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Hair Loss News of the Month

— A very busy month for Aclaris Therapeutics. First the company updated its product pipeline page and added photos for each dermatological condition. Then they filed for Investigational New Drug Application (IND) for their oral alopecia areata product ATI-50001 with the US FDA. Then, on November 15th the company announced positive results for its topical seborrheic keratosis product (A-101) phase 3 clinical trials. And finally, the company announced a public offering of its common stock. The funds raised from this offering will partly be used towards research and trials for Aclaris’ JAK inhibitor products.

— In the past month, HairClone has added the well known Dr. Russell Knudsen, Dr. Robert Leonard and others to their clinic partner team.

— More good news for alopecia areata/totalis/universalis sufferers. This time its two patients from Brazil who were taking JAK inhibitor tofacitinib.

Wen hair care product lawsuit concludes in favor of customers.

— Sharp (Japan)’s plasmacluster ion technology promotes hair growth. Sounds hard to believe. The ending of the article about reduced dandruff and itching is more believable.

— Cellmid (Australia) raises sufficient funds to start selling its Evolis line of FGF-5 inhibiting hair loss products in the US.

— Hairdresser Chad Gunter is very pleased with his PRP treatment results from Dr. Laura Bennack. According to Dr. Bennack, “the most dramatic results are on men and women who are at the early stages of hair loss”.

— Yet another growth factor (human hepatocyte growth factor) linked to promoting hair growth. Also see my recent post on the various growth factors that benefit hair growth.

— A number of people who are taking Gabapentin are having hair loss issues.

— Missed an important study’s findings last month: BPH drugs such as finasteride and dutasteride (both are also used to combat hair loss) do not raise the risk of erectile dysfunction.

And now on to medical items of interest:

Gene therapy in a box courtesy of the Fred Hutchinson cancer research center.

CRISPR gene editing tested in a person for the first time in China.

“Any idiot” can now create mutant CRISPR engineered mice.

Gene therapy to reverse certain types of genetically inherited blindness could be approved for use as soon as next year.

— And thereafter, bionic superhuman eyes.

— Amazon’s Jeff Bezos partners with the Mayo Clinic and others to enter the anti-aging industry.

— Terminally ill 14 year old in the UK allowed to be cryogenically preserved. Also, a reality check.

— Samantha Payne’s Open Bionics allows anyone in the world to download and 3D print their own bionic limbs.

Brain implants allow paralyzed monkeys to walk. The Swiss scientist goes to China to conduct this work due to friendlier regulations.

— First at-home brain implant allows paralyzed woman to communicate.

Genetically modified pig’s heart transplanted into a monkey in South Korea breaks prior world record. The monkey survives for 51 days. Pig hearts are thought to be a close match to the human heart. Very cruel animal experiments, but hopefully they help humans in future.

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  1. Cryogenic freezing fascinates me. Could you imagine waking up a hundred years or more after? Talk about culture shock and not to mention the heartache of knowing no one currently alive. People talk about “starting over” with a new career, location, etc…but this is a whole other ballgame of life change. I’m not sure I’d be able to handle it mentally but my curiosity wants to know what it would all be like.

  2. Portable Gene editing, a bionic eye that can see above the normal human eyes capacity and we are waiting on hair? I feel really sad for that cryo girl though hope they find a way.

      1. My sides are even thinning out particularly above my ears for some reason. Cripes I won’t even be able to make a nice horse shoe when the top all comes off if this keeps up. I hope your right Lu I hope your right…

        1. I know how stressing this can be, I have lost 50% of my hair already.
          Maybe try some concealers for the time being? I know they are not a solution but they might help you feel a bit less concerned about it. I’ve heard Dermmatch is good and doesn’t come out with sweat, so I am gonna give it a shot.
          But I think we are not too far from a good treatment/cure.

          1. I have thought concealers it’s winter though now anyway and 99% of time I’m wearing a poofball hat so it’s not so big of a deal right now but it’s like really you have to take hair from the sides now you greedy plague.

            1. But you did check with doctor that its not a metabolic or endocrine problem? Theres usually no dht sensitive follicles on the sides so an additional condition is not unlikely, and unlike aga those are often easy to treat and the hair will come back.

  3. Hey guys! What are your thoughts on Cellmid’/ FGF-5 Evolis line product from australia?? If they are launching a new hairloss product surely it yields results right?

