for hair loss was published. It seems like no ACell was added into the mix. I did not find the full study via Google Scholar, but the abstract concludes that “PRP showed a positive effect on AGA and could be regarded as an adjuvant therapy for AGA.

I still do not think that PRP will usually grow new hair (as has also been verified by some hair transplant surgeons), but it can often prevent baldness from progressing as rapidly, and it can without a doubt make existing hair thicker. Why do I say this? Because at this point I have seen favorable studies from way too many countries to dismiss this oftentimes still controversial subject. Make sure to see a list of these studies in my 2014 post on how well PRP works to regrow hair, which I update whenever I find new studies.

— Dr. Jeffry Rapaport has a knack for frequently appearing in various respected US TV shows. The below video (now taken away it seems) is from just a few days ago. Unlike many other US physicians who just go on TV for publicity, I feel like Dr. Rapaport comes across as much more sincere. Moreover, he only charges $500 per PRP treatment. Much more ethical than physicians who often charge over $2,000 for a treatment that is far from guaranteed to work.

— Finally, although not related to hair loss, today it was confirmed that the currently injured NBA MVP Stephen Curry got PRP treatment on his right knee in order to try to speed up recovery. Kobe Bryant did the same thing in the past before his achilles tendon rupture. As more superstar athletes get PRP treatment, it can indirectly benefit hair loss sufferers via more research money flowing into this field.

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  1. @Admin – I don’t know why I haven’t thought about it until now but do you have Hellouser’s contact info? I’m not looking for it personally except for the fact that there might be a tiny chance that he has some kind of contact with Histogen and might know where they are going to do their study here in Mexico. If it is anywhere near me (really I’d go anywhere) I’d be happy to enroll and report back here, including taking my own photos. But I have no clue where to look for the trial. Just a thought… if you don’t no worries, if you can shoot him a message to see if he has contact that would be amazing. I’d contact him on HLT but I don’t have an account.
    I understand that most trials probably make you sign an NDA and if that is the case, I’d be happy to give as much info as I can without breaking it. I’d definitely let everyone know if the results are good or not.
    It’s a long shot but if we can find the trial… it might be an extra source of information on the trials.

    1. He does have a personal contact with Gail Naughton , he has met personally for interviews with her at least twice . You can get ahold of him at the hairlosstalk forum

          1. I will forward your message to him however , he seems a little touchy on the histogen topic lately and has been getting aggravated by the histogen bashers to the point where he wouldnt even break the news about them going to phase three trials. So i guess what im saying is, don’t be surprised if i get no response.

          2. Yeah, I noticed that – people need to stop talking so much shit… It is exhausting for everyone. But it’s worth a shot but I know it’s a long one at best. Thanks for sending him a message.


    1. I’ll translate this third world english for everyone, see if I understand through incorrect grammatical capslock

      “Thorn Medical made fake claims. They sent me two photos of people they will present before and after pictures assuming these people have not been treated. Thorn Medical treatment looks like PRP not a cure. Stop wasting your time just shave your head unless your suicidal from a bad hair transplant “like me” There is no hope.”

      1. What photos did thorn send you? How do we know it’s Thorn? Who are you and how did you get that information?
      2. If the people in the photo’s have not been treated yet why the hell are you holding down shift screaming on this blog about how you are 100% sure of the results in the ‘after’ shot
      3. How do you know ‘IT LOOKS LIKE A PRP’ how do you know what the treatment even looks like/ how it is done??

      God man really? some mildly retarded obvious questions here no logic emotional tantrum before I believe anything on both sides of this argument..


  4. Yoda, relax bud. I know you’re upset right now but a lot of those companies that you mentioned are putting in real work. A cure isn’t going to come soon but a better treatment is just around the corner. I know you think that a lot of things are scams but just take a breath, they aren’t as bad as you think they are.

    A couple more years man… at most. We have 3 potential companies with 3 potential treatments in that time. It’s looking good. If any of them go into phase 3 trials it will be looking very good.

