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Amazon Prime Day will run on July 11, 2023 and July 12, 2023.

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Prime Day is on July 11-12, 2023.

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I will update this section regularly. Feel free to suggest hair loss product related additions in the comments.

If you are microneedling to treat hair loss, make sure to check out those products too. Some bestselling anti-dandruff shampoos will also be on sale.

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40 thoughts on “Amazon Prime Day: Hair Loss Products and More”

  1. Terry I don’t understand any of those studies lol can you please explain it very simply what it means and what is WO1994005250A1? I’ve never heard of that. thank you.

  2. Woofy97,
    Haha…no worries.
    In regards to the studies they all show that the main problem with hairloss is the environment around the follice not the follicle it self (the problem in the soil not the seed) .
    is unbalanced and overgrowth of certain harmful bacteria and they show how certain herbal root (mentioned in the study ) reversed this imbalance and resulted in the hair growth of the hair…

    In regards to WO1994005250A1
    Its the name of a certain patent (google it ) that showed 100 success rate in regrowing Hair and stopping hair loss
    Made of certain sulfar based snd safe compounds and can be used by any one now as the patent expired (moved trom exclusive ownership to free public ownership) so any one can do it now (the details are in the actual PDF document when you search for WO1994005250A1.

      1. Dr tsuji is done , he’s not emberresed Dr junji from Yokohama university said he’s starting human trials in 2023, and it’ll be way cheaper and easier to multiply hair with he’s method but Dr junji also said French fries can help regrow hair so it’s like I kinda don’t believe him either. Really truly Stemsons therapeutics is our only hope but its not going to be commercially available until 2030.

  3. Triple hair other product to be released (Therapy -07)
    Seems more promising even..
    As its like an upgraded and enhanced version of the Big three combined .

    Also i am optimistic about OstiGrow .
    And waiting for them to open thier international market by 2022.
    They seem very confident about thier product too.

  4. Not currently available outside US/Canada in 2021? Not going to dump on it just yet, but not really enthused looking at those pics. Didn’t make me jump out of my seat. Might be good for maintaining? Natural products are all very lovely an’ all, but will they work out in the real world?

    1. I understand the skeptisem.
      I believe that these products have high potential…i maybe wrong..
      But from their facebook page (Ostigrow) they seem very confident and they have a completed clinical human trial that was published in medical journal…so we know it foes work in human (not only on mice or in ex-vivo or vitro )

      The same with triple hair …
      Bear in mind that all these results for both products are only 3 month marked…so as with any other treatment…3 month is not the peak result..the month are only the starting point …for me personally if its a natural topical product that has such good results
      It can only yet better.

      I don’t feel they are bs products
      They were clinically reviewed and bench marked with minox 5% and finesteride and showed superior results in shorter time.
      I am not saying its the silver bullet but its nice to see new effective products that are superior and from natural background .
      I doubt it will he another trinov.
      But lets wait and see.

    2. Me and a couple other guys are doing the free trial run over the next few months so we’ll know soon enough. ; j

      I’ll send my before/after pics to admin if it’s something worth sharing.

  5. Can anyone recommend a good minoxidil from online?
    Something clean that dries quickly and is made from quality ingredients? Preferably with retinoic acid (tretinoin)?
    My current compound is awful.. worst minoxidil I have used

      1. i have used pretty much everything, rogaine, kirkland, minoxidilmax, lipogaine, compounded minox with things like tretinoin, melatonin, caffeine, bitmataprost.

        i would say only one compounder does a perfect minox but its $140aud for 100ml!

        i am going to create a supplement which is much needed in the hairloss community
        it will be a mix of 4 main amino acids and 13 others in smaller amounts.
        cystine, lysine, methionine, arginine are the main, as well as high amounts of choline and vitamin c, b vitamins and minerals, high zinc as well as biotin at 10000mcg daily

        this will have to be taken twice a day and at 8 grams each time.

        no one out there is offering this type of nutrient mix for hairloss so i thought i would do it.
        not sure how to market it yet but it works so well for me i dont think it should be kept secret.
        it has taken me 5 years to get the amino acids in the right ratios
        about as long as ive been posting here

        1. quentin,
          Since you are into experiminting.
          How about you try to replicate this one patent WO1994005250A1 ?

          Search for the patent online ..all the ingredients are easy to get

          1. It’s not so much an experiment as it was an amino acid and vitamin powder that I was given the first time I started minoxidil. I wasn’t able to get it again and I had to guess what aminos And finally I have figured it out.

        2. Quentin, sounds interesting. I’ve been trying to find a decent compounding pharmacy in Melbourne (Aust) for ages. Can you tell me the pharmacy you used? I think from memory you mentioned C Pharmacy, but they are very expensive last time I checked.

          1. They are also the best compounders I have ever used. We can waste out money here and there but finding things that actually work may be worth the money. I’m about to order three bottles of minoxidil from them.

