Free PRP Treatment Session Prize Drawing

Update: The free PRP treatment contest ended as of November 23rd. Please see my post from that date for winner selection procedure.

Please read this post in its entirety. Unrelated comments should be made in the prior post.

Free PRP Hair Growth Treatment for one Winner

I have discussed platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments on this blog many times in the past. There are now an increasing number of studies from around the world that conclude that PRP treatment works for treating hair loss. At the recently ended 24th ISHRS Congress, there were around ten different presentations or training sessions related to PRP, including many from doctors outside the US. Also make sure to read my post on key growth factors in platelet-rich plasma.

I therefore decided to ask USA based Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport on whether he would be willing to grant a free PRP treatment session (will probably involve at least 2 sessions) to one of this blog’s readers. To my pleasant surprise, he has agreed.

The biggest complaint about PRP from numerous hair loss forum members and blog readers is that it is a ripoff considering that there are no guarantees that the treatment will work. So now we finally have a doctor who is confident in the treatment and willing to offer one person free session(s).

Will PRP regrow hair on totally bald regions of your scalp that have been barren for many years? No. Will it make existing hair stronger or even temporarily reverse miniaturization? I feel like there is now sufficient enough evidence that this is a good possibility, albeit never guaranteed.

PRP Prize Drawing Rules

This is the second ever prize drawing that I am posting on this blog. The first one for a laser helmet was a learning and very time consuming experience for me. This one is even more difficult, but I hope to not spend as much time as before since most of you know the gist of the selection process.

  1. As with the last prize drawing, please enter this contest by writing a comment to this blog post saying “I am in” or something related that is a few words long. You can add a reason for why you feel like you want the treatment, but it won’t sway me in my final decision as that is based on a random number generation. People posting double entries or irrelevant comments will be automatically disbarred from the final random prize drawing entry list. Relevant questions about this prize drawing or about the PRP procedure are encouraged. No insults whatsoever.
  2. It is extremely important that if you enter, you are 100 percent certain that you can go to Dr. Rapaport’s clinic in New Jersey (US) for the treatment. You are responsible for all your non-treatment expenses including airfare, hotel, car rental and food. In all likelihood, you will have to go there for at least 2 treatments spread across a few months, so please refrain from participating if you can only go for one procedure. If possible, please add your US state or foreign country of origin in your comment. If you live outside the US or Canada, I might have to ask you some questions later since I find it hard to believe that someone would fly over to the US just for free PRP (in most countries where it is on offer, you can probably get a doctor to charge you $1,000 or so for each session).
  3. If the last prize drawing was any indication to go by, there will be many people who comment for the first time just to enter the prize draw. Please try to use a legitimate e-mail address instead of a fake one (so that I can contact you), and do not use a common username such as “Mike”, “Matt”, “Jeff”, “John” etc…as those are often already used. At least add a number to such names if you use them (e..g., “Mike2016” is ok). Note that the e-mail address that you enter when commenting is only visible to me and to none of the other blog readers.
  4. Dr. Rapaport will take before and after photos, and according to his assistant, they will have rights to the photos. The assistant told me that that if they post before and after photos online, they will remove the patient’s face from those photos.
  5. Dr. Rapaport can change anything at any point during the process if he feels the need to do so. e.g., he can postpone at the last minute if necessary even if you purchased an air ticket (you will not be refunded), he can choose to not have you come back for a second session because he has some issue with you, he can add other products such as ACell into the mix, he can use a different injection and centrifugation strategy to other doctors and so on. In the event that you have some kind of crazy reaction on your scalp, he will not be responsible. He is doing you a big favor by offering this treatment for free. You will not be allowed to insult him on this blog in the event that you have any kind of disagreement. If you win, please contact his office to make sure you know what you are getting into as far as the procedure goes.
  6. While I have never heard of PRP treatments ever causing serious injuries to anyone, getting injections into your scalp and getting blood drawn out of you are both invasive procedures. I am not responsible for any side effects and injuries you get, and I am assuming that Dr. Rapaport’s office will make you sign waivers about such issues. You are taking the risk and should do all possible research about what is involved here before deciding to participate. If you have any hypochondriac tendencies, I would think twice before participating.
  7. I will wait for anywhere from 5-10 days before closing entry. Then, like last time, most likely I will pick 5 or so names at random and then narrow down to the final 1 via another random pick (after weeding out any of the 5 potential winners that seem fake or suspicious or unresponsive to my e-mails).
  8. Women are encouraged to participate since many doctors who offer PRP have in the past suggested that females respond better than males to the treatment.
  9. Finally, if the winning candidate ends up seeing no results, he/she will be allowed to say so in a comment on this blog, although any insults will be removed immediately. Dr. Rapaport will be allowed to respond to any comments if he chooses to do so, including with the winner/patient’s before and after scalp photos.

A Word of Warning

Please remember that a large number of people who get PRP injections to the scalp end up seeing no hair regrowth or even thickening. So you should go into this with appropriate expectations. In the past, a few people have even claimed that PRP made them shed more hair.

67 thoughts on “Free PRP Treatment Session Prize Drawing”

  1. I don’t like that you are stating that there are studies supporting PRP. It’s been around for years and does nothing for regrowing hair. If it was the cure the millions of people that have gotten it injected already would have let us know. Don’t waste your money on PRP people. It’s a legit rip off for regrowing hair. I love this blog but c’mon admin.