    1. And my fault… I forgot about Follica, they said they would have something out in the next couple of years too.

  5. admin u should start advertising bipolar treatments .. theres enough traffic here for you to retire early

  6. Hey guys is follica going to be using Rogaine as their topical addition to their wounding protocol? I’m a little worried by that for users who have used Rogaine like myself and the treatment lost effectiveness. If Rogaine lost effectiveness for you then wouldn’t that make follica treatment worthless for those?

    1. Stop saying loose effectiveness please. If you are the best candidate for minox you will still loose your hair. Minox does not loose effectiveness but your genitic wins the battle.
      About follica I think they will use it with some other chemical solution

      1. Khourli that means it loses its effectiveness if stops holding on to your hair. The whole point of taking Propecia and Rogaine is stop or slow hair loss to a minimum. If it worked the first year or first 6 years to give you growth and stops loss then it’s effective. If you start losing ground then it means those drugs are losing its effectiveness. Whether it be strong genes or more dht, the drugs can’t keep up so it loses effectiveness. Not sure why you say it doesn’t.

  7. Question: Will we have to take propecia after Tsuji cloning to maintain the hairs we had already? Bwcause I don’t think Tsuji’s cloning treatment intends to remedy existing miniaturized hairs. So we would have new cloned follicles surrounded by weak, thin hair.

    What you guys think?

    1. The point of hair cloning is essentially to solve the limited amount of grafts for Hair Transplantation. So my answer is yes, you will need to use finasteride to maintain. Except if you decide to do an extreme procedure like you decide to cover the whole NW7 area anyway no matter what condition your remaining hair is. It would be extremely expensive though.

      1. If you were say a NW2 but had general thinning and loss of density throughout the top and you chose to do the cloning treatment to cover the entire NW7 area, what do you think might happen then? Would yout existing thin hairs drop out and be replaced by the stronger cloned hairs? Or would the existing hairs become thicker and healthier? Or maybe nothing would happen?

  8. Also if follica treatment only amounts to dermarolling and minox then it wouldn’t say much about Cott’s 26 yrs spent researching hair lol

    1. Yeah mash. I’m hoping that’s not the case because if it’s just derma rolling and adding Rogaine then that is just sad. 26 yrs and that’s it. It can’t be thst. Has to be something much more advanced and robust.

  9. mjones any good news about releasing a new treatment during the following couple of months, Kelopesia, the Brotzu lotion, Deltracin.

    1. Kelopesia is expected in first of june, it has been said that many turkish celebs came to the uni for trying it….

      Dr brotzu’s lotion need at least 1 year to be delivered by fidia

  10. Guys, the real cure in near future (10 years) will come only from Tsuji lab. When I say cure I mean make totally bald guy to full head. The hair multiplication method is only way to go. If you can read corectlly you can notice that in skin development Tsuji used wnt10b molecule which provides a higher amount of hair follicles! Do you even know that he cloned HUMAN hair in 2012? This is already possible. They are able to control hair colour and hair density! They treatment look like this: they inject you your cloned cells in your scalp. Not transplant. The density is 120 grafts per cm^2! The problem is cells culturing. However if they manage to multiply these cells in skin so IMO they also used it to hair regeneration. Maybe they make a press release in near future . If yes, in 2022 the baldness will be only a past.
    And one more thing. This method is a couple of levels above the rest ‘cures’. The big, real science! We are lucky that that team from Riken started ORGAN REGENERATION with hair. They say that hair is only transitional goal.
    But the greatest cure will be gene therapy. Unfortunately not for us :/ At least 20 years… And of course only for full heads. You notice hair loss. Go to clinic and checkmate.

    Replicel- if you are bald it is not for you. It should work for thinning hair. Maybe this will replace gene therapy in effects. Just wait…
    Histogen- I don’t know. But at the end it is only some regrowth. Maybe with Fue it will give nice resluts. Just pray ;)

    In 3-4 yeras there will be Fin equivalent. Obiously CB. There will not be a need to worry about sexual problems. Hold on :)

    And what about Brotzu lotion? There also is a science. In best case scenario it is going to be minox plus fin combo :D There is a real hope!!

