PRP Free Treatment Session(s) Winner Selection

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After the second and final random number generation, the winner and runner-up are as follows:

Winner = “Robb”

Runner-up = “Emperor Alopecia”

Ironically, the person who is located furthest away from Dr. Rapaport’s New Jersey office won! In the event that Robb does not make it or if Dr. Rapaport has issues with scheduling and decides against accepting someone from outside the US (unlikely), Emperor Alopecia will take Robb’s place.

I hate rejecting people who are in the final five, but unfortunately I have to do the prize drawings in this manner for now.  I need to get a few names in the second round drawing in the event that one or more are suspicious entries, change their mind, do not e-mail me back, or if we need a backup winner in cases such as this unusual multiple session PRP treatment prize drawing.

Robb, I will send your contact information to Dr. Rapaport’s office. If you do not hear from them by early next week, please let me know.

I was surprised to get around 60 participants in the free PRP treatment prize drawing contest despite my discouraging people who reside far away from New Jersey from participating.

Instead of explaining the prize drawing winner selection procedure yet again, I prefer contest participants reading the winner selection post from the last time I ran such a contest. If you are lazy to do that or do not care about the details, I have pasted the main instructions paragraph from the above at the end of this post.

The 5 people that the random generation resulted in this time are as follows in alphabetical order (another random draw will be used to select the final winner from the below 5 once they respond):

Emperor Alopecia (from NJ)

Kana (from Canada — please confirm that you can make it for at least two sessions, months apart from each other)

Michele99 (from NY)

— Robb (from the UK — please confirm that you can make it for at least two sessions, months apart from each other)

Tom (from PA)

All 5 of you please post at least one comment in this thread using the same email you used last time and the same IP address/ computer/location that you used last time to post your comment. Also email me your full name and physical address from the same email address that you used for commenting. I will wait for two days for responses.

20 thoughts on “PRP Free Treatment Session(s) Winner Selection”

  1. Hi,

    This is Robb from the UK. I confirm that I can make it for several sessions months apart. Very excited to see the final draw! :)

  2. Congrats Rob, please do keep us updated with your progress. If you can, before and after pics would be really appreciated to help us determine the efficacy of PRP.

  3. Admin please start a brotzu free 6 month product giveaway asap. I’m throwin it all and the kitchen sink to try and hang on to hair.
    IM IN!

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the kind words, I’m so pleased to have won. I’ll definitely take some before and after pics and also submit a short write up about my overall experience with the treatment.

    Thanks also to the ‘admin’ & the doctor for their generosity.


    1. Omg! That is a long trial. I actually remember the start of that trial. I can’t believe a decade went by already. Was this a phase 3 trial?

  5. So glad that people are so enthusiastic about the activity even though we don’t know how effective the treatment is going to be.
    The point here is such activities keep the hair loss community interactive, and I know there are someone out there like me longing for a solution to hairless.
    Good work admin!

  6. Off topic, but I am allowed:-) Aclaris update, including on the topical covalently bound AGA product (thanks to “Ashley” who sent me the link):

    “In addition to progressing our JAK treatment program for the treatment of alopecia areata and as we reported on our last call, we have initiated preclinical development of additional JAK inhibitors which we are developing for topical use both in vitiligo and androgenetic alopecia, which is also known as male or female pattern baldness. The program includes the development of ATI-5003, which is a covalently binding JAK3-specific inhibitor, and the preclinical and formulation work continue to progress as expected.”

    1. As a side note from that comment Aclaris is getting closer to a $1Bn valuation. The stock has increased about 30% this year. I wonder how much of that is due to MPB cure noise.

    1. This is very good news. Now let’s see if histocrap and Samumed can release their treatments in 2017 since they technically don’t need a phase 3. I think Rivertown completed a phase 2 as well. Maybe our luck will finally turn for the best very soon.

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