  4. That is really cool that they will be able to cure blindness in 2017 with gene editing. Blindness is the worst thing ever! AGA is miniscule to not being able to see your surroundings and loved ones. Waking up to darkness is just cruel.
    All these other advancements are really cool! It just still boggles my mind that they can’t get hair to grow lol. AGA really is a puta btch haha!

  5. I went to a fue doctor a couple weeks ago. Trying to see if it would be feasible to fill in my receding temples. Doc said I would need 600 grafts. He really was pushing for a sale and to get me a day to come in and do it. He didn’t care that I’m diffuse and that down the road I would look weird since my current treatment isn’t holding my hair. I think they know better treatments are coming out and they doing whatever they can cash in before it’s too late. He says that no new treatments are coming out in the next 10 years in the USA. He goes that all those companies like follica, histogen are just seeking investors. He also said that prp is the new way of the future and they see going to advance on that. Who knows who is telling the truth in this industry.

    1. “He also said that prp is the new way of the future”. LOL!

      This sentence right here is all you need to know about that specific HT surgeons motives, as well as many other HT Surgeons around the world. I actually laughed out loud reading that quote. Follica and Histogen have shown more promising data than PRP ever has, yet those companies are scams while PRP is legit? Come on. That is truly very sad. Of course he is going to be pushing the one “treatment” that he can actually make money off of.

      That HT Surgeon is just trying to scare you into getting a procedure done by telling you there is basically no hope. Its sad what some people will do to make a sale. The end of the hair transplant cash-cow is just around the corner. Soon there will likely only be a select few of them around who either will be A) performing Tsuji’s injections into patients overseas, or B) offering small, occasional, “touch up” transplants to fix/reshape natural hairlines .

  6. @mjones. Yes, hair transplant doctors are very smart…or no. haha…If they were intelligent….they should embrace the new treatments. New treatments are the future/present…and future/present in medicine is progress.
    But they know that in less than 2-3 years there will be more competition in the field of hair loss (Male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness).

  7. Admin, since the link you shared for the fin/dut study requires an account to read, I would recommend clarifying that entry to state that this study was done on men who HAVE bph. Most men taking these drugs for hairloss do not have bph.

    Different populations. All the study demonstrates is that if you have bph, taking fin or dut does not increase your risk of ED in the short term.

    1. Yes, that’s specifically for men with BPH. Apparently enlarged prostate increases the risks of ED by itself. I actually got mad when I read that above because the link between finasteride and ED is pretty damn clear at this point..

  8. Admin:

    It looks like the lotion being developed by Fida is able to completely restore a full head of hair to AA patients, as Dr. Brotzu has revealed during a conference in Italy. Here is the video of the presentation with before and after pictures of the results: https://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact/threads/italian-hair-loss-lotion-to-hit-the-market-in-2016.96791/page-182 . ( See post 3639). The presentation is in Italian, but the pictures are easily visible. Those are some fantastic results. Some more details should surface once the presentation in translated, but that looks like an AA cure to me.

    The trials for the treatment of MPB with the lotion aren’t expected to finish until around the end of December. HOWEVER, please take a look at the updated FIDIA patent: https://www.google.com/patents/WO2015170247A1?cl=en . Scroll down and read the “Treatments” heading. There is some VERY interesting news.

    Here’s a summary of the most important stuff: The group treated with the most efficacious FIDIA lotion variant named “Lotion A” had the following results:

    Day 7: in group 1 patients experienced a reduction of hair loss, defined as “substantial”.

    Day 20: in group 1 all the patients have stopped losing hair and report the presence of a substantial fuzz.

    Day 45: in group 1, fuzz has grown markedly stronger and takes the colour and consistency of natural hair.

    Day 90: in group 1 all the patients report total disappearance of hair reduction areas that have been replaced by robust and shiny hair.

    Day 120: group 1 confirms consistent results previously seen at day 90.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about this. I’m very eager to hear from FIDIA in 2017.

    1. im from Spain and this is BS, trust me, 2 years to upload a post saying that they are trasfering cell groups to growth hair… and no one serious/profesional picture… cmon guys… i’been following that clinic and Christophe Guillemat always saying ‘ in september we’ll know if we can use it ‘ (from two years ago).

      The thing is , he never say the year, he only said September… (joking)

      PD: i think brotzu is gonna be a nice product, fingers crossed!!!

