Interview with Dr. Takashi Tsuji (Kind of)

In early April 2016, the renowned Dr. Takashi Tsuji from Japan was yet again involved in groundbreaking new hair (and skin) related research.  On April 3, I e-mailed him the following, hoping that he would grant my request for an interview:

Hello Dr. Tsuji,

I recently covered your two new partnerships (with Meiji Seika and with Adjuvant Cosmetics) as well as your paper regarding bioengineered skin.

Is there any way you would be willing to do an interview with me for my blog?


His almost immediate response:

Dear Admin,

Thank you so much for your interests to our study.

We collaborate with Adjuvant cosmetics to study on the development of a novel hair promoting agents by using our developed screening system. The collaboration with Meiji Seika pharma and other companies plan to develop a novel bioengineered skin in vitro with skin appendages including hair follicle and sebaceous gland. This bio-skin will contribute the developments to cosmetics, quasi drugs and anti-allergic agents.

Unfortunately, I would like to answer only by e-mail.

Thank you for your contact.



I was surprised that he replied (and mentioned both the companies that I mentioned in my e-mail), since he must have been extremely busy being bombarded with interview requests from around the world so soon after his latest groundbreaking paper was published. It also seemed like the ending of his above e-mail response implied that he would be willing to grant me an e-mail interview.  So I sent him a list of detailed questions. Unfortunately this time, no luck:-(  Dr. Tsuji sent me a generic reply that he was sending to all journalists (I do not blame him at all of course). Below is his reply and the pasted contents of his attachment for journalists.

His second response:

Dear Admin,

Thank you for your contact regarding our recent work.

I am grateful that you have great interests to our recent bioengineered skin study. Unfortunately, I enclosed FAQ, which was asked from many reporters in world-wide. I also enclosed the figure, which demonstrated successful transplantation of the bioengineered 3D integumentary system derived from GFP-expressed iPS cells. Green fluorescence indicates the bioengineered skin including iPS-derived hair shafts.



Here is the FAQ document from Dr. Takashi Tsuji.

Lots of interesting information in there and hopefully you can download it ok (should be in Word format).

The image below that he included is of “bioengineered skin with iPS-derived hair shafts”:

Bioengineered skin, including iPS-derived hair shafts.


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  1. Damn! IMO he has sth big for us! Just wait for cutting edge update. Think about this. If he announce in this year that they overcame problems, they might bring this technology to market in five years. In Japan they do not need a 3 phase.

  2. And you have to notice that this team has a big knowledge. I repeat this again: WE ARE LUCKY THAT THEY STUDY HAIR REGENERATION.

  3. Hi Admin, thanks for this update. If you get the chance to communicate with Dr. Tsuji again, can you ask him if he is planning to test the bioengineered follicle regrowth treatment on thinning areas of scalp as well as traditional bald ‘slick bald’ areas?

    If he also tests it on thinning areas it would be interesting to see how the existing hairs would react, i.e. would they be strengthened, replaced by or surrounded by bioengineered hairs.

    I think the hair loss community would like to know if this treatment will work for those with thinning/miniaturized areas that in the early to mid stages of mpb. Many guys seeking a cure are currently maintaining with fin and minox and as a result are not completely slick bald.

  4. Admin thank you for this interesting topic. He kept saying within 10 years but at least he is moving the research forward.

  5. “We collaborate with Adjuvant cosmetics to study on the development of a novel hair promoting agents by using our developed screening system.”

    Does anyone know more about the collaboration with Adjuvant cosmetics? What is the novel hair promoting agent and screening system? Is he referring to stem cells?

    “The collaboration with Meiji Seika pharma and other companies plan to develop a novel bioengineered skin in vitro with skin appendages including hair follicle and sebaceous gland.”

    It was previously reported that the collaboration with Meiji Seika pharma would enable Tsuji to continue developing and testing his hair regrowth treatment. But here he only mentions work on bioengineered skin.

  6. So , we are gonna get new scalps ? Or are they saying inside of this skin regen process is the golden ticket to hairloss . Sorry if this is a dumb question , but i am dumb when it comes to science, and biology

    1. I remember when sonic hedgehog treatment was being tested. It grew tons of hair but caused tumors so they stop the trials

  7. Human trials to begin within ten years, so to market within 15 years??…Why can’t they just trial it now

  8. While it may take time for them to bring a solution of bio-engineered follicles to market, it sounds like they will have the bio-engineered skin and follicles lab-ready in the next year of two… which is actually great news.

