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I first covered the exciting new company known as PolarityTE in the middle of last year. The company was in the news a lot in 2017, primarily because of its miraculous skin regeneration product: “SkinTE”. The new skin is also supposedly able to produce intact new fully functioning hair follicles.

  • However, in that original post, I pointed out a negative article dated June 7, 2017. It was published on SeekingAlpha (with research conducted by a company called Cliffside Research) that took a critical view of PolarityTE. Their conclusion was that COOL shares had an “at least 64% downside from current valuation“. On that date, the stock was worth $18. As of today, it is worth a little over $23.
  • Funnily enough, exactly 6 months later, on December 7, 2017, SeekingAlpha published another negative article about PolariytTE. This time the research was conducted by a company called Hindenburg Investment Research. Their conclusion was even more dramatic: “We believe the common equity is likely worthless“.

It seems like Hindenburg Research does not even have a website, while both Hindenburg and Cliffside have few Twitter followers. The latter is often an indication of influence and longevity of existence. I originally thought that Seeking Alpha was a reputable website in the investment world. However, upon further research, I found that Seeking Alpha’s content is derived via crowdsourcing.

Hopefully, the financial experts who visit this blog can help us better understand the validity of the above two negative conclusions. As I mentioned in my original post on PolarityTE last year, the company’s key staff members are extremely well qualified. They all have impeccable medical and surgical experience credentials.

PolarityTE Rapidly Marches Forward

Just a week after the second of the above two negative opinions about PolarityTE was published (albeit from anonymous online contributors), the company announced the application of its SkinTE product on actual human patients at multiple medical centers. A great surprise for us in the hair loss world who are so used to only seeing initial mice based trials.

Moreover, just one week after the above announcement, on December 20, 2017 PolarityTE announced the creation of a new 200,000 square feet corporate headquarters.

Developing a Hair Restoration Product

And I saved the best news of all for last.

The only reason that I even covered PolarityTE in the first place last year is because I wondered if their hair-bearing damaged skin replacement technology could also be used on balding scalps. In order to replace perfectly normal undamaged skin for the sole purpose of growing new hair follicles. PolarityTE has mentioned on its website that this is an area of interest to them with great potential.

More recently:

  1. One of the main images on the SkinTE section of PolarityTE’s website (image titled “manufacturing-process”) now shows a bald man. His scalp has then been enlarged/expanded to show what seems to be like new follicle growth.
  2. One of this blog’s readers e-mailed the company last week and got a response suggesting that they would be developing a hair loss related product. However, due to the anonymous nature of the comments on this blog, I remain cautious. I have contacted PolarityTE to verify this potential development. I asked them this very question last year, but got no response and hope for better this time.

Another new Entrant in the Hairy Skin Sector?

As if one new entrant in the hair-bearing skin department was not enough, we start 2018 with even more good news. Earlier today, various newspapers announced that a US team of researchers from Indiana University School of Medicine had succeeded in growing both upper and lower layers of mice skin using stem cells. More importantly, the new skin also grew perfectly normal hair follicles.

Actual study here.

— As always, the UK’s DailyMail knows what this blog’s readers are most interested in and cuts through the chase for us.

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  1. I am fairly knowledgeable in finance, so I thought I’d provide input to the latter Seeking Alpha article.

    Firstly, Seeking Alpha is a site where anyone can post stock pitches. Some of these people are well known and respected, some aren’t. Hindenburg falls into the second category – he has very few followers and his theses garner very little traction.

    A comment on Hindenburg IR, in reference to you point out that the “company” doesn’t have a website: this is because Hindenburg Investment Research is almost certainly just 1 person posting articles. There is no Hindenburg Investment Research beyond Seeking Alpha – it is just some guy who thought it would be cool to make himself more legit and coined the name.

    The name Hindenburg, in my guess, is a cheeky way to show that the “company” bets on companies who they think are worth less than what they’re trading for. Just my guess.

    In terms of the commentary in the article, if we’re to assume what’s posted is accurate then it is very damning. The dilution, reverse mergers, and series of failed companies is definitely not a good thing. I don’t follow the pharma industry at all, but that level of dilution through convertibles is scary.

