Pluripotent Stem Cells Used to Grow Human Hair in Mice

Scientists led by Dr. Alexey Terskikh  at the California-based Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute published a groundbreaking study yesterday that was widely covered by the media.  Some interesting takes here, here and here. The first of those three links has some interesting feedback from Histogen’s CEO Dr. Gail Naughton.

In summary, these scientists used pluripotent stem cells from humans to create dermal papilla type cells that were then injected into hairless mice.  Lo and behold, the mice started to grow human hair!  I do not see any strong reason preventing the same from working from human->human (as long as its the same human). However, Dr. Terskikh stated that he is still looking for partners “to implement this final step”, and clinical trials will then tack on a few more years to this procedure finally coming to market.

One thing that I like about the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute is that it is a non-profit organization.  I wonder what conditions a for-profit partner would set for providing research funding? We always seem to have issues when private sector companies purchase rights to new technology in the hair loss world, since each new clinical trial phase progression is then dependent on one particular company’s internal decision making and funding availability. If they do not feel that a product will make them at least $xyz, they often even cancel further research despite successful outcomes from initial trials.

In any case, going back to this study, the  artificial dermal papillae cells were grown from pluripotent stem cells.  Such cells can be derived from human embryos (controversial) or a patient’s own skin cells (not controversial).  According to Dr. Terskikh, per one of the articles I linked above:

Patients can donate their own iPS cells, which can be grown into the replacement dermal papillae in “unlimited” quantities.”

Note: iPS (or IPSC) stands for induced pluripotent stem cells, which are generated from adult cells (as opposed to embryonic pluripotent stem cells, which are derived from early stage embryos).

Besides the above advantage, another key benefit of this stem cell derived process is that it overcomes the ongoing problems researchers have had in trying to multiply existing human dermal papilla cells outside the body and then re-injecting them into the scalp.  The dermal papilla cells largely seem to  lose their hair-inducing properties when kept outside the body.  In fact in this very study the authors tried three experiments:

  1. Transplanting human dermal papillae cells taken from adult scalps to the mice.  Result = insignificant number of hairs generated.
  2. Transplanting just human skin cells to the mice. Result = insignificant number of hairs generated.
  3. Transplanting dermal papilla cells grown/derived from human embryonic stem cells to the mice.   Result = significant new hair generation!

Besides Dr. Terskikh, the principal author of the paper is Dr. Ksenia Gnedeva.  While the former has done work in many different areas (largely related to stem cells), the latter has focused a lot more on hair related research.  It seems like both of these researchers have published some of their research in Russian.  This year, I hope to try and write more about hair loss research that is being conducted in countries such as Russia and China, but is not being published in the English language.  Perhaps I might have to hire some local students from those countries to help me?

Update: Ironically enough, someone fluent in Russian was thinking along the same lines as me and actually managed to interview one of the article’s authors based in Russia.  See more on Bald Truth Talk forum member “Bald Russian”‘s phone interview with Ekaterina Vorotelya.  Wish US-based researchers were as forthcoming!

34 thoughts on “Pluripotent Stem Cells Used to Grow Human Hair in Mice”

  1. Great work admin!!! They know how to multiple hair follicles. They are just taking their sweet ass time. And with all this testing/trials FDA clearence & all other BS. At this rate we are looking @ 10-20 yrs away towards a possible cure!!! In 10 more yrs I turn 44 & in 20yrs I will be 54 yrs old. What a joke for me & others with hair loss. Hoping, waiting, & praying perhaps. All I can say, if there is a cure in another country before it hits America. I AM FLYING OVER THERE TO GET IT DONE!!!

        1. Uhhh, no I’d prefer to live in the 21st century, not the 20th. It’s nothing short of pathetic that we can’t cure baldness by now. Being a defeatist is total failure and the absolute worst way to be.

    1. Are you lambasting the admin for reporting on a story which he has no control over….? Why exactly are you here? He doesn’t have to take time out of his day to update and bring us news in one convenient spot.

      Obviously this won’t be out tomorrow. But I’m not sure where all the unnecessary vitriol is coming from?

      1. You should mine your business Daniel. I meant by telling the admin thanks!!! I wasn’t being sarcastic with him. So again, Daniel MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!! Thank you…

  2. We can do a kick starter to fund their research. This will prevent companies killing another working product/method. Have trail in Japan or elsewhere we might have a working public release in two years

    1. I can’t see why a company wouldn’t be interested in this.. it is a money machine… it will make trillions of dollars.. it is THE CURE.

      1. dude chill cause unfortunately it’s a complicated process.. if it were EASY AS HELL they would literally be choosing from TRILLIONS of investors.. yet there is still the testing for safety + orientation of hairs that needs to be solved.. so although promising.. let’s not loose our minds over an article.