    This means they can study chemicals at a rapid pace. Where we normally have to wait years to hear about a study done with tof, rux, whatever else… scientists can now study ANY chemical. No need to worry about safety of the patient (there is no patient). No need to spend time recruiting… begging them to come for follow ups, so on and so on. The cost of testing will drop DRAMATICALLY. Of course they still need to do human tests before release, but now they can test much more and much faster before they do the final human tests.

    We could have a chemical-based cure within a year or two of of the bio-engineered skin release

  9. It looks like he is trying to create skin with hair. Which is really cool, but I don’t think that is a viable approach to curing baldness. This would be great for burn victims. Now if he can create follicles in a dish and implant to scalp with proper direction, growth and cycle then that is a cure. Maybe his collaboration with the adjuvant Pharma will create a hair growth solution for mpb, that can really grow lots of hair since he seems to know the best. So maybe a release much sooner.

  10. What I don’t get is that there are so many guys here who are so totally opposed to the thought of having HT surgery, yet who are holding on to Tsuji as the greatest hope we have yet? Surely if he is growing follicles on bio-engineered skin, they will then need to be grafted onto the scalp. Thus removing scalp and replacing it with this, right? Explain to me how that will result in any more or less realistic looking results that a normal FUE?

  11. Why is this interview mainly talking about skin regeneration? Is that different from his whole hair thing? Very confused…

  12. guys, this guy is not trying to cure baldness. holding hope for him is not a good idea. He is working on a skin/hair to test chemicals… he has no intention of opening a hair follicle manufacturing and implanting business.

    1. We want to believe it is. This is Just a conceptual. And you will not have anything here for over 10 years. But already people asking costs and side effects of this “treatment”…. And like you say. The focus is no hair or any tratment. Is Just crente a symthetic skin for test drogs. That is the important thing. A skin that can improve futuro drogs for hair loss. Maybe speed up thing….

  13. Can any propecia users answer a quick question for me?
    So i started the drug and im getting beyond incredible results but something left me wondering.So when i expirienced my first signs of balding a year and a half back my first big shed i had an awfull dandruff problem after the big shed the problem disappeared ,and now after some time on finasteride while i am getting a lot of regrowth ,i noticed the dandruff problem kicked in again after like 1 month on the drug and hasnt disappeared for now.Just wondering how is the dandruff related to balding,shedding,finasteride and so on,if it is related at all

    1. Hey DNP, don’t stress about the dandruff. Use Nizoral shampoo 3x a week to control dandruff. I’ve been on Propecia for 14 years and had dandruff before Propecia and during. I’m happy to hear you are seeing awesome results. Stay the course, add nizoral. Add a good hair vitamin, like maxi hair by country life. Do scalp massages every morning for 5 mins. Don’t take Rogaine till later on. Don’t get greedy. Let Propecia do its job for full 2 years. If you keep getting growth and hair loss stabilizing then just use Propecia only and no Rogaine.

  14. Wow. The Jak post above just bummed the crap out of me. They aren’t even starting clinical trials for JAK on alopecia areata until 2017?! And since they are doing areata first, we wont see anything for mpb for years I bet. There is honestly nothing left to look forward to in the near future. Everything is years and years away and not one of them has even been designated as a cure yet, nor do we know if any of these will ever even be the real deal.

    1. More or less is True. The até some proves that jak cant cure mpb. People with alopecia took jak and although the hair was recovered, were with the standard type NW SOMETHING

  15. It’s always negative news in the hair loss game. Ever since Propecia came out there has been nothing else that can outperform it. Christiano prob has shit, and looks like Cots was right about jak not working for mpb. I’m not shocked about this at all. I knew there will be no cure. I just hope cots, sm, histogen combined can bring us good hair coverage combined. I was never impressed with tsuji. He is far far far away from any new treatment. I agree that he won’t be focusing on hair rejuvenation but just skin. However he mentioned working with another pharmaceutical company that could produce new hair loss treatments. If jak worked for mpb they would have focused on that first instead of aa. More money in Aga.