  9. The next 3 years will awesome. If histogen and shiseido can achieve more regrowth with more injections, you will have a full head of hair. First trial was 40 injections and the next 150!! imagine with 500/1000 injections.
    Tsuji/Riken maybe in 2019 will show results…imo “the real cure” unlimited hair and full head of hair.
    and Loreal with 3d printing too.

  10. People make me laugh.
    Stop asking surgeons or dermatologists! They have no idea what happens in Japan.
    Japanese scientists like Tsuji, have the knowledge and the technology.
    (Riken, Organ and Kyocera).
    Be patient. If they say 2020 will be 2020. The latest technology is there

  11. Gavillan don’t be so confident about anyone in the hair loss industry. Sisheido is in Japan with the technology and they delayed. I’m pretty sure Riken will as well as do all hair loss researchers. Ht docs and derms have insight into the industry and they know. They attend the same conferences as the researchers do. The Ht doc I went to knows the future treatments as well as they are getting closer. He was just trying to make a sale by scaring me. Luckily we have websites like this to inform us of the latest breakthroughs on the horizon. Unfortunately many people don’t know anything and go in for ht. Worse yet they get scamed into fut.

    1. Anybody NW 4-5 has to wait for new technology to come. The current crap HTs are awful. Time $$$. That’s not worth the crap results. But these surgeon $ hungry creeps will never want a cure

  12. Hi @hopeful yeah the S5 cream product looks great…I checked it out…Im interested in more information as well…. On the other hand Admin published something related with Spironolactone which is the Active Ingredient of that solution. It does not look good however it still interesting…

  13. Someone on HLT forums pointed out that the S5 cream has been available for years then discontinued and now its back. Same poster also pointed out the there has NEVER been 1 single positive piece of feedback on the cream.

    1. Supposedly sometime before the end of 2017. Hopefully the topical trials on AA will lead to some new info on the not far behind AGA trials.

  14. I read on HLT regarding brotzu. Appearently it works only if the hair still has a bulb. Even if that means it cant regrow areas thats been bald for decades or it wont do anything for a receeding hairline it makes me more confident because a snake oil probably would say it works for everyone.
    But as he said earlier, the younger you are, the better. I crosd my fingers

    1. Dr Brotzu isnt stupid enough to promise too much, he knows that if it sounds too good to be true people will be more suspicious, so he introduced some limitations to make it more credible, and at the same time move it to a place where the placebo effect is strong: younger early lossers who think everything they put in the hair, raw eggs and horse urin included, makes it “feel more full”, after less than a week.

      Brotzu know how to say the right things.

  15. Koh-ei Toyoshima (Researcher of Organ Technologies):
    ” Based on the results we have, it is said that in case of a human being, there are about 60 to 120 hairs growing in an area of 1cm2… and we can easily control that with our technologies”.
    2018 will start human trials… Patience, the future is bright

  16. if the future looks really this bright, we can indeed spend some bucks on a good hair system and hide our flaws until a better treatment or possibly the cure arrives
    P.s.- worrying helps nobody. instead it has aggravates hairloss.

  17. Gavilan 60 to 120 cm2 is good density since follica is achieving that as well. I’m a little disappointed because I thought tsuji was going to give us thick full density again. More along the lines of 150 to 200cm2. Is it me or does 60 cm2 sound very little?

    Fadi- sorry man I don’t have facebook

    1. @ mjones ” Based on the results we have, it is said that in case of a human being, there are about 60 to 120 hairs growing in an area of 1cm2… and we can easily control that with our technologies”. 60 to 120 is what a normal human density is. That’s the 100000 hairs everyone says your born with, “and we can easily control that” meaning you can have it as thick as your want assuming your scalp will allow it. They have said that the hair primes they have transplanted morphed according the surrounding tissues which dictate how it looks the direction it lays everything. So your hair would most likely take the same shape texture and thickness of your prepubescent self. Now they haven’t shown any pictures or proof of their work but neither has Follica they just made a pretty site and started using Twitter a little bit which through us a bone. I am all in for Tsuji and don’t really trust Follica but I hope they all work.

      1. That’s not normal thick non mpb coverage. Thick normal coverage is 150cm2 plus. Someone here posted a pic of an arm with 100cm2 transplanted and it was OK but not dense. If they are saying 60cm2 that is ht fue density. Something is off with those numbers. I think tsuji might have put in a typo.

        1. I saw the arm lol it looked like **** who did that anyway and why is the bigger question but anyway did anyone actually count all the hairs plus to me anyway it look like individual hairs put into rows on that arm. Hair does not sit on the head in rows or any type of symmetrical pattern it is here and there and scattered making a more normal non processed look. I’d rather trust Tsuj then some guy that posted a pic of some guy that implanted head hair into his arm forrrrr the style?