  3. I believe we’re getting real close. I can’t wait until the day I go on Yahoo and read “Hair loss cure discovered”. I will be jumping for joy. Hopefully that day will be soon.

  4. diego.. quien ha dicho 10/20 años? yo calculo que mucho antes… sobre todo gracias a las leyes de japón en cuanto a las celulas madre..

  5. por si no has podido leer la entrevista de un miembro del foro con uno de los cientificos de esta noticia.. basicamente se estan moviendo en america ahora debido a que en rusia no les quieren proporcionar con la inversion necesaria para seguir a cabo con el proyecto, en sus propias palabras( “la razón por la que no invierte nada el gobierno es por que a la sociedad no le importan los calvos y no se considera una enfermedad”) pero los japoneses ya estan probando la induccion de celulas madre pluriotentes en humanos( concretamente, estan inyectandolas en los ojos de 6 personas). si resulta que no hay problema alguno y no se produce cancer( es la unica gran preocupacion), estamos creando nuevas celulas por lo tanto no hay razon por la cual no podrian formarse tumores terribles.. si esto resulta que no causa ningun problema.. pues entonces gracias a las leyes en japon podria todo salir de lujo en menos de 10 años.. , ami sinceramente me parece que lo mas dificil(si resulta seguro el tratamiento) seria que consigan hacer crecer el pelo en la direccion e inclinaccion del cabello natural.. ya que por lo visto al inyectar las celulas estas crecen para todos los lados y resultaria en una cabeza llena de pelo pero lo flipariamos con lo raro que seria el pelo.. como ves hay muchas variables..yo pensaba que la cura estaba escondida/suprimida, pero parece ser que de verdad hay muchas complicaciones..

  6. 10 años me parece una locura. Justamente porque hace 10 años decían que faltaban 5 años para una cura. Dejen de buscar excusas, es una tomada de pelo todo esto. Aparte están diciendo que Replicel inicia fase 2 y podría salir en japón en 2017, osea que esto también puede ser todo una mentira???? apuesto lo que sea que cuando llegue el año 2017/2018 Replicel va a salir a decir que faltan 10 años para un producto por alguna razón seguramente. Respecto a que nadie quiere invertir porque no se considera una enfermedad también me parece una total excusa justamente porque el mercado de la pérdida del cabello mueve millones, y las farmacéuticas y la parte clínica lo único que les importa es el dinero. Ya lo dije hace un tiempo esto es todo un negocio económico. Por otro lado estar discutiendo todos estos temas en un foro, y ponerse contento porque puede salir una cura dentro de 10 años también me parece una pavada, 2025 chicos!!!! por dios. Patético.

  7. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Toda la razón le doy a Diego. Veamos la historia del cabello. En los 80 y en los 90 salió finasteride y minoxidil. De ahí nunca mas nada. Follica millones gastó en investigación y nunca responder ni un correo electrónico. Histogen en su página siguien diciendo que en 2015 saldría un producto en Así y todavía ni siquiera nadie pudo informar cuando empieza la fase 2. Replicel lo mismo. Y todo esto ni siquiera nos asegura que vaya a funcionar. Y todos nosotros hace desde el 2000 que estamos esperando una cura. 15 años pasaron. Y ahora no dicen que pueden falta 10 mas. Realmente es faltarle el respeto a la gente. Tantos millones y tantos científicos para ni siquiera sacar una medicación un poco mejor que finasteride y minoxidil. Impotencia me da.