    1. This is all guess work. The initial study was for Alopecia Areta… why would they jump straight into trials for a different disease. They will continue with AA, then they could launch a separate trial later to see if it effects AGA.

      Can you all stop jumping to conclusions everytime you post something. It’s so annoying to read, your opinions all change with each coming week.

      In the short-term:
      – FUE
      – Histogen
      – Samumed (don’t think they will release)
      – Brotzu
      – Topical Finasteride

      Long-term (few years away):
      – JAK
      – Replicel
      – Tsuji

      Also, can i just say like someone has mentioned earlier. This could be really key in pushing forward trials:

      “This bio-skin will contribute the developments to cosmetics, quasi drugs and anti-allergic agents.”

      Could you imagine? They could develop treatments to cosmetic conditions faster and with less testing regulations, if i understand it.. then they could be testing essentially against something that has the value of a piece of paper instead of living organisms and humans. Which means perhaps they could move into human trials faster, unlock a potential formula that can cure hairloss and then jump into testing on High NWs.

      Keep the faith peeps.

      1. THIS.

        While i agree with others that the time scales to bring things through a trial are mind boggling and beyond frustrating, I think you are jumping to conclusions over this. JAK could very well still work on AGA.

    1. That is not true. The study was from the beginning focused on AA suffers, when someone asked could this work for AGA she said possibly. This is not about caring more, this is about a scientific study.

      Stop applying your own emotional conflictions to other people. Let her get on with her work and when the opportunity arises, she will begin working on AGA.

  16. Maybe tsuji knew that someone else is taking care of hair regeneration so he decided to focus on skin instead ??

  17. Look he even flat out said “androgenetic alopecia”, NOT AA. So Aclaris knows where the big money is and is focused on tackling AGA as well. JAK is already proven for AA though, so if they rush to trials and get approval that is new revenue and money for them to fund studies for AGA. (if they don’t start trials for AGA alongside AA). Don’t get down fellas, progress is being made 10X faster than it was 10 years ago.

  18. I don’t know about you guys but I have been waiting for Christiano to release something since 2001. I lost faith in her. Too many delays and she hasn’t even started focusing on AGA. Jak may very well work for AGA but the way she is going it will take 10 more years. I have more faith in cots. At least he is focusing on AGA this whole time and has treatment in clinical trials with release date in 2018.
    Who else here has been waiting for a new treatment since 2001? If you have them you will totally understand my pessimistic attitude lately on hair loss treatment progression.

    Breezy I agree with you but you would think they would immediately test Jak for aga and get that ball rolling along side with AA. The money they would get for releasing an aga Jak treatment would be enormous. The fact they are waiting this long is worrisome. I feel like someone is stopping them from progressing forward with aga.

  19. Or, could they get it approved for AA and if people that have AA and AGA see results not only from their alopecia but also from their AGA could it just be written off-label for treatment of AGA? This actually seems like it would be the most effective route.

  20. @Breezy, I truly admire your optimism but you should cross Histrogen off your short (and long) term wishlist. They will never release a hair loss treatment.
    If ppl want a little hope and sunshine in their life they should read admins post on Polichems topical Fin. This is the only product worth looking forward to. And potentially we could get release news any day now.

    1. Why never? So far out of everything being researched they have the best results and recently announced trials next year and release in 2(mexico)?

      This is from memory, so correct me if i’m wrong.

  21. Who? Merck? johnson and johnson? Come on…mjones. Don’t be naive. They CAN’T DO NOTHING. All of us here are agree in one thing: WE WANT AND WE NEED SOMETHING BETTER THAN MINOXIDIL AND PROPECIA.

  22. It’s so funny how people were attacking cots and saying Cristiano will bring the cure. Anyways admin can you please email tsuji and ask him of he is trying to cure baldness by creating follicle or skin ? I know he may not answer but we can try at least

  23. I still think that Tsuji is going to develop hair regeneration. And this research is irrelevant to us. Admin you should not ask about skin discovery but his further actions on the discovery from 2012 published in Nature.

    1. This. Sorry Admin, but do you mind explaining why there was so much focus on skin regeneration and nothing about his hair loss work?

  24. One way to find out is when JAK is released for AA, we can get an off label prescription? I have been treated for scalp psoriasis, so maybe that will qualify.