    1. There are studies so I mention them and list them as with all other subject matters. If you prefer anecdotal reports to studies, I read three recently, two of which I can find right now:

      In this post I warned people that zero results are possible, but it is a free offer. Where did you get the idea that people are wasting money on it and have to pay anything?

      And where did you ever get an idea that its a cure? I clearly say that it won’t grow hair on bald areas. Like for the 10th time on this blog.

      Will delete your comment and this response soon.

      1. That’s true you did also say it doesn’t grow hair I’m sorry. But regardless of every anecdotal showing any kind of “regrowth”, you can get on any hair forum and see hundreds (if not thousands) of failed PRP treatments. I understand that it’s a free treatment for someone to win, which is very cool, I just want people to not get all excited about this free treatment and go out and waste their money. Which is what this hair transplant doctor that is giving it away is hoping will happen. Thanks Admin, still a great blog

        1. I have read maybe 20 negative results from PRP on the hair loss forums but on there are 100s of positive testomonials. I think PRP has some benefits for sure.

  2. I am in. I live in New York (near the NJ border) and I love traveling when I can so I’d definitely love to spend some time in Jersey and ameliorating this problem that has plagued me since my teens.

  3. I am in! I live in CT, so getting there is no problem. Thank you for providing your readers with this opportunity, and all the work you do with this website.

  4. I’m in, I feel my receding hairline and overall thinning is a good candidate for really seeing if this can work.

  5. @TaKeeLa, Add to what Admin is saying, just because you don’t see hundreds of pictures on the internet clearly showing positive results, does not mean that the treatment does not maintain your hair or make your existing individual hairs thicker. In my case, the circumference of the bald spot decreased by say 1/4 to 1/2 inch. You can tell there is a benefit from the pics but it doesn’t present as a staggering difference. However, consider that without the treatment, the bald spot increases by 1/4 to 1/2 inch…….so the difference between treatment and no treatment is 1/2 to 1 inch of more bald spot. And this does not take into account that all of the hairs that existed outside of the bald spot before treatment are now also each thicker in diameter giving much greater coverage. But you can’t see this from a pic. Read the summary from Joe Tillman………very well described and exactly my sentiments. To summarize: 1) It is for saving your hair with a slight bump, not growing new hair; 2) It is therefore only beneficial to a subset of the balding market and may be more or less effective depending on the relative aggressiveness of your hair loss; 3) The cost makes it available to an even smaller subset of the balding market. At $2,500 with Acell add another $1,000 for travel and repeat at least yearly; 4) In my opinion, you need to do it with Acell or BioD Restore……..much more effective.

    1. It’s a great opportunity for someone especially if what you say is true it’d be great for diffuse thinners especially. I do however get where TaKeeLa is coming from and even with the 1/4 to 1/2 inch decrease in your bald area I personally would rather save the money for something in the future that will completely remove that bald spot hopefully permanently whatever that may be. Congratulations to whomever wins though.

  6. also, just so everyone knows, Dr. Rapaport does not use acell or any added growth factors. he just takes the patients blood, spins it and then injects prp back in scalp. so his results may differ from other doctors since a lot use additives. his procedure is also wayyyyy cheaper so doing multiple sessions if it works for you will not kill your wallet

  7. December is comming. I am waiting and eager to know about brotzu lotion…

    Admin keep your eyes on brotzu updates if possible…

    Thanks and Great blog.

  8. Exciting stuff, though I’d rather not go down this road unless I’m prepared to fully commit. Best of luck to the winner and thanks Admin for keeping this blog fun and interesting!

  9. Hello everyone,

    Does someone know where to get PRP+Acell treatment in Europe ? I can’t afford the travel to the US and I hardly find anything on the internet !

    Many thanks,

    PS : Thanks a lot to you Admin for this great blog

    1. You might contact Dr. Jerry Cooley in Charlotte North Carolina. He was connected with Intercytex in England and maintains ties with Hairclone so he would likely know the quality players over there. I’m guessing Dr. Bessam Farjo would be one. Take a look at this link:

  10. I’m in..michele I live in NY very near NYC. I own a car easy to travel. I’m a woman 45 been thinning for 3 to 5 years just starting to look somewhat obvious.
    If this thickened my thinning hairs I would be happy.
    Have been thinking of doing this for a while just been afraid of risking the money.
    I have very realistic expectations.

  11. Yes!!! I am in! I had my initial consultation with Dr Rapaport last week and would be thrilled for a free session :):):) and i live in philly :)

  12. I am in. I am a 56 year old woman I have almost always worn my hair long it used to be very thick. The time I cut it a little shorter than I usually wear it I felt naked and exposed; I didn’t feel like myself. Losing hair is very distressing. I live in New Hampshire but I could easily travel to New Jersey I would travel as far as I have to for an opportunity to save my hair.

    Thank you,

  13. I am in. I live in Bergen County, New Jersey and very close to Dr. Rapport’s office (15 minute drive).
    I am not a good candidate for hair transplant as my donor hair was too thin (as determined by the doctor).
    I cannot take proscar (1.25 mg 3 x week as recommended by the doctor) because I get dizzy.
    The only option I have for treating hair loss is with PRP.

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