    I think further research is warranted to look into the company’s claims, as a lot of the article’s concern surrounds a lack of information regarding the company’s intellectual property and the veracity of their claims.

    1. The lack of information regarding the company’s intellectual property (SkinTE) is what should have concerned us from the getgo.
      Nobody knows what the heck SkinTE is, how it works, what it entails. All we have is a couple of pig pictures. That’s all. And that ain’t enough.
      In comparison, we know a) that RCH-01 is a cell-based treatment, whereby cells are isolated from the back of a patient’s head, then amplified and injected into thinning or bald areas, b) that RAIN (Follica) is a combinatorial treatment, that entails microneedling(-wounding) and drug application (most probably minox).
      People have talked about skin excision and gelloid ointment applied on damaged skin. But there hasn’t been any official description of what SkinTE entails, when, at the same time, it is being tested in selected clinics throughout the U.S..
      I don’t know…
      I hope they’ve indeed developed an effective treatment for burn victims.

      1. It may be because the treatment isn’t patentable. I’m also guessing that’s why they are so heavily trade marking their branding. This would be so when it finally is made public they would be the Aspirin of the salycilic acids so to speak. It’s tough to keep a trade secret in medicine after it’s release.

    2. The company still hasn’t disclosed any locations where it is being tested, and the last announcement merely pushed out the supposed release of data until sometime later this year. This looks a lot like the company is trying to “buy time”. In the meantime they are selling hope without hard data.

  2. Guys, I am still interested in people who had FUE transplants. Anybody here who wants to give advice? Taking 1 or 2 hairtransplant while waiting for the homerun of Takashi Tsuji in 2020, 2021 could be a good strategy for some to tackle their baldness. Any thoughts …

      1. Try RU, Fin, Dut or any last hope that you got for at least 6 months, so you can Bridge the time till the end of 2018. At the end of the year we should have some new treatments available.

    1. Netshed… No advice other than the obvious stuff:
      1. Definitely get FUE and not FUT. Strip scars are terrible and severely limit your options in the future, and that disfigurement can cause real distress should your hair loss be a higher Norwood in the future. FUE will give you freedom to buzz hair short in the future, which is very important.
      2. There is an interesting trend now with combining FUE with specialized micropigmentation (tattoo ink). It really seems to multiply the effectiveness of the hair transplant when planned together.
      3. Find a surgeon who looks to do great hairlines (many before and after photos). Not all hair surgeons are equal. The hairline is vital.
      4. Google search and research the above! Good luck!

      1. Hello Slick,

        Thank you, I have crown loss, not stable (because no FIN). Until now 2 experts said to me that at age 35 it is safe to get a small fue even if you’re not on FIN. I am gonna check 3 other experts.

        1. Yes.. I personally think it’s almost always safe to get FUE, which is nearly scar-less. Even if 90% of your hair falls out in two years, you can always just buzz it short with FUE. IMO… never get the strip scar (trying to hide the scar has had a major negative effect on my life). Good luck man!

    2. Hey Netshed

      I had a robotic fue i wasnt using any meds but i did after. The results were good i used alopexy which helped getting some regrowth also. But the effect fades away after a while and you start seeing other bald patches. I had 2500 grafts about 2 years ago. Probably gona have another fue this summer 2500 grafts again

  3. Admin … your depth of understanding of the hair loss industry, the key actors and scientists and various technologies/approaches is much greater than the casual research provided by Seeking Alpha. If anything, professional investors are reading your blog to understand the industry and the key players to gauge which technology has the best chance of success. Whether shareholders of PolarityTE will benefit from any possible breakthrough of this technology is a completely different question.

    1. Thanks for the vouch of confidence Paul, although I usually only conduct superficial financial analysis and leave the rest to the experts :-)

  4. In 2013 it was obvious to me I had AGA, I thought we would have a stable solution by 2015, then maybe by 2017, well in fact it looks like they are wasting our precious time.