    1. I would say 5 years for jak treatment for AA. Needs phase 2 and phase 3 plus fda approval and other bs. 5 years is a good solid estimate. Maybe you can use it for aga once it’s released for aa.

  25. Still needs to go through all phases but yes, maybe they can expedite the trials.

    Any news on follicum? That’s another player in the game. They are moving quickly with phase 2 to end summer time or early fall

  26. Jak is not approved for aga and im sure will have to be modified if it works at all which means more trials and time .

  27. So tsuji is not even looking into curing aga ? And whatever he’s looking at is 10 plus years away? Lol. To me that’s not even newsworthy news

    1. yeah but this wasn’t focused on starting a company that duplicates hair and implants it. It was again about solving some other problem aside from MPB.

      This means that he may never actually solve the problems neccessary to create this type of company, because solving those problems aren’t his main goal. The only way he’ll solve them is if they overlap with his other goals (organ regeneration and bio-engineered skin for testing chemicals).

      So we have to wait for him to by chance solve the problems, and then hope somebody makes a company out of it…. so his solution is 10 years out at least.

  28. hate optimistic people. here. they seriously think cure is around the corner, in reality it never was/is/will be..

    all in honesty i will say beating AGA is much more difficulty than beating cancer. No… it is not my thought.. Can you show me one , just one PROOF? i can show you many examples of patients beating cancer. How about hairloss? do you have one person who BEAT hairloss? no one seriously no one… yo all hold on to fin and minox .. this has to stop…

    and again no, it has nothing to do with not getting enough funding or enough attention. what gobshite on earth would think that? almost 70% of men and women above age 40 suffering from hairloss.. and it doesnt get enough attention? just move out of your closet… just move the f on…

    in short, we will be lucky if we see this cure in our lifetime…

    i did post it in my other post as well. i might just say it here again.. cure will not come one of the above. one day we will wake up with it.. it will come from nowhere… and it will be all over the news… this is how breakthrough research happens…

        1. You are sure that there will not be any new treatment or cure. So why you wasting time here :D

          1. did u understand it? then pls read again.. I said one day there will be.. but no one knows when… and yes i am backing up my comment . none of these treatments will be the cure..

    1. Good post. Things must change. Now, you understand why I say that the hair industry is a real shame? Read danitello’s post.

  29. Honestly, why do you ppl bother with this guessing game? Its getting completely outta hand. Every single blog post turns into the same talk about treatments thats nowhere in sight, and wont be for many many years. Whats in phase 3 at the moment?? As far as I know only Polichems topical Fin. Nothing else will suddenly hit the market and surprise us all…I wish to God, but im afraid even that wont help.

    1. no u got me wrong… nothing will hit the market as final product… but one day, hope we all see that day, phase1 results will show 100% increase in hair density, hair count and showing some real examples pictures of a nw7 to nw3 in 5-6 months period.. thats the point…

      none of the above treatments shows that promising numbers.. they are all mediocre… and mediocrity is the worst


    I suggest you ALL to look at the following video to get a feeling for what T. Tsuji is trying to achieve. It’s easy to understand in the following video.

    Put on the subtitles. The method of T. Tsuji is discussed till ~8 minutes in.

    danitello- tell me if this is just a funny game? Or a real science??

  31. Good evening. I am Brazilian and I follow the blog for about 3 years. I come to congratulate the administrator for information passed. I still think jack inhibitors may have an effect on hair loss. Does anyone know if you have a prediction for topical finasteride?

  32. admin hi5 and thank you for contacting the researchers directly this is a good move. This blog is better than all the other dumb forums i dont even get on anymore

  33. Does masturbation cause hair loss? Hahaha jk.

    I sadly agree with donatelo. If a real cure were to be found it would be all over the news just like a cure for aids. All these treatments are interesting but I don’t think it will make a new a nw2. I just want something that can stop further loss and thicken up what I have. Bronzu lotion looks interesting and gaining 5 years of hair lost is awesome but I’m very skeptical of thst. Topical fin looks awesome if it can grow back lost hair from 5 years ago and stop further loss. I have a feeling it won’t work for those like me where oral fin lost its effectiveness after so many years. The only person who I think will have a novel treatment is Cots. It won’t be a cure but something much better than fin and min