  18. Tsuji is the real deal. The question is no longer :”will hairloss by cured anytime soon?”, but rather: “will any other effective treatments come out before Tsuji’s cure?”. The latter question feels much, much better to ask.

    And I believe the answer to that question is yes. One of Replicel, Follica, Histogen, and even Fidia should release some kind of bridge treatment will come out within the next couple years that will hold us over until the actual cure is available.

    Also, verified Italian source “Beps63” over at HLT has confirmed that: “all the subjects of the Fidia lotion trial have stopped losing hair. This month they are measuring how significant the regrowth has been.”. If this is true then it sounds like the lotion AT LEAST stops further hair loss dead in its tracks. Here’s hoping there has been some significant regrowth as well.

    We will know more soon as the trial wraps up in December.

    1. Thanks for the update Red. I have neglected Brotzu for a while, but if the hair loss cessation lasts for a while, this would be super in and of itself (since it represents a totally new treatment that is not targeting DHT reduction).

      1. Actually, the Brotzu lotion is targeting DHT reduction (unfortunately). It is therefore likely that there will be side effects

          1. They aren’t reducing the dht amount with s equol. It doesnt stop dht from forming, but instead competes with it to bind to receptor sites. This is why there are no side effects. It binds to the receptor sites first when applied topically, preventing dht from binding instead.

      2. The S-Equol is supposed to stop DHT from forming.

        The speculation at this point is that it will essentially function as a topical combination of finasteride and minoxidil. But it’s really hard to say at this point because the claims keep changing. One second you can regrow hair that’s been dead for up to 5 years. then it’s any hair that still has it’s bulb (which I think is a totally bullshit claim since Cotsarelis already showed that, but if you’re young and within 2 years it can give you full regrowth.

        I think we can at least expect it to be as effective as current treatments. One thing though is that Brotzu claimed it increased micro circulation by forcing epithelial cells to propagate. If the lotion can cause the epithelial cells in the bulge to propagate it should be able to reverse any hair loss at all.

  19. Regarding the brotzu lotion… people saying it stops hairloss which would be an excellent alternative to fin – without the sides!!, albeit with a different mechanism.

    Quick question would you cover your whole scalp with the lotion to ensure all hair is protected? Or just apply to areas currently miniaturized or recently lost?

    How would you know when to apply to areas that arent yet affected?

  20. Guys, I strongly believe that the Brotzu lotion(the real product hasn’t been named yet) is the cure for a majority of us. The reasons why I think its the cure are:

    1. The discovery of the lotion was accidentally created by a well respected vascular surgeon, when he tried to treat patients for something else(I think it was diabetes).
    2. This product has been tested before on people with hair loss and stopped hair loss dead in its tracks after about 60 days(Someone posted a link about the Brotzu lotion on the hair loss talk forum, which wen’t into detail of the people that tried the product)
    3. FIDA is a reputable company that Brotzu gave his product to and FIDA has released other cosmetic products in a sufficient time that worked for joint pain and so forth( I did a little bit of research on the company itself)
    4. There was a youtube video, that was posted on hair loss talk and a italian hair loss forum, that wen’t into depth about the product being tested in people with AA(those test subjects regrew 95% of their hair back)
    5. Beps, a person that recently came on the hair loss talk forum, wen’t into detail about his experience with the lotion itself, he had Androgenic Alopecia-aka MALE PATTERN BALDNESS( He got the lotion from Brotzu because he worked as a technical something for the surgeon, and Beps is apparently friends with Brotzu’s son)
    6. Beps is in his 50’s with male pattern baldness, and managed to reverse around 2 norwoods with the lotion(I think he was a norwood 5a and managed to go down to a norwood 4)
    7. Beps is authentic(Why would a dude who’s 50 years old, and has broken english, mainly speaks italian, just come into a forum, and post a picture of the lotion, and answer any question by forum members of his experience with the lotion, perfectly, Beps even went into details of how he uses the lotion, and how he signed a NDA, he could be the biggest hair loss troll–I highly doubt it though)
    8. Beps told everyone on the hair loss forum, that Brotzu would only discuss AA in the November presentation( Which he did)
    9. The Brotzu lotion trial results on people with AGA are being released in December(The trial started in March/April, I’m pretty sure)
    10. The Brotzu lotion is being released sometime in 2017, and the lotion itself reverses years of hair loss for individuals(works better on younger people, than older people according to Brotzu)
    11. The vascular surgeon Brotzu, is a soft spoken 70 something man whose a retired university professor, with a well-known and respected father( why on earth, would he do anything, this late in his life to jeopardize his reputation, the answer is he WON’T)

    We have a cure everybody, or a partial cure. For some people, this lotion will reverse norwoods, and for others it will just stop hair loss. If the lotion only stops hair loss for you, and doesn’t regrow your hair fully, just go get a hair transplant in turkey, or if you have money, go to hasson and wong.