    Despite all efforts, it’s getting worse.
    At the same time I have 2 family members who are high Norwoods, while others have no hair loss. No predictions can be made.

      1. it would likely be significantly cheaper I think because of the target audience size. With the disease they are targeting there’s only a couple thousand with it, baldness has 10’s-100’s of millions so they would adjust the price since they can recoup the R&D expenses easier and profit with way more patients.

    1. That’s gene therapy.
      Of course, it’d be that expensive.
      Cell therapies are gonna be lots, lots cheaper, once automation kicks in.

      1. Yes me too, now that I’ve had some time to calm down and think about it I share your skepticism.

        If this was such a great procedure then why are we hearing about it now and where is the publication giving us greater insights/detail?

        Maybe because they are applying for a patent they are not talking about it that much?

        As with all things I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. I heard a lot about “future cures for hair loss” but they are nothing but improved versions of hair transplantation. there is some advance in reducing scalp DHT levels indefinitely (without giving up on your balls/testosterone…) or changing DHT sensitive hairs into non-sensitive hairs like the ones in the back&sides of your head?. the first method sounds much more easy/practical than what I generally find in the news about “cure for hair loss”. I also found some news about relatively new research which include injecting fat into the scalp in order to promote regrowing/thickening of the hair, did you heard about it?.

    1. In most cases the hair on the sides and back of the head are DHT resistant so an advanced HT that allows an unlimited (or a massively increased) number of hairs that share the DHT resistant properties as the back and sides would be a cure

  6. Very interested in skinte for another condition as well as possibly hairloss. When researching polarityte I managed to find some podcasts with owner Denver lough, his PhD papers, polarityte patent applications and some random comments on Facebook and Twitter hinting at people having success with this new product in clinics. Always very sceptical about these new “breakthroughs”, especially when they use sound bites and cheesy marketing. Let’s hope it’s legit for the many varied applications they can envision.

  7. Admin, would you consider doing a post on tretinoin? I have tried so many different types of minoxidil cocktails and they all make my hair worse. Every time I go back to the minoxidil and treninoin mix almost all my hair comes back within a few months. It is the ONLY thing that works for me and I don’t understand why more people do not know about it.

      1. I get a compound pharmacy to make it. Lately I have been using minoxidil 5% with treninoin 0.02%. They can make it in liquid or foam. 100ml costs me about $65 which I think is very reasonable. The great thing about having a compound pharmacy making minoxidil for you is that you can speak to them about the ratios of the ingredients. For example I asked if they could make it with just 10%PPG so it dries much faster

        1. Hey @Quentin I thought I’d heard before that Retin-A can actually cause hair loss in some individuals. You’ve not experienced this at all? Have you heard of other people having an opposite effect that you had?

        2. Also is your dermatologist the one prescribing it for you, and how many times a day do you use it? Liquid or foam?

          1. I use the liquid. Yes I did experience an extreme shed when I firstly started. It lasted about a month. By the end of three months my hair was as thick as I could ever remember it. I was losing maybe one or two hairs in the shower. I started using it every second night and then every night and then twice a day like regular minoxidil formulas. There is slight skin peeling at first which is not to be confused with dandruff. From the research I have done, retin a has ability to regrow hair on its own without minoxidil. The original testing was done with 2% minoxidil and 0.025% retin a and the results were much greater than 5% minoxidil alone. Retin a has the ability to shrink sebaceous glands and increase cell regeneration. I don’t know why companies put azaelic acid into their formulas. I always felt that azaelic stopped the minoxidil penetrating however it did seem to remove the oiliness from my scalp. Something that retin a does anyway

            1. Thank you very much for that detailed explanation. Next time i go to my derm ill see if she can prescribe this.

  8. Hey Nasa. Hope you see this. I know this isn’t related but I’d have to scour all the posts to find the comment otherwise. You mentioned these old men who burnt their heads and managed to regrow all their hair what did they apply to their heads after being burnt? Wasn’t it a form of inhibitor? Thanks :)

  9. On their website they have some good before and after photos of the regenerated skin and some that showed repair of the wound with full hair growth. But the real question is, did the wound simply close or was the wound filled in with new skin that grew new hair. A simple tattoo dot test would answer this.
    I’m actually thinking they may be using a mix of available and unpatentable techniques to make this work. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they don’t seem to be running FDA trials and are closely guarding how this is being done.