    1. I don’t agree. It might take time for it to be picked up. It seems to be a random walk as to what gets covered by the media and what doesn’t. Usually, one source decides to cover something (caffeine, mouse hair research, whatever) and then other piggy back and cover it too. But lots of findings go under the radar. So unless the “cure” is so undeniably true and comes with amazing photo evidence, chances are you won’t hear about it on the news first…

      the media covers all sorts of crap and calls it a cure (see the daily UK mail basically once a week)… I wouldn’t count on them to be able to decipher the real thing from the fake (if and when it does surface)

  34. Hey guys for all the Histogen believers I have some good news. Histogen emailed me back I asked about the next steps and the presentation on SCS.. They replied with a copy of the presentation and told me they are preparing for late stage clinical trial in US, early stage trial for women in US, and Strarting a clinical trial in Mexico this year. They plan on going IPO in 2017

    1. HAHAHAHA. They can’t even raise 7M and now they’re going to IPO next year? Do they know how much work goes into an IPO? How much time it takes? How much money it takes?

      They have $7M… this will hopefully cover the next trial. Then they need to do the trial. Then they need to raise more money just to cover the time and cost of an IPO attempt. Then they need to start the IPO process.

      If they were so close to an IPO, they would have been able to raise much more than 7M and should have raised much more…. either Gail is the worst CEO ever or they are lying like they usually do.

  35. Excellent news! Good Job:) I like how they are going to trial in the usa. They should release it here in 2018 and not in mexico. Not sure why they need Mexico for. If they complete stage 3 they can release it anywhere

  36. @ Danitello

    There are about 200 times more researchers working worldwide on cancer treatments / cures than there are researchers working on hair loss treatments / cures.

    This illustrates only the difference in quantity … maybe the cancer researchers are also smarter or more driven …

  37. Admin, please try to get an interview or more information about Follica. They are the only thing that has any chance to come to market before 2018 other than black market JAK inhibitors (if they work)

    1. So I just read on a post on hair loss talk that follica device plus topical will grow 100 hair per cm2. Someone had the follica presentation of how the new wounding system works. 25 hairs are terminal and the other 75 are new neogenesis created hairs. If this is true then this is a freaking game changer!! I think the average head has 250 hairs per cm2 depending on your hair color and race it can be less or more.

      1. I wonder if these new hairs would be permanent de novo hair follicles or whether you would need to keep them alive through constant repeat treatments at home.

        Cotsarelis has always talked about trying to create de novo hair follicles where there were none before. I hope whatever treatment he and follica are working on will produce permanent new hairs – not temporary, minoxidil hairs.

        1. Since all companies want repeat customers I would guess this is a treatment you would have to do every year or twice a year. You are creating follicles on the part of the scalp that is sensitive to dht. As long as it can grow back 100 terminal hairs per cm2, then I would mind repeating this protocol. It’d practically a full head of hair for mid to low nwds. Great improvement for nw5 6 and 7s.

          1. But I guess follica would not ‘control’ it to make you HAVE to come back so frequently? A new hair is a new hair. Technically you should not have to go back again if you take fin or at least not for 10+ years.

            Also I hope they would be able to treat diffuse areas without causing damage to surrounding follicles.

          2. Maybe but maybe not. There is 3 billion people on earth with hair loss. Charge them each 100 dollars and you have 300 Billion dollars.

            If the sold a treatment to 30M people worldwide for $1,000 each, that’s $30B.

            These are big numbers without reoccurring treatment. Apple makes anywhere between 100B-200B a year and they’re a mega-corporation.

            They could get by without this being reocurring… plus they can’t really dictate whether the hair does or doesn’t stay permanently…

            I suspect it could be one treatment to get the hair + and ongoing use of an inhibitor of inflammation or DHT (JAK, Fin, Seti) to keep the hair.

          3. I would also think that there may be some scarring, even if it’s at a micro-level, that also happens. So it’s possible you could only do this so many times… maybe the max is three times, maybe it’s twenty, maybe there is no max. We’ll have to wait and see.

        1. Mexicans have really thick ass hair lol. Having half of that is good coverage. More than I have now

    1. Especially notable: 100 hairs per square centimeter, 1/4 of those are terminal. Not a full cure but not bad density!

    2. Thanks for that. Interesting read.

      It’s still not clear to me if these new hairs will be free standing i.e. if they will survive and grow like any other normal follicle or if they will require constant drug maintenance. I hope they are free standing and everything else like home treatment is an optional extra.