    THE CURE IS NEAR #Brotzu4president, #drain-the-sebum

  21. When Brotzu says it works better on younger then older. I am wondering if he is assuming they only have been losing there hair for a couple years. I am fifty but started really losing around 45 some young guys in there late twenties early thirties have been losing since there mid teens. So does this still stand true.

  22. You probably will get your hair back to when you were 45 years or younger, once the lotion comes out and you apply it asap. From all the evidence, it seems that Brotzu meant, if someone was slick bald, it would be harder to get their back completely then someone who just began to lose hair by recession or diffuse thinning. Also, it depends on what norwood you are. I’m just basing my statement on everything I researched, but I’m pretty sure, thats the way it works( I might be wrong).

  23. So I read it. He seems smart however I’ve heard rumors this is to release in early 2017 why no pictures of efficacy for andro alopeciaif it’s working like a charm? Surely he’d want to promote it and he said he’d just have to ask permission from his friends who were currently using it and that article was from August 4th.

    1. Alright disregard the earlier post I looked more into it and found all the information I needed well just see what 2017 brings and hopefully it’s hair.

    2. The Androgenic Alopecia trials don’t end until next month. Their data has not been compiled yet. Also, Brotzu can no longer comment on the progress of the lotion in terms of Androgenic Alopecia because he sold the rights to that research to Fidia. He signed a NDA and can’t comment on the progress that Fidia has made. Beps63 has said however, that the Fidia lotion works even better than the original lotion created by Brotzu.

      @Admin: In terms of the S-Equol in the lotion: Unlike drugs like finasteride that work by inhibiting the action of 5AR so the body’s ability to convert Testosterone to into DHT is hampered, S-Equol does not inhibit the creation of DHT. Finasteride’s overrall reduction in DHT is thought to be what causes adverse side effects in the body. S-Equol works very differently than you’re regular 5AR inhibitors (Finasteride, Dutasteride, etc). What S-Equol does, is that instead of preventing the formation of DHT, it actually binds very tightly to the DHT molecules. Now, this is the important part: When DHT has S-equol attached to it, it is no longer a form of ‘free DHT’, i.e. it cannot cause male pattern baldness because the molecule is no longer able to bind to receptor sites in hair follicles. Instead, DHT is able to exist in the body and do other tasks without harming MPB suceptible follicles. Because S-Equol is simply blocking DHTs ability act on our hair follicles instead of reducing our body’s naturally produced hormones, it is strongly believed that side effects, especially sexual ones, will be nearly non-existent.

      Also, in terms of the “works better for younger guys/only reverses 5 years of hairloss” claim: that claim was completely subjective. I think what Brotzu was getting at was that small vellus hairs can most likely be brought back by the lotion. As long as you’re miniaturized hairs are still somewhat functioning, they can probably be brought back. Obviously slick bald areas that have been slick bald for years would be harder to bring back “to life”. I think that is probably the root of the age related comments.

      1. So fidias lotion probably won’t bring back recession in the temples and vertex since for most sufferers those go slick bald first?

        1. @H I’m not completely sure. It depends how long the areas have been ravaged by DHT, and how extensive the damage is.

          Beps63 reported that he has been growing fuzz all over his once slick bald vertex, and he claimed he’s been a Norwood 5.5-6 since his thirties (he’s in his fifties now). He claims he’s reversed a couple of Norwoods and is now a NW4 and still improving.

          Although it appears it works better for hair that has been more recently lost (around 5 years), it looks like improvement still could be had in areas that have been lost for longer.

  24. wow! cant believe that this might actually be a potential cure for some people, and the Brotzu lotion was discovered by accident, just like finasteride.

  25. I am still wondering whether it’s true that HT-surgery performed now, could damage enough tissue and dormant follicles, so that future treatments like Brotzu or Histogen won’t have the same results as in the situation that no tissue was disturbed.