    To sum up, Tsuji should succeed. And sold the patent to every country all over the world :D You see decreasing hair line? You fulfill the gap. And now the crown? Again. Tsuji makes me again beautiful :D

    1. I have great faith in Tsuji labs but I want to know if it will work in diffuse thinners who still have NW2. Will it help existing thin hairs?

      Also I don’t know if it could work well for the hairline if the hairs are clones of back of head hairs (thick) and the angle direction is not natural. And will they be able to control the density of cloned hairs per 1cm2?

      1. Some technical questions… At this moment just keep fingers to make it work. Your hair from your back are just the same as the rest. But DHT resistant :D They have tools to make it natural. Right direction and great density. NO it will not work for existing hair. The have to fall out. Theoretically Replicel technology sholud work for thining hair.

        1. Damn if that is the case then Tsuji won’t be able to help guys who are maintaining most of their hair with finasteride or have generalised thinning hair. It will only help those that are slick bald.

          1. I think lewa is right on this. I think what he is saying is that there should be empty spots to transplant these hairs ( same as HT as the doctor can’t transplant hair in the existing hair) so you can treat the spots between the existing hair. Yes makes sense :)

  11. This is all exciting stuff! Fingers crossed for Turkish lotion, Italian lotion for near treatments and histogen and follica, sm for 2 yr treatment. Tsuji looks great but far off. Let’s focus on that in 2020 once they start trials

  12. hmm well as far as I can tell Thorn medical hasn’t emailed me back yet and Yoda doesn’t seem like he has any proof of what he’s talking about so I don’t see any news.

    There is no mention of PRP with thorn there is not even mention of adipose tissue but there is comments alluding to cloning with hair follicles surviving. We’ll see in a few months..

  13. How can Tsuji be a (future) cure if it doesn’t rejuvinate the miniturized follicles?!?! What do you think would happen if they injected in a diffused zone, would hairs still grow in the emptier spaces?

    I would really like to know what Dr. Tsuji thinks about this. Most of us here have got thin hairs and not completely slick bald NW7.

    1. As I said. MAYBE Replicel will rejuvinate thinning hair. Tsuji’s method will be rather a hair transplant but less invasive and with big density. It will be a normal looking hair. And I hope cheaper.

  14. So maybe it will be easier to use dht gel on your scalp and accelerate the miniaturization. The sick hair follicles will disapear faster and you would need only one Tsuji’s session XD Just joking but it makes a sense :D

    1. It’s a shame replicel is probably a sham.

      I still hope the Tsuji treatment will do something for diffuse balders, like fill in the gaps or something or push the weaker hair out and it regrows dht resistant hair. Who knows. Someone should contact Tsuji so that he can investigate this angle when their trials start.

  15. yo all cut the BS now. here my 100 grand… I am nw5 and dont want to use any drugs for the rest of my life. give me the cure make me nw0 again.. there u go, u take my 100grand.. i wouldnt even blink my eye..

    whats the story folks? hair is an uncountable noun just as money.. its priceless…

  16. Danitello is 100 percent right. These companies need to stop fking around. I would drop 50 to 100k for full head of hair. I would never regret that purchase. It would be the best 100k ever spent to make me happy. The quickest way for full coverage is jak if they can make it work for mpb. Tsuji, Thorne , replicek require surgery but sound like permanent treatments. This stuff should have been out in 2010 to 2012 time frame. Latest 2014. This is just getting ridiculous.

    Hey admin, did follicum start their phase 2 yet?

  17. I hope shiseido trials start soon and their quietness is not a sign that they think replicel’s thing is sh*t…

  18. i personally take silence as a good thing. its better than going out public and say ive the cure. at this point they should all stfu and focus… all in honesty, i think there is much less garbage news as comparison to 2010s…

  19. Just chiming in. I did PLENTY of research before I took the chance and laid down 900 bucks at a dermatology office in Kansas City for a PRP hair treatment. I am talking about seeing a board certified dermatologist who also specializes in hair loss. My result was worse than non growth, but I actually have lost more hair since the treatment 3 months ago. Just thought I would add my experience to this thread. Thanks

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