  8. Aver.. yo tambien creo que es un locuron la POSIBLE espera de mas de 5 años.. pero estais cabreados clarisimamente por que no sabeis como funciona esto…la GIGANTESCA MAYORIA de drogas y tratamientos que llegan a los ensayos clinicos FRACASAN… repito… LA GIGANTESCA MAYORIA DE DROGAS Y TRATAMIENTOS QUE LLEGAN A LOS ENSAYOS CLINICOS. FRACASAN. que quiere decir esto? que se pierden MILLONES Y MILLONES Y MILLONES… de ahi a que no se invierta nada.. es arriesgadisimo desde el punto de vista econoomico para los inversores,, ahi teneis razon .. si no se ve CLARISIMAMENTE que se vaya a hacer una ganancia .. pues al final no se persigue el proyecto. A esto le sumamos que para cualquier droga o tratamiento la media de ensayos clinicos( o esque quereis cancer a cambio de tener pelo? ) tardan 15 anños bajo la FDA(esto va a reducirse muchisimo gracias a los asiaticos).. por que tienen que ser mUy rigurosos sino todos tenemos pelo y al cabo de 2 años resulta que empiezan ha salir efectos secundarios tan terribles que el estar calvos nos pareceria el puto paraiso… dada la naturaleza de la prensa sensacionalista a restregarnos en la cara cada avanze.. parece que se estan riendo de nosotros… pero lo mas probable es que sinceramente.. esto es dificil por no decir, un proceso tan complicado que si nos lo explicara un profesional nos quedariamos callados todos y pensando en lo equivocados que estamos… la culpa es de la puta prensa que lo tacha todo de CURA.. cuanod no son mas que avanzes, interesantes, pero avanzes…. si llevas desde el 2000 buscando la cura tan ansiadamente… me temo que sin conocerte estoy al 100% de que tienes un problema en tu vida ya que nos has encontrado algo en tu vida que te llene como para olvidar este tema que no deja de ser un tema superficial… yo soy muy muy joven como para sufrif de esto.. y sincermanete desde que me entere hace 3 meses de que se me caia el pelo….. me he hecho a la idea de que es mejor olvidarse de esto y tomarse cada noticia como si de una mentira se tratase.. por que no podemos perder nuestra juventud esperando a la ciencia y cuando nos queramos dar cuenta se nos ha ido la vida pensando/ansiando el tener pelo… te has fijad que la calvicie es una pandemia? la sufren 1.5billones de personas pero nadie se queja tanto… esto es por que al final le deberiamos dar al pelo la importancia que se merece = NADA. asique dejar de decir que es una tomadura de pelo por que no sabeis lo que decis… la tomadura de pelo es que no tengamos una cura para el CANCER, LA DIABETES,EL PUTO ALZEIMER QUE AL FINAL NO TIENES NI SIQUIERA EL RECUERDO DE TU VIDA(lo peor que puede pasarte), LOS ATAQUES AL CORAZON….JODER ESQUE ESTAIS ZUMBADOS… yo al principio me toco mucho los huevos cuando me di cuenta de que llevan diciendo lo de la cura cada 5 años pero la prensa siempre a sido asi y siempre lo sera no estamos descubirendo america señores.. el problema es que pensais que con la cabeza llena de pelo hareis todo lo que no haceis ahora y sereis super hombres… cuando no es asi… ami me dejo de importar el puto pelo cuando vi a un tio CALVO nada especial de cara consiguiendo hacerse una novia guapisima… la confianza que tengas va a darte mucha mas felicidad que el pelo…. que si…. que todos somos mas guapos con una buena melena que nos enmarque bien la cara.. pero que pasa si tienes todo el pelo.. y te das cuenta(que te daras, confia en mi) de que no importa una mierdaaa.. solo importa por que la tele nos enseña siempre a los modelos con zero entradas y pelo de adolescente…… SEAMOS OPTIMISTAS por que aunque lleven diciendo lo de la cura muchos años… desde el 2000/2005 hasta el presente.. se ha avanzado muchisimo.. DEMASIADO DIRIA YO.. asique olvidaros de la calivicie.. y los que ya esteis completamente calvos… no tengo nada que deciros….estais un poco mal de la cabeza ya que deberiais acosutmbraros a vuestra nueva apariecia por que SIMPLEMENTE NOS NOS QUEDA OTRA COÑO!!! esque parece mentira que nos pongamos asi por algo que esta fuera de nuestro control…… tambein estoy de acuerdo con lo ultimo que dices de que este foro es un chiste.. tanto por le titulo
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  10. Not that useful to be honest.. just telling the spanish-speaking that we should remain optimistic even though the project hasn’t been funded yet. they were annoyed that it’s been like this for many years now.. telling us that the cure is basically 5 years away… I basically told them that it’s the news’s fault who tout every advance/dsicovery as a CURE when it is just an advance.
    But regardless.. it is true that since 2000/2005 we have made, what seem like great leaps forward in such little time… and judging by technologies exponential nature it can only get faster and faster , considering the japanese are already trying it out to test the safety, the russians realizing it’s all possible… what still remains is really how they are going to make the hair grow at the same angle and in the same direction as in a normal scalp, otherwise we could have very weird hair which sprouts in any direction…. let’s stay positive…..

    1. I agree. It appears to me that Replicel is the closest right now. And they are about to start their phase II & after that comes phase III then it will finally be available to the public. Probably it only Japan @ first. Price is unknown but many say very expensive. On another note, having hair loss especially a high high Norwood.Can damage your life personally. I know first Hand people looking up @ your head @ times Meeting women etc… Going bald is not a good thing folks. I mean your physical health is not effected.But your psychological health is..

  11. Indeed it’s heavy on the mind because of our society which values perfect appearance over anything… good looks is more valuable than TALENT,INTELLIGENCE,CHARM all together… it’s very sad. But we have to rationalize this… at the end of the day you could have so many other diseases which could cripple you to an extent in which you’d think hair loss is just like a paper cut. so be thankful for all you have and don’t let hair loss get to your head cus the stress it may cause you is very dangeorus for the health aswell… i know people who are bald and I do not know how they did it but something snapped in them and they simply do not care one bit about it… they know they aren’t as good looking as before but I noticed that if they don’t give a shit about it… no one will and they are happy as can be….