    1. @Netshed

      According to Dr. Brotzu:

      “When we gave the lotion to a patient who had underwent a hair transplant, we noticed an increase both in the amount of hair and in the speed of growth. However it will be possible to carry out trials to prove this. Right now I don’t have enough information to give you an answer.”

    1. It’s still unclear. Beps62 said today that Brotzu told him that Fidia is completing their beaurocratic work (I.e. submitting their patent applications to numerous countries) and that the lotion should hit the market soon. Exactly how long though, I am unsure.

    2. No. If the data are correct to think they can selo it. You will need to wait 6 moths or more. No less. Thay are not selling candys. :)

    1. Topical so isn’t supposed to induce sides like Fin and is allegedly more potent than minoxidil and doesn’t need to be applied as often.

  26. There have been no pics, press release or data figures on this brontzu lotion for AGA. It’s just one giant speculation on forums. My git feeling tells me it will work no better than Rogaine. The one good feeling I have that it will work for much more people than Rogaine does. Rogaine works for like 40% of people this brontzu may work for like 80%. I expect reduction in hair loss and some thickening. It’s going to be a cosmetic not prescription so that right there should tell you it’s going to be like stemox Rogaine results. Better than nothing :)

    1. No Pics? No Presa release? You didnt se this week video presentetion? WTF? People with AA recover almost 100%
      Is the only treatment that show sometnhing….
      Come on!
      Histogen, jak, follica and other are year ahead of the thinga the brotzu lotion can do. Years!
      Jak are still working it to be release and safe use to AA. And you can count this to be release no more than 2 year. And for Aga if they can do it if will possible more year ahead.
      Histogen is like the New PRP. A lot of promeses a lot of no resulta.
      Follica and Co are years ahead.
      Brotzu if work the same in AGA like AA it will the the only tratment in the next 3 to 4 years.
      You beleave the cloning in 2020 or histogen and follica por jak in 2018 bit you can believe in brotzu in the next year? ;)

      1. Susana,

        If you state “years ahead” in case of Histogen, Follica or JAK then you say those treatments are superior and faster to market than Brotzu. However, if I focus on your total message I think you mean “years away” in case of Histogen, Follica and JAK and that Brotzu is years ahead of the rest.

  27. Pharmaceutical companies may have less hurdles to go through to release products that may or may not potentially have sides they were not restricted to evaluate as extensively. I want a cure fast in the bigger picture however, would this be the greater good?

  28. Thought about it my friend but I don’t want sides. Dut stays in your system much longer and honestly I’m afraid of it. If anything it will probably raise my T levels even higher and cause more shedding. It’s a risk I don’t want to take. I think I can hold on two more years with longer hair cuts to hide the thinning. I started adding Rogaine in the morning and I have noticed much less shedding. Hopefully this can buy me a couple years. It will be 15 years on Propecia and 2 years this week on Rogaine . NW2 diffuse.

    1. @Mjones people are saying that it has great results with no shedding but some with sides and it is with a short life time; what are you using a rogaine lotion or foam? What about spironolactone lotion or cream? Spironolactone has a derivative with less sides I forgot its name.I have a hairmax laser comb 12 I would like to sell it.

    2. You’ve done well mjones! I’ve been taking propecia for about 18 months and it seems my hair loss genes are just too potent because i am still well on the way to high norwoods at a fast pace :( my personal view is those with fast onset and progression will probably have an element of immune response (i.e. inflammation) to it and so JAK inhibitors will hopefully help in this scenario but in terms of something to look forward to i cannot really see past the research of Dr. Tsuji. The science is profound and methodology well thought out however as with anything, until we actually see results on humans, nothing is guaranteed. Also anyone using topicals should probably use dermarolling to aid penetration and delivery unless the topical is seriously good at getting through scalp layers to where the hair root is located and to be honest i don’t think anything on the market really cuts it in this regard, especially for those with high sebum levels

  29. I have a question. I have miniaturized hairs in baldspot can brotzu lotion regrow it? What will density and thickness?

    I hope fidia will post something in december.

  30. Some good news here for U.S. residents. The House of Representavies just passed the 21st Century Cures Act today. My guess is with Trump now in office and his stance of deregulating the FDA, this bill might actually become law pretty soon. Hopefully that means with all these new treatments becoming available in Japan and elsewhere in 2018, they’ll be able to come to market here in the U.S. very soon there after.

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