  10. I sincerely hope COOL has a lot of aces under their sleeve. Why would they rent a huge facility, hire top brass and they don’t require FDA approval (clinical trials- according to some on this forum). If they are a snake oil fbn company they would probably be mixing minox or formulating some herbal bovine droppings and calling it a product. If you are sitting on a goldmine – any cosmetically very effective aga solution is then it’s a question of scaling for production and novel delivery before competition takes over.

  11. Also, I don’t want to give away or disclose my identity. BUT I THINK ITS IMPORTANT TO SHARE THIS!!!

    I’m not sure if it’s possible or if Follics is attempting to become licensed as a compounding pharmacy, but if they were to do so then licensed healthcare providers with prescribing power in the United States could prescribe the Follics products to patients and the products could be shipped to the patient!

    Of note, the only work around I know of to obtaining the remaining Polaris Research nr products at this time is through minoxidilexpress.com & minoxidilexpress.com will also supply the Follics FR products in the near future. HOWEVER, Minoxidil 15 Express is currently using Xoom, a service of paypal, for transactions for their products and there’s currently a dispute between Minoxidil 15 Express (based in UK) and paypal since paypal new cross border transaction requires license to license transaction or purchase from a website registered in the same country (the United States). BIG PHARMA is undoubtedly partly playing into this as the R-word (Rog***e) minoxidil product is trying to stop US citizens from obtaining these products!!! Share and fight back!!!!!!

        1. I’d say the minoxidil “foams” and such that most consumers purchase OTC in US drug stores are “garbage”. It’s all about the money.

          Your scalp needs the optimal environment to reactive stem cells for hair follicles to produce terminal hair. FR-12 has the ingredients needed to make that environment come to fruition.

          I think Follics can act as an extension of our bridge to reaching a permanent solution.

          1. Hi Phil do you own Follics or are you just saying it because you tried their FR-12 product and had good results?

            I love my Rogaine foam FYI. It always seems to make my hair look thicker, but no idea if its just the gel-like properties doing that or actual hair regrowth.

            1. Admin, heck no I don’t own Follics or am affiliated with them in any way. You have my email address, and am sure you could find out who I am, my educational background, and what I do if you really wanted to.

              Why would I be talking about a site based in the UK that is selling products that cannot be sold here in the US?
              I have not tried the FR-12, but I did just purchase a recent batch of Polaris nr-11 which essentially has the same ingredients.

            2. I agree, the foam helps me hide my thinning because it seems to make the hair more coarse and not lifeless and flat. But its hasnt grown any hair, its just a temporary cosmetic effect

  12. Rogaine is garbage for some and a great treatment for others. However, it’s outdated and something 10x better must come out asap. Rogaine can destroy your hair making it worse for some and this is true. On the other hand it can grow tons of hair. I’ve seen both first hand. Unfortunately for me my hair line is getting destroyed on the right side. I’m one week on Rogaine liquid 5% at night and using the foam as well for the past 4 years. It’s working but just ruin my hairline and thinned where I applied on the scalp and then maintained it thinner. It’s a mess. Liquid shed more hairs on right side of hairline which is worrisome but hoping it turns around with some regrowth or else it’s a mini fue to fill in the right hairline so I don’t look like an idiot with half empty hair line. We need treatments that are specifically made for mpb not some accident discovery. A treatment that makes hair better not worse.

    1. Yes, ROGAINE will make your hair worse!! Because of all the alcohol and other crap that’s inside the liquid or foam besides the active ingredient minoxidil. Polaris nr-11 (now being replaced by Follics FR-12) contains minoxidil-sulfate, not minoxidil.