  12. I wouldn’t get too excited about this study. The cells they derived from embryonic stem cells worked great, but if you read carefully, the DP cells they derived from skin stem cells were basically useless. There is a developmental and time-regulated aspect to a DP cell’s ability to do its magic, and I don’t think they will ever be able to coax adult cells into making good hair. So we either use a lot of embryonic cells (which doesn’t seem like it will ever happen, at least in the USA) or who knows what. Either way its gonna take forever to figure out. Im really hoping replicel can be a preventative treatment without sides, but who knows about that either. the cells they use are also adult DSC cells that I’m sure will be overwhelmed by the balding scalp over time.

  13. I agree. But I have a question to everybody english and Spanish speakers alike.

    I basically know how hairloss(MPB) occurs but my question is from which side of the family does it occur. Because I just turned 24 yesterday and i know this doesn’t affect my physical health but it does affect me psychologically. I always look in the mirror constantly and I always start seeing my hairline receeding everyday(it’s effecting me mentally I know) in the past my hair line used to be a straight line up until I hit 20-21. Now it is a small widows peak (slightly higher than that actor who plays captain America. I still have thick hair but I’ve noticed very little thinning near the temples. But going back to my original question from what side of the family does MPB more prominent.

    1. It can be inherited from either side of the family. There’s a strange misconception among some folks that it’s only inherited from the mother’s side, but that’s not true.

  14. Im afraid.. People should really read more into the article… As coco mentioned it is only the embryonic cells which produce the results.. And this is very controversial.. So i dont see why the admin highlighted the doctors words..” we can overcome the problem of a limited number of follicles by people donating their dp cells” since the ones from the adult acalp are not working…. Unless they somehow make some unlimited supply/cloning of embryonic cells.. This procedure is gonna be sooo expensive literally only millionaires will be able to afford 30-40k + for their hair.2 Can there ever be straight up good news? God…

  15. Hey follicleman, I read the below in the study and it seemed to suggest that hiPSC can work well, but not always:

    “However, a global comparison of multiple hiPCS and hESC lines suggested that when sufficiently large numbers of hiPSC lines were compared with hESC lines a major overlap in their differentiation potential was observe [41]. Therefore although the absolute efficiency may vary between different hESC and hiPSC lines it should be possible to derive cells with hair-inducing properties from many hiPSC [42].”

  16. On the other hand.. In 2006, researchers at Advanced Cell Technology of Worcester, Massachusetts, succeeded in obtaining stem cells from mouse embryos without destroying the embryos.[13] If this technique and its reliability are improved, it would alleviate some of the ethical concerns related to embryonic stem cell research.. But this = time time and more time…lets hope a miracle happens

  17. I received an email from Dr. Xu at Upenn yesterday, and he said that the people who ran this study probably did not read their results correctly, and that the resulting follicles were probably mouse hair and not human hair. He did not explain further, but he is working on the same problems and knows his stuff. I would not expect hair cloning to be a commercial reality anytime in the next decade or probably two or three. too far to go, too many problems to address. Replicel was basically shit in phase I, so I highly doubt they will be anything close to a cure. If we’re really lucky it’ll be an expensive temporary maintenance option. better to just deal with being bald, cause theres no way theres a cure by 2020.

  18. Hola administrador espero que me pueda responder ya que hace tiempo que no lo hace. Que opina de este último comentario???? es verdad que replicel no va a servir y que la clonación en 3 décadas???? yo me asusto y mucho que cada vez que leo estas cosas. Me desaniman. Por otra parte tiene alguna novedad de la fase 2 de Replicel e Histogen??? Gracias.

  19. Hola chicos y administrador. Hoy pasó algo que me llamó mucho la atención. Replicel publicó sobre la tendinosis. Al rato un usuario comentó que como los resultados de RCH01 habían sido malo en su fase 1 no iban a realizar la fase 2, que todo lo que están haciendo es para atraer inversores para los otros ensayos. Por eso las unicas publicaciones de replicel son sobre tendinosis. Yo comenté abajo de ese comentario y les pregunté si era verdad. Al rato borraron todos los comentarios. Me parece que son malas noticias. Es mas en la página de replicel ya figura que la fase 2 es 2015/6. Sin palabras. Por favor necesitamos que el administrador si puede darnos una explicación o si sabe algo.

  20. Gustavo… nose por que borraron los comentarios pero si… tiene muy mala pinta.. lo mejor que puedes hacer por ti mismo es olvidarte del pelo… y asi se pasara el tiempo mas rapido para que llegue una cura.. y sino llega pues nada.. no es lo peor que podria pasarte. esque no deberias estresarte buscando la cura.. que para eso ya se estresen los cientificos.

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