8 thoughts on “Prince William’s Hair Loss”

  1. Well yeah sure, forget about being part of the monarchy for a second, if I had a wife like Kate Middleton, I too would be less worried about my hair loss :p

  2. “He believes that any kind of meaningful new development for treating baldness is at least a decade away”. I hope dr Reddy is wrong

  3. Yes Dr. Reddy is wrong! I would generally not trust a hair loss cure time frame projection from a hair transplant surgeon.

    1. I would be shocked if a hairloss cure came out sooner than 10 years from now. Not that I’m an insider, PhD or HL expert, but AFAIK there really isn’t anything in the pipeline, and even if there were, in a perfect world, it takes what, 4-5 years for products to make their way all the way through clinical trials and then to market?

      We’re screwed.

    1. Unfortunately According to me
      daniel is right.. Even if they would found a cure tomorrow, it takes at least 7/8 year for trials, and This is optimistic

      1. Let us hope that the Bimatoprost trials yield some positive results… apart from that Histogen has gone quiet and Replicel is still at an early stage.

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