      1. Phil I never experienced a dread shed on Rogaine or the foam. It’s just my hair just gets worse where I put it, but thickens up other areas I don’t put it. It’s weird and hard to explain. The foam didn’t really grow much hair for me at all. I tried a compound Rogaine with retinal and it worked well for 3 months then lost effectiveness and I started going downhill fast along the right side of scalp. Just added plain old fashion Rogaine liquid only on right side about half recommend dose. Noticed right side thinning more but not much more shedding in shower or in hands. I don’t know what to do…..

  13. everyone that comes here is basically on the cutting edge of this field we are mystified by this and that company and scientist but I’ve talked to multiple dermatologist in my state about things they have no idea about. When something happens out there we know about it less than 24 hours later and even make contacts with them in many cases for follow up questions. We are not research scientist but I didn’t realize how overly informed we are.

    Not that gives us any power – I’m definitely not trolling, I just find minox to be of a lower order in comparison to the technology we all buzz about we would consider a “cure” by 2020. And that website has those tired old stock photo sexy models you know? with the same cliche thing we’ve always seen with flash before pics coupled with flash off flattering afters shameless marketing. You cannot compare it to cloning tissue be it polarity/shiseido/riken etcetc

    1. Agreed Egghead. I asked my general doctor and two local derms in the Philly area and they didn’t know anything but Rogaine and propecia. The only doctor that new anything was from university of Pennsylvania when I visited her 4 years ago. Can’t believe it’s been that long. She said a stem cell activated treatment will hit the market in 5 years. I just feel that Rogaine sheds hair for me and grows them back thinner. I want to stop it but I’m afraid now since it’s been 4 years on it.

    2. “You can’t do with the army you’d like you have to go with the army you have”. Quote attributed to D. Rumsfeld. Minox has lost some effectiveness on me over the years but along with other currently available treatments has saved me from being horseshoe bald. I’ve been at this game for over 30 years boys. New treatments would be nice, nothing is out yet and we can’t say with certainty if/when. I’m at least grateful for what we have and that it’s kept me from being horseshoe bald as my dad was at 26.

      1. Hey Yoda, what are other treatments are you taking. My hair just went downhill on right side from hairline to crown. Anyone else experience that? The hair on my hairline tip over terminal, fall out and don’t grow back thinner. It’s like something is shocking my hair off. Only thing I can think of is Rogaine. Propecia worked for 14 years. Maintained with some regrowth and held my nw1.5 hair great. It lost effectiveness 4 years ago and is where the right side started going down hill. Added Rogaine foam, and it’s been up and down but now mostly down and diffusing where I put it. Worse on right side. Left side was thicker and nice, I added Rogaine foam there and within a month hairline miniaturized she thinned to crown. I now just put a few dabs to keep it maintained without massive shed. We need follica, Sisheido, jak, sm, anything..

        1. You name it, Yoda has tried it, with the exception of the “Bro-Science” un-proven chemicals forum guys are rubbing on their noggins. I had the best success with Dr. Lee, but even with his solutions I had to ramp up on the concentrations. I’ve had 4 PRP sessions with the preeminent Doc with mediocre results. My hair loss is primary at the front quarter on my skull, toughest area. I imagine the crown would be in trouble if it wasn’t for finasteride and no Dutasteride. To answer your question, switched from Fin to Dut two years ago, 15% minox in the am/30% minox in the pm with other additives. Hate to say it, Yoda threw a Hail Mary about a month ago and added RU to the mix. Too early to tell but I think RU decreased the shedding and seeing a few new hairs pop out. I’m not recommending any of my treatments and won’t say where I’m obtaining, don’t want to be accused of “shilling”. I will say it’s from the usual suspects if you search the illustrious forums.

  14. That was now Dut, not no Dut. I’m using Dut for 2 years, which also decreased the shedding. Fin started to loose it’s effectiveness for me after almost 20 years.

  15. I talked to my GP last week and he told me that everybody who once had a prescription from him for Finasteride, during the last 10 years, has stopped the medication. Nobody was ever able to stand the side effects or the Finasteride could not stop the hair from shedding.

    Therefore I am still flabbergasted how many of you are able to deal with Fin and Dut. I think most of you are in the US, am I right?

    1. Been on Fin for 15yrs. Mild to no sides at all. Hair loss was frozen, have the SAME hair still.. During this time, I saw lots of my friends going bald.

      That’s fear mongering.

      1. Yeah no sides on fin, just after 14 years it lost its effectiveness after holding my nw1.5 in place for all 14 years. I started to lift heavy and take protein isolate. That’s when I noticed my hair going to crap. Could be coincidence but most likely not. It probably threw off my hormonal dht balance and kick started the balding process again and now it can’t be stopped.

        1. Don’t blame yourself.. It might be just coincidence.. I have been lifting heavy too, and taking Protein (isolate/concentrate), BCCAAs.. Also did a few cycles of Creatine (not doing it anymore because read it *could* be detrimental to my hair)..

          But all above never seemed to impact my hair…

    2. Must be the that US Finasteride is side effect free! I think sides on forums are overblown but hey, that’s just me. I had no sides of close to 27 years of fin then dut. Some watery seamen at fist was it. I’m 55 and still horny as a four peckered billy goat. Sure, not the same as my 20’s but I’d reason to say pretty adrn good for my age. That’s becuase I’m healthy, eat right, work out, yoga, cycle and haven’t been married to the same old bag for umpteen years! :-)

      1. Haha yoda. Sounds like we live a similar healthy lifestyle. I think if you hit the gym and exercise it may decrease chances of sides. Just a thought. I just regret lifting heavier and taking protein isolate because I believe that is what ruined my success. I was going strong with great hair. We just need something much better and new assp!. Way too long for just only having fin and min.

  16. We will review the most effective product for treatment of baldness until clinical trials for new treatments / ● Doualgene 15 mg + plus ● Topical Finasteride + Minoxidil Formula 82F Phenoxydyl ● FR12 12% Minoxidil Solvate + Finasteride + Alphathedol Therapy # NB This product is good but Minoxidil sulfate It is questionable because the price is too expensive. ● Minoxidil Fort 5% Topical Gel This product is Egyptian and I think if added added Finasteride will be more effective.
    # NB /
    These treatments are all topical so side effects Phenasteride are almost negligible in building studies at 3% within a year

  17. Long time reader of this website, first time post. I have been bald for probably around 20 plus years. Unfortunately, baldness pretty much robbed me of my 20s and 30s. Went through long periods of depression. Anyhow, I would like to see a cure not only for myself, but more for my son should he have inherited my baldness gene. I know the misery that this disease brings upon the sufferer and no individual should ever have to endure such a soul destroying affliction.
    I hold out hope, but if it is too late or impossible for regrowth then I can deal with that; however my true hope is that perhaps there will be an answer in the form of prevention, i.e before the shedding process even begins. No future generations should have to deal with this. Period.

    1. Jesus Ryan. It is only cosmetic. I have had Fibromyalgia for 7 years. It hurts just to sit still. Constant fight with disability. You could instead have blindness, AIDS, malaria, cancer, SARS, TB, VD, impotence, etc. Hair loss in the grand scheme of things is nothing; you are still here.

      1. That’s the worst philosophy honestly.. There’s always something worse buddy doesn’t mean people don’t have right to grieve and suffer for something not as bad. Like hey Scott who cares that you have fibromyalgia you could be leaving in a country that doesn’t have treatment for it or a country that doesn’t have enough water for its own citizens. There’s always something worse. I agree with Ryan 100% this disease is destroying my early 20s as well and I can’t wait for something to come out

        1. Yeah man same. Noticed I was balding midway through my 18th, just after I though last fe would be better cuz my acne was clearing…that when I first read an article saying 5 years away. This year will be 10. That’s why I’m skeptical of so much bs out there and crooks taking advantage of ppl with bs solutions and “photos” that have different light, angles, and position of their hair.

        2. In western society, where most men go bald, I think you have less to moan about. And even those who keep their hair, most will be obese as the years pass so in terms of appearance it sort of levels the playing field.
          But you made me think about the rest of the world. I would hate to live in a country where baldness is very rare and therefore attracts bogus but upheld suspicions about your general health, personality and persuasion.

