iRestore Laser Device Winner Selection

Congratulations to “Shark” the winner of the iRestore laser hair growth device contest. There were two people left after disqualifications of three. In the second random number generation selection, “Shark” beat out “Blaine1.” Hopefully the iRestore laser helmet will be mailed out asap. I tried to the get the company to send out a second helmet to “Blaine1”, but they refused.

iRestore Laser
The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Winner

I decided to close the prize drawing in the last post after 5 days since there were far more entries than I was expecting considering that the contest was only limited to US (and Canadian later) entrants.

Due to the huge number of first time commentator entrants, I have had to change my strategy on how to select the winner. I will randomly select 5, then remove the suspicious ones or those who do not respond from the 5, and then randomly reselect the 1 final winner.

It is possible that a few first time entrants signed up more than once with different IPs and email addresses (even two regular long-time commentators signed on for the prize draw twice with two separate comments).

Some of the entrants probably live outside the US or Canada and have no US address so will be removed if in the list of 5. So I have used a random number generator website’s integer generation option to select 5 potential winners. I put in the range 1-182 in there since there were 182 comments in the last post when I closed the contest.

I know that at least 20 of those comments were unrelated to the subject matter, but this is the best way I can run such contests without spending too much time weeding out unrelated comments. Results of the random generation pasted below:

Random Integer Set Generator

You requested 1 set with 5 unique random integers, taken from the [1,182] range. The integers were sorted in ascending order.

Here is your set:

  • Set 1: 12, 21, 45, 61, 178

Timestamp: 2016-09-06 06:51:21 UTC

So now I go to comments number 12, 21, 45, 61 and 178 in the last post:

12 = Farsi “I am in” = Update: Disqualified since IP addresses of past comments all in France and he did not post a comment here or e-mail me with a US address for the two days that I waited.

21 = Frank Plumbo “I to am in!” = Update: Disqualified since no comment here or e-mail to me for two days.

45 = Blaine1 = “count me in”

61 = Shark = “I am in”

178 = mjones = Disqualified for too many (six) unrelated comments in that last prize drawing thread. Plus he did not even sign on for the prize drawing! Will ban him in future so as to get a proper list of 5.

Please note that the order you see the comments in the last thread could be slightly different from the way I see them since I am logged in as “admin”, but hopefully not. If I made a mistake in the counting of comments 12, 21, 45, 61 and 178 above, I apologize, but I will stick with the above potential winners’ names. For all future prize drawings, I will not redo any procedure in case I make a counting error.

So the winner will be one of these four:

  • Farsi
  • Frank Plumbo
  • Blaine1
  • Shark

All four of you guys please post at least one comment in this thread using the same email you used last time and the same IP address/ computer/location that you used last time to post your comment. Also email me your full name and physical address from the same email address that you used for commenting. I will wait for two days for responses.

Then I will browse through this blog’s comment history and search for your IP address. If I find anything suspicious or undesirable (repeat entries, too many past usernames under same IP, too many entries from similar IPs in some small town or country, too many insults etc.), I will remove you from the list.

If more than one person is still left after I remove the suspicious entries, I will do another random generation and select the final winner and post his/her name at the top of this thread.

25 thoughts on “iRestore Laser Device Winner Selection”

  1. Admin..

    You are really doing the best for all HL suferers…

    Thanks a lot for your work and hope can i see your photograph soon..

    Lots of love and respect..

  2. Hello, I think it is worth looking into R-lights by inventor Troy Hurtubise. This may be one way to potentially cure MPB. Thank you.

  3. Haha that’s hilarious my number came up as one of the possible winners. That’s correct I didn’t sign up to the drawing. Someone else with far worse hair loss deserves it more. Plus I can always buy one for 600 bucks. Ain’t that much money. I hope it works for the lucky winners :)

  4. Good for whoever wins, hit me up if you wanna sell it. Would like to use it to treat my severe seborrhea. Thanks

    1. Hello, Hari.
      I stumbled across a video of an inventor claiming to completely grow a full head of hair using his machine- called R-lights. His intention was actually to treat corn seeds, but he also happened to stumble upon a possible cure for hair loss.
      Now, I don’t know how safe it is, but the treatment is only 12 minutes/session for 1 month and that should be enough to cure baldness.
      Anyone who is further interested can email me as I am in touch with the inventor…and I will only give my contact information once the Admin permits me to disclose personal information.
      Thank you

        1. That guy using the R light is still thinking on his crown and top back. Look at the video. I’m. Sure it works but not cure potential

      1. After reading up on hurtubise, I’m over my hair loss. Ping him an email, tell him I want a bear suit…..I really want a bear suit.

      1. No it’s pretty much 0.000001% possible this weirdo came up with something. You know the “fool me once…” saying right?

        1. Yeah, I don’t know how credible he is. However, I am suggesting the Admin to further investigate. He has a few before and after pictures, but it does seem controversal. I think it could be helpful. In any case, the above comments are also helpful as well. My concern is that even if it works, how safe is it both in the short-term and long-term?
          Thank you

          1. Well, apparently once when testing out his ‘angel light’ he beamed it at his own hand. He claims his hand became almost transparent and he could see his blood vessels and workings. Apparently he felt rather ill aftetwards.

            Hands in the air. I’m not sure about this guy.

    1. Anecdotal single negatives or positives are meaningless as we discussed before.

      Only reason I found the few PRP positive testimonials before is because you said there were zero. For most people who get positive results from laser (or PRP), it would just mean some thicker hair and better hair condition, neither of which would be clearly visible in photos Maybe a few do get wow results (and one commentator sent me such photos that he did not want to share on the internet unfortunately), but we can only know from published studies where these things are measured professionally. Did you see that old video from ABC where lase gave best results out of all treatments?

      You also did not respond to my question from a while back about what you think of the below 13 pro-PRP studies and I assume you think they are all flawed even if from all across the world?

      1. PRP isn’t a scam, it just simply works like Finasteride that its active on existing follicles and gives them a boost. It shouldn’t be hard to understand that it isn’t going to grow people new hair. But it will help people that are starting to thin, honestly to be a sceptic is ok.

        It’s not guaranteed to work with everyone with every formula, but it still works in people and has the effect.

        I just want people to understand this.. that even if a treatment does come out in the next 4 years, it’s possible that not every treatment will work with every patient and not every patient will have the same results.

  5. I thought people would like to read this statement. In my opinion it shows how far away from the goal they are

    There is over 40 years of basic research already to support this concept and the HairClone team have extensive experience in this area. Although more scientific and clinical research is still needed before this concept can be fully developed, we believe that this could be a reality in 2-3 years as many of the steps needed are already known such as:

    Method to remove the follicular units
    Method to cryopreserve hair follicles
    Method to cryobank cells for many years
    Method to micro-dissect out the required cells from the hair follicle
    Method to micro-inject follicle cells back into the scalp
    Monitoring systems to measure hair shaft thickness and hair density
    The main questions that research needs to determine are:

    The best markers to use to measure hair follicle inductivity
    The optimum system to expand cells in culture in order to maintain inductivity
    The mechanisms by which re-implanted cells rejuvenate and regenerate hair follicles

  6. This might sound stupid but since the company is based in UK and they seem to be very confident with their method, they should consider asking financial support from guys like Wayne Rooney who are mega-rich and seems to be very bothered with their hairloss.

  7. New company HairClone…. XD the name is interesting lol

    All will be bunkrup in few years…. The bubble is happen… Lets hope 1 can do something for all us.

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