            He usually prescribes an amino acid vitamin mix too but I prefer mine as I can adjust how much arginine, lysine and methionone .

  6. Hi yoyo you think stemson finished pig trials? And why does the pig testing and mice testing take so long? After they grow the hair on mice after a couple of weeks or months what are they doing after? That time frame after they test on animals and it works… what is stemson doing after the hair grows on animals just staring at the animals cloned hair in amazement for years? And not testing on human? Lol

    1. @again woofy97 . brilliant question!. Honestly what’s the hold up woofy you are so lucky you are young. I just spoke to the head of city plastic in New York city and he had spoken to the lead dermatologist at Bernstein medical and she said with a full straight hairline that hair cloning is not going to happen until the next decade. So I mean if we know this, what’s the point?

      1. Mark the doctors at Bernstein medical say that every time for years its a default answer, they really don’t know.

      2. Hey Woofy. The skin of the mice are actually not very good bench marks for how hair cloning will translate to human skin. The reason that they are using pig skin is because it is a closer proxy to human skin because it is thicker skin and has fat in it etc. If you go on the linkedin site I posted on the previous article you will see that Stemson has been receiving a fair amount of funding in order to hire for various job offerings. Hair has been previously cloned/replicated in the past on mice, however the breakthrough that Stemson did was control the direction/growth of the hair shafts using a scaffold which has never been done before. If you want my honest opinion I feel like an update on pigs won’t be given to us until early/mid fall. I do believe that clinical trials will at some point start next year. But there is a plus, if the results on the pigs are aesthetically pleasing this is great news because it shows how the hair will probably look on human skin, the pig photos will be more important than the mice photos.

        1. Ok thanks for your reply yoyo! But why did they test on mice in the first place? And not just go straight to the pig? Because they wanted to test the scaffold and immune deficiencie?

          1. Good question. I’m not too sure but if I had to guess I think they wanted a general idea on how the cloning procedure would work, because mice are a lot cheaper and dispensable. And use the knowledge that they got from mice to adapt to pigs.

        2. @yoyo dude they already finished the pig trials and it was a success , for fortunis had there investment partner said in a conference meeting which was on vimeo Jan found it and sent us the link back February or March I think but anyways point is the pig trials were a success there exact words not mine,and fortunis said they were looking to start human trials later this year . honestly I want to also add I don’t really trust Dr junji from Yokohama university he sounds just like Dr tsuji given out specific dates of he’s human trials Dr tsuji said the same thing and look at him now and tissuse is garbage and so is ukhairclone.

    1. All 17 of the initial study participants’ photos are here:

      —Nothing miraculous. Side-effect free maintenance. But most of the guys are in their seventies! And have never been on any treatment before. Seventies tho—can’t expect the same results as say a twenty year old!

      Here’s the scientist [article below]. I like him. He seems genuine; not some biotech crook. Not after writing: “We don’t ever want people to pay unless OstriGrow works, so the free trial lets you test it with no risk.” Most likely he’s got the right concept but a weak formula, we’ll see. I hope he proves me wrong.

      It’s not arrived yet. When it arrives I will start right away. If it doesn’t grow anything I will ask them why and whether I can get more free bottles until it does (He DID write: we don’t ever want people to pay). If it does grow hair I’ll buy maybe 3 bottles, we’ll see. If it really really really really works, I’ll buy ten years supply, company stock, and an ostrich farm.

      From say speaking distance away it looks like I have about a palm size slick bald spot on my crown. One thing I found out when I took my before pictures and zoomed way in is that I actually have all my hair—all miniaturized tiny little hairs. It’s made me realize that what I’m really asking for isn’t to ‘grow new hair’ so much as ‘strengthen every last one of my existing hairs’. I would go NW5 to 1 just like that.

      If anyone here is severely bald and depressed about it, you might want to take a close up to see your scalp. Seeing the baby hairs actually gave me a lot of hope. Like all is not lost even if it appears that way to the eye.

  7. It’s a roller coaster of emotion. I see some light then I think, “It’ll be ten years at least…” I’m sure I’m not alone. A vicious cycle. I keep seeing people with more hair than they know what to do with (seriously thick and shaggy – they could give me 5% and not even notice). Sigh.

    1. @james1 exactly its horrible constantly checking for updates knowing full well hair cloning is 10 to 15 years away.

  8. Baldness is curse of our life. More worst when I see struggle of my teenage boy. We don’t have rights to give miserable life to new generation.

  9. I’ve seen a lot of research into grey hair and I saw on the Congress’s funding list It was when trump was in office just last year I think anyways we don’t need a cure for grey hair. I’d rather have grey hair then be bald. You can dye it.

  10. Hi this is Stu Greenberg from Ostrich Pharma USA. I note the discussion about OstriGrow, and I would be happy to answer questions you might have..

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