      2. Scott, have you heard of Dr. John Sarno? I had issues with chronic pain for years, and reading one of his books legitimately changed my life. Would highly recommend giving him a look if you’re having that kind of struggle. Nothing is worse than feeling like you can’t fully live your life.

        Now if I could just somehow get as good of a result with dealing with this whole hair loss thing. I know it’s not the end of the world, but, damn, does it hit me where it hurts in terms of self-image/peace of mind. Thanks to admin for the great site, and best of luck to all in finding happiness with or without hair. Don’t give up hope–you never know what good things may be on the way.

  18. Nicely said Ryan. Anyone on here understands the misery of baldness-no matter what stage they’re at. I can’t imagine what it would be like in your 20’s and balding? F*#% that for a game of golf on sundays!!! I have a mate who went bald in his early 20’s and it destroyed him. No confidence whatsoever-especially with women. What a cruel affliction to be burdened with, and then to have society not only mock you, but tell you that you are less for having worried about such a trivial thing in the first place! I realized after many blissfully ignorant decades that I have what’s been described as slow invisible balding. In my teens to late 40’s I had the thickest hair imaginable, but eventually realized the body had reduced quite a lot from diffuse thinning. I’m now 53 and a NW 2-3. I know it’s not as bad as some, but I still hate it. Tried everything to no avail too. Friends say, “Oh, you’re not losing your hair!”, but get me under a dreaded down-light and it’s ‘welcome to planet slap-head’, it’s becoming see-through. I guess, all we can do is hope that SOMETHING comes along that is safe, affordable and effective. If that day comes sooner than later-drinks are on me.

  19. It’s amazing how 20 years has passed for some on here and yet we are still using the same treatments. You would think something better would have came out by now. If nothing is released by the end of 2019 then it’s safe to say someone or something is blocking a new treatment or cure. Nothing else makes sense but that.

    1. I have analysed the possible scenario of a company blocking treatment. All things considered it makes no sense. Let’s pretend Aclaris (seems to be most people’s favourite) have a “secret” cure. Surely they would want to recuperate as much of the money they spent in R&D and make profits on top before Shiseido’s version of a cure is released or RIKEN or FOLICUM or the others.
      The convergence of these major players in recent years with the progress each has made, one factor that now falls into investor consideration is not merely “will it work?” but “how long will it be the only cure?”.
      This of course is not our problem. We just want one cure by any player. Which of these chemists get to ride Ferraris and fly first class for the rest of their lives is irrelevant to us.

  20. I thought I would share the information below. I have read this last year, but since it popped up I thought it might be worth sharing.

    “Inflammation. Quebecol, the phenol in maple syrup, curbs the body’s inflammatory response, which is a key characteristic of inflammatory disease such as rheumatoid arthritis. Researchers at Quebec’s Université Laval took a type of blood cells called macrophages and added bacterial compounds. Normally, this triggers an inflammatory response, but when the researchers added quebecol, the response didn’t occur.

    The scientists have created synthetic versions of quebecol that are even more powerful that the original molecule. They believe the new versions could open the door to a new class of anti-inflammatory drugs that would be effective in treating immune diseases, such as arthritis, while reducing the side effects of current treatments.”

    Taken from the article linked below.


  21. Hi admin, I was just wondering if you read polarityTEs facebook comment from June 30th 2017. :

    “Hi *****, thank you for your interest in SkinTE, currently in development for application in the wound and burn market to regenerate full-thickness, fully-functional skin. We are planning for clinical application in Q3 2017 and market entry by 1H 2018. If successful, we plan to explore entry into other markets such as acute and chronic wounds, cosmetic/scar revisions, and hair regeneration. To keep updated on our progress, we encourage you to sign up for email alerts to receive PolarityTE’s latest news announcements.”

    You said that you did not get an answer from PolarityTE concerning the regeneration but 6 months ago they clearly said that they will work on hair regeneration. Maybe it is nothing new but I thought I will share.

    1. Yes Royaume, I read similar things from them before, but the guy Isa got a much more precise email about PolarityTe developing a specific hair loss product that was related to SkinTe.

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