      1. Hi mjones,

        Sorry, I worded that badly. I meant to ask what is the total area of the average scalp?

        Good to know the average density of cm2 too :)

    1. It’s not theory he already finished all 3 clinical trials and it works. The at home device is in clinical trials with completion next year

  38. Thanks for loading the document TY. This is really great news! The fact that he will be distributing this technique to hair loss clinics, restoration offices means ht clinics won’t fight this treatment to not hit market but encourage it so they can make more money with less work than an ht. Benefits everyone. I’m sure over time and cycles the neogenesis follicles will become terminal after a couple cycles as mentioned in the document.

  39. “Follica
    is also developing an at-home medical device coupled with a digital service, such as a companion smartphone application for use by patients following the procedure”

    You will have an App to se you hair growing xD

  40. come on you guys… i don’t understand this talk about a cure… if by a cure we mean that we all have full heads of hair like in our youth and we don’t need to do anything great.. thats a cure right? forget it for now
    we don’t need the cure now.. i’m sure if something came out, pill or cream whatever, and we could keep all the hair we have now.. even the hairs get thicker to normal..we’d all take it. as long as no big side effects a treatment like that could just buy us time for a full blown cure.
    we need a better treatment, not a cure.

  41. I know this is a stupid question, what is the cause of MPB? Once it was said to be DHT now it is said to be PGD2. Don’t non balding people also have DHT? I’m confused here.

      1. Haha fman lol. Masturbation also causes blindness lol.

        I am very confident this treatment will make it to market. Like I said a million times before my dermatologist at univ of PA said a new treatment would be available in 5 years and that was almost 3 yes ago. A cure won’t be available for years. A better treatment that can give cure like results may be within reach with follica if it can grow back 100cm2. That will give the illusion of a thick head of hair. Add fue, histogen, SM or whatever addition new treatment comes out in the next couple years and we should be good, even for high nwds.

  42. This was the worst possible news IMO. I feel like we at least has Tsuji in our back pocket and as our long-term ‘cure’. Was hoping that we’d be able to use Brotzu’s lotion, histogen, and others to give us decent hair until Tsuji, but now that doesn’t seem likely anymore.

    I don’t know if it was the questions that were asked or something else but this is just so frustrating.

  43. Sounds positive @mjones. I would be interested to see what the device is and what the drugs are, seems to be a mystery right?

    “will potentially capture patients from the transplant procedure population”

    This sounded positive to me, potentially it could be a replacement of FUE for transplant patients with similar results.

  44. Histogen + Follica even sounds like an effective combination, both seem like once a year treatment with positive growth results. Perhaps Follica operation into Histogen would see better regrowth results.

    Follica could be available from 2018 if the trial is effacious. Honestly guys, you’re looking for the wrong outcome here..

    Seeking a ‘cure’ will not happen in the next 10-15 years, by then you probably won’t care about it. Better treatments might be available in the next 3.

    If you desperately seek a cure, then i know the easiest one.. move on with your life. If you hate seeing a receded hairline, shave your hair low. Plenty of people walk around everyday bald, build their confidence elsewhere and get on with their lives. That’s the best cure available now, building self-confidence from another source.

    Having said that, i would love a cure. But realistically i could only expect a better treatment whilst it matters and one that isn’t too demanding (when i’m 38 i won’t care about my hair).

  45. A cure for me would be to take me back 4 years ago with a solid thick nw2 with slight thinning. I’m not greedy I just want what Propecia held me at for 12 yrs. If I can get that back i will be a happy camper. If you are looking for new with teenage density then you are SOL. Tsuji won’t be able to do that.

  46. Sorry, Admin. I didn’t read what you wrote about that FAQ sheet being a generic one that he sent out to multiple reporters. I thought those questions were yours. Any chance he still answers your questions, as I’m sure yours were more hair-specific.

  47. This is amazing news!!! Looks like the most promising thing in the near future, from my perspective. Woohoo!!

    Any idea how many injections it would take slick bald skin to have a normal amount of hair? Or pricing?? I